Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WINNING POWER

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By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong takes the lead at the Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls which had reached over 30,000 for just a matter of hours after the polls opened in Nov.7. as his fans started to get busy voting as much as they can! This is a good sign that Kim Hyun Joong fandom is very much alive and very determine in pushing him to the top as we always do every time there’s a voting polls that Hyun Joong is being nominated in every prestigious award being conducted every year, and he always win!

We are not voting for Hyun Joong not only because he is our idol, but we are voting for him because we all know very well he is DESERVING being the best artist we have known and he maintains being the best in anything he does.

Take him being an actor which he had proven the fact in his recent drama Inspiring Generation being in his best in his acting career which Hyun Joong received praises from the media and experts from the drama field. Take him as a singer, as his albums has always been on top of the music chart, not to mention, Kim Hyun Joong is one Korean artist in the history of Japan music industry who had brought all his Japanese albums on top of the Oricon Music Chart every time he release each of those albums.

Take him as a performer as all his concerts were successful as we have witnessed how his power over gathering people to watch him on stage as he sings and dances were just a full proof of Kim Hyun Joong being a total performer ever! Over all, take him as person who is full of sincerity and honesty that we can rarely see from the other artists who has been staying humble and modest in spite of his success all these years ever since he’s at the lime light! What more is there that Kim Hyun Joong cannot give as an artist?



May I say this again specially to Hyun Joong’s new fans, being a fan is not always a fun as we support our idol there’s also an effort in bringing our idol to the top of the list being the best. And this is one of those efforts, the voting polls. BUT I can promise you, it may take a lot of effort, surely you will enjoy getting involve in voting because you are not alone in doing this for we shall create an atmosphere of a real family with Kim Hyun Joong knowing we are doing this for him with so much love and sincerity.

Every year Hyun Joong’s fans has been so active in monitoring the polls while others are busy casting their votes that even resulted to a hobby like for a month of voting and everyone enjoys it. Times like this we are getting bored since Hyun Joong is still in his cocoon, then now we have a task to fulfill out of our own joined effort in voting. It’s fun because we get to meet other fans, interact with them and the feeling of being at home, the feeling of comradely is so strong!

And specially at this time that we have to prove something to the world of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! It is in this period of our journey as we were being stamped down by those who wanted to bring him and the fandom down that we need to fight over and I think this is the most visually effective and decent way of fighting back. This is our chance and we will not let this chance slip from our fingers as we bring Kim Hyun Joong on top of that ladder and letting him win that award which truly belongs to him all these years.

May I grab this chance to thank my readers who responded on this blog site as I posted my recent article Voting Alert in expressing their voting problems while others assist them in order to vote successfully. Thank you so much!  Feel free to ask for assistance and we shall be there to rescue as soon as we can.

Feel free to share whatever goes on around the voting polls and by this way we can have a smooth vote casting. Feel free that I would like to encourage everyone to share whatever your thoughts are, anything goes in this blog site, since it’s also my aim to bring out a family atmosphere in this blog and enjoy every moment of voting while keeping in mind and heart that we are doing this solely for our only one Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you!



I would just like to share with the new fans what I have experienced in the past years particularly in 2011-2012 at this same scenario which I’m sure the veteran fans are familiar with! During that year Hyun Joong was so busy receiving different awards from here and there while his fans were so busy voting for him that he always win in the polls. I have experienced staying at the tweeter for 24 hours monitoring the polls that I couldn’t let go and just be on guard while voting!

Until such time fans at tweeter took turns in staying up at night and that’s when the word RED ALERT and Protect the Prince became familiar to his fans! Whenever this red alert was posted, his fans really cooperate and started getting busy voting to catch up with the race! There was stress but I have to admit it was such a challenge and that’s when unity surfaced that anyone were truly proud of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. His fans would really fight and would not stop pushing to maintain Hyun Joong on top of the polls which was well monitored! I also remember  ROBOT who was trying to cheat at the polls!! LOL!

A little drop from the numbers of his votes, his fans were always ready to stay alert and vote again until we raise those votes away from his contenders! I can never forget the wee hours that his fans should be sleeping and resting but their adrenaline was just too high to vote!! LOL I became a coffee lover that time to keep myself alive other than endless chatting at tweeter while on guard as I went on with writing my daily article for the following day!!

Then as other fans shows up at tweeter the following day, that’s the time for me to take my break! Oh well those were the days I can never forget, and it was so much fun! I love every moment of the challenge and friendship with his fans which is another treasure to remember! A collective effort to win for Kim Hyun Joong is just so amazing among his fans worldwide! It’s winning friends while Hyun Joong winning the trophies!

I’m just curious, how were you during those times? What were your thoughts and feelings? Did you ever experience your heart beating so fast whenever you vote and trying to win the race everyday? Tell us about it! Feel free at the comment box below and let’s hear it from your voting and polls monitoring experience!



Finally as Hyun Joong won in the polls, God I can never forget such feeling of pure fulfillment and seeing him on that stage to accept his award was just so great more than like winning in the lottery!! LOL! It was at MAMA 2012 and Yahoo Asia Buzz that were so significant polls for me other than from other awards that he received trophies and a lot of awards that truly made me so proud of Kim Hyun Joong as a well deserving artist, the best among all the best star! It’s for him alone, the Best Male Artist award!

It was fun that I really would like to encourage the new fans and all KHJ fans to experience voting in the polls. Get involve, spare some time with it and you’ll feel that sense of fulfillment being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. It is at this period that he really needs all of us. It is in those awards that we can let him feel we have been staying at his side and never left him came high storm that nothing stops us from giving him those awards to Hyun Joong. It is in this period, visible enough to the whole world and his country that nothing change in us being his huge fans are ever supportive.

I truly believe in Hyun Joong and his fans pure sincerity that made all of these memorable awards possible and we can do it again! Let us also include Hyun Joong in our prayers which I truly believe prayers can move mountain. We may still be in this crucial stage in the fandom but nothing matters for as long as we stay together for him.

Allow the set back be our strength to move on and fight for this challenge! Let us join forces, it is now within our sincere effort this time to let him smile again being a true winner! We fight for someone who truly deserves to be given those awards, to only one Kim Hyun Joong.



Now here it is talking about reality, with the set back we had for months, honestly I felt being unfairly deprived from seeing my idol on his limited exposure and we cannot deny this fact. I want to see him again or I might just collapse from missing the guy so much like crazy!! I guess many of you here feels the same way as I do in missing Hyun Joong so much, that we have to see him again. This is our chance, as Hyun Joong has to accept his award he has to go to Hongkong which is an official exposure, a chance to see him again! BUT we have to work this out through the voting polls.

Other than this, I have written my comment at my recent article Scary Halloween pertaining repercussion from the set back. I think in this voting polls we fans are given the chance to prove to those producers that Hyun Joong still reign in his power to conquer that nothing change in his fans, that we are still numbered by millions worldwide and that these producers can still earn from us by giving more future projects to Kim Hyun Joong for us to be able to have more chances of seeing him and gather more memories.

This is our chance to show the general public of SK and around the world that we fans of Hyun Joong are not convinced by those who are trying to destroy him. I have also mentioned addressed to KE that we fans shall be maintaining Hyun Joong on top among all other Korean artist and I think this is our chance to do so, with all the hopes that the company will give their 100% support to Kim Hyun Joong. I hope you’re reading this guys! Please just NEVER deprive us fans from seeing Kim Hyun Joong again!



To my dear readers, I have to admit and to be honest, I may be moving on BUT have not forgotten the nightmare and probably never will forget until such time I have seen the usual active Kim Hyun Joong back on stage and his fans are in smooth sailing looking forward to his coming to us. I just feel I have to go on with my fight for him and protect his fair right as an artist and as a person I admire.

As I go on writing all about Kim Hyun Joong somehow the pain still surface whenever I write, it’s because I always write my heart out. Sadness may still be there but I use it not to feel weak but made me even stronger not to give up on him and his right being a deserving artist.

I would like to bring back that happy bouncing kid ever restless creating his music and shares it with us. I want to bring back those happy times he spent with us and to see those smiles and sound of his laughter again. Maybe I just miss the guy so much that made me feel being deprived of what is making me happy as a fan!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier I would like to encourage everyone to vote continuously until the closing of the polls, which we have at least nearly a month to do so. Let us make it a habit every time we take a break from work, let us spend our idle time to vote and let’s do it by heart for our only one.

Kim Hyun Joong has a Winning Power to conquer and through us his fans nothing will ever change this fact as we sincerely support and love him ever…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing





If you experience some voting problems, please feel free to express it at my comment box and we will assist you every way we can. Thank you!

                                                        VOTE NOW!



Results from the voting polls change every hour.

Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D thanks!  Ahlia thanks!



43 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WINNING POWER

  1. Omg, VOTING ALERT!!guys please lets not stop voting for even just a moment. Right now Jessica’s fan are working so hard she’s currently on our tail. We need to keep KHJ at the top, we can do it guys!!! This is the moment to show we’ve not been sleeping around. EVERYONE FIGHTING!!!!!!

  2. TODAY!!!! I checked and Jessica’s fans are getting her up in votes to be solidly in 2nd place and continueing to come up… since I heard fans her are working hard since she’s going solo from her group, but our cause (clarified so well on this article) is rightcious we need to rise up to the occasion. We won’t have KHJ around much longer since he’ll be going into the military service soon, so now is the time to do ur job as fans, watch TV and sit with your pads or laptops and Vote.

    • I am with you 100% cindy stock. It is making me a bit anxious that Jessica’s fans are working just as hard as we are and we should not underestimate her fans right now, but with our group effort, we can keep our Only One at the top! Please, please spread the word to all Henecias that you know and encorage them to vote! Every vote counts! Keep fighting everyone!

  3. I have been trying to vote but I cant type in my email. I can type in the verification code and enter eveything except my e-mail. Everytime I enter my email, letters wont come out. Pls help

  4. I think something is wrong with Yahoo. After trying so many times, it finally gives me the chance to vote but after just one vote, the next thing is that there’s a problem with my submission. .Am I the only having this problem, I’ve tried different links..I really don’t know what to do. .:(..

        • Hadiyyah, no problem. just try and refresh once in awhile and also close the window that is opening after the voting. or even simpler just close the yahoo page and open it again, seems to be more effective rather than waiting for the page to be loaded. By the way the results are being updated once every hour. so do not worry if you don’t see changes right away. Oh Yes Fighting, we can do it! there goes another night, lol!

  5. Hello there Ms. LK , since I don’t have yahoo account I just wanna ask , how’s the ranking ?

    Don’t worry I’ll do my best to make an account so that I can vote for oppa 🙂


    • HJ now still at the top but the no.2 artist member from the girl group is catching up HJ closely. So, we have to give more effort to vote constantly. Fighting chingu!!

  6. i remember all the days and nights i voted for Kim Hyun Joong since 2012… spending hours and hours to vote everywhere…opening many emails accounts… having even a little popularity with the votes links… 😉 kekeke… and i was so happy when he get all the Awards… and first places everywhere… His name is the label of perfection!!! Splendid and unforgettable moments to share always with happiness and proud! :D~~ i agree dear Lazer Kim with you… we are voting not only for our Idol but for the most wonderful and pure in heart, noble and great valuable man and extraordinary artist and magical leader Kim Hyun Joong! We believe in his charismatic power and we are proud to love him and to be his faithful friends and fans forever!
    Thx for this wonderful article of victory for the right cause! ^^ 🙂 God bless you sis ❤

  7. I think I am voting correctly, but when I check the total votes it hasn’t changed any. Does it take the site a while to update votes? I am thinking it is not an instantaneous addition of new votes?

    • Hi there! You may use google as your browser that translate chinese to english. If not you may be guided by my post at article title Voting Alert. pls check it out so you can vote. Thanks!

  8. Im happy now..tried since last night log in to voting side..finally this morning, i can vote khj..will vote again after duty..fighting🙆

  9. I noticed votes for star like PYC, JGS, LMH and others were sooo little…it doesn’t look competitive at all….don’t tell me they giving up to KHJ…?

  10. I really never voted for any artist before, well once for KHJ but this time I made a commitment to really really be a fan, so I have voted, tried couple of IDs and keep on doing it. I really want this award for him this time more than ever

  11. Hey sis, we are back on fighting, remember all those nights and countless e-mails accounts, pushing each other to fight against those robots….wow, seems like a life time ago, but actually been only few years back. I belive we can do it for KHj we can prove to all Like Star Like Fans we don’t give up. WE WANT KHJ TO WIN! and WE WILL BE THERE FOR HIM!

    Re reality check that u mention, producers and the people in the industry, can I share something with you guys and I hope you will not think that I am being delusional, but I have a wish, more like a dream, that after all story will be completed with the auth, that HJ will be approached (or he will do it by himself go and approach) by a very serious program, Media in SK something like 60 Minutes or Larry King (a one on one) and he will go there and give an interview and put all cards on the table, his side, his Story, that way nobody can misinterpret his words…..let all see who real KHJ is. I know Hj don’t like to have his laundry in the public eyes, but hey, this is already there and the public made it dirty, so why not clean it there and put a stop to all and clear his name?! Do you think my wish is wrong?
    Hj is a fighter, from the beginning he struggled to achieve his status and to better himself, we, his fans know him that he is no quitter, so I hope that Lk’s wish for her birthday and my wish (dream) will come true!
    Lets bring this man to the place he deserve, let’s show all that the Aliens/Henecians all KHJ Fans are with him and supporting him! ALL FOR ONE, THE ONLY ONE! 🙂

  12. I remember 2009, the first time I ever voted for an artiste…
    That was one crazy experience…the first actually cos after that every year was just as crazy if not more so…
    If it wasn’t LMH then it was JGS or Yoochun & in all these voting race there was crazy cheating too coming from their fans…the ROBOT, haha…
    As Ms Lazer said above, we were literally on guard & I think I slept quite late every night for more than a month, just worriedly monitoring the votes & having a voting frenzy with the other fans whenever the nearest contender came too close…
    If I remember rightly in 2009 there was a, hmm, chatting panel? We could chat with other fans & update each other simultaneously on the current votes count…
    It was fun yet an anxiety-filled time too as we fought to keep our only one on top…

    I hope for this time around we’ll have an easier & smoother path for our boy’s victory…
    If not, then we, his warrior fans will have to persevere for a win…

    My worry though is that will he be able to attend?
    I mean will KE or even he, himself, allow our only one to be there since it’ll be a lot of publicity & at the moment he seems to prefer being low-profile…

    Hoping very much though that he’ll win & attend the award ceremony…
    Missing him so very much…

    Oh, did everyone read the article from CNN?
    He’s the only male artiste mentioned :
    “And while South Korean brands might be little known outside the region, thanks to the popularity of K-pop and Korean soap operas — whose stars such as Song Hye-kyo and Kim Hyun-joong and Yoona of Girls’ Generation are household names in the Asia-Pacific region — Korean beauty brands are now the hottest ticket item in China.”

    Even they recognised his influence…
    KHJ Hwaiting!

  13. hello LK is my first voting and i’m confused coz i can not read the instructions…but i sis what you instructed and i think it was successful…they ask for yahoo HK account but i dont have it. what i did was to log in from my Facebook account that okay???

    • use google Chrome / translate on the right side up/ and please open an yahoo account, that is very easy!!
      You can do it we are all with you.
      You can vote as many times you want. now KHJ is at 72157. Come on Aliens we have to WIN for KHJ!:)

  14. OMG! I was reading the Bible yesterday and while I’m reading I came across a verse about the power of prayer, your right with our prayers and effort he will always be a winner and a shining star so high in the sky.

  15. Hello. I remember the battle with the robot. It was mémorable! Now with the new process (with letters and numbers), no cheating for the moment. So FIGHTING everyone, and our prince will win. Yes, he deserve to be the greatest star in SK and in the world. His fans support him and will support him forever!!!

  16. I do agree with you LK. it’s our chance to prove to the world that Hyun Joong & henecia remain strong! Plus, it’s our chance to see him as well. So frustrating actually for not knowing his upcoming schedule. No single clue at all 😂 So, let’s make him win and we’ll have a chance to see him receive his award. His victory will be henecia’s victory too. So… Fighting Everyone!!!

  17. Hi ms. LazerKim…

    Everyone is so busy now…casting votes,sharing links,guarding the votes…its just so fullfiling as a Henecia to give back the love Hyun Joong have for us….

    As for me this is 1 of my favorite polls,YahooBuzz….coz this means if we can make Hyun Joong win,it will be a perfect moment for me coz I’ll have the chance to see him again in person!!! I am just so excited that when I learned about the poll I immediately share the links to all the fanpages that I’m in…please,please…let’s give him the 6th consecutive year winner…

    Going back to voting now…kekeke
    Thanks ms. Lazer for all ur articles!!!

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