By: LazerKim


Dear Miss. A,

I don’t know how this letter can reach you, but with God’s will I really hope you’ll be able to read this. I’m one of Kim Hyun Joong’s loyal fan who have been protecting and defending him ever since day one that this scandal you have created came out from the news.

From the time you came to the police station to report and file a complaint against Kim Hyun Joong I know you have been lying until the very last day that you have accepted his letter of apology.

I would just like to ask, do you know what you have done? Do you know that you have destroyed a man’s life? Do you know whom you have hurt?

What could have Hyun Joong done to you to deserve this pain on him? It’s not only Hyun Joong whom you have hurt. You have hurt his family, his friends, and most specially his fans. Do you know how many they are?

I would like to know, did you really love Kim Hyun Joong? If you really loved him which I very much doubt, why did you deceive him? Do you think he deserved that you have thrown a garbage of lies and dragged his name to the public? What motivated you to create a scandal that you yourself knows what you have said to the media are all LIES?

On the night of May 30th, Hyun Joong was trying to be diplomatic in breaking up with you, but you turned ballistic, out of control and violent that you try to hit him several times, but he was just controlling you from hurting him and you know very well he never hit you, but you reversed the whole incident. Still, he protected you and your identity being a gentleman.

Why did you have to humiliate a man who had been so kind to you? He was your friend for two years and all he had shown you were nothing but kindness. He trusted you yet you deceived him. Does he really deserved what you did in destroying him as your revenge? Are you happy now?

If a man breaks up his relationship with you, it only shows the relationship isn’t working anymore, he will not break up with you without a valid reason. He has been very honest to anyone and you know that very well, don’t you? I hope you realize that now.

Be where you are, protect yourself and keep hiding because thousands of other women all over the world has been hunting you. You may escape from them for the mean time, but you can NEVER escape from your KARMA.

You owe Kim Hyun Joong, his family, his friends, and his fans an apology for creating that nonsense scandal. Do keep remembering this letter.

Kim Hyun Joong FANS can only forgive you if you would publicly ADMIT that everything you have said in that scandal were all LIES and you know it very well.

Destroying an innocent man is just like destroying yourself with a nagging conscience.

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

PS: May you be contaminated with Ebola if you keep on with your LIES in your life! LOL



37 thoughts on “LETTER TO: MISS A

  1. Thank you so much LK for the letter.

    This is for ” A.”..?……… I do not hate you but I deeply felt pity on you that you choosed to destroy a person ‘s life just to make you feel a bit better. You sold your dignity just to see a person’s career suffered . You are willing to be called a liar just to have a bit more of money. The more I think about this the more I feel very pity on you . I wonder who would want to be closed with someone like you. I would scare to be your friend because you are too dangerous to be trusted. I believe HJ acknowledge that. However if once HJ saw you as his friend it means you are not all bad but if you have not changed your attitude and some of your harmful habit or character I ‘ m afraid that you won’t be able to find happiness in your life ever.

    I find it ‘s hard to hate you because you are too pitiful but I do not respect you . I ‘m also a woman and I feel unhappy and sad that you made use of being a woman to wrongly accuse a person and telling lie to destroy him. You have disgraced woman’ s dignity. You have lessen the importance of domestic violent issue with your lie. I can’t see you as a decent woman unless you have shown that you recognize your wrong doing and want to correct it. Otherwise I believe you have a potential to repeat the same behavior or to do the same thing with other people again. This is my sincere message to you as a person to a person who live in the same world. Thanks to HJ for his big heart to set an example of how to forgive and how to be a giver even to the one who destroyed him..

    I have nothing to say to the haters they knew in their heart why they hate and why they did what they have done. The most scary thing I learn from the haters and the media are they did not care about justice they did not care for well being of ” A ” or well being of people in their society. They did not even care about DV issue . The only one thing they cared is how to destroy Kim hyun Joong and will do every possible way to achieve that. The media enjoyed selling news and the haters are satisfy nothing left for ” A ” because her dignity and her right has gone since she lied. That’s how scary the irresponsible media and the haters are contributing to the society and so-called A . Be noted that Kim Hyun Joong is the one who rescued A and help A to regain a bit of dignity by giving her a letter of apology which he did not need to.

  2. Good morning, to Lk, thanks again for a well written article. Yes, we are all angry about what has happen to HJ, but one reason I like to come here and read to find out what is happening is you deliver the truth. How can you tell? Spirit to Spirit. The Spirit reveals, just like he revealed to us HJ real nature, and this is the reason I do not fret. The other reason is, the Faith that the commenter display, love and not hate. Therefore, I leave this mediation with the family:

    Welcome every stumbling block, and every torn and jagged rock. For each one is a stepping stone, To God, who wants you for His own.

    He drew me up from the desolate pit, out of the mirror bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. Psalm 40:2

    Today view your problems with a spiritual perspective. See each difficulty as a lesson in problem solving and endurance.

    Kim Hyun Joong has already proven he can do this. Also, remember, Job had everything taken from him by satan, but he remained faithful and Job was bless with more. God has a way of doing things and maybe this is the right time for foolishness to happen. Why? Because he has the time to reflect one what brought him to this point and he will be entering his MS responsibilty for two years and how time can bring about a change. Also, during this time let us continue to pray, for the payers of the righteous availied much, God’s word, and no prayers go unanswered. It is in God’s time, so let us keep the FAITh. Love

    • Very well said!^ 🙂 I agree that it takes on God who governs our lives and that his mercy encompasses us always in his Grace. Kim Hyun Joong always spiritualized his life. His soul is pure and noble and that’s why he has so many friends, admirers and fans. Still, he said that God gives him much of Sorrows to remind him of remain always humble. He is blessed and St Raphael watches over him. Through his baptism, he is a member of the Church and even if he claims back to the religion of his roots, he remains Apostle of Christ. He has a mission on earth and he will accomplish it with the help of God. The wisdom of his personality will make him see his real path and will leave behind this entire whirlpool which only brought him no much happiness. Only Faith is real support that directs our lives. And Kim Hyun Joong has Faith. Let’s continue to support and to pray with fervor. God will answer us because our cause is just and we forgive the trespasses…

  3. LK! LOL! You crack me up so much! I love you! I know Hyun Joong wants us to forgive her, but you are right. Until she admits the Grievous Wrong she has committed against a man who is loved by millions, it feels like a festering sore in our hearts. I don’t expect she will ever come out and apologize, but if she did, it would make all the difference. Hyun Joong did not deserve this from her. She was used by others who wanted to bring him down, and it is all so obvious now as KE suffers their losses. This was never about her or Kim Hyun Joong…it was about dirty industry politics and she can not hide that now. She was PAID to RUIN him for someone else’s greed. And just as always, LK, you are right. If she ever REALLY loved him, she would have never let herself be used to destroy him this way. I think she only felt satisfaction in POSSESSING him, and when he wanted to end that, she made her choice to get revenge. She will suffer for it in many many ways, even if she stays well hidden for all of eternity. You can’t escape yourself, and she will have to live with herself forever. She will have to live as the bitch that broke his heart and the hearts of everyone who loves him, which is MILLIONS! We are strong for Hyun Joong. I pity her that she has no one on her side but ugly haters. Pathetic and Deserved.

  4. You are too kind. About you ps I found it hilarious even though I shouldn’t after all I live in Dallas but you know that she would need to roll in bodly fluid to get ebola, that was a very pleasant image in my brain, let her roll in her own waste, hateful being!

    Karma will find her soon enough. She will never apologize because she is a mean horrid machine, protected but that unethical media.

    Hope that one day our dear boy would find a woman, a real one who would love and care for him sicerely, for now he is on my prayers, and you too because your posts have brought peace and understanding to many.

    Keep it up, love shows and at the end conquers all

  5. So rite !! So much I wish she admits it publically that she lied !!
    Does she even know how we true henecians dream of khj !! And u got the opportunity to be his friend and dat to for 2 yrs !!! A true henecian dreams just to meet him how can a girl give up this golden opportunity so easilyy !!

  6. Dearest LK, thank you for this letter, you are doing that for all of us. You are an extraordinary woman, big bow to you sis!!!:)
    Even if the letter will reach that pathetic excuse of a woman which you call a and I call B, I very much doubt she will ever understand or even a slightly comprehend the enormity of her actions. She was driven by revenge to destroy what she could not have regardless of the hurricane she created. I even pity her because she is missing in her life compassion and she is empty inside and outside, brainless goes without saying of course.

    Now let’s start healing ALL of us: Hj and his family and loved ones and friends (the real ones…) and his Fans who deeply believe and love him! 🙂

  7. Thanks dear Lazer Kim^ 🙂 for that very touching and impressive post and thanks to all Kim Hyun Joong’s fans for showing such faithful love to our Only One. My heart is hurt deeply by this too injurious and unfair incident which causes pain to that noble man and to all his family, friends and fans all around the world. 😥 I wish i could go back for 2 months to stop him to date that awful snake. But no one is immune to a fault especially those who have a too good heart and who cannot imagine evil like Hyun Joong. He is victim of his altruistic personality. I hope he will recover soon from this shock and will be stronger to face the entire world with his honesty and integrity. Kim Hyun Joong is a pure in heart and deserves the best in his life. He gave us so much of love and we all owe him our love, respect, consideration and support. We shared always good and bad days, happiness and sadness like a big family and we will still always and once again enclose him in our affection and esteem to make him feel comforted and exceeds this difficult time. I’m praying hard for him and ask God to protect him and to grant him and us with the consolation that the right shall triumph and justice will be done because really, Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t deserve this… And believe me, justice will be done! This stupid girl won’t escape from God’s Punishment. Let’s just take care of our baby and Only One and pray. God bless you all…

    • Amen. Well said. Prayer and love is always the answer. Keep up what we are doing and let God take care of the rest, “miss a”.

  8. Dear LK

    This is the best letter on behalf of KHJ’s fans to show miss A her right place. No controversies can spoil the image that KHJ has in all his fan’s hearts.I hope she receives this letter asap and realize her mistake and apologise to him, but I feel that is not enough for the damage she tried to create in his life and career. Best wishes to you for your upcoming articles and you have a big fan now from India 🙂 .

  9. Thanks Ms.Lazerkim for ur courage en boldness in writing this letter to miss whatsoever.hope she can read this letters of ur, Back-up together with all of KHJ fans all over the world lol… What I believed is that “what u sow is what u reap.”hope with this letter of yours she had to realised her big mistake in life. Thanks everyone here for the love en full support to our only one KHJ. More power Ms.Lazerkim!!! 😄Thanks kimsmile😄

  10. Well said LK. This “F” and all those haters went too far and too injurious and unfair about HJ and all his fans (this story made me cry a lot, and my co-workers saw that I was not well). I must say that I cursed these vermins and I wish them many misfortunes. Voilà! Sorry, I said it! They wanted to destroy our “brother”, our “son”, our “nephew”, she does not prevail in paradise!

    What thrills me is that the number of fans increase day by day, and true old fans are stronger now than before. All for one and one for all!

  11. Oh my Ms. LK hahahaha this really made me almost die laughing…Why is this witch named Ms. A? I hate it because my real name starts with the same letter…ahhh It makes me smirk and keep getting goosebumps whenever I read Ms. A, Ms. A! In other articles in Koreaboo, a name was already mentioned Eun Soo and some Korean fans and international fans who watched that football game know who she is. I believe them since there were there. Anyway, this reminds me of some Korean drama wherein women chase men so desperately. There is one drama entitled Two Wives which I have not really watched but with previews so thought provoking. Even one girl in BOF who was so interested in Goo Jhon Pyo framed Guem Jan Di supposedly being in a room with another man. Even if I have only watched a few Korean dramas most of these dramas always show a very desperate woman chasing a man. Yayyyyy! Recalling them makes me cringe even more with our Kim Hyun Joong’s controversy.

  12. Dear Ms. LK,

    I’m breaking my silence again. Thanks for being always there for us especially during those darkest days…..For all the pains she caused Hj and all his fans , I’d love to stone her to death or paglakarin kaya natin sya na may nakasabit na karatula sa leeg (like in the movie “Scarlet letter) “NUNO AKO NG SINUNGALING”!!! LOL!!! (sounds barbaric pero deserve nya lang ito.)
    Thank you for this space Ms.LK! More power ! Be safe.

  13. Well said sis…we love peace but they are just to much to HIM.really hope the woman call ‘A’ will find the way to realise that she is a BIG LIAR!!!Have a nice day.Believe that the dark cloud soon move on.God bless

  14. She is a “f” so she never accepts it. She does not respect herself so she has no honour to accept it. Took money and vanished. When her money finishes, she will look for another msn to hunt like predetor. It is their nature.

  15. I hope ms LK she will do that so she can clear hjs name.or else we cannot forgive her for destroying his life and career…

  16. Ms. A is the bigest mistake of HJ.
    She was not the right girl for him.
    I understand why he wants to stop their relationship.
    Hope he’ll choice better girl.

    Thank you very muuch, LK.

  17. Hiii lazerkim..
    I was getting so angry day by day that my work is coming in betwwen my love but after wating for so long i decided to leave my work behind and come back to my love. During these days Iwas so busy with my work but I was always there in touch with your each and every single article.I am so happy that My Prayer and every single KHJ’s welwisher’s prayer is accepted. And MISS A is defeated by us. Waoo this is great nobody can harm our beloved Kim Hyun Joong for their bad intentions.
    I must say LK that your articles have very much significance of bombardment .LOL
    I wish Miss A unversed the message in the floating bottle.
    KIM HYUN JOONG you will never stand alone.

  18. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Couldn’t help but be totally amused when reading your PS to that so & so…
    I really hope some way or other she would get at least a letter, if not yours then another of our boy’s fans which would scare her, err, to her panties…don’t want to use vulgarities…

    I’ve been trying very hard to ignore those hateful yahoos & that unconscionable so & so…
    But the other day I made the mistake of foraying through the comments section of a youtube vid about our boy uploaded by this hallyu backer?!! Not sure if it’s correct…
    Those harsh & merciless comments towards our precious boy made my heart feel so hurt & heartsick…
    My only thoughts were & are, we, his fans, already feel hurt just by reading these vile posts, what more our boy who m sure had & still has to deal with all these, first hand…

    I know that we are not supposed to pray or wish bad things towards our fellowmen, but I hope the All-Mighty will understand when we pray that she’ll get what she deserves here & in the hereafter…
    Unless she sincerely repents…

    So sorry Ms Lazer for my gloomy & vengeful post…
    I promise I’ll be more positive & cheerful for our boy’s sake next time…

    Still waiting for a recap of your encounters with our delightful one, Ms Lazer…
    Just a short one will do…for now, hee…pretty please…

  19. Dear LK,

    Please accept my apology if I say my rant here!!!.. I was holding it for a long time..And thinking that this to shall pass.. But i cannot hold it anymore!.. It was good thing SK is so far from here in my country if not, In all power I will release the dragon sleeping under the ocean to hunt her..lol.. and make it sure to pay all the hurt and lies that she created.. and I wont mind going to jail for this. lol.. She create a serious damage for a thousand people.. I don’t think I can forgive her..

  20. If she truly love him then he will not want to break up wtih her! They dated for 2 years but he didn’t recognized her as girl friend until the last few months. And she revealed her true nature during these few months and KHJ realized he made a big mistake and letting a vicious snake into his home.

    What kind of woman will subject herself into violence during breakup ? Majority woman will hide somewhere to attend the broken heart. Only the extremely violent woman will do what Ms. A did. For this I blamed KHJ for his bad taste of woman, and hope he learned his lesson and look for a nice woman and not a drinking body next time.

    I sincerely hope and wish all the bad things will happen to Ms. A. throughout her lifetime. I will even pray for this!

  21. Wherever Ms.A is, Hope She Will read this letter >< !!!!! Just wait for Ure Karma Ms.A!!!!!
    Agree with U Ms.LK♡ If she kept on Her LIES , She will contaminated wth Ebola 😏😁 ㅋㅋ

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