Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MAN IN WHITE




By: LazerKim


Kim Hyun Joong flew back home to Seoul last Sunday allowing his fans to take many photos as it is now all over the internet that I couldn’t resist picking them up and bring those here as he wore a white shirt that’s so stunning. Simple yet so becoming and as always anything he wears just suits him perfectly. Among all Hyun Joong’s photos it’s the airport fashion that’s been my favorite, no make-up, no flashy outfit just the simple Kim Hyun Joong walking along the airport lobby.

At YouTube there were non-fans asking as to why Hyun Joong doesn’t smile to his fans at the airport? Does he needs to? His fans were just around the lobby of any SK airport taking his pictures. If he gives in to smile I’m sure he’ll just be eaten alive and mobbed by his fans! So the least he can do is to bow at them to acknowledge before he enters the door of security check area. There are specific airports that Hyun Joong gives in to smile and wave to his fans in a well organized airport separating the passengers pathway from the area where the fans are.

After Kim Hyun Joong brought a huge success on his recent two consecutive events in Japan, I’m sure most of his fans are currently smiling but probably staring at empty space missing him!! There’s that craving desire to watch his shows again, that we just can’t get enough of him and getting deeper being addicted to him again. I feel the same way, that’s why I’m here because I miss him too!  So let’s talk about the man of the hour as if it’s the first time we’re getting to know him better!



Many non-fans are wondering that despite the nightmare we have been through, Hyun Joong’s fans stayed at his side, remained unchanged and has been protecting and defending him. I may say who cares, it’s my choice, but this time l’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and get down to history.

We have first seen or stumbled upon Kim Hyun Joong on different circumstances, as a singer, actor, leader and for those pioneer fans in 2004 before he got into the lime light as a trainee. But in Hyun Joong’s career history it was very significant that his popularity started boosting by 100% from Boys Over Flower in 2009. So let’s take it from there since this was where I first saw him. Kim Hyun Joong played the role Yoon Ji Hoo as having a world of his own, shy, loner, sensitive, protective, and this character was very much opposite his personality in reality!

Hyun Joong in his angelic face described the character of Yoon Ji Hoo perfectly, although at first he didn’t like the role but as it was his first acting project, he tried it to work it out and as a result the drama was a huge success and even he was on the second lead role, he earned such huge popularity which is very rare for a second lead actor to gain. His fans sees him in that innocent image that everyone loved.

In 2011, Kim Hyun Joong started his solo artist category and had started changing his image from the innocent boy into a total transformation of matured macho man that shocked the world, as he brought out his first solo album Breakdown and even gained greater popularity. The ball started rolling from here as he became more open to his fans about his vises, and his off cam personality. Ever since the start of his career all these years Kim Hyun Joong is known for his honesty and he was able to maintain his image clean all those years consistently.



In 2013 he started to materialize his dream of being a rocker as he performed on stage with the live band that brought another huge success Tour of Japan that again his popularity gain was just unstoppable. In 2014 was another transformation this time being an actor as he took the role of a gangster as he leads the drama series Inspiring Generation. Prior to its drama premier I wrote an article saying something like “No matter how much wound stains are there in your face, and playing that gangster, your eyes can never lie, for me you’re still that angel I know.”

Kim Hyun Joong made a lot of effort to transform from one image to another being the bad boy, rocker, gangster ect, all of those were warmly accepted by his fans. True to reality artists do have that so-called double persona, and I don’t exclude Hyun Joong from the fact that he acts on image whatever he is portraying in his project on stage or even off cam sometimes he carries it. He has this macho image that we all admire but all of these are just within his surface.

There’s a saying the eyes is the mirror of our soul. No matter what image he shows to his fans, he cannot hide his pure heart and those eyes which reflects his sincere soul. Hyun Joong never pretended to his fans as his life has been an open book to us for so many years, simply because he doesn’t want to mislead any of his fans about himself in reality. Hyun Joong remained ever sincere and honest to his fans all these years. And we fans love him for who he is in reality.

We all know why he kept his private relationships and firmly said he’ll never go public about his privacy and we respect him for that. Simply because he doesn’t want whoever his girlfriend to be tagged as his ex, and protect his love ones from the public eye, which is just right for a gentleman to do so.

Until this nightmare popped out from nowhere, and ultimately till the end, Hyun Joong never revealed the identity of that woman who tried to ruin him. Even in the end, his being a real gentleman surfaced in that letter of apology and maintained his dignity and humbleness. Kim Hyun Joong had proven a lot about himself, from being a great artist who can capture the entire universe and to his simple private life of being a gentleman.



Kim Hyun Joong is not superman who could easily forget that nightmare that took over a month of mental torture that needs to be healed gradually and he made that effort to start moving on. Just the same with us I’m sure there’s still pain lingering within ourselves but there’s no other way to go except to move on forward.

Before this nightmare came out, Hyun Joong had planned out preparing his fans to whatever he wanted to do before his MS. Hyun Joong is never a quitter, that’s how I have known him to be and he’s quite persistent in fulfilling his plans to materialize. At this point he may just be trying to cool down for a while but I still believe he will do everything in his power to share with us good memories before his MS.

We have gone to lot most specially Hyun Joong, but if we look at the bright side behind everything had happened, Hyun Joong is still blessed with good things around him that the whole world can see. And that is his millions of loyal loving fans who stayed by his side to support him with all sincerity.



I was reminded of what Kim Hyun Joong said back in 2011 in one of his interviews with Lee Sora, that I still hold in my heart, this portion as he said…

” ….I did some things well, and I also made mistakes but I thank you sincerely for continuing to be tolerant of me and believing in and following me to this day. I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fan. But if you happen to meet another person and say you are my fan the other person will say I understand… Please believe in me a lot and I will work hard..”

Kim Hyun Joong had successfully proven a lot about himself, from being a great artist who can capture the entire universe and to his simple private life of being a gentleman.

That Man in White, Kim Hyun Joong will always remain pure in our heart…

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

NOTE:    For those fans who have been away from the circulation for months and have been at lost about this nightmare please refer to my article Scandal Diary, for you to catch up with and not be mislead. Thank you


Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D thanks!




40 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MAN IN WHITE

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  2. Thank you dear LK, for this article, what a good feeling back on track, you are helping us all healing and I do hope Hj as well. We should all thank you for all your words, for your strenght and the fight, big bow to you dear LK. And about that quote, which is so true, I think all his true fans are there with him all the way and will continue to support him as always.
    I love the Unbreakable song and for sure one of my fav, but today I would like to share a poem which talk about a White Rose (by Walter Poe ) you said Man in White but maybe Hj’s heart is the White Rose here…..and You with your strong love and words protect him…

    In the storm
    Stands the white rose
    tumultuous waves
    of destruction abound her

    Yet tall is the white rose
    strong in the face
    Of the sensed doom around her
    And she does not bow down

    Pure is the white rose
    In the compost earth
    growing eternal strength
    in the nights that so hurt

    I see not the white rose
    She is so far away
    But I long to protect her
    But only the words can I say

    So I send her my words
    And my poets heart
    To help her when
    there is hope to see her through

    Be Strong little flower
    Your heart will guide true
    And as long as you want
    I will always talk to you…

  3. Thank you so much again for your great article Lazer Kim♡
    Hyun Joong’s soul is as white as what he wore!! ♡
    We will never stop supporting him!

  4. I have not found anything better than the words of UNBREAKABLE to comfort me for the dream to waiting for one of these concerts in Europe and can make me calmed mind on hard times who had to endure this past month I ‘ hears this song diver day,I looked forward to this visit but hey I ‘m going to Europe with two grief at heart

    I’m unbreakable Here we go

    Everyone, stop it, it’s my turn now
    I did all I could,
    quiet down and listen up
    Lift up your head, tune your ears
    From one to ten,
    I will make it

    (Shut off) take everything out
    (Shout out) so your heart bursts
    G-g-g-give me some more,
    your one chance is now
    G-g-g-give me some more,
    this chance won’t ever come again

    It’s going in well
    It’s going around well
    I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
    unbreakable [x2]

    Yeah I’m feeling good,
    I’m feeling alright (tonight)
    Today won’t ever come again
    (make it feeling good)
    Everybody come party tonight
    (Oh yeah) No one can stop it

    (Blow up) make your speakers explode
    (Turn up) make the volume explode
    I’ll show you myself from now on, nobody can
    If you hear this music, everyone, right now,
    yeah (now put your hands up)

    It’s going in well
    It’s going around well
    I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
    unbreakable [x2]

    I can’t stop now

    I guess everyone’s stupid,
    they still don’t know
    I’m different from the standard,
    I can’t go anywhere else but the top
    Why is there so much talk?
    I hear it, all the whispering
    Just go away,
    I put my soul into my music
    I’m not scared, even if my worries don’t
    go away, I just keep going forward
    No one can ever stop me
    But if you wanna give it a try, try
    Even if you were born
    before me, there’s no use

    It’s going in well
    It’s going around well
    I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
    unbreakable [x2]

    Turn The Music Up

    • Hello there! Thank so much for sharing the lyrics of Unbreakable and may I dedicate it to my hater’s fan club!! LOL This song is one of my favorite within KHJ’s repertoire part of opening number of Phantasm. Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  5. I got to know him with SS501 and while he was usually quiet and soft spoken, it was obvious that even though he was leader due to age (little older of the group), his leadership skills were in my opinion one of the reasons SS501 was so successful. He guided them with his behavior, and they all looked to him, sometimes laughing at something he’d say that wouldn’t make any sense too when he’d express his (4D) personality. He was Never pushy, and all the members of SS501 were able to Shine, he never tried to take the limelight, he just let them all shine. I NEVER confused the role on BBF for the real KHJ, but I think that KHJ, like all of us, has different sides of his personality that he lets out in his Acting, and his stage performances. That’s why during his SS501 performances we’d see a Sweet kid, a Debonair man, a fighter… depending on the song’s mood, just like in his roles. In his face you often could see his emotions, and in interviews he’s so honest it’s almost painful, but it came to be expected that he’d catch the interviewer off guard with his frankness. The lack of FEAR… I think that’s what’s so amazing about KHJ even now.. that while he must be afraid and worried at times, he looks ahead and moves forward toward his goal, taking the setbacks in stride and moves on seeming without Fear. “Lives one day at a time, living each day as the only day”.

    • Hello Cindy!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. May i just air this out if you would allow me since I was reminded of SS501. I barely know the group since I came in after and I’m so glad I became a fan when he’s already doing solo or else I’ll be creating a lot of enemies!! LOL it’s a joke. But I do listen to SS501 music since HJ was with the group and I got nothing against them.
      Is it safe for me to say the last episode of SS501 is the longest nightmare for KHJ? I got lots of fan friends from TS and I love them. But there are some from TS who became haters of KHJ that’s why I said it’s the longest nightmare for HJ. They are the ones who have been waiting for a chance to see KHJ’s downfall. I know who they are, some of them almost burnt this blog. Oh someone post the lyrics of Unbreakable, that song goes for those haters!! LOL
      Thanks again Cindy, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • I’ve seen a few of the stupid people that you’re talking about, I just feel sorry for them. I follow all the boys/men of SS501, they all have great talents, and from what I’ve seen still try to get together when they can. One thing that is constant.. with issues like this one, and the past one’s, KHJ NEVER!!! EVER!!! really defends himself online or in public. He has never cast blame for anything that he’s being accused of at anyone else, but instead stays silent and tries to move on. Why is he like that? He’s going to make his ulcer worse! But honestly.. has anyone ever heard him say a bad thing about anyone? I never have.

        • Hi!
          What you say is too true…unfortunately…haha!
          Sometimes I wish our boy would be just a teeny-weeny bit vengeful…
          But then, he wouldn’t be the person whom we all adore & are filled with loving concern of…
          Well, the pros & cons of our only one…

          M hoping he’s able to at least resume a bit of his usual routine these days…
          That his family, friends, managers & dancer-hyungs are always there for him.

        • Sometimes when i think abt him like that, it just make me love him more n more. Thats one of his angelic character indeed, never badmouthing on others eventhou people badmouthing him so much and he’s so persistent of it all these years.

  6. been watching hyunjoong ep on lee sora because suddenly everyone quoting everything from there. I love it. and I love his voice while singing Love. keeps playing in my head.
    still, I’m not ready yet to not see him around. been digging through youtube all about him to ease my heart of missing him. You’re right about his eyes, he may grow up and change image, but the sparks in his eyes never change.
    thx LK, thx for spoiling us with your non-stop article! hehehe
    next article please! 😉

    • Hi Berlin! Yeah I think this is the 3rd time I posted those quotes from Lee Sora since the nightmare started and I love what she said and so with HJ’s message to his fans. I think those were his best interviews all back in 2011 he had such series of interviews, it’s just sad that some of those were deleted from YT.
      As i have said down there how I wish to stop the time, I don’t think we’re all prepared not seeing him no matter how hj prepares for us. *sigh* oh well life has to go on anyhow!
      LOL am I spoiling everyone?? LOL I just know I have to be here no matter! I don’t want to be caught unaware again, I’m still waiting for something out there! Thank you so much Berlin, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  7. Oh how I love your blogs. Thank you for such a great inside. I was going to comment about the case but I am better going to relish the idea of a sweet bad boy. That makes me liking him even more. Whatever he does in the future, whatever his path takes him I hope he knows that there thousands of fans that love him unconditionally.

    • Hi Fansler! Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine. I like this “Sweet bad boy” yes this is the easiest way to describe HJ!! In the future I still want to see him on stage, this is what he loves doing regardless of whatever form of arts in music. MS is such a pain interruption, how i wish to turn back the clock, let it stop from ticking! How I wish!! *sigh* Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  8. Thanks for your article. Written very earnestly and sincerely. Read attentively and gladly, I agree with you in all that relates to Hyun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to Hyun! Best Regards!

    • Hello Julia! Thank you so much for reading all about KHJ, the pleasure is mine in writing! I shall always be supporting and defending him being a fan. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  9. Hello Ms.Lazerkim!As always my appreciation and thankfulness for all ur effort in writing everyday article about our only one the caption photo,u can not imagine how much joy and happiness this will brings to all of us as his loyal fans😄I believed KHJ is the same before,yesterday,today, tomorrow en forever.KHJ is always be my only one😄 love en thanks Kimsmile 😄

    • Hello Kimsmile! Thank you so much, the pleasure is mine and I truly appreciate you for reading all about KHJ. Oh yes I miss those airport photos and seeing him to be blooming again it’s refreshing. Just like what I wrote one can change everything in him within his surface but never his heart and soul, he will always be KHJ forever. Thanks again Kimsmile, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  10. He is truly honest and pure. I have seen that a lot of times not just for show but because he is one. When all these nightmare came I actually have to watch everything about him from the start. From a trainee, to a leader to his solo act, just to remind me who he is and that he is not what they think he is.
    It reminded me of how responsible he is, how humble and like what you said how gentleman he is. It all showed when these past events happened. He took responsibility of it, apologized and didn’t say anything about her.
    So to say, I didn’t lose my leader, he is still very much existing.
    That’s my man, the man in white, Kim Hyun Joong! Kudos leader!
    Thank you LK

    • Hi Fay! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yes I agree with you the way he ended that nightmare was very much like him. It is from HJ I realize a deep rooted trait can never change no matter what that’s him. He can easily change his ways, his physic, manner of speaking ect but one can never change his heart and soul. If he does then there’s a reason why, but it will hurt him the most. This is what I learn for the past few months.
      Fay this is out of the topic, I have read a blog which I believe it’s yours if i’m not mistaken, it’s in my phone and what you shared from there just kept lingering in my mind that i have been controlling myself to write about it, I think you wrote my thoughts. One of this days maybe I can share it once the air had cleared up.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  11. hi LAZER KIM thanks for updating all about Kim Hyun Joong im one of his die hard fan and i love him no matter what…. God bless him always, KHJ FIGHTING!!!

    • Hello Virgo! Yeah not so easy to deal with smiling and feeling lonely at the same time!! LOL that’s me!! Thank you Virgo, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  12. “I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fan. But if you happen to meet another person and say you are my fan the other person will say I understand…”
    I love these quote LZ, thanks always for the lovely articles, dear! And please” feel free to grab any of the pix in my garden” kekeke!!! Miss our chats^^
    Ms. D

    • Hello Ms. D!! I’m so glad you drop by and let me grab this chance to thank you a million times for all the photos you have been sharing, Oh i just love being in your garden many beautiful pictures there!! LOL Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I owe a lot! And most of all thank you for your tireless endless love and support to your baby, you have been doing an excellent job all these years, I’m truly proud of you!
      Yes that quote I shall never forget, so humble of all the artists I have known he’s really one of a kind. Those critics made a fearless tiger out of me!! LOL Thanks again Ms.D and for sharing my articles to other fans, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  13. I gonna miss him from now i know until now he is so busy about that case..but still from the start i will be always here waiting for him for his new activity,new photos,new story and looking forward always for his all about..Thanks Lazer Kim of being so nice but informative blog..about him:)

    • Hello Nhor! I think the most difficult part of being a fan of KHJ is the period after seeing him!! LOL Just like what I have described in this article I was all smiling then for some reason I would just stare before I knew it I felt lonely followed by the question “when is he performing again?” LOL I had just seen him on stage yesterday!! Thank you Nhor, take care, be happy and God bless..

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