Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOVERS VS. HATERS



By: LazerKim


On update pertaining Kim Hyun Joong’s case final closure, I don’t think this will be properly announced, but it will just die the natural death from the media. There was a news from allkpop which I have posted a short article Breaking News that only gave me the impression until the end media would always try to twist the news! Or they do not want this to end at all! Oh I can just laugh out loud at this people trying to destroy Kim Hyun Joong!

Why not? NOT GUILTY verdict is such a huge slap on their faces after creating a malicious scandal, releasing fake evidences, reporting one sided story and all the big LIES that woman brought to the public, now they are trying to escape from their twisted news, what do you expect? Just remember this no matter what happen, they will never reveal the truth nor the police reports that I have posted in my article Scandal Diary, because that’s short of saying they ate their own words! I’m just thankful to that Chinese journalist who brought out that police report.

Anyway, I’m sure there are still lingering thoughts behind our mind and I’m in the process of asking myself the questions to the people who wants to destroy him, who are his haters and why do they hate? Last question to Kim Hyun Joong, why were you all silent? Why didn’t you fight back? I’m not putting this up to inflict pain again, but for us to understand and learn something out of the pain that made us even stronger for Kim Hyun Joong.



Any artist who’s gaining greater popularity and success is bound to have enemies and haters to the extent of destroying. Kim Hyun Joong is one of those hot stars on top of his fame for obvious reason that he has been gaining unstoppable ever since 2009 as his popularity boost started. I could not say that it’s also an artist like him who can be hating him since he doesn’t compete with any of them, neither do we hear any artists having dispute with Hyun Joong, but simply the fans of whoever artist is at his same category. It’s not easy to pinpoint who they are, but if we dig in to history we’ll find out who possibly those haters are.

Kim Hyun Joong had been criticized ever since the start and he has been the object of jealousy. His haters had been rooted since his SS501 days saying he’s the weakest within the group, or he only has looks but no talent! Then came a good opportunity he was cast as second lead actor for BOF that despite he was badly criticized on his acting ability as we all know his popularity boost up and at the same time his group SS501 followed that popularity. Just my opinion, in reality without Kim Hyun Joong in this group I don’t think they can make it to the top. Let’s face it because it was already been proven.

In 2010 the group’s contract expired, and did their own individual solos. Some fans were against it, and put all the blame on Kim Hyun Joong to be the master mind of their splitting up, saying he abandoned the group. In short he was well misunderstood by some fans. Anger started to build up to hatred from that year 2010 to the present and that anything Hyun Joong does, they criticize him. In reality among the five members it was Kim Hyun Joong who had proven to have reached the ultimate height of fame and success as we all can see that.



Right from the start that Hyun Joong doing solo, those haters were always there be it good news or bad news about him, they will spill out negative comments to him endlessly. And finally this scandal broke, well they had a great feast day for over a month throwing stones on Kim Hyun Joong. Do I make sense? Think about it, who are Hyun Joong’s competitors? Who are those Kpop artists doing solo at the same category as him? His haters are not the artists, but the fans of those artists.

I’m just saying, this is a deep rooted hatred. They are not abnormal, they are perfectly normal and a normal person will not hate without a reason, right? What’s their reason? Simple. JEALOUSY. They are jealous because their biases couldn’t make it to the top and it’s been four long years of struggle and yet where are they? I got nothing against these artists, I’m talking about their fans. They have been waiting for a chance that Hyun Joong makes a mistake and they will not stop till he drops on the ground. Well I will not let that happen, this blog site will not stop either!

As soon as they heard the scandal they rose from the dead and started making noise, that even the truth was just in front of them, they chose to ignore it and blinded by hatred. Not that they do not understand facts of the case, it’s simply because they are motivated to be a part in destroying Kim Hyun Joong so that their biases can take turn in claiming the throne where Hyun Joong is currently seated. They have been waiting for four years since Hyun Joong started doing solo and now is the chance that they wanted Hyun Joong’s head to be hanged. So evil, so bad, I wonder if they can still sleep at night. Now they failed again. But watch out they will not stop while he is on top.



Why didn’t Hyun Joong fight over his detractors? Honestly, silence can sometimes be irritating!! But it’s logical specially to his haters, they criticize and provoke anger and if you throw back your anger, they win. Because what they are trying to do is to make you angry and that’s their aim! For Hyun Joong it’s simply saying, “let them talk they will soon get tired”, and brush it off! That’s him!  It’s just funny this style didn’t work to that woman!! LOL Now I’m laughing about it!

May I just say this, I can still remember her lawyer was saying “If Hyun Joong had apologize to her from the start this should not happen!”  Brainless lawyer, Hyun Joong already did that apology for a hundred times but that woman wanted something else and that is money that Hyun Joong refused to give. And this woman kept chasing after him, what else can he do they already broke off and this woman couldn’t accept without cash, isn’t that obvious!  Are you satisfied now Mr. Lawyer?

Will Hyun Joong go after the media and that woman for destroying his career life? I’ll be the happiest if ever he will, but I don’t think so. Let’s just say it’s not in his character to be vengeful which is true to him. And I’m sure this woman knows it quite well that’s why she took advantage of his kindness and being the gentleman he is and drag his name to the public. This woman is just so lucky for now while she kept herself hidden, but karma is just around no matter where she hide.



I don’t think Hyun Joong would be wasting his time filing cases against these people, aside from the fact that he is a peace loving person, he’ll just let go of those people who hurt him. Unless he’ll do this not for himself but for other celebs like himself who might be another victim of malicious scandal that some women in SK has every strong guts to do it. As a woman I just feel so disgusted on this kind of women. And media who are just earning their dirty money in destroying people.

And to us fans, maybe the least we can do is ignore those haters just like what Hyun Joong does which I know is difficult, or better say refrain from scrolling down the news and write comments on those sites, because for sure you will be attacked and they will only bad mouth on you. Better bring your anger here and no one will attack you from here I can assure you that, I can always allow you to air out your anger, this is the only place I can air out my anger too!

For as long as we refrain from using bad words like the “F” word which I edit just on those words, because a gentleman reads from this site too. I think those haters had discover this tiny blog site and I know they are just around reading from here. Let’s just keep remembering these people will not stop until Hyun Joong is flat on the ground, and of course we will not allow that to happen. We have our own way of attacking them in the most decent manner and the most visible ones and that is uplifting Kim Hyun Joong.



His silence may sometimes be irritating, but come on why are we here? Hyun Joong doesn’t even know who his enemies are, that for him he doesn’t have any enemies within his co-artists to begin with, which is true! His haters are just soooo Jealous of his success, so let them die with it and let’s bury them with more jealousy!! LOL Keep it light let’s just joke about them, and reverse the anger they are trying to inflict on us, do not let them win through our anger which is their aim, that’s my point!

Since the time I started researching all about Kim Hyun Joong from the time he started as a trainee until the present, I have just noticed the more he was being dragged down to the ground, the higher he rise up. I wrote about this back in 2012 and now it occur again, history repeats itself and I never doubt Hyun Joong will rise again even much higher than what he had already achieved.

Come to think of it stones had been thrown to him for so many times all through his career life, but he remained silent and never talk bad to his enemies. He never competes with anyone except himself, yet many still envy and jealous of his success. It will not go away it’s just a matter of proper handling to the jealous ones and ignore. But it’s so amazing I think, his silence was even rewarded by more tremendous success!



Will this scandal affect his image? I don’t think so. Because if it does, surely no one would go and attend to his concerts, but on the contrary the more love and support from his fans were seen by the whole world from those concerts. Hyun Joong is a peace loving person, we know that for a fact. I believe there’s a natural way of clearing his name out from this dirt, that it will just pop out from the clean air. Hyun Joong just have to keep moving on as we follow him towards his direction.

Mr. Silent may just be sitting around, there may still be lingering pain, but surely he is consumed with so much LOVE and this inspires him in moving on. He sow good seeds of love on all of us and he will reap the good fruits out of that same love.

I’ll say this again, Kim Hyun Joong is destined to be where he is up there on top of the ladder, and this is his fate to be up there on the stardom. No amount of hatred can pull him down….. because love will always lift him up…

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.   Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.  Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”                   – (Martin Luther King Jr)

                                      LOVE always win over HATE…

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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67 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LOVERS VS. HATERS

  1. Thanks LK for your nice article. I always enjoy it ever since the first time i found this blog. I think, this time, we have another precious lesson through this storm. Some said there’s always a lesson behind everything. Same goes for this. Perhaps i can say it’s true love & patient. ‘Silent’ as you tell us in ur article is actually something we can learn from what our Hyun Joong’s doing now. I really can’t find any reason that someone will hate him other than jealousy. May God bless my Only One & my henecia family..

  2. Thank you dear Lazer Kim^ 🙂 for these wise and so comforting words which are making us more optimistic. Yes, Kim Hyun Joong is a noble and peace loving person and God is blessing him forever. He is above such pettiness and all this mud and i’m sure that his purity of Soul and his honesty will protects him always from all evil and traps set to make him fall down. Even if the pain is hurting much, he will rise again stronger and more brilliant than ever. We are by his side and will always be to give him all the love and support he deserves. God bless… ♥ ~

  3. Hi LK, I love how you call him a silent hero..yes he’s frustrating for us but indeed he’s just being the best he can to close this nightmare. I hope he can rest now, people behind his back, literally, sure are cool people.
    I really wanna give him a warm hug (actually I wanna hug him since the first time I fall for him, of course, who wont? he’s so inviting!!hehe). I wish he gets that warm hug from his mom. ( haahh..I’m tearing up. he’s an oppa to me but cant help of “omma” feeling whenever I see that tiring eyes and kid’s behaviour of him. hehe)
    he is literally a role model for everyone.he might think he’s just doing his best as a human being without realizing that people who touch by his kindness tried to copy his personality even though it’s hard. he told us a good attitude on how to deal with trouble and how to deal with haters.I’m sure he is worried and exhausted by all this. but he choose to concentrate on moving forward than pay attention to them. he really is one of a kind.
    thx LK, let us all follow his step to heal together..

    ps : please take care of him whenever you able to work with him. I. envy. you. 😉

    • Hello Berlin! Well he’s a silent hero just sitting there listening to music but we do not know how his mind works! But God is so good to him, because he has his own way of fighting back by remaining silent so God gave him fans who can speak for him!! TTTT What are we for anyway, we’re here to rally behind him while he’s sitting there!! What can he do his enemies are all women and his troupe are women so we go to the battle field with decency since we represent someone very decent! Oh my mind is playing again!! LOL I think that’s the easiest way I can describe our idol fan relationship!!
      Thank you Berlin take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  4. Thank you so much LK for another great article. I admit that I do not forgive that woman but I do not hate her. she is hating herself anyway . I will give more love and compassion to HJ. However I think I can forgive her only when she come out and confess that she was lieing and make apology to HJ and his fans . If she can not do so I hope everything she did to HJ will get back to her 2 times harder. Since she is Miss nobody she will be able to handle it. I also feel so shameful for her family. How can they let her doing such thing without shame ?

    I feel so upset to witness injustice. It is hard to accept that some people can just destroy a person without shame and can continue to do so. I wish this same thing happen to members of their families only then they will realize how cruel they are.

    Those who kept bashing HJ in soompi thread for the last whole month and tried to convince his fans with their lie should feel ashamed with their ill will behavior. They acted like real criminal by repeating lie they knew well it’s distorted information from the so-called media . At first I thought they might be just innocent readers but their true color were shown just in a blink. Some of them said it clearly that they are happy that at least HJ’s career is damaged. Then I just hope that their career are damaged or will be damaged too.

    I’m glad most of HJ ‘s fans are matured and have a warm heart. The thing most of HJ ‘s fans do well to support him is to make him feel the love we have for him. I feel so touch with the love fans constantly showed to him . It makes me feel loved myself and love all HJ’s fans. I can feel the happiness of being loved and be able to love others. it’s really a good feeling. I wish HJ will live with this feeling for the rest of his life. Actually he is a good example of how to love not by saying but by doing. He is the first artiste to show me that how much he loves and appreciates his fans. He also shows me that he chooses to live with love in his heart rather than with hate . He will not bother to the one who hate him or destroy him but he always give back to the one who loves him. I ‘m so happy with my choice to have him as the only one as my favorite artiste . Actually I admire him not only as an artiste but also as a decent man as a human being.

    Thanks a lots LK for letting me express a lot of things in your blog . I really appreciate your fighting spirit and your dedication to Hj. thank you so so much for that. All your words and your writing shows me high quality of being HJ ‘s fans.

    • Oh my God, why do we think the same? I was just writing a letter to that woman, I just don’t know if it can reach her by posting it. How I wish it can be translated to Hangul so she can read. Just like you I still feel hurt and restless because i know there’s injustice in this incident or scandal. It’s just not fair that no matter how comfort everyone here to do the right right thing somehow somewhere I know know something is just not right.

      • Bella I’m sorry I was rushing! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, you are very right on target! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  5. “Action speaks louder than words.” As we all know KHJ is a man of action. Being in silent mode despite of all this… proved that he has good personality such as innocent,humble, modest, en patience in dealing this kind of situation. I’m sure he learned en gained a lot from this experience the same time we as his fans also learned from it in dealing those haters too. KHJ our only one fighting!!!Thank u so much Ms.Lazerkim for giving us space to share our thoughts about articles of yours,hope u won’t get tired in doing so. Your hard work is very much appreciated😄love en thanks kimsmile😄

    • Hi Kimsmile! I agree with you, you are right! And I can just cry out loud!! And we just have to speak for him otherwise he will just be eaten alive by these haters. HJ is still naive when it comes to women, that’s another brutal truth! Sorry about that but as you said yes it takes to experience in order to learn.
      You are most welcome kimsmile, everyone here KHJ fans are welcome to air out your feelings. This is one objective of this site to have a safe place, to share with and defend KHJ. Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Senga honestly, I cross my fingers that event would push through with KHJ bcoz the last time I heard his MS shall be at the beginning of Jan. although not confirm. That event will be held in Kanagawa Japan. Yes i’ll be there to assist with or without KHJ that’s DATV’s event.

  6. Hello LK,

    I just want to share this,


    “I was a background actor appearing (in IG) a couple of times without line…
    While I was listening to Hyun Joong oppa’s song, I had a flash of memory, so I am writing this.

    While shooting IG, it was really cold and suffering for everyone including leading actors, supporting actors, extras and staff.
    One day we went back home after shooting, Hyun Joong oppa stepped on my foot.
    It was not hard and he was exhausted.
    Besides, he’s a Hallyu star, so I didn’t expect if he would apologize to an extra like me.
    I have some work experiences as an extra for other dramas, and I know usually stars treat extras as thought they are invisible.
    However Hyun Joong oppa apologized asking if he hurt mine and even tried to dust from my foot.
    It was really kind of him when he thanked me for effort and said “Be careful on your way home”.

    Even if I didn’t know every detail of the drama shooting as an extra (not even a supporting cast), staff members really liked Hyun Joong oppa.

    I think drama shooting site is one of the best places to know stars’ behind.
    Since they must be really tired, and no reporter comes to interview, you might be able to see their true character.
    Every time I met him like 3 times (at drama shooting), I felt he was a very warm-hearted person.

    I know his fans are getting through a hard time because of this case, but I hope my account can be a little help for you.
    I wrote this with the memories from his kindness to me at IG shooting.
    Keep it up.”

    Credit to SS501 Official Website.

    • Hello there! Thank you so much for sharing this, yes I read it this morning! See for just a simple incident from a should I say an ordinary individual, HJ give attention to, as I have said down there, Hj NEVER had that superstar complex at all unlike others who may be at the same star status as he is. HJ has been in the low profile off cam always.
      Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  7. “Silence is golden,” and KHJ’s silence said more than words could ever say. KHJ didn’t let this one single event in his life destroy him, he chose to stay strong. It’s the pure-hearted, kind-hearted, down-to-earth people who get hurt the most, but they take it all in stride . . . and that’s just the kind of person KHJ is and always will be. Stay true to yourself, KHJ. Never change.

  8. “Silence is golden,” and KHJ’s silence said more than words could ever say. KHJ didn’t let this single event in his life destroy him, he chose to stay strong. It’s the pure-hearted, kind-hearted, down-to-earth people who get hurt the most, but they take it all in stride . . . and that’s the kind of person KHJ is and always will be. Stay true to yourself, KHJ. Never change.

    • *sigh* You said it, and it pain me to think he doesn’t even deserve the kind of low life people who can only think of taking advantage of his kindness, and people bashing him. But someone up there almighty has been guiding him and I believe he’ll surpass all of these. Thank you so much! take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  9. I love the story..tnx..I always adore him no matter what..The more bring him down the more people love him isn’t… So keep it khjoong…God bless u. Us always. 😍😍😍😍😍😍..hopely someday u come to the U.S. Tour…fighting.

    • Thank you so much! Oh yes the more he’s being pulled down to the ground the more people loves him, it will always gonna be that way. Simply because he has so much respect to others.
      Take care, be happy, and see you again! god bless..

  10. LaserKim, I want to thank you for creating this blog protected of haters. I do not read anymore articles of Allkpop and other of the same genre. Indeed, HJ is a peace loving person and that’s why all the other artists of all ages love him. He is envied but loved. The youngest member of SS501 mentioned that he was envious of HJ being a star of A level, but I know (since I follow HJ since his beginnings) that all members of SS501 love and admire their leader. I also remark that his sponsors (LOTTE, THE FACE SHOP, …) do not let down HJ (which is rare in business world). KBS Entertainment Weekly has spoken a little about this story but very discretly. All known artists know that they may be victims of this kind of vermin, and I think that’s why they have not talked a lot about it.
    HJ is an unbreakable star and he is the only one to stop his climb if he want.

    • Hello France! Thank you so much! Actually this blog site used to be open to everyone who wish to comment regardless if you’re a fan or not. But since the time I wrote that article Simply Defending Haters who were so disrespectful rude literally like animals started harassing bashing on my readers, so that pushed me to banned those haters in this blog site.
      Yes I agree with you Hj earned a lot of respect from his co-artists and maintained a good harmony with them. The Face Shop had changed their endorser since HJ shall soon be enlisted to his MS. Lotte I think Oct. would be the last event with HJ with the same reason due to his upcoming MS.
      Thanks again France, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  11. Dear LK, thank you, how you always put in words what we all think, just love it.
    I agree with you Hj is a Gentleman and as such he behaved as Jazu said, he will not say a thing…I also agree with Jazu and with my dad who always says… Indiference Kills, soo true, ignore the comments and the haters they will just choke in their hate and will die, hope of not so natural causes…! (didn’t use the f word…them all)
    Of course they can’t stand it that Hj has talent and drive and dreams that he fulfilled part of them and will do even bigger things, he unstoppable, he is competing with himself that is why he is working even harder to prove himself and show always something out of the usual mold!
    And lets face it because of human nature and jealousy (and mental illness from some….), no man is without enemies…But……
    Love (true love) is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend!!! And yes the Aliens are growing bigger and hence more power to protect Hj. 🙂

    • Hello sis! Thank you so much as always! How I wish they would just mind their own biases and at least treat HJ as a human being too! oh well they are monsters what can I do with that! Sorry but they called me that and i just have to throw it back to them! Now i wonder where are those advocating domestic violence?? LOL I really want them to come back and show those fake evidence! They are like bubbles got lost in the thin air!! LOL I still couldn’t forget how they defended that woman and as if I did a big crime for calling her stupid, she even deserve worst name than that, I just don’t want to put it in this blog. *sigh* I’m ok now!! LOL
      Thanks again sis, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • Hello Lk, I know is still painfull to see u got attacked at your own blog, but let that pain go, try to move on, as Hj is trying to do, you are on a different level than those attacking and you and all here have learned something from this, we are more united and more strong and we are RIGHT because we believe and know the Truth and we know our Artist.

        All I can say is “Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.” and that is what those haters/commentors whatever be called are, just plain Stupid.
        “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
        -Albert Einstein

        And another thing, that nobody (x or a or whatever….u want to call, I call her b..) I don’t think she will never grasp the enormity of her actions, why, totally brainless!
        have a blessed weekend ALL here ! 🙂

  12. I have watched KHJ since he started out as leader of SS501, and I remain a fan of ALL the Boys/Men (I’m especially happy to see KyuJoong back from MS, the sweet center of SS501) . I don’t know why the rumors start, but it does seem to jealousy of some sort, since all of the nasty things they say all turn out to be false in the end. I’ve also noticed that anyone who actually has met KHJ, or other celebrities out there are NOT the one’s bashing him. The one’s bashing are cryptic names on the internet who don’t show their heads, even madam X hasn’t come out (KHJ continues to protect her). And through all of it KHJ Never says anything.. I agree.. it’s frustrating, but I also agree that he’s doing the right thing.. It’s then become our job as his fans to support him, and to ACT IN A WAY THAT WOULD MAKE KHJ PROUD OF US. We don’t swear, or use profanity to bash anyone else (although I’ve come very close when I think of Madame X) and we just ignore the nasty posts (when we can, sometimes it’s too hard and we have to deal with those Morons) And we post as much positive good Vibe things as we can. The main thing is to Pray.. I know I’ve done a lot of praying for KHJ lately… I won’t get into religions.. but it does seem to me that most of KHJ all have some kind of faith.. even if it’s a faith in Karma… All we can do is support and leave the rest in whatever higher power you believe in hands.

    • Hello Cindy! You know what honestly, some of those fans who became his haters just doesn’t realize that their biases are also affected by their bashing. I know who they are, and it’s sad that their bias artist are innocent, that they respect HJ as their big brother, so I think they should respect whom their bias respect too right?
      Now you gave her a name madam X!! LOL I still get hurt whenever i think of what she did i just couldn’t hold back!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Cindy, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  13. Im a silent reader of ur article ms lazerkim..and it cause deep impact to my heart that i almost cried everytime you defend this man..i am not just an ordinary fan of khj coz i trully love his extraordinary talents and undescribable at this very moment of my life i always defending him to his what you say ms lazerkim were always here to support him through his ups and downs.we dont need to throw anger with them lets show them how much we love, respect and support kim hyun joong..

    • Hello there! Thank you so much. It has been the objective of this blog site to protect and defend KHJ and for us fans to have a place where we can air up our feelings to him that others fail to understand. You cry because you love HJ so much and you wouldn’t want him to get hurt and that certain attachment is what he shares to us. Yes you’re right, love begets love. Thanks again, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  14. I think he has prophet ( peygamber) patient. In my religious this is very important. He is like Mevlana. He is innocent and loves everybody, respects everybody. If you do sth bad to him, he says nothing because he does not want to hurt you and he sees that you are hurting yourself not him. I pray to Allah to protect him, bless him, safe him. I hope that he will be safe and sound. I love eveyone who loves him. I am very sorry for the people who do not know how to love.

    • Hello Gamze! What can i say, HJ doesn’t have a superstar complex, he treats everyone in his workplace equally, either you’re a cleaning lady or the top man in the production he treats them with equal respect. That’s him. *sigh* he really doesn’t deserve this nightmare no matter how I think about it. And every time I do so the more i blame that woman, can’t help it, bcoz she’s the root of all of these. Thank you Gamze, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. Tienes razón a pesar de que lo atacan el sigue integro y le creo. Sea destacado siempre por ser respetuoso con todos y la manera de apoyarlo sera viendo todos sus videos , entrevistas, doramas
    En lo personal me parese un chico muy agradable me encanta
    Kim Hyun Joong sigue adelante no pares y regalamos mas sonrisas.

    During this problem l realized that we really know him well, maybe because of my son, same age, month, almost same day and character or maybe because l read a lot of him, l watched almost all videos of him and ss501, l could say l know him, his silence was expected. Because his way to face problems is unique, just listen to, no answer, no fight, l like it because it is my way too. ln any of those comments that l responded at the very begining l said, HE IS NOT GOING TO REPLY ANYTHING, YOU WILL BE WITNESSES THAT. And it happened. l always follow it, INDIFERENCE KILLS, and that is proven.
    Nowadays, l am enjoying his looks, notice that in one month his hair style has chaged a lot, and his face too, so young now, we have all of his characters with us, l love it.
    When l am angry or upset l usually go agains my hair. it is my fav rematch agains my husband when we have a discuss, he loves long hair, but l cut it if l am angry with him, so he realized that l was very annoyed. maybe it is his way to face it too, jajajajaja
    My God , is that how Geminis acts? l wonder.
    God bless him and you dear to be here for him and us too.

    • LOL.. I had to laugh when I read your comment because I too have a daughter the same age as KHJ.. so I love him as a mother to a child, very protective. And you may have something on that hair.. LOL.. who knows.. he is a man of many different sides, and he’s able to show different sides of himself with Hair and clothes.. he expresses those sides in his Music performances.

        • Hello Jazu and Cindy!! I can’t help but smile at both of you!! Jazu I really feel I have known your son as if he’s already a part of this blog site!! Every time I read from you I really feel you’re such a wonderful mom. And I’m proud of you.
          LOL Cindy count me in, my friends at work knows if something is not going on good in me once I change how i fix my hair at work!! If i’m angry i put my hair up carelessly!! LOL I love HJ’s new hair color the most!
          Thank you so much to both of you Jazu and Cindy take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  17. Amen to that sister! Let them hate all they want, I’ll do my happy dance and grin from ear to ear. I’m sure as this thing dies, they’ll find another artist to hate.
    Poor them, they find something that stinks and they stick to it like a flesh eating bacteria. Gross!

    • Hello Fay! Thank you so much sis! Do you know that even that woman I think made those haters her fan!!! LOL Gosh I roll up the floor reading from that site comments!! Those haters could be so blind and brainless!! I don’t know I just couldn’t forget that even friendship of Hj with BYJ was affected by her and I really feel sorry for that! Thanks again Fay, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  18. Excellent as usual! You are so right about their jealousy, he is blessed and loved, I really hope he knows that. Please keep writing that your blog espresses our feelings. We’ll done!

    • Hi Fansler! Thank you so much! They said if you’re an object of jealousy that means you’re better than them! With this I agree, although no matter what jealousy is still an object of destruction!! And so those haters are merely destroying themselves LOL!!! Thank you again Fansler take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  19. Eram sigura ca totul e doar o inscenare si ca totul se va rezolva eu am incredere in e am avut am si voi avea incredere in KHJ nu e si nu va fi nici o data o persoana violenta ,doar in cazulca e prea sacait e un barbat rational si foarte cumpatat si pina la urma e om si noi oameni suntem supusi greselilor ,Ma bucur ca totul sa rezolvat cu bine sa vie iubit in cntinare si mult succes

    • Hi Fanjoong!! Thank you so much for always reading my articles I really appreciate it and I’m happy we’re all at his side to defend him. Love you Fanjoong! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  20. Oooooh LK another great article, you got so much passion in your writing, I wish I have that kind of passion…I appreciate it very much LK as this also helps us fans to be stronger. I agree I know who these haters are I have felt them I started researching on Kim Hyun Joong back in 2009. Some just within the sea of greens, others in the clouds and some busy little ones with pointed ears. They all confused me in the beginning because as a fan, I never felt so depressed or too desperate to visit sites of these other stars to make a comment just to malign their favorite star. Most of you must feel the same, like going to the sites of these other KPOP stars trying to find a way to discredit their idol. My greatest desire was only look after him and enjoy his company as a regular fangirl. It is because I feel so confident in our Kim Hyun Joong with his hard work, versatility, including looks of course and his unique and this right kind personality like his inner strength, confidence, hard work in that kind entertainment world he is in , he can surpass the rest and become better and better. I always felt it from the beginning, there is something about him, most of you surely felt it as well. His success is coined already because of his love for others, strength and belief combined with the love, strength and belief of all us his fans, family and friends.

      • Hello Senga! Thank you so much for sharing this, I have read it the more I feel proud being a fan that from a none fan shared her side of experience.
        Thank you for the compliment, I can only write about Hyun Joong, my limit is just about him! He’s a very strong influence on me I guess and he truly inspire me just like anyone of us here!
        I just noticed these haters go from one site to another and just bash on HJ, they are the same people! Sometimes I was wondering if these people are also being paid to bash Hj!! LOL Or it could be in one person using 2 or 3 username just to fill in those many bashers!! LOL Oh well it’s a waste of time reading from those sites. I can still remember before I started writing I was so active browsing around researching on HJ, I pity some of his fans who were defending him that they just bad mouth on them. And it doesn’t change all these years specially now, any KHJ fan who would dare comment, they surely attack and they are sooo rude. So cheap. Thank you again Senga, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  21. Thank you for the wonderful article and well said. Hatred are all around us and sometimes the only things that we can do is to ignore them. Also to show them that we are the better person and not hating them back. But to show the love and it’s up to them to choose if they want to hate or love. For Kim Hyun Joong, I’m glad that its over now. We will always love him and support him for who he is and nothing will change that.
    Thank you once again.

    • Hello Pearl! In a way I felt proud that Hyun Joong has been an object of jealousy which only goes to show he is better than others, well this is quite obvious. And these haters knows how popular he is and that how strong his fan base is. So they get jealous because their biases are not like HJ who’s being sincerely loved to the extent that his fans calls us delusional. Thank you so much Pearl take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  22. LK, I so enjoy reading ur posts. they are how I am feeling too. i am still so angry at all this and just want to scream at the haters. they are jealous like u said coz their bias aren’t as good as our baby is. he will continue to grow with our support.

    • Hello ottia! Thanks you so much. Yes I feel the same way as you do there are times I get so tempted to comment but on the second thought I said to myself why should I go down to their level! I have stopped from browsing around those sites since last year. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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