Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTING FEVER




By: LazerKim


The latest updates on Yahoo Asia Buzz, Kim Hyun Joong has finally reached the highest number of votes nearly at 2.5 million with the vote gap of over 500,000 votes from his contender Jessika. I would say “Job well done” by Kim Hyun Joong fans BUT we still have to keep on voting which allows us to do so for another week before the polls close on Dec. 5 and so far I have not read any changes about this schedule.

There may be times we encounter problems in voting specially at this time that votes for Kim Hyun Joong are getting higher every hour, we may experience slow loading or other technical problems, may I advise everyone to keep your cool, take a short break before voting again. But NEVER give up! This poll is working as machine and they too get tired! But let’s still keep our awareness while keeping cool.

Next week shall be the last voting week for Yahoo Buzz, we’re in the crucial period, let’s keep with our awareness and let’s make the most and the best effort we have in voting for Kim Hyun Joong. We may have gained a huge gap but anything is possible at the internet that history dictates us. Let’s keep up with our routine double effort in voting still with that feeling of enjoying every moment of it as if Kim Hyun Joong is just beside us while doing so!

And may I appeal to the fans from tweeter who have been doing a great job in posting and guarding our votes to keep up with your good work in posting the voting link so that everyone can vote. We look up on you guys, please do keep in mind that your tireless effort is very much appreciated by all of us fans of Kim Hyun Joong all over the world and we’re all behind you and your effort. Thank you very much!



We all do miss Kim Hyun Joong and I would admit, that those voting polls can lend a help to ease down the feeling of missing him or getting bored! There are voting polls that allows us to vote once a day like the “Korean Best Drama 2014” for the elimination round. IG was on the 7th slot as the polls opened and in just a matter of days it rapidly jumped to the 2nd place with a small amount of gap from no.1 slot which is really good.

Since this voting poll doesn’t really take much of our time, then I think it’s alright to vote on this poll. Although this is just for fan’s voting fun that we can participate with. Be reminded that this period is just the elimination round. Final round shall be on the month of December.

However, there are voting polls specially those that encourage us on multiple voting scheme can be a bit suspicious, be careful. Then I would advise you to drop it or your effort may just end up to the garbage. Again may I remind everyone these polls are just for fan’s fun and Hyun Joong doesn’t get an award from those, therefore it should not lead us to stress!

Voting should be enjoyable, this is one lesson I learned from the previous years from voting polls. Stay away from something that would only frustrate you after the effort you have done. If this won’t affect us and just for the heck of voting for fun, then go ahead and just enjoy voting for as long as we know our priorities. I won’t be pushing for these other polls though, not yet, specially this coming week is crucial! I would still encourage everyone to remain focus on our priority polls which is the Yahoo Asia Buzz.



Allow me to share a lighter note and share my first experience being a fan at the voting polls. Many of you here I think have similar experience as I had in the previous years that allows me to feel as if everything about my being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong transpired a few days ago that until now I still think about it!! One memorable experience that I would like to share is the voting polls at MAMA back in 2011 which was at this same season.

It was at MAMA 2011 I ever experienced voting for my idol Kim Hyun Joong and I think that was the happiest moment at the polls I have experienced. Since I was a first time voter, I didn’t even have any idea how to vote! And I was ever grateful to my co-fans whom I never had interact with at tweeter who helped me how to vote. I would say it’s Kim Hyun Joong fans who really did a great role for making me stay as an active fan! As I cast my first vote, I felt so happy being a part of Hyun Joong’s fans effort!

I begun staying up late at night voting and monitoring the tweeter, reading other fans conversation about the polls, and their post updating the results ect. And when the big day came Hyun Joong won the Best Male Solo Artist Award, that I felt so happy and proud while the atmosphere at the fandom was so festive!

I can still remember a fan posted that she literally screamed in a public bus out of excitement after reading the news as the winner Kim Hyun Joong was being announced! Then there was a fan at a restaurant also screamed and almost dropped a glass out of the same excitement upon reading the news! It felt as if I was the winner and I wasn’t alone to have felt it, all his fans shared the same feeling of being a winner!

It was such an achievement for the first time that I felt being a part of the fan’s effort in placing him right on the top among all other artists! The awards night was held in Singapore in November 2011, I was barely a month old fan back then and while watching Hyun Joong dancing Lucky Guy on stage, then receiving the award, I think it was the first time for me to feel a deep-seated pride in me being his fan and the sense of belonging in this fandom that I’ll ever be truly proud of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.



Every fan has her “first love” experience being a fan, Kim Hyun Joong is my first love, as he was the very first celeb whom I followed that now I can proudly say I’m his certified loyal fan and Hyun Joong probably would be my first and last celeb I’ll ever follow. As I always say being a fan is not always a fun, as we have invested a lot of happy and sad memories, it’s simply a part of life being a fan but we do learn a lot from those memories. Too many challenges that kept us strong and too many triumphs to keep us going.

Hyun Joong once said he keeps making those memories with us neatly filed and his achievements is also a part of our achievements as he earned those bags of awards he worked hard for and for us to bring those work results to the top! His fans will always be a big part of his career life, he never forgets it as we fans treasure what he shares with us.

As for me, all those memories I kept locked up in my heart that I will always remember all my first experience being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong shall remain the best thing that ever happened to me. He may fade from my sight for the time being, while we all miss him so much but the thoughts of my first love and first memories do kept me holding on and never letting go, kept me going and stay strong being his fan.

There may be that pinch in my heart now as I reminisce my first voting experience that now I can’t help the thoughts of “how I wish to bring back the time in 2011” as Hyun Joong first started being a solo artist. Will he tarnish? Does the foundation he built had collapse? I don’t think so! He may be remaining silent, but his fans will ever be breaking that silence!

How do we do it? Well, right here, @Yahoo Asia Buzz, we are given the chance to break his silence! This will be our last week to vote so let’s make the best out of our effort to vote continuously for the last time, double time, double effort, and let’s be more attentive! The other camp may be doing a regular massive voting, then let’s beat them!

Let our Voting Fever stay up high and show the world Kim Hyun Joong still reign and that the crown of popularity belongs to the only one Kim Hyun Joong. VOTE NOW!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing





One of our dear co-fan Ms.Lyd Pedernal passed away last November 25, 2014, this is a sad news to all of us since Lyd has been an active officer of Henecia Philippines and a truly huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Lat us offer a prayer for her soul as she rest in peace.

To Ms. Lyd,   I know you are happy up there with our creator, but I know you will still watch over our Only One. Thank you for everything you have shared with us in the fandom. May you rest in peace.

                                                                               Love and prayers, LazerKim

Photo credit as tagged; Ms. D thanks!

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57 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTING FEVER

  1. Hooray,3,000,000+!!! 😛
    WE have 4more4our4everkhj..LOL.. sorry LK sis, for posting so much comments..i can’t sleep even it is around 1.40am here. My heart says GO AND VOTE while the eyes say

    • LOL!! Yes the votes had reached 3M and we still have 4 days to go and vote so that number would still increase.

      And not only that I would like to Congratulate fans who participated at Male Star 2014 polls as KHJ lead and won at the polls. It was such a competition neck to neck close fight at the polls that i would admit I may just be observing but i have seen KHJ fans determination to vote and win till the end and prevailed placing HJ on the top Male Star 2014.

      I’m proud of you guys! Great effort filled with love and great achievement from your strong determination to win for KHJ. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Dear Ms LK, greetings!! LOL…LOL…LOL sorry can’t get enough up to now when i open your site. B’coz, I remember something, after i reply to Janani I close my eyes and after that i put refresher drops to relax b4 going to bed. when i’m abt to close the page i saw drops of Snowflakes. I’m thinking what’s this, i close my eyes again but it’s still there. i told myself maybe a gift fr HJ coz i did something good to him. i did not mind at all coz im so sleepy until i open ur blog and i said to myself Oh my.. Oh my…jajaja. Its LK’s artistry. tnx so much. i wish ur nxt article is about voting experience bcoz’ i have too much since its my first time.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Yes, just 5 more days to go. Fighting Fighting .
    Voting for YBA this year i have developed a new attitude. I find myself just feel happy to be able to vote and the error pop up does not bother me anymore .

    May i ask something out of voting topic ? Do anyone know the address of Jacksal ‘s Osaka.? and the round about. I would be very thankful if you can let me know. thank you so much.

    • peeeep….peeeeep.//////// jajajaja.4am n my place. im still voting, jst grab the chance. soooooo smooth. wish and pray it will be the same again later, YES, NEW HOPES FOR ALL OF US, time to take a nap. MORNYT EVERYONE,,,,,,,,,,,

      • [hy floran sales,i wd like to b ur e-friend…would u?just a reqest.,ok.. how can i contact u-? sorry 4posting it here…]anyway COME ON!!hurry up 5 more days to………¤_¤

        • Yes we can, to tell you honestly i’m ignorant when it comes to computer but i think with your help and a little tutorial i will learn. Come to think of it, if it’s not for KHJ and Inspiring Generation i will not buy this computer. Before i’m satisfied in my cp to watch his video but after i heard he has new drama, OMG, immediately as in immediately i ask my friend to buy for me. U see, how influential KHJ is……TO ME.

          • hy flran sales! omg! a tutorial.. honestly speaking I’m too not good at managing intrnt… but i meant that we can exchange our ideas through e mails..but how can i get ur e mail address.pls.. Oh I don’t get any idea.anyway as u said KHJ influenced our lifes soo much in good way..*_*

  4. I could vote by firefox slow but not too much ERRORS , well at least l could post some votes . try it , l used the same links that lazerkim gave us

    • LOL!! That’s true! I’ve been voting since 5am I have to set my alarm clock to wake me up, because this time is the most convenient for me at least Asia is still asleep, but just the same problem I encounter. So I just play with that ERROR and proceed to voting! Yesterday was another malfunction again, it’s irritating and this will be for the next 5 days of my life!! LOL

      • thanx LK sis!¤_¤
        “naega mollassontnabwa
        norul mollassontnaabwa
        irohgedo gkkaie itnunde..
        One more time one more time dashi hanbon nae gyoturo wajul sun obtgethi…….”Oho,, SWEET & cute VOICE!!!!!!! come on..fighting;.fighting.fighting.fighting.fighting.fighting..

  5. One more thing, did u all watch the teaser of HJ’s concert dvd in youtube? Wow…it so great to see Phantasm concert tru DVD…it looks awesome to me…here the link of youtube..

    And if u read the comment column, still some haters have messed up there relaying all their hates…grrrrrrr….Please friend, please go there LIKE the video and place ur comment if u want to…please show ur support to his DVD advertised by UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN…

  6. Omg…u all also got the same problem? I thought its only me coz my lappy, the browser has been hacked by the ‘webssearch’….everything was ruin when i try to serve internet…so much unwanted ads pop out…its so dissappointing that i hve to uninstall everything but still the same even after i reinstall back…i still using chrome to comment here but its so distracting…sigh…since this problem accured, i can’t even vote using my lappy anymore, the page keeps buffering everytime, the vote page doesn’t appear at all…T__T…

    Me also got problem voting tru my phone…it never happened before….everytime after i cast my vote for HJ, its BB pic appeared first, then i have to skip the pic until i found Hj takes so much time to do that…sigh….even i so pissed of with all these problem still i will try to vote for my lovely boy….T__T. Anyhow, keep fighting chingu!!

    • Oh Bella, u are correct.. It is same with Me too.. I’m still trying to vote while watching a late night movie.. I’m fed up of this “error”s.. But we should never give up.. Let’s fight until the last second on behalf of our one and only khj.. Come on!! Edison had to face 999 times errors when inventing the bulb…so but he never gv up,should we? Sorry 4 my pooor english.. ¤_¤


      Let’s try switching one window to another whenever a problem occur I think over loading is the problem at Yahoo. Here are some Yahoo links where we can vote. The links may appear the same but it’s not. We can just try on anything for as long as we’re finding ways to vote.

      Link 1 (

      Link 2 (

      Link 3 (

      Link 4 (

      Or we may use our other spare yahoo account in voting. We are likely to experience slow loading, or some error submission, so be it, then let’s play with it by taking all the chances we can. Whenever error appears just click “ok” on it until we get back to the log in page. It works for me I hope it can help others too.

      I really think Yahoo is experiencing over loading and yesterday was worst to even malfunction. I already noticed this ever since our votes had reached over 2 million. We just need to keep our patience that it’s very likely to occur again. We may have lost some votes yesterday but we were able to re-gained those loses this morning and even gained more.

      Yesterday was irritating, frustrating in having a hard time to vote specially in the areas of Asia. And the feeling is just but natural, however I’m so glad that none of the fans gave up! Throw those irritants and frustrations here in the boxes and it will somehow help us to feel better and move on with voting again. You are not alone as I’m sure we all feel the same way with whatever is going on at the polls.

      Expect the unexpected but we just need to keep going and vote no matter what happens. As i have said from this day onward till Dec.5 are crucial and this may be a test on our perseverance but what matters most is that we’re together on joint effort to achieve the award for KHJ.

      Take care everyone, LOVE is in the air!! We love HJ so much that’s why we feel this way at Yahoo! See you guys!! fighting!!

  7. Yahoo is apparently still having problems but I have found that if I vote on my phone and that if I close the error pop up box and then the search page but click the vote button again with the same captcha that eventually my vote goes through. I just keep clicking it with the same captcha until the error pop up box doesn’t come up and only the search page does. Maybe this will work for some others.

  8. I have the same problem as everyone has . i can’t vote at all it show up error every times I vote. I hope Yahoo is not play game with us. i hate my negative felling. I still keep trying and will never give up even though they try to make it harder for us.Be patient everyone and keep trying. It’s frustrate but will never gave up.

      • Hello Bella! I think Yahoo is having problems, I tried voting for other artist and the same problem occur. I hope Yahoo can do something about it since there’s still a week remaining so more votes will be coming in. Anyway let’s keep on trying.

        • On my part of the world Yahoo moving…but slowly somehow. So here trying to keep up the score. YB most probably overloaded. I hv reported the site for having problems to load. Fighting!♡♡♡♡

      • Dear LK and Noya,

        Thank you so much for your respond .
        I keep trying and will see how it works. it might work better later tonight.

        Be patient and keep fighting everyone.
        Mostly I try to tell myself to be more patient kekeke…

  9. when voting through Smart phone ;I found it is easier to vote when using “Opera mini web browser”app to log in to YAB other than using other internet browser apps.. I tried logging in using my nokiamail account too as it is also a yahoo account.. but when the 4th box is clicked yahoo search on khj appears no images of khj as u me

  10. What are these other polls everyone is tweeting to vote on? They aren’t polls with awards so fans shouldn’t worry about them, especially on those you can vote constantly. They are only fan polls that want to get hits for the sites! Please spread the word that YBA is the only vote that actually is an award. The others are not that important. We are really losing votes to 2nd place on YBA! I still can’t get my votes to go through and I am sure others are having problems sovplease those who can vote are going to have to help us hold off number 2.

  11. I am once again frustrated! I have been trying to vote for Hyun Joong for over 2 hours and not one vote has gone through. It is always an error! I decided to see if I could vote for anyone else and every vote I gave to any other nominee went through but every vote for Hyun Joong is an error! They have gained thousands on us! Those who can get their votes to go through please keep voting!

    • Yes Allie im having the same problem since last night. It was only after 1am that i was able to vote smoothly. Then again at this time im having the same problem.
      To everyone: Please try voting as much as you can if you find that chance smoothly.
      Actually im doing a counter attack since massive voting is going on at this hour fr jessika’s fans but i cant get through voting for khk. Still trying though.
      Pls be alert everyone. Let’s remain focus on YB we’re on critical week. Pls KEEP VOTING! Thanks! See you guys!

  12. we really miss you , kidoo give me a smile soon, hope you can recieve the award we are voting for you, family voting it its almost the end , we can give him a good Christmas giflt, and a NEW HAPPY new year for all of us. my baby take care and be smart to your next srep, we are there waiting fot you.
    God bless you

  13. Happy Thanksgiving dear LK! I am very thanful for your posts. I am in a voting frenzy and whilr today I will be most of the day without connection before I begin my crazy cooking let me send you a big thank you for being there and let us share all the love for our boy. I made many mistakes voting but I cannot deny that has been a pleasure to ” mass vote” with so many people all over the world.
    Also, I cannot deny that I love when we go into a poll and we kill it! It is fun to be part of a very lovely world wide fandom, no matter our language or time zone we are together standing tall and strong. Love y’all, happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

    • HAPPY THANKSGIVING! A fan in Texas?? I am so glad! I am in Oklahoma! It would be a dream come true to get him to do a Concert in Dallas! I could definitely make it if we could! Not sure how man other fans are in the Southern US though… I know a couple who live in CA and that’s it! Glad to meet another US fan!

  14. sad to hear the passing away of Ms.Lyd..may the triple gem &god bless her whrerever she is.
    I have never seen her,but we are a one fanmily..

  15. Yes LK it saddened me a lot in knowing the passing of Ms Lyd Pedernal … i saw the interview of the twins of Ms Jessica Soho when she made the segment of Kim Hyun Joong in Manila. I also came across with her when i applied for membership with Henecians Philippines because she is the treasurer. i saw the twins dedications with the fan club. She may be gone in body but in spirit she will be remembered forever. my prayers for her eternal peace and harmony with our creater. i know Ms. Lyd Pedernal will be up there watching over our Kim Hyun Joong.

  16. Hello LK i was in a frenzy and frantically voting since the opening of the poll but since i am also a first time voter in a poll. i encountered a lot of hardship in frustration and in desperation ..if my votes is valid.. what if i voted the wrong way… how was i to know if my votes are counted…at first it was really a pressure and stressful procedure ,,,but thanks to kim hyun joong families in Facebook who always guided me in voting and day by day hour by hour minutes by minutes i came to love the crescendo of my voting pace. i love the idea of voting while listening to kim hyun joong’s music is so relaxing and inspiring. the week came when the red alert were posted and that was also the week that we celebrated our fiesta and my worries piled up…but i came to a realization that i am not alone in this experience …the family of kim hyun joong henecians fans, whatever they may call it is a strong bond of people that cares for each other and helped each other. the most rewarding experience i gained in this that i felt the love and care of the people whom i did met in person and don’t know them. i gained a lot of cyber friends..the strong bond of the Alien family it is totally a different feeling and a different experience as well. Good thing also and the most rewarding for me is the support of my family…when i cannot vote the rest of the family members voted for me and using my account….eventually they created another account for them to vote. One hilarious experience was when, i slept with exhaustion during the peak of our fiesta activity is when my husband woke me up and prepared coffee for me and said ” Hey! wake up, you have to vote for Kim Hyun Joong, the lead is slim now you have to cast your votes”….wow! there and then i feel adrenalin rushed and i voted from 2:00am till 8:00am coz i have to prepare for my 9:00 o’clock office work. until now i find my pace in voting so enjoyable and i feel the love of kim hyun joong’s fans all over the world…i love the experience and i am teary eyed right now with article coz i feel i am in the same shoes… i will be waiting for kim hyun joong to receive his YBA for the 6th times and i will more prouder fan. my first experience ever in my 48 years of existence in this world. love and happiness of a different kind. I love you all KHJ Henecians and fan. God Bless You all. Keep on Fighting. be safe everyone.

  17. LK, I read about the passing of the dear fan Lyd on facebook. I did not know her personally, but the thoughts the fans were saying on facebook were so sweet and kind making me proud to be his fan as they gather around her loved ones in prayer and support. The Alien Family is Worldwide, and I have met so many new and amazing friends since I started allowing them to friend me on facebook. I now have over 200 friend, most of the KHJ fans. I never thought I would meet and interact with so many beautiful women from all over the world whose hearts are as open and loving as Kim Hyun Joong’s and my own.

    I have always struggled to make good friends because I am so open and forgiving, I have been betrayed and taken advantage of many times. I now feel I can plan my world tour traveling when I retire and will have many friends to visit in many countries all brought together by our love for Kim Hyun Joong and our comassion and caring for each other. I pray the friends and loved ones of Ms. Lyd can feel that amazing love from his fans as they mourn with them over her loss. Hyun Joong will be very proud and his heart encouraged to know that his fans care so much for each other as they care for him.

    I saw on Twitter that he had spent some time with SS501 at a birthday party recently and one of them had reported that he was doing well and healthy. I am so glad to hear it and I pray he will show us his smiling face soon. I pray we will all be able to watch him accept this award and have our hearts encouraged as we have pushed him to the top once again and hopefully given him renewed strength and faith. Just any little word from him about his plans for the future would help us while we are missing him. I know he is thinking things through carefully because that is just who he is… I just hope he can give us a glimpse of what’s in his thoughts. My quiet, thoughtful baby, you’re killing us! LOL! Just a hint, my Angel, PLEASE! 🙂

  18. i believe in “first love” being a fan, co’z i experience it too…..a felling that can never explain when it hits you… it’s different from the love you already have…gives more excitement in your everyday routine…but the sad part is you keep on longing and longing for him and that’s make you crazy….

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