Kim Hyun Joong… [article] YAHOO ALERT!



By: LazerKim


May I appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to stay alert, to please be on guard on your votes at Yahoo Asia Buzz and KEEP ON VOTING as many times as you can. There has been a huge decline on the gap between Kim Hyun Joong and his contenders right below just by over night! This happened in the previous years on this same period a week or two before the polls close down.

Just yesterday the gap was at almost 300,000 now it’s coming down on about 120,000 vote gap Between KHJ and Jessica, then other contenders are increasing votes by hundreds. This may be surprising in just matter of hours sleep and as I woke up this morning many of my readers got panic with the abrupt changes by just over night!



These past days I have noticed that there are fans with divided effort since there are voting polls other than Yahoo currently being conducted. Now may I appeal to all KHJ fans to please focus your effort on Yahoo.

First ask ourselves, does Kim Hyun Joong gets an award out of voting from other polls? Does Hyun Joong gets an award like a trophy if he wins in the voting polls where we can watch him on stage to receive the award from those polls? Well at Baeksang Award as far as I know votes outside SK are not counted. This is just a matter of weighing our effort on which of those polls is the most important. Think again!

Second, we might be giving too much effort on something he cannot gain from. Well everyone knows who’s the most handsome and most sexy among those artists, so we do not need to prove that, do we? Ask ourselves again, what can Hyun Joong gain out of this? For me other polls are just for fans and not really for Kim Hyun Joong to gain out of those. This is just my personal opinion.

I’m not trying to discourage you to vote in other polls, it’s our own free will in voting. Neither am I imposing on anything, but simply APPEALING to give priority, double effort in voting at Yahoo Buzz. I hope my other recent articles are clear enough for us to understand the relevance of this Yahoo voting polls to Kim Hyun Joong.



1. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – As of this morning some fans may have problems in voting. To the veteran fans, I’m aware you’re still keeping your other Yahoo accounts, may I suggest to re-activate those accounts if you are having unusual problems and make use of those for voting at Yahoo buzz. I’m currently using my three active Yahoo email, one account for each day alternately so I don’t have problems in voting. Again, this is only IF you have other yahoo accounts. If you wish to have another account at Yahoo simply go to Google and sign up.

2. ROBOTS – do play their magic while everyone is asleep in Asia, so maybe we can take turns specially I got many readers from the other side of the world with opposite time from Asia to keep our awareness and vote as many as you can. Or in all fairness, I hope there might just be delayed in posting the voting results on the part of yahoo, we do not know.

3. CONTENDERS – We cannot disregard the fact that Hyun Joong’s other contenders has a big fan base too and just like Hyun Joong, Jessica’s fans has something to prove just as much as we do. So I think we really have to double our effort, let’s not be contended with huge gaps, instead let us maintain or even increase the vote gap from Hyun Joong’s contenders. Do not be discouraged, instead take it as a challenge!

4. PANIC MODE – Abrupt increase in votes is nothing new to us veterans so DON’T PANIC, we know what to do specially at night time in Asia, this would mean staying up late at night in voting! As I have said, we are voting by heart and we should enjoy it, with no stress! So relax but double our effort specially those who are active on-line in monitoring the results at the same time voting. Just keep going, you are not alone, this is a group effort and nothing matters.

5. RED ALERT – If you have the TWEETER and an active user, please do keep updated at Yahoo Buzz voting results. If there’s something irregular going on with the polls, don’t be distracted just keep voting, or might as well post on RED ALERT so that other fans on line can join you in voting. Believe me those fans on line will never ignore your call, they will re-tweet or re-post your call so that other fans on line will be aware and can join in with voting. That’s how diligent KHJ fans are.



Also, may I inform everyone that Kim Hyun Joong NEVER had any personal social network account. There’s a certain person who pretends to be Kim Hyun Joong at Tweeter and FaceBook, saying something like “I am Kim Hyun Joong please follow me” IGNORE those tweets, specially to the new fans who may be a newbie at tweeter, please do not follow those pretenders. They only aim to gain followers and that’s just it, sometimes it can also give you misleading info, so beware of those.


Again may I thank everyone for your devoted effort in voting for Kim Hyun Joong at Yahoo Asia Buzz, we keep it up, never give up, we got about two weeks to vote and let us use all the spare time we got in voting for him. Many of my readers drop by in this site from time to time so we can read from each other whatever is going on around. Thank you for the visit too and leaving comments that I truly appreciate. I read all your comments and so with other fans too as they respond to you too which is such a stimulant.

If you have any problems in voting, any sentiments, updates pertaining the polls that you would like to share with the other fans, or simply missing Hyun Joong that you could hardly share with your friends, please do feel free to bring it out at my comment box. Anything goes in this site! This way we can help each other informing whatever is going on within the polls or in the fandom, keeping everyone aware specially in the next two weeks of voting, which is a crucial period.

Let’s keep up with our enthusiasm, double our effort in voting if you can, just keep going on with voting if possible focus our effort on Yahoo Buzz for the mean time till it ends, anyway this would only be in two weeks time. I shall be informing everyone as to when the polls will be closing.

Still I would encourage everyone to enjoy voting, listen to his music while doing so, don’t get stress, because the more we enjoy voting we sometimes do not notice we have already voted a lot of times! If you have other Yahoo accounts, use it this will minimize hassle in voting, just don’t give up! Keep up with the fight!

Let’s bear in mind we’re doing this because we love Kim Hyun Joong and we want him to win the award which is priceless.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing


You may vote and check on voting results  through this link below.


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137 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] YAHOO ALERT!

  1. Omgoodness ladies…I am gone for about 5 days from my daily routine of checking LK’s blog and we managed to not only surpass over 2 million votes in that span of time, but we also surpassed over 500,000 margin of votes from the second contender which is the highest peak of margin we have had so far!!! Not only are we kicking butt in Yahoo Buzz Awards, but we managed to get Inspiring Generation from #7 all the way to #2 and almost to #1, which no doubt will be in just a matter of days time, in The Best Korean Drama of 2014 Awards!!! Gosh, I am SO proud to be a part of this new Alien Family! Deciding to be Hyun Joongie Oppa’s fan was honestly one of the best decisions in my life and I couldn’t feel even more confident that I made the right decision in just seeing just how FIERCE and RELENTLESS we are in pushing and making sure our Only One stays at the very top where he belongs! We truly are his personal guard dogs and little labor workers lol! Now let’s keep up the great work ladies and reach over 600,000 margin of votes from the second contender. I honestly will not be surprised when the Yahoo Buzz Award officially closes on 12/5 that we will exceed over 500 million votes and Inspiring Generation will be #1…just wait and see. Now THAT is the power of KHJ fans! We refuse and will NOT let him be ignored and forgotten which sadly seems to be the case in South Korea. We will forever keep pushing up and making sure he stays at the very top which he SO much deserves! *sigh* Hyun Joongie Oppa is so blessed and lucky to have such dedicated and loyal fans…I envy him lol. In any case, keep fighting Alien Family! I am SO very proud and touched by each and everyone of you dedication and hard work as I’m sure Hyun Joongie Oppa is as well. Fighting! 🙂

    • Yes Sarafina, It’s precious to pass 500000+lead.. I suggest u as the talkative sis of our Alien Yeah,though we do have only few days we can persuade our friends through fb khj groups widen the gap.. I haven’t watched IG yet but vote becz of our alien fanmily members r commenting about it nicely.. Fightingg girls 4Our khj 4ever;)

  2. Hi Lazerkim sister,, CONGRADULATIONS!!!!i feel u’re a biiiggg POWER BLOGGER now..and 2me It was harder to find d bottom of thz page..with my smart phn..ppp=D> Goooood luck..

    • LOL!! Thanks Janani!! Yeah it’s really nice to see readers sharing their thoughts through this space, it shows KHJ’s power over all of us in helping each other, comforting, and sharing the fun of voting for him! Take care, be happy enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

  3. I don’t know what had happened to my browser/yahoo buzz site, everytime i going to vote i hve to sign in first, then when i’ve voted i was signing out from the site n must sign in again to vote. It killed me everytime to do that. Feel so pissed off with it since I haven’t vote for 2 days due to my busy days but this happened when i came to vote again. Sigh…

    But fortunately, it easy voting tru my smartphone. I saw the 2,000,000++ votes for our HJ. Feel so good. Keep it up girls. I’ll try to solve my lappy problem here soon.

      • Hello everyone!
        Lately we experienced some voting problems such as ff:
        1. YB page slow loading – if this problem occur and had tried 2 or 3 times just take a break then go back to voting.
        This may just be technical problem at YB side dont give up.

        2. Security code – there are times security code does not appear. Simply tap or click the rotating arrow located at the right side beside the bar where you type security code or letters.

        3. Counted votes – you would know if your vote is counted if khj info appear on your screen. Allow it to load before going back to voting page.

        4. Keep your cool – in any chance you vote and problems occur, keep your cool keep on voting. Patience is a virtue!

        We have reached over 2 million votes the highest vote gains with over 400k gap fr contender. Thank you for your effort. Lets keep this up till the end we have a week to do so.
        Have fun voting! See you again!
        LazerKim here!

  4. Hi everyone, please note the captcha letters are 6 letters and sometimes an “L” is written as “L” or as “l” which looks like an “i” but it’s an “L” capital and small don’t matter also sometimes the “m” looks like two “n” together, how do you know? from the number of letters they are supposed to be 6, the same things go with the “w” and the double “v”, also sometimes a “c” can look like a “G” due to the lines they make over the letters, so be very careful, and if you can’t figure it out just click refresh next to the textbox where you are supposed to type the code and it will change it.

    I hope this helps

  5. Hii i came to know abt kim hyun joong before 2 weeks but nw i’m a crazy fan 🙂 Im trying to vote but it is showing ” There was an error with your submission”. I created another account to vote but still same error. Wht to do?

    • Hi Mary, Welcome to HJ’s family here. I’m his fans for almost 4 years now and the more i learned about him the more I like him.

      Due to your question I had the same problem at first but I keep pressing F5 and try to vote again and it’s work. Sometimes i found that I did submit wrong letters even thought I was sure I wrote the right one. We need to do double check sometimes. This is how I sold my problem and it works well. If anyone have other ideas please advise.

      Thank you so much for joining our voting project .Enjoy voting . Keep Voting and keep Fighting . That’s our Motto right now.

    • Welcome Mary, you chose the Best. If u r using a smartphone try and make restart, if u r using a Tablet/pc/lappy use the google chrome. sometimes u need to wither refresh or close the window and open it again, it will help. Also take note of what others commented it may help. Good luck and enjoy the voting! 🙂

  6. OMG, my internet is out or the Yahoo page is collapsed, l could not vote many because it let me vote 1 in an hour it is always with ERROR so refress the page and wait too much, it is midnight here and I am really angry, ashhh
    By the way SORYYYYY In my urgent to vote fast l think I gave BB at least 5 votes in total, SILLY ME, what a shame when I see that the page that opened was not KHJL
    Well in the morning when in Asia are sleeping I usually vote, so good day, see you in 7 hours.


    • greetings and good day everyone!!!!!.. Hi Ms. LK, i’m ur silent reader for hw many mos. nw and an avid fan of HJ for 2 yrs coz’ of BOF. N reply to Jazu i’ve got d same problem for 2days up to nw . I’m going crazy and cannot concentrate of what i am doing coz’ i did’t do anything. pls pls pls…need encouragement words to ease my craziness…tnx. love to read every comments here.

      • Hi! Are you using google chrome?
        It’s faster…
        Whenever I get the ‘error’ sign I would refresh the page, repeatedly sometimes.
        Another way is to close the page & open a new one…
        Don’t give up & yeah sometimes we have to be patient when it gets that way.

        Hope that’ll help…
        Also please read the comments bu the others too…
        Hopefully one of those helpful advice could help you have a smoother & easier voting time…

        Take care…

        • yes, its only n YAB that im havng a hard time. yah, i have to be patient when it comes to HJ coz’ this the only help i can offer to him. tnx anyway…its my free time now so getting ready to start my voting. have a good day and take care also.

  7. Trivia question because I am curious. Does anyone know what was KHJ’s previous years’ winning votes total for his Yahoo award?

    • In 2009, he took home three awards including the Korean Top Buzz Male Artist, Taiwan’s Top Buzz Korean Artist and Asia Top Buzz Male Artist.

      In 2010, he took home the Hong Kong and Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist and the coveted Best Search Asia Buzz Award.

      in 2011 , Kim Hyun Joong took home four awards including the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea Top Buzz Solo Artist Award as well as the Asia Top Buzz Solo Artist award

      in 2012 it was like 1,350,000 but he took home like 4 awards,

      in 2013 it was like 500k!
      in 2014- we will make sure that he is there!!

  8. Hi ,

    We all miss HJ, do we ? I really miss him . The more we miss the more we vote.
    Thank you all of Hj’s fans . I feel the love and the effort from all of us. It makes me feel so great to be part of this. I hope HJ is doing well and healthy . I really hope he will have a real good rest.

    The vote still a long way to go . Fighting Fighting and keep fighting……
    Much love to everyone.

    • Hi Bella, yes we miss him sooo much.. I too wish dt he’ll b resting now.. But we shouldn’t rest until he recievs the yahoo buzz cup..isn’t it?Hehe.. Fighting !!!+++

    • Yes Bella, I think it’s safe to say that we all miss Hyun Joongie Oppa so painfully much right now…and yes, you are right…it seems that the more we miss him, the more we vote lol. I, too, definitely feel the hard effort and immense love radiating from all of us…it is such a beautiful and amazing thing to witness especially for a newbie fan like myself who has never witnessed THIS much dedication and loyalty before. Even though we all miss him, I really hope he is getting a well-deserved rest and that he is happy and healthy wherever he is. 🙂 However Janani is right, we cannot rest until he receives the Yahoo Buzz Award trophy…keep on fighting ladies!

  9. Can’t wait to see his surprise eyes and his bright smile.Sure he will cry of happines coz our love never change at all…getting stronger. Thank you so much to KHJ family(I am included).Have a nice day to all my sister.

    • Oh my gosh, yes I can’t wait to see the reaction on his face when he goes up to accept his award…all the hard work and sleepless nights will all be worth it because just seeing his reaction and the expression on his face will be PRICELESS! Ah, how can I love a person whom I’ve never met THIS much with such unconditional love?! Yes Hyun Joong Oppa, I am officially one of your a crazy, “delusional” fans now…and I couldn’t agree withyou more nada…our love for him never changes and in fact, grows stronger more and more each day. Missing him so much…

  10. Wow, Kim Hyun Joong fans are SO impressive! I just checked the updated voting poll results and as of 11/19 at a little after 5 p.m. PST in Los Angeles, Kim Hyun Joong oppa is taking the lead by 374,245 votes ahead of Jessica! We managed to widen the margin by around 50k in just a matter of 24 hours and even surpassed the highest peak of margin, which was around 300,000 just last week! Can I just say that I am SO proud and thankful to each and everyone of you that has voted and has been continuing to vote especially through the late hours of night and lost countless hours of sleep just to make sure our Only One stays at the top! Gosh, KHJ fans truly NEVER do give up and they NEVER let their guard down even for a second…we are like Hyun Joong Oppa’s personal guard dogs lol. But honestly, I am sincerely so proud to a part of this new Alien Family. Keep up the great work everyone in working SO hard to keep Hyun Joong Oppa at the top! Now let’s have our Only One WIN this thing with flying colors so we can see that beautiful face of his that I’m sure we are all missing so very much! Keep fighting Alien Family and take care! 🙂

    • I am in total agreement! KHJ fans are the most loyal, fierce and proud! We love him enough to move mountains! 🙂 I can’t wait to see his beautiful smile when receiving his hard won award either. He is our shining star and we will never stop supporting him and pushing him to the top where he belongs! 🙂

      • Omgoodness, I just saw that you replied to my comment angeljoong86! I am so touched as I am a new reader of your blog and I am so happy to find a fellow KHJ fan who is from the US like me! I seriously thought I was the only die hard KHJ fan who lived in the US until I found your blog through Lazer Kim. 🙂 Yes, as a new fan, I have quickly come to learn that KHJ fans are the most loyal, fierce, and dedicated fans I have ever met! We truly do love him with an unconditional, true love that is enough to moves mountains like you said! 🙂 Yes, he is our Angel and again, I couldn’t agree more with your statement…we will NEVER stop in supporting him, pushing him to the top, and making sure he STAYS there where he so belongs! 🙂 Thanks again for replying to my comment and it is so nice to meet a US fan of KHJ. 🙂

    • Hy sarafina, while reading ur comments i realized dt if i had a chance to dial ur heart and talk with it,he will surely ask from me ‘may i tell u somethng about Khj’.. Isn’t it? Anyway come on fighting!!!!

      • Lol, yes Janani…you are right. I could honestly talk and brag about my Only One all day long 24/7 especially since I don’t really have the opportunity to share my newfound love and passion with my friends since they don’t seem to understand, so this blog is the only place where I can openly express my undying love for Hyun Joongie Oppa. 🙂

  11. Hi sis LK;I know that yahoo is most important for us.Today I found voting for IG as best drama award of 2014 .Is this award important?If important;I want to vote for IG because HJ give much effort on it and voting is counted for one time for one ip adress per day.But I never give up for yahoo.What’s your opinion sis?

  12. Hi Khj Fanmily members, with LK sis! These days I think my heart beat sounds not as lubb dupp’ it sounds “one more time//”.. I’d like to thank all of u &it’s a really interesting experience to keep company with u girls.. Voting during Sleepless nights makes my boring free time after my AL exams really joyful… Let’s do our best to keep our genie on the top..:P

  13. LK… my readers are asking when the contest will conclude and when/where the awards will be presented. They are wanting to know if a fan meeting will be held or if they will possibly be able to attend to see HJ receive his award! 🙂 I don’t know the answers, can you help me? Thanks! Voting all evening last night and voting as I can at work today! LOL

      • if im not mistaken, LK got mentioned that the vote period has extended to 5/12 and the ceremony will be on 8/12 but not sure abt the exact venue of the event. well, lets wait for LK confirmation.

        • Yes atiq, you are right about the dates. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe LK said that the award ceremony will be held in Hong Kong, but not completely sure so like you said, we should wait for LK’s confirmation. 🙂

    • Hy tina, I also tried to vote using my smart phn but an error msg appears always.. But anyway the gap is around 300000’s a pleasure but let’s work haaard.. Fighting..:P

        • Dear tina, i tried it using my internet app.. Through google search I Entered LK’s blog &followed her links to the asia buzz. Internet app willbe in ur store.extremely sorry if u were hoping a better ans dr..

            • hi tina…just search the link ‘Yahoo asia Buzz award’ tru google/chrome browser in ur smartphone then u can sign in ur yahoo acc there n right away voting. Its the same way if u use other browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla etc. in ur smartphone. There’s no specific apps for this vote. Hope this help you.

              • Hi Tina,
                I have been voting only through my smsrtphone and just like atiq said, I don’t think there is a specific android app for the Yahoo Buzz Awards, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help either.

  14. the gap now around 285,000….but still i feel uneasy with this no. coz they capable doing it again anytime…i think from now on we must be ‘robot’ instead. voting everytime we have and everywhere we go….LOL…

    • Yes atiq, couldn’t agree with you more…although the gap is almost at what it was originally last week so we have to applaud ourselves for our collective efforts in bringing up the difference in margin so quickly. Also, please remember if you have smartphones girls, you can vote anywhere anytime as long as there is internet connection. Keep up the great work!

  15. Me encontre esto:


    Kim Nadzyvy Hola hermanas. En Yahoo Buzz Awards, la brecha con el nº 2 es peligrosamente y sospechosamente disminuyendo rápidamente. Era casi 300.000 votos diferencia y en muy pocos hou rs fue incluso inferior a 200.000. He publicado lo siguiente en Weibo, por lo que los aficionados chinos se informan y tal vez pueda ayudar en la adopción de medidas al respecto, pero no tengo muchos seguidores en Weibo. Esto es lo que he publicado en Weibo: ?!? “ventiladores KHJ ATENCIÓN brecha Th w / # 2 disminuyó sospechosamente rápido en muy pocas horas en Yahoo Buzz Premios votando poll.What está pasando ¿Podemos informar de esta ¿Hay alguien a cargo de l proceso de votación en YBA que se comprueba? … “ Además, ahora me informé por un ventilador que vota a través de teléfono móvil, que incluso cuando se inserta cualquier letras en código, incluso si no son correctos, el voto es contado. Eso también es muy extraño! Estimado WinWin hermana, do u conocer qué podemos hacer al respecto? Querida hermana Sra. D (Deanna Dsc DeannaHyun DSC), puede también publicar al respecto en Weibo ya que tienes muchos seguidores allí también?

    • Hi! Thanks to all of us, our boy’s fans around the world for voting continuously…
      Let’s keep voting & be on the look-out…
      2 more weeks to go before we can be sure of our only one’s victory…
      KHJ & Henecia Hwaiting!

  16. Hiiiiii! this post is very well written and thanks so much for spreading out the message. KHJ fans are the best and we are a big family all over the world to reach this one goal. I enjoy this year’s voting a lot as we are really trying our best to prove that KHJ still has this crazy popularity and his fan base will be strong as ever. Lets fight this fight and win. !!

  17. I slept @12am last nite n wake up @ 4am…done voting until 5.30am…and the gap getting bigger 199,000….will keep casting my vote at work later…now have to cook for my family and get ready to work…Keep fighting all my dear friends!! WE CAN DO IT! FIGHTING!!

    • LOL LOL LOL Atiq it’s breakfast cooking again!! I remember you saying your hubby asking what’s for breakfast while you’re busy with hj!! LOL!
      I just finished work, now I’m wondering if I can still sleep since I’m still voting from 4am till at this time just dropping by to read comments! Hoping to get some sleep for 3 hours before going back to work for a concert tonight!!

      TO EVERYONE! I have read all your comments, my apology if I couldn’t reply to each and everyone since my busy days started again! I’ll make it up with everyone on my next articles probably after Yahoo since I use my spare time in voting.
      Take care everyone, have fun voting, it may take a lot of sleepless nights but let’s make this worthwhile moments for KHJ. See you again and God bless..

      • Lol, I remember that as well LK as it made me laugh so much. Omo…atiq…please get more sleep and don’t forget to take vitamins and drink LOTS of coffee…these 2 things have been my new best friend in staying awake and healthy in order to keep voting. Keep up the great effort in voting everyone and please take care if your health through these sleepless nights. Fighting!

        • hi dear sarafina…yup, i love coffee coz it gaves u energy at night but couldn’t take it so much coz make me i drink just now and then…but its ok i will take vitamis also…you too take care urself…and to other friends also…please take care urselves ya…Fighting everyone!!

      • Hi Lazer Kim….LOL…have to cook everyday otherwise my kids would be starved all day..LOL…wow! admire so much your work….ur work make u really close to many artist…envy you…well, i think from now on until the very last day of voting we will lost our tight sleep but not at all matter coz it so worth it….and please don’t say sorry my dear, we understand u so much…just take ur time…will see u here when u have time…bye and take care…

        • I was thinking the exact same thing atiq as I was reading Lazer Kim’s comment lol! It must be nice to work in the entertainment industry and get to go to concerts, not to mention have the rare opportunity to work with Hyun Joong Oppa! *sigh* I SO envy LK too atiq lol. Oh, and thanks for replying to my comment above. 🙂

  18. Please keep voting …now is the time the trolls are awaking….don’t give up!! Lets get the gap bigger. SOS to All please keep voting!!!

  19. Kim Hyun Joong fans are the best in the world! We never give up and we are always united! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed it after yesterday. I believe if Hyun Joong knows how hard we all fought to get him this award again he will know in his heart that he is the true winner whether he wins the award or not.

    • Hello Allie! Thank you so much! And yes just like you how I hated Yahoo Buzz with what I have experienced the previous years and yes I remember you were there all along voicing out your frustration over yahoo!! LOL But I’m so thankful to you never gave up even until now. I have learned a lot from the previous years so now I decided to reverse my mind over Yahoo and just have fun voting so we all won’t get stress up or maybe just reverse the feeling of being upset about abrupt changes with numbers of vote.

      Well I’m giving the benefit of the doubt and trying to be fair because last week Jessikas numbers were too slow as we have raised our vote gap to as much as 300,000. I had some thoughts that maybe her vote numbers came in delayed posting from YB. In all fairness as far as i know this is the first time for jessika to be nominated as solo artist, although I’m assuming fans of GG also support her as solo artist.
      However, I’m still keeping a close monitoring on the vote movements. We’ll see in next few weeks, specially hj’s contenders from way below the line to go up! This is a different story and we also had experience such scenario in the previous years. And that’s when i started calling the fans of those artists as ROBOTS! Oh well those were the days, I just hope there’s improvement this time after the noises we created the previous years.
      Take care Allie, it’s really nice to hear from you again! Have fun voting and see you again! God bless…

    • Yes Allie, I couldn’t agree with you more…Kim Hyun Joong fans are the very best in the world!!! As soon as we saw how quickly Jessica’s number of votes increased overnight with the gap narrowing between KHJ and Jessica, we immediately went to work in doubling our efforts to work EVEN harder to widen or at the very least maintain the gap between KHJ and Jessica…and now with our perserverance and endless efforts, I am so proud and amazed to say that we gained back some ground and DOUBLED the number of margin just overnight. I was SO surprised and moved to wake up this afternoon and check the voting polls to see that KHJ is now ahead by about 223,000 votes, which is almost what he was originally last week! Before I went to bed earlier this morning, he was only ahead by about 120,000 votes and only in a span of about 8-9 hours, his number of votes increased by almost double making him ahead by about 223,000 votes! I am SO proud to be a part of this fandom girls, you have NO idea! Gosh, we truly are diligent and NEVER give up! Lol *sigh* Yes Allie, I truly wish Hyun Joong Oppa knows how hard we are fighting to give him this award again so that he will have NO DOUBT in his mind that he is a true winner and that his TRUE fans can NOT be easily swayed by false rumors and that we will always love and support him no matter what! Omg, I am sounding like a crazy fan again…*sigh* Ah, Hyun Joong Oppa…you officially did it…you turned a person like me into one of your crazy fans…lol.

      • I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been his fan for 7 years now. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years already. Seems like just yesterday when I watched that Love Letter episode and saw this guy with the cutest smile I had ever seen. Went “crazy” researching every single thing I could find about him and 7 years later here I still am voting like “crazy” for Hyun Joong! Lol

        • Omg, 7 years?! Wow, I give you a lot of credit for sticking by him for 7 whole years already…omo…that is going to be exactly like me in 7 years lol! As a new fan, I am already “crazy” and obsessive in researching and voting for him…I can’t imagine still being this “crazy” 7 years from now. I think that being a fan of Hyun Joong Oppa is once you are caught under his magic spell, you are caught and devoted for life…just like swans who mate for life lol…and may I just say that in even in the past 7 years, Hyun Joong Oppa has aged so well! He is like fine wine, he gets better with age and in fact looks even more handsom (in my opinion) compared to his BOF days. Oh and if I may ask, could you please tell me where I can find that Love Letter episode? Thanks!

      • After you got me reminiscing about the last 7 years I realized it was an X Man episode that I first saw him on because I was actually watching it for Siwon of SJ! I always say Siwon has a tiny special place in my heart because if not for him I may never have found Hyun Joong. ☺️

        • Ahhhh, it was an X Man episode…okay, that makes more sense now. Sorry, my internet isa bit slow so just saw your newest comment now. Awww, that’s cute. For me, if it wasn’t for Ku Hye Sun, I would never have watched BOF and found Hyun Joong Oppa. 🙂

          • It’s just like you said, once you discover Hyun Joong your hooked! Sadly all those Love Letter and X Man shows have been deleted off of YouTube and when the mega upload site was shut down most of the subbed episodes were lost. I remember how fun it was when I first discovered Hyun Joong. Back before k-pop became so popular. A friend told me that she found the funniest show on YouTube that I needed to watch. It happened to be a Love Letter episode with Siwon. I thought he was cute back then so I starting watching some of the shows he was in. I thank my lucky stars I watched that X Man episode that had Hyun Joong in it! Oh and I agree he just keeps getting better and better with every year that goes by.

            • Hi again Allie 🙂
              Yes, once you discover and find Hyun Joong Oppa, you are hooked ball and chain for life lol! Actually there are some excerpts of a couple of X Man episodes that have Hyun Joong Oppa as a guest and are subbed in English on YouTube. You should go check them out! Lol, you are too funny…may I jst say that it is so nice and refreshing to chat with another KHJ fan that feels the exact same way as I do. Omg, doesn’t he keep looking more handsome with every year that goes by?! That man does NOT age…it is so unfair lol. Gosh, I could keep bragging about him all day, but I’ll spare everyone the time since we are all busy voting and that should be our main focus right now!

  20. i already voted for 3 hours .. i just came from a presentation for our fiesta celebration but in the morning gap i let my nieces and nephew vote for me in my account…tomorrow in the office i will create a new account so that i can also cast my vote there… i am all panicky when i saw the rank results and it helped that i read this article right now . im so worried…this is my first time… thanks LK have to grab some sleep now…and vote tomorrow again…

  21. i only use 1 account but i signed it in chrome and web browsers. if i got problem voting in chrome i switch to browser then vise versa…

  22. Thank you very much for writing this, LK! thank you for all your help and encouragement. And many thanks to all fellow fans for help and encouragement too! We got a little improvement after that fast gap decrease, but we still need to keep alert and keep voting as much as possible! Let’s try to make the gap bigger more and more if possible. We have to make it that HJ wins this award! Let’s keep fighting!!

  23. Fighting!!!! Let’s win this for our only one
    I miss him so much and i want him to win this award to see him onstage again….

  24. I sais before I never care for voting but I am doing it now. Both of my accounts got blocked I can omly submit a vote per hour or so but I am still keeping at it. Am I wondering if they hacked the site and our votes are being distributed to other contestants? Just a question that my hubby asked -security programmer- when I got all frustrated and panicky about the poll. Also, thanks for your wise words, focus focus we need to get this award with a live show. We need to see him! Im in Texas so yes I read your tweets sisters in Asia and I go and vote, it is 5:45 am but it is worth it, WARNING! Voting while looking at his lovely face will make you miss hi. Even more, Fighting!

    • first report site if not loading, is helping, 2nd use google chrome 3rd make refresh every once in awhile 4th clean cookies (more often than usual) …5th sometimes just close and open the browser it will move…good luck …for now is Hj is 939625 …let’s make it to mil or even more …need to widen the gap fm 2nd plc. Don’t give up.:)

    • yeah sis…me from this morning until now 8 pm still keep having problem in voting…it really slow not as usual…and also i kept making error every now n then due to slow loading…its frustrated but we must keep trying and fight for tonite…i thought of stay up tonite and vote all the way….LOL…Fighting chingu!!

      • For me, voting on internet explorer works just fine, but that may be because I am voting on my smartphone. I suggest if you are having problems re-loading the page to just close the page altogether, click on the voting link again, and open the browser on a new page. This seems to work for me whenever I encounter an error on my smartphone. Hope this helps and good luck!

    • RED ALERT!
      I was just informed that a massive voting from Jessika’s fans is currently going on which started at 6:00PM KST tonight Nov. 17! Let’s get busy voting for KIM HYUN JOONG now! Go go go girls we can vote more! Enjoy!!!

      • Hey Lazer Kim, thanks for the info. Don’t worry, my main focus and top priority has been voting on Yahoo Buzz Awards for the past week. It is past 5 a.m. here in Los Angeles and I am still up voting…I must be crazy…at this rate, I am going to get dark under eye circles like what Hyun Joong Oppa always talks about whenever asked about what he doesn’t like about his appearance lol. Just an update everyone…I just checked the current results and Hyun Joong Oppa is ahead by only about 100,000 votes over Jessica BUT I also noticed that the difference in gap has remained around 100,000 for the past couple of hours (compared to the difference in gap closing in quickly every hour earlier today) so let’s continue to keep up the great work girls! I am so proud of us fans in how diligent we are that as soon as we saw how fast Jessica’s number of votes increased just overnight, we doubled our efforts in working even harder to widen or at least maintain the gap between KHJ and the second contender. Like LK said, let’s continue to double our efforts in voting and don’t allow Jessica’s number of votes to discourage us, but instead take it as a challenge just like HJ does whenever faced with an obstacle or setback in life.Yes, we as HJ’s fans do have something to prove…not only to show the world especially the haters that Hyun Joong Oppa is still the most popular and top male artist in Asia despite the recent mess, but most importantly, to show Hyun Joong Oppa himself that he still got what it takes to be the most popular male artist in Asia and that he is still, and even more so, SO very loved by his fans. My motivation in winning is seeing the look of pure deeply moved emotion and just sincere thankfulness on that beautiful face of his ( not to mention that killer, million dollar smile of his when he goes up to accept his award). Let this image be an encouragement and motivation to you all as we keep fighting in doubling our efforts in voting. Enjoy voting everyone! 🙂

        • LOL!! I can’t help not to reply on your comment! Just like you it’s now 5:45am here in Tokyo had just finish work and still alive voting! I saw myself in you 3 years ago as a newbie fan of khj, yes same as you I had black rings on my eye from staying up late at night searching on hj and voting at MAMA!! I even said to myself “maybe this is a part of being a fan, being ugly with eye bugs!!” LOL oh don’t worry being crazy is nothing new to khj fans we have been on that stage too even until now!! But it’s such a fan really!! LOL! Take care Sarafina, gosh I’m still laughing, you still have 2 weeks to keep those dark rings!! LOL be happy, enjoy voting and see you again! God bless..

          • Lol, I am glad I could give you a good laugh LK. Thank you so much for replying to my comment. It is always nice to hear from you. 🙂 Lol, it looks like we all have the same schedule in staying up until early in the morning to vote and monitor the polls. Yes LK, in fact, when I woke up this afternoon, I noticed I am starting to have dark under eye circles for the first time in my life even though I am still a college student…I guess the late nights in staying up for the past couple of months researching about Hyun Joong Oppa and voting has finally piled up and is now taking its toll on my body…so this is what it is like to be a fan of KHJ…having his signature dark under eye circles, sleeping and eating practically nonexistent, social life totally gone, LOL!!! I am just being sarcastic and joking. Like I said above, I am truly SO proud and honored to be Hyun Joong’s “victim” as you once nicely worded it lol. I’m glad to know that at least I am not the only crazy, obsessive fan out there and let me just say that I have NEVER actively participated in any group effort for a single person in my entire life before, let alone stay up until the past wee hours of the night for 5 months straight researching and/or voting for a person I barely know…ah, Hyun Joong Oppa…you really have such a powerful affect over your fans to change them into completely crazy and devoted fans…you should be illegal lol. You take care as well LK and please may I remind everyone while voting, please take care of your health and try to get enough sleep as I’m sure Hyun Joong Oppa wouldn’t want us to fall ill just because of our late night votings. Yay, 2 more weeks of Panda eyes for me, but I am embracing it as this is all for our Only One! God bless you as well and talk to you again! 🙂

            • Haha even my friends think my craziness is in peaks for khj but i think its nothing.
              I never liked any actor this much. It feels good to know i’m nt the only one who is crazy for him 🙂

              • Oh don’t worry Mary, I believe it is safe to say that everyone on here is crazy for Hyun Joongie Oppa (and still has been for years) including myself even though I am still learning about him, but I find the more I learn about him, the more I fall deeply in love with him. 🙂 He is that irresistible and magnetic lol. Like I have said numerous of times already…gosh, I probably sound like a broken record…I have never been the type to be a crazy fan let alone fall this deeply in love with a celebrity before. Anyways, welcome to the Alien Family and please don’t forget to vote. 🙂

  25. Keep up the fight girls, as usual trolls are around on voting polls. Just keeping us in our toes as usual. Voting …voting…voting….voting….! We are Unbreakable!!!

  26. Hi Lk
    Thank you so much for posting this. I just posted a * Red Alert* comment on your other article ‘Winning Power’ just some hours ago cause I woke up this morning just to find out that the numbers are so close between KHJ and Jessica, I almost started panicking. So thank you for posting this, now I can understand how and why. We just need to double our efforts like you said and doing it with pleasure,cause we love him and stand for him. Thank you so much. .
    Everyone FIGHTING!!!!!

  27. Thank you so much LK.

    Yes, We faced the same problem as we had years ago and it was proved that they used some programme to increase their votes which is just like cheating but however I think Yahoo aware of it but they will do anything or not it’s up to them. We just vote the best we can . I personality don’t think that the artist or real fans will be proud of winning by cheating I have experience this before and feel sorry for that artist because it make me have negative feeling toward the artist even though it’s not the artist’s false. . The award is important when you need it but it’s not important enough to be unfair to the others. i just only hope they will not do that.

    Just keep voting and try to do our best . Never discourage . Thinking about HJ . In his career I think he often faces difficulty and unfair judgement but he keeps fighting and proving himself never allow the problem to discourage him. Fighting Fighting……………The fair fight and hard work that make us proud of being his fans. Fighting and never discourage.

  28. I will just say, regarding the other polls I have posted for the fans at:
    most of them are just a matter of fan pride and do not give him any physical opportunities to accept an award on stage as you have said, however, they are all polls that only allow 1 vote per day or at the most 19 votes. This does not take that much time if the fans want to vote in them. Yahoo Buzz can be up on your browser or phone or tablet at all times, and you can just vote when you have chances in between work or whatever tasks you are doing at home. Yes, we need to focus and vote as much as possible, but the other polls are not like yahoo buzz where you can vote unlimited times… so, the attention is not that divided if they want to just go to each one once per day.

    Having said that, I do hope the fans will vote for this one: Golden Week Entertainment at because he will win physical trophies there. He will get not only recognition from this new entertainment media outlet, but exclusive recording recommendations and interviews etc. this one is going to be decided in 4 rounds, and as long as he remains in the top ten for the first three, we can put him in first in the last week of December. So, if the fans wish to vote once every 1/2 hour here, they can do him so good there. Just FYI.

    Now for Yahoo Buzz, we Veteran fans do know this can be overturned over night and it is quite scary… but, we don’t panic, we just keep plugging away at the votes. He has won 15 Yahoo Buzz awards since 2009! So, keep up the faith and keep voting non stop when you are able to be at a computer! Good work so far, and don’t let the second place person’s rapid increase upset you or make you feel discouraged. Just VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Until you fall into bed with exhaustion! LOL! Great work, LK! Your support for Hyun Joong and your ability to explain things so clearly are such a blessing!

    Good NIght! I have to sleep for work… I voted as many times as possible while posting my article tonight! Best of Luck while I am sleeping! 🙂

    • oh… and btw I have challenged my facebook friends and twitter followers to pledge a number of votes per day on yahoo buzz: I pledged 40 originally and sometimes I have done more and sometimes I have no opportunity to vote because of my job and struggles with illness… but, I am doing the best I can when I can. I also will put out that challenge here… pledge how many votes you can do per day whether it be 50, 100, 500 or 1,000 every vote counts! and pledging just gives us courage and a bit of competition too to help us stay motivated and energized! GO ALIEN FAMILY FOR KHJ FIGHTING! Write your pledge at the end of your comment… it’s fun and will give you renewed strength! I am upping my pledge to 50 per day… I will do my best at lunch break and at home after work! GO GO GO!

      • Hi angeljoong86, I personally have been staying up until 3 or 4 a.m. this past week voting and at the same time actively monitoring the number of votes. I was able to vote more since it was the weekend, but since it is now the school week, I am pledging 50 votes per day. Hope I can keep it up. Fighting!

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