Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNBREAKABLE STAR



By: LazerKim


Have you asked yourselves, What makes an artist popular? What make fans stay loyal to their idol? What qualities in an artist do you like most? We all do have our own individual choices and prerogative whom we follow being a fan, which is our right. Every artist has different image as he shows on stage or on cameras while the public or his fans do appreciate. Other artists may stay with the same image and some do change their style or outlook constantly. Kim Hyun Joong is this type of artist, and that was why he was called an icon being a trend setter in style and looks.

From the time he started in the lime light even during his SS501 days, he often change his hairstyle, and every time he does, he just look different yet still handsome no matter how he fix his hair! In every project he has, or even frequent public appearances he makes sure something change in him. Take a look at his albums, all of those has different image and particularly his hairstyle! As he change his music concept his physique goes with it. And I think that makes him unique as an artist. Transformation is so easy for Hyun Joong in lesser effort that brings out something new in him every time he’s out there!

With all those changes from 2011’s Breakdown till the present, a greater development he had made in his talent abilities being a singer, dancer and actor. We have seen all of those 180 degrees turn in his ability improvement at the beginning of the year 2014 from his drama IG being in the lead role, he was highly praised in his acting ability. From the impressive fight scenes, dialogue with his co-actors, to the silent character of Shin Jung Tae’s emotions, indeed Hyun Joong is a perfect choice for this character and proved it.

To the latest World Tour Concert Series after one year of being away from the live stage performing as a singer dancer, his power on stage turned out to be even stronger which took me by surprise! Honestly in the world of dance, choreographers prefer artists who can grow, meaning there’s much room in getting higher, than those who started good but stay stagnant. Hyun Joong maximized that room without pushing too much, yet his power took over the stage that brought a successful show constantly in all venues.



I was once a perfectionist which is quite expected from me because of my profession, I was the kind of person who looks for perfection in an artist talent ability, technique, then next is beauty and brain. Hyun Joong changed that views in me and enlightened me with reality being an artist and being a fan at the same time. I leaned that it’s not technique in an artist’s craft that truly matters, but what makes me happy being a fan. This I think is the most important input an artist should know. What makes your fans happy.

Hyun Joong puts priority to what his fans may enjoy and make them happy, while he puts in his best effort to develop himself in every project he has. He doesn’t bores us with the same music style, he never bored us with the same outlook and he never fails to surprise us with whatever he has in store for us. In short, he knows how to get hold of his fans without overdoing anything, but simply being himself, and making sure there’s something new that he gives to us, that would surely makes us happy as his fans!

It’s true that even Hyun Joong would just stand on stage without doing anything you’ll already be captured, even without make up or flashy outfit. What more with hearing his voice as he sings from his heart, you’ll just melt and fall in love with him again and again. An artist’s sincerity is very important, I learned that, because we fans do feel this from them. And lastly, Hyun Joong remained humble and ever modest all these years with all the success he has been gaining.

He may not be the best in the music industry as others may think, but he got it all, that power to conquer the world… Yet Kim Hyun Joong never puts his fame to his head…… but bear that fame in his heart,  with much love to share to his fans.



As I have mentioned Hyun Joong’s life is an open book to his fans. May I just share, before I became a fan, I was already in my profession and when I had the chance to work with him on stage it was then I realize everything that I wrote in the past based from his interviews and write ups about him as a person are true. Meaning Hyun Joong had shared so much about himself to his fans and had nothing more to hide. He is known for his honesty, as a result no matter what negative was being said about him, his fans never paid attention and continued to be loyal to him.

Going back to the question earlier, what makes an artist popular and what makes the fans stay loyal to their idol? We have different views and opinion here that I would like to read from you. As far as LazerKim is concern I think of just two traits of Kim Hyun Joong that speaks of all…. SINCERITY AND HONESTY.

If a person is sincere, it will always surface in his whole being. If a person is honest, his honesty will always comes out in any situation.  The truth is, Kim Hyun Joong did not only win his fans loyalty through his looks and talent as an artist. But more so….

Kim Hyun Joong as a person in reality being sincere and honest made him unbreakable and will always remain the  UNBREAKABLE STAR ever…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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26 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNBREAKABLE STAR

  1. KHJ is an artist that u won’t get bored following him,bcoz new project,new transformation.and that is KHJ a man full of innovation in making his fans feel excited all the time.also his interviews are very interesting esp.when he gives direct,simple en sincere ans.together along with his sense of humor it brings laughter and joy to many and that makes him more cool en cute😄his modesty is one of a kind,it’s very rare among the artist this kind of attitude esp.When they are famous like him. There are many reason and it’s my first time to follow an artist like him.dont know why? I’m a mother of one and ill consider him my second child😄 KHJ is very fortunate bcoz he has a lot of mother from his fans, always love en support him.
    To Ms.Lazerkim thank u very much for ur wonderful article about unbreakable KHJ. May u have a blessed and lovely day & Wishing u a good health all the time. Thank u 😄Kimsmile 😄

  2. Ms Lk.thanks for that nice article..just wanna ask how did u work with hj?do u know him personally?im a new fan but i love him so much.dont know y i feel the same way like u do to him but i know is that we all have a connection that nobody can explain.maybe u r right that obce he cast a spell on u,u will be addicted with him 4ever😊i hope all the fans around the world will b united with him so these bashrs will see how powerful his fans are..more power to u!!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful article. I love reading your articles. Yes, I do agree with you 100%. From all the researches I search up about Kim Hyun Joong. The things I found most wonderful about him, is that he stay true to himself for who he is. That’s what I love about him the most. All the things he have done in the past and are still doing now. He always show his true self to everyone and not hide anything. That is why we all LOVE him so much.

  4. Hi LK, thanks again for the wonderful article :). I wish KHJ grows in popularity not only in Korea but all over the world. I would like to request if KHJ’s agency can ask him to perform in India coz his Indian fans are eager to meet him. Keep up the good work. God bless LK and KHJ 😀

  5. Hi LK ,

    Thank you so much for another heart warming article. i love the title ” unbreakable star ” that’s how i feel and believe about KHJ .

    I have started watching the old shows since 2005 again. I really do miss him a lot. He is really a unique young man then who a unique star now. The quality he has I have never seen in other stars. I like his funny side and his carefree when he was younger . His opinion is always straight forward which made him even more charming. He did not change much except more mature as a real man now. KHJ then was a beautiful boy his face is more beautiful than a female model who was his co-advertiser. The young KHJ looked sexy even when he was very shy . Something is true until now is his comments are always interesting and can make people laugh because of his 4D . I loved loved to watch again and again all of his variety shows. Watching him in the variety shows are like you take a happy medicine your cheek will get sour because of laughing. He is a true healer for those who needed.

    Sometime it’s hard to explain why I like him so much and feel very special about him as i can say easily that i love you KHJ. The feeling does not happen just one drama or one variety show or one album but it come from knowing him bit by bit from various sources for some years. I can say that even though he is very talented , handsome and charming but that just make me like him not love him. What made me love him so much is his personality which is really captured my heart especially his sincerity and his honesty. His sincerity and his honesty have opened my heart to accept all about him. He is a very decent young man who parents can be proud of. That’s how i see him if he is not an artist. As an artist he has all a super star need. In my opinion he is a very attractive man who has a very strong charisma on screen and on stage.

    Beside his voice and his music I really love his acting skill I believe if he has a chance to join good drama project he will easily be the most charismatic actor from South Korea.I’m looking forward to seeing more of his drama. I admit I really love him in a drama and hope to see him in a movie one day. KHJ is like a cat who has a 9 life to live . He .does not break easily. The love from his fans and people who knew him and admire him plus what he has accumulated for years will make him unbreakable.

    Fighting Kim Hyun Joong my unbreakable star.

    • Hello Bella! Where is Jazu she gave me that idea bcoz she always call hj unbreakable LOL Then someone post the lyrics of this song that i realize as if hj was singing that song to his detructors! lol
      I agree with all you said yes there are times i ask myself why i like him so much and i would say he’s just so different fr others whom i work w. i have never seen him even a slightest arrogance or star complex wc many celebs w star status has. And talking about being straight forwardness i finally found that interview as he pointed out something about his fans w was brutally frank. ill post it on my next article. And thats another proof that he really personally reads his fans letters. That will also shows what kind of person he is.
      I like the sound of his laughter! Talking about shyness oh i can only laugh whenever he’s shy he behave as if he is not a star!! lol he’s so cute! he always stands out in a crowd his personality is overbearing just dont let him talk!! lol bcoz you’ll hear something unexpected fr him! lol oh well its nice to talk about his personality!! Thank you bella for sharing your thoughts. Im still laughing here!! Take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  6. Dear LK, I dont know who you are, before getting in to the core i want to introduce my self, iam Anu, professionaly am an engineer and am from India, to be precise from kerala, a state in India. Iam a die hard fan of KHJ, viewed almost his dramas and perfomances. Me and my friend leema were searching each and everything about KHJ through the networks. Now i read you, you include everything what i expect to read. I dont know how can i contact my dear KHJ, so i wrote a letter to him to the address i got from the media, but i think he didnt get it. Now he is in my bucket list and you are my hope. When you get the first opportunity to meet him, inform that he got so many fans in our country tooo, and keep writing such interesting things dear LK. I like to be in korea because you people are so adorable. My wishes and may god bless you.

  7. Dear LK you always fill my heart with joy and pride. Reading your post makes me feel closer to many people who feel the same. That sweet man is not only handsome but a beautiful human being. What I love about him the most is his personality, so quirky, funny and completely out there. I wish for him the best wherever his road takes him. Thanks always for your wonderful posts

  8. Always Thanks to Ure Wonderful articles Ms.LK♡ I can’t describe what am feelings to Our Only One KHJ. also my English is bad lol . But I can say that He is My Miracle , My Happiness.The Man that always makes me falling in Love with Him every day.Even more deeper. He is a Blessing to me♡ ~~ Proudly say that am Thankful to be His Fans. ^^
    ~~Love U Ms.LK♡ ~~

  9. Hello, LK! You must be one busy lady to just pop out all of the sudden with these encouraging words! We miss you when you are not able to post daily like you did in the past. I am glad you can come out for even a brief moment because the fans need the encouragement right now. Kim Hyun Joong has been off the radar for two whole weeks and we are missing him so painfully. I am very disappointed in KE that they can not even bother to give an update or to fill out his calendar on it is completely blank and a previously confirmed event at Lotte Duty Free and Fan Meeting in Seoul for overseas fans in late October are not showing up there. We were trying to send rice wreaths to the Lotte Duty Free event but were turned away by Dreame the company who was taking the orders because they could not confirm his participation. Where the hell is his management company? I have been posting on every official Kim Hyun Joong site begging for updates and confirmations of his appearances. It’s so very frustrating.

    Anyway, thank you for the boost in our spirits just reminding us of how amazing Kim Hyun Joong really is and that our feelings about him are truth and not illusion. I miss him so much right now, but I hope he is getting the rest and rejuvenation he needs to come back to us strong and full of the 10,000 sun smiles we love so much. My sweet deongsangah, I just want him to be HAPPY! I have compiled a new page on my blog where I am gathering links to all the polls, radio stations, official Kim Hyun Joong social sites and any other projects or places to nominate or vote for him to show his popularity is still going strong and his brand is still platinum level so KE, antis, haters, and even Kim Hyun Joong himself can see the hard numbers as proof we haven’t left his side or forgotten him for a single moment. Fans can go here each day to vote at the polls and support the efforts of other fans trying to show their love with rice wreaths and whatever othe plans they are making to boost his ratings everywhere possible. Just click here:
    thanks LK! Love and miss you too and your first hand witness accounts of what our Hyun Joongie is up to! Thanks again! Blessings! 🙂

    • Hello Angie! Thanks for the article I have read it. May i just clarify, if you notice I seldom put up HJ’s upcoming event details the way I used to bcoz I have noticed someone is trying to mislead the events. I think that’s one reason why KE is not updating his calendar. We’re not over yet as I have said they will not stop until he’s down to the ground. We just have to be visible vigilant every time. I post articles that answers to the haters bcoz I know they still read from here. Why we stay why we cannot be convinced to stray away from him bcoz this is their aim for HJ’s fans to give up on him. Unfortunately it’s not working in favor to their wishes. We be careful of what we read sometimes news can be misleading.
      Let’s not worry about him, isn’t it he normally take a breather every after project? Sometimes it takes months, so it’s not something new and before we know it he’s out there in a new hair style or color!! LOL!
      Thank you Angie, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you LK. I’m not so much worried about KHJ as the fans. I know he is cooking up something new. the fans are just worried because of all the hating going on and KE seems to be this sleeping giant that just won’t lift it’s head to support him. I have been posting at least 2-3 times a week to assure the fans and keep their spirits up too! He will show us something amazing soon as he always does, I am sure you are right. I just wish KE would help us support him a little better. I’m trying to do that by providing a one stop shop so to speak for all his voting polls and such. Remember when we guarded them so vigilantly in the past? I hope you have time to stop by there and cast your votes too! Love you sis! have a good week!

  10. Many thanks dearest LazerKim for such a nice article. Of course Honesty and Sincerity and may I add Charisma and inbred elegance and the kindness that can be seen when he smile and a sense of humor that they called it 4D, (really this term I still don’t get it right…) but is catchy and a bit of innocence naivety which is unexpected from some man at his status and age who is a very intelligent person always thinking out of the box, that is why his creativity is so appealing and a real trendsetter and thinking out of SK boundaries in entertainment. Yes you are correct he is an entertainer, but he is an artist in all, actor, singer, dancer and a very dashing model. Correct he is one of a kind, the Only One and Unbreakable! Peace and love sis:)

  11. Many thanks dear Lazer Kim^ 🙂 for every single word you are saying here about KHJ.
    i share and agree your opinion and the testimony of all faithful fans of our Only One and Unbreakable Star. Kim Hyun Joong deserves our love.

    We appreciate this big opportunity to admire this great and noble contemporary artist who changed standards of limits as a Hallyu Star can ever achieve by his inimitable professionalism. He has the gift of creating this magical kaleidoscope that captivates and holds. We are under the spell of the fireworks of all his achievements and we become deeply addicted forever.

    He is really a prince charming with precisely this mixture of charisma, passion, genius and Brio, sincerity, honesty and simplicity all in an amalgam of an attractive presence that makes Kim Hyun Joong unique. He leaves a huge impact everywhere, with a wake of incomparable purity and grace which spread unforgettable moments of peace and joy… His close friends and fans that can follow him in his travels and attend the magic of his concerts are very lucky.

    For me, KHJ is a Royal Eagle that hovers above the snowy peaks always higher up to the heights of glory. ~~

    Nothing can ever tarnish this image or alter my love, respect and admiration for this man with a big heart that stir the Souls. KHJ is like pure gold that can dull. He remains eternal.

    Thanks dear Lazer Kim, to bring always much of happiness by your wonderful articles which make us a true family in the Spirit of faithful fans and all Henecians too. A big family every day stronger with our love and support to One LOVE. ❤

  12. You’re right LaserKim, our HJ is a magical star who always innovate himself and his shows. I love his sincerity, his honesty, his impretentiouness and his wittiness too. When I saw him in TV games at his beginnings, I became his fan right away. I’ve never been a fan of anyone and it happened to me in my half-century 🙂 and with a young korean man!!! And day after day, I follow him now.

    Laserkim, you saw the real HJ in his work and with fans, and you admire him more and more. Your witness proves that his fans are right about him. I’ll always be a fan of our only one!

    • Same year. I sould not be a fan of this young man but I am, and happy to be one. I believe in supporting young people but they do have to have a certain character, and I find that and more in Kim Hyun Joong. Yes, others may have the same but their light is dim where as his is bright and that does make a big difference for me.

  13. Definitely sincerity and humbleness. .One extra xtics of KHJ that just captivated me was the fact that he is so MATURED in terms of thoughtfulness at the same time he hasn’t lost the child in him. In the sense that he has such Pure and transparent soul and personality just like a child. He is such an amazing person it’s almost unbelievable..
    Thank you LK.stay healthy. .and always FIGHTING!!!

  14. yes it’s sincerity and honesty LK, it’s what made me a fan, I like musicians and artists from different sides of the world but I wouldn’t be a fan, I was just not interested in them, when I saw how random hyun joong is in reality shows like “thank you for waking me up” (which I think took a lot of his privacy), I fell in love with his child like personality, and when I heard him sing “I’m your man” I melted from the amount of sincerity and pureness that was in his voice, this song made me his fan, I truly thank God that he allowed me to know about him.

  15. these words are so empowering that its beyond comprehending …… this article has not only the power to encourage a person but has a greater meaning…. i hope these words not be as it is rather solve the purpose to whom it has been addressed

  16. Hello LK .. i love reading your article and i am happy to meet you through Hyun Joong.. i was never a FAN atic in my whole life even in my younger years as i am a Noona already. and i never idolized Korean Stars..i even hate Koreans who comes in our place because of their bad habits pertaining to the environment…when i met Hyun Joong i look at his mysterious role in BOF..i searched him and liked him with his Humility and Sincerity in all i came across …in you tube and interviews and concerts..and fanmeeting..i started to become fan addict not just fanatic…and he is my first idol artist in my whole life and continue to go on forever…HE IS MY ONLY ONE..i miss him on air..what’s new in him..and how is he??? i’m thankful i met you and angie whose blogs uplifted when it comes with Kim Hyun Joong..God Bless LK and good luck in everything you do…

      • Hello matelda! Thanks for sharing this vid clip! It’s so surprising women to be doing those scary things! Are there really women to be that sick? I wonder what was done to that woman? Oh well what a world we live in! Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Thank you Matelda . Wow, I feel scar to be near with this kind of woman.Thinking about this case i think Hj had made a very wise decision . Take the blame for now is better than put his life in danger.

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