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By: LazerKim

I would like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday Oct. 22 yesterday both at tweeter, facebook, and at this site, thank you very much. For the last three years being a fan writer to Kim Hyun Joong, you have been my inspiration in sharing my thoughts and feelings all about the Kim Hyun Joong, this is my 400th article! Again from the bottom of my heart, Thank you very much! 


Many of us may have been wondering where Kim Hyun Joong might be, or what is he doing?  This is just a sign that his fans truly miss him quite a lot and this is so visible within the internet as many of his fans were endlessly posting many of his old pictures! Keep it up guys, being visible and vigilant is one way of fighting over the haters for them to see that their aim of pulling down KHJ fandom is not working! That they have to accept while Kim Hyun Joong stays the unbreakable star, his fans stays the unbreakable fans!

I think we somehow have the answer as to where he might be, coming from one of his friends that he’s in Jeju Island, probably on his favorite hobby which is scuba diving! But those pictures of Hyun Joong were taken in March this year as he received his Master Diver Certificate! And also celebrates the day he is no longer afraid of sharks!! But still afraid of insects, as a butterfly flew over him and was just scared to death!! LOL!



Now talking about Hyun Joong’s favorite hobby, this guy is adventurous, he loves challenges, however, being scuba diver is also a life risk challenge by nature. What he finds in that deep blue sea is peace. Nature is enhancement, refreshing and a good stress reliever as Hyun Joong enjoys the adventure finding out what’s down there. So why don’t we relax for this day since I intend to write in a lighter note as I share something relaxing!

Hyun Joong had visited my country twice and have been in Cebu Philippines as he stated in 2011 he wanted to go back if he has the chance. At this point may I be allowed to say I would like to suggest to him to try diving in my country because we have the best scuba sites, the best marine underwater world, the pure blue sea white sand of Palawan Philippines! Be it El Nido, Coron Busuanga, Puerto Prinsesa, these are paradise and has the best scuba sites, worth to visit!

And yes, I’m promoting my own loving country, I’ve been keeping this blog site for 3 years just for once allow me to do something for my country tourism!! LOL! So I’m doing it on this special day! If you happen to be in search for water nature, this is the place to go which is still a virgin island, stands on the top list in world tourism! Check it out link below! Thanks!



BIRTH OF A FAN  (LK fan account for the new fans)

Today I dig deep in my treasure box on how I spent my four birthdays that I would like to share to Hyun Joong’s new fans and haters! Why not, these haters has been lingering at this site so might as well dedicate something for them and learn the why, how, and when we started being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! Here’s my history!

Oct. 22, 2011

I think this was my most unforgettable birthday, it was just an ordinary day for me since I was under recovery so I just spent this day at home doing nothing so I started browsing at YouTube, looking for something to watch. I don’t know how I ended up at Breakdown but I was just staring at that man in black hair, black leather suit and dark glasses only to find out it’s Yoon Ji Hoo!! There I started to get hook watching him from 7pm till 7am the following day! I was totally captured by Kim Hyun Joong and the rest was history! That time I said to myself, “oh this spell will pass by, I’ll soon forget him!!”

Oct. 22, 2012

Before this day, I wrote two articles consecutively attacking someone who’s trying to criticize Kim Hyun Joong! Then some fans started greeting me on the 21st that I was then reminded it’s my birthday the following day!! I spent my birthday at this blog and I was happy to have spent it with my readers! The atmosphere was like a party that I forgot whom I was attacking the day before my birthday!! LOL And I’m so glad that those fans who celebrated it with me are still here reading all about KHJ, remained unchanged, still addicted to Hyun Joong!! The entire year I was all wondering as to when can I ever get away from Kim Hyun Joong’s spell!!


Oct. 22, 2013

In October 20th and 21st last year Kim Hyun Joong performed two concerts in a row the Premium Live concert held in Chiba (Makuhari Hall) which I was so looking forward to since the day he ended his concert series Japan Tour 2013. I was thinking this was gonna be the best birthday that I’ll ever spend to be in those two concerts, but instead, I attended a funeral of a family member back home!!

I cried for two reasons out of sadness, first a family member passed away, second, I was thinking it was my last chance to be able to see Hyun Joong again! And this should have been the first time for me to see him in his black short hair in person, which I never did!

However, I was greeted a happy birthday and condolence at the same time from behind the scene after that concert through phone call, so I was smiling and crying at the same time at 12 midnight!! I can just laugh at myself in remembering those days, as if nothing else was important to me than Hyun Joong’s concerts!! I was then asking myself again, “is this how to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong?” LOL!!

Oct. 22, 2014

This day I’m making it a point to be here this time, just to put on record, this article as my 400th article as my birthday present to myself!! I do celebrate every 100 articles I write as my accomplishment having only one subject to write. The life of Kim Hyun Joong is indeed colorful that there’s always something interesting to write about him. This is why I kept saying to the new fans, being a fan of Hyun Joong is all worth your time because we do learn a lot from him that he’s not even aware of!

I’m asking myself and wondering again just as I wondered 3 years ago, how long can I still write? No promises, just remain to be seen! This year I almost lost my way from Hyun Joong, only to find out I even became closer because of the nightmare! And so I quit asking myself as to when can I get away from being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, because I don’t think it will ever happen!! I think 3 years of asking is enough time for me to confirm I belong here!

In Oct. 27 2011, I wrote a letter to Hyun Joong which I have posted only after a year and telling him “I’m not sure if I’m your fan because it’s my first time to get hooked by a celeb!!”  Now I would say I’m a certified loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong, as my first, my last and my ONLY ONE!



Some fans may be asking does Hyun Joong knows how his fans are supporting him? Here’s something for our thoughts being a fan. I can only speak for myself. If I do something good, I don’t need to be recognized. In 2012, I write daily articles like a hobby that I wasn’t expecting anything, I just keep writing everyday as my daily routine!

What do I gain? I gained the feelings of happiness in talking about Kim Hyun Joong, and before I realize it, I develop love to his fans who are practically strangers, at the same time I started gaining love from them too, which for me is priceless. How Hyun Joong shared his love to his fans turned to a chain reaction among them and I have proven this during the nightmare. There’s just love everywhere whenever we talk about this guy!

In short, a sincere giver doesn’t have to be recognized, and doesn’t ask anything in return. As a fan whatever Kim Hyun Joong’s success is, is also his fans success. This is another reality in an idol and fan relationship. That is why we have this unconditional love for Kim Hyun Joong, a kind of love between idol and fans.



Fans being actively visible at the internet is one way of showing to the world that Kim Hyun Joong can not just be taken down by any setback inflicted just to destroy him. As I have said earlier, I’m sharing my own fan experience not only to Hyun Joong’s new fans but also sharing it to his haters who have been sneaking around and I won’t be surprised one day they will also be addicted to Kim Hyun Joong!! LOL!!

Oh I can welcome them with open arms, at least they can swallow their own words including their pride!! I’m not bragging please don’t misunderstand, but I noticed my scale of readers had gone up by 100% ever since the nightmare started! So it makes me feel Hyun Joong is still gaining despite the set back. I really think he gained out of the nightmare too and I strongly felt it, the negative vibes producing positive impact!

I have only one wish for my birthday this year. I wish Hyun Joong would be able to clear his name, as soon as possible. This is all I ever wish for!

To this end may I share with you from 2013 message from Kim Hyun Joong….

“I am very thankful to my fans who always stand by me. 
I do not know when it would be, someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories. ^^

I keep piling up neatly all the pleasant memories in my heart in order to open and see whenever I miss you. 
Let’s live happily~~~ ‘Your Story’ is the song just for you ^^ fighting”     Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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    • Thank you Janani! THANKS YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!

      I have just posted my latest article CRAVING WORDS, this is an update on HJ’s FM in Seoul, pls do check it out! See you there!! Thanks!


      I have read all your comments, pls forgive me if I can not reply to all of you individually, just busy with work, thanks for your understanding! take care everyone, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      LazerKim here!

  1. Happy Birthday once again and congratulation on your 400 articles. My goodness I don’t know how you do this. 400 articles only about Kim hyun Joong this is really a great gift for him. It ‘s like you are writing history of Kim Hyun Joong. It is really something that he can always smile when he reads it even in 20 years later.

    I myself enjoy reading your articles again and again. Thank you so much for your dedication and effort. I think through your articles I feel closer to HJ. I hope when he enlists there will be update news about him otherwise we always have something to read in your blog.

  2. Happy birthday lazer Kim,am sorry i had no idea,am new to this blog.At first,i just read from here about hyun joong. I just started commenting mainly when the nightmare started. am truly happy to know he has such amazing hobby. Truly, everyday am so much dazed by hyun joong personality. God’s favour will always be with him. I pray that he finds peace and inspiration. To all of Kim hyun joong fans you guys are a blessing to him. To hyun joong: i hope u are happy and proud of who you are, love you.

  3. just thinking how shy l was at the begining , when l started to read your articles, l really hesitated to write, because English is not my language, and l didnt know how to do, until someone tought me how to use the blog and write comments. Thank you my friend to give us the chance to share our feeling and our dreams.
    Thanks to be for us in the most dificulta moment of his fandom.

  4. Sorry sis..been late to greet you.Have great happy birthday sis,more love n bless come to you.Yes you are right we don’t need recognized or accept something for return for our feeling to him coz he done more than enough to us. I always be here coz I know what kind of person he is.Our love is UNBREAKABLE

  5. Oh Belated Happy Birthday, dear LazerKim ^^ It seems lately I always end up wishing too late, lol. I know I am very late and the fact that Greece is some hours behind the place you live makes it even worse, lol. I wholeheartedly wish you all the best in all aspects of your life, dear and I’m really happy to have met you! And congratulations on your 400th article!! 😀

    You are right, the love we have for KHJ is unconditional and what we gain is the happiness and love in our hearts as we have ended up loving very much and caring for not only KHJ but also for other fellow fans of him all over the world. For me it’s like that too 🙂

    Oh I was tearful back then when I had read these words from this 2013 message of KHJ, I was so moved…. And I am still moved by this so great sincere love of KHJ for us fans.

    I know I disappear at times, but I can’t help it. However, I always read your articles as well as fellow fans’ comments and I enjoy reading all these and I feel my heart warmed with love. ❤
    You know, there are so many things I want to say sometimes, but because it's so much, it's difficult for me to comment because I'll have to spend so much time to organise it and I don't even know what to say first. Sometimes I have so much to say about KHJ and fellow fans that I end up getting confused, lol. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say, lol. Maybe the various changes in my life, my tiredness and other things have affected me too, lol. Sorry if I confused you, guys. I just want to say that even if I don't appear with comments here, I'm still with you. I read everything here, feel warm and my heart communicates with you all. Even the same happens with Facebook and Twitter fellow fans of KHJ. Even when I disappear and get silent, I am with you all, keke 🙂 ❤

    • Oh forgot to say that I also wish that your wish comes true, LazerKim! And of course, it’s also my wish, as it is of all fans!
      And I hope you had a great time on your birthday, dear ^^

  6. Congratulations Lazerkim on your 400 articles, wow, this is time is for celebration, your birthday and today this. Thank you for showing us the beauty of your country , my wish list just got bigger with adding your country to visit as a must, you do have the most beautiful beaches and clear waters. (Now just feeling like a vacation in Pamalican island…. 🙂
    And may your birthday wish may be fulfilled as soon as possible! I think we all have the same wish!
    Thank you for your beautiful articles they are like love letters, so touching and warm and you’ve made us all became a big family united in the love and appreciations for our Only One!
    In the end as you’ve said haters will start to become addicted as well, I suggest they should start reading from the beginning of your blog, that way they will understand why we love and appreciate Hj and are United and behind our Star all the way and they can’t break us.
    Loved the pics, thanks. God Bless and as Hj said Let’s live happily~~~ :)

  7. Hi LK, Belated happy birthday dear :). Didn’t know about your special day :(.Its great reading all the articles you wrote on your b’day for KHJ’s fans . Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I know that he’ll be back with a bang for his tour. Cheers 😀

  8. Hi Ms Lazer!

    Happy belated birthday!
    Hope u had a memorable & enjoyable day with your loved ones or friends…
    May your wish for our beloved boy come true in the near future too…

    M so glad to hear that he’s enjoying himself in Jeju…
    Looking forward to Saturday for the Lotte FM…
    Hoping we’ll get a deluge of vids from the fans who are going to be there.
    Been missing him so very much…

    Well, for now, ingat Ms Lazer!
    Anticipating your next article on our only one…

  9. Am so Happy to read the articles which you always write about KHJ Oppa. When reading the articles you always write makes me to feel like am near Him. I like his smile and it makes me go crazy.
    Keep it up LazerKim, and thank you. Am so Happy to be KHJ fan and I hope one day I will be able to meet Him. Much love from Tanzania – Africa (one of silent fan)

  10. I have a question LK, does oppa read the comments here as well??

    And by the way, in Egypt we have a beautiful coral reef in the red sea too, so he can come to Egypt as well

  11. I don’t want him to ever ever stop singing and acting and holding fan meets, it’s hard but not impossible, bless him and bless you Lazer Kim and bless all the fans.

      • No I mean if he decided one day that he doesn’t want to do singing or acting, I don’t want him to stop, I’ve heard him say something about being a director or something in the far future, that’s why I’m worried, I know it’s his choice, but I can’t live without that sweet voice of his ^ ^

  12. Hallo Ms.LK♡ Sorry for my late greeting 😦 ~~ Belated Happy Birthday , Wish U all the Best and all Ure Wish / Our Wish Come True♥ Thank U so Much for All Ure Wonderful articles. It’s always Healing to read and Such a Vitamin for me. May I just say , When I read Ure articles it seems like am pouring what’s in my Heart too .Somehow if it’s about KHJ we will all have the same though even experience ^^ Am so thankful and Grateful to be part of His World. Proud to Be His Fans. Am not a fan of anyone before , am just a crazy Korean Drama Lovers. But KHJ as Jihoo has Captivated me. And Make Me Falling in Love with Him again and again. Am So amazed by The Power Of Love from KHJ to Fans and From Fans to KHJ. I Got Much Love and Bless from KHJ and all Henecia Family. I Learn to Love Again coz of KHJ ^^ ♥♥ Once again Thank U so much Ms.LK♡ , Ure Awesome.Love and My Respect goes to U♡ God Bless U , INGAT!! ♥♥ *sorry for my poor English ^^

    • Hello Ana! Thank you so much for the greetings! The pleasure is mine in writing. I’m so glad I made the right decision to promote our country tourism for the first time in 3 years, thanks to HJ’s scuba hobby, right timing to promote!! LOL And I truly miss back home! Hey Ana your English is perfect don’t worry just keep on expressing yourself nothing matters here anything goes.
      I’ll be back, im just at work!! I LOVE YOU ALL…. see you!

  13. Belated happy birthday Lazerkim wishing you more happiness…. Been reading your articles and truly got hooked… Thank you so much. 😍

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Thank GOD..KHJ find time for his favorite hobby and he wanted to have a warm atmosphere in sea nature..good for you our star.Me also I recommend to him to go here and spend time in Philippines proudly marine nature..your right Laser Kim.And to you birthday girl..I know how much you loved showed by your wonderful articles…like just found happiness indeed every time I edited his asking in return..and I promise to give him my 101% unconditional love as I had as mother to my children.And thank you for almost perfect loved to read articles…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again..wish happiness and good KHJ said:)

  15. Hello LK! Sorry I never got to greet you on your special day. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ve known your blog for sometime now, even before HJs so called scandal. I just don’t comment, call me one of your silent readers. However things changed, when the nighmare happened. I needed a place where people aren’t going to stab upfront when I defend leader. Your blog gave that to me. The freedom to express my love and support for Hyunjoong without having to defend myself too.
    Let me share my first encounter with Hyunjoong, that was 2009 BOF TV premier in the Philippines. I was a fan of the original series soI was curious what Koreas version was and it didn’t disappoint me. Actually it surpassed my expectations. I never knew Kim Hyun Joong is a singer then. I come to know of it through the news. SS501, the next day I was browsing through the net looking for SS501 and the first video I saw of them was De Javu. I think that song was stuck in my head for 3 months dibidibidib!!!!!
    Then I watched their old videos from MPick to Idol World to Japan the Mission to WGM. In these videos I thought I just got a glimpse of who Hyunjoong is but I realised it was not just a glimpse but it really is who he is. No pretentions just him. Well the rest you could say is history.
    I remember in one of the shows he guested, he applauded at how the Philippine seas are clean, how we take care of our waters and he wished Korea would do te same. I actually felt proud of that. I guess that was when he went to Cebu. I’m with you in inviting him to dive in Palawan. Specially now that it is rated as the worlds best island. He’ll definitely enjoy it there.
    Again belated Happy Birthday 🙂 ♥♥♥

      • Hello there! That’s an interview in Hongkong 2011 The Face Shop promotion and launching of Breakdown. I still have the transcript of that interview. He said he hopes SK would also keep their water nature as clean as the Phil water nature. I felt proud too!
        I’ll be back with you guys, still working here! Take care everyone, be happy, we’ll see him soon! See you again and God bless…
        LazerKim here!

  16. i found your blog in the heights of that nightmare and may i just say your articles are like healing medicine. i don’t know if i can say i almost lost my way being leader’s fan but i did feel down. but then i kept telling myself if that was true, i can only hate the action not the person. I’ve been a fan of many artists since i was 11 years old(starting with taiwanese f4) but SS501 is my first and only kpop addiction. I never had the ability to unlove the people i love so i’m sure i’ll forever be a triple s and a henecia since it was leader who introduced the group to me through Playful Kiss. I have so many things to say but i think i’ll to make it short. I’m just a fan for a year but i feel like i’ve known them all my life! and that there is nothing in this world that can change the way i feel for them. and that nightmare, i’m sick of it but i’m glad i think i know the real story why it happened! lol. ANYWAY, I’M SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU’RE A FILIPINO LIKE ME! I ALWAYS THOUGHT THERE ARE ONLY A FEW FANS OF HIM OR THEM IN THE PHILIPPINES! BUT NOW, I FOUND OUT THERE ARE A LOT! 🙂 such a great move promoting our beloved country by the way! and BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GOD BLESS SS501! TRIPLE S AND HENECIA! I PRAY THAT KHJ’s name will be cleared sooner. I’m also praying for PJM’s trouble. Continue writing such great article. I must say, I LOVE YOU 🙂

  17. Hi dear LazerKim. I knew its your birthday yesterday when i came here reading all these healing comments eagerly but unfortunately couldn’t manage to wish u right away coz something came up in the middle of Well, now let me wish you, “Happy Belated Birthday” to u and may God always bless u with all the happiness in this world. Sorry for the belated wishing. : )

    Fyi, i just know ur blog when KHJ case happened. Before, i always in Hyunniepexers blog which i really addicted to go there everytime everyday to find my HJ stories. So thankful for Aprilstar n crew’s efforts in that blog. When HJ case gone wild, Hyunniepexes has had tagged ur articles, thats the beginning i knew abt u here. Since that day, i really enjoy reading ur articles coz u seems so ‘close’ to HJ in every articles u wrote. Looking forward for ur next write-up LK.

    Talking abt diving n HJ, lol…i remember when SS501 came to Sabah , Malaysia ( might be on 2009 if im not mistaken ) and they have their vacation in one of our beautiful island. I think most of u have watched the video showing how they have a good time there and at one time they did diving there near the island. At the time, HJ was really scared of sharks but he was forced to dive eventually and the way he dive was really funny…lol…i don’t know how to explain it but he looked so clumsy and aggresively swimming to the boat in a short time. When he got on the boat his face looked so pale because he thought sharks were chasing him…LOL…Damn!! How can that handsome and though man look so cute and childish when he was so scared to death! LOL…i fell in love more with him at that time…what a nostalgia..

    Nowadays that HJ has already mastered his diving skill, i felt so relieve n proud of him that he was a kind who always trying to push himself to the best he can be. So proud that finally has vanished all his great fear that is “SHARK”.

    • i will support you ending hyun joong & today also my birthday i hope god will give you good thing for you & hope can see you again hyun joong i wish you happiness with your family everyday happy together please dun forget me i come form Singapore my name Alice Loh ❤ take care hyun joong bye

  18. Happy belated birthday. You have the same date as my sister, so I will remember next year. I am a reader for just over a year, and I want to say thank you for giving, me/us, the fans a true insight of Kim Hyun Joong character. Thank you for your article and may God bless you with many many more years so you can keep writing. God bless and hope you had a great day.

  19. If khj is willing to have his scuba diving here in our country lk i am willing to be his tour guide (super kilig lol)and i will bring him to caramoan and misibis bay in bicol im sure he will love the place!!!
    Trully his one of my stress reliever,,and my love for him grows bigger everyday i always keep watching his music videos, variety shows and everything related to him..i miss him so.much

  20. first, I wish you a Happy Birthday, with a little late 🙂 I am a new fan of Kim hyun Joong, and all your articles help me to know more about him! In my country, there are many haters when you have an asiatic idols, not because of racism but some asiatics here are very naughty and make bad actions.. so then when i say that I love Kim hyun Joong, everybody are against me, try to rabash me, treat me like i am crazy….. not because of his person but because he is korean ( most of people here cannot make distinction betwen korean, chinese, vietnamians… person, for them there’s only chinese). But whatever they said, I can’t help myself to not thinking of him, everyday… so, your article make me feel that i’m not the one, and I like when you say “for new fan” because I am a new one (just 8months ago), it seems like you wrote it especially for me ❤ Many thanks LK, I wish that your wish cames true, to clear his name as soon as possible!! And i wish you too a good health to continue living and sharing your love and support for Kim hyun Joong!!!

  21. I’ve been your silent reader of your blog at least a year now ( same goes to other blog who also wrote & giving update about KHJ) But only few months ago i decided to come out and say I am indeed one his fan, whatever they say about me. But first let me thank you for all your hard work and all writing for our only one.. May always God Bless you always and let your blog brings hapiness to others.. Also, please allow me to add another best scuba site/place in our country, Anilao Batangas, Davao, Camsur, and Panglao Bohol.. and also don’t forget Boracay Island!!!..

    Happy Birthday LK!!

  22. I always read ur article,i’m also a fan from the philippines and hoping someday hyun joong will be able to see our beautiful underwater nature…as a fan i admit that i’ve been captivated by his charm,and talent that for me only hyun joong has a power to do that…i’ve been loss by the beautiful smile and kindness in his heart..and whatever will be… I remain to be a loyal fan. What is ur fb account pls add me… happy birthday i wish that ur wish will come true.GB..🎂🍝🍻…and pls continue to write article about our only one..

  23. Whoah! As I’m reading your article,I don’t know what kind of feeling is this,I think I’m really inloved with KHJ yay!!! Honestly I like Lee Min Ho I’m one of his fans but the feeling is different lol!!!! Anyways (belated) MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN Ms LK fighting!!! 🙂 take care always, GOD bless.

  24. First of all, I wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your Birthday with all of us all. I am one of your new reader for a few months and I would like to also be your friend on Facebook too. I have send you a request. I hope that you will give me the chance to be one of your friend too.

    Ever since I been reading your blog about Kim Hyun Joong. I just seem to be drawn closer and closer to you too. To have someone to sharing the same love we all have for Hyun Joong. I wanted to be more than just your reader. I wanted to be in the family of Kim Hyun Joong too.

    Thank you for sharing a little of what Hyun Joong might be doing at this time. Whatever he is doing now. I hope he will find peace and comfort to ease his heart and so he can return to all of us, his fans soon. Since I live on the other side of the world in the USA. I look forward to any news I can hear about Hyun Joong on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Keyeast, and Hyun Joong home page and etc.

    Once again Happy Birthday LK and have a wonderful time on you Birthday with your love one. I will be waiting to read your next article and I am here to stay. So I hope we can become friends and be one of Kim Hyun Joong family member too. See you next time.

  25. I truelly love your articles. Every time I read or hear something about KHJ I smile so much and with happiness. I didn’t doubt him at all in this last mess. I just smiled and thought that the day will come when the haters cant hate KHJ anymore and I can see the smiles he will put on their faces. Then they will ask theirselves WHY…The love in my heart is very strong. His smile everyday I look at makes my day wonderful. If I am ever having a bad day I look at his picture and listen to that angel of a voice he has. Then my day is great. He has helped me get thru some pretty tough times and he doesn’t know it, LOL. I love KHJ so much like a son to me. I am so proud of him. He will continue to stand strong and I am always there to support whatever he chooses to do.LK, you are also awesome. Please continue to write about our ONE.

  26. Yes LK you are so true ..i’m just a 3 months fan and i am very proud being one of Kim Hyun Joong fans. this is my first time loving a celeb and don’t know the reason and don’ want to find it..can’t help the tears from falling reading the last paragraph of your article containing the message of hyun joong for his fans..i’m touched and felt his sincerity towards his fans…thanks you so much LK. my friend from Hana Tour in Cebu told me that hyunjoong indeed dives in Cebu just now she told me that he stayed at Imperial Palace that time. i am also a diver ..its so relaxing ..a different world. i am happy to know that he is relaxing..he deserve it after a long years of working hard. forever a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and no other. God Bless LK Happy Birthday stay healthy always and more blessings to come.

  27. Happy birtday for you LK… Thanks for your wonderfull articels that bring an unknown spirit everytime i read it all. I have been your regular silent reader since past 2 years, i’m too “bussy” to leave a comment keke, yours and the others blog articels is such a vitamin for me when i getting tired with my daily sched especially when i miss our only one kiyakaka boy. Once again i hve too say thanks and happy bithday for you! May God bless us.

  28. I started reading hiere at the end of 2011, after searching News about him, those days he and started his world tour, and l got the gift from him , the s ong Marry me, that december was special, l read a lot and started my adiction, and you were my inspiration, so seems we travelled the journey together since the beginning . Happy birthday dar
    God blues you

  29. Thank you LK, for sharing your birthday with Kim Hyun Joong and his loving fans. You are so right! I think this scandal has raised him up to find even more fans than before. My reader numbers have also gone up about 1000%! of course, I have much more to go and I hope they will just keep coming and finding love with us here! I am so pleased to have new friends and to still be in touch with lasting friends like you. I have wondered where some of the friends are who were around in 2012 when I discovered your blog. I miss Razr quite a bit. she was the funniest person and always made me laugh. I am glad to still see friends like fanjoong and jazu to mention a couple that have been with us for a long time. I am just as happy to see them as to see new fans as well. Thank you to LK and thank you to all the fans. I look forward to each day reading your comments and emails and tweets. I miss Hyun Joong a lot right now, but all of you have been keeping me company. We will see him soon again, just around the corner, he will pop out and surprise and thrill us once again.

    So, Happy Birthday again, LK! Looking forward to many more with you! May God bless you in all your endeavors this year, and I do hope your wish comes true! To have his name cleared and force all those haters to eat their words would be a beautiful dream come true! Good Night, sister, dear! Love you!

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