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By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong is the most WANTED person by million of his fans worldwide, and this is the update news that I can share with you within the fandom!! Now this is getting unbearably boring without Kim Hyun Joong around! I can no longer pretend, I miss the guy and I’m sure all of you do feel the same way as I do! What do we do in times like this that seems these past few weeks to be dragging that no matter how busy I am at work I just couldn’t help staring at empty space again!

It’s funny that even his fans are so contagious in doing fan arts that I find myself doing the same thing with Hyun Joong’s pictures!!  And this is a clear sign that his fans do miss him unbearably! So might as well go with the flow and let’s talk about missing Kim Hyun Joong!

Before I go any further with my random thoughts, may I thank all my readers who shared their thoughts and feelings in my recent article Scary Halloween, as my simple way in celebrating Halloween in recalling a day in a nightmare! Thank you so much for being here that I would like everyone to know that this blog is open for Hyun Joong’s fans to share just about anything that others can read.

You may not be aware but simply sharing your thoughts can truly inspire other fans in search of Kim Hyun Joong specially the new ones, since comments are also being read by others. At least one way or another it somehow ease the boredom without seeing Hyun Joong around, while the new fans can get to know him better through us.




Three years ago at this same season was Hyun Joong’s Lucky Guy season! Let’s talk about happy moments with Kim Hyun Joong, he had shared a lot of those memories that even we just simply read articles, updates from his other fans, and even just with looking at his pictures, for me it feels as if I was actually there at that certain moment enjoying it with him. Like this photo below, taken late in 2011 at one of the branches of Jaksal which I consider to be unusual for a star to share a moment of his private times with his fans. This is just one of his Lucky Guy days, in curly blonde in always with a big smile that I truly miss!

As far as I can remember Hyun Joong came from one of his event and just spontaneously came in to Jaksal with his staffs for casual dinner and drink. The restaurant was full house as expected most of the costumers there were his fans! Looking at these pictures really made me feel as if I was actually there at Jaksal joining Hyun Joong as his fans requested for a toast and just spontaneously he gave in to their request.

As I have said, Hyun Joong has got nothing to hide with what he enjoyed the most in his private times. I think this was one of Hyun Joong’s happiest moment it seems, other than his official concert events, this I would say is exceptional since this incident wasn’t for official project not even for media promotional purposes. It was just spontaneous private time sharing it with his fans. I miss seeing him this way, Hyun Joong who seemed to be just an ordinary person in his real life. How I wish to see him this way again!





Another unforgettable incident was is 2012 which I have written about at the same year, now trying to refresh the memory at the same place during his summer break! Do you remember this photo below? That was taken from one of the branches of Jaksal as Hyun Joong was spotted by his fans doing the dishes! That was totally unintentional, because after that picture circulated at the internet, he personally wrote to his fans as his routine every time he is not on public exposure, saying he’s busy working on his project!!

Back then I was thinking Hyun Joong might have given the impression that he was demoted from being a CEO to being a Jaksal staff doing the dishes!! LOL! Looking at him in this picture doing the dishes, it felt the pleasure of helping him out!! I can just smile!!

Hyun Joong doing the dishes at Jaksal, is a good example that not because he is a star he cannot do labor work anymore! This is how humble Kim Hyun Joong is that he doesn’t mind doing labor work not even mind if he was being seen in his normal life that a part of himself wanted to be just an ordinary man in his private life.

That incident wasn’t even for publicity purposes since a fan happened to be at Jaksal and took the picture, the next few days the photos were already circulated at the internet that brought a lot of public attention!! For some reasons or maybe just by co-incident, I read some news about other Kpop stars who owns some restaurant!! LOL! Taking it from the leader!!

Kim Hyun Joong a freedom loving person who would just like to live in a normal life just like anyone else. Is this possible in his star status? Well, he tried so much to live that kind of life outside the lime light and he enjoyed those free moments as we fans did by just seeing him happy with his limited freedom. Yet why do I feel sad?? TTT





There are a lot more happy memories Hyun Joong had shared with us probably it would take me another year of writing daily articles to complete those memories one by one! But these two particular incidents made me really smile since it showed Kim Hyun Joong himself behind the scene with his fans that need not be in publicity to know him better as a person. Now all I can do is to re-collect those happy moments that in my heart saying “how I wish to turn back the clock!”

I know we should not dwell on the past, but talking about Kim Hyun Joong, memories will always be alive in our hearts and thoughts. Times like this, it’s a good feeling of missing the guy, talking about him and reminiscing how those smiles can fill in some emptiness in me, which I cannot hide from you no matter how I want to be cheerful! I just gotta run here to this blog and talk about him just to ease the tears of missing, if you get what I mean! And you just don’t know how relieving it is that people shares with you whenever you miss this guy!

I have been reading your comments and I have noticed there were a lot of new fans who came in a month or so before a bad news. I’m just happy to know despite they may barely know Kim Hyun Joong not as much as many of us does as yet, but they still trusted, believe and followed him. This really touch me so much and I’m sure you have touched him too. Hyun Joong always wanted his fans to be happy and that’s why he shared with us as much as he could, that what we can do now is to gather those memories and talk about those whenever we miss him!

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From 2011 as he released his first album Breakdown until this current year, Hyun Joong have not really stopped from working on his projects. He successfully filled in our treasure boxes with a lot of music, events, concerts, and dramas. While his fans gathered those photos of every event or his every exposures that even most of us may not have experience attending to those events, it truly helped in letting us feel we are a part of those events. May I just say, I think Kim Hyun Joong has the most number of photos and videos at the internet, that I’ll ever be thankful to those fans who are so diligent in their postings!

As I have shared these photos above which I consider Kim Hyun Joong in his private times, as a private person seeing him so happy as he joined in with his fans for booze! And seeing him doing the dishes that I consider to be unexpected for a star like him, are my favorite moments that I’ll never get tired smiling at those photos!

I would like to ask you my dear readers, since he started solo, what is the most memorable moment to you that you cannot forget about Kim Hyun Joong? In that captured moment what did you feel? How was Hyun Joong able to win your heart from that certain moment? Be it in events, concerts, scene from his dramas, TV shows, or taken from behind the scenes, anything goes that you can share. I’m just curious since these are mere photos or videos that we see and yet it somehow has an effect to us.

Feel free to share, what more can be so refreshing than talking about the guy we miss! I’m sure we all feel the same way that if only we can shout to the world how much we miss Kim Hyun Joong, then let it out!

How I wish to see Kim Hyun Joong at that happy moment at the same spot at Jaksal with that big smile as he raised his glass to say “cheers” to his fans! Just once, I wanna say to him…

“What about visiting one of your Jaksal outlets? Anyway you own the place so it cannot be called an official exposure just like in this candid pictures! Just once let your fans see you, can you?”

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged,   Ms. D thanks!   Kim Yin thanks!

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56 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY MOMENTS

  1. Hi LK, I am a new-old fan of KHJ, why new? because I just happened to know him last month, when I accidentally watch “Playful Kiss” on tv, it was a series in RED channel, and when it was to be continued, I immediately opened my laptop and followed the series on Kissasia, I fell in love with the story and of course with Ha Ni and Baek Seung Joong, I am an old fan because I am not as young as you are guys, from then on I made it a point to watch the said series everyday at night as my therapy and to ease the tiredness after the day’s work. My daughter, showered me with all info about KHJ, and I followed him from then on, I watched his videos, concerts. I am into one’ s acting, I really began to admire him, because of the inner-depth in his eyes in acting. I can feel his personality upon watching behind the scenes of his movies and there I can tell the goodness in him. I thank you very much, because I always look for news and up dates of what is happening to him, and fate granted me to see your name…and I always read your updates. I am grateful to you. I am thankful, that my family understands me with my “other world” existence. My daughter up dates me also about KHJ, perhaps she is as your age that is why she can connect with me. My son downloaded me with KHJ’s songs that he put in my cellphone and made it as my ringtone…”One More Time” my favorite among his songs…I have my video of that song and watch it over and over again as well as the PK ep. 13..the ” kiss in the rain “ was so dramatic and so lovable. Like many other fans, I just wanted to share what is in my mind and heart…I pray for your good health and more power…so that the ganacity in you about KHJ will always be strong. I firmly believe and stay with you in your thoughts about KHJ, Again, thank you so much about the info that you always share with us…God Bless, LazerK…….it’s me …mrsj59

    • Hello Mrs 59!
      Thank you so much it’s been my pleasure sharing my thoughts on KHJ with you.
      May I welcome you to the world of KHJ! I’m proud that even KHJ is currently in dark part of his life, he somehow still win fans! Pls do stick around he’s a man worth your time as you go on knowing him better as a person specially at this time.
      Again thanks, take care and see you again! Have good weekend! God bless!

  2. Hi lazrr kim !
    i red your article “he personally wrote to his fans as his routine every time he is not on public exposure, saying he’s busy working on his project”
    i was wondering where does kim hyun joong write to his fan ! i didn t find any officiel twitter or officiel web site where for him
    please help me and thank you :*

  3. hello Lazer Kim!!! thank you so much for your beautiful article!! That is all we need in this moment when we miss him so much! Personally, your articles help me to know more about Kim Hyun Joong. .it is like I am a old fan too even I am a new one! it’s like I’ve known him since a longtime so thank you 🙂
    And now the more I know about him, thevmore i fall in love !!! I have two children, a boy and a girl.. and everyday they want me to tell story before sleeping and someday i am very lost because i didn’t foundbmore story … but since I read your articles, i tell them a story about kim hyun joong and they really enjoy it!! so again, THANK YOU Dear Lazer Kim. . God bless you and God bless our Kim Hyun Joong ☆★
    Vanessa from Madagascar

    • Hello vanessa! Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to be telling stories to your kids about khj. see he’s really a person whom you can truly proud of and someone whom you can share even to the kids. He is truly a role model that no matter how he shows himself as a macho still i see an angel in him i dont know why! His charisma just shows a good person in him.
      Thank you for sharing take care be happy and see you again! God bless…

  4. Hi LK, I started being a FAN way back in 2011, When PK was aired here in Manila. I have seen him in BOF but what I got attracted and fell in love with him was in PK. From then on, I started to dig old news and videos of him. I remember when he visited Trinoma iin August 26, 2011. It was the very first time in my life that I actually went to a Fan Meeting, waited for him in the mall for about 6 hours and did not leave my post being scared that I will no longer have a place to stay with. I did not pee for about 6 hours waiting for him…I asked myself what is with this person that even the KIss Kiss video was being played and yet the people are screaming as if their lungs will come out… That was the very first time I saw him in person, I was on the 2nd Floor near starbucks of Trinoma Mall, and I can clearly saw him…No words to explain why they Love him. As I saw him, I got the answer why they all LOve him. You can see in him the AURA OF BEING A GOOD PERSON, AS IF I SAW AN ANGEL RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES… From then on, I make it a point to read every blogs about him, news articles… As if my heart will be broken without reading anything about him. I created Twitter account to get latest updates whenever he has events… And it makes my heart more at peace.. Because of him I started to SMILE a lot.. Everytime I saw his picture, it was like HEAVEN, it’s just a picture, what if I SAW HIM AGAIN IN PERSON AND ABLE TO SHAKE HIS HAND? HAHAHAHA… I hope that will happen…
    Thank you for all the wonderful articles.. Remisniscing good memories, is actually a BLESSING in my day to day LIfe..
    GOD Bless you LK, Thank you for wonderful articles…

    • Hello aquarius! God i die laughing at this i can clearly imagine you at Trinoma!! lol You’re so lucky to experience it back home. It’s a regret for me though since i wasnt a fan yet when he visited Manila. And really felt sorry since i started following him the sane year 2011 in Oct. but he was there in aug right?
      Oh yes i agree w you 100% its his aura thats really capturing even fr a non fan point of view. i read fr somebody a non fan who was there where are and she was impressed. i asked why she didnt turned out to be his fan and she said she’s scared to get addicted! i can only agree but unfortunately i was already captured when i read from her! too late for me to back out lol!
      Thank you for sharing take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • yes he cast a spell on us and yes you wonder why you are so addicted, but I never ever ever want to break free from this spell I love it LOL

  5. hello LK..
    so happy to see a lot of articles when visiting your blog..haha..been very occupied by work this 2 weeks..been missing our Only One so much!! my friend at office having vacation to seoul and I can hold myself to not envy her!!

    well for me, the very first time I fell for his magic spell was when he is in barefoot friends. I fell for his charm in doing gendong and when he tried to catch “udang batu”. his personality caught me instantly and then I found out that he is the same guy as Jihoo sunbae. I was in disbelief..haha
    I get to know him through bff episode and love him as a person. a singer and actor is like a bonus to me. a bonus to see him more often. I thank every fans for the fancam of him. I love to see him speaking and doing ordinary thigs are my favorites. so interviews and fancams are my treasure because I can see him as a person and to know his personality even more.

    wish to see him more often. I know he must be “cooking” some nice works to mark his career before he enlist. some special gifts for his fans as he is very thankful for all the love and support he got when he was in that nightmare. he won’t leave us empty handed when he enlist. so be prepare. the more we miss him the more precious his appearance is for us.
    let’s keep missing each other and remembering the happy moments!!

    cheers LK!

  6. Hello LK..very beautiful article..i miss khj very much..i fall in love to him when he cast in bare foot friend..very humble sweet person..then start search him at youtube..he suprise me a lot..not only he can be funny at bff but he also a great singer, dancer, actor, creative, intelligent..he really has all in one..i love him and now really miss him..watching over n over again playfulkis dvd and a man in deep blue sea at youtube without eng sub..can someone translate that to eng sub please..thank you

  7. Hello dear Lazer Kim^^

    Thank you so much again for a fantastic article, as always.
    Remembering those memories makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Reminding his through self brings smile to all our faces.
    I’ve been his fan for almost 5 years now, since he was with SS501. I fall more for him and for his great personality every day!
    After reading this article the moment that popped into my head was when he wrote us a msg early last year during his Unlimited tour about what happened to him in the middle of the night and how he hit his head! I still laugh a lot every time I remember it^^.
    We all miss him so much and just pray for him to be OK and Happy♡.

    Thank you again to you for making this blog Henecia’s special place^^.

  8. Hi LK, I know I already posted a loooooong comment below in response to someone else’s comment, but I can’t help but to express how much I am missing him right now. As I have mentioned below, I am one of the new fans who came in a couple of months before the bad news and I have to admit, I have never once regretted in following him as a fan. I am honestly not the type of person to comment on blogs ( I have been a silent reader of yours for a couple of months now) let alone be the type of person who is a crazy fan for their idol, but Kim Hyun Joong is the Only One who has ever had this much impact on me. I have liked other local celebrities before here in the U.S., but I have never researched and adamantly followed everything there is to know about a person EVERY single day for the past 6 months. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about him. He is like my happy drug and I have to either see his million dollar smile or watch one of his videos on YouTube every single day or I go through withdrawal symptoms lol. It sometimes scares and worries me that I am already this much invested and obsessed about a Korean celebrity who I have never even met and probably never will. In fact, being half Korean myself, I have never found asian men especially Korean men to be attractive because most of them reminded me and looked like my brothers lol. BUT, gosh did Kim Hyun Joong totally turn me and prove me wrong! He is honestly the FIRST (and probably only) Korean man I find to be handsome and that is saying a lot coming from me! His humbleness and the fact that he is not proud and short-tempered like a lot of the Korean men I have met really attracted and appealed to me (And let’s not get started on that heart melting, gentle, and soothing voice of his!). He is truly unique and one-of-a-kind and he has made me proud to call myself a Korean. He has even sparked my interest in learning more about my own culture and language, which I never had any interest in before. Seriously, the list just goes on and on on how much this beautiful, sincere, honest, and humble young man has affected and inspired me as a person. Lastly, I just want to thank you LK for sharing these two precious moments of Hyun Joong oppa at his Jaksal restaurant especially the incident of him being spotted unintentionally doing the dishes. Seriously, just when I thought this guy couldn’t be any more humble or get any better, he has proved me wrong yet again! Lol Ah, I think he has permanently ruined any potential, romantic guy out there for me cause no one can compare to him lol. I love learning and slowly finding new things about who he is a person everyday. It is like unveiling and finding treasure when I find tidbits of moments like him doing something as mundane as dishes in the back of his restaurant unaware that he is actually being watched! Lol. Just him being who is he never ceases to amaze me and he keeps blowing my mind away just simply being himself. Even though I miss him terribly, as I’m sure every one of his fans feel the same, I hope he is getting a well deserved rest, is healthy, and happy so he can return to us stronger than ever. Love you always and forever Hyun Joong Oppa! ❤

    • Hello Sarafina!! LOL hey no problem you are most welcome to share with us your thoughts and feelings no matter how long it takes it doesn’t matter we love to read from you! Welcome to the Alien family! Thank you so much for staying with KHJ, thank you for trusting him and I promise he’ll never fail you to keep you company. Yes I agree with all you said he’s different, he’s one of a kind and I agree with you Hyun Joong had changed my views about Korean men too. Not that I’m being judge mental about Koreans, maybe it’s just that I did had a not so good experience with other Koreans in the past.
      Thank you for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Omg, you actually replied to my comment lol! Thank you so much LK for welcoming me to the Alien Family and especially for understanding and giving us fans a place to share our thoughts and feelings about our Only One. I feel like my friends don’t understand my new love addiction to KHJ so it is SO nice to be able to chat with other fellow fans who can actually relate to how I feel. Your blog is like my safe haven. 🙂 Lol, no need to thank me LK. Honestly, I should be the one thanking KHJ for bringing so much joy, hope, and inspiration into my life. Trusting and following him was the LEAST I could do for so much that he has not only given me, but taught me. I am honestly SO proud of him and feel SO honored to be his fan. Yes, Hyun Joong Oppa has totally changed my view and taste in Korean men, which is saying a lot as I used to only think caucasion men were good looking. Now I think only Hyun Joong Oppa is the best looking man out there! Lol. Funny how he can totally change my outlook in a matter of weeks of first knowing him. Oh no, you are fine. I too, actually did not have good experiences with Koreans in the past as well which is why I felt the way I did towards Korean men. Take care and God bless you as well!

  9. hi LK you are really right ..every hyun joong encounter is a different experience.. i was talking by myself why hyun joong makes me happy and at feeling ease when the relationship is virtual…only cyberspace …for me, there is a sense of calmness and contentment that even your immediate family cannot fulfill that… it’s only you and hyun joong …when i first search him after i watched BOF was the OST because I’m Stupid..and it really makes me stupid coz early morning when i woke up i will listen to the song and also in the evening before i sleep and anytime in my free time in the office with a headphone….my familyoften said it was my national anthem…. …i don’t know what kind of force possesses me coz there and then can’t get enough of hyun joong…just a simple smile makes me feel elated….sometimes I said to his picture”hey! Kim Hyun Joong…what’s into you that i am addicted to you..and why do you makes me happy”???…from there on i keep on searching and know it my heart that his being a true person, humble, honest, sincere, witty, natural, caring and loving …all the adjectives i could think of…are applicable to him, makes me crave for him everyday… he is a positive person with no worries in life…he just wanted to be happy…and that was all of us searched for…the ultimate happiness. And being happy is a way of life an attitude..that’s what hyun joong said in his interviews …for me it is true…we only live once…YOLO they say…and what makes you happy makes you live life to the fullest….not the great riches or the popularity…the limelight …but being YOU and being happy in everything we do…All the memories of Kim Hyun Joong when i met him months ago are neatly piled up in my heart and whenever i am lonely i remembered it ..that’s what he said…and that’s what i did… even at times of difficulty and trials..i often think of hyun joong…how he struggled to achieve his dreams amidst the trials and tribulations he encountered ..he succeeded and faced them all…that are the lessons i learned with my relationship with Kim Hyun Joong…his Kindness to others and his fans are an Inspiration…not just his manly physical attributes but a true example of a Human being…a good example to the Young people ….a Nice charming…cherubic..angelic face…that’s how i love hyun joong… with these.. i made a promise to hyun joong and myself…that i will trust and be inspired with Him till the day i live….from the on..till forever….i will always be forever Kim Hyun Joong noona elena…

    • Hello Maelena!! LOL I got caught by what you wrote being “possessed” but you are right! It took me some months searching for his fans read from them before I finally was convinced I wasn’t alone being so crazy about him!! And as time goes slowly I got a better understanding of what I really felt the first time I was captured by his spell! It was the only time I relaxed and accepted this is how it is to be a fan of KHJ. No regrets because Knowing KHJ is the best thing happened to me! Thank you so much for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless,,

  10. kim hyun joong is a guy with so much intrest in life, he is unique in his own way.hyun na will always be the brightest star among all stars cause I believe he is favoured by the heavens.God will always guide hyun joong steps.Good job lazer kim:thumbs hyun joong always remember that, people always bring up the past to hurt our feelings, but never mind, as far as you’ve walked pass that stage, take it as a climbing block to your success”.love u.

    • Hello Harriet! Thank you for the compliment. I agree with you in this “a climbing block to success” whatever there is in the past is a learning process not to forget but to remember how we learned. Thank you for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  11. Unfortunately I do not speak English, but anyway I would like to discuss my love for KHJ. It started my curiosity Boy Overs Flowers, then I began to see “We Got Mairred” and stay really in love with him, his personality, his jokes, EVERYTHING … I love your eyes, your mouth, your skin, your hair, your skin color, his personality, his laugh, his gestures, his bluntness, ALL … .amo crazy “Playfull Kiss” series, and the behind the scenes and the chemistry with the other actress are really adorable.
    I met almost 1 week before the scandal (quite late ), when he had eaten me half of “We Got Married” and a little “Barefoot Friends” and could not believe his beautiful personality would have done such a thing, unfortunately what happened, happened.
    But I was surprised how he broached the subject, responding to their fans, and taking the weight of all responsibility for what caused it. A pity, because I can see it in their small latest live appearances eyes noticeable tired, sad and scared, I really hope that the situation does not get worse in Korea, since I really do not know how the media and people are taking the news and if it would affect him much, I hope not 
    I have also tried to see as much as possible their videos on youtube, it’s like my drug, every day I see videos of him to remind me how nice it is … hahhaha
    I sincerely hope you found a girl that makes him well and love him for above.
    In short, I LOVE it.
    Greetings from Chile, one more than this under the charm of Kim Hyun Joong ❤

    • Hello Gabriela! Thank you for sharing, your English is good and how you express yourself. We have the same hope for him and yes I sure do hope he can find the right woman for him. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  12. Thank you for your article now I’m more interesting to come to Korea just to see him how I wish….I can see him soon…yes if he is not around it feel so sad I do miss him a lot all I do is read the messages he replied to even though short but I’m happy and to see his photos and videos…..

    • Hello Norhaima! Thank you for reading the pleasure is mine in writing and sharing with you. I go with your wishes, may you have the chance to visit SK and most of all for you to have the chance to see him in person! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  13. hi lazer..i’m happy that you noticed my or our participation in your page, i must say that i’m one of those you mentioned that pop up to your page just months before the incident, yes it’s true that i just known him recently but the impact is unbearable, i can’t handle myself anymore, sometimes i wish i didn’t know him at all…how can i break the spell? it started when i saw his drama, I.G., and i started searching him in youtube, it became intense everytime i watch your story and unbreakable MV, i also watched all available KHJ videos on youtube, he’s almost 24/7 in my mind, how can i get rid of him? we miss him so much now, just for the short time he’s not around, what will happen to us when the time come he needs to leave for he’s MS? i hope we can handle that….that’s why we need each other…i hope your always there to cheer us with your writings..goodluck and more power…thank you always..

    • Hello Isabel!! LOL!! OMG I can’t help not to reply as I’m reading your comment can’t help but laugh because I said that same thing to myself 3 years ago when I started researching on HJ!! I was even wondering if I myself was still normal!! LOL I won’t be surprise if everyone of us may have similar experience until I gave up from wondering as to when else can I get HJ off my mind!! I really don’t think I can ever get away from his spell!!
      Isabel allow me to welcome you to the Alien family and I would say I’m so thankful to you that you didn’t give knowing him further despite of the nightmare. I can only promise you it’s worth your time knowing this guy is such a great healer to all of us.
      Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  14. Wow, writing about my experience as a fan…I really don’t know where to start, but KHJ is one unique celebrity in the amazing effect he has in the lives of his fans…you cannot but be affected by his passion for everything he does in life, so you love him with the same passion…I first saw him on TV by accident when I was zapping through the channels after work one afternoon and I just came upon that scene from BOF where I saw him wiping the flour off some girl…my hand stilled and I kept watching…I couldn’t stop…I had no interest in anything Far Eastern, but at that moment something shifted in my heart…right after the episode was over, I went online and looked up the show and this guy Ji Hoo…that was it! I was hooked…I couldn’t stop myself…I looked and looked for everything about him…watched everything I found on YouTube and collected all his pics…that was May 2013…he has been part of my life everyday since then and my attachment to him has grown stronger and stronger…my most memorable memory of him is that first concert in China right after the scandal broke loose on the Internet and the news went viral, the way he went on stage and danced and sang his heart out…I was in awe of his courage and strength…I admire his maturity in the way he handled the whole sorry affair and stood tall and accepted all responsibility…I miss him terribly…and I know that I, along all his fans, will miss him so much during his enlisting in the army…

    • Hello Seta! *sigh* Reading your comment also remind me of BOF also where I first saw him in 2009 that same scene from BOF made me an instant admirer of HJ although it took another 2 years before I finally had fallen for him! The concert in Guangzhou China was one touching moment for me when his fans sang that famous song by Teresa Teng, that one was unforgettable how HJ kept holding back his emotion but kept up with the good show. That’s quite difficult for him.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of HJ, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. First thing first, i wanna say Thank You for all your articles. Tbh, your writes up is one of my source so that i ‘know’ him and falling for him more & more! Although it’s started accidentally but then i couldn’t help following him since 2012, found this blog, knowing many die hard henecia, so, I think it’s my fate that I become henecia (and I’m so proud of it!) I’m so grateful that i know HJ. He’s truly my inspiration & my happiness. I knew him when i was so down! His positive energy, his 4D
    perspective help me through my hard times since then. I find a comfort warm place called Hyunderland and I’m so thankful to be part of it. My best moment must be my first rare chance to see him with my own two eyes during bff filming. A very short moment that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life!

    • Hello Phitria! Yes I agree it’s your fate to be a Henecian and I’m proud of you for staying with him all this time. Thanks for the compliment it’s my pleasure to share with you. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  16. Hello everyone and welcome to the new true fans of our prince.

    What really touched me is when there has been a lot of fans who were at the bottom of the building of SS501 and made a lot of noise and bothered the neighborhood. HJ went to apologize to the neighbors and then gave blankets and food to fans by offering them a room for the night so they do not catch cold. This story was told by SS501′ members. HJ has a big big heart and is a very responsible person (a true leader), especially since he had to have 20 years to that time!

    I hope to see the HJ of before, smiling and laughing loudly, before he left for military service. We miss you so much!

    • Oh France thank you so much for sharing this, *sigh* HJ is really one of a kind that we are all so proud of him! Yes, it’s been a while since the last time I heard him really laugh the way he used to! I love the sound of his laughter! Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  17. Don’t know wen oppa’s new albums n new dramas will come. 😭.waiting for you. Oppa update something on fb. Just tell us dat ur happy n good. 😊.missing you to death. 😭

    • Hi there! I still have no idea as to when his next album coming up but as HJ mentioned it’s gonna be sometime next year. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  18. yeah,i want to see him smiling again..because I really miss him. I watch the laughing KHJ everyday on youtube and I wonder how’s this fun loving guy leading his life right now??!! everyday I surf the internet to find something new about him. and by these activities of mine, I found out that he has really become our ‘One n Only’.please oppa,come back to us as soon as possible. we really miss you.

  19. Since it is my first time writing here, I would like to thank you for all of your articles that really enjoyed me, made me happy, angry or sad sometimes. You are doing a great job and your site helped me a lot, especially during the hard times.
    I can`t say what is the most memorable thing that occurs when I think of him. There was a moment on one of his concerts, while singing “I`m your man” and he gave the microphone to the public to answer “I am you woman” – maybe his look, his warm and gentle voice while communicating with his fans through the song. I remember that clearly. He deffinetely love all of us. A lot. Maybe not less than we love him. That can be noticed in his interviews, fanmeeting, concerts, all his busy schedule, but I felt it really strong during those last few seconds and few lines of his song.
    I really miss him.

    • Hello Mitka! Thank you for the compliment, the pleasure is mine in writing these articles. I share with you the same thoughts on that song I’m Your man, that seem so instant his fans reciprocate with him every time he sings this song! I like it the most whenever Hj’s fans sings his songs with him too that shows a good rapport between him and his fans!
      Thank you for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  20. waaaw LK where do I start, since I started following him from 2013 only, my most memorable moments of him were anytime he would show his real self or his 4D ness I might say, like everyone the moments from barefoot friends when he had to carry almost a ton of watermelons, I was amazed and I was really worried too he could have easily injured himself, also times from thanks for waking me up I felt really bad for him and all the 4 members, there were really embarrassing moments in that show LOL!!, so yeah just about all the moments he was showing his real self.

    • Hello Tina!! LOL LOL, you know what Tina, you never fail to make me smile or laugh, yes I remember that Mr. Watermelon!! That episode is my favorite from BFF, and until now whenever I get reminded by that scene I always imagine his expression still made me laugh! But I’m so proud of him, a super humble man really!!
      Thank you for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  21. Dear LK, thank you for your wonderful article and sharing your most memorable memories of Kim Hyun Joong with all of us here.

    For me, my most memorable memories of Kim Hyun Joong was back in 2011. I have watched Boy Over Flower before, but it was not until I watched Playful Kiss. That I started to fall in love with Kim Hyun Joong. At that time I didn’t know he was also a singer. I’ve watched Playful Kiss over and over so many time that I lost count. Than I realize that the OST song “One More Time” in Playful Kiss was sung by Kim Hyun Joong himself. I started to search for Kim Hyun Joong on YouTube for more songs. That is when I found a video of him singing the song “FORTUNATE”, and that song touches my heart. Making me feel that I am not alone in this world. That I have someone by my side when I have lost all hope. I still remembered, that year I was going through a deep depression. I feel like dying everyday, not being able to see any hope in my life. That is when Kim Hyun Joong came into my life and give me the courage to have hope in my life again. So I hope and pray that one day I will be given a chance to meet and see Kim Hyun Joong in person in one of his meeting or concerts in the future.

    So ever since 2011, when Kim Hyun Joong came into my life. I am very very grateful to him and I LOVE him very very much for saving me from my depression. More than that I Love Kim Hyun Joong inner beauty. His warmth ,caring, loving heart, and his kindness to others.

    Kim Hyun Joong, you will always be my ONLY ONE SWEET ANGEL in my heart for eternity. I love you and may God bless you and shower you with his love for eternity. Stay strong and stay healthy, remember that we will always stay by your side forever and wait for you.

    • Hello there! Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine in writing and sharing thoughts with you. We have the same opinion, as Hj first sung Fortunate I was really impress and that gave me the idea that he I think he I like him the best whenever he sings with a live band. Thank you for staying with him, we came in at the same year. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  22. Hi Lazer kim…welcome back…thank you for this new write up…love u for ur effort….well, so much to story abt him…but the most i remember until now ( i even watching the vid every now and then ) is when he won on some music chart show like Musicbank and Mnet while on going Breakdown promotions. At that time i can see the enthuasiasm of his fans supporting all the way that make him won several charts for couple of weeks. Seeing how handsome he was with those muscles ( it surprising me coz its so contra with Jihoo/Seng jo images ), the album concept, hair style and all the strong performances he did just make my heart pump so hard everytime i watched him..LOL.. from his Breakdown promotion i started follow him crazily until now….i become obsessed with him that i just can’t imagine myself ever in my life being such crazy fans of this Korean megastar..LOL

    • Hello Atiq!! My God yes it was at Mnet when I first saw Hj in his total transformation and I was first captured by him, since then I never let loose and just kept being crazy about the guy!! LOL and just like you I was bewildered from that Jhoo image to a total macho!! The first time being captured by him I think is the most unforgettable to all of us and no regrets getting crazy about him because I learned a lot from him!
      Thank you Atiq for sharing, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  23. I always loved him but I started to haved a deep respect and admiration for him as a person during the Barefoot friends show days. I will never forget my whole family deep respect for his ethic and humility when he worked at the market and had to carry all those watermelons. If you have not seen him in that show look for it. You will be so proud to call him my only one. That spirit cannot be fake, that beautiful human being is real, I wish happiness and love for him, and I am waiting for more songs like Heat, because he looks so happy rocking! Love ya LK.. Let’s keep sharing memories of our incredible, lovable alien lider

    • omg….i have same thought of it!!…..that mission that he has to carry all the 1 tonne ( almost 1000kg of watermelons ) was really hurt me seeing him so hard carried those on his back. I was afraid that he could be injured while doing it but with all his spirit and dedication he had done all the labour work eventually. It really make me feel so proud of him being my idol. How can u imagine the famous Hallyu star in Asia even in the world could barely carry such heavy load like that?! He just so amazing and i think those local people who said that he just can’t do the work ealier have to take their word back..LOL..u can see their face reaction when he finished his works. i proud of my baby hyunjoong at that time. I think no other idols can do same work as better as him. So love with him..ahh, miss him alot..T__T

      • Oh my gosh, I was going to comment on the same thing! In the episode of Barefoot Friends where he challenged himself when he did gendong to carry almost 1 ton of watermelons to earn enough money to survive for his co-hosts on the show was the most memorable moment to me that forever captured my heart as his fan. I was so touched and in awe at not only his dedication to work hard, but his ability to push himself beyond his limits just to earn enough money so that everyone on the show had a place to sleep for the night. I was honestly so proud of him and just his complete HUMBLENESS to do the dirty, hard labor WITHOUT complaining even though he was the one who made the most money doing gendong earlier that day. He definitely proved the local people wrong who said that he looked like a flower boy and can’t possibly carry all 15 loads of watermelon on his own. Well, they definitely ate their words that day after seeing him succeed! Lol. What also really touched me is when after he was done doing his gendong work and calculating how much grams of weight he carried, he made a comment that he will live hard and not complain, which to me, showed not only his humility but his acknowledgement of how grateful and lucky he is to have his celebrity life. It was such a touching and humbling experience for me to witness. He constantly challenges himself and puts his best 100% effort in EVERYTHING he does. This is one of the many qualities I admire about him and he constantly inspires me to put in my best effort with everything I do in my own life. As LK commented in her article, I am one of Kim Hyun Joong’s new fans and became one in June of this year, a few months before his scandal. One of the reasons that made me stay and still support him as a fan even after reading about the scandal even though I didn’t know much about him, was probably that very moment on Barefoot Friends which showed that even though he is a great big Hallyu star in Asia, he still lowered himself to do everyday labour of the working class without complaining no matter how difficult it was. I am truly proud to call him My Only One and fall more deeply in love with him everyday as I continue to learn more about this beautiful man.

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