Kim Hyun Joong… VOTING ALERT!



By: LazerKim


May I call the attention of all Kim Hyun Joong fans to please spare some of your time to vote for him as he is being nominated again at Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2014 since the polls are already open for voting. Kim Hyun Joong had been a winner for five consecutive years straight up and I think this is the right time for us to show the power of Kim Hyun Joong again and I believe he still reign and deserves to be on top. The voting polls just opened today and immediately he already gained the highest number of votes. We have to keep him up there and we can make it as long as we gather our effort in voting.

Since 2009 until 2013 Hyun Joong had been winning in this voting polls and winning awards from Yahoo Asia Buzz. This year let’s give him his sixth award and this is our chance to show to the world that Kim Hyun Joong is still in power to conquer that nothing can stop his fans in raising him up to the top of the ladder where he deserves to be. And no matter how much others wanted to pull him down, let’s show them the power of his fans in bringing him up to the top where he truly belong!

May I appeal to my dear readers to please spread the words pertaining this voting polls, and may I appeal to others to please assist the new fans so that they can also vote. If in case you might have problems in voting please don’t hesitate to express your problem at the comment box below, and we shall be assisting you.

May I also appeal to veteran fans, please let’s stay alert at the voting polls, if we have time to spare and monitor, may I encourage you to please do so. Thank you very much! I’ll keep everyone update as much as I can with the poll results. Let’s help each other and let’s unite once again for our ONLY ONE!

Be a part of this crusade for Kim Hyun Joong. I think this is the best way we can help him, this time he really needs us, LET’S BE THERE FOR KIM HYUN JOONG!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014 LINK:


Be aware that when voting on PC screen tends to return to BB even though button says vote again. So if you press again you would vote BB and not HJ. Check pic on left before pressing button!    advice fr: (@loving_khj)


source: ( Onlykhjfamily > Thanks for sharing!

Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog Thanks for sharing!

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TO VOTE AGAIN – click on that box on the right side, go back to step 1. Please don’t forget to click on small KHJ’s photo if other photo appeared.

Keep voting as much as we can, we can do this everyday, let’s spend some time for Hyun Joong through casting our votes!  Fighting!!

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79 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… VOTING ALERT!

  1. Hi LK! I finally got my new page for KHJ Support updated. There are now 8 polls listed with fast links and instructions for voting for Kim Hyun Joong around the ‘net! go here to vote:
    If you can post this link in your next article, the fans have been asking me for it on facebook and Twitter…. thanks! Your support is AWESOME and I am glad you are writing frequently since I have been struggling with my Chronic Fatigue and a Cold/Sinus Infection and have been too sick to post. I stayed up WAY too late tonight to finish the page… but, it was IMPORTANT! 🙂 I will be sleeping in tomorrow! 🙂

  2. everyone please use google chrome as your browser, it’s much faster, better, and has a translating option that is next to star icon in the URL bar, when translating you would understand what to do better, but please hurry.

  3. i remember the first time i get into this voting mania in 2011 if im not mistaken…at that time we have to vote once by using just one account…and for that purpose i’ve created some around 50 new yahoo accounts just for voting HJ in yahoo buzz site….LOL…me and many others put an effort to communicate each other in one of HJ’s MV in youtube channel just to give input/ouput of our votings thingy…it was so fun and memorable to me and we kept battling together up until the due period of voting…then when the moment they announced the winner we felt so so grateful, so happy that we could do a miracle for our only one, deary HJ….seeing our handsome HJ on Yahoo Buzz stage for his winning make my eyes teary everytime….i hope we can do it again this year…..T__T

    • LOL LOL same with me I think I made even over 50 and shared those usernames with other fans at tweeter!! LOL God now im really laughing! Atiq wait for my next article reminiscing those days, it was really fun!! I’ll post it today, see you there!!

      • LOL LOL….Oh dear Lazer…so great of u..LOL ….thank you again for the new entry….yup, those happy moment i still can feel it….so touching yet so grateful…

          • Winning power is a great victory for KHJ and all of us dear sis Lazer Kim, many thanks and enjoy your day!^^ 🙂 Of course, Kim Hyun Joong is the winner in all hearts and will still the Only One and the best forever!!! ❤ ~~~ This is our revenge! 😉
            After this wonderful news you granted us sweetie, there is something else i am talking about here…Please, could you help me because after 3 days of successful speed voting, i came today to vote at Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2014 since 7'clock in the morning and couldn't vote except once because they blocked my vote.. trying hard from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer… and no way to vote again… they show BB and couple my yahoo email to BB only even if i refresh the page and click hard to the small KHJ's photo… they put always"There was an error with your submission"!!! 😥 and when i click for KHJ, they always saying your idol is BB… !!! T_T I asked yahoo help center for help and they didn't answer yet…
            Why they do this to me???
            i feel very sad and angry… 😦
            Can you do something???
            God bless….

  4. how can l miss this. AS IN THE PAST l remember that you always put a link at the end of each post, so do it again sis, in order to vote directly . l really enjoy voting in any link l get. Fortunately l kept my yahoo mail to vote.
    Fighting family we can give him a new award this year.

    • Hello Jazu! Yes I just finished my next article and just about to post together with the link as I always do, I’ll post my next article! And I wrote that experience we had as atiq was saying LOL oh my precious moments!! LOL lots of fun there!!

  5. I’ve done my countless votes already. Its 8 am here and my hubby has just asked what for breakfast…LOL…i hve to go now and will continue the fight whenever i have time. Bye all my dear chingus. FIGHTING!!!!

    • LOL LOL LOL Oh this is so funny atiq i love you!!! LOL LOL LOL Thank you so much your effort is very much appreciated but please don’t forget your hubby!!! LOL LOL LOL

      • LOL…i think after all the mess we get through, i became more obsessed with HJ than before and the fact HJ so quiet these days make me more misarable….pity my hubby…LOL….

    • Hello there! Here’s how to vote:
      1. Go to that link I posted above, first the picture of Bigbang group appears. Look for the small KHJ’s picture on your left, click on that picture.
      2. It’s all written in Chinese character, click on Translate which is at the top right hand corner of your screen so it translate to English.
      3. Click the box on your right, and sign in. your yahoo account or facebook. 4.There a box after your yahoo account, type the letters stated then click Determine. KHJ info appears on screen.
      5. Click on the previous page and you’ll see the box on your right that says RE-VOTE, again look for KHJ small photo click on that photo then click on that and you may vote again.

      ENJOY VOTING! Vote as many as you can! go go go fighting!! Good luck to all of us!!

  6. It’s OK with the Yahoo Buzz Awards Vote, at least!!!~~
    i just voted for 15 times and this is how to do it safely: 😉
    First we click on the small picture of KHJ on the left side of the page… and we wait until his name in chinese 金贤重 appears in the bottom of the right side and even if the big picture of KHJ does not appear, it is OK.. then we proceed to the vote.. and they must open the link of KHJ’s 金贤重 page when we click on confirm the vote. Do not click on RE-Vote because it will be for BB… but go to the top of the page and refresh the link of Yahoo Buzz Awards and when it will open again, we must quickly click on the small picture of KHJ before the name of BB appears on the bottom of the right side…It is simple when we follow these steps… Have a good vote dear unnies for our Only One Kim Hyun Joong ^^ ❤

    • when I click revote it shows BB picture but then I choose HJ picture and proceed with security thing and then confirm and so on..

    • The KHJ search results will show whether the votes are accepted or not. To check that the vote was registered, you must see the “vote again” box.

  7. LK sis, we can do it as always, Let the Votes begin……!! Done. Remind me of few years back, fighting Aliens we can do it! 🙂

  8. i cannot translate in english and when i click on kHJ’s small picture and click to vote, it still shows BB big picture on the right side???!!!! 😥 i need more help to vote, please!

    • Ok if the page cannot translate, still look for KHJ’s photo on your left click on that. as HJ’s picture appear, click the box on the right side. Sign in appears, the first box is your account, second box is your password. Click on the next box the page change as your account name appear, the second box is where you can type the letter stated, type on the letters on that box next to you account then click on the box bellow after the stated letter. The page changes to HJ’s info click on the previous page, locate HJ’s photo click as his picture appears, click on the box on your right to re-vote then repeat the same process.. you may vote again.

      • Ah I got it, please use google chrome so you can have the translation which is at the top upper right side of your screen. This is the easiest way you can vote and read in English! Good luck!

    • Oh yes he really has to win this award, it’s the only award we can give him so please keep voting as many as you can. Let’s spend some time for him by voting. Fighting!!

  9. Hi everyone, I voted many times just few minutes ago, I think that error message appears when the webpage that appears after you have pressed vote did not finish loading, so don’t close it until it has finished loading and if it appeared just refresh the page and start voting again, I voted about 20 times and still can vote again.

  10. I’ll surely vote for him infinity times….and I knw once again he’s going to be the winner…I cn do anything and everything for him….bcoz he is my angel….:-)

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