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By: LazerKim


What’s up? Kim Hyun Joong is in the kitchen cooking something! Well, let him be, rest assure the guy never neglect his music as we very well know that for a fact, and no matter what happens, he’ll be singing just around the corner! Many of his fans have been posting his old pictures and that really makes me smile, remembering how he was in those years that it feels it was just like yesterday! Are we now in the memory lane? Then let’s have it for old time sake because I’m sure we all do miss him so much!

In Hyun Joong’s documentary, back in old days when he was just starting, during one of his autograph signing he would play around affixed his signature and draw a face with a mustache!! I was all laughing about it! And another, on his first pictorial session, Hyun Joong finds it hard to smile, so his first few pictures had those smiles by forced that even looks funny!! Who would think those smiles would turn to killer smiles that just heals all stress whoever sees it?

And those are even so contagious, that makes me smile back even in those photos! Kim Hyun Joong is one artist or the only one artist that I shall never forget, specially him as being my healer back in 2011 till the present. His life has been an open book to his fans and the more you get to know him better, the more it inspired me in getting up from where I have been and currently still knowing him better as a real star that doesn’t possess even a single superstar complex in him consistently in years. He simply puts his fame to his heart and not to his head.



There are artists specially big stars do have a secretary to read and correspond to many fans who writes to them. May I just share a brief experience. Every time Hyun Joong travels on official trip for a project, at the airport specially from Incheon or Gimpo, there were many fans who handed to him letters and presents. In one of his concerts during one rehearsal break, he was sitting in one corner of the stage, holding a few letters and read those which was handed to him by his manager. I was at the stage wing and I said, oh lots of love letters! Someone from my back said it’s from his fans.

I didn’t say anything further just went on with my work, but at the back of my mind I was saying, so it’s true he really reads from his fans as he mentioned it in one of his interviews. And so for those who doubt if he knows about his fans strong support and love I think he doesn’t doubt about it, aside seeing what he had in his previous concerts.

Many fans give him presents, if you remember he even mentioned to refrain from giving him expensive gifts. Does he wears those? I think it’s only the giver who can say this. And back in 2012, indeed a group of fans gave him sports outfit and accessories from different group, if I’m not mistaken which he wears and stated they gave those presents. Hyun Joong knows how to appreciate even the smallest gesture of kindness, he’s also a human being like us who can feel.



If you really love a person you believe and trust, well that goes for me 100% with no doubt. In an idol and fan relationship how would we explain the kind of love we have? Hyun Joong doesn’t know who his fans are personally, while we know much about him. It’s unconditional love that for me I don’t need to be recognized in giving love to him. I believe that’s how a fan and idol relationship is, whether we sees him as a family member, a son or a brother or simply as an artist, all I know is that there’s a strong connection between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. I have seen this during his recent concert series.

Many people couldn’t understand how it is to be a fan and I’m not expecting them to do so unless they become a fan of a particular artist specially being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong whom we have been following all these years. Until now I still believe what a veteran fan stated to the media something like “Once KHJ cast his magic spell on anyone, there’s no way out from that spell.”  This is true to me. I tried to get out from that net that I thought I could, but I came back, even more addicted to him than before!

It may took time before I came back to writing and I thought I lost my readers, but I’m just glad some came back to my comment box, some became my silent readers, and meeting another new readings. But just the same, no matter how the real world takes us from Hyun Joong, there will always be one instance that we go back to him. As I have said, never underestimate the power Kim Hyun Joong has, no matter what happens.



Part of being a fan’s ordeal is the period when you miss your idol, that’s very natural specially if you’re the type of fan who has been following him and keeping with updates. And this is also what I admire KHJ fans who are at the tweeter and FB active with their postings tirelessly even just pictures of Hyun Joong can make my day really good! During his IG airing, for 3 months his fans have been used to watching him at least twice in a week, and to deal with IG withdrawal after its airing. But at least we can watch this drama over and over again.

Then followed by his concert series that again we became addicted to watch him on stage, in fact he had just left the venue after the concert and yet his fans already missed him! And as for me, going back to those venues where he performed was even harder! Believe me, I was seeing the same stage but different subject in front of me made me really stare at empty space during work that needs a lot of push over to focus on whatever is on that stage! Still seeing as if he was still there performing and enjoying!

Does Hyun Joong feels the same way as we do? Who knows?? BUT in an artist point of view, artist like Kim Hyun Joong is a stage addict, specially performing a successful show, it’s so natural for an artists by heart to be longing to be on stage over again. They too experience withdrawal syndrome, specially the recent concert which was done in series that every week he’s there singing, dancing and enjoying the show with an excellent rapport with his fans.

Then suddenly finale comes when he’s still on the height of performing. That’s how it feels being on stage. I was happy though that two different events had followed immediately after the series which served as the chaser!! And he enjoyed it as much as his fans did. *sigh* Wishing there would be more in every after concert, just can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong! A natural punch line from every single fan who watched his concerts, be it from the venue or afar!



Now we’re facing each other missing him again! What shall we do?? Talk about him! I already did, now it’s your turn!! As far as I know there’s something to look forward to for this month, still. Now I can’t help asking, are we prepared for the longer WAIT?

I’m still refusing to think about the longer wait, but at this time I’m keeping my fingers cross hoping Hyun Joong will still have the chance to do what he ever wanted, and that is to perform that last concert before his MS. I’m really praying very hard for this, even just once. Phantasm should have been the last, but I don’t think it’s enough, or is it safe for me to say, it’s never been enough? Because every time he’s out there the more we crave for more from him.  They said…”Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”……

……..BUT missing Kim Hyun Joong keeps me falling……. to addiction for him on stage!

                     The dark sky will never be brighter without the biggest star!!

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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64 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING STAR!

  1. Dear Lazer Kim, I would like to thank you very much for your article and for what you are saying about this unconditional love we all feel for Kim Hyun Joong.
    I have also no link of blood with him. But I really do feel as he is a member of my family too. It’s so true to think that if you really love a person you believe and trust. Very well said dear sis! ^ ❤
    I myself come from a far away country, but open to all cultures. There are big names of the Music in my Country. I have learned to appreciate the Art of Music in all its forms, and I’m proud to say that I consider the name of the Star Kim Hyun Joong as an international label of a professional artist of great talent which I have the honor to know and appreciate tremendously. I think he deserves this Top level rank that raised him to the peak of Fame. He worked so hard, every day, all these years, with a rare professionalism. He is a perfectionist and non-stop worker that gain growing celebrity and raised up brilliantly.
    He moves me with his captivating voice. He is also a passionate and sincere actor with great skills. His music, his choreography and his songs are masterpieces which stir the hearts of all. It’s obvious that he embodies the beauty of dynamic and idealistic youth and his brand image is a symbol of courage, endurance, purity of heart and perfectionism of high-level artistic value. He has this particular radiation of a shining Star. He knows always how to conquer the cosmopolitan crowds with his altruistic and charismatic personality. KHJ is a good person without any snobbery. He is so open, humble, pleasant and simple, that he attracts the sympathy of fans from all parts of the world. His out of space-time manners are so touching… We become quickly addicted…
    Even if he says foreign fans couldn’t know him well, and even if I cannot be present at his Concerts and Shows and participate to his fanmeetings, or watch his series directly on TV, I can still share the same addiction with all other alien fans. The big opportunity to become member of your wonderful Blog and Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog too is giving me the chance to follow him with all his activities… Thanks God for that gift! I had dedicated my Facebook page to him too and I’m so happy to share with all Henecians’, all steps of our exceptional great artist!
    Now a flagrant injustice is done to our Leader, I cannot remain without a reaction. My loyal friend and fan duty dictates me to seek by all means to defend him and to ask that justice be done. I don’t want him to be victim of dishonest assaults.
    I wonder why, exactly, the traumatism of this unfortunate misadventure he experienced takes both magnitude and have a major impact on his career? Why jealous ones of his big success could affect his work with their backbiting fierce, to deal a fatal blow.
    KHJ keeps silence. He simply continues to sing and reads the letters of his fans… He is so noble and wise.
    How to remain unmoved? The right must triumph and God will not allow to that unfair situation to persist. I have faith. Our Only One will emerges from this nightmare stronger than ever. He always did. Hope as you’re saying, we are not preparing for a longer wait and praying hard too that KHJ “will still have the chance to do what he ever wanted, and that is to perform that last concert before his MS.”
    The consolation of having such united together sisters who work to ensure that justice is a positive asset. Your Blog, dear Lazer Kim is a balm that heals the wounds. This is the family cocoon where we could come and share our concern for our Magnetic Leader. We are proud to remain always loyal fans of our Only One and One Love Kim Hyun Joong, showing him forever our love, consideration, esteem and unconditional and faithful support!
    All the best for you dear sis.^^ ~ 🙂 Please take care of yourself. God bless…

  2. Hi LK,
    I started watching IG again . It started 2 nights ago . I found that i appreciate his acting more than some months ago. When I saw IG for the first time I was already moved by seeing him as Shin Jung Tae not KHJ . However the last 2 nights I saw a real good actor who talked through his eyes and his silence . I really love his acting and want to see more of his drama. He is very very charismatic in the drama. He made his character so memorable and charming. I really really hope to see more of his drama. Right now just hope he has a very good rest and have a good health.

    It’s hard not thinking about what’s happened in the last 2 months .I ‘m thinking about a few names in HJ thread in Soompi who intentionally kept posting negative information and repeating false evident and distorted news from media . I wonder how these people live their life everyday after so eagerly to destroy a person. I wish they will learn a lesson through their own experience . Somebody who closes to them should tell them that they are acting like a criminal and they should be ashamed. Sorry to write about this again but can’t help to burst it out.

  3. My gosh..whoever said that kind of lies owe to khj and to his fans including me…i almost watch all of his interviews and vidz but he never mention that he hates somebody or any religious groups…pls beware of what you read about him ms anonymous

  4. lov him so much
    l m missing him badly even the recent happinings didn’t move my lov for him. But after reading some comments saying he hates muslims idont know what to do. i am a Muslim& i am very proud of it.

    • OMG…where did u get such news? Over the years i follow him i never heard anybody or even from HJ’s mouth saying such thing. Please do not believe any hearsay like that. Its not true at all.

    • Hi! Just want to know where he did say that…
      As far as I know, when he went to Malaysia & saw some fangirls wearing headcovers/scarves, if m not mistaken he admitted to liking the modest & pretty looks of the fans…
      M not sure who has been filling your head with this information or even which sites perpetuated it but all I can say is, we always have to be careful of the antis…
      They’ll do anything to discredit our only one…
      Our boy is clearly aware that he has fans from different religions & he is one smart cookie, this boy of ours…
      So why would he jeopardise his fanbase/popularity by being so discriminating & insulting, hmm?
      My humble advice is, be proud of your religion (not arrogant, mind) & enjoy our boy & his music…
      All these years, I don’t think I’ve ever read or heard him badmouthing anyone, much less other people’s religions…
      Hope this helps…even if a bit…

      Take care…

    • Hello M. Anomtnous, Thank you to post here . I shocked to read you said there are some comment somewhere saying such thing I want to know where you read that. I have followed HJ for years and read every interviews he had .I have never heard such thing . I believe still some people keep trying to discredit him in very way they can. I would suggest if you come across something negative about him you can assume immediately that is a lie. I do not say this out of emotion because it did take me sometimes before I can conclude this. I have been under estimated the haters but not any more. After the incident I believe they are capable to do any thing just anything even unlawful thing or lying without shame.

      Please be in peace and do not believe such thing. I’m proud of you.

    • Hello ms. anonymous! Pls be careful of what you read fr other sites there are lots of haters and antis pretending to be hj fans. They will do anything to destroy him.

  5. Love u n I will be always support u am a new fan after I read ur story keep smile everything will be regain n dis time no one will let you fall ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. Miss him so much and because off that I really going crazy to rewacth all his video.Thank you for all your article sis…this can help us to always connect with him.Waiting for his comeback.Have a nice day.

  7. Thank you so much LK . You are right . Seeing him performed or following his work made you really addicted to him. I have followed HJ’s update everyday since 2010. It’s almost 4 years that he has been my number one and the only artiste that I’m interested to follow up and wait for all his projects. His character in each drama may be interesting and very charming but I’m fall in love with the personality of Kim Hyun Joong I saw in the reality shows or in the variety shows. I found his interviews are the most interesting and entertaining in the same time. Kim Hymn Joong as a ordinary man is a very charming and interesting person. As a singer and performer his strong charisma outshines his fellows singers. Most of all his smile and his songs can really heal my heart.

    I wrote a lot of bla bla bla……above just try to avoid saying that I really miss him. Finally I have to say it out even before the MS. I still can not imagine how I feel when HJ will go for MS. I really hope he will leave us a very last project before he goes.

  8. anneyoung lk
    i like kim hyun joong very much.i learn korea specially for hyun.i love his voice very a bigst fan of his music fovever. am always waiting for his music. pls convey this msg to kim hyun joong.and send his autograph to my mail.gamsamitha

  9. are successfully make me missing him more..his magic spell does hit me so bad..haha
    cant wait to see him in airport fashion for lotte fm!!
    please keep us company with your daily doses when he’s away for MS :p
    hope you can work together with him before he enlist and please share your story!!!!
    thanks LK!

  10. Thank you dearest LK, yes we are all having withdrawal symptoms ……but this is one very nice addiction highly recommended for the soul!! lol…I imagine is going to be tougher once he got in MS…but I am taking you up on your word, you once said you are going to camp near his unit and we are All going to be there, so start preparings sister….!!
    Thanks again for your time you know you are missed! Be happy a nice weekend and God Bless!:)

  11. What he’s doing? Resting, what kind of resting? I dunno. For all we know he could be working on an a song and still he would think that’s resting. Maybe he’s somewhere in the middle of the sea diving, since he’s a master already. I still can’t believe he’s a master diver already for all the fuss he made from being afraid of sharks ^^
    Well he also said he doesn’t want to go to the U.S. because he might get shot LOL! XD XD XD But still he went there for KMF, twice. Well he’s still very much alive and no bullet holes as far as I know kekeke!!! 🙂
    We’ll miss him true, but time and distance will make the heart grow fonder in my case.

  12. Great Article.. I don’t know what KHJ is doing.. I hope he’s resting his mind, and realizing that while troubles do come, that the way he’s lived his life made me and many others stand by him, and never doubt him. Not many celebrities can say with surety that their fans would trust and believe them no matter what.. but KHJ now can say that even threw the worst he knows his fans would. I’m starting to get my Utube playlists organized.. it’s a time consuming project to get all of the wonderful fan Made, concert clips, Show clips for KHJ, and SS501 clips in organized playlists…. but I’m doing it so that I have them to look at in the years to come when he’ll be serving in the military. I just have a feeling that KHJ isn’t going to do the entertainment side of military service.. I think that if he can he’ll try to be a “fighting ready soldier” (there may be age, or other reasons why he may not be able to, since I have no clue what the Korean Military requires of it’s Soldiers). I may be wrong (If I am, then I’m glad because we’d get to see a few uniformed performances) But if I’m not, then it’s going to be a long dry spell.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! LOL!! Long dry spell!! LOL can’t help myself laugh at this description but right on target yes I agree with you it’s gonna be a long dry spell!! Actually lately I was trying to look around those celebs who had done their MS and going back to the lime light, just out of curiosity. But I think time was really quite fast that I didn’t noticed their MS was finally done like Hyun Bin as he did his first film after MS and coming bk to small screen. It felt it was only recently I watched Secret Garden then here he comes. I think this MS is not that long as we think or maybe we’ll be the first to be affected of course since we have been used to seeing him on line as in daily basis. Oh well we’ll see when that time comes. Am I scared? Yes scared that I’ll miss him even more! If I can stare at empty space smiling at this time I can’t imagine myself when that time comes!! thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  13. Just to share with u guys here that i hve seen him once when he came to Malaysia on 2011 to promote his Breakdown album and also a meeting with fans by Faceshop endorsement event. Its the first time experience for me to encounter with 1st Korean star face to face. I couldn’t attend the album promotion, instead i have a chance to go to Faceshop event in Kuala Lumpur. It was raining at the time he reached the him far from the stage, it just made me goosebump to hear his voice, his gestures, his smiles. The feeling was just so unbelievable to me. Its like a new world order to When the time had come to signing autograph event, my heart just couldn’t stop beating hard. Then when finally i reached there in front of him, i got struck by his aura that made me frozen for he looked up at me, my hand hurriedly pass the album to him and he signed on it hurriedly, then when he extends the album and say Thank You to me, i got froze again…its embarassing for me to tell it here but actually i wish to say Thank you to him first and congratulate him for his success debut but i just couldn’t tell…lol..

    So, that just my simple meeting with him. How i wish to have a chance at least once to go to his concert but still have no opportunity for that.

    • Hi Atiq! Thanks for sharing! I’m all smiling here reading this from you! Now this reminded me of The Face Shop, yes hj was in my country around that time in Aug.2011 unfortunately I wasn’t a fan yet during that time, it was in Oct.same year as I re-discover his transformation that I 1st got hooked on him! I got that simple regret not seeing him in those events and took me a year after before I finally had the right chance, still not as a fan when I got all the chances!! LOL Oh I really hope you’ll have another chance, you’re just around Asia so you’ll have more chances. But I’m sure it’s one of your good memories and shall never forget. For you simple it may be but that memory will forever mark in you, you have such beautiful experience, you’ll keep it dear to your heart.
      Oh by the way, I read one of your comment fr other article as I share the same opinion as others from here that gave me a little push to talk about that topic, we’ll have it on my next article. thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  14. Oh my..i love all ur articles especially this one. Thank you LK. Yup, me too missed him so much these days. How i love this guy that im not even addicted but at one time i was possessed by him. I’ve read a few confessions from our sister’s fans here and in other blogs, how they first time met HJ and eventually got crazy for him and searching abt him tru internet. Me also like that. After watching BOF i got really into this guy. At that time my bias was Minho ( this guy also hot at the time ) but i feel sorry that i’ve abondoned him for KHJ. He really has something on/abt him that has attracted me to searching him more and more. The more u looked up him the more ur heart keep beating for him.Yup, he got those kind of vibe/aura around him that struck into your heart. For this i’m so thankful to this BOF drama for introduce me to this awesome man…lol

    So, since 2010 basically ive been possessed by…I just can’t stop to think abt him. U know this feeling is not abt the pure love ( like soul mate or something ) of one woman to another guy. Its love to another amazing human that has turn my miserable life to positive and exciting moment ever. Its a bless to meet him at that moment in my life. Of course his attractive look has atrracted me, followed by his twinkle eyes, his sweet healing smile, his sexy voice, his hair styles, his tough body, his gestures, his personality, the way he walks, ohh.. his stares..gosh, everything abt him thou! And another thing that u might agree with me too is i love him but i never have such wild or dirty thought or such imagination whenever i see his sexy macho body!, i don’t dare to think abt it coz i sincerely love him as my dongseang, my motivator, a healer of my hurt. Yeah, coz i’m in my 40’s and i still has my husband beside me…i hve kids age 17 & 10…lol….

    The experience for 1st time searching his name on youtube was, video of him dancing of B. Rain song on Christmas eve i think. Omg, he looked really cute yet so handsome there. Then i kept searching that i just can’t get enough of him even until now, right now. Oh, not forget to mention SS501, i found him actually a leader in the group and i felt how amazing he was, being responsible leader, so warm-hearted, consideration among them, the love they show each other. Everything abt him was so amazing to believe in. Watching all his variety shows back then, seeing how lovely he was and how people around him treated him respectfully and how fun to see him every those shows.

    Oh my, so much to talk abt him but i think just that for the time being. Hmmmm…how he’s doing right now!?

    • Hello Bella! Thank you as always and it’s my pleasure to write and share it with everyone here. Now talking about history in meeting HJ, I had the most embarrassing moment for a fan like me!! I’ll skip on that! I wrote about that topic as HJ did cover Rain Sunbae’s Rainism, oh HJ was so cute and having the original dancers of Artmatic was really amazing. That was one of my favorite that time it was Dec.30th 2011 KBS year end festival. Honestly it was through HJ that I had the chance to re-view Rain again after a decade!! I miss those times actually hj was quite active in SK local tv shows, then his focus turned international as a Hallyu star that brought him further foreign popularity boost. It’s so amazing we may have different period in seeing HJ but definitely almost at the same way!
      Thanks again Atiq take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Hi again LK…hehe…here me Atiq…i guess u were so tired or sleepy when u reply….Well, talking abt Rain, HJ once told in one of his interviews that he love to build up his body muscles like Rain sunbaenim…lol..( i don’t think i agree with him ). For me HJ body is just nice and suit with his personality that gentle and humble.

  15. Thanks always for Ure Great articles Ms.LK♡ Yes, Miss Him so much +_+ I pray for One of Phantasm too , at least at the country that reachable fr me ㅠㅠ Wanna See Him on the stage. Miss Him so Much. Hope His doing good and Take His time. Honestly I dreamt about Him last night. We are together singing and praying in the Church and feels like all KHJ’s Fans are there , saw His Smiling Angel look around Us with His Lovely Eyes which I can’t describe how His Eyes said all the Love inside His Heart. Feel so Happy and Healing to see His Smile again. Even though it’s just a dream +_+ And I Believes it means Happiness for all of Us♡ ^^ *sorry to pour it here Ms.LK , hope U don’t mind 😉 Pray for Happiness of Our Only One ♡ 🙏🙏🙏

    • Hi Ana! Thank you the pleasure is mine. Oh it’s ok Ana you’re free to open up, this is what this blog site is for, a space exclusively for KHJ fans to share what you feel and your thoughts and it’s nice to read from each other. Just like you I’m really praying hard for another concert from HJ. And I’m pretty sure this is one thing as he enumerated his plans before MS in one of his interviews. This is in good intention and I really pray it shall be granted. Thanks again Ana, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  16. Hi, LIK! Great article saying everything we are all feeling. I miss him so painfully right now… I am like you, not wanting to even THINK about the longer wait we will have. I know he knows how much we are missing him, and I think he will give us one last hurrah with something big before he goes in. I like the fan idea of raising money for his free concert with $1 campaign! What that money could be used for is to buy travel accommodations for the fans who can’t afford to go! I know Hyun Joong meant by ‘free’ concert that he wants to foot the bill for the concert expenses. But, I think if he does announce he will do this… it would be great to have a fund waiting to help fans who can’t afford to go! (like me, too… I am not ashamed to admit I would need help with something like that! LOL!) I will look into some of the sites you can sign up for to start a fund campaign. I think it would be just WONDERFUL and Hyun Joong would be touched by that also. I think I am finally going to take the plunge and help some of my US fans start a fan club HENECIA USA. I have been avoiding joining any fan club because I just don’t need those kind of things, but I think this will benefit Hyun Joong, so I am willing to do it for that reason. If we can unite the US fans, KE or whatever management he has after MS will be able to see just how many fans are here in USA. Then, hopefully, we could get him here for concert! YEAH! 🙂 Anyway, anything I can do to bless Hyun Joong and my fellow fans, I am all over it! Thanks for keeping us company here while we are missing him! I plan to post many articles as well while he is gone to keep us company and share and enjoy our memories. thank you sister! You are the whole reason I started my own blog! I was bursting out with my emotions just like you were and we met Kim Hyun Joong around the same time too! For me it was January 2011 with Boys over Flowers! LOL! I love you to pieces, sis! Hope you are well! 🙂

    • Hello Angie! Honestly whenever MS pop into my mind I just feel as if something is pinching at me heart that i couldn’t see myself in that period not as yet. All I see is a long and winding road and I guess we just have to make that road a bit shorter. In reality it’s not easy to write about my subject in his absence but there this room for trying. Honestly I have experienced draining brain squeeze in the latter part of 2012!! LOL it was such a challenge to get addicted in writing on daily basis BUT it was the happiest experience of my life, and it was worth it. HJ is one of a kind that can never be forgotten of all the artist I encountered with! He’s the best!
      I had a better decision first hand in not joining any fan club and I’m glad I didn’t since back in 2011 I didn’t know that HJ had multiple fan clubs although he only has one official but this blog should address all his fans irregardless whatever fan club they belong. So as much as possible I don’t want to mention and fan club name unless it’s necessary. Angie I’m thanking you I know how busy you are but I sincerely appreciate your effort and time in writing about the guy. And just in the right time you came back when HJ needs us the most. I’m really thankful to you. Take care, be happy and see you again! Love you girl! God bless..

    • Hi ms Angie… Luv your blog … Silent lurker most of the time who pops up every once in a while… You guys rock and I’m thankful to have bumped into you in this vast cyberspace… Will be first to sign up if you start henecia USA lol… Thank you LK for a wonderful post as usual… If we have the each other’s company and we have these haven blogs to come to for good ‘old hyun joong talk and reminiscing , I’m pretty sure 2 years will go by faster… Keep rock I’ ladies ;

      • Hello Tetcha! thank you for dropping by! Oh yes I agree with you, just by keeping each other’s company surely two years would just be in a snap! Time fly faster with keeping ourselves busy but not forgetting him and some minutes of dropping by reminisce can surely do a lot better to ease down being lonely without hj! Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • The fan club would be a good idea. Getting his western fans together and active could very well help KHJ when he returns from MS. thank you for considering this and thank you LK for your very good article. It will seem along time without him. I would feel better knowing that will will find him professionally busy and in much demand once he returns. Active fan club could help. Have a sunny day!

  17. Thank you Lazer Kim for your many articles and snippets of news on him.

    It’s been some years since I became a fan and like you said I go through withdrawal symptoms without news of him. Lol! Please do keep writing – yourself, Hyunnie Pexers, angeljoong, etc.

    I sincerely pray and hope that he and his family are doing well through this rough time. My amazing star.

      • Hello Lena! Thank you, I shall be here whenever time allows me to do so but I will always try my best to write as much as I can! But no promises. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Hi Loraine! Thank you the pleasure is mine! *sigh* yes dealing with withdrawal syndrome is such an ordeal for me too. With Hyunnies Pexer, angeljoong and LK will just be around. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  18. Addiction is not good thing excepts KHJ. We are addicted to him; to his heart, to his character, to his kindness, humanity,smile, respect to work and co workers and behaviour to us. So we can not quit from this addiction because it becomes us happy. Therefore KE has to think that when he is MS, we will need projects that is a part of him. Maybe new cd, new drama, new show like that had been already prepared and broadcasting after his ms.

    • Hi Gamze!! LOL I can’t help laugh at this! Yes you are right addiction is not really good but it’s the best to be addicted to KHJ!! LOL!! Oh yes KE got a lot to think about! BUT I pray friendship will never change. HJ values his friendship. At this point business and personal should be separated from each other. Well we’ll cross the bridge when we get there. I think everything else has to be seen after his MS. Thank you Gamze, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  19. hello there, i emphatize with you, my husband also understands my love for hyun joong. even in my workplace i always find time to see his smiles which will keep me going and make my day complete. i don’t have the chance to see him in person and see his concerts and fan meetings but kim hyun joong helped me when the times that i am feeling down and burn out. my prayer also goes to kim hyun joong he may find peace in his times of adversities. i thank God that i found cyber friends like you and LK because of kim hyun joong. God Bless you and your family too.

    • I’m happy to know your husband understands your being a fan of KHJ. Last year was such a year for me that all I did was work that i almost neglected this blog site, that I can only pop out every 3 months. But now I can easily adjust with my time making use of my breaks, a little sacrifice from social life in the real life!! LOL But most of all I’m very thankful to God leading me here again when HJ was in a mess. I was bound to lose my way in May and it was indeed a blessing to see HJ again in Yokohama that made me go back to where I belong. I’m most thankful really and I can never forget that period. Thank you again Elena!

      • thanks LK …i now understand some saying that the more you got to know KHJ the more you are addicted to him. right now early in the morning instead of getting shower first before work i surf youtube for his music first before going to shower hahaha sounds funny, and i also watch concerts of Kim Hyun Joong or his SS591 days before going to bed, sometimes i slept and woke up to hyun joong’s music on my headphones. i maybe a barely 3 months fan but i feel it is over a hundred years now..even at work, when my paperwork’s done i watched anything that pops up during the search of hyun joong…so feeling crazy right now. i never been to his concerts and fanmeetings before but i plan to see him in SK after his MS I started saving now and my family supported me in this decision when i discussed it to them last night.. hhahahha feeling MINCHIN… THANKS LK hope to read more to come from you about HJ…i was a silent reader before ..but now i am sharing my side ….thanks again

        • LOL God cant help laugh!! Now i can see myself in you back in 2011!! Dont worry you’re not alone i think everyone of us here experience what you’re getting through at this time. It’s so nice to read from you elena. Feel free to share anyrhing in this site you are most welcome as we read from you. Thank you so much take care have a nice day see you God bless..

  20. hello LK once again you nailed it…really we can’t get enough of kim hyun joong especially his smiles and his stares…i miss him so much and hungry for news about him. as what i have observed all his fans who are my friends posted a lot of pictures past pictures and even pictures of him with children and dogs. it simply means they missed him too. in my previous comments, i suggested to raise a $1 dollar campaign for us fans to finance his dream concert before going to Military Service. i really wanted to help materialize that dream of holding a free concert before going to MS. i may or cannot attend that concert but the idea alone will makes me happy too. i hope we can help hyun joong..

    • Hello Elena! LOL I truly enjoyed those pictures!! Really Hj’s fandom is the greatest among all fandom, as they say quantity doesn’t matters but the quality does matter by 100%. And I’m sincerely proud to be in the right group of fans. Yeah I read that suggestion about $1, and that reminded me about HJ’s interview that he has that dream for free concert having to place a can outside the venue for charity. Then as he mentioned that concert before his MS. We’ll see how it would turn out we just have to wait for a while since we still do not have idea exactly when his MS would come out. Thank you Elena, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  21. Yes, we are all really missing him. Everyday l have to find out his news in internet if any news of him, wish to see more activity before his ms. Following your articles is the way of sharing feeling of fans. Love your articles and HJ.

    • Hello Kratuwoo! Thank you as always reading my articles! How I wish I have that usual generous time back in 2012, but I’m so grateful to my fan friends who shares some news links that really help me a lot being well informed about HJ even on my busiest days. I’ll always be indebted to them, actually one of them is not even a fan of HJ but he’s quite active with on line news. Take care sis, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  22. I feel the same way, even though I have never been to any of Kim Hyun Joong concerts or any of his fan meeting because I live in the United Stated. Kim Hyun joong have enter my life as if he was sent to me by God to save me from my depression. Hyun Joong have been in my life for the past three years now. Not one day goes by that I don’t think of him. I have to see his smiling face and hear his voice daily so that my heart can feel at ease. I listen to his songs daily, watch his drama over and over again. I would smile to myself like a crazy person and feel all happy inside and if I don’t see him or hear his voice for a few hours. I’ll slowly fall back into my depression. At first I tell myself I can’t feel this way for Kim Hyun Joong. I have my families that love me and worries about me. But how Kim Hyun Joong make me feel, not one of my families members can make me feel the same way Kim Hyun Joong does, not even my husband. I’m just happy that my husband understand that the love I have for him and the love that I have for Kim Hyun Joong can’t be compare because is two different kind of love. I miss Hyun Joong everyday and I can only look at him through the internet but I still have hope that one day God will grant me a chance to see Hyun Joong in person. Til than I will always send Hyun Joong my unconditional love, prays, and blessing.

    This is to Kim Hyun Joong, I hope at you will be able to see and read this prays for you.

    A prayer for my only one Kim Hyun Joong
    Lord please give my only one
    Love and Blessings without ends
    Brings contentment in his life
    Comfort him in times of strife
    Always keep him safe and secure under you wings
    Let his path be under your guidance
    Lord, I pray my only one will be close to you eternally
    Please bless him with your grace.

    Thank you LK for this wonderful article and the box for us to share our love for Kim Hyun Joong.

    • Hi Pearl! Thank you the pleasure is mine! It’s nice to know your family and your husband understands and support you for being a fan of KHJ that somehow you have someone to share with. The way I see it at least from this site I got so many American readers and I’m so pleased to know that from my viewer’s scale. You are right we feel love to different people but in a different level. It’s just so amazing there’s this kind of unconditional love we feel for an idol so difficult to explain but we all know it exist. I first seen this kind of love during the time of Michael Jackson that at first I couldn’t understand the depth of his fan’s love until I felt it for KHJ. I’m not comparing I’m just saying the kind of love do really exist. Because I had that same question when I have seen HJ in 2011 his transformation and that’s when I got hooked on him and here I haven’t stopped from writing about him. Yes it was like crazy waking up having my computer in front of me and before bedtime still researching about the guy! Those were the days but my happiest I would say!
      Thanks again Pearl take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  23. Thanks a lot LK…. I’m one of your silent readers…i miss KHJ i miss the way he smile hope to see him soon…i dono but i feel like crying essshhh… Hope he is ok with his family….

    • Hello Clyn! Nice meeting you here, thank you so much for reading my articles. It’s ok to cry so you’ll feel lighter and smile again as we’re moving on. I’m sure he’s ok and so with his family. Thank you again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  24. Thank You LK…
    I watch his old program and I always smile and laugh. In Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook he say in 10 year anniversary he will hold free concert for his fan..he always love his fan. He was amazing man.

    ps: i want to know abt his family, are they okay? Anti fan don’t invade his family right?

    • Hi Nurul! Thank you the pleasure is mine. 2015 is his 10th anniversary I think he’ll still be sponsoring that free concert before his MS. HJ has a very decent family it will be a shame on those antis to invade them too that’s way beyond human right. they have got nothing to do with the nightmare. So far they have not touch them. I think his family is ok but of course it hurts them too.
      Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  25. Thank you. LK.
    I miss our prince soo much.
    You are right, I miss him after every his concert.
    Hope he rests well and comes back soon with his amazing music.

    • Hello Fanjoong! Thank you the pleasure is mine! He’s so addicting, I never thought it could be this way being a fan of KHJ! I said this back in 2012 it was the best time of my life! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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