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By: LazerKim


Halloween is being celebrated every year and as we can see at the internet many Kim Hyun Joong fans do post scary fan arts and greeting each other a Happy Halloween! I hope I’m not late for this greeting to everyone here a “Happy Halloween!” For me the most scary of all is what we experienced in reality that I want to share with you, a scary experience in the fandom. And this is the nightmare that we all didn’t miss.

I have been curious and wanted to ask you this question. What did you feel when you first read the news about the nightmare? Were you scared? How did this nightmare affected you as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to know from you my dear readers what your experienced were during that nightmare. Yes I’m bringing it up again, one unforgettable scary incident that made all of us firmly stayed with Kim Hyun Joong.

Well, that day I first read the news and yes I was scared, worried, and restless out of anger! Yes I was scared because I knew the repercussion of that news whether it was true or not, and this was my first impression other than feeling angry knowing that news was done to destroy Kim Hyun Joong. I read that news over and over again helping myself to fully understand the news before I hit the internet and write my article Simply Defending but I admit I was burning with anger for the first time when I wrote that article. For those who have not read this article here’s the link:


As I wrote that article and now as I re-read it, until at this moment I have never regret for writing it as my first impression about the news. Those may be speculation since during that time I still have no idea about facts of the incident. Despite of that scary nightmare until now I still stood by my conviction that nothing change in me being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong.



For three years in existence of this blog site, it was never been penetrated by Hyun Joong’s haters and antis, but when I posted that article Simply Defending, his haters started to read from this site and leave hateful comments on that article and articles followed that I felt my home was actually been polluted by ZOMBIES!!

I could hardly swallow their dirty words that I never thought even in my wildest dream that ruthless people do exist that led me to delete all those dirty comments! There were even people claiming to be from the advocacy against domestic violence!! To the extent of calling me monster for judging that woman as stupid! Now I realize I was even kind to her that time for calling her stupid!

As I read all the comments and trying to see from my regular readers if they were even harsh with these people but I couldn’t find even a single word that spells dirty to deserve these hater’s attack! And no matter what my readers wrote in defense, these haters were just so busy with their nonsense out of context attack they just want to spill out the dirty words and misjudgment! So I ended up shooting out those haters and led me to be precocious to keep this blog site free from those zombies!

For the last two months those zombies kept trolling around and leaving those dirty comments, still up until this time. I just felt sad that even at Hyun Joong’s official page at YouTube particularly in his album Timing, there were still lingering haters there! I posted my article link Closed Book at that certain page Beauty and I’m just glad it stays at the top comment box that everyone can read about the truth in that nightmare.



Now I would like to ask those hater this question “WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PROBLEM?”  Why does it bothered you haters that Hyun Joong’s fans are simply defending him which I think is just natural being his fans? Every single human being is entitled to choose whom we want to support and follow, so what is it with you haters that you seem to be so itchy to criticize Kim Hyun Joong and his fans?

I really couldn’t understand the logic in leaving hateful comments with so dirty words as if they are the most righteous people on earth but the truth is with how they delivered their comments made them the most evil creature ever existed in this world! And I mean it, we may share our comments our views about some news, but to the extend of character assassination is just too much that only showed how inhuman these haters are.

And the thing that I couldn’t understand is, at YouTube the official page of Hyun Joong’s Beauty is his fans territory yet these haters go there and leave negative comments. I couldn’t understand the logic that if you hate a person or this artist then why do they go there which goes to show they really intended to leave dirty comments and call his fans names!

What I did to those haters was to list their user names posted at the top comment and told them I’ll be back! And so I did, I went back and laughed at them! They responded calling me names and all I wrote was LOL!! Because no matter how decent way I write in expressing the truth about Hyun Joong being misjudged, I don’t think they will listen, they will always be blinded by the truth, not that they do not understand or simply commenting without knowing anything about the case, it’s simply destroying Kim Hyun Joong. I couldn’t find any more reason, they just want to hate, period!



I never thought there were a lot of Miss A flying around like bats and I guess the media just put this name on every women involved in scandals we read from hiding their identity from the cruelty they did to those male celebrities. Now I can call them the real vampires of this current generation who sucks blood in destroying a person’s career life! And I bet you they do have similar motives in their schemes of destroying and that is money! What else is there for a motive? And these women are just so scary!!

Just like this Miss A, the vampire being the main character in our nightmare, bringing out her dirty laundry to the public only to find out she’s just after Hyun Joong’s apology? This is still a big question mark to me asking myself why does this vampire A had to go all the way creating a scandal only for apology if it’s not money she’s after. It was stated in the trash news that there was no monetary settlement, fine, but who would believe her lies after all she had done?

Oh by the way, may I just mention in all fairness her name is NOT Choi Eun Soo, and definitely not the actress. There’s a misunderstanding there as the news stated this name was actually Miss A’s lawyer Ms. Choi Eun Soo. May I just clear that out, and until at this time Ms. A’s real identity is still concealed and will forever be hiding, probably in her own vampire coffin, I think all Ms. A are!! LOL just a Halloween joke there!!



It’s exactly a month from this day as the media posted pertaining Hyun Joong’s case being taken to the prosecutor’s office and until at this time we have not read any news regarding the case. Just my wild thoughts, and may I just speculate or just asking myself will media really post for news regarding the case’s closure? That remains to be seen, but it still bothers me that nothing was being done nor any legal actions against that woman and media pertaining all other allegations pressed charges from that vampire A were dropped.

After that woman had dropped the charges, it was the only time I started reading those nasty comments but I noticed those people leaving comments started to doubt that woman’s motive! It really appeared something fishy about the whole incident in that nightmare, well this was their comment!

These zombies have not realized that since this nightmare started, the case obviously had a lot of loop holes that they failed to see instead of jumping to judgement! Now I’m throwing back their words, how stupid these haters can be! And coming from those haters saying “how stupid this woman.”  At least this statement I agree with them since I wrote that too, as soon as the news broke, “I’m also a woman but I’m not as stupid as she is!”



A video clip landed at my email from one of Kim Hyun Joong fans which contains a compilation of messages from his fans, and as I was watching, I recognized a portion which was Hyun Joong’s statement if I’m not mistaken coming from his documentary, and may I quote:

“I used to think if I wasn’t a person who do this kind of work (being a celeb) I wouldn’t be depressed. But through this experience I learned that it’s the hardest to live a very normal life. I’m really a happy person, I am such a contented person doing what I want to do so I can’t imagine why I ever thought I was an unfortunate person.”

As I read these words, the first thing that came to my mind was, yes, if Hyun Joong is just an ordinary person it’s so unlikely that he’ll get involve in a nightmare when a snake tried to drag him to the quick sand. If he’s just an ordinary man. I don’t think that woman would waste her time to go the police to report a domestic issues and create a scandal which I’m sure no one would pay attention to her! Neither would media waste their time to even listen to her! But it’s a high-profile celeb that she tried to drag down! And she was successful in her motives for the time being, since her Karma is just around the corner!

Speaking from behind the scene, Kim Hyun Joong is a simple artist who would just like to sing, an artist who would just like to share his music to others that until now behind the scene he still behaves like an ordinary artist, no signs of star complex but simply himself as a person who has the talent. His co-artist and co-workers behind the scene testified this fact for so many projects he worked on. That until now his fame have not sink in to himself and still behave just like an ordinary artist, that this have not even change for 10 years being in the showbiz.

Kim Hyun Joong simply gives back that love to his fans through his talents being an artist with all his honesty and sincerity. As a result no matter how much his haters wanted to bring him down, they always fail because Hyun Joong and the fandom stayed stronger even in this worst nightmare.

Kim Hyun Joong is simply being truthful to himself and to his fans. Is it his fault to be loved by millions worldwide?

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D thanks!       Thanks to the fans who made these fan arts!




60 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SCARY HALLOWEEN!

  1. dear lazerkim
    You may move my heart when l reread my coments that day when you post SIMPLY DEFENDING, what an experience we had. We really respond almost all comments there, recieving insults, but there we went, how a nightmare was that, but something that l need to recognize from that day is, WHAT WELL EDUCATED WE ARE, any of the responds that you kept are insulting, no they just keep the same posture till the end, the feelings are the same now, we were not wrong to suport him. you were not there but we were there to defend him and you.
    GOD BLESS OUR FAMILY, we are really united now to continue our mission like that day, simply defending our only one.

    • Hello jazu! Thank you so much. I agree with you thats why im so proud to be a KHJ fan not only bcoz of but also bcoz of his fans. Yes i wasnt around that time i was busy with work in bangkok that time. it was only when i got back to tokyo that i had the time to came here and reas all the comments from that article. thank you so much for defending me and hj.

      May i just share my thoughts which until now has been nagging me! I have been wanting to write about the repercussion of this nightmare as to why i was scared the 1st time i read about that news with hopes people from hj side would read. As i have mentioned before maybe i can only totally move on oncw hj has clear himself.
      I was thinking back then, if i were hj i would go with the flow and play A’s game since this was trial by publicity. If i were him after i have submitted my testimony to the police i would go to a reliable media (if there was) face the camera and relate what actually transpired in that fight with A the earlier the better. And i would even expose her identity to be fair! At least there’s two sides of the story. Silence is good but i dont think it work with trial by publicity. I think it should have been different. If he said his piece in front of a camera there’s no way that media can twist his words. Like this statement “it only happened once” so public thinks its still assault which was completely misinterpreted. Many fans of hj can translate korean so whatever he states can be translated in the right way. But thwn again im not hj and i respect his way of handling this case.
      Now here’s the repercussion. No doubt his fans will support him 100%. The problem is that producers and busimen are the ones giving projects to artists and they weigh their judgement through the general public. What these producers know is what they read from the news and we all know that news were being distorted and that the public grabbed those news. This is what i was scared of. Anothere thing is his image had been stained that it might mark on him forever. So something has to be done here. After he has finally cleared this case from the prosecutors i really hope someone from his side if not hj to go after media and that woman and file a case. It’s only then he can clear his name since the truth will be revieled through court case. I know this will drag but i think this is the only way in bringing out the truth. Or another easier way is for him to use media as i mentioned face the camera or have an interview then reveal even the police findings. I think this has better hope to finally hear his side of the story coming from himself. I hope you wont mind my saying this just my thoughts. I think it’s not apology that i want from him as a fan since i still think he doesnt have a fault he may have made a mistake in his wrong choice of rel. but what i would like is an explaination or his side of the story. This is no longer his privacy since its already in the public knowledge. This is all i ask and would like to write since its a part of his life history that im hoping for a clear closure and that i think can clear his name to the public. Honestly i dont think this case will be forgotten easy im just scared it might just be used against him in the future if this case cannot be cleared in the public eye.
      Again this is just my opinion im just speaking my mind out. Still this is all up to him whatever its his life.
      Thank you everyone! My apology if i may be taking time to post my next article im just so busy with work. Take care everyone be happy and see you again! God bless.. I miss KHJ!! TTTT

      • LK, what you said about Hj going to a reliable media and say his side of the story I am all behind this idea, pity he didn’t do that from the very beginning, this will just be the right thing to do, even though I don’t think he will release the name but at least to say his side. He was so misunderstood on this, it is painfull just to think about it. I do hope the people in industry will take a look at his record that show that he is a professional with no spot on this and will consider his talents, he did proved himself till now more than enough and they should recognize his value as an artist, because he does have a lot of impact. If not Hj at least someone close, I still hope and wish, will be brave to spill out the truth. Miss you lots as we miss HJ:)

        • Hi LK,

          Reading your post is like reading my own thought. I find it ‘s hard to heel happy if HJ’s name has not been cleared yet. I think I will be disappointed if it just finished like this. I agreed with you that this case is not private’s matter any more since everybody knew about it. The bad thing is they knew from distorted story not the real story.I think it ‘s worth doing if HJ or people from his side talked to the main media directly .The more I think about this the more I feel the pain in my heart. I wish something happen and the truth is exposed to the public out of the blue.

  2. Just one more thing to say, the only good thing that happened from this nightmare is that we got closer to each other and we realised how much we love him and he too realised how much we all love him.

  3. The first word which escaped my mouth by hearing that news will answer your question my sis. “Maldo andwae” that was the first word I said reading that horrifying story. I think for all of us the Halloween came bit earlier. I never want to face that kind of situation in my entire life again. I was just an empty cage of a body without a soul for that period of time. When did I sleep? when did I eat? when I did anything? I couldn’t remember. But as the leader of the Henecia fandom in my country I had to be strong. I forced myself to be strong and guide my sisters to believe in him until the end. Of cause almost everyone of them didn’t even doubted oppa. I think we are one of the strongest fandoms. I hope that kind of things will never ever come to oppa’s life. I want him to find a suitable,caring,loving girl who will love him whole heartedly and I want to see him happy so I can continue my life happily too.

  4. Hi again LK!

    When the allegation came out, I felt very sad and worried about him. I had thought about this possibility that there will be woman capable of blackmailing him after not getting what she wanted…and it happened—this is my worst nightmare, that a desperate girl can ruin his image and career that he worked passionately hard for. Even though I’ve been following him for only several month, I didn’t believe this. I never doubted him. You don’t label people especially when you were not there to witness. No relationship is perfect. There can be heated arguments and sometimes it can lead to physical, not necessarily beating the person you love but there can be grabbing or shoving as a result of stopping a person from leaving or from attacking. Hey! Reality check for haters— there are also man beaters out there…women who physically and verbally attacks their man. In Kim Hyun Joong’s case, my point of view is that most likely, it’s a case of man beating. Based from Miss A’s allegations and demands, I can tell that she’s a jealous, insecure person. As she had stated that the fights are because of women issues. I can’t blame her though because KHJ is a very handsome, popular celebrity. But how can a busy celebrity having a world tour accommodate multiple women? KHJ is an easy target because of he is a celebrity. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HATERS/ANTIS WASTE THEIR TIME GOING TO FAN’S BLOG SITES IF THEY DON’T LIKE HIM AT ALL. NO MATTER WHAT YOU WRITE OR COMMENT, YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE WAY WE FEEL ABOUT OUR “ONE & ONLY”! WE JUST AGREE TO DISAGREE, PERIOD. If you think that the fans are “delusional” or blind…so be it! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. STOP BEING BITTER AND TRY TO LIVE HEALTHIER BY BEING POSITIVE! DIDN’T YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU MANNERS THAT IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY TO JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH?
    Everything happens for a reason. This nightmare made me love him more! Fans were able to show him more love and support through this difficult times. You cannot bring down a good artist! His humility makes him committed to be the best that he can be. Fighting!!!

  5. Dear LK,

    Thank you so much to write this article. It is not a good thing to remember such a terrible experience but it is a good thing to be true to ourselves that this pain still remains in our heart especially when the injustice and the harassment toward HJ have not been stopped. We need to nurture ourselves and each other with love and understanding as well as keep supporting HJ with love and understanding we have for him . I was thinking if it effects us this much how much the person who has received injustice directly and has been mistreated like HJ would feel. I believe in karma and I’m sure the ones who keep repeating distorted information and keep harassing HJ with words will faced badly injustice themselves one day . This is the only way to make these people value justice and respect other people ‘s life. Karma is waiting for them just around the Conner.

    You asked us to share how we feel when we heard the news. My very first reaction was ..I don’t believe the trash news like this especially when it just come out during HJ’s world tour. What ‘s so ever it was so clear that the one who broke this news aimed to destroy his world tour concert. Then after I read the news properly I was immediately said to my friends ” this is sound so exaggerate “. I felt strongly the media and the person A were exaggerate the story to harm HJ on purposes. . There are a lot of loop holes in the story A told to media. I find it is difficult to believe what the person A said especially when she sent the photos she claimed it was her injury and so on to the media and made it spread around the internet. I then realized this A did not want justice but revenge . My big question at that time was how come these photos have been spread around the social media before the police has to say anything and even before the police started its investigation process. My heart ached for HJ I strongly felt he was betrayed by someone he trusted or used to trust. The person who accused him did not care if she had to lie or did somethings illegal because her aim was to destroy HJ’s image and career she does not look for justice to begin with. It was hard to concentrate to my daily work. I was bothered with the way the media reported the case. They were very bad and irresponsible what they reported to the public. They injected distorted information on purpose. I felt so hopeless to realize that the media are in the hands of irresponsible persons who do not care for a person ‘s life and feel no shame to be dishonest to their readers.

    However I found the worst ones who are worse than the liar who has been motivated by disappointment and revenge are the haters .Some claimed that they used to be fans , some said they anti DV but no one has never admitted or said that they are waiting for the chance to see HJ fall dawn for such a long time. Come it a big chance for them. I have never wanted to call them haters at first as i respect that people have different experience and opinions. After 2-3 weeks of the news these people still keep repeating what they read from the first day and took the accusation as fact ignoring testimony of Hj did not bother the the police ‘s report and did not care the opinion of the officail physician. Then i called them haters because they have closed their eyes and ears for different information they just blocked their brains and looked for the information that fulfill their need. Sometime I feel discourage to read such a heartless and brainless comments. I feel so helpless when people use the internet to express the worst quality in them and exercise their ill will behavior without controlled. I feel scare for everybody who live in the same society with this kind of people. The words they used the names they called a person their barely knew are so violent and hateful . They really are the one who keep injecting the violent seed to everybody who read their massages . How dare they claimed they anti DV when they did not know violent. For me they are the real bullies who are very unhappy with their life. Or some of them might do it for money who know ? they really make this world scary . I truly feel scare for justice system if people in society ignoring the injustice we saw how can we make a good society to live. The injustice really made me feel so down. Therefore I can’t feel discourage. The haters call people who care for justice delusioner I call them the criminal.They are worst than the criminal because they see themselves as righteous and still harm and destroy others people’s life without shame outside jail.

    When I heard HJ made a public apology I felt disappointed but when i read his letter I can’t help but admire him dearly. I told myself what a sincere and an honest man he is. In Sept 2 when HJ went to the police for the first time he told the media he will be very honest and he did so then till now. He admits only one mutual fight without severe injured and completely denied all other 3 accusations made by A. I felt really touch with his letter and felt I knew him deeper he is really a man of man. A claimed she wanted public apology and HJ gave her he was very honest in his words of apology regardless who is right who is wrong and regardless the accusations. He did not confess what A accused him . The other 3 accusations were dropped because no reliable evidence accept A’s statement. The official doctor did not accept self-made medical report that spread around the media and the internet. ( the motive of bad media and A to distribute a made-up medical report around the internet is so clear to me and It’s truly illegal .) I feel strange from time to time when I found the haters have never had any questions about the media and A ‘s behaviors.

    Personally I feel upset that A as a woman has destroyed values of being a woman by telling a lie to public just to get revenge to a man that did not want to continue relationship with her.i feel ashamed for this. I would call her stupid woman too. LK was quick and so right to see this so clear since very beginning. The haters who jumped into conclusion as soon as they heard the news and continue to do so until now are more women than men. I wonder what’s wrong with them. They are ex-victims or they are friends of A or they just simply hate HJ because of jealousy for their idols or ……. If they are ex-victim I’m sorry for what happen to them and really hope they can get a life back soon. Hating a person without knowing a real story is very harmful not only for others but themselves. If they are a friends of A tells A to tell the truth to be happy in her life . If they are fans of other idols they are better save their energy to support their idols when their idols face the injustice like Hj.

    Finally I stopped watching K-drama and K-pop except the old clips of HJ. I feel sad when i see a good person has been mistreated because of jealousy and misunderstanding. It ‘s really hurt .I feel SK society is so ignorance and it is not a safe place to live when you are famous. Their system create too much jealousy and they allowed people to be mistreated and accept it. They does not know how to keep and protect their good people who bring respect , dignity and admiration to their country. Therefore I feel cheated not by HJ but by the SK society as a whole. I still continue to support HJ and admire him as a person as a decent human being but I no longer admire and support South Korea’s culture as i use to be. It is sad to say so but it’s true. Thank you so much for HJ SK fans who plan to take legal action against the haters. I will patiently wait for HJ to come back on spotlight again.

    • Hi Bella, please don’t loose your admiration of SK culture actually all that happens in the Entertainment business is everywhere and I mean everywhere in the world, plus Hyun Joong is coming from this culture, he represents the true culture of the country, plus all what you see online is probably someone with countless e-mails making countless accounts with different names and spreading their comments everywhere online, real everyday life Koreans (and I mean the general public) don’t have time to hate.

      • Thank you so much Tina. You are right HJ is coming from this culture. He completely changed my view toward Korean people and Korean culture .I was fallen in love with Korean culture because of him. HJ represents all the good side of Korean culture . That’s why I felt betray and hurt the way SK’s media treated him. i understand your point and thankful that he was brought up to be the person he is now .He really made me proud to be a fan of a person like him.

        • The haters, i think most of them are envious with HJ handsomeness..LOL..i came across many of them mention abt his look in their comments…i feel bad for their idols….lol

          • Yes, atig but what they don’t know is most of HJ’s fans love him because of his personality, his honesty and his sincerity. His looks is just the surplus that can keep us smiling.

          • Hi Fanjoong, I think their entertainment system are also created haters. Too much pressure for idols to compete with each others to get Fans . It’s really a pity that SK society accepts that the dignity of a person can be abused by medias and ignorant to the injustice toward celebrity.

        • Same here Bella. I got interest in Korean culture because of KHJ. It’s just sad that what he had done can be discredited by a malicious allegation. I just wish that there’s justice for ruining a person’s career. But with KHJ being a true Gentleman, he let it pass and took all the blame instead.
          We are suffering from his absence because of this nightmare. By now he should have been doing a reality show like he usually does. It really affected his career. Right now, how can he be given a good break to do a drama with his image stained?

          • Hi grace , I believe it just affects for now. I truly believe he will come back stronger. i confident in his ability and his fighting spirit . He will be a real winner at the end .He just needs times and the support from all of us and the ones who believe in him. I want to support HJ’s SK fans as well . They probably hurt badly by this nightmare .

            The aim of the haters are to destroy HJ’s career and they have mentioned this so often in their comments. The thing that upset and disappoint me the most is the comments of the haters in KHJ’s soompi thread . During the nightmare they keep posting negative comments and repeating distorted information with pictures and so his thread that supposed to be a thread of his fans and tried their best to support the person A . Even after the case was dropped they showed their disappointment and said they were happy that at list HJ’s career is destroyed. There are many reasonable people there but these haters still find their ways to destroy him. I ‘m very upset that this kind of thing happened in HJ’s thread. I wish we can erased and charged them if the comments still there ( I mean all negative comments and distorted information ). I hope it can be erased because it can be there forever if we don’t do anything with it.

  6. Hello LK, belated Happy Halloween…just read this article coz i’m quite busy for awhile…when i first read the bad news i was just barely a month fan. as i’ve said in my previous comments i just known KHJ 28 July of this year and the news broke on August 22. my heart really aches for a man i discovered so humble and sincere that thing happened. it is my first time loving and following a celebs in my entire life. not even a local artist even in my country. but then, i took the blow gracefully but pacifying myself that maybe he did it unintentionally and in defense on himself. i just set aside the issue and i put my trust in him and my support grows stronger everyday until now….i know someday the truth will come out …at least the issue die down but the culprit has not shown her face afraid of retaliation from hyun joong fans…true…Karma is just arund the corner…and to those haters…they will die haters as well….i hate it when i see pictures of bruises and text messages in Kim Hyun Joong’s photos and images…..i search pictures of him yesterday and encountered those pics…can anybody delete it from that site LK…
    Thank you LK… and continue writing about hyun joong…i always find time to read your article….Komapta…

  7. hi LK, it’s nice to remember those days of nightmare with a conversation like this because it only shows that we have moved on…but looking back on my feelings on that day makes me feel sad, i don’t know but i think it’s because of him, i was thinking that maybe he is still in pain until now and just try to hide it from us, they said that time is the great healer, i agree, but you feel the same pain as you remember ….i didn’t have a doubt on him from the very beginning, i didn’t wonder why those haters can do that because there are those kind of people in this world and that makes us different from them, as we try to eliminate them, they keep coming back like a zombie, we dedicate this Halloween season for them……Happy Halloween…

  8. Hi Lazer Kim….Hi everyone..

    What an interesting topic u bring up this time. I still remember when i came first to know abt the case. One of my younger sister, she is JYJ’s fans and really active with her fandom and one of the organising member whenever they have any FM etc. Her bias is Yoochun and she really crazy abt him. Beside that she really like HJ too and she has had accompanied me to meet HJ during HJ’s FM in Kuala Lumpur years back in 2011.

    The reason why i mention abt my sister is because she was the one who told me abt HJ’s case. On that bloody day, she sent me a message through LINE abt the case. She sent that Alkpop link to me with message ” Wow..what a brutal guy Hyunjoong is to beat up a girl like that?!”. Once i received that message, i said What!? WDH!? Then she explained it to me everthing and after a second i just couldn’t say anything. Speechless and in my head said NO, NO, NO, this isn’t true at all. Then i went into all those trashy sites one by one just to make me headace and those trashy comments really hurt my heart, yeah like a knife slashing it into thousand pieces. Like most all of you, i felt really sad, so stress and deeply in confusion. I kept talking to myself, why all this happened all of sudden. Who the hell that A and how dare she ruinned HJ like this. On that 1st day I went to work with empty heart that i couldn’t talk to any of my friends. It was a quiet day to me.

    On the next next day, it became horrible to me reading at the new development by that woman A, the photos of her injuriesss and their sns messages. It really shocked me, how could she blackmailed him by giving all those so-called Proofs too Dispatch?! After sometimes, my sister the Yoochun fans, texting me and she said she couldn’t believe at all news from Dispatch coz this paparazzi media is the lousy one since they have been once accusing JYJ back then. I think some of u knew abt that case. When she said this i felt really ease myself. Honestly, at this time it really made me so angry with all this accuser this A, medias and haters. It so sickening when u read all those comments and i took myself to hyunniepexers and few others. In Hyunniepexers i lay my sadness and sorrow there.

    Oh yeah, in my comment in Hyunneipexers, i remember i said i really really worried abt hyunjoong. How can he handled all the mess. I felt how sad and dissappointed he was at that time. I even scared if he did something stupid to himself. I read Arfina’s comment above and suprisingly we have the same thought of it. Sorry guys to think such terrible thing but i can’t help to not think like that since so much cases of Korean celebrities suicidal. It seems that i was so wrong abt that since Hyunjoong later came out light and gave his statement abt the accusation. Despite KE statement, Hyunjoong’s statement has really made my day. At first, i got confused why he confessed and apologized to her. But knowing his personality i gained my confidence that HJ was still strong and he can managed to get through all this mess.

    By the way LK, i’ve known ur blog when Hyunnipexers re-blogged it there. I came here and read ur article a SIMPLY DEFENDING and I got to see all those hate comments in ur blog before u got rid them out of here. i was surprised to see those said they HJ’s fans but turned their back after seeing all those fake proofs. I couldn’t believe how FANS could simply believed all appeared in the internet. How could they slander the man they love all the while. Thanks a lot LK coz since i knew u, u always have something to write abt HJ that gives me a strenght to keep believe and support him in all his future undertakings. This man that has healed me from my depression and misery life will always be deep in my heart. Even im a moslem i don’t mind at all to pray for this guy for his longlife, his succesful future and may Allah always bless him with all happiness and reward him with a good deed for all his kindness. And for all of u guys also may Allah bless u my friends. T__T

    p.s – soory for my weak grammer and long writing..i hve lot to say actually but i shorthen it…lol

  9. I think that all khj’s fans share the same thoughts and feelings about this malicious scandal…but as long as we are here and keep believing him no one can bring him down..
    All my anxiousness and anger for those who criticize and saying that we are delusional i already forgiven them, it is better to give forgiveness than to throw hatred…what we sow is what we reap…khj give all his love to his fans thats why his reaping respect and love from us..he shows to the whole world how to act as gentleman!!!!he never let us down from this scandal he stood firmly and prove to us that he is a pure man…so im proud to say that i am not wrong on choosing who to admire and who to believe and that is KIM HYUN JOONG our alien prince!!

  10. Hi again, I just wanted to say two things
    1- I don’t think Korean people can be dragged easily by those haters, in the last article LK you mentioned that you wished that Korean people realise how valuable Hyun Joong is to their country, and I think they do, don’t look to those haters they might be very few people who make many many accounts with different names and posting comments everywhere(it happened in Egypt too for political character assassination), I honestly think every day life Koreans don’t have time for that.

    2-Let’s say your child was accused of hitting his colleague at school, wouldn’t you investigate if this was true or not in the beginning and then if it was true would you really abandon him just because he did it, of course not you would help him pay for the mistake he did and help him not to do this mistake again, same with us if Hyun Joong really did a mistake we wouldn’t really go blindly support his action, but we wouldn’t stop loving him because that is true love to help your loved one not do any mistakes and if they did you support them too but that doesn’t mean that you approve of what they did.

    • i agree with you Tina sis for all what you are saying! KHJ is our baby at the same time he is our Only One and Magnetic Leader and we are always at his side whatever happens and in all circumstances…
      Yes, i think Korean people appreciate Kim Hyun Joong very much… In all fanmetting in Seoul or Busan, they show very strong love and support!

    • Hello Tina! Thank you so much for sharing. May I just correct, what I mean by Korean people is the SK general public, not his SK fans. I do believe his SK fans cannot just be swayed by that nightmare just like anyone of us here. I agree with you, this is one reason why this blog site exist, is to defend and protect the Prince. Thank you so much Tina!

      TO EVERYONE; I have read all your comments thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings, I appreciate this so much that everyone can read from you too, please forgive me if I couldn’t reply to each and everyone I’m just currently tied up with work. Until the next article. Take care everyone, be happy and see you all again! God bless..

        • Hello again Tina! I got that thanks! May I just share, this goes for everyone.

          SK may not be dragged by haters I hope, but they can be dragged by media just like what Dispatch is doing which is a Korean media source followed by fast chain reaction. And this was what happened in HJ’s case. Unfortunately SK had all the time to put up smear campaign. Similar to what sasaeng fans doing over the internet although different case, just citing an example of what other idol fans is capable of doing to what they perceive to be competitive idols.
          I think the legal action source originated from SK, so therefore they too are affected by haters, I just hope I’m wrong. SK showbiz scandals are very salable in their country, that’s why their showbiz industry is scary. We can all read from here and there not only about KHJ but other artists scandals as well, and this is reality in SK which I think their media is much worst than other countries. Just sharing my opinion! Thanks!! See you again!

  11. I came to know of the scandal through a KHJ forum. I couldn’t believe it as I have been following him since 2009 and knowing his character through the years, I told myself I would believe in whatever he has to say and support him no matter what. I read everything from this Blog and was clear on the incident. Although many people said that KE didn’t give him enough support, I am of the view that they are respecting his decision on how to handle the situation because even the No. 2 Man accompanied him to the police station. I am immensely proud of the way he is handling the situation as it shows what a character he is. There is nobody like him and I am very proud to be his fan. I am sure he will rise higher and he will be a role model for the younger generation no matter what the antis have to say. He is unbreakable and will claim his place in history in the Korean Entertainment Industry. More power to our ONLY ONE!

  12. I felt like many have said… couldn’t sleep, my stomach hurt, depression that I couldn’t talk about with anyone since no one would understand. I posted defence comments and was treated in the same way by the haters, with nasty vulgar words, saying that in their minds if he was accused then he was guilty with ever trying to learn about KHJ the man or his accuser. I am in the process of donating what I can to the fans that are working to bring a stop to the malicious lies though legal means, but it also shows what little support KHJ was given by his agency. You posts were life preservers to me when I was feeling so sad, knowing there were others out there who felt like I did really helped. I knew people were capable of bad behavior, but seeing it in action has made it clear to me that We as fans must be ever vigilant, and strongly push back at the haters, because if we don’t KHJ may lose hope. We are all he really has as a defence.

  13. hello Lazer! first of all i wanna thank you for your write ups, they definitely make my day, and help me to deal with all the crap that im going through. thank you so much unni! so much!
    so anyways, there’s sth i wanna say, it was actually after a yet another crappy day that i got home at night and heard the news from one of my friends, well being a fan of his, i got upset, i cried, but i obviously didn’t buy any of it! so i checked face book and so many different sites for the accurate news, and it was then that i realized hes being misjudged, that the whole thing was so unfair about him, so i started to give him support as much as i could, in any ways that were and are possible for me, and i didn’t believe a single thing that the media was trying so hard to make us believe, i didn’t doubt him once, not even once, not for a second.
    but that’s not the thing i wanna say, what i wanna say is that i wasn’t like this, a crazy fan, absolutely in love with hyun joong, an endless unconditional love, but when i got the news, when i saw how he dealt with it, when i saw how our unbreakable gentleman didn’t break, i fell absolutely in love with him, and i was like omg kimia! did you see what he did? if he can handle things like this, you can definitely handle your life too, and so he become the one i idolized, my only motive to move forward, not to give up, to stay strong, to be honest and brave no matter what, and so that’s how i became a true fan, my point is he quite possibly has even more fans! if people are in their right minds, they would all see all the beauties that we see in him, and become a fan too, i just love him sooo much, and i love you lazer for what you do!

  14. I learned the news after my work. I first thought it was another Kim Hyun Joong who was accused but no! I cried a lot, I could not sleep, my colleagues saw that I was not well. With all this hate I became an even bigger fan of HJ than before. I never believed this story: I am following HJ since its beginnings and the charges do not stick with our HJ. All that was done and was told by this so-called press and by this A was full of inconsistencies. I delisted from these stupid and hate sites and I feel much better. There is always some vermin that infiltrate sites of fans trying to get them angry, but they are ignored and ridiculed even more. Nikrosis said many are returning to him: this is a good thing and i hope that it serves as a lesson to them not to believe anything in this so-called press. I was a fan of SS501 but now I must admit that the three members who are not in the military service disappointed me by not taking the defense of their leader (although, knowing HJ, he had asked them to say nothing). There were only 4 people who have had the courage to speak their mind and I thank them with all my heart. I fully support the SK fans who plan to take legal actions.

    • Again, felt the same as you regarding the members of ss501. I look at them differently now, and even if he asked them not to, but do you know what a long way their positive response would have gone. They would have reaped a better harvest if they had laid down a life for a friend, not a one of the three had the courage to do so.

    • Not trying to stir-up anything but just giving my own humble opinion.
      Eversince mid-2010 & the hulla-balloo that occurred, I’ve become quite disinterested in his other members. As far as I know all 4 of them have been really active on twitter since some time back yet none of them tweeted even a word in defence of our only one. They were too busy tweeting about their own activities while their supposedly ‘beloved’ leader was being bashed & condemned right & left at that time. Perhaps as you say they were told not to say anything but perhaps too they were afraid of the backlash if they did show their support, who knows…
      This time when this nightmare happened, m not at all surprised about the non-defence & even was expecting the same pattern which it did. So, since my expectation of them has never been high I guess m not at all disappointed. I guess most people prefer to protect their own skin in times like this…
      M very glad though that at least 4 of those who are close to him managed to convey their support of him in their own small way…
      They certainly showed their attitude & loyalty…

  15. I was absent from the Net for reasons of illness and care at the hospital… My consolation during these hard times of physical suffering was thinking of KHJ…repeating his name as a healing medicine.. I was happy to listen to his beautiful passionate voice and his wonderful songs.
    I was eager to heal back among you. In July, i knew he had releasing out TIMING and was preparing to perform a World Tour. I was thrilled and happy for his success.
    You can’t imagine the shock i felt and feel of awful pain i had when I was back, falling into a nightmare tunnel knowing that KHJ was victim of that malicious act. 😥
    I was still fragile and I stayed sick for two days. I wept all the time and could not even sleep… I was indignant and angry too… and I was afraid for him because I know how much he is sensitive.
    I didn’t believe not for a second these awful lies and I was angry because I wanted to shout to the whole world that KHJ is unable to hurt anyone! Why people are so much evil and happy to destroy an innocent and peaceful artist?
    Kim Hyun Joong is a charismatic good loving person and he does not deserve to suffer this betrayal. He deserves all love, admiration and respect. He is the Ambassador of Culture and a Contemporary Icon of K-POP and fine Music. He is our Magnetic Leader and best Hallyu Star in the world!
    This Blog has been a great comfort for me because I could share my pain and my indignation with faithful friends. I was also comforted to see how all of the loyal fans gathered everywhere to unite and defend our Only One…
    Then, I did best thing to do. I prayed. Prayer and reflection made me attain the peace of mind because I know in the deep side of my heart, that the justice of heaven does ever allow evil to triumph. Each one is accountable to God for his actions. The wicked will pay for their evil plans of destruction.
    It’s always better to be victim as executioner. Innocent people have their consciences in peace while those who have no conscience will never find the rest of the soul. Eventually they will destroy themselves and fall into darkness…
    I no longer fear for KHJ because I really know that he is blessed and that he is a son of Light. Everyone of us has his cross to carry and all people should go through some tough times because life is a continual struggle. We must remain strong and optimistic and especially not even think about revenge. This is the secret of inner peace.
    I continue to pray for our Only One to find his own way of that peace that will make him stronger and invincible to all attacks. Confucius said: “insult achieved that one who stated”. Let us be wise and patient.
    Everything that happens to us is an experience that strengthens us and helps us to grow in wisdom. I am certain now, thanks to the love and support of friends and loyal fans, this nightmare will eventually choke and disappear like a fire death…
    Thanks, dear Lazer Kim for this wonderful and faithful support that you always bring to KHJ and to all his great family and fans.
    God bless you and reward you for the good you do. ^^~ 🙂 ❤

    • Dear Taeborum, I hope you are well now and your remember once Lk wrote about Healing Idol? He does have that power over his fans. I was missing your inputs, you always write so beautiful. glad to see you back 🙂

      • A lot of thx dear friend and sister Noya^^ 🙂 i missed you too…and i missed HPBlog too… Yes, as you said, KHJ is our Healing Idol… ❤ i made the experience myself and i really felt the magical power of his great aura over me! i'm still recovering sloly… 😉 Happy to be back home again to share love and support to One Love! i like very much all your posts too sweetie 😀 ^^ ~

  16. When I read the news,I was blank for seconds then asked myself who should I trust?!Of course not a creature that I only saw it’s legs,arm and neck with pix that even had to blurred it’s whole body,and those texts…I could wrote it more dramatic with 19+ contents Lol Call that A creature ‘cos I can find a better word to described A and what A did to us,yes even ‘she’ or ‘her’ words are too much for A.I hope that A is going to meets someone that it discribed in those lies.GOD BLESS! 🙂

  17. Hey Lk Happy Halloween, but for us Halloween started like a couple of months ago. When I first read that horrendously news I was just flabbergasted like someone punched me hard, first instinct said No Way this is true, then the story developed and I felt baffled, but still the first instinct stayed and No Way can he be an abuser.
    Hj been in the showbiz soo long and if he was that kind of person things will have come out long time ago and till now nobody had a bad word to say about him not his colleagues not his bosses nobody from the ones he worked with, that must stand for something, showing what kind of a Star he is. With his feet on the ground and his head on the stars, daydreaming and thinking and creating what he loves the most singing and acting, he is and Artist in full for sure.

    That low life B, sorry can’t call her miss, no way she is one, doesn’t have a conscience if she gone to that length in destructing one good man just because….cause this is written revenge of a scorned woman from the beginning and in big red flash letters.
    Since this started I can’t even bring myself reading or looking at some other SK entertainers, it is just making me sick thinking how scary those people there are, if haters got to the English sites and they are so sick people I can’t even imagine how they are in SK, really scary cyber culture.

    Hj is not the first to have a scandal, and mind you all, keep in mind that till now HJ never had one, but always there were people who tried to smear his name, jealous of his fame? maybe..Enemies? Who knows…. ? but they never could touch him, only when that B came and started this they most probably jumped in and added more fire on something that should have been cleared and closed by now. Those haters who are the most self-righteous are the most frustrated little people on earth.

    LazerKim may I say that my strongest wish is that your birthday wish will become true, that the Truth should be out there the soonest the better.

    I fully support the SK fans who plan to take legal actions and I also wish and hope that someone close to Hj will have the conscience and the guts to say the truth, or even Hj will start fighting to clear his name, this is not for us his fans who believe and support him but in front of the SK media because there is where he is living.

    Sorry it took so long Lk, but as always we are All for ONE and One for All!! 🙂

  18. Hi LK, first I want to say how I became a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, and I apologise in advance because this is going to be a long comment.

    I’m a fan of Kim Hyun Joong only from june 2013, I first saw him in Boys over flowers, at that time I didn’t know anything about K-pop or K-Drama or anything about Korea at all, boys over flowers was my very first korean drama, I watched it dubbed in arabic on TV and I listened to the songs in the drama and liked them, so I started searching them on youtube while searching I found the drama subbed in english and I started watching then really started to like the language which made me search for korean learning websites and I found a lot and really started being able to read korean which made me want to listen to the songs while reading their lyrics and so I started to search more, when BOF was over people suggested watching playful kiss and then I was completely in love with Hyun Joong as I was searching the OST I found out that Hyun Joong is actually a SS501 member by chance, so I started searching their songs, then I came across their TV shows like mpick and thanks for waking me up and I fell in love with how they looked like ordinary people, then I started liking Hyun Joong’s solo songs more when I heard I’m your man and then started focusing on him alone (being a fan) I started watching barefoot friends on youtube from SBS channel without any subs (didn’t understand much) and then finally I found his official website, FB page and youtube channel and started following him it was just around unbreakable MV release and started following him through these web pages although I didn’t really understand much korean back then.

    When I first knew about the news I was shocked and was so afraid that it was true, I didn’t read any of the haters comments anywhere, I was afraid that I might end up believing them (having my brain washed by them) as I don’t know Hyun Joong for that long I was afraid that they were right, that Hyun Joong was just acting to be nice and pure when these thoughts came to my mind I didn’t want to believe them and I started fighting them, I too have an intuition about people and I kept telling myself there is no way that all the purity and honesty that I felt from him would be an act, no one can act to be like this, and then remembered how much children love him I specially remembered that child from taiwan concert who wanted Hyun Joong to carry him, it was so cute, and then when I read other fans’ supporting comments I was comforted and I was able to shed all those bad thoughts out of my mind, and I also kept praying to God to make this news not true.

    Again sorrrrrrrrry for the long comment.

    • Don’t apologize sweet heart for saying what is in your heart. I am glad you were able to read from his TRUE fans and know that your instincts were not wrong. I agree with you 100%. Intuition is what made me a dedicated fan of him too. I have learned to trust my intuition as I live and I can read people well. It is when I ignore that intuition that trouble starts. I am glad you found LK’s blog here and any other fans sites to keep you encouraged. Please always share as much as you want because we all love reading other peoples’s thoughts and stories about our Only One.

  19. I was travelling back home when I first read the news on the internet and I just couldn’t believe it. I was in such a state of shock; I had this horrible pain in my chest and I started to get sick. My friend who was not a fan of Kim Hyun Joong called and told me to not believe Miss A! And I thought, if she is saying that, then I have no reason to not believe in him. Every single person around me who loved Kpop had heard about the news and they all told me to believe him. They were not his fans, but they knew that Kim Hyun Joong is a man incapable of habitually assaulting someone. I was so disgusted by the media, I stopped reading tabloids and stuck to getting proper information from fans.

    People on the internet are stupid! They all behave so righteous as if they’d never done anything bad. But the abuses they hurled at us was worse than any crime. When I defended HJ, the amount of hate I received… never once had I thought that actual people are capable of saying such hurtful things to other people. Do they not have any sort of conscience? Do they not feel remorse or guilt to say such horrible things to fellow human beings? They’re worse than A!

    Many are starting to see the truth now! They all are beginning to see her lies and the loop holes in the case and that makes me happy. Many fans have left messages on my Tumblr that they were so unaware about the real truth and they missed him so much. Deep inside, they still loved him and refused to believe the scandal. They all are returning to him.

    Thank you LK for your article! It makes me happy to read it! ^^

    • hello there!
      i don’t know how to comment, i keep replying and you keep not reading them, quite possibly cause you don’t see them, can any one here tell me how to leave a comment here not a reply, cause i have sth to say.
      thank you dear!

      • as far as I know you can replay by leaving a name and email before you can comment, the comment box is at the bottom of the comments section if you don’t see it, try to refresh the page

  20. I came to know of the nightmarish moment when I came back from work in the evening…

    It is my daily routine visiting my favourite KHJ’s forum, which also happens to be the only forum m a member by the way, when I get back from work.
    Imagine my shock & dismay when I first read of the news…
    I could feel my heart figuratively dropped & my chest started to feel so heavy & pained…
    Couldn’t believe what I was reading & have to say my thoughts were pretty much chaotic…
    That started my own nightmare of being unable to sleep till early morning…for more than a month…due to my anxiety for our only one…
    I even developed eye-bags, hehe, not to mention having regular headache for lack of sleep.

    But you know what, I never did once feel anything but deep concern & love for him…
    Especially after reading some of the news articles & the vile comments of those unconscionable yahoos…
    Have to admit I did my share of shooting them down as best as I could…
    At that time m always fearful of reading any new development in the papers or even watching the Korean channels cos I couldn’t bear to read or hear our boy being bandied as ‘assaulting / abusing his girlfriend’…
    In fact it has only been the last week or so that m resuming reading the papers or watching those channels again.

    To be honest, my biggest, incoherent fear was hearing our boy doing something heartsickly-tragic…like committing suicide, God Forbid…cos that has happened countless times to the Korean celebs who were in scandals/trouble before…
    That thought, my dear friends, made me literally pray hard day & night for his safety.
    Praise to God, our boy has a stronger will to persevere…& continue being himself, the one that we all keep falling for.
    May God continue to strengthen him spiritually & bless him with endless perseverance…

    Sigh! It saddens me though that there are still those nasty yahoos spreading their vileness…even some former fans whom m still bewildered with their total 180 degree turn-about…
    Just today I came across a disgustingly self-righteous post by this ex-fan who dropped her unwanted comment at soompi…
    But then I guess it’s good riddance to bad rubbish…& it’s their great loss…

    Now? M really glad & thankful that our boy’s aware of & his loving fans continued support.
    Just waiting eagerly to see him back to his sparkling, silly & mischievous self…
    & that beautiful, mega-watt & sunshiny-smile of his…

  21. Hi Lazer Kim
    I can’t even explain the kind of feelings I had when I heard the news…hmmmm.. I completely dumbfounded,, totally could not believe it,, angered,, why??because I felt and knew that it was just impossible for someone like him to do such..I couldn’t even sleep well,,completely terrified of the possibly faith that he will meet knowing his celebrity status.. I remember when I so confused and depressed cause I made the mistake of reading comments at sites like allkpop, the only thing that consoled me were my sisters words.she said ‘why are you taking panadol for someones headache, if you trully believe and trust him your job as a fan is straight forward, you just keep supporting him with your full might, this are the situations that make you know who is who. After that, I started digging around for more information which only kept proving and confirming how innocent and completely misjudged he was. .WHEEWWWWW!!! Soo glad that period is over, even if some people wouldn’t let it be and keep on lingering around, I have no more fears as I am proud to be a part of one of the best fan family, sharing just pure love and trust for our only one… We showed them how strong we really are, come rain come sunshine, we will keep remaining strong…

  22. I read your post while on our last football game of the season, what dd I feel tha day, well my heart dropped, look for him at the KE facebook and left a comment telling him ” hope you learned to choose better”. I never imagined that a storm will rage. I started following the news and I was outraged of all of what waa out there, but worse when I “defend” a Henecia’s right to stick by her idol, I was called names and wish horrible thing upon, I was shocked, seriously? I a femenist started fighting for a man’s right of a fair trail, it was disgusting. I stood and will stand by his side because it is my choice and all the hate is bullying and cowardice of those haters. One thing I did is cancelled my membership to Dramaferver when they punblish the scandal and did not published any findings ir were fair, at the KBS web side I email a complaint for unethical reporting, and I kept fighting with idiota and then I stopped because his pain was greater and his well being more important for me. He was alwaus my favorite idol but now he is my only one, I am not able to watch a korean drama without watching and catchig how awful those women are. I prayed for him everyday for his peace and happiness, an I pray for all of you wonderful henecians that stood silently dignified and lovingly by our, lider or just wonderful human being. Thanks LK for your posts, you were my beacon and thanks to your words stopped lowering myself to their hate, I stop fighting with them because they are not worth a second of my time

  23. I felt what many fans felt .. I can’t even describe What was it that I felt because my brain blocked those first days … That day, I woke up and I found this story and I had my inbox on facebook and twitter full of messages asking if it was true or not,, it was all very surreal and very disconcerting and scary, how can this happen to HJ?., why HJ says nothing, Why KE says nothing,, I got into discussions in any article or post that I saw, I felt a lot of sadness to see how fans turned their backs to HJ and felt ashamed of him. people giving away their albums .. other fandoms destroying to HJ into a thousand pieces, so much anger and hatred in the people I felt sadness and fear of humanity so empty and so basic, so manipulable and so hypocritical …
    People from other fandom in my country know that I´m a fan in good times and bad times of KHJ .. and they attacked me from all the social networks … I was the worst waste of humanity for being a fan of HJ, by defend him and support him no matter what happen … I could not sleep for fear of waking up and finding a worst news,, I was afraid to open twitter .. I was so disappointed Koreans aaaaaaa I felt so many things,, but I felt the need to defend KHJ, and when they published the clarification statement in KE’s facebook , I came to understand everything clearly about what had happened and my heart really confirmed my confidence in HJ, and increased my distrust in KE. but I was so proud of our fandom and I felt the brotherhood and the bond between us no matter the language barriers, distance or race, that was the most beautiful and wonderfull feeling, we are big and i know that HJ felt the love and support in all those days, SO PROUD TO BE HENECIA¡¡¡

  24. Helloooooo miss LK! I agree that this last month was the scariest nightmare ever. When I heard (read) the news about the breaking scandal, my heart was just frozen in my chest. the only thoughts going through my mind were, “this is a BIG LIE! It CAN’T be true!’ I knew Kim Hyun Joong would never intentionally abuse anyone much less someone he had claimed he loved! As the day went on, I was so upset I could hardly concentrate on my work, and my fingers were itchy to write a post. It had been so long since I had posted due to the fact that my computer had gotten so out of date I could not even get on the internet with it. Well, just so happens I had bought a new computer JUST A FEW DAYS before all of it broke out. I had been saving my money for many months to buy the best one I wanted and not settle for a cheaper one. I think God’s Timing was at play in all of this because I was able to come out from hiding and write for my Angel Kim Hyun Joong when he and the fans needed my blog most to come for a safe haven.

    And like yours, those haters had never once commented on my little site before and they found me within half a day. My readers were facebook messaging, tweeting and emailing me while at work to please check my comment boxes because they were upset by the evil words being left there. I even had to delete and repost all the comments just to get those evil haters out of there. Welll, I put a lock on my comment boxes and no comments are posted until I approve them. I had never even know i COULD do such a thing because I never had to before. Well, the haters figured out their comments never made it to post and so they left me a lone pretty fast.

    I am just so thankful that God’s Timing allowed me to have the right tools at the right time. I am so much closer to my fan friends now and have made many new ones along the way. It seems like it has been much longer than even one month. It seems like a lifetime of emotional turmoil. But, we are breathing easier now. I have been working on creating a tutorial for the fans to capture those haters comments and send them to the fans who are gathering them for the lawyers. I just heard back today from one of the fans who are gathering those and will be posting that tutorial soon. I am so busy this weekend, but hope to find a little time to at least get that posted so the fans can be busy gathering all the evidence we need to teach those haters a lesson.

    thank you for coming out on Halloween to keep us company and I love the fan pics of KHJ. I posted this one two years back of the most beautiful zombie ever not alive! So, this zombie will guard us from all of the others who are trying to destroy our happiness and peace. Just look in those deep chocolate brown eyes and find peace! LOL! Good night miss LK! 🙂

  25. When I first heard the news I basically just went oh NO because I knew that no matter what, even if the next DAY the news came out that she was lying, this would mar his reputation for the public at large. So, I was very sad. Then I started reading the immense hate pouring out of certain sites (as in, IMMEDIATELY) & I just couldn’t believe it! Why? Just people sensitive to the mere mention of abuse? Maybe but I now think it was fueled by people who either DID know the real Miss A, or else THOUGHT they did. Still, I still am appalled by that. I will say this – when a woman reports abuse to the police by a NON-celebrity, I’m more likely to believe her. BUT with celebrities – especially it seems in Asia/at least S.Korea, well, not so much. The whole thing got iffier w/every move from her camp. Of all people, KHJ as you pointed out seems so unlikely to do such a thing (certainly I will NEVER believe he DELIBERATELY BEAT anyone multiple times – totally inconsistent w/what EVERYONE has said about him over the last 10 years).
    And the hate poured out on people defending him is unconscionable. I could understand those saying not to attack the woman/victim – even KHJ said that. But the hate came towards those saying NOTHING about her! The hate I personally got for merely asking people to remember presumption of innocence just shocked me! I found much more positive energy coming from his supporters. It pains me that you had to put up w/personal attacks – just sad.
    But he’s looking much better in current pics – moving on w/his work & his life 😀 I am proud to say I’m a fan of KHJ – a good group of people 😀

  26. Thank you for this article and the question. Yes, like you for a minute I was upset but it did not last long because of two very important verses. Psalms 37:1, do not fret yourself over evil doers nor be envious of the workers of inquity ; and a song that states,” I have seen to many miracles to let one defeat stop me.” Like the True fans of Kim Hyun Joong we had Faith. Yes, the kind of Faith that can move a mountain, for when God is for you who can stand against you. Kim Hyun Joon has the compassion of the Lord and He does not forget His own. As for the haters, I too laugh at them, for all of us must answer for our words, spoken, written, and those that are thought of but not spoken. There is a Master. So, for us our anger aganist them did not last because if we never know why she did what she did, there is Someone who knows her heart and it is forever recorded. We stayed because we knew the Truth and if she never comes out and reveals the truth someone who knows her will because secret done in the dark must be brought to the light, it is just a matter of time. Ms Kim thank you for staying by his side and keeping us inform. As I stated before all of you who has kept blogging for , ” the One and only, are also God’s messagers to spread the Truth. Yes, some will believe and others will not but never stop unless He tells you all to. I have enjoyed reading the blogs and the comments, received encouragement and inspiration from them. Again, very thankful for being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. God bless.
    PS: We do not hate and spread unkind words continuously.

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