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By: LazerKim


It has been the objective of this blog site to give space that can be called home to KHJ fans, to protect and to defend Kim Hyun Joong at all cost. I think I have followed these objectives ever since I started writing all about Kim Hyun Joong. These past days I have been attacking those who have badly hurt him namely, the media, KeyEast, haters fan club and lastly Miss A who had been the root of this nightmare.

I wrote that letter to Miss A and it shall be floating within the internet, whether or not it reach her, I just know someone has to question her actions and admit to her lies. I just couldn’t let go without a word directly address to her. Kim Hyun Joong has been a part of our lives for so many years and he’s like a family member to us that we cannot neglect. If a family member was being mistreated or disrespect, that I think we have a human obligation to protect, defend and seek justice.

That scandal is no longer Hyun Joong’s privacy since this issue is already in the public knowledge. I know this scandal will die down sooner or later, and maybe someday that woman will stumble upon that letter, as she knows what to do by then as she matures and realize what she had done, I hope.  I may be attacking people who have hurt Hyun Joong not to revenge but simply letting them know where they went wrong and for us fans just to scream ouch!!. I just think and feel something was not right during the entire period of the nightmare.

In this nightmare, it was fighting against all odds that made me even proud of KHJ fans that the haters didn’t realize that those odds made us even stronger to unite in our only ONE LOVE. I have only one Kim Hyun Joong to believe and trust, all through out the nightmare and shall always be confident in defending him from those who hurt him.

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They said in anything that happens in our daily lives good or bad has a reason. And in this nightmare I found a lot of reasons why it was bound to happen but basically I think this nightmare is an eye opener both to Kim Hyun Joong and his fans. He has been maintaining a clean image for the last 9 years of his career, who would think that in just one day, one damn person, in one glimpse his image was tainted? This is at the dark side and of course it’s Hyun Joong who was very much affected. The bright side is, we now realize who are being true and who are not.

A bad friend is a weather friend, someone who would only be there with you on bright sunny days. A true friend is there for you on the darkest moments of your life. During this nightmare I think Hyun Joong had already identified who his true friends are. In his fans some may have jump ship, and change of heart, let go of them it’s their right to choose. It’s not Hyun Joong’s lost, it their lost. For me I would rather have a few handful stable and firm people around him that makes a stronger foundation, than a crowd made of sand who can easily be swayed and fall out.

At this point I think Hyun Joong has built a better foundation in his fan base now consisting of stronger, firm and loyal fans who stayed all through out the nightmare. I wouldn’t say the nightmare has no effect, it did and it somehow damaged his image in the public eye who doesn’t know him at all and those who jumped in to judgement. But I won’t waste my time with these people. The truth has its own way of revealing by itself.

It doesn’t matter who leaves, but it matters most who stays. This nightmare is a great trial between idol and his fans. Between Hyun Joong and his loyal fans for over a month this was a real mental and emotional torture that we may have been in such crucial period probably even until now. BUT it is that same pain we felt from this nightmare that brought all of us fans to unite in ONE LOVE to Kim Hyun Joong.



To forgive and to forget are the most difficult for us to do. How can we forgive if the people who hurts us isn’t even seeking for forgiveness? How can we forget if we all know there is injustice in this nightmare? All the while I thought it would be easy, but as I wrote those articles one by one attacking those people who caused this pain on Hyun Joong, I realize it’s not that easy to forgive and to forget. It even hurts me more that the most affected person here was the one who humbly apologized just to end up the mess.

Probably it would be best for me not to encourage you to forgive and forget, this is gonna be your own disposition and let time heals. Instead I would encourage everyone to stay strong with Kim Hyun Joong. We move on slowly, life has to go on, leave those haters they are hopeless parasites who cling to the lies of that woman anyway. I know Hyun Joong wanted us not to put blame on that woman. May I just say this to Hyun Joong…

Kiddo, please try to understand your fans too, this matter now is between women!

Time heals pain, but the scar remains and that scar will always remind us of our awareness and lessons learned out of the pain from this nightmare.

Painful it may be but I’m thankful for this trial that I have known my idol much better and that I have known for myself of ONE LOVE but the strongest I have ever felt for a person I truly admire, Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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45 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ONE LOVE

  1. super thanks for this article just recently since i discovered this blogsite and i really feel at home !

    when i heard about the news of oppa, i really feel sad and hurt specially when bashers called him a psycho because i know that he would never do such thing! he’s so gentle and so cute :))

    i will wait for him to make a comeback
    i will love him always!
    :)) saranghe !

  2. Thank you for your articles, I am from the United States and am a devoted fan of KHJ; I have never once thought that KHJ was at fault. In watching his interviews and shows you can’t help but see the gentleman he is and also see his adorable fun side. How my heart has ached for him but I believe that one becomes stronger through trials and Hyun Joong will too! He has proven through the way in which he has handled this situation thay he truly is a gentleman and I am forever his devoted fan!!

    • Hi ML Bates ,

      Thank you so much to post here and let us know how you feel and think. I’m so happy that there are a lot of people who care for justice and feel uneasy with the injustice that leaded to mistreated HJ . I personally think everybody who have a right mind and have followed the case with open eyes and critical mind will have a lot of questions the way the media and that person played with the informations and the made believed evidents.They should at least listen to polie report. It hurt me to see people intentionally ignored unlawful behavior because of jealousy or revenge. I do believe in Karmar and love. We as fans can show him love and trust we have for him and let ‘s God take care of the Kamar .

      I would rather trust my instinct and my intuition than those irresponsible media and a liar.

  3. Dear LK

    Thank you so much for a wholehearted article. I feel you wrote what most of HJ’s fans have in mind. I think the other thing that most of us feel the same is that this incident made us realize how humanity HJ is. He has proved to us that he can do what most people could not do. He is a real brave young man , a true gentleman. He believes in doing the right thing and do the best he can for others regardless the affect toward him. It is hard for people who are not the same level of humanity as him will understand. He may be young , may be playful at time but his humanity and his sense of responsibility is like 50 or 60 years old man. It’s for sure that it’s much higher than all the media in SK. The media supposes to be the one that bring the truth and enlighten their readers about things that happening in their society . If they themselves abuse the power they have by ignoring the injustice or distorting the truth I can not imagine what the people especially the children in their society would learn about justice and morality.

    SK in my opinion is a country that have a high potential to be one of a world leading country in the future but what ‘s happening to HJ made me think that SK probably will not reach that level . I think SK will not be able to gain the respect from international community as they are not capable or do not know how to protect and save their social ambassador and a good person from being bashed and humiliated by a liar and by bad media in their own country. As they fail to do this inside their own country how can they protect their good people when they are representing SK in other countries. KHJ is not known just in SK but he is known internationally . He is admired by many and he is representing a very good side of SK . For me it like SK are throwing the dirty garbages to themselves and made themselves dirty by letting trashed media and money to control their morality.

    KHJ is the ambassador from SK for me . I learnt to appreciate SK because of the good quality I found in him . All good things about SK I learn through knowing him . I knew him as a singer and actor from SK and I like his works and his uniqueness but that does not make me love him. What made me love him and admire him is his personality as a decent man and as a beautiful human being. I sometimes forgot he is a Korean because he always communicates from his heart and it can reach my heart I understood well from his action. He is a man of few words but his consistent in action is so clear . It likes we speak in the same language.

    What affected me is now I stop watching K-drama , not listen to K-music, because I feel the K entertainment industry is so harmful for its artistes . There are too much jealousy and their system are supporting tension among fans and create unnecessary damaging toward the artistes .However I still follow and support all HJ’s works and still wait for his new project. I think I will go back to K-drama only when HJ make a come back which I don’t know when otherwise I will bey bey for good. I feel they are so ignorance to the damage of a person ‘s life , an injustice and an irresponsible group of media . I can not take it lightly it’s too harmful.

    HJ has taught us his fans how to love and demonstrated how to forgive and how to let go of the suffering. He gave what that person want and make sure that person will be in peace. This is the best thing that a person can give to other person. He just simply did the best he can for the others as alway. I hope there is a super power somewhere take a very good care of him and gently comfort him with love and give him inner strength that will heal all the pain he might have . As a fan I just hope he realizes the love , the trust ,the confident , the respect and the unconditional support we have for him.

    I believe in the power of love and very confident that the love we fans have for him can change the whole situation . We just have to express and demonstrate our love in every way we can to comfort him and rise him up.

    Wow, I have never known that HJ has played important part in my life and my perspective toward Korea. I have never felt so proud of being a fan of any artiste like I feel now.

    . I’m so proud of you Kim Hyun Joong and I often forgot you are a Korean not my fellow country man. You are Christian and I’m Buddhist but you have taught me a lot of important Dhamma teaching . You remind me how to be a better Buddhist . Thank you very much my Brave Hero. To be honest you are the very first male artiste that I can proudly call a real hero.

    Love you Kim Hyun Joong and all your fans.
    Love you LK.

  4. Very well said ms Lk….u r right when u told that its hard to forgive and forget esp when the one hurting here is our only love KHJ..we cant just watch them ruining his almost 10yrs hardwork and with just 1 malicious news it suddenly trying to break him down..what is this???so unfair!!even his country and most esp his agency cant protect him.only us his fans can protect him frm these girl,haters and most esp the media.we will always b here for him even if the whole world will turn against him coz i believe hjs fans are unique and loyal and thats what make us different fr the others😊😊

  5. A couple of points in your article I want to re-visit.. First, Yes.. it’s solidified the fan base, and those of us who never doubted, or were afraid but still stood strong through it are his real fans, and while I don’t know if he’ll ever really see this article, or notice any of us individually (just because it’s probably impossible, I know he’d want to if he could) I hope he’s comforted by those who stood by him. Second.. What is with SK Media and it’s terrible treatment of it’s singers and actors? it’s like it’s one big abusive system, and gives value to what I would call “Trash News” rather than truth and facts. That they Hurt people in what they do doesn’t seem to matter to them at all? SK often has notices of young stars committing suicide, and Now I can see how that can happen, since there is so much pressure. It’s been very scary watching them do this to KHJ, Especially since from everything I’ve seen and heard, He Loves his country very much. Third.. Yes, While KHJ is reluctant to expose this “A” woman, I’m of the mindset to Put a Scarlet “A” Letter on her and tar and feather her. Forgive and forget? Sorry, I’m not there, not sure I’ll ever be there. And YES!! it is a women thing. The haters were mostly women who trashed KHJ without really knowing anything.. shame on them.. and we as women need to be protecting him, since no one else seems to be doing it. Thanks for the “Love” article, it expressed a lot of things to think about.

    • Hello Cindy! First, it doesn’t matter whether he reads this article or not as I stated above the objective of this blog site is for his fans. I believe nothing is impossible at the internet! Second, all i know is that Dispatch fr SK is the source of those trash news and allkpop fr New Jersey USA translates the news fr. Dispatch. Does this sounds suspicious Kpop and Kdrama is in the heights in any part of the world! maybe a little more push it MIGHT over shadow Hollywood! Just my wild thoughts.
      Obviously they don’t care for as long as they earn their dirty money, you may read those from Google.
      Here something to read (

      And here (

      Third what i write is what i feel and think whether others may agree with me or not it doesn’t matter since we have our own opinion, just like anyone of us here at the comment box where we can express ourselves without being harass by the haters. To forgive and forget that’s up to you. Lastly, if other sites are filled by hatred to KHJ then I would like to fill this site with lots of “love” We all have our choice and we’re entitled to it, right?
      Thank you Cindy, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  6. Yes LK …we all have only ONE love and this is KHJ, I just hope he will feel all our love and warm vibes we all send him, a big hug from all his loving fans to heal this Man who doesn’t deserve the pain he passed and most probably still feeling.

    You know normally is Forgive but never Forget, in this case I feel that forgiveness is from God and that b can only ask from God to forgive her but not from us and for sure never forget!

    I feel Hj is a very private person who will not go out in public with his private affairs as he is a gentleman most probably that is why he wanted to end this as quickly as possible, but I can not forget the pain and tiredness I saw in his eyes and face sometimes, that deep sadness…that hurt, because this is one man who didn’t deserve to go through this Hell.

    As you said Lk I hope now he knows who his real friends are ( a friend in need is afriend indeed!!) and that his base of fans are strong and united and always be there.
    I believe he will rise back as the Phoenix and show that he is Unbreakable and Unstoppable.
    You are so right He will never be alone!! We are All for ONE and One for All! 🙂

    • Hello sis! As I was saying to Berlin, that woman is on the loose, I doubt now if she’s still in Seoul, for sure she’s already hiding somewhere. She knows HJ will never go after her to revenge, but how I really wish someone close to HJ would expose her. Why is showbiz in SK like this, if this scandal happened in my country for sure that woman can’t get away from fans. Somebody would surely sing and in no time she’ll be exposed. Specially this case doesn’t even have sufficient evidence to file assault, this should have been a headline and witness protection program would let go but unfortunately in SK media is one sided. And that’s really frustrating. Therefore injustice in SK can play it loose and so everyone can just do anything to destroy anybody. I don’t think I can ever forget.
      Thank you sis, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Honey, on what you said to Berlin is just another article on the making because this is one topic that is though and soo true, the way they are conducting the showbiz in Sk is realy scary. But, back to our sheep, I strongly believe that b is dumb enough and will float out by herself, now most probably rejoicing in her so called “win” with the money she received….we all say here Karma…and sometimes Karma is a bitch.

        You know that the Truth always prevail and love always win! let’s have a bit of patience, have some Faith here, will come.
        Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

        Let’s all start to heal and to try and move on, I know time is the best healer and we are all together here.
        Maria Angelou said ““Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” let’s all be a Rainbow to Hj cloud and to each other here! Our way of healing. God Bless sis! 🙂

  7. Yo tambien soy una fan de Kim Hyun Joong y llevo conociendolo muchos años, y me sorprende realmente la maldad con que actuo esa mujer quien no tiene perdon, solo quiso buscar sus cinco minutos de fama a costa de que de la pesadilla que le hizo pasar al lide. Sufria cuando le veia en sus conciertos la mirada triste que tenia Hyun Joong y no es justo que en momentos como este le haya hecho eso esperar a que todos tenga la mirada fija en el, realmente te agradezco que tengas un blog donde podamos expresarnos y manifestar todo el amor que sentimos hacia esta bella persona. A cuidarse y que Dios les bendiga por siempre

    • Realmente fue triste verlo en su conciertos después del problema, aunque sonreia sus ojos estaban tristes Cierto? es mas dejo de mostrar su lindo cuerpito, que pena. Ahora se lo siente mas tranquilo, seguro, preocupado pero disfrutando del escenario, esto llevara tiempo pero lo superaremos. Cuantas lagrimas se habra reprimido en el escenario viendo el apoyo de sus fans, cantando con el, animandolo, hubo
      momentos muy emotivos en China, Japon y Peru creo que serán los mas inolvidables para el.
      Bienvenida a la familia Charito, creo que LK no escribe en español, pero estoy feliz de que comenten en español pues este blog ha crecido mucho ultimamente, para felicidad de la familia.
      Dios bendiga a KHJL y a todas nosotras.
      gracias LK

      • Si Jazu, Dios bendiga a todas y a KHj, pero gracias a Dios por Google, esto es hermoso, y fácil de entender! God Bless!:)

        • En Peru se portarom de maravilla yo creo q en ese momento el se dio cuenta de cuanto y como lo queremos, ahora ha desearle lo mejor y ha esperar q siga dandonos muchos años de alegria con su musica y dramas. Ayyy espero q se encuentre una latina ha q le apapache a lo grande

  8. you are right, LK
    we dont have to forgive and we dont have anything to forget about this case. this is a strong reminder between hyunjoong and his fans. as for me, we shouldnt forget what we’ve been through for the past month. we have a lot of pain and affection at the same time. we may forget the bad things, but all the great things between those time came from this nightmare. and we couldn’t deny that. forget the things that causing pain and remember the greatest moments that we had together. dont make all the hates consume our pure love to hyunjoong.
    so, forget what’s necessary and forgive what’s necessary.
    let’s all heal together and may the scar that marked our heart be the reminder of how strong we are as his fans 🙂

    • Hello Berlin! *sigh* May I just say this, I think showbiz industry in SK is getting scary. Since the time I started writing I have been reading a lot about how artists being treated. I just remember HJ also experienced over worked at BOF until he got sickly and losing weight but the production and agent just doesn’t seem to care. HJ got entangled with controversy in 2010 same thing he stood by himself to defend. Now here comes this nightmare even the worst no one defended him again and that woman is just out there and media just continued destroying him that no one bothered to go after them and file a counter charge for all the mess. I really feel sorry for HJ and how I wish one day to see that woman and media all together behind bars so that others won’t attempt to do the same thing. It’s really sad. How can i forgive and forget. How i wish someone close to HJ would expose her so that she would really learns her lesson. As of now she would only think she can get away with what she did.
      Thank you Berlin, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  9. We are all KHJ’s fans and we can say that we are his women. Now his women are working on protecting for him. It may be a small revenge to Miss A, since our man does not want to harm his ex-GF. I believe that the true fans of HJ will think the same. Thanks again for your article.

    • Hello kratuwoo! For me it’s an expression of hurt feelings, it’s like that woman didn’t only betrayed HJ but she also betrayed his fans. I would respect anyone who may be involve with HJ in a rel in fact we all wish him he would find a woman he can love, he’s a man it’s natural I don’t own him to begin with. I got no problem with that. But to drag him in public causing scandal is a different story. Because the implications could bounce back to us. We want to watch HJ on stage or performing in dramas. Just like what happened in Beijing that his concert was cancelled and his Chinese fans were all looking forward to that concert. That woman just ruined that chance. I’m angry again!!! Gosh this really gets me into my nerve!! And with this scandal there’s a possibility he may not have that chance again bcoz of tainted image that woman cause. And this hurts me and reallllyyyy makes me angry. This is just my point. *sigh* thank you Kratuwoo take care, be happy and see you again! Oh thanks for the likes as always! God bless..

  10. Oh you are so right, this is between women now. I choose to move on and continue supporting him, but I wont forget because this experience is unforgettable. The wound is still open, we have stiche up and is healing but the scar will be there. That women hurt tha man in the most undespicable way.
    Karma will get her. That is all. Thanks for your wonderful article.
    Keep loving my KHJ.😍

    • Hi Fansler! Honestly from the time this scandal erupted there’s no article that i wrote that I didn’t cry, it’s good for me though as my way of releasing out so that I can move on the following day. i shall never forget this nightmare, it will stay but now I realize how to fight back even to a company I once cherish although i really hope HJ’s friendship would not be affected, slim chances though. Thank you Fansler, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  11. Thank you for a wonderful article on One Love. Kim Hyun Joong will always be my only one love and I’ll always love and support him forever. For all the hatred and people who left Kim Hyun Joong to stand on his own through this nightmare. I don’t even care what they think or said because people like that will never know the true meaning of unconditional love and support one give. They only know how to say harsh words to other so at they can feel better about them self. They will never know that what they say someday will be returning back to them.
    To Kim Hyun Joong, I thank you for helping me learning how to not feel like I’m the only one that is suffering alone. You have change me to have hope and love, From Kim Hyun joong, I also learn to forgive others for hurting me but to never forget. I will not let myself to be at their level of using harsh words just to hurt someone. I’m a better person than that and is all because of Kim Hyun Joong. God bless you and you will always be my ONLY ONE LOVE forever.
    LK, thank again for the wonderful article, God bless you and see you next time.

    • Hello Pearl! May I just share, it’s the first time for me to be a fan of a particular celeb to the extent of researching and following. I have an aunt who was an avid fan of an actress, she would fight for her idol, I couldn’t understand her being a fan although I never contradict her, I just let her be. Now that i became a fan it was only then I fully understand how it is to be a fan. Those haters are also fan of other celebs, what they have is simply envy that I just want to tell them to mind their own biases. They are happy hating. I can’t live in hatred. I may be angry but I don’t want to hate as much as possible. Anger might stay for a while but time can heal.
      Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  12. Yes we do have every right to voice our thoughts since this was made public this issue is not just Kim Hyun Joongs but for all his followers and supporters. And I’ve never believed in forgetting because if one forgets it means you never learned. You have to remember to learn from that mistake.

    • Hello Fay! No one can dictate to what we feel, we may be comforted by others just to ease it down. Women are different from men, men finds it hard to express while women have to express feelings, let it out before we can think straight and be rational. that’s women’s nature I think. I never touch HJ’s personal privacy that’s how much I respect him, but in this case, it’s in the public, garbage had been thrown to him and I can’t just sit around while others take advantage of HJ’s silence. I can face that woman I can look at her straight to her eyes that I’m sure she couldn’t do because she knows what she did was totally stupid.
      Thanks again Fay, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  13. Thanks Lazer Kim for your words which go right in our hearts and bring a lot of comfort which in those nightmare moments. You have expressed what we all feel and you’re our spokesperson before public opinion to defend our One Love. ONE LOVE as you said is our motto. Thank you. I have always believed that forgiveness is a duty which opens the doors of the Divine Mercy. In my life, this has always been my principle. The Lord Mercy. God prevent evil to reach us.

    Now, even if it is difficult to forgive the evil that this woman made to an innocent and pure person, I have to forgive so God answer my prayer to protect Kim Hyun Joong of all evil. Life is a priceless gift. The gift from heaven that we received in the person of Kim Hyun Joong is a strong motivation for us all to believe in what is beautiful, noble and great. We could not accept any bad action who could destroy that heavenly gift. It is our right to demand that justice be done. But leave it to God, our Father and Creator who shall care to highlight the right. Our hope in our Heavenly Father saves us from a negative pagan despair. I do trust in God. Have a blessed week and take care of yourself dear sis^^ 🙂
    PS: If I could send a message to our Only One and Only Love Kim Hyun Joong, I’ll say: “Please stand your head up and be proud of yourself as much as we are. I believe in you. I’ll always will. You are a good person. A noble and pure heart and soul person. No one could ever destroy that true reality of your blessed personality. Just keep Faith. All your loyal fans love you, respect and support you and share these moments of sorrow and pain. Don’t give up Hyun Joong dear, God is always blessing you. You have to fulfill a noble mission on earth and you will overcome difficulties our ONLY LOVE.

    • Amen. Yes thank God for all those who stood by HJ and kept their whit for we havebto be careful on how we speak to one another for we are made in the imagine of God. His Word tells us that we do more harm to our brothers with the tongue than with a weapon. Therefore, let ud contine to stand with our heas held high and we will do the same, and let us continu to encourage one another. God blesx.

      • Hello Taeborum! Thank you so much! It’s been a while I’m so glad for you to stay and joined us, I can see you have been a silent fan there thank you for taking his side as always for so many years. I believe i’m quite a submissive person if I did wrong to anyone, I easily forgive that’s my nature. But as I have said how can I forgive if forgiveness is not being seek. I let time heal hurt feelings but it doesn’t necessarily mean I would forget everything that cause me pain, I may mark it so it won’t happen again. But while the pain is there inside me, I just have to let it out one by one so I can cheer up the natural way. Hyun Joong is not a blood related person to me or to any of us here, but he’s somebody whom I owe a lot, I think it’s just my human nature to be there at his side in his dark moments as he was there to help me when I needed it. Good deeds can never be forgotten and I pay back in return for the good deed. Love begets love.
        Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

        • Thanks dear Lazer Kim for your words that fit me right in the heart. If I have been absent for a while, it was only because I had a serious disease of “Poly – neuritis”, inflammation of the nerves that left me disabled for six months… I could stir neither arms nor legs… i was missing so much all of you… As soon as i was able to sit and type on my keyboard i connected myself to your Blog first and to my friends on HPB and FB to find that our dear Only One suffers from an obvious injustice… There’s always a sixth sense that alerts when a loved one has a problem and suffers. I think that my return on the Internet despite my failing health, has a meaning and that meaning is to share with you sis and with all of the loyal friends of KHJ, my faithful love and support and the need to defend strongly this wonderful man and artist and to show my recognition for everything he has given us of such beautiful and noble Art and also the example of a very good and loving person all these years. Those who have suffered may know the price of the prayer that is the best weapon against evil. I pray hard… God bless … Take care of yourself dear sis^^ 🙂 ❤

  14. i believe that if you truly love the person you have to fight for him or her…..and that is what we are doing right now..if only we can face that woman she cannot stand on her own…she not only hurts KHJ but us also, she made us miserable on that days..and she owe us an apology…but for the sake of KHJ, for his peace.. i can let it slide…i miss him so badly..

    • Hello Isabel! If I were that woman and being true to what I said and accuse somebody, i would definitely show my face, state my name and face those media that is if I’m telling the TRUTH. Since the start she’s been hiding so that means all she told were purely lies. Why be afraid if the truth is on your side? So no matter what she said I wouldn’t believe a single word she said. She just lost her credibility with the way she destroyed a man. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. Thank you LK.
    I want to repeat your statement “I have only one Kim Hyun Joong to believe and trust”.
    I can NOT forgive Miss A due to the paints the girl causes for HJ and for me.
    My heart is not good as others and the nightmare still affects my health.
    Although the painfull days are over, but I’ll never forget them.

    • Hi Fanjoong! Yes no matter how others twist his statements specially media I will continue believing what he stated. HJ is a man of few words and he talks nothing but honesty. Oh I’m sorry that you suffered, you have been my reader for quite a long time now, and honestly from the time I came back writing since the nightmare, I tend to be emotional at times and I can’t help it. It just simply hurt. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  16. I thank my God for you. Please have a bless day and week. I thank you for your caring for us and bring us your words of truth. I am so glad I have met you and the others on this blog. Here you see the love of some many people who are about love and nothing more. Belisve me, haters can not and will not live free for their deeds are pass on to the fourth andbfifth generations, God ‘s Word. So as you say, let us stop worring about them and thisbshe say mess.

    Among the great and glorious gifts Our heavenly Father sends Is the gift of understanding that we find in loving friends.

    A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17

    Today locate Jesus in the people you meet and in everyday happenings.

    Again, may the Lord bless and keep you is my prayer.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine. Yes no matter what we do no matter what HJ does good or bad, those haters will continue to criticize him. We can just sit around and let them loose, at least we did our part being a fan in defending him in the most decent manner by not simply saying what we feel.
      Thank you for sharing this words of wisdom, God is good to HJ and I know He will always be there for him. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  17. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Yes, agree, we have grown stronger & now, we & our boy know who the true fans are.
    God Willing we’ll be around to help him regain his rightful place in the coming years…

    Thank you Ms Lazer for creating this space & for your tireless defence of our precious KHJ…

    • Hello Arfina! Thank you! I think that pain which was too much to bear for such a period of time made us stronger to fight back. As i have said HJ doesn’t know who those haters are while we know them as a fan I think I’m oblige to have a say whoever done wrong to him, Just a natural reaction. Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  18. I can not forget and forgive. This is a lesson and you will survive if you remember. History repeats itself if forgetting. He remembers and never forgets WE ARE HERE FOR HIM BY ALL LOVE THAT COMES FROM OUR HEART.

    • Hello Gamze! Thank you for dropping by. Ever since the start i never write about his personal rel no matter how fan encourage me to do so. But this time as this matter was dragged to the public I can understand he will never fight against his ex. This time it’s not only HJ who was hurt but more to us, women are different from men that’s why I said this is women matter now. We may express what we feel for me it’s not hatred but plain hurt feelings. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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