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By: LazerKim


I would like to thank every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong for their effort in voting for him at the Yahoo Asia Buzz. Still I would like to encourage the fans who may have come late to spare some of your time in voting for him. And for those fans who have been responding and assisting other fans in voting, your effort is very much appreciated, thank you! Please do keep it up, I really need your help so that every single fan may be able to vote as much as they can, and enjoy every moment of voting! With the thoughts that we are all doing this for our only one, Kim Hyun Joong.

These past days we may be experiencing problems on voting at Yahoo Asia Buzz that can sometimes be frustrating! BUT let’s not give up since there are solutions to whatever problems we encounter. Here are few guidelines that can be a help for smooth voting for Kim Hyun Joong.

Let us remember that our prime aim here in this polls is to maintain him on top of the line. If in case we still encounter problems, please feel free to bring it up at my comment box and we will be right with you to rescue. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or assistance. Every single fan is important to Hyun Joong. You as his fan, your cooperation and your vote every single of it, are the most important to him.



1. For smooth voting, first you have to use your Yahoo email account. If you don’t have it yet, please do create an account before you can log in to Yahoo Asia Buzz. Or if you have a Face Book account, you may use it however you have to vote at Face Book social network.

2. For easier and more convenient voting, use the GOOGLE CHROME as your browser. Since the polls are written in Chinese characters, through Google, it can be translated in English.

3. For multiple voting, if you experience having read a statement “error in submission”, don’t give up simply RELOAD or refresh the page and you may vote again. If the same problem occur, here are some links you may use as alternative for you to vote. Take note that you may vote as many times as you can.


Link A > (


If you’re using this link, before starting please be sure that Kim Hyun Joong’s picture appear. If you see picture of Big Bang, simply click KHJ’s photo on the left side his small photo.

NEVER start voting without making sure his picture appearing on that box otherwise you’ll be voting for Big Bang, we do not want that!

Link B > (

NOTE:   You may use this link above to vote and in checking voting results which change its number of votes every hour.



If you are NOT using the Google Chrome as your browser that does not translate browsers like Firefox or Explorer, in logging in before starting to vote, please be guided that you have to log in first at Yahoo Asia Buzz. At the first box you may type your username, the second box is for your password, click on the third box to log in before voting. The picture below shows a guide in voting.

Here’s how to vote:

credits: Hyunnies Pexer Blog, OnlyKHJfamily  thanks for sharing!

source: (

1939967_881128225245084_993678913002047751_n (1)

Step 1.  Before starting to vote make sure that Hyun Joong’s picture appears as the picture above shows. Type your Yahoo email address on the first box.

Step 2   Type those letters from the 3rd box to the second box. Please make sure that you type the correct letters whether it’s written in small or big letters. Sometime “error in submission” appears if the letters were not typed correctly. If you find it hard to identify the letters, you may have an option to change the letters by simply click on rotate arrows on the right side then the letters change for you to easily identify.

Step 3   Click on the fourth box to confirm your vote. Info about KHJ appears, click on X to close the page as this picture below appears click on that box on the right side to vote again following with the same steps to start re-voting again.



You may find this procedure a bit complicated at first try, but as you go along with voting it’s easier and you’ll enjoy it! This is for security reason to make sure your vote is counted and cannot be cheated. Let’s bear with it anyway this is just a matter of getting use to it and as we vote more you’ll find it simple, please just don’t give up. As I mentioned earlier, if ever you encounter problems in voting, feel free to bring it up at my comment box and we will help you.

You may vote through your desk top computer, laptop or through your android, smart phones. This is very convenient that anywhere you are for as long as there’s internet connection you can vote any time! Kim Hyun Joong is still taking the lead as of yesterday which was just the second day of voting he already gained over 100,000 votes. We still have about 4 weeks to vote as we aim for the highest number of votes for Hyun Joong to keep him on top.

Let’s keep spreading this info pertaining Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls and making sure that every single fan is being informed and encourage everyone to vote for Kim Hyun Joong. We can do this, we can make it happen to see him on that stage as a WINNER ever deserving among all stars!

Let’s give Kim Hyun Joong his 6th year award as he deserve being the best male artist!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing





Photo credit as tagged: Ms.D thanks!

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97 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTING GUIDE

  1. Ok guys. I wonder of something. These 2-3 days the way of voting pattern has some changed for me. Before this, whenever i reloaded the vote page, it will directly showed BB pic first then we have to click HJ pic before we put all the codes and vote, right?. But these 2-3 days whenever i reload the page it will always HJ pic appeared first, no more BB pic. SO, i was so pleased bcoz it much easier and faster for me. Are you guys encounter the same pattern like me? Coz it me curious abt it after what happened right now. Please i need an enlightenment.

    • The way the pages load for me varies all the time but now I keep having to refresh the page over and over because my browser keeps telling e that it can’t connect to the server. I have gotten very few votes in this past hour.

        • Hey atiq, I have been voting only on my smartphone (since my laptop is currently not working) since I found out about the Yahoo Buzz Awards so I’m not sure if it is different compared to voting on a laptop. However, for me, since I started voting when the voting polls opened, whenever I opened up the voting page, it never directly showed BB picture first like what everyone says it does (which is why at first I thought I was doing it wrong). On my smartphone, it lists all the contenders first, then I click on KHJ’s picture, enter all the codes, and confirm my vote…so not sureif I can be of help as I don’t know it is different voting on a laptop or PC. By the way, if you are having problems reloading the page, I suggest you close the page altogether and try clicking the voting link again to open it on a new page. This seems to work for me on my smartphone whenever I encounter an error, but again, I am not sure if this will solve the issue if you are using a laptop…doesn’t hurt to try, right? Hope this helps!

  2. Is this really a robot works or all fans of all artist that have lose to Hj in previous years are against HJ now since the mess recently? It could be right? coz they think he doesn’t deserve a winning? Im sorry for saying this guys but it just my thought. This really make me anxious.

    • Could be I suppose but in the past when one nominee started getting nearly the exact same amount of votes and such a high rate of votes per hour it was proven to be from bot voting. Also people are once again having trouble getting their votes for Hyung Joong to go through just like what happened on previous votes. We may be jumping to conclusions but it’s because of all the past experiences. Either way I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end. We just keep voting and hope Hyun Joong wins.

      • I think Allie is right…it sounds like “bot voting” to me with Jessica’s number of votes suddenly increasingly in just a matter of hours…fans are having trouble getting their votes for Hyun Joong to get through? I didn’t know about this…I hope my votes are getting through as I have been voting for the past hour. Yes, we can only do our best and hope that Hyun Joong Oppa wins.

    • I’m not sure atiq as this is my first time in voting for anyone in that matter but I hope neither are the case, especially the second reason. It would really be a shame if the haters won let alone the cheaters. WE HAVE TO WIN GIRLS…somehow…fighting!

  3. Why can’t other fans just win fairly? I really have come to despise the YBA. Honestly all awards that fans vote on have become pretty much worthless because of cheaters. Sorry to be a downer but I am sad to say the YBA won’t do anything about the cheating this time just like they never have in the previous years. But I will keep voting just like I do every year and hope we can once again overcome the cheaters with hard work and honest voting!

    • Hi Allie, forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but how exactly can fans cheat on the Yahoo Buzz Award? I am confused as to how someone can cheat on this thing but yes, let’s overcome the cheaters then with our hard work and honest voting as Hyun Joong Oppa would want us to!

      • There are software programs that they download and use that makes it where their one vote counts as 10 or 20 or even thousands. So they log in as we do, put in the letters and numbers, but instead of counting as one vote like ours does it counts as however many they set the “bot” to cast. The literally hack the voting system. Yes I know they do it because we actually had proof from websites that we captured and sent in to the YBA but they did nothing about it.

        • Thanks Allie for your quick response…it is really disappointing and disheartening to know that not only do fans try to cheat their way into winning, but Yahoo Buzz Awards won’t do anything about the fact that their voting systems have been hacked even if there is evidence. Ugh, this makes me want to win even more over these cheaters with our sheer determination and HONEST hard work!

  4. Hey gals, red alert. robots at work, please don’t lose the momentum, we have to keep up the gap!!
    Please don’t stop voting, the fight just starting….!!!

  5. Just an update everyone, Jessica has gained an increase of votes by about 20,000 while KHJ has only gained an increase of votes by only 2,000 so now he is ahead by only 200,000 votes. If this keeps up, Jessica is going to be ahead over KHJ in no time…ah, this makes me anxious. We need to work even harder everyone!

  6. now exactly 3.00 am here..i’ve just finished with my duty..LOL…i took only 1 hour to vote…sorry guys thats the only time i can do for tonight as i was just arrived from outing…I promise will put on more efforts tomorrow…now i have to sleep coz have to work tomorrow…i hope i don’t get panda eye this morning..LOL…ok guys…Fighting everyone!!!!!..c u again…Love u all!!! LOL

    • omg…this can’t be…i figure out earlier this morning that their different were abt 300,000 but now they really catched up HJ with different only 220,00!!?? ALARM EVERYONE!!….they really work hard on this…omo, this make me worried…sigh….sigh…

    • Omg, I just checked the voting polls this morning as soon as I woke up and you’re right! Before I went to bed last night, KHJ was ahead by about 300,000 votes like atiq said…RED ALERT everyone! We need to work harder! Vote vote vote!

  7. Hi me again,

    It’s so funny while I’m voting I was thinking about ” Shin Jung Tae ” and felt his feeling of keep fighting until he reached his goal. SJT knew it was very difficult but he never gave up and willing to sacrifice for it.. I think HJ is the same and now we are reassemble him ha ha ha ..However it is such a good feeling to do something that we know it could make him happy.

    How about ……. reaching 800,000 and +++++++900,000 tonight ????? Is it too much ?
    I find that all the songs from his Japanese album are so interesting especially ” I can not erase you from my mind.” from his ( tonight ) album is so beautiful. I have repeated it many times while voting.

    Fighting Fighting….

    • Hi Bella, nice to hear from you again. Yessss, like I said before. Like HJ, like Henecias. Hyun Joong Oppa is the type of person who puts his 100% effort in everything he does and never gives up until he accomplishes his tasks, goals, and dreams and we are the same in never giving up until the voting poll officially closes. We will keep on fighting and giving our 100% efforts into this like you said…just to see that killer smile of his once again. I believe we can reach 800,000 by tonight! We are already so close! We CAN do this girls! Fighting! Fighting!

  8. Hi everyone,

    First of on thank you to all HJ’s fans you all really make my life feel so good with no reason. I feel so happy every times I have a chance to vote in Yahoo as I know I’m collaborating with many of you. It is such a good feeling.

    I notice the second contender ‘s fans also have been working very hard on their votes. I just feel we have to work harder especially during the weekend. I think we can not feel save with the gab we have now. Fighting Fighting………….

    I searched back to HJ’s early days listen to SS501’s songs I love his gentle ‘s voice then. It’s really good to listen to his voice while voting. It feel so soothing and clam.

    • Yes Bella, it is such a warm feeling of unity for our Only One, isn’t it? Ah, I am still missing Hyun Joong Oppa like crazy…yes, let’s work harder so we can see his handsome face again. ❤

    • Yes me too..i can feel that unity spirit..currently i’m voting khj while watching him in running man episode..miss him very much

      • i’ve just finished voting for an hour ( only ). Hope it would be help a lot…LOL…Yeah, its a MUST to hear HJ’s voice while u were voting, then u will be very enthusiastic abt this mission. Oh how i missed him a lot these days. He’s soooo quiet. Hope he’s alright n happy with his daily life.

        • Oh atiq, I miss him SO much as well that I may just die of heartbreak! Lol I hope he is happy and getting a well deserved rest as well. Hope to see those chubby cheeks again! Yes, isn’t Hyun Joong Oppa’s voice so soothing and sweet to listen to while voting? There goes another late night of voting…Keep up the great work everyone!

  9. ISN´T FUNNY seeing KHJL and jessica in 1st places? both suffered a lot lately, this really pleased me, my only one again first, I really enjoy voting, hope to see him recieving the award .
    thanks dear

  10. wow!! I love u all. We are sooo impressive! Hj votes increasing drastically. Keep the awesome works chingu. We can do it! We must get it. Hyunjoong must WIN!! Fighting! Fighting! LOL…

    • Hello Atiq! Yes im very thankful to all khj fans to your effort in voting. i always believe in collective effort and we can make him win.

      May i just use this space to clarify some matters. There are a lot of voting polls around and the reason why i did not post any of those polls except Yahoo. First it is because among the polls it’s yahoo that khj sets the history of winning in 5 cinsecutuve years and i would like him to maintain it until this 6th year of winning. Second i can not encourage others to vote if i myself do not have that generous time to vote in other polls. i dedicate 2
      hours of my time daily in voting at yahoo
      I’m not discouraging voting in other polls but i would appeal to everyone to please give priority to yahoo. Then if your time allows you to vote to other polls then that would be good too.
      We’re doing good voting at yahoo however let’s still keep our awareness until the closing polls just to make sure hj is on top and let’s keep that gap from his contender.
      This is all i ask from everyone since this might be the last award from yahoo that hj may receive before his enlistment. Let’s give this award to him. Forgive me if i may sound annoying in saying this over and over! I would just like to explain why i focus only on Yahoo voting polls and have not even posted any other polls.
      I simply want to enjoy voting at yahoo without getting stress as simple as that!

      • Hello LK, you do not need to apologize or explain yourself as to why you only posted the Yahoo voting polls lol. I agree with you, we should give priority to Yahoo which has been my main focus so far. Oh, and may I use this space to apologize myself if I have been invading your comments section with my frequent and long comments…I just can’t stop talking about KHJ since none of my friends understand my new passion and I feel this is the only place where I can openly talk about my Only One without being understood or judged.

    • Yes antiq, we are definitely so impressive! We managed to raise Hyun Joong Oppa’s votes to over 600,000 overnight. It was about 550,000 before I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning, it has already increased to over 600,000! SO proud of my new Alien family! Hyun Joong Oppa WILL win this award!!!

  11. ‘Great Beak Seung Jo, u r the soul of the forest….’Oh, isn’t it the same with great Kim Hyun Joong… Girls fighting!!!.. He is d NUMBER1 star

  12. I see we all have a change in our schedule….wake up, check the polls, vote, go to office check the polls and vote, the smart phone doing the job admirably whenever and where ever and very helpfull to continue voting (even in meetings, shopping… late night go check the polls vote….but this is FUN! Lets keep this schedule till the polls close!! We have to win to prove the power of Hj! Frankly I don’t even translate it, chinese works just fine with me not talking about the codes …..we just have to keep it up and we are all together in this!! 🙂

    • Lol, yes Noya my sleeping schedule is all messed up now due to staying up late voting while missing Hyun Joong Oppa like crazy. I miss him so so so much that I may just die of heartbreak lol! He is seriously always on my mind “24/7 from Monday to Sunday night!” Ahhhhh, sometimes I wish I wasn’t this affected by his spell…as LK put it…I can’t but help be his “victim” lol. Again, I completely agree with you Hyun Joong Oppa HAS to win and let’s not underestimate the second contender as her number of votes are increasing rapidly. Although with our group efforts and continued votes, I just know we can have KHJ win this award! Keep up the great work girls!

  13. Hi LK and everyone,

    I can not believe what i’m doing. Wake up in the morning concern about the vote and keep voting then before going to bed keep voting again. Am I crazy ? I asked myself . The answer is no because it’s worth doing it. If ‘s really the thing that I believe it will definitely make our good artist and good man happy. It’s really nice to see him receive the reward for the 6th consecutive year. We can not under estimate the second place at all because her fans will eagerly supports since she faced the big news from her group.

    I was discouraged sometimes when I faced often the error box. Then I told myself common it’s just a small break then I turn HJ’s music on. It can really help to keep voting while listening to his music. Please do it with joy not pressure we just help each other to do the very best we can. It is quite importance task as we want to encourage our dear artist who have brought us so much joys and happiness since the first day we knew him. We do it with love and confident we have for him. We probably will not do anything like this again after his enlistment.

    • Hi Bella,

      Omg, I had to reply to your comment as I have been doing the exact same thing! For the past couple of days, it has been my daily routine to check the voting polls as soon as I wake up, vote as much as my schedule allows then before I go to bed, vote for a couple more hours again. Lol. As a new fan and only knowing Hyun Joong Oppa for a couple of months, I have asked the same question to myself many times. Am I crazy and should I be worried that I have a possibly unhealthy obsession to a Korean male artist who I have never met and possibly will never meet in my life? But you are right, all our tireless efforts in staying up past the wee hours of the night continuously voting will all be worth it when we will see that million dollar smile of his when he goes to accept his award. 🙂 Yes, we should not underestimate the second contender at all but we as KHJ’s fans will work EVEN harder to make sure he stays at the top. Omo…again, I do the exact same thing in listening to his music while voting! It really does help to keep the repetitiveness of voting, doesn’t it? Sometimes it amazes me how much us fans think and act alike when it comes to our Only One lol. 🙂 Oh, and if you get the error in submission box, just close it and your browser and try voting again. Also, make sure that page that opens up after you hit submit in voting fully loads before you close it and re-vote again. Good luck. 🙂 Now if only I actually put half as mych effort and determination in my studies…lol.

    • Hello Bella! Same with me here I dedicate at least 2 hours in the morning or evening before attending to my work and dedicate all my work breaks everyday in voting. Like i mentioned in this article enjoy every moment of voting w no stress! I know everyone gets busy w voting so ill skip with my article writing for a while but ill be back soon just as to inspire all of us doing this for khj.
      At least somehow this voting at yahoo eases down the great feeling of missing him so much. At this time my mind is being occupied by the thoughts of wanting to see him on stage again. And sincerely hoping for at least another round of concert next year! I’m praying so hard for this at before his enlistment.

      Thank you everyone you have been doing a real good job joting for khj. Let’s keep this up until the polls closing. And most of all ENJOY VOTING since we’re doing this for khj.
      Take care everyone be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • Good to hear from you again LK. Same here…I try to dedicate as much time as possible in voting for Hyun Joong Oppa…there goes another late night in staying up voting lol. Yes, voting eases down some of the immense feeling of missing him so much, which is why (and I can only speak for myself) I am ENJOYING voting for KHJ as my mind is also occupied by the thoughts of wanting to see him again which motivates me in keep voting! Ah, wouldn’t that be great for another round of his concerts next year?! Again, I am with you LK. Seriously, we as his fans have the same thoughts, same minds when it comes to KHJ. Missing him and that sparkling smile of his so badly. 😦

  14. I just wanted to stop by and encourage everyone to keep up the great work in voting! Like I said my comment on HyunniesPexers’ blog, I noticed that in just a span of 24 hours, with all our hard work and determination, we managed to increase Hyun Joong Oppa’s number of votes by more than double while the second contender’s number of votes increased by about 100,000. I am not saying that we should underestimate the second contender in winning…in fact…I have to admit, I am worried about it as well as it seems her fans are working hard to beat our Only One but I have complete faith that if we continue to tirelessly work hard and preserve, we can have KHJ win this thing for his 6th consecitive year as he so much deserves! Don’t forget you can also vote on your smartphone as well anywhere anytime as long as there is internet connection and I find it much more convenient thsn voting on a laptop. Keep up the great work girls! So proud to be a part of this fandom. 🙂 Fighting! ❤

    • YES,SARAFINA, I’m confident we can do it if we don’t give up and keep doing the very best we can. We need to expand more gap from the second place. Fighting everybody .
      Good luck for all of us.

      • Where is the like button so I can like your comment? Lol. Yes Bella, I have NO DOUBT we will SUCCEED if we don’t give up and continue to keep up the great work in voting!!! To all the haters out there, do not underestimate us fans as we will NEVER give up! Like idol like fans. Good luck girls and keep up the great work!

  15. Wow !
    such a relief I have already voted Hyun Jong oppa several times 🙂

    I think , I voted right eventhough I don’t understand it because it’s written in chinise . I just follow what you guys said.

    I voted through my new Yahoo account,

    I’m happy such a relief !

    and I just wanna add , I’M SORRY because I’d voted once for BIGBANG and for an artist that I didn’t know ! !

    It’s my fault for not paying attention ! !

    But overall, I’m HAPPY .

  16. Hello Lazer, First of all thank you sooo much for the info, kisskiss!:))
    Now, I don’t have a Yahoo account, How can i vote with my Facebook account?

  17. LK i’m using a new yahoo..account coz it is much faster… after clicking the vote box ..there comes a box of kim hyun joong information..i click to close the box and vote again.. is it right?? coz what i saw in the sample voting ..there is still step 5 to post in facebook but if i do step 4 the info disapper it really necessary to do Step 5 for the vote to be counted??? pls shed light on me in this …again this is my first time voting…thanks

    • Hello maelena424elena! Yes, you do it right, you close the box of KHJ information after clicking the vote button and then vote again.
      I think the step 5 you mentioned is just in order to post about it on Facebook. I don’t think it is needed for your vote to be counted. So, I think you are fine, keep it up 😉 🙂
      If LK or anyone else here knows something more or something different about it please say it.
      Also, like someone commented here, I have also noticed that it isn’t necessary to type capital letters at all, just to type the correct letters whether it’s capital or not.
      And the photo change is indeed very dangerous, lol! We need to check everytime that we see KHJ’s photo before casting our every vote!
      Fighting everyone! Let’s continue voting! We can do it !

  18. Hyunjoong has

    1. Henecians
    2. TripleS
    3. Around 600,000 fans in his weibo acc ( if am not mistaken )
    3. 4,000,000+ Likes in his FB page

    Even if we have only 10% from this fans list, i think we can make a miracle for our Hyunjoong and i think we shouldn’t underestimate the closest contender right now coz their fandom in Asia also quite huge thou. Even now HJ at the top ladder, i still feel anxious abt it.

    We must keep voting restlessly. Lol…
    Somehow girls, FIGHTING!!

  19. Yes, keep voting for our Only One Kim Hyun Joong till we will see him on the stage with his sparkling smile as the most deserving winner of the Century! Fighting!!!
    PS: To vote safely for KHJ, we must delete cookies before starting to vote!

  20. now he’s over 200,000 votes, and may I just say, I think there is a voting limit of about 100 votes I think that happened to me the last 2 days, no matter how I refresh the page that error message still comes out, today however I feel I’ve voted a lot more than the last 2 days.

    when entering the captcha it doesn’t matter if it capital or small letters just make sure you got it right and yes the error message appears sometimes because of wrong captcha entry, so please don’t give up.

  21. I keep on voting and I really hope that he will be able to see the results. I don`t know how important this Yahoo Asia Buzz is, but I will continue. Do you think that KHJ will see the results? He will befinitely smile, because maybe he will have slight doubts about the results, after the recent events. And at the end he will see our endless love and support. I love his smile. I hope we`ll be able to move him.

  22. Dear
    do you know the link to see the poll results l am curious to know the results. it will be interesting , in other polls they show the results but here l dont find the link.
    thanks to give us the chance to share our exitement voting each day.
    hope to see hinm again soon
    enjoy voting family

  23. Oh, and may I just add that being a new fan and just witnessing everyone’s dedication and hard efforts in bringing KHJ to the top is such a beautiful and touching thing to witness. The sheer willingness and quick responses to help those who are having problems with voting…the making of new, multiple accounts just so we can vote unlimited number of times per day…all to reach the same purpose and goal in KHJ winning this award makes me SO proud to be a part of this fandom. I don’t think I have ever experienced such determination and spirit in fighting to bring an idol to win. I am truly SO honored to be part of this fandom. I wonder if Hyun Joong Oppa even knows a fraction at how much his fans love him and are striving in working hard to make sure he wins. If we keep this up my new Alien Family, I have NO DOUBT we will be able to succeed in having KHJ win this award hands down! Keep up the amazing work everyone! Fighting!

  24. Thank you LK for posting a voting guide in giving us step by step instructions on how to vote successfully! It really helped! It is almost 4 a.m. here and I have spent the last couple of hours voting for KHJ…I think it is safe to say that I am officially addicted to him lol. I wonder if I should be worried or scared that I am this obsessed with a man I have only known for a coupe of months…and I have NEVER voted for anyone before…not even for the President of the United States lol. Anyways, fighting Alien Family! With our hard work and determination, I have NO DOUBT KHJ will win for his 6th consecutive year!

    • Don’t worry u r not alone. We all here are addicted to Hj….and for years. Enjoy the fun of being a fan, keep voting. It is worth seeing Hj smile at the end. Fighting♡♡♡

      • Count on me ms. sarafina….I don’t know what’s going me,I can’t help myself from falling on him……but I really like this feeling so keep it up..enjoy your voting session..hehe

      • Oh my gosh, yes I completely agree with you noya it is TOTALLY worth seeing his smile in the end! All this just to see his smile lol we are all so crazily addicted lol. Fighting. ❤

    • lol lol now dont you worry all of us here had experienced the way you do! you sarafina belong to khj so may say welcome to his magic net!! lol we’re all captured its so nice to have another khj victim lol lol!!
      Thank you take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  25. Hi, I just voted several times. I have a question every time I vote the final message that appears on my screen is similar with the one, showed here, but with some picture of a cell phone. This is a link
    then I click on the box in the centre of the blue window, but I don`t know if this is correct, because your picture for the last step does not have a hand with a cell phone. PLease, can you tell me if I vote correctly?

    • Hello Mitka! The link is the same, yes I think you’re voting the right way. I have just tried using that link and it works I was able to vote. I’m sorry I don’t get the meaning of hand with a cell phone??

  26. Good afternoon HENECIANS !
    just wanna ask how to vote using facebook account ?

    I can’t make a yahoo account today coz it’s school day but I really want to vote so pls. tell me how !

  27. Hi LK it okay if i’m voting through my face account? is it counted? i’ve doing it for 3 days now and a minimum of 30 times voting. but what i think if it was counted since i’m using facebook and they asked me for my pasword then after clicking continue…there appeared a blue with chinese icon.. i hope my vote shall be counted…this is my first time participating in on line voting poll…thanks LK

  28. My exact sentiments. The first day I voted I voted for about five times then I got an error. I thought I’ve used all of my votes already. Then the next day I voted for twenty times, then got an error. How many can one person vote per day? I want to know so I can fully use all my votes.

    • As for me i use alternate link so yesterday i just kept voting. since its my work break sunday all i did was to vote then take a rest for an hour then proceed again! i enjoyed it!

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