Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WISHFUL THOUGHTS



By: LazerKim


Many fans of different Kpop stars stated that this year 2014 isn’t a good year for Korean celebs! I’m very close to believing this since there were non-stop scandals, controversies, members moving out from the group band, agencies dropping from the stock market and oh yes, the media were there to bring in more fuel to the fire within those news since January this year till the present! Is this all co-incident or are these being deliberately done to Korean wave, Kpop, the Hallyu or whatever is there in SK?

But I do agree, this year I think is one unforgettable year for Kim Hyun Joong fans in both positive and negative ways. Hyun Joong was able to succeed in his drama Inspiring Generation, followed by his Phantasm World Tour was a great success that despite of the setback it still proved his popularity boost have not changed, and we all have seen the results from his concert series which were undeniably gained even more love and support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong was able to maintain his consistent performance to perfection till the end of the concert series and this fact made me even feel very proud of him as my idol.

I agree with those fans who made statements that this year isn’t really good year for some celebrities, and yes just like them I’m one of those who’s waiting for a change of event or reverse what is currently happening to showbiz industry in general. It’s not only Hyun Joong’s fans who may still be feeling sad, but there are also fans specially those who have been following Kpop groups that some of their members may be quitting towards different direction can also be painful for their fans.

These are young artists, I believe they are talented and I wish the best for all these Korean idols. And most of all to Kim Hyun Joong who had been judged the wrong way. I wish for a better future for him and much bigger than what he had already achieved as a multi talented artist. AND how I wish there’s a fair media outlet in SK who can deliver truthful well balanced story for the sole purpose of bringing the news as it comes and not for the purpose of destroying people. *sigh* How I wish!



May I just use this space to express my thoughts about another not so good news away from Kpop. After Hyun Joong’s recent performance in Tokyo, a week or so came an international legendary diva performed her world tour concert series starting in Oct.5 at Chiba, Yokohama Arena, then in Seoul the same venues where Hyun Joong performed. Unfortunately she failed to deliver on her first three stops! It’s so sad she was badly criticized by the media, and concert goers.

But let’s not forget that time change, artist’s talent ability also change as they age no matter how good they are. And there are a lot of milking cows around squeezing from these artists that I hope they can be the better judge who can and who cannot deliver! Or maybe a bit more preparation was needed before performing the concert, considering she’s been away from the lime light for quite sometime.

And the most irritating of all is that the media even posted an indecent photo of her which I consider to be disrespectful to her not only being a legend but her being a woman with two kids. She failed to deliver as what was expected from her, fine, but I think it’s so unnecessary to even post those indecent photos from the show! The concert series is still on going and I really hope she’ll do better if not bring out the best in her as I have known her to be one of the best female vocalist worldwide.

There may be foul from her professionalism during the first concert but it doesn’t change my views on her. I’m not a fan to be following her, but I do listen to her music, and I would always remember back in her time she was still a fresh diva to be singing my favorites as one of the best female vocalists worldwide. Period!



We have known Kim Hyun Joong not only as a dreamer but a persistent doer that he will always do anything within his strength to materialize those dreams. Do you think he’ll stop despite of his recent setback? I don’t think so, as I have said before Hyun Joong was never been a quitter ever since he started with music. He may be in silence at this time just cooling off probably, but nothing really stops him from pursuing what he wanted to achieve.

May I just share, one night after work, my team and I went to a pub in Roppongi and there’s a band playing that time that I started imagining Hyun Joong singing with a band as he did again quite recently in Tokyo. I remember he was saying in one of his interviews that after his MS it’s forming a live band that’s one of his wishes he wanted to fulfill after his MS. So what flashed to my mind was his concern back in 2013 which was another successful concert series of Hyun Joong as a rocker singing with the live band.

And if I remember it right, he said if his come back drama project as an actor won’t be successful, then he’ll stop as an actor! But he was successful for IG, therefore he’ll continue his acting career. His recent concert was a great success as I have written stating that I don’t think he’s done with his dance music and him being a dancer because Hyun Joong have even improved a lot by 100% both in his singing and dancing ability, that it’s not time yet to retire as a dancer. I believe there are a lot more that Hyun Joong can contribute to the music industry and in the TV drama or film industry.

I’m just not convince that a good artist with multiple talent like Kim Hyun Joong would just be destroyed by a nobody and dirty media! That’s a big NO WAY! And no matter how the haters would say he’s losing his fans, I really find it hard to believe. His image may have been tainted for those who doesn’t know him but definitely not his fans. What he lost are his fake fans whom Hyun Joong doesn’t deserve to begin with. He’s such a sincere person to be surrounded by those, no he doesn’t need those kind of fans!



I have seen this picture above and I just can’t resist posting it that really gave me a big smile! If I’m not mistaken that kid is also Hyun Joong!! LOL Nice photo here! By nature Hyun Joong is really fond of kids whether a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter he’s just fond of them! If you want to see Hyun Joong’s auto big killer smile, bring your little kid to his autograph signing event and surely you won’t miss that big smile from him! It’s one of his dreams for the future and he’s bound to be a dad later and I think he’ll be an excellent dad someday.

The nightmare can be so traumatic to anyone in Hyun Joong’s star status and let’s face it, it’s not easy to have a relationship with a high-profile celeb! But I really wish someday he’ll finally meet Miss Right beside him, someone who loves him, understands him, support him, someone whom he can trust and make him proud. There’s a saying, in every successful man is a woman beside him as his strength, wisdom and his security blanket.

Hyun Joong is still young and probably still not prepared for any commitment that his personal desires still is at the back seat since it’s his career that comes first at this time. Although his MS may be a bit hassle as a career interruption, but I’m sure it will do him good and probably change his views on his ideal woman one way or another. In one of my articles yet to be posted, I’ll probably discuss about relationships, not particularly his but something for the thoughts, in understanding a man like Kim Hyun Joong being in a star status.

For the mean time, his fans shall be his security blanket who will always protect him and defend him from anyone who will hurt him, and would always be there for him to love and support with all sincerity….. to that cute little superman……. Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

BREAKING NEWS: Media now report 14 dead, 11 injured during 4minute’s performance.

news source Koreaboo: (

May I appeal to everyone here to offer a prayer for these fans who died and injured during the show of the Kpop group 4minutes. Thank you.

Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!





47 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WISHFUL THOUGHTS

  1. Dear LazerKim,
    First a thougth to those fans who lost their lives, that is a very sad thing and may all rest in peace, they were just enjoying their lives.
    Really a very bad year for SK entertainment with all the happeninings, hope this will end soon.

    Nice article LK thanks for sharing with us and yes good thoughts and good wishes hope they will all be a reality one day.

    “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – we all hurt and more so Hj so …..

    Can we all please start to move on from the nightmare and maybe let go of the bad things that happened and let start to bring some good and positive thoughts, like good wishes to HJ!

    Lets not dwell in the past, let’s all look forward to better and positive times, to keep and support Hj in all his projects to show him our warm blanket of love and never to mention what is already in the past.
    To all here and to your dear LK and to HJ a blessed week! 🙂

    • yes you are right we should try to forget and the only way is to not talk about it anymore and not mention it to hyun joong at all, who knows maybe he reads some of these articles about him.

      • Hello Noya! Thank you for your encouragement that i really appreciate. And I agree with you we have to move on, but let’s take this slowly. Others may take this lightly as they can easily move on and others may still feel the pain, and we’re in the process of healing up but I must admit I can only speak for myself, it’s not that easy to forget, we may have different individual feelings, as not all of us are the same on how we take this and we know very well this site may be the only place for us to burst out, where else can we go? I open this blog and encourage other fans who may want to air out what they want to say without being attacked by haters and I would like to comfort. This is one objective of this site and this is the only way I can help others. And yes I must admit this is one site that Hj and KE reads from. HJ doesn’t want anyone to be pretentious bcoz he’s not. We’re just being truthful here as he is to his fans. I do understand your point and you are right. But let’s slow down eventually we’ll get there. I write what my heart dictates and I cannot pretend, i’m not good in it. My apology if I may be slow in healing up and moving on but I’m tying just like anyone else, we’re trying. Thank you again, take care, be happy and see you again, God bless..

        • why are apologizing for writing your own thoughts and feelings on your own blog?? it’s okay everyone heals at their own pace, and I thank you for writing your articles and allowing us his fans to express our thoughts and feelings here, thank you.

          • Dearest LK, as Tina said why apologize? Never apologize for your feelings and thoughts. This episode in the life of Hj just made us more united and thank you for all your thoughts that you share with us and allow us to share our thoughts and views. I never ever thought to take this lightly or otherwise, just want to encourage HJ and to show him that he is not alone and his fans are with him all the way and support and he can move on for greater things. You are not alone we are all here with you and you know that.
            The antis didn’t break us and we will not allow them to hurt HJ .
            Time is really the best healer in the end and will work it’s magic in the end. Never give up! Now try and smile we all love you here as we love HJ. 🙂

  2. HI LK , Thank you so much for the article.

    I can not pass a day without visiting your blog and check on hyun Joong . Thank you so much for sharing your thought . i must admit I ‘m not really over it yet as long as Hyun Joong ‘s name has not been cleaned .I feel upset when i saw a news or somebody mentioned that woman as his XG or his GF because I think she just a person who happened to know him, had a chance to get close to him and took the advantage of his sincerity to destroy him .A person like this can not be anyone ‘s girlfriend because she is not honest enough for anyone to trust. I wish she will learn big lesson soon enough otherwise there will be a new victim for her. A person who did a bad thing once and does not realize her own action she has a potential to do it again.It will become a habit.

    I felt so frustrate to acknowledge that some people are so ignorance when they talked about the case. They did not care to know the whole story they just satisfy with a small part of information they knew and willing to believe it as the whole truth. Somehow I think the ones who keep talking badly toward HJ are worst than that woman. They are the real criminal because they keep talking about the accusation that already proved that not true. They took the accusation as fact and keep mentioning to destroy a person. I wish one day the same thing will happen to their love one. Only then they will realize how wrong they are and be more careful with their bad months.

    HJ is surely not losing his fans . He even gain more respect and more love as I find my love for him is stronger. I think he may be gain more fans . I’m sure there are people who are not yet his fans who have followed the case closely they will appreciate what he did. You are right LK he probably lost the ones who have never been his fans anyway. His image might be suffered for those potential fans but I believe his honesty and sincerity will win their heart later on. I confident in HJ ‘s ability. His loving for challenge and his never give-up and his talents will bring him to success again and again.

    • Hello Bella! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s so hard to pretend specially if you’re hurt, as we’re still in the healing process while haters just keep trolling around so i understand how you feel. And this blog site was created for all his fans to have a place to breath on that you will be understood. I share the same feelings as yours, although there’s an effort of moving on like in my work getting to business as usual yet there are times the nightmare gets into me, specially whenever I go back to where HJ performed.
      To those who talks about the case, haters I assume, not that they are ignorant not to know but simply do not want to know the truth and refuse to know further. For them he’s a woman beater period. Just like you not until he has cleared his name the nightmare will always linger on.
      Talking about gaining fans, I just notice in this blog site, its scare went up for the last 2 months by 100% and this really surprises me plus I think some new fans coming in. And so I think HJ also gained out of the nightmare!! Funny it may be but I just noticed it!! Thanks again Bella! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  3. Hello’s been a long reading an inspiring article of our only one Kim Hyun Joong…it’s so timely that just yesterday i met a South Korean lady which my cousin brought in our house and as what i have known she courted my cousin …i befriended her and i asked her if she knows Kim Hyun Joong and she instantly told me “..ah he is the one who bet his girlfriend”… i was shocked and seems that a knife were plunged in my heart and bleds a lot…how can be SK women judge him like that..she’s from Paju and added insult to injury when she said that “his doramas was pulled out because of the hitting thing with a gestures of her fists…my my that really hurts. i wish i can go to South Korea right now and comfort him as a mother bleeds for her son… sad right now LK.

    • Hi ,

      Thank you for sharing your experience . I’m sorry to hear that you had to face such an ignorance SK woman. I ‘m very sure not all SK women are like that .I believe there are SK women who are smart and sensible they are not easily to be manipulated by media and a liar. The ones who believed in media without second thought and keep talking negatively and bad months toward another person is a criminal.They are irresponsible type of people as they are destroying a person ‘s life with no shame. I feel ashamed toward Korean society that they accepted bad media and a liar without a doubt . I feel sad for HJ that he has to face such an injustice but I admire him and feel proud of him the way he deals with it .

      Keep supporting him and love him is the way to release our frustration.

  4. Hi… Ms. Lazerkim, it has been a while for you not to write as often as usual. I never forget to check on your blog every day. Please always share your writing about our guy…whatever it is. These empty time make me suffer of missing him. Where is he…what’s he doing… I’m so curious… I wish there would be someone… a stalker perhaps who can share the update of KHJ…*sob sob* But maybe it is the best for him to let him alone for a while… I’m waiting for your next article Ms. Kim…

    • LOL stalker!! How i wish we can do that!! lol You may subscribe in this site so every time post my article it automatically land in your email. Dont worry ill write again soon. My regular readers do share their thoughts that we can read from them too. We all miss him too. You’re not alone. Thank you so much take care be happy and see you soon. God bless…

      • hi!i dont know if this is how were supposed to leave comments or not,forgive me if its not,i just wanted to thank you for this,i love you for what you do,and i love him,and ive missed him so much,i also wanted to tell you sth funny,that you may find it strange,well i got to know about KHJ 5 years ago and ive been a fan ever since,but i wasnt so freaking in love with him till this case happened,i mean after i heard whats going on and i saw how he dealt with it,i fell absolutely in love with him,i mean unconditional endless love,i love him for being so brave and honest,i mean perhaps he has even more fans now!and well never stop loving him nor having faith in him,and again thank you soooooo mush,really!love you both!and of course i mean it in a non creepy way!:)

  5. Thank you for your wonderful article, I have kids just a few years younger than Kim Hyun Joong. I can understand how sad and hurt he must be going through right now. But I’m sure he have families, friends, and fans that are there for him. So let all of us fans around the world be the shoulders that he could cry on and comfort his pain within his heart. He is a warm heart and caring person and we all saw the goodness in him. I sure he will take this mistake as a test from God, showing him and preparing him for his future. There are still more greater things for Kim Hyun Joong to do in his future for others that are still in need of his loving, caring, and warm heart. I believe that he will be even a more outstanding person in the future of humanity.
    Just like how god has given me in the time of need. God let Kim Hyun Joong enter my life and save me from my depression of not wanted to go on living. Even though I am on the other side of the world and I can only see him on the internet. His happy level of energy has touch my heart and soul with peace and comfort.

    So I want to say THANK YOU TO KIM HYUN JOONG, he is and will forever be MY ONLY ONE . I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are more than just an idol in my eyes. You are my ANGEL from God.

    Ms. Kim, thank you once again for the wonderful article. You have given my a place where I can share my though and my love for Kim Hyun Joong. I am forever grateful to you . Thank You, see you soon.

    • Hello Pearl! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, that made me think again! Yes I’m sure HJ has his family with him and friends. I was just reminded of one incident he mentioned in one of his interviews after IG that was sometime in April, he was then in his withdrawal syndrome from Shin Jung Tae that he went to watch a concert in Seoul by himself which was unusual. He took a break for only a week after the last filming of the last episode and immediately proceed to his WT preparation and kept himself busy. It’s his work that makes him happy. You are right this is his test and i’m just so glad his fans never stop from letting him feel he’s not alone in his test.
      It’s a pleasure having you around Pearl and share with us, thank you! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  6. All our prayers for hyun na has been answered, hyun joong, pls do not be too bothered because in life if you’re never scared or embarrased or hurt, it means you never take any chances.hyun joong is a very precious gift to those who understand his value.Am happy that there is a smile on his face, it means more than the world to hyun joong success is just at its begining, I know by God’s grace that his rise will definately shut the haters up.hyun na thumps up cause u are a miracle.Always bear in mind-seeking for peace in the world is like using a knife to break a mountain”.Put your trust in God cause he cares for u, love u.

  7. When i first read about the issue of khj along with this ms a(i dont want her to call hyun joongs xgf…hehe)I never understand myself why my other persona never believed the story of this gurl!!i told myself that i should consider her side coz we came from the same specie,but my mind told me no!!!coz i know how passionate,considerate to other people,humble and loving person khj is…although i dont know him personally i never met him once but my instinct is so strong that he will never hurt anybody without any deep reason,and as his fan he gets all my respect to him for admitting that he hurt his gf once but unintentionally..not all men can do what khj did and that is admitting their mistakes because it can hurt their prides…so i hope that someday he will find his true love and he can create 2beautiful daughters and 2handsome boys..

    • Hello Maridel! This is another article that is still in my file about first instinct of HJ’s fan to believe or not. Just like HJ his fans are also smart, as I have said fans who have been following HJ all these years are the ones who knows him more than those media and haters. And that is why his fans stayed because they know the guy better, and just like you they did not believe in that woman. And i bet you that A barely knows HJ even she would say she shared his private space!! LOL because if she does, I’m sure she won’t do anything so harshly as she did. She doesn’t even know how smart his fans are to be fooled in such a way! She’s just a garbage. Your first instinct is right and i share the same opinion. Thank you Maridel, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  8. Praying hard for all the victims during the show of the Kpop group 4minutes. 😥

    Thanks dear Lazer Kim for this article. i share all what you are saying and i wish like you, all the best for Kim Hyun Joong for the years to come… May he will continue to grow up with wisdom and stability in his life! Every experience is a way to become stronger. God bless him forever…
    Miss him so much!!! Have a great weekend and a plenty of joys dear sis^^ ❤

    • Hello Taeborum! Thank you for mentioning about the tragic news and may i just share, I have read this news from other site allkpop of the haters, and i come to realize it’s not only HJ has those haters but even in other idol groups. Can you imagine a lot of innocent fans died in that incident at the event in the news and yet there were 2 haters wishing more fans to die in that incident together with the idol group!. Gosh I never thought such evil on these haters I think it’s too much and something has to be gone with those haters. *sigh* what a world to live with.

      Thank you so much. I read from you about your absence please do take care always and may God bless you with more strength and good health. I do hope reading about HJ can help you in keeping up your day. Again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you very much my dear Lazer Kim for your kindness and concern. i am happy and proud to be your friend my dear sister Lazer Kim. You are so sweet and loving person! Your words are making my days and it is a big consolation to have such nice family on your Blog when i am so far…
        Wishing all the blessing and happiness always for you, your family and friends.
        Hope everything will be okay for Only One too…
        Faithfully and following forever! ^^ ~ ❤

  9. I just read about those fans who died in a festival, what a shame , for sure this year , th HORSE year is definetly the woest to the KPOP wave and Korean showbiz, GOD CARE OF THOSE fans who died, that is a sad new for now, we pary for them and for those who are injured too

    • Hello Jazu! This is in response to your post down there, I have a pending article which echoes mother and son relationship, this article has been in my pending file for weeks now that I feel hesitant to post it. I have explained it in that article. And yes I too would like to give him that spanking!! LOL *sigh*
      Most of my readers are mothers here and so I gathered those views which I think everyone can learn from. For a week I tried to stay away from the internet and letting my mind rest from the nightmare. I did attempt to write but I end up going back being reminded of that area. And so those articles just stayed in my file. I’m back to business as usual. I think I have done what I’m ought to being a huge fan of HJ. This is what I thought, but still there’s something lingering at the back of my mind. I don’t know if you feel or think the same and maybe I can only get rid of those thoughts once his name is totally cleared. Maybe this should have been easier if I do not know the person concern. It’s the first time for me to be a fan of a particular celeb, I already been in this job before I became a fan that’s why I said his life is an open book to his fans, nothing more to hide. And I would say Hyun Joong is very lucky he’s truly blessed with a lot of matured fans who can really understand him and takes him as their son or kid brother, as he said he has one huge family who cares for him so sincerely. It was only lately he declared in Yokohama and realize he truly has this big family with him. I just have to echo from his fans, as he gets his own way on handling them. The idea came from you his fans because he had seen how you treat him like a family. Thank you so much Jazu for sharing your thoughts and everyone here, I appreciate the two way inputs. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  10. Dear Lazerkim, as you are in showbizz environment , where l thought you can evidence some artists behaviours and personalities since you are there to work and are behind courtains,
    so that is one reason that l believe in anything you write, you saw him preparing passionately his next performance, reading in silence his fans letters, treating respectfully to everybody, seeing his worries about fans desires, just this makes me dream about him, his late problem is about his private life, about one of his girl “friend”, maybe one of those unconditional ones that are always around artists. who he eyed and liked to get her any time he needed company, surery he got this relationship lightly, because being realistic, he lives in this showbizz environment, with girls around, hard work, very busy and desiring that when get home someone was there, it would be good for him no more than that. Unfortunately for her, (who did not understand his world and expected more, who was able to bring out the worst from him), she became for him a sturbon and troublemaker person who noone like to have near-
    As you know l have 3 chidren 2 boys, a girl and some nephews almost at his age. ln addition l am a university teacher who deals with young adults every day , who sometimes needed to advise them when they asked me for one to help them even in their relationships and life troubles, because if you are not a psychologist as a teacher you are not a real one. l could say l am an enough experienced person and teacher to understand what could happen here, I wrote once to his site” I would like to give you a spanking for what you did”, ahhhhssss if he was my real son for sure l would do something as l did with my son.
    It is fustrated for most of us felling useless to help, I would like to give him sincere advises, huging him , letting him cry in my arms while conforting. howmuch tears he would have had, tears of fustration, regrets, anger, compassion , We know him well for sure he would feel in that way. His sincere and humble apology was great and demosntrated it, his compassion for her hurt was undeniable, lately he realized what he did with his heart,so he must have learnt to deal with girls. the storm has subsided now just raining , but howmuch destruction has it left? I thought that both learned so much from this, but she took the hurted part, in her life she could never have peace, what she did was unforgivable, she just had to go away before that happened, to hold on someone is not healthy nor smart, what a shame for her.
    The Kim Hyun Joong that l know is strong really unbreakable, he is suffering now for his mistake but he will be all right soon, his sincere regret will bring him the necessary calm and peace to continue living a healthier life, he will always get our suport for ever, the man that we like is the real kind but strong man inside him.
    in the future when he was asked about it , l hope he could deal well with the media, media are really scared in Korea, hope there was one decent enught to tell us the real final of this case
    God bless us and MY ONLY ONE to suport the final decision wisely

    • Yes, as a mother of one son, I too have experience a similar situation. My son first marriage ended because she could not handle the girl problem from a lack of trust and self confidence, this I could not understand because she was also tall and pretty in her own right. Girls will flirt with a tall good looking guy no matter who he is with. But, now he is remarried , again, with a tall and a very attractive wife with four children. His present wife have the confidence and the trust. And this I am sure, that Kim Hyun Joong will be looking for in his wife, one who can understand his business and handle the pressure and can trust that at the end of the day he will be coming home to her.

      Now for a story that ended up on my fb page. A young man spent five years in prison on a rape charge. It took five years before his attorney wasb able to get a confession that she lied and made the whole thing up. But, his young man, who was graduating from high school lost his scholarship and any dreams he may have had. Why? Because a young lady cried wolf and she was believed. Now, here in the states he will never be able to complete an employment application without answering yes to the questions, have you ever been arrested or serve time in prison. Even when he gives his explanation , how many employers will still believe him? An innocent man put in this tpye of situation. But base on the fact that we will believe a woman over a man, we are now face with a society of women that will cry wolf. therefore, we must be careful on taking sides and webmust remember that evidence can be manipulated. This is another reason I have come to admire the true fans of Kim Hyun Joong, wisdom. Thank you all and have a great day.

      • Hello Lena! Thank you for sharing! Oh this is so sad, yes it’s like HJ being convicted innocent in the public eye. May i just share, in my country a celeb was allegedly accused of rape 4 times by 4 different women, filed one after the other. The celeb fought against those women and the case were all dropped. I think he’s currently in the process of going after those women to file counter charges which I think is the right thing to do so it won’t be repeated in the future.
        It’s really getting scary with women society these days specially in SK.
        Thanks again Lena, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

        • Yes, there are many women around the world without scruples who take advantage of the law that protects them to weave a bunch of lies and hurt their companions.
          Unfortunately, KHJ fell on a person without conscience. Prudence in the choice of the right girlfriend will surely be the lesson that he will learn from this painful experience. He is a sensitive and honest person showing compassion while he is the victim. God will surely put on his way someone that will know how to make him happy.
          All the best for you all!^^

  11. Hi Ms.Lazerkim! Thank u so much for ur timely article times like this (KHJ still missing in action). hope all of his dream before and after MS will come our only one KHJ fighting!!! Ms Lazerkim our thankful heart be with u always for making this blog and articles about our boy KHJ. 😄kimsmile😄

    • Hello Kimsmile! Thank you so much, writing about the guy is such a joy for me be it good or bad news knowing we share those is such a relief that no fan of HJ is alone. You’re so thoughtful thank you so much! Yes I believe HJ will be able to fulfill those dreams in no time, knowing he’s not alone too as his fans is always at his side. Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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