Kim Hyun Joong [article]… AGENT LOSING!




By: LazerKim



Blar blar they’re talking about KE and the boss profit n share are going down n share holder are suing boss for fraud. The two main money maker Kim So Hyun who’s last drama “My love from the stars” even though was a huge hit especially in China didn’t help much in raising KE stock. Kim Hyun Joong the other main star idol who’s concert are the main source of profit has suffered too during the last two month of his image due to the scandal about his Ex. So all three guys have suffered lost in KE money train and the boss is being Sue for fraud so that’s affecting KE Co as well. … I want full credit lol

( LOL There you go Jackie Kim thanks a lot!! Hyunnies Pexer Blog thanks for sharing!)

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WOW!!  Is this true??? KE what did I say? I wrote this in my article Artist’s Agent, If Kim Hyun Joong goes down the drain, you follow. Unfortunately KE lost KHJ fans respect, but Hyun Joong didn’t, so we’ll be uplifting him and making sure he stays on top. I hope you’re not blaming Kim Hyun Joong for your lost!!  Here’s why.

Now let me analyze the company situation, if I were an investor and would like to put my money to the stock market, I don’t think it’s right for me to place my bet on Key East. Why is that? Because KeyEast doesn’t know how to value those people who are bringing fortune to the company. Kim Hyun Joong is a precious gem of the company.

He’s their managing artist who was involved in a scandal in the past month. As we all know Hyun Joong was completely neglected during the time he was being roasted by the media. And this was totally irresponsible of KE that instead of facing the media and defend their precious gem, they just kept silent during the nightmare and let Hyun Joong have his way without the company’s support.

There was not even damage control effort from the company to at least get hold of the situation. But when the big boss was caught in a fraud and news were there, immediately warned the media of libel. In short if they can do it in one snap with another artist then why can’t they do it with Kim Hyun Joong? Just asking!

Hyun Joong made a mistake and it’s his privacy being dragged, fine, but first things first, I think urgent action during those period should have done. Once the air is clear, then you can penalize Hyun Joong, I think that’s fair enough! But what happened was, KE was so in a hurry to get off the hook from the mess, thinking they have to protect the company name. And have forgotten that Kim Hyun Joong was carrying the company name loud and clear in big neon sign KE that the whole world can see, and how a very clear irresponsible agent KE can be.

With all due respect to the company, I as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong would just like to state my opinion which I think I’m entitled to, this is a free country I guess, freedom of speech is allowed I believe. I was expecting for the company support to at least defend your artist to the media. That’s all I ask for, just to see some effort of damage control from your side just like some libel warning to the press, just for them to stop. Well, what was done, had been done. Good luck KE I told you, if you leave Kim Hyun Joong you’ll be buried with bad criticisms left and right! Didn’t I?   I rest my case! God bless..

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing


                                     WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!

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42 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong [article]… AGENT LOSING!

  1. with KE big big boss had breaks the law, I don’t think the company are able to get projects for their staffs anymore, Companies and people are avoiding them.
    so whether leader leaves now or not it does not matters.

    Leader is a smart and talented person , he must work out his plan and strategy for the next chapter of his entertainment career. He is still very popular not only in Japan , Korea and other part of Asia, He is also very popular the other parts of the world , make these as a stepping stone to press forward to a higher level.

    Leader must not be afraid or shy of the incident, He must be very courageous and press on.
    ( The step of the good man are order by the Lord, thought he fall, though he fall, he shall not be cast down, for the Lord have uphold him with HIS HAND.) Get up and press on.

  2. With or without KE, Kim Hyun Joong will continue his career with the same energy and faith!
    All we have to do is to stay always by his side and to give him all the love, votes and support he deserves. Fighting! God bless you Lazer Kim for sharing your concern.. ^^

  3. My thoughts still the same, KHJ should leave the company friendship with BYJ or not. Specially now that they’re under scrutiny harhar! They shouldn’t even complain if he leaves, they left him first. I am very sure new agencies will line up even if he’s in his MS. Better and responsible agents.

  4. Since my expectations on KeyEast’s support for Kim Hyun Joong were not met especially in the most recent controversy, as a fan I feel even more neglected. KeyEast as we have always known seldom update im Hyun Joong’s official site or his facebook account and this could have been another playground for us. I often read fan’s comments in facebook asking for updates or recent pictures and my heart sinks most of the time. Kim Hyun Joong’s fans have done the hard work in forums, twitter, other facebook pages and blogs like yours LK. There were two Chinese companies based in Beijing, links which I shared earlier in LK’s previous article, one company continued to invest in August with 6% share a few days before KHJ’s controversy started and another company who was interested to buy a bigger share of 20% decided to invest in mobile games with another Korean company also before KHJ’s controversy sometime in June. I wonder if these transactions relate to the cancellation of Beijing’s concert. Another controversy also happened to Kim Soo Hyun sometime in the beginning of the second Q, which feels weird for me, a controversy over water bottle endorsement which perhaps is important for Koreans and a plagriarism issue on his latest drama and then our Kim Hyun Joong’s issue followed towards the end of August which was strangely manipulated by American KPOP sites and involved Soth Korea’s well known paparazzi very disgusting commercially inclined site. Now BYJ is involved in a controversy on fraud, then a drop in KeyEast’s earnings per share. Whatever happened along the way, I am more concerned with Kim Hyun Joong. Whatever Kim Hyun Joong’s decision after his contract expires, I will always support Kim Hyun Joong! Let us all continue to vote for him in polls like this one and watch his past dramas, official videos and if you can watch his concerts.

  5. Time before we enjoyed doing it from this page. l am voting for him in this link giving by denci68 september 21, 2014 at 12:24 pm said:
    Thank you for your beautiful article LK.
    Dear vote for ‪#‎KimHyunJoong‬ Let’s make our KHJ the best KPop Idol of the year
    You can vote 19 times a day
    Voting ends at 31st December, 2014!)

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  6. WELL calm down girls, KE and KHJL will be together until he goes to the MS, after that who knows, l dreamt once that he gets an agency with his brother and promote himself , giving rock concerts playing his guitar. promoting his members and ss501 return after the MS, l see him and them traveling to Peru for a concert together, they will be surely crazy, they love SS501 and their leader, as he is love by us a lot.
    Also l saw him preparing a free great free tickets farewell concert that he wishes to do, saying good bye, he is donating the money that fans bring there (no ticket but bring the money they want for donation) as an ultimate good action to be remember. I saw him also learning English properly while he is in the MS, and preparing a great comeback all that time, there he is getting lots of good friends , gaining respect too. studying also for his next drama and maybe a movie………………..WOW …what an imagination l have, jajajaja
    if you really want to move on , just do as he does, take it easy and start again, he is A REALLY UNBREAKABLE BOY, he will never give up, and also if something bad happens surely he will be a kind good agassi from his neighbourhood who gives cadies to children as he once said.
    He is very smart, he will be cooking something for us, dont worry, u -zosin co. will born or allien entertaiment co. who knows, we will be there to help it.


      • We need to know him well, he is the one who takes the bull by its horns, doesnt let anybody to talk for him. He has his own way to do the things, and as a leader, they, members and friends need to ask him first. If someone dares to talk for him he surely will be really upset.Till now only media, fans and haters figure outand fight about it, me too. Lets him do what he considers better, I agree with his way to fix it, he only knows why. We only must respect him as a real man that he is .

    • Yes, i agree dear JAZU with your optimistic vue for a better future to our Only One Kim Hyun Joong’s life. We will always be there…God bless…

  7. Thank u lazerkim for always defending our hj..i hope hj can read all ur blogs for him to b enlighten and aware that many fans love him than hate him.that we will always b with him thru thick and thin.i love to think that we henecians are all united for him and thats what will keep him strong always hj!!☺

  8. I have been so busy and unable to say much or post, but i have to make a little comment because i can’t keep quiet here. KHJ will do the best for himself. He has proven that he has good business sense, and if KE is not taking care of him, he will not stay. It is my intuition saying I think he has enough money and success now, he could start his own agency. If he so chooses… or just manage his own career. It’s rare, but there are independent artists who do that. Hire the team they need and just do it by themselves. I can just see it! Alien Entertainment: AE! LOL! anyway, I trust him to do the right and best thing for himself.

  9. Agree and agree with every word. Thanks to Jackie and you LK as usual are right and a Gem.
    KE is such a big dissapointment. They acted so slow never doing any damage controll when all this started to even try and protect Hj which is their Golden Goose after all (sorry Hj no ofence here) or their investment. Agree that they have a contract between artist and comp and there are binding things and that they actually helped Hj to grow and show his potential…but ….that for sure that was two way, as KE gained from that a lot. Every time Hj toped the Oricon chart KE shares soared…. If u remember last year if not mistaken their PR made some statement why Hj didn’t attend some event that was so badly done, this flashed a Red flag then that they don’t know how to protect him… and so on many things. Are they some kind of antis in there?
    I do hope that Hj didn’t invest too much in their shares and he will complete his contract and move to greener pastures. Hj is really unique and not the usual Korean style entertainer, with proper management the sky is the limit.

    How about all Aliens will invest in an agency to promote only KHJ…..???
    This is a Petition here girls, anyone interested? For sure is only gain, cause we know and trust the artist…..and he can be Global ( as we all are from all over…) !!!
    All for ONE and One for All!! 🙂

  10. I knew they defended for their reputation rather than hyun joong’s reputation from the beginning..They didn’t wanna involve in this mess. They just watched countless media insults to HJ! But Where should I search for their reputation among their selfish, irresponsible, ungrateful acts?

    • LOL yes and without thinking Hj’s nightmare backlash to KE even further! This is a matter of saving each other’s neck! KJ and KE are connected whether they like it or not!

  11. Agreed agreed. That company is so negligent. I was disgusted to watch how their main “brand” was destroyed, as a brand manager I can tell you they are quite incompetent. Poor leader he stood alone facing such rudeless storm. I said it too KARMA! And now Hyuny dear find a good PR agency that is what u need. You have proved you can carry your career by yourself. We love you always, be well my dear boy, may the angels always protect you.

  12. Hallo Ana here ^^ ~~ Thanks Ms.LK♡ always Love Ure articles~~ Just Can say “am so upset and deep disapointed wth KE ㅠㅠ ” Hope KHJ will find the Best way and Happy after all 🙇🙇🙇 He deserve to be Happy!!! ㅠㅠ

  13. Hello Ms.Lazerkim! thanks once again for the news for me nothing change,still support him all the way in whatever decisions he had made in the future.wish him all the best😄 to our only one fighting! Aliens family fighting!
    Have a great & lovely weekend! Take care Ms.Lazekim. Thanks Kimsmile😄

  14. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Thank you for all the articles that you have been churning out about our precious boy!
    It’s very much appreciated since we know that you are one busy lady…

    Anyway, about the above matter, my only & heartfelt wish is for him to follow his heart…
    If he decides to stay with KE or move to another agency, I’ll support his decision either way…
    As long as he’s happy & able to have freedom in his artistic direction & future…

    Since m not too sure of his company’s stand, I’d rather not say much…
    Cos it’d be like a painful deja-vu, if we were to speculate & bash without concrete reason…
    Like what was done to our beloved boy by those nasty media & judgmental netizens…
    But, this is just my humble opinion…

    For now, my whole focus & interest is in making sure our boy is constantly aware of the continuing love & support from his fans all around the world…
    In order to do that, m doing my small part by making it a routine to write at his official FB & website ( at least thrice or more a week…
    Watching his MVs too so that their views will keep increasing…
    We do what we can, for our boy…that’s my thinking anyway…

    So, Ms Lazer, always looking forward to your next article…
    Also the comments from his many fiercely-loving fans…
    They always make my day…

    Ingat, Ms Lazer…

  15. Actually I don’t know what to say. I know I disappointed at KE the way they handled HJ’s case . They were clumsy and unprofessional to protect their artiste. However they were good enough to let HJ did his own music. It’s a pity that their management team doesn’t know how to value their precious star. It was too obvious that they did not do much to protect KHJ when he was unfairly harassed by the media.

    I think KE price slump might relate to the rumor that there are two investment companies from China that want to buy KE ‘s stock. Therefore they tried every way to devalue KE’s stock . In my opinion the cancellation of HJ’s Biijing concert was also directly related to this. It is just my wild thinking. I just feel that it’s strange that everything seem not right for KE and it’s artistes at the same time. It smells like some kind of conspiracy .

    • By the way what you wrote is so true . I strongly believe if KE Handled well HJ’s case their stock would not have suffered.

    • it may no be a theory conspiracy at all, it may be the truth, but bottom line they handled their Star in a very poor and unprofessional way, even if Hj didn’t want anybody to be involved and he done it his way, damage controll should have been done from the first hour the nightmare started, that way all will have known that HJ is protected, that is a respectable agency will keep the reputaion of their artist and their own intact……well, now all is water under the bridge. But I don’t feel sorry for KE, you reap what you sow!!

  16. My guess is that he will finish out with KE until he leaves for military service. There is not enough time for him to break a contract and start something with a new agency. My hope is that he does some serious thinking about KE while in the military, and returns to us with a new agency.

  17. I think HJ doesn’t leave KE before his contract expires.
    But I wish he moves to other country, other agent after his MS.
    His peace thinking doesn’t fit to Koreans.

  18. i agree with you lazer, they neglect him in time of crisis, to save their ass, they forgot that he is their bread and butter, i feel so lonely when i think of him alone in darkness, i want to cry, but we have to move on, be strong and enjoy the sweet memories we had of him, i only hope for the best happen to him, everything will fall in the right places at the right time..we will remain loyal to him…

    • It’s ok to cry Isabel I always do that these past days, they said in order to feel happy we have to release the pain inside, so when we smile it will always be genuine without pain inside. We move on slowly, release the pain slowly till it feels lighter so we won’t fall. Thank you take care and see you again! God bless..

  19. I never leave KHJ too. I hope he leaves KeyEast when he will be in MS. But HJ is so loyal !!!
    I wish, I hope he will go in the agence of his best friends JYJ, Gummy. This agence seems very well for them.

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