Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTING FEVER




By: LazerKim


The latest updates on Yahoo Asia Buzz, Kim Hyun Joong has finally reached the highest number of votes nearly at 2.5 million with the vote gap of over 500,000 votes from his contender Jessika. I would say “Job well done” by Kim Hyun Joong fans BUT we still have to keep on voting which allows us to do so for another week before the polls close on Dec. 5 and so far I have not read any changes about this schedule.

There may be times we encounter problems in voting specially at this time that votes for Kim Hyun Joong are getting higher every hour, we may experience slow loading or other technical problems, may I advise everyone to keep your cool, take a short break before voting again. But NEVER give up! This poll is working as machine and they too get tired! But let’s still keep our awareness while keeping cool.

Next week shall be the last voting week for Yahoo Buzz, we’re in the crucial period, let’s keep with our awareness and let’s make the most and the best effort we have in voting for Kim Hyun Joong. We may have gained a huge gap but anything is possible at the internet that history dictates us. Let’s keep up with our routine double effort in voting still with that feeling of enjoying every moment of it as if Kim Hyun Joong is just beside us while doing so!

And may I appeal to the fans from tweeter who have been doing a great job in posting and guarding our votes to keep up with your good work in posting the voting link so that everyone can vote. We look up on you guys, please do keep in mind that your tireless effort is very much appreciated by all of us fans of Kim Hyun Joong all over the world and we’re all behind you and your effort. Thank you very much!



We all do miss Kim Hyun Joong and I would admit, that those voting polls can lend a help to ease down the feeling of missing him or getting bored! There are voting polls that allows us to vote once a day like the “Korean Best Drama 2014” for the elimination round. IG was on the 7th slot as the polls opened and in just a matter of days it rapidly jumped to the 2nd place with a small amount of gap from no.1 slot which is really good.

Since this voting poll doesn’t really take much of our time, then I think it’s alright to vote on this poll. Although this is just for fan’s voting fun that we can participate with. Be reminded that this period is just the elimination round. Final round shall be on the month of December.

However, there are voting polls specially those that encourage us on multiple voting scheme can be a bit suspicious, be careful. Then I would advise you to drop it or your effort may just end up to the garbage. Again may I remind everyone these polls are just for fan’s fun and Hyun Joong doesn’t get an award from those, therefore it should not lead us to stress!

Voting should be enjoyable, this is one lesson I learned from the previous years from voting polls. Stay away from something that would only frustrate you after the effort you have done. If this won’t affect us and just for the heck of voting for fun, then go ahead and just enjoy voting for as long as we know our priorities. I won’t be pushing for these other polls though, not yet, specially this coming week is crucial! I would still encourage everyone to remain focus on our priority polls which is the Yahoo Asia Buzz.



Allow me to share a lighter note and share my first experience being a fan at the voting polls. Many of you here I think have similar experience as I had in the previous years that allows me to feel as if everything about my being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong transpired a few days ago that until now I still think about it!! One memorable experience that I would like to share is the voting polls at MAMA back in 2011 which was at this same season.

It was at MAMA 2011 I ever experienced voting for my idol Kim Hyun Joong and I think that was the happiest moment at the polls I have experienced. Since I was a first time voter, I didn’t even have any idea how to vote! And I was ever grateful to my co-fans whom I never had interact with at tweeter who helped me how to vote. I would say it’s Kim Hyun Joong fans who really did a great role for making me stay as an active fan! As I cast my first vote, I felt so happy being a part of Hyun Joong’s fans effort!

I begun staying up late at night voting and monitoring the tweeter, reading other fans conversation about the polls, and their post updating the results ect. And when the big day came Hyun Joong won the Best Male Solo Artist Award, that I felt so happy and proud while the atmosphere at the fandom was so festive!

I can still remember a fan posted that she literally screamed in a public bus out of excitement after reading the news as the winner Kim Hyun Joong was being announced! Then there was a fan at a restaurant also screamed and almost dropped a glass out of the same excitement upon reading the news! It felt as if I was the winner and I wasn’t alone to have felt it, all his fans shared the same feeling of being a winner!

It was such an achievement for the first time that I felt being a part of the fan’s effort in placing him right on the top among all other artists! The awards night was held in Singapore in November 2011, I was barely a month old fan back then and while watching Hyun Joong dancing Lucky Guy on stage, then receiving the award, I think it was the first time for me to feel a deep-seated pride in me being his fan and the sense of belonging in this fandom that I’ll ever be truly proud of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.



Every fan has her “first love” experience being a fan, Kim Hyun Joong is my first love, as he was the very first celeb whom I followed that now I can proudly say I’m his certified loyal fan and Hyun Joong probably would be my first and last celeb I’ll ever follow. As I always say being a fan is not always a fun, as we have invested a lot of happy and sad memories, it’s simply a part of life being a fan but we do learn a lot from those memories. Too many challenges that kept us strong and too many triumphs to keep us going.

Hyun Joong once said he keeps making those memories with us neatly filed and his achievements is also a part of our achievements as he earned those bags of awards he worked hard for and for us to bring those work results to the top! His fans will always be a big part of his career life, he never forgets it as we fans treasure what he shares with us.

As for me, all those memories I kept locked up in my heart that I will always remember all my first experience being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong shall remain the best thing that ever happened to me. He may fade from my sight for the time being, while we all miss him so much but the thoughts of my first love and first memories do kept me holding on and never letting go, kept me going and stay strong being his fan.

There may be that pinch in my heart now as I reminisce my first voting experience that now I can’t help the thoughts of “how I wish to bring back the time in 2011” as Hyun Joong first started being a solo artist. Will he tarnish? Does the foundation he built had collapse? I don’t think so! He may be remaining silent, but his fans will ever be breaking that silence!

How do we do it? Well, right here, @Yahoo Asia Buzz, we are given the chance to break his silence! This will be our last week to vote so let’s make the best out of our effort to vote continuously for the last time, double time, double effort, and let’s be more attentive! The other camp may be doing a regular massive voting, then let’s beat them!

Let our Voting Fever stay up high and show the world Kim Hyun Joong still reign and that the crown of popularity belongs to the only one Kim Hyun Joong. VOTE NOW!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing





One of our dear co-fan Ms.Lyd Pedernal passed away last November 25, 2014, this is a sad news to all of us since Lyd has been an active officer of Henecia Philippines and a truly huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Lat us offer a prayer for her soul as she rest in peace.

To Ms. Lyd,   I know you are happy up there with our creator, but I know you will still watch over our Only One. Thank you for everything you have shared with us in the fandom. May you rest in peace.

                                                                               Love and prayers, LazerKim

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] YAHOO ALERT!



By: LazerKim


May I appeal to all Kim Hyun Joong fans to stay alert, to please be on guard on your votes at Yahoo Asia Buzz and KEEP ON VOTING as many times as you can. There has been a huge decline on the gap between Kim Hyun Joong and his contenders right below just by over night! This happened in the previous years on this same period a week or two before the polls close down.

Just yesterday the gap was at almost 300,000 now it’s coming down on about 120,000 vote gap Between KHJ and Jessica, then other contenders are increasing votes by hundreds. This may be surprising in just matter of hours sleep and as I woke up this morning many of my readers got panic with the abrupt changes by just over night!



These past days I have noticed that there are fans with divided effort since there are voting polls other than Yahoo currently being conducted. Now may I appeal to all KHJ fans to please focus your effort on Yahoo.

First ask ourselves, does Kim Hyun Joong gets an award out of voting from other polls? Does Hyun Joong gets an award like a trophy if he wins in the voting polls where we can watch him on stage to receive the award from those polls? Well at Baeksang Award as far as I know votes outside SK are not counted. This is just a matter of weighing our effort on which of those polls is the most important. Think again!

Second, we might be giving too much effort on something he cannot gain from. Well everyone knows who’s the most handsome and most sexy among those artists, so we do not need to prove that, do we? Ask ourselves again, what can Hyun Joong gain out of this? For me other polls are just for fans and not really for Kim Hyun Joong to gain out of those. This is just my personal opinion.

I’m not trying to discourage you to vote in other polls, it’s our own free will in voting. Neither am I imposing on anything, but simply APPEALING to give priority, double effort in voting at Yahoo Buzz. I hope my other recent articles are clear enough for us to understand the relevance of this Yahoo voting polls to Kim Hyun Joong.



1. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – As of this morning some fans may have problems in voting. To the veteran fans, I’m aware you’re still keeping your other Yahoo accounts, may I suggest to re-activate those accounts if you are having unusual problems and make use of those for voting at Yahoo buzz. I’m currently using my three active Yahoo email, one account for each day alternately so I don’t have problems in voting. Again, this is only IF you have other yahoo accounts. If you wish to have another account at Yahoo simply go to Google and sign up.

2. ROBOTS – do play their magic while everyone is asleep in Asia, so maybe we can take turns specially I got many readers from the other side of the world with opposite time from Asia to keep our awareness and vote as many as you can. Or in all fairness, I hope there might just be delayed in posting the voting results on the part of yahoo, we do not know.

3. CONTENDERS – We cannot disregard the fact that Hyun Joong’s other contenders has a big fan base too and just like Hyun Joong, Jessica’s fans has something to prove just as much as we do. So I think we really have to double our effort, let’s not be contended with huge gaps, instead let us maintain or even increase the vote gap from Hyun Joong’s contenders. Do not be discouraged, instead take it as a challenge!

4. PANIC MODE – Abrupt increase in votes is nothing new to us veterans so DON’T PANIC, we know what to do specially at night time in Asia, this would mean staying up late at night in voting! As I have said, we are voting by heart and we should enjoy it, with no stress! So relax but double our effort specially those who are active on-line in monitoring the results at the same time voting. Just keep going, you are not alone, this is a group effort and nothing matters.

5. RED ALERT – If you have the TWEETER and an active user, please do keep updated at Yahoo Buzz voting results. If there’s something irregular going on with the polls, don’t be distracted just keep voting, or might as well post on RED ALERT so that other fans on line can join you in voting. Believe me those fans on line will never ignore your call, they will re-tweet or re-post your call so that other fans on line will be aware and can join in with voting. That’s how diligent KHJ fans are.



Also, may I inform everyone that Kim Hyun Joong NEVER had any personal social network account. There’s a certain person who pretends to be Kim Hyun Joong at Tweeter and FaceBook, saying something like “I am Kim Hyun Joong please follow me” IGNORE those tweets, specially to the new fans who may be a newbie at tweeter, please do not follow those pretenders. They only aim to gain followers and that’s just it, sometimes it can also give you misleading info, so beware of those.


Again may I thank everyone for your devoted effort in voting for Kim Hyun Joong at Yahoo Asia Buzz, we keep it up, never give up, we got about two weeks to vote and let us use all the spare time we got in voting for him. Many of my readers drop by in this site from time to time so we can read from each other whatever is going on around. Thank you for the visit too and leaving comments that I truly appreciate. I read all your comments and so with other fans too as they respond to you too which is such a stimulant.

If you have any problems in voting, any sentiments, updates pertaining the polls that you would like to share with the other fans, or simply missing Hyun Joong that you could hardly share with your friends, please do feel free to bring it out at my comment box. Anything goes in this site! This way we can help each other informing whatever is going on within the polls or in the fandom, keeping everyone aware specially in the next two weeks of voting, which is a crucial period.

Let’s keep up with our enthusiasm, double our effort in voting if you can, just keep going on with voting if possible focus our effort on Yahoo Buzz for the mean time till it ends, anyway this would only be in two weeks time. I shall be informing everyone as to when the polls will be closing.

Still I would encourage everyone to enjoy voting, listen to his music while doing so, don’t get stress, because the more we enjoy voting we sometimes do not notice we have already voted a lot of times! If you have other Yahoo accounts, use it this will minimize hassle in voting, just don’t give up! Keep up with the fight!

Let’s bear in mind we’re doing this because we love Kim Hyun Joong and we want him to win the award which is priceless.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing


You may vote and check on voting results  through this link below.


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTING GUIDE




By: LazerKim


I would like to thank every single fan of Kim Hyun Joong for their effort in voting for him at the Yahoo Asia Buzz. Still I would like to encourage the fans who may have come late to spare some of your time in voting for him. And for those fans who have been responding and assisting other fans in voting, your effort is very much appreciated, thank you! Please do keep it up, I really need your help so that every single fan may be able to vote as much as they can, and enjoy every moment of voting! With the thoughts that we are all doing this for our only one, Kim Hyun Joong.

These past days we may be experiencing problems on voting at Yahoo Asia Buzz that can sometimes be frustrating! BUT let’s not give up since there are solutions to whatever problems we encounter. Here are few guidelines that can be a help for smooth voting for Kim Hyun Joong.

Let us remember that our prime aim here in this polls is to maintain him on top of the line. If in case we still encounter problems, please feel free to bring it up at my comment box and we will be right with you to rescue. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or assistance. Every single fan is important to Hyun Joong. You as his fan, your cooperation and your vote every single of it, are the most important to him.



1. For smooth voting, first you have to use your Yahoo email account. If you don’t have it yet, please do create an account before you can log in to Yahoo Asia Buzz. Or if you have a Face Book account, you may use it however you have to vote at Face Book social network.

2. For easier and more convenient voting, use the GOOGLE CHROME as your browser. Since the polls are written in Chinese characters, through Google, it can be translated in English.

3. For multiple voting, if you experience having read a statement “error in submission”, don’t give up simply RELOAD or refresh the page and you may vote again. If the same problem occur, here are some links you may use as alternative for you to vote. Take note that you may vote as many times as you can.


Link A > (


If you’re using this link, before starting please be sure that Kim Hyun Joong’s picture appear. If you see picture of Big Bang, simply click KHJ’s photo on the left side his small photo.

NEVER start voting without making sure his picture appearing on that box otherwise you’ll be voting for Big Bang, we do not want that!

Link B > (

NOTE:   You may use this link above to vote and in checking voting results which change its number of votes every hour.



If you are NOT using the Google Chrome as your browser that does not translate browsers like Firefox or Explorer, in logging in before starting to vote, please be guided that you have to log in first at Yahoo Asia Buzz. At the first box you may type your username, the second box is for your password, click on the third box to log in before voting. The picture below shows a guide in voting.

Here’s how to vote:

credits: Hyunnies Pexer Blog, OnlyKHJfamily  thanks for sharing!

source: (

1939967_881128225245084_993678913002047751_n (1)

Step 1.  Before starting to vote make sure that Hyun Joong’s picture appears as the picture above shows. Type your Yahoo email address on the first box.

Step 2   Type those letters from the 3rd box to the second box. Please make sure that you type the correct letters whether it’s written in small or big letters. Sometime “error in submission” appears if the letters were not typed correctly. If you find it hard to identify the letters, you may have an option to change the letters by simply click on rotate arrows on the right side then the letters change for you to easily identify.

Step 3   Click on the fourth box to confirm your vote. Info about KHJ appears, click on X to close the page as this picture below appears click on that box on the right side to vote again following with the same steps to start re-voting again.



You may find this procedure a bit complicated at first try, but as you go along with voting it’s easier and you’ll enjoy it! This is for security reason to make sure your vote is counted and cannot be cheated. Let’s bear with it anyway this is just a matter of getting use to it and as we vote more you’ll find it simple, please just don’t give up. As I mentioned earlier, if ever you encounter problems in voting, feel free to bring it up at my comment box and we will help you.

You may vote through your desk top computer, laptop or through your android, smart phones. This is very convenient that anywhere you are for as long as there’s internet connection you can vote any time! Kim Hyun Joong is still taking the lead as of yesterday which was just the second day of voting he already gained over 100,000 votes. We still have about 4 weeks to vote as we aim for the highest number of votes for Hyun Joong to keep him on top.

Let’s keep spreading this info pertaining Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls and making sure that every single fan is being informed and encourage everyone to vote for Kim Hyun Joong. We can do this, we can make it happen to see him on that stage as a WINNER ever deserving among all stars!

Let’s give Kim Hyun Joong his 6th year award as he deserve being the best male artist!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing





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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WINNING POWER

12779_717361571693237_7811383818264108270_n (1)


By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong takes the lead at the Yahoo Asia Buzz voting polls which had reached over 30,000 for just a matter of hours after the polls opened in Nov.7. as his fans started to get busy voting as much as they can! This is a good sign that Kim Hyun Joong fandom is very much alive and very determine in pushing him to the top as we always do every time there’s a voting polls that Hyun Joong is being nominated in every prestigious award being conducted every year, and he always win!

We are not voting for Hyun Joong not only because he is our idol, but we are voting for him because we all know very well he is DESERVING being the best artist we have known and he maintains being the best in anything he does.

Take him being an actor which he had proven the fact in his recent drama Inspiring Generation being in his best in his acting career which Hyun Joong received praises from the media and experts from the drama field. Take him as a singer, as his albums has always been on top of the music chart, not to mention, Kim Hyun Joong is one Korean artist in the history of Japan music industry who had brought all his Japanese albums on top of the Oricon Music Chart every time he release each of those albums.

Take him as a performer as all his concerts were successful as we have witnessed how his power over gathering people to watch him on stage as he sings and dances were just a full proof of Kim Hyun Joong being a total performer ever! Over all, take him as person who is full of sincerity and honesty that we can rarely see from the other artists who has been staying humble and modest in spite of his success all these years ever since he’s at the lime light! What more is there that Kim Hyun Joong cannot give as an artist?



May I say this again specially to Hyun Joong’s new fans, being a fan is not always a fun as we support our idol there’s also an effort in bringing our idol to the top of the list being the best. And this is one of those efforts, the voting polls. BUT I can promise you, it may take a lot of effort, surely you will enjoy getting involve in voting because you are not alone in doing this for we shall create an atmosphere of a real family with Kim Hyun Joong knowing we are doing this for him with so much love and sincerity.

Every year Hyun Joong’s fans has been so active in monitoring the polls while others are busy casting their votes that even resulted to a hobby like for a month of voting and everyone enjoys it. Times like this we are getting bored since Hyun Joong is still in his cocoon, then now we have a task to fulfill out of our own joined effort in voting. It’s fun because we get to meet other fans, interact with them and the feeling of being at home, the feeling of comradely is so strong!

And specially at this time that we have to prove something to the world of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! It is in this period of our journey as we were being stamped down by those who wanted to bring him and the fandom down that we need to fight over and I think this is the most visually effective and decent way of fighting back. This is our chance and we will not let this chance slip from our fingers as we bring Kim Hyun Joong on top of that ladder and letting him win that award which truly belongs to him all these years.

May I grab this chance to thank my readers who responded on this blog site as I posted my recent article Voting Alert in expressing their voting problems while others assist them in order to vote successfully. Thank you so much!  Feel free to ask for assistance and we shall be there to rescue as soon as we can.

Feel free to share whatever goes on around the voting polls and by this way we can have a smooth vote casting. Feel free that I would like to encourage everyone to share whatever your thoughts are, anything goes in this blog site, since it’s also my aim to bring out a family atmosphere in this blog and enjoy every moment of voting while keeping in mind and heart that we are doing this solely for our only one Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you!



I would just like to share with the new fans what I have experienced in the past years particularly in 2011-2012 at this same scenario which I’m sure the veteran fans are familiar with! During that year Hyun Joong was so busy receiving different awards from here and there while his fans were so busy voting for him that he always win in the polls. I have experienced staying at the tweeter for 24 hours monitoring the polls that I couldn’t let go and just be on guard while voting!

Until such time fans at tweeter took turns in staying up at night and that’s when the word RED ALERT and Protect the Prince became familiar to his fans! Whenever this red alert was posted, his fans really cooperate and started getting busy voting to catch up with the race! There was stress but I have to admit it was such a challenge and that’s when unity surfaced that anyone were truly proud of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. His fans would really fight and would not stop pushing to maintain Hyun Joong on top of the polls which was well monitored! I also remember  ROBOT who was trying to cheat at the polls!! LOL!

A little drop from the numbers of his votes, his fans were always ready to stay alert and vote again until we raise those votes away from his contenders! I can never forget the wee hours that his fans should be sleeping and resting but their adrenaline was just too high to vote!! LOL I became a coffee lover that time to keep myself alive other than endless chatting at tweeter while on guard as I went on with writing my daily article for the following day!!

Then as other fans shows up at tweeter the following day, that’s the time for me to take my break! Oh well those were the days I can never forget, and it was so much fun! I love every moment of the challenge and friendship with his fans which is another treasure to remember! A collective effort to win for Kim Hyun Joong is just so amazing among his fans worldwide! It’s winning friends while Hyun Joong winning the trophies!

I’m just curious, how were you during those times? What were your thoughts and feelings? Did you ever experience your heart beating so fast whenever you vote and trying to win the race everyday? Tell us about it! Feel free at the comment box below and let’s hear it from your voting and polls monitoring experience!



Finally as Hyun Joong won in the polls, God I can never forget such feeling of pure fulfillment and seeing him on that stage to accept his award was just so great more than like winning in the lottery!! LOL! It was at MAMA 2012 and Yahoo Asia Buzz that were so significant polls for me other than from other awards that he received trophies and a lot of awards that truly made me so proud of Kim Hyun Joong as a well deserving artist, the best among all the best star! It’s for him alone, the Best Male Artist award!

It was fun that I really would like to encourage the new fans and all KHJ fans to experience voting in the polls. Get involve, spare some time with it and you’ll feel that sense of fulfillment being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. It is at this period that he really needs all of us. It is in those awards that we can let him feel we have been staying at his side and never left him came high storm that nothing stops us from giving him those awards to Hyun Joong. It is in this period, visible enough to the whole world and his country that nothing change in us being his huge fans are ever supportive.

I truly believe in Hyun Joong and his fans pure sincerity that made all of these memorable awards possible and we can do it again! Let us also include Hyun Joong in our prayers which I truly believe prayers can move mountain. We may still be in this crucial stage in the fandom but nothing matters for as long as we stay together for him.

Allow the set back be our strength to move on and fight for this challenge! Let us join forces, it is now within our sincere effort this time to let him smile again being a true winner! We fight for someone who truly deserves to be given those awards, to only one Kim Hyun Joong.



Now here it is talking about reality, with the set back we had for months, honestly I felt being unfairly deprived from seeing my idol on his limited exposure and we cannot deny this fact. I want to see him again or I might just collapse from missing the guy so much like crazy!! I guess many of you here feels the same way as I do in missing Hyun Joong so much, that we have to see him again. This is our chance, as Hyun Joong has to accept his award he has to go to Hongkong which is an official exposure, a chance to see him again! BUT we have to work this out through the voting polls.

Other than this, I have written my comment at my recent article Scary Halloween pertaining repercussion from the set back. I think in this voting polls we fans are given the chance to prove to those producers that Hyun Joong still reign in his power to conquer that nothing change in his fans, that we are still numbered by millions worldwide and that these producers can still earn from us by giving more future projects to Kim Hyun Joong for us to be able to have more chances of seeing him and gather more memories.

This is our chance to show the general public of SK and around the world that we fans of Hyun Joong are not convinced by those who are trying to destroy him. I have also mentioned addressed to KE that we fans shall be maintaining Hyun Joong on top among all other Korean artist and I think this is our chance to do so, with all the hopes that the company will give their 100% support to Kim Hyun Joong. I hope you’re reading this guys! Please just NEVER deprive us fans from seeing Kim Hyun Joong again!



To my dear readers, I have to admit and to be honest, I may be moving on BUT have not forgotten the nightmare and probably never will forget until such time I have seen the usual active Kim Hyun Joong back on stage and his fans are in smooth sailing looking forward to his coming to us. I just feel I have to go on with my fight for him and protect his fair right as an artist and as a person I admire.

As I go on writing all about Kim Hyun Joong somehow the pain still surface whenever I write, it’s because I always write my heart out. Sadness may still be there but I use it not to feel weak but made me even stronger not to give up on him and his right being a deserving artist.

I would like to bring back that happy bouncing kid ever restless creating his music and shares it with us. I want to bring back those happy times he spent with us and to see those smiles and sound of his laughter again. Maybe I just miss the guy so much that made me feel being deprived of what is making me happy as a fan!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier I would like to encourage everyone to vote continuously until the closing of the polls, which we have at least nearly a month to do so. Let us make it a habit every time we take a break from work, let us spend our idle time to vote and let’s do it by heart for our only one.

Kim Hyun Joong has a Winning Power to conquer and through us his fans nothing will ever change this fact as we sincerely support and love him ever…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing





If you experience some voting problems, please feel free to express it at my comment box and we will assist you every way we can. Thank you!

                                                        VOTE NOW!



Results from the voting polls change every hour.

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Kim Hyun Joong… VOTING ALERT!



By: LazerKim


May I call the attention of all Kim Hyun Joong fans to please spare some of your time to vote for him as he is being nominated again at Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2014 since the polls are already open for voting. Kim Hyun Joong had been a winner for five consecutive years straight up and I think this is the right time for us to show the power of Kim Hyun Joong again and I believe he still reign and deserves to be on top. The voting polls just opened today and immediately he already gained the highest number of votes. We have to keep him up there and we can make it as long as we gather our effort in voting.

Since 2009 until 2013 Hyun Joong had been winning in this voting polls and winning awards from Yahoo Asia Buzz. This year let’s give him his sixth award and this is our chance to show to the world that Kim Hyun Joong is still in power to conquer that nothing can stop his fans in raising him up to the top of the ladder where he deserves to be. And no matter how much others wanted to pull him down, let’s show them the power of his fans in bringing him up to the top where he truly belong!

May I appeal to my dear readers to please spread the words pertaining this voting polls, and may I appeal to others to please assist the new fans so that they can also vote. If in case you might have problems in voting please don’t hesitate to express your problem at the comment box below, and we shall be assisting you.

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Be a part of this crusade for Kim Hyun Joong. I think this is the best way we can help him, this time he really needs us, LET’S BE THERE FOR KIM HYUN JOONG!

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY MOMENTS




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong is the most WANTED person by million of his fans worldwide, and this is the update news that I can share with you within the fandom!! Now this is getting unbearably boring without Kim Hyun Joong around! I can no longer pretend, I miss the guy and I’m sure all of you do feel the same way as I do! What do we do in times like this that seems these past few weeks to be dragging that no matter how busy I am at work I just couldn’t help staring at empty space again!

It’s funny that even his fans are so contagious in doing fan arts that I find myself doing the same thing with Hyun Joong’s pictures!!  And this is a clear sign that his fans do miss him unbearably! So might as well go with the flow and let’s talk about missing Kim Hyun Joong!

Before I go any further with my random thoughts, may I thank all my readers who shared their thoughts and feelings in my recent article Scary Halloween, as my simple way in celebrating Halloween in recalling a day in a nightmare! Thank you so much for being here that I would like everyone to know that this blog is open for Hyun Joong’s fans to share just about anything that others can read.

You may not be aware but simply sharing your thoughts can truly inspire other fans in search of Kim Hyun Joong specially the new ones, since comments are also being read by others. At least one way or another it somehow ease the boredom without seeing Hyun Joong around, while the new fans can get to know him better through us.




Three years ago at this same season was Hyun Joong’s Lucky Guy season! Let’s talk about happy moments with Kim Hyun Joong, he had shared a lot of those memories that even we just simply read articles, updates from his other fans, and even just with looking at his pictures, for me it feels as if I was actually there at that certain moment enjoying it with him. Like this photo below, taken late in 2011 at one of the branches of Jaksal which I consider to be unusual for a star to share a moment of his private times with his fans. This is just one of his Lucky Guy days, in curly blonde in always with a big smile that I truly miss!

As far as I can remember Hyun Joong came from one of his event and just spontaneously came in to Jaksal with his staffs for casual dinner and drink. The restaurant was full house as expected most of the costumers there were his fans! Looking at these pictures really made me feel as if I was actually there at Jaksal joining Hyun Joong as his fans requested for a toast and just spontaneously he gave in to their request.

As I have said, Hyun Joong has got nothing to hide with what he enjoyed the most in his private times. I think this was one of Hyun Joong’s happiest moment it seems, other than his official concert events, this I would say is exceptional since this incident wasn’t for official project not even for media promotional purposes. It was just spontaneous private time sharing it with his fans. I miss seeing him this way, Hyun Joong who seemed to be just an ordinary person in his real life. How I wish to see him this way again!





Another unforgettable incident was is 2012 which I have written about at the same year, now trying to refresh the memory at the same place during his summer break! Do you remember this photo below? That was taken from one of the branches of Jaksal as Hyun Joong was spotted by his fans doing the dishes! That was totally unintentional, because after that picture circulated at the internet, he personally wrote to his fans as his routine every time he is not on public exposure, saying he’s busy working on his project!!

Back then I was thinking Hyun Joong might have given the impression that he was demoted from being a CEO to being a Jaksal staff doing the dishes!! LOL! Looking at him in this picture doing the dishes, it felt the pleasure of helping him out!! I can just smile!!

Hyun Joong doing the dishes at Jaksal, is a good example that not because he is a star he cannot do labor work anymore! This is how humble Kim Hyun Joong is that he doesn’t mind doing labor work not even mind if he was being seen in his normal life that a part of himself wanted to be just an ordinary man in his private life.

That incident wasn’t even for publicity purposes since a fan happened to be at Jaksal and took the picture, the next few days the photos were already circulated at the internet that brought a lot of public attention!! For some reasons or maybe just by co-incident, I read some news about other Kpop stars who owns some restaurant!! LOL! Taking it from the leader!!

Kim Hyun Joong a freedom loving person who would just like to live in a normal life just like anyone else. Is this possible in his star status? Well, he tried so much to live that kind of life outside the lime light and he enjoyed those free moments as we fans did by just seeing him happy with his limited freedom. Yet why do I feel sad?? TTT





There are a lot more happy memories Hyun Joong had shared with us probably it would take me another year of writing daily articles to complete those memories one by one! But these two particular incidents made me really smile since it showed Kim Hyun Joong himself behind the scene with his fans that need not be in publicity to know him better as a person. Now all I can do is to re-collect those happy moments that in my heart saying “how I wish to turn back the clock!”

I know we should not dwell on the past, but talking about Kim Hyun Joong, memories will always be alive in our hearts and thoughts. Times like this, it’s a good feeling of missing the guy, talking about him and reminiscing how those smiles can fill in some emptiness in me, which I cannot hide from you no matter how I want to be cheerful! I just gotta run here to this blog and talk about him just to ease the tears of missing, if you get what I mean! And you just don’t know how relieving it is that people shares with you whenever you miss this guy!

I have been reading your comments and I have noticed there were a lot of new fans who came in a month or so before a bad news. I’m just happy to know despite they may barely know Kim Hyun Joong not as much as many of us does as yet, but they still trusted, believe and followed him. This really touch me so much and I’m sure you have touched him too. Hyun Joong always wanted his fans to be happy and that’s why he shared with us as much as he could, that what we can do now is to gather those memories and talk about those whenever we miss him!

1907860_401174286703328_2950612854105353155_n (1)



From 2011 as he released his first album Breakdown until this current year, Hyun Joong have not really stopped from working on his projects. He successfully filled in our treasure boxes with a lot of music, events, concerts, and dramas. While his fans gathered those photos of every event or his every exposures that even most of us may not have experience attending to those events, it truly helped in letting us feel we are a part of those events. May I just say, I think Kim Hyun Joong has the most number of photos and videos at the internet, that I’ll ever be thankful to those fans who are so diligent in their postings!

As I have shared these photos above which I consider Kim Hyun Joong in his private times, as a private person seeing him so happy as he joined in with his fans for booze! And seeing him doing the dishes that I consider to be unexpected for a star like him, are my favorite moments that I’ll never get tired smiling at those photos!

I would like to ask you my dear readers, since he started solo, what is the most memorable moment to you that you cannot forget about Kim Hyun Joong? In that captured moment what did you feel? How was Hyun Joong able to win your heart from that certain moment? Be it in events, concerts, scene from his dramas, TV shows, or taken from behind the scenes, anything goes that you can share. I’m just curious since these are mere photos or videos that we see and yet it somehow has an effect to us.

Feel free to share, what more can be so refreshing than talking about the guy we miss! I’m sure we all feel the same way that if only we can shout to the world how much we miss Kim Hyun Joong, then let it out!

How I wish to see Kim Hyun Joong at that happy moment at the same spot at Jaksal with that big smile as he raised his glass to say “cheers” to his fans! Just once, I wanna say to him…

“What about visiting one of your Jaksal outlets? Anyway you own the place so it cannot be called an official exposure just like in this candid pictures! Just once let your fans see you, can you?”

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged,   Ms. D thanks!   Kim Yin thanks!

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SCARY HALLOWEEN!




By: LazerKim


Halloween is being celebrated every year and as we can see at the internet many Kim Hyun Joong fans do post scary fan arts and greeting each other a Happy Halloween! I hope I’m not late for this greeting to everyone here a “Happy Halloween!” For me the most scary of all is what we experienced in reality that I want to share with you, a scary experience in the fandom. And this is the nightmare that we all didn’t miss.

I have been curious and wanted to ask you this question. What did you feel when you first read the news about the nightmare? Were you scared? How did this nightmare affected you as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong? I would like to know from you my dear readers what your experienced were during that nightmare. Yes I’m bringing it up again, one unforgettable scary incident that made all of us firmly stayed with Kim Hyun Joong.

Well, that day I first read the news and yes I was scared, worried, and restless out of anger! Yes I was scared because I knew the repercussion of that news whether it was true or not, and this was my first impression other than feeling angry knowing that news was done to destroy Kim Hyun Joong. I read that news over and over again helping myself to fully understand the news before I hit the internet and write my article Simply Defending but I admit I was burning with anger for the first time when I wrote that article. For those who have not read this article here’s the link:


As I wrote that article and now as I re-read it, until at this moment I have never regret for writing it as my first impression about the news. Those may be speculation since during that time I still have no idea about facts of the incident. Despite of that scary nightmare until now I still stood by my conviction that nothing change in me being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong.



For three years in existence of this blog site, it was never been penetrated by Hyun Joong’s haters and antis, but when I posted that article Simply Defending, his haters started to read from this site and leave hateful comments on that article and articles followed that I felt my home was actually been polluted by ZOMBIES!!

I could hardly swallow their dirty words that I never thought even in my wildest dream that ruthless people do exist that led me to delete all those dirty comments! There were even people claiming to be from the advocacy against domestic violence!! To the extent of calling me monster for judging that woman as stupid! Now I realize I was even kind to her that time for calling her stupid!

As I read all the comments and trying to see from my regular readers if they were even harsh with these people but I couldn’t find even a single word that spells dirty to deserve these hater’s attack! And no matter what my readers wrote in defense, these haters were just so busy with their nonsense out of context attack they just want to spill out the dirty words and misjudgment! So I ended up shooting out those haters and led me to be precocious to keep this blog site free from those zombies!

For the last two months those zombies kept trolling around and leaving those dirty comments, still up until this time. I just felt sad that even at Hyun Joong’s official page at YouTube particularly in his album Timing, there were still lingering haters there! I posted my article link Closed Book at that certain page Beauty and I’m just glad it stays at the top comment box that everyone can read about the truth in that nightmare.



Now I would like to ask those hater this question “WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PROBLEM?”  Why does it bothered you haters that Hyun Joong’s fans are simply defending him which I think is just natural being his fans? Every single human being is entitled to choose whom we want to support and follow, so what is it with you haters that you seem to be so itchy to criticize Kim Hyun Joong and his fans?

I really couldn’t understand the logic in leaving hateful comments with so dirty words as if they are the most righteous people on earth but the truth is with how they delivered their comments made them the most evil creature ever existed in this world! And I mean it, we may share our comments our views about some news, but to the extend of character assassination is just too much that only showed how inhuman these haters are.

And the thing that I couldn’t understand is, at YouTube the official page of Hyun Joong’s Beauty is his fans territory yet these haters go there and leave negative comments. I couldn’t understand the logic that if you hate a person or this artist then why do they go there which goes to show they really intended to leave dirty comments and call his fans names!

What I did to those haters was to list their user names posted at the top comment and told them I’ll be back! And so I did, I went back and laughed at them! They responded calling me names and all I wrote was LOL!! Because no matter how decent way I write in expressing the truth about Hyun Joong being misjudged, I don’t think they will listen, they will always be blinded by the truth, not that they do not understand or simply commenting without knowing anything about the case, it’s simply destroying Kim Hyun Joong. I couldn’t find any more reason, they just want to hate, period!



I never thought there were a lot of Miss A flying around like bats and I guess the media just put this name on every women involved in scandals we read from hiding their identity from the cruelty they did to those male celebrities. Now I can call them the real vampires of this current generation who sucks blood in destroying a person’s career life! And I bet you they do have similar motives in their schemes of destroying and that is money! What else is there for a motive? And these women are just so scary!!

Just like this Miss A, the vampire being the main character in our nightmare, bringing out her dirty laundry to the public only to find out she’s just after Hyun Joong’s apology? This is still a big question mark to me asking myself why does this vampire A had to go all the way creating a scandal only for apology if it’s not money she’s after. It was stated in the trash news that there was no monetary settlement, fine, but who would believe her lies after all she had done?

Oh by the way, may I just mention in all fairness her name is NOT Choi Eun Soo, and definitely not the actress. There’s a misunderstanding there as the news stated this name was actually Miss A’s lawyer Ms. Choi Eun Soo. May I just clear that out, and until at this time Ms. A’s real identity is still concealed and will forever be hiding, probably in her own vampire coffin, I think all Ms. A are!! LOL just a Halloween joke there!!



It’s exactly a month from this day as the media posted pertaining Hyun Joong’s case being taken to the prosecutor’s office and until at this time we have not read any news regarding the case. Just my wild thoughts, and may I just speculate or just asking myself will media really post for news regarding the case’s closure? That remains to be seen, but it still bothers me that nothing was being done nor any legal actions against that woman and media pertaining all other allegations pressed charges from that vampire A were dropped.

After that woman had dropped the charges, it was the only time I started reading those nasty comments but I noticed those people leaving comments started to doubt that woman’s motive! It really appeared something fishy about the whole incident in that nightmare, well this was their comment!

These zombies have not realized that since this nightmare started, the case obviously had a lot of loop holes that they failed to see instead of jumping to judgement! Now I’m throwing back their words, how stupid these haters can be! And coming from those haters saying “how stupid this woman.”  At least this statement I agree with them since I wrote that too, as soon as the news broke, “I’m also a woman but I’m not as stupid as she is!”



A video clip landed at my email from one of Kim Hyun Joong fans which contains a compilation of messages from his fans, and as I was watching, I recognized a portion which was Hyun Joong’s statement if I’m not mistaken coming from his documentary, and may I quote:

“I used to think if I wasn’t a person who do this kind of work (being a celeb) I wouldn’t be depressed. But through this experience I learned that it’s the hardest to live a very normal life. I’m really a happy person, I am such a contented person doing what I want to do so I can’t imagine why I ever thought I was an unfortunate person.”

As I read these words, the first thing that came to my mind was, yes, if Hyun Joong is just an ordinary person it’s so unlikely that he’ll get involve in a nightmare when a snake tried to drag him to the quick sand. If he’s just an ordinary man. I don’t think that woman would waste her time to go the police to report a domestic issues and create a scandal which I’m sure no one would pay attention to her! Neither would media waste their time to even listen to her! But it’s a high-profile celeb that she tried to drag down! And she was successful in her motives for the time being, since her Karma is just around the corner!

Speaking from behind the scene, Kim Hyun Joong is a simple artist who would just like to sing, an artist who would just like to share his music to others that until now behind the scene he still behaves like an ordinary artist, no signs of star complex but simply himself as a person who has the talent. His co-artist and co-workers behind the scene testified this fact for so many projects he worked on. That until now his fame have not sink in to himself and still behave just like an ordinary artist, that this have not even change for 10 years being in the showbiz.

Kim Hyun Joong simply gives back that love to his fans through his talents being an artist with all his honesty and sincerity. As a result no matter how much his haters wanted to bring him down, they always fail because Hyun Joong and the fandom stayed stronger even in this worst nightmare.

Kim Hyun Joong is simply being truthful to himself and to his fans. Is it his fault to be loved by millions worldwide?

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D thanks!       Thanks to the fans who made these fan arts!