BREAKING NEWS: Netizen died of Jealousy!



By: LazerKim

I’m truly sorry for bringing this update news that Netizen are dying of jealousy over Kim Hyun Joong’s success in his recent two consecutive events is Japan, that despite of the scandal involving Hyun Joong, he was able to gather a HUGE crowd of fans on two separate events.

Here’s the last words from Netizen after hearing the news from allkpop that Kim Hyun Joong’s case will be concluded.

From Allkpop: …it appears the battle with the assault charges from his ex-girlfriend will likewise conclude.

Netizens commented, “Still, he did assault his girlfriend, right?” and, “His assault situation wrapped up well, but it will probably be hard for him to recover his image.”

May I share my grief to Netizen that I’m truly sorry to say that no matter what you do, the truth will always prevail. Kim Hyun Joong is destine to be up there in the stardom and no one can bring him down even you call Satan he might not listen to you! I’m really sorry but God is more powerful over everything in this world and evil thoughts and deeds never win.

And allow me to clear it up, that Kim Hyun Joong is NOT GUILTY of any assault case as you always wish for, I’m sorry but I think your evil wishes will not come true. Please do accept the TRUTH about this stupid scandal that the media has been keeping from the public, may I share you the link below. Please read to put rest on your dirty soul. Amen.


                                                                                   LazerKim here reporting!

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51 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Netizen died of Jealousy!

  1. é mentira e o kim hyun joong não tem nada de pedir desculpas e ela é que foi fazer pinturas numa casa de banho para transformar da verdade eu acho é falso isso é que o kim hyun joong até é um rapaz muito se pátio gosta brincar com as garotas e sorrir para sentir um bom coração eu sou amigo dele desde 2009 aqui no facebook e respeito de todos os fás de amigos e se algum não respeita por mm eu desblo e nuca mais entra comigo. kim hyun joong agora diga alguma coisa da minha resposta joaquimmrlouro@

  2. If what decision of our MR.PURE ENERGY..SIR KIM HYUN JOONG..nothing we can do…yes that’s right..his not GUILTY..we just pray about to him..we always support.SIR KIM HYUn JOONG..always praying..don’t forget to call his name..God bless you one to provide your problem..just only him..only ONE GOD..

  3. ahaahhaa..
    they wont stop, will they?
    despite this “out of the blue” news, seems like the Japanese showbizz keep on rise him up and not to forget the fans!!
    I know hyunjoong love his hometown so much but it’s nice to know there’s a huge support from Neighbor’s country. if he was banned in korea (I hope not!), at least there’s a chance to keep his dream in japan and other foreign countries of course!!
    chin up hyunjoong oppa! you are loved!

    • Thanks Berlin! Hello everyone!
      Honestly the first time I read that news, I was angry, but I don’t want to rush on writing this news with anger! So reverse the mood and it turned out this news sounds sarcastic and hilarious!! LOL I felt better after I wrote it! After which i wrote that article Lovers vs.Haters. I felt love has a better weight within me than hating those haters that we don’t gain out of it. Attacking them in a better decent way I think we fans of KHJ gain a better respect. That’s how HJ does it so we do his way!! Not all the time though specially if I talk about that woman who is the root of all these roller coaster. I just couldn’t even lay a finger to respect her at all. Sorry bout that!!
      Thank you so much everyone, I read all your comments, forgive me for not replying on each one of you, which mean I’m using that period to write another article. Thank you for your understanding! See you all in my next article! Take care everyone, be happy and see you all again! God bless KHJ God bless all of us… LazerKim here!

  4. It’s funny how some people on Allkpop are really mad because they had a hope he would be punished in some way. They should simply ignore Hyun Joong… and get a life.

  5. Well…haters is always hating…who are they? A bunch of people ( netizens ) who definitely dislike KHJ then, now and forever.Let them be with their badmouth. Of course they so envious with our boy since he’s the most handsome in S.Korea ( LOL ) and stand out among all of solo artists. His Facebook has around 3 millions fans ( who LIKEs! ) which highest among all other solo or even group idol in S.Korea. His weibo acc has the most fans registered compared to other Hallyu star who ever come to China. His Happy camp variety show got the highest rating compared to other Hallyu star that ever invited in that program. Don’t mention abt Japan! His albums were the most best selling albums for Korean artist in Japan and his songs have been tremendously hitting the popular chart in Japan several times, nope everytime!

    Oh, its a long long list that just make u so proud of him as a TRUE fans.

    What else to say, at this time being, boasting of our boy just make me feel good becoz he’s just too good the way he is, my Kim Hyun Joong!

    Thanks alot LK! Your thought is always the same with mine.

  6. May I just share that I really like the “dying of jealousy” reaction when we ignore them and move on, nothing better than this reaction hahah

  7. It feels amazing that inspite of your busy schedule you can really write so fast and put into words most of what we feel. Keep it going LK…Sometimes I laugh at them. Sometimes I ignore them. Sometimes I feel angry. Grrrr, those who are behind all of these will someday pay and they will be kneeling down in shame and mercy…

  8. I agree with you LaserKim : Kim Hyun Joong is destined to be up there in the stardom and no one can bring him down. Since his beginnings, he defeated his detractors and this will be the same now and forever. The gods (and his true fans) are behind him!

  9. Wish there is peace in this world.He done nothing!!!as human he need to protect himsef from the evil surrounding him.Woman…is the dangerous evil off all. Thank you sis for this important article.We love n proud of you as always.Dont let them simply bush OUR BOY!!!god bless sis.

  10. that woman has been used by somebody who will profit in this situation and i hope that she will vanish in no more words, there’s a lot of envious people there who wants to get the spot of our love KHJ, because he is the only SOLO artist there who reach the higher level of fame and can fill the venue even he is standing alone in the stage, and i’m hurting now because they snub his drama series IG in the ( forget the name of award giving body) he deserved to be at least nominated, he does good in that drama IG.. i hope KHJ can handle all the pain and not keep it inside of him coz its not good to his health…

    • you are so right about the IG one of their best dramas this year and Hj done a brilliant SJT….he should have been nominated!!

    • I agree with you about this woman and envious people behind her.
      Indeed, he deserved a reward because he demonstrated that he was a great actor and he suffered a lot of very cold weather, injuries, … but he always kept his good humor (his colleagues confirmed that).

    • Yep that is why I stopped watching Korean dramas. If he does one I will watch them again. I never believed the way the women are portraid on those dramas but after following what happened to our boy OMG! those are such scary women, not interested to watch train wrecks

  11. My opinion – this situation was clearly planned. It is very likely that someone in show business was very profitable to ruin the reputation of Hyun Joong. Unlike other artists – Kim Hyun Joong stands out from the crowd. And I continue to believe that the girl paid well. I never thought Hyun Joong flower, with angelic nature – but all the dirty rumors and gossip that vypustala “yellow” press dispatch were clearly exaggerated. These “proof” can write about any person in 2 hours with a computer at hand. And believe the words of the girl I’m not going to – because it is very similar to revenge an abandoned woman.

  12. It’s especially hard because KHJ never speaks up for himself, or tries to defend himself in public.. so I’ve felt like he’s wounded and they’re hitting him over and over when he’s down, but I’m thinking that inside he must have a very old spirit, or something guiding him in this life, that helps him deal with things like this since he’s never appeared to hate them back… so I guess I should take by lesson from him, and just ignore and move on.

    • you are right, he is ignoring them and trying to move on, so should we, I don’t know if he reads these blogs about him but we shouldn’t mention this issue so we can all heal and in the end he heals too, we have to heal first so we can help him heal.

      • I think it’s because he’s just a really nice guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone and unfortunately got himself into a bad situation here, but it’s pretty clear that the fans who love him have not and will not desert him! The world keeps turning… I believe this will all fade away in time. Haters will always hate and lovers will always love! The haters will find something or someone else to beat up on.

      • I agree about us healing. As we move away from this so can he. As we heal we can use the mutual support we get from each other to be motivated to move on. Thank you for this site.

  13. I read that on Allkpop 😀 Seems the police are NOT charging him w/assault but only some other thing (bodily harm) – lesser charge I assume. Yet the haters (who don’t want to be called that apparently) still insist he’s a monster who viciously beats up women all the time ~sigh~
    I noted on another forum that certain of the most vocal critics (the ones who started calling for his head IMMEDIATELY) seem to have known who this girl was from the start. Which clears up that mystery (ie, I expect it is her fans & possibly even her friends who started the bashing).
    Whatever. He’s looking much better than this time last month and he’s done great on his tour and events!

  14. well said for everybody. l supose that something will come from the court probably to pay her for damages, we need to wait for it calmly. My tought flower boy emerges again , l am just enjoying with him lately, the professional KIM HYUN JOONG who l love and admire.
    God bless you boy. l would like to see you smiling more after it finishes, ok

  15. Who is netizen? What is netizen? Maybe the real problem is we do not know him, but we know kim hyun joong. Right!..

    • The term Netizen is a portmanteau of the English words Internet and citizen. It is defined as an entity or person actively involved in online communities and a user of the Internet, especially an avid one.[1][2] The term can also imply an interest in improving the Internet, especially in regard to open access and free speech.[3] Netizens are also commonly referred to as cybercitizens, which has the same meaning.

      • Dear Lazer,

        You are so sweet that you do not understand irony. I know netizen meaning. I try to say who are them. They keep their names, personality easily so can easily write bad things about people. They are not important. The important thing is reality which we love KHJ forever.

        • LOL LOL LOL oh my god Gamze please forgive me I’m really sorry, honestly I was half asleep as I read your comment! LOL I’m all laughing at myself gosh!!
          Anyway, on my next article I’ll relay those haters who they are. Hang in there I’ll post it before weekend. Thank you so much again please forgive me!! LOL Have a great day! love you! see you on my next article! Take care God bless..

          • Dear Lazer,

            I love your articles, your comments express my feelings and thoughts too. I got you. Do not worry. Be happy:)) God bless you.

            Take care yourself, love and best regards,

  16. Oh effin hell! These netizens can’t accept defeat, such losers! Sorry can’t help but to call them names. I still think these haters are illiterate, they don’t know how to read and they have slow comprehension.
    And please don’t ever come back from the dead! may you all rest in peace and rot somewhere!
    Thanks LK, I really needed that.

  17. I stop reading those trash ever since.. they never been fair to KHJ ever since.. thank you for another article. that what exactly whats in my mind.. been a reader of your LK for more than a year and thank you for all the effort.

  18. Tbh, i never open any link abt such trash anymore. Read its title is enough to makes me sad. Thanks LK for everything. You’ve say it all we want to say. KimHyunJoong is NOT GUILTY!

  19. I just waste some minutes if my life reading all that garbage in allkpop. So much hate! Poor KHJ having to deal with all that. May God bless him with strenght and peace. Now I get why you were so frustrated.

  20. Thank you, God.
    I cannot keep tears when reading your article and the news.
    Go go, Hyun Joong and all his fans.
    All best to you, HJ ah.

  21. Hi ms.LK!!how have u been??
    its been a long time not leaving a comment here in ur comment box but i’ve been a silent reader…
    and now i think this bringing out the issue again is too much!!they can’t realize that the more they bring him down the more love he is getting???Some haters and bashers really can’t get out of this scandal…hahaha…poor u,so many things must be appreciated but ur heart is full of hatred…why not just let go of it??now that the case is CLOSED and no one prove that he is guilty, so let go guys!!!anyway,KIM HYUN JOONG will always be KIM HYUN JOONG…the one who was,is,will love by millions of fans…the one who is cherished,the one who is receiving more blessing!!

    I miss commenting here..keke…thanks again ms. LK for all ur articles that making me feel closer to our Only One…

    To HyunJoong:
    Always remember that u r SPECIAL,no one can change that!!!!thank u for being you!!thank u for being our leader!!!!u will always be love!!!

  22. I love your blog lol 😘💕 they can’t accept the truth in front of their faces! Kim Hyun Joong has not been charge. Get over it you haters won’t break him. They’re other scandal follow those.

    • kim hyun joong eu ainda não lei tudo a noticia é muito grande faz me doer os olhos ainda vou mandar outra resposta

  23. I read your blog during a meeting !! Seriously this people are just evil. So I was getting all worked up and the song came “haters gonna hate and I gonna shake shake it all”. In my mind I saw our boy just shaking his hands like he does in shake shake. For those people I hope they are ready for the karma they are calling upon them.

  24. It’s really so energy consuming to have reports like every week when there’s nothing new to tell… well, unless they intentionaly omitted some previous information in the previous reports, of course which I’m afraid it may be the case… They just recycle info to get visits… I’m so tired of all those insects… I really wanna crash them so they can’t harm anyone else… We gotta be smart too and not let them earn $$$$$ with our visits…

  25. and Amen to that….hope they will stay dead!
    Case closed and let it be like that! And yes you can get angry, you are human after all dear! as we all are….yes the Truth always prevail!

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