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By: LazerKim                  After I have written and posted my recent article Scandal Diary all the while I thought I have done what I ought to do in bringing out the complete story of the Scandal as Kim Hyun Joong was involved. But something else had been lingering in my mind that I have been controlling myself to bring it out.

I’m not blind with the fact that this case was not being properly handled and let’s face it since day one that this scandal erupted damage control was not done which I think is the responsibility of Hyun Joong’s agent in protecting him as their managing artist. This is not to put blame on whoever is responsible but to set the record straight that somewhere along the way there was negligence on the part of the agent.


Ever since Kim Hyun Joong moved in to this agent, let’s face it, he brought a lot of successful projects to this agent. I wrote about this way back in 2012. These past months prior to this scandal, after IG a lot of malicious news came out involving Kim Hyun Joong and his boss, which I considered hitting below the belt.

But Hyun Joong did not prolong those talks he faced the media and answered those malicious news. I have known Hyun Joong for being honest that every time there’s a not so good news about him immediately he faced it and bring out the truth.

During this current scandal I have been silent about KeyEast on how this case of Hyun Joong was going, which for me I would say it was poorly handled from day one till the present. Not to mention his fans are more effective when it comes to information dissemination about this case, and his activities (ex. Beijing concert), which I think is the responsibility of the agent to Kim Hyun Joong as their artist.

Specially during the nightmare that media kept twisting the news that KE just kept silent, instead of at least lend an effort to translate the news correctly or somehow have a say in this case! So it seemed KE just became a wallpaper completely useless to Hyun Joong!!  Just my opinion which I’m entitled to it too!



Between artist and agent, of course both parties has responsibility with one another, that I think I don’t need to enumerate them since I have written about this in my past articles. Let’s focus on one particular responsibility of each party. The agent is responsible for their artist’s PROTECTION. As for the artist since he is a public figure, he is responsible of taking care of his image at all cost.

As an artist all these years Kim Hyun Joong has maintained his good image untainted from the time he started in showbiz back in 2005, nine long years he never had major controversial issues and if there may be, he carry it out by himself with full confidence to resolve. Not to mention that Kim Hyun Joong was able to bring to the company excellent revenue ever since he moved in to KE. I think everyone knows about this.

On the part of the agent, it is their responsibility to take care of their artist and to PROTECT him at all cost.  Was Hyun Joong well protected by his agent the entire time during this scandal?? If I say protection it’s more than just providing two or more body guards at his side, no it’s more than this.


Now let me lay down the cards so that we can fully understand the whole thing. Here’s KE, with their precious gem was out there being accused left and right, while this media kept twisting just about everything in this case. What did KE do? They all kept silent, that I think damage control should have done first and foremost but failed to do so. And so the media took advantage of their silence and carelessly write and sensationalized the accusation being thrown to Kim Hyun Joong. This was so frustrating!

In all fairness, granting Hyun Joong made a mistake and in one time failed to keep his privacy from the public, I still think KE has the responsibility to protect Hyun Joong right at once as soon as the scandal erupted. I was hoping the company would take at least one step ahead from those monsters before their artist can be eaten up by media and can take advantage over the situation. But the way I see it the situation was totally neglected and that damage control was not done to the fullest.

This is so frustrating, as if KE even allowed his fans to defend Hyun Joong by themselves, instead of KE protecting him and defending.  This is just how I observed the entire scandal from day one, as we fans were closely on guard while KE just kept sleeping!.

To the company this is just my personal opinion and I’m entitled to it, because Kim Hyun Joong is my idol which happens to be your managing artist. I think we fans has done our part in protecting and defending him, may I ask, have you done your part? Or maybe you did but sooo poorly and unsatisfying, if you may ask.



Yesterday a news broke out pertaining Hyun Joong’s case that made Hyun Joong’s fans alarmed as the news stated that Hyun Joong’s case shall be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for further evaluation, whatever that means it may just be a regular legal procedure before case closure.

I’m not a lawyer but this is all I can share with you. The news came from the trash media so I couldn’t trust anymore and I wouldn’t want to post it here. Anyway, I’m still hoping his agent ??  would clarify this since as of now there’s no other way I can trust except the slow foot agent. What can I do, who else is out there to trust?

Last night, a friend of mine just shared a news link, which is another controversy, saying KE had committed FRAUD and dragging the name of the big boss! Timing again in bringing out this controversy when Hyun Joong’s case have not fully finalized its closure!

It somehow gave me the impression that what is currently happening doesn’t only pinpoint on Kim Hyun Joong but the main target here is the company KE. Now I can say someone big is behind this conspiracy of destroying and someone with a big ENVY on his head trying to bring down Hyun Joong and his agent, since KE has been growing big as a company.

Main objective may be bringing down the artists who’s bringing good revenues to the company namely Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Soo Hyun, right on target! They may just around the corner smiling and observing the feast days done by trash media! As I have said in my recent article and saying it again, this is just my wild thoughts!

And in that news, KE responded that they will not hesitate to take legal actions and press libel charges to the media, of course. Here’s the first thing that came to my lips……“Get lost! Now you’re too fast to warn media pressing libel case on them while you totally neglected Hyun Joong that libel should have filed long before this scandal even got bigger to drag for a month! And you’ve been silent all those time!”

At this point majority of Kim Hyun Joong fans are furious with this company so don’t expect us to support you KE. Love be gets love as I always say.



I can only speak for myself being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong I should have the confidence of KE since it’s Hyun Joong’s agent and with beliefs that it’s only the company whom I can turn to with information about my idol. I think have lost you KE as someone whom I can fully trust in taking care and protecting him. At this point where else can I go whom I can trust to hear the right news about him pertaining his case? I’m just asking.

Just one piece of thought, once your artist goes down the drain surely you go down with him! And it’s happening, it may not through him but in other ways, now there you go being in the hot seat with another controversy pertaining KE allege fraud. Watch out there may be more to this!

If ever the company has laid support on Hyun Joong in this case, I’m truly sorry but I have not seen that kind of needed support from your side since day one that the scandal erupted. I may be harsh with my judgement but I’m just saying I have not seen that transparent support!

I will never leave Hyun Joong as I have promised in this blog and I hope KE you will not leave him as well or your company will be buried with bad criticisms from millions of Kim Hyun Joong fans worldwide.


Kim Hyun Joong have been a perfect gentleman which is the very first thing I like in him. And I’m sure he’ll keep up that way, I know he wouldn’t want his fans to criticize anyone even it’s him who have been badly criticize. Hyun Joong have mentioned in his letter of apology “do not blame that person.”

“To Kim Hyun Joong, I hope you’ll not let others take advantage of your kindness, silence is good, but fight for your right, and we all stay behind you all the way…”

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  ―  Bernard M. Baruch

                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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  2. KEYEAST did not handle the situation from the beginning. Guess they did not want to talk much to don’t affect the tour(?) but remain silent was the worst. It was aaaaaall very frustrating. I know Hyun Joong is a good friend of Bae, and they have given Hyun Joong freedom to choose their own styles … but sometimes I want him changing the agency next year … an agency who really know protect him as an artist and as a person.

  3. Hello, Someone can fix the wikipedia page about KHJ?
    someone put there only the dispacth version from the assault case,
    cause I dont have the sources, I cant fix that correctly, and my english is not good enogh….
    please that is a large information media, and cant stay like that….

  4. Did you all watch his Aomori concert? Oh where you there Ms. LK and Kim Hyun Joong has another performance today in Tokyo? Will you there too Ms. LK? I wish I was there…It feels funny that Aomori ended like it was his solo concert and fans were screaming for an encore hehehehehe hahahaha and while his videos so many fans were singing along with him. I miss him sooooo much. Go Kim Hyun Joong! Fighting Kim Hyun Joong!!!

    • Yes Senga I was in Aomori yesterday and im still here at Hibiya Park. These two shows are definitely KHJ show both venues are filled w his fans. So touching how they really love and support him anywhere he goes. His fans were so great they sing his Japanese songs w him during the show. Everyone has been here from morning waited patiently for KHJ to come out of the stage. The atmosphere here was like a sunday family picnic at the park!! LOL

      • Hi
        Wow , You made me smiled LK. I’m so happy to hear that you were there a long with many of HJ’s fans. HJ looks great the fans are so fantastic. I have a goosebumps reading your post. i’m so touched . I believe HJ has gained tremendous strength from both concerts. It is really amazing to see how much love can do . I’m sure Hj’ can feel the love from fans .The power of love will slowly heal all the wound in his heart. Love will also give him power and strength. I believe in power of love it can even change the world.

  5. I wish that I can do something to protect him,poor me…I only know how to pray for him. I am as a fan really believe in him.He done nothing to this matter,so God will lead him.He is man with love.thank you so much sis will always wait for the good news from him.I hope the’whoever’stop being so cruel to him.Have a nice day sis.

    • Dear nada,

      All HJ’s fans probably feel the same way . I think what you did is already a big help . The most important is we trust him we believe in him and keep supporting him . It is the very first step we all can do. We just can not let a good man down. Some people are so cruel than anyone could imagine but what they did will get back to them .

  6. Hello everyone, came by again because this was in my reading for today.
    The future is not ours to know
    And it may nener be—
    So let us live and give our best
    And guve it lavishly.

    Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18

    Today remember that what you think of yourself is more important than what others think of you. You must therefore think, live, and approve of how you live.

    Continue to live in Love, family. God bless.

  7. Hi,

    Well said , everybody you wrote all the questions I have in my mind. In the case like this even if the one who was accused is not HJ I will surely do the same. This is about justice which can change a life of a person. The justice that we all deserve therefore we can’t judge freely without thoroughly investigate. We must distinguish, observe and be able to notice the different between honesty and liar. A ‘s behavior since this news arose she acted like someone who wanted to make sure that public will be on her sides before the investigation. She went further by breaking the law to provide self-made evidences to public just to get the support. With the support from media she got it within a blink without the second thought and hearing anything different . Sad thing is the public calls that is justice. It’s hard to accept this is really happening to the world that i believe we all value justice. No one out there urged to ask a question why A sent fake evidences to media and social media . Is it right to do this ? Is it lawful ? Is it believable ? to expose the self-made evidences that did not prove by physician to public before the investigation process.

    There is a lot of points that are ignored by people who read news without thinking much. Actually only using your common sense you will see a lot of loophole in the story and in the behavior of A.

    “A ” was lucky enough that Hj is a kind man . She could be in big trouble if the man is not HJ. I hope A realizes that and acknowledges how she has destroyed a good person’s life . She will probably have to live with it for the rest of her life. HJ chose to end this with his honesty and with the truth. The real truth that is far far different from A’s accusation. HJ is proved he is honest since in the beginning. Of course media ignored this real truth and kept misleading the public till very now. We , small citizens are forced to watch the injustice conspired by irresponsible media and A and who knows who eles .

    The most remarkable about Hj is he is able to forgive. I believe he see forgiveness as a way to move on and set him free from being a victim of revenge or jealousy . He knows in his heart how he is regardless what others looks at him. His apology is something that very humanity and only a strong person can do. It also showed his compassion and understanding toward a person. . This is something that a weak person can’t do. I heartfully admire him and pray he will go through this difficulties with a healthy heart and strong spirit.

    After the report from the police on 17 September It’s not wrong at all to say that public has completely been manipulated by the media and ” A ” and badly misjudged HJ . This is i call the real injustice that we are facing now. It hurts me the most. I wonder who will responsible for the damage that already happened to a person ‘s life., to my spirit. Media ? DO they man enough to do so ? ” A ” she acted like a coward the whole time we can’t expect that. The haters ? no way they can only hate. I wish I was wrong and will see whether someone is man enough to responsible for this.

    This is a massage to all media . you know you are a medium to pass on an information. You are in a very good position to make this world or this society to be a better place to live in. The privilege that you should be honor with your dignity . Please do not abuse the privilege and trust the society has given you otherwise you will turn the society in to hell when people do not know any more and do not care any more when they damaged a precious life of others. You should know You are the first one who must take responsibility for that.

    LK, Where i can find your e-mail address ?

    Again thank you for all articles and thanks to speak for us.


    • Hello Bella! I think I have already answered the question as to why A brought the evidence to the media, and it’s unlawful both on her and Media. That’s why I’m urging KHJ to file counter charge after this case, and again this is not only doing it for himself but for justice. At first A was searching for justice as what some people advocating domestic violence wanted, I wonder where they are?? Later she changed her mind and just asked for public apology, I would just like to shoot her on the spot!! The media has thick faces and they would just ignore not unless KHJ go after them and firmly stamp some legal act on them.

      Dispatch even released some discussion that they did right in pushing out those evidence and trying to win public opinion I think that was sept.5 if I’m not mistaken. Thick faces no shame. They did that because the public started doubting on A’s motive and those evidence. Until now the public was made to believe that HJ’s letter of apology was admission to assault. See how cruel those media are with just their twisted ways of reporting. Might as well play with their game by pressing charges and let justice prevail and I think it’s only KHJ who has every right to do this. A is just lucky for now!!

      My email for this blog I think had been hacked!!! LOL I don’t want to welcome haters anymore!

      • Thanks LK to respond to this. You are right about all this. At the least KE should make it clears what is the apology all about. For HJ I believe God be with him.

        i ‘m surprised to come across some posts in some web sites that keep saying ” I’m HJ’s fans ” but all their posts have supported ” A ” ‘s evidences since the very first day till now and keep posting it and keep repeating the words from media without one single question about anything. Some even said they knew Korean law very well but never talked about illegally spreading self-made evidences in social media and the press by A. They have never doubted A ‘s motive and defending her as if they are her agent. l don’t mind they support A but I wonder about their motives by keep saying I’m Hyun Joong’s fans or I like HJ. I think for a fan even you know HJ only a bit you will have some doubts with the accusation and some questions the way A tried to gain public opinion with her so called evidences. Wow, i should stop talking about this i wish people are more honest about what they are doing. I feel there are hidden agendas in their posts.

        • LOL LOL Hater’s fan club!! LOL LOL They will pretend to be fans that would appear his fans are turning back against him!! LOL I cannot be fooled by that, so patent!! I can always say I’m a fan of so and so then criticize my own idol LOL! They are not fans they are haters, shoot them straight to their brain! LOL Haters hidden agenda is to destroy KHJ, that’s it evil motives.

          His true fans were there at his concerts in a full packed huge stadiums all through out the nightmare!

  8. Thank you, thank you, as always you are saying what has been on the minds of many. What is the reason for, and why now all of a sudden such allegations when there has never been an issue before? who is really driving this scenario? As you have stated earlier, if all she wanted was an apology, why do it this way? Why provide nonclusive evidence, with ndate, timne, hospital, attending physician, and her picture blotted out? Why provide pictures of bruises that could have been from anyone? Yes, someone is definitely behind the curtain pulling the strings. Yes, we may never know whom, but we do know why. It all has to do with the pride of life, envy, greed, and jealousy. But, to God be the glory for great things he has done and will do. I agree that this is typical HJ, but yes his company should have played a bigger part. But, to all I leave this:
    Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass, Cease from anger, and forsakenwrath; Do not fret–it only causes harm. For evil doers shall be, (Shall Be) cut off: But those who waitnon the Lord, They shall inherit the earth. Psalm 37:7-9 New King James.
    So you see, we are doing God’s will. Let us continue to love and pray for KEnand HJ. Because no matter what God is the only one with the answer, and he does not forsake his own. God bless.

    PS:do not worry about those, former HJ, fans who have been talking about non-forgiveness. Just pray that they will continue to have a happy life. Forgiveness is a command from God.

    • Hello there! Thank you the pleasure is mine and thank you for sharing this biblical words of wisdom. May just say this since you have mentioned it and this might be the last time I’ll ever talk about the case I hope again!! Whoever has the right to file for counter charge to that woman A and the media 1. KHJ 2. KE 3.SK fans.
      Here we go again with the IF I WERE…KE I would definitely file counter charges, KHJ is their artist and they lost one concert event during that nightmare and there’s even possibility HJ might lost his opportunities which KE also gain from. Next is SK fans, they can file charges on A, I think JYJ fans sued another fan and JYJ won in that case. I’m not just clear about this.

      Last KHJ which is very unlikely to happen. Although I’m hoping he would change his mind, if he can’t do this to himself then at least do it for other celeb, to his fans for getting hurt and most of all his family. Just giving this as an example otherwise this case might have some happen again and as we all know A might now be rich! What a way to earn money!! So disgraceful to the image of a woman. A got that guts to mess up fooling everyone all worldwide, can you imagine that? Yes I hv some suspicion she made herself to be used. And I really hope she won’t get away with this.

      Thank you again, take care be happy and see you again! God bless..

  9. I absolutely agree with you LK and I made a comment about it several times. Although I can also feel Kim Hyun Joong’s free hand in the situation, I am expecting more from KeyEast. They should at least try to control the media or send some news in HJs site way ahead of this witch, evidence that proves wicked lady is wrong(by the way, probably everyone knows the face and the name by now huh, some of you made guesses and thumbs up)…giving also a warning to media and the public that if you defame our star that it will be treated accordingly but they just kept quiet about it. I also emailed them as a way to support Chinese fans with the Beijing concert but there is no statement to ease fan’s concerns. So to help also understand KeyEast I also read the news of their new and potential investors, it feels like they must have some pressure with these investors which affected the concert. By the way, knowing the way Chinese handle disputes overseas with the claim on the South China Sea its very likely.
    Yes, they should update HJs site even more make it like a haven for fans to ease their concerns. An English or perhaps now a Spanish administrator too. This has always been a concern in his official site. Good thing that Japanese fans have another special site and Chinese fans have one in Weibo. It feels like KeyEast tend to be more selective with the way they treat fans since there are more Japanese fans and they can afford to spend more, they tend to give more to them too.
    In Seoul and in other countries, I experienced getting a special note together with his siggy but when he came to our country I prepared for a notepad but I only got a siggy. I guess because there was so little time and he arrived late tied up with media interviews. I was able to visit KeyEast’s office and was able to get into as far as the pantry and it was quiet most people probably went out for lunch. Later I realized fans are only allowed to wait outside when I told them I am Henecian hehe Hmmm I was claiming some IDs. They didn’t have a lounge you have to wait standing outside. I was looking for one that is why I went inside. So their office looks neat but there is no reception area and it is best to be there with an appointment and yet the staff I talked to arrived so late but she came in gasping for breath and very apologetic. I remember they hired some fans to help out in controlling coming in and out of Seoul’s TV stations. In HJ’s site fans most often comment on HJ’s old messages. I feel it is the fastest or the easiest thing to do. I wish they hailed or called fans to come over by creating a special corner or posting notices for fans especially in the recent situation. As a fan, I feel ignored/neglected by KeyEast. I feel better airing out some concerns though I still have an open mind about the whole situation, each one of us has his own needs, has his own perception and most of us may feel the same and some may feel different. Reading that other stars in Seoul are more protected in similar or even more serious situations makes me feel disappointed. How other stars are managed when such scandals occur in other countries and here in our country makes me feel even more frustrated. One incident was even worse than what happened to KHJ but the management protected their star and made sure that the other party paid for the illegal things he did to their star. I want something like that. We may never know the exact reasons but I still wish KeyEast did more to protect our Kim Hyun Joong.

    • Yes Senga you’re right that web site should have been a big help if only KE made use of it that they were already aware that media had been twisting the news. As fans are so diligent in updating about the case that should have been very helpful to all of us and those who got lost along the way, believing the trash news. And I was so surprise that many of HJ fans didn’t know what those results fr the police.

      Anyway I had this thoughts the WHAT IF? Please don’t misinterpret I’m not here to say what Hj should or should not do just some thoughts, What if on the 1st day this news was release and Hj faced the media and said his piece or even hire one reliable media so that news won’t be twisted at least there’s two sides of the story. When the so called evidence was out there, someone should have stood up and declare the act itself is illegal, press charges on Dispatch right at once. That’s why I mentioned HJ’s camp should have been one step ahead of the media to be able to control the damage.
      If only we can bring back the time. I mean one month of being in such ordeal was just crucifying to Hj and everybody. Oh well, what has done is done! I just hope this will over soon so we can all move on peacefully.
      Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  10. Very true! I didn’t have issue with KE first statement, the same with Hyun Joong admitted. But whenver Media insulted him, twisted his words, I felt KE was responsible for this mess. they didn’t give clear information,enough effort to protect him. If only they had enough effort to control media, warn them like in BYJ case now, this case wouldn’t have caused damage like this. Totally unfair for HJ! I wonder if they don’t have experience or don’t have even interest or effort to protect him. sorry for my rumblings!

    • Hello latt! It’s ok you’re here to air out your thoughts just like everyone of us here. Yes KE should have made use of KHJ web site so that we can have better understanding about the case since that time during the nightmare we were so at lost we do not know who to trust among the media. I agree with what you said and how I really wish to bring back the past rewind! Well whatever is there in the future for Hj is gonna be another challenge for us to lift him up again. I’m sure he’ll getl over with this mess. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again God bless

      • Thank you! sister! I can’t believe KE handled this very serious and sensitive issue with much negligence..Everyone knew how this case can affect HJ career..We didn’t get even true police investigation result aside from fans..I know you are BYJ fan! I don’t know about him well so I don’t want to comment on him! If HJ respect him, I guess there must be reason for him be respected.. But Keyeast? I feel really angry..

  11. Thank you LaserKim for writing this article for which I completely agree. I love the friendship between HJ and BYJ, but I’ve never trust Keyeast seeing their incompetence to support HJ, to make his promotions, to protect him, etc … And plus, a huge company employing 3 international stars does not even have a website in English!! They do not respect fans. They do not answer to mails from fans, they do not explain anything. I am very very sad for our HJ. I wish I could express myself in better English to be able to say what I think. Thank you again LK to express our thoughts, our feelings, our fears and our anger.

    • Hello France! Thank you so much! And thank you for mentioning, I have so much high respect on BYJ and that doesn’t change at all. BYJ and KE are two separate entity I would just like to clear that out, In this article it’s KE the company that i would like to point out as HJ’s agent. Irregardless of the name or owner it’s about the company’s responsibility nothing more nothing less. And yes I agree since KE caters to international market there has to be an English speaking agent there to take care of public relation. And please KE update your website you got 3 giants in your agency. Just my opinion. Thanks again France, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  12. OMG…now i get it whats going on right now..tkanks LK for ur always best write-up ..We know that, in KE they have Bae yong Jun the topstar..Kim hyun joong the most succesfull solo artist in S.Korea and Japan as well and Kim Soo Hyun the most popular actor from that popular drama and they are really have strong n huge fanbases in China which every agency in S.Korea is so eager to hve their artist glorying there. I agree there must be very bad hands behind all this chaos. KE really in big trouble now. Thanks all for make me realize all these.

    • Thank you Atiq, my pleasure here. There you go you have mentioned the 3 giants I was talking about with France that has to be taken extra care and you’re right any agent would just love to have what KE has in their hands. Mine is just wild thoughts nothing serious. I think KE is under control and I think they already have learned from this case of HJ. I hope!! Thanks again Atiq, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  13. i thought this chapter closed already..I’m not ready for chapter 2 actually..

    hmm..maybe I’m the only one who think that ever since day 1, this case is handled the way hyunjoong wanted to be handled. I can understand why KE so slow to handle this, but at least they voice out to confirm it first to hyunjoong before made any statement. this is a sensitive issue. I think they’ve interogated him and made a careful statement, of course their statement isnt helping but as police said hyunjoong statement is not different from what KE said. it’s personal matters, I think it’s hard to finally make hyunjoong telling them his story. the way they dont make any public statement, the way they let hyunjoong made the letter of appology, it’s so hyunjoong. should they stop him?yes. I dont know KE for sure but seeing how they let hyunjoong do what he wanna do with his career and let him have his own staff, I think KE have too many respect with hyunjoong independence. too much that they let him do anything the way he wanted them to be done. I dont know if any agency in korea would let his artist do anything so independently, if there is, yes I hope hyunjoong would have a better home when he’s back from MS. I wish he could have all his staffs, manager, even bodyguard with him. the way I see them treat HJ is so lovely, more than just an artist, feels like they taking care of their own child, very loving.
    sorry if I sound defending KE. it’s not that I defend them I just think the way this case handled is the way hyunjoong would like this case to be handled. I dont favor it to be like this, but maybe this is the reason why I love this boy so much.
    hope he has so much love and encouragement from his close ones. he shows that apologise is not a weakness.

    thanks again for your article, LK! always thoughtfull and voicing our mind! hope to see you writing this often 🙂

    • Hi Berlin,

      I agree with you that maybe, the way KE handling this matter is just like what HJ himself want it to be.I am 100% agree with you.

      Despite all that, at least can they updated their website about HJ last 3 concerts or at least his last concert in Nagoya just to show that they support and proud with him.

      I mean, they updated a whole bunch of artists under their agency but they can not updated us about HJ last concert.Their last entry about HJ is HJ concert in Shanghai with was happened in August.

      This make me feel very uncomfortable and sad with KE.

      thanks again Berlin, at least you can give us an opinion in a different perspective they way we should see KE.

      again thank you and have a nice day.

    • I agree with you 100%. It sounds so like KHJ to attempt to keep his privacy and to shoulder the blame. KE has always respected independence but this time he need better guidance. I think they should have stepped in sooner to do damage control. They trust him because they know he is honest and has good sense. This time, his transparency worked against him. My poor baby! I still think it will all work out for his good in the end. Even some fans who were on the fence through this whole thing are speaking up for him now because they were impressed by his humility. We all love him more now than ever!

      • Hello everyone! Thank you so much! Yes I agree with you this very much like HJ. In a way you’re right but may I just clarify some points BTS unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in reality the way we see it from the outside. KHJ is KE property that’s why there’s a contract that binds the two parties that’s why I emphasized both responsibilities with each other. It seems HJ is independent but he’s not in reality. Let’s remember that as long as an artist is in the lime light specially HJ is a high profile celeb, he will never have independent privacy since he is a public figure.
        I’m sure you are familiar with Lee Byung Hun’s case, he’s much senior and a high profile star too, he got entangled in a scandal at the same time as HJ (although totally different case) and his agent was in front of media all the way that every time media opens their mouth his agent comes around and answers to the media and threat them for libel, the same case as HJ’s boss did as soon as the news came out there was already a libel warning. KE has every right over HJ 100% bcoz both parties has names to take care, if one goes down the drain the other follows. And this is their reality.

        This is not about respect this is about saving each other’s neck. This is my point in this article. No matter what happen cases like this the agent answers for their artists. This is what I’ve been looking for from KE. Fine they allowed HJ to handle this case but what happened? The waiting time was too long that drag the issue and media took advantage of their silence. I agree with you Angie, honesty is good but it went against him, still KE should have been there in front of the media and defend him as in ASAP right NOW. That case with LBH didn’t last that long at the media, both are sensitive issues too. Bcoz the agent did what has to be done right from the start they did not allow the media to take over the situation until the news died down. This is my point. Think and move as fast as they can get hold of the situation.
        And yes I think hj was not properly guided unfortunately. With KE there should be a strong PR there since they have three high caliber artists with them. In showbiz in just a matter of glimpse artists can lose your image just like that. And update the fans about this case or HJ’s activities what’s the use of that web site? We are not even asking for too much just a little information what’s going on, because its from the fans that they gain. We were all lost, media was all long playing tricks and KE just let that be all the way.
        Oh well, this will have an ending anyway I just hope both sides learned their lessons from this case. This is too painful for HJ, KE, and for all of us. I hope somehow this shed light. Thank you again, take care everyone and see you again. God bless…

        • I am in complete agreement. KE has FAILED Hyun Joong in this. Even if he did not want to have any blame on the ex or wanted to admit his mistake, KE should have guided him CAREFULLY and monitored the Press CAREFULLY while he was so busy with his concert obligations. Hyun Joong was in the midst of a WORLD TOUR for God’s sake. He did not have TIME for dealing with this crap. KE should have stepped UP! I am just SO disappointed in them for letting Hyun Joong be attacked with NO LEGAL DEFENSE in the Press. The dirty press had a field day and they were left completely unchecked. It really pisses me off to the point of fury! I have just been aching for Hyun Joong this whole time because he was being misunderstood and KE just Allowed it! Hyun Joong is very 4D. He has his quiet way that most people don’t have the intelligence or compassion to understand. He has always been easily misunderstood. Up until now, it was mostly cute and funny… but, I always worried that something like this would happen and his 4D would work against him. He is also VERY PRIVATE which he has every right to be… but, when you are being publicly crucified, you HAVE to speak up for yourself and tell more of your side even if you don’t want to air your laundry. You have to give enough information to make it cut and dried Exactly what happened so the haters have to shut their mouths. My poor, sweet darling KHJ. I am just sick over it all. And angry. I want to go all Postal on the trash media. In US we say that when we want to just up and flip our lid and start shooting people! It’s a figurative phrase that came about after a US Postal worker did just that and shot all of his co-workers. It’s kinda sick joke… but, we Americans kinda have a sick sense of humor sometimes! LOL! Anyway, I wanna go Postal on KE and the dirty media! Bam! Bam! Shoot ’em up with the same pain they have caused and allowed. (I hope everyone understands I am not serious!) 🙂 Protective Mama Bear is coming out in me now….

        • yes LK..that’s why this whole case is so suspicious. the way keyeast handling this is strange. actually I dont know how they handle kim soo hyun case, are they doing this silent thing about it too? hyunjoong’s case much bigger though and not to silent media and not reveal police’s findings about the case in their official website is so strange. they could clean his name with that. they should! but they didnt. and that is strange. why wouldn’t they want to clean their multimillion revenue artist’s image??
          I know and understand we all in need to blame someone for not doing anything to repair the damage that already happen. but more than anything, I wish hyunjoong can get through this nicely and be happy once again. whatever happiness he wanted. I’m praying hard for this and I dont care the rest. though deep down I really wanna shoot anyone who hurt him.

          • Oh I would just be blaming one person in this scenario and that’s A and no one else. It started from her stupidity, then chain reaction involving people who are not suppose to get involve and that’s the public. And for me there’s only one way that HJ can clean his name and that is to go after those people concern file counter change against the media and this A. If he can’t do something about it the scar on his name will forever mark to the public that’s one thing I’m worried about. His fans knows him quite well, but what about the general public? LOL Just like you I really want to shoot whoever hurt him and I did that in this blog for so many times!! LOL
            I’m just putting my mind at rest that the truth has its own way of revealing.

            • ahahaha..yes thank you for being his shield,LK!
              you right, she is the one to blame and hyunjoong make sure no one should blame her (damn!). I am trying so hard though by only focusing on him and keep in mind that it is over. I wish this is the last bad thing that would ever come to him.
              I am dying to know the whole story though, I wish some of his closed ones would spill the bean but I dont think they would. so yes like you I put my mind at rest by believing that the truth will prevail someday.
              let’s have only happiness from now on with our Only One 🙂

    it is time for her to recieve the money, judge surely will ask him to pay for damages or go to jail. She told that she did not ask money to him, just to seam caring, but surely she knew what was going on, now is the time. MONEY .
    hope he takes the better decision to end this case, poor my baby, what a nightmare for everybody.
    God bless you kido, WE love you so much

    • Hello Jazu!! Thank you! LOL yes I hope the price tag has been settled!! HJ is such a smart guy. Although stubborn at times and sometimes naive when it comes to women I think!! LOL He’ll be alright and everything will comes to a good end I hope. Really, I shall never forget this nightmare! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. What you say May be possible- conspiracies do occur – if the powerful are trying to take this company down these allegations make sense. I hope this is not true. When I found out that KHJ’ ordeal is not over yet I lit a candle of hope for him. May this be over soon and may KHJ find happiness after this sad time passes.

    • Hello lakeshore! Thank you! As I have said these are just my wild thoughts. KE has much strength to be aware what’s going on around them and I’m sure they won’t let go on loose hands. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  16. Thanks so much for the article!!!! It was really interesting! However, I’m not sure if someone big is targetting KE or just KE was mainly using HJ’s scandal to cover for others… I’m more prone to the last one, they certainly have a lot to hide and the scandal with BYJ is just the beginning I’m afraid… Their attitude in all this has been so suspicious… Silence was the norm and they haven’t even taken actions against the organiser in Beijing and that “unilateral”, according to KE, cancellation… KE has also recently stated in an article that they are leaving the Hallyu Wave and the Chinese and Japanese markets to focus only on South Korean market… This to me was just a confirmation of what it’s to come in the next days… For now it’s only a rumor but, isn’t all these suspicious enough? In the next few days we might find out and then understand why KE didn’t do anything to protect HJ and basically why they didn’t care at all…

      • It’s the first time for me to hear that rumor. If this is rumor the more I would think that somebody big behind this roller coaster is another agency who is just as envy of KE. Well just my wild thoughts. It doesn’t make sense if KE is dropping Hallyu, just because of this case I hope not they are earning from it and I don’t think BYJ would allow it since he was the pioneer of Hallyu wave. Until other agents followed. That news about BYJ is an old case resolved, so that’s nothing. Media is just taking advantage of current events that’s making KE on weak spot. That organizer fr Beijing is such a big COWARD, or someone being used too.

        Isn’t it whenever Hj is being tangled in controversy, he alone stands on it back in 2010. I think he’s doing the same this time and since it’s his privacy which is out there, he probably doesn’t want others to get involve and just doing this by himself. I want to understand this BUT this is a different matter though he needs a lot of help in this specially his agent.

        May i just recall, that fight incident transpired in May 30, the complaint came around as HJ was in Shanghai sometime Aug.16 3mos after the incident. Media released the news Aug.22 the day HJ goes to Thai, evidence leaked in Aug.27! Too many gaps in between dates that made me think that this was conspiracy using A plus that rumor your were saying. Whoever is behind this used this opportunity to bring KE down as their main target. Just my theory. Well the more HJ and KE has to help each other in this case. I hope they realize that now. Just my wild thoughts!

        • I don’t know what to think but KE leaving the Chinese and Japanese markets to focus only on the South Korean one and also leaving the Hallyu Wave came straight from them… So I don’t really know how that fits in all this big jig-saw… Honestly, I’m very suspicious of KE’s intentions… I’ve never liked them and now with this attitude… Definitely not my cup of tea…! When the news of BYJ came up again, KE didn’t hesitate an inch to counterattack and make clear that they would sue anyone doing wrongful accusations so my question is why didn’t they have the same reaction for HJ… Why didn’t they defend him like they are doing with BYJ…???? It doesn’t make sense to me unless there is something else set in motion… And honestly, I don’t care if HJ wanted to take care of all this on his own, but KE is his agency and whether he wanted to take it on his own or not, their duty is to protect their artists and they obviusly failed in providing that for HJ. I actually think I’ve never seen an agency handling a scandal of this extent this poorly or basically not handling it at all. I’m sorry if I sound very critical towards KE but I think that we have to be. There are no more excuses to me. They have run out of chances from me.
          On the other side, I don’t disagree either with the idea of someone pulling the strings from the shadows but my question is who and whether we’re looking at the right direction…

  17. You are on the dot again. KE handled this mess so bad. Thank you for your posting. Each one of them voice how we the fans feel. It is really annoying to watch how the media destroyed a hard working man’s career for a very sloppy PR. I was so mad that the fans were the ones trying to clear his name. There was no official statement with the findings from the experts, there was no back up at all… Ugggghhhh! It makes me sick such negligence!

    • Hello YoFansier! Thank you! I want to cry again!! TTT Yes it was such an annoying one month seeing this nightmare and we got no one to hold on confidence, it’s like facing all odds by his fans. Oh well I just hope this will be over soon. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  18. Agree, agree and agree one hundrend percent to every word you’ve wrote!!
    Till now His fans are there and you dear LK as always.
    Never, never, never give up.!!!:)

  19. Thanks LK another thought from you. I’ve never said this on your blog but I’ve said this through pms’ to my friend. I thought I was the only one thinking about this certain big someone behind this. Now even KE is on the hot seat. I’ve told my friend this that honestly I want Hyunjoong to find a new home after his enlistment. Not be disrespectful or anything I just want what’s best for him, honestly KE is not giving their best for him. I think they’ve already used Kim Hyun Joong to their full advantage they don’t see a need for him anymore. True they’ve kept their mouth shut the entire time, and the one time they gave a statement it didn’t help. It actually made Hyunjoong look more guilty.
    I saw that too just this morning, again? Why would they even bother for a prosecution if the girl dropped the case and even the police thinks she’s lying? I don’t get it.
    At least now I know I am not paranoid. Well now that they’re part of Hyunjoong’s pain let’s see who will stand up for them?
    I still want to say some things but I’ll just end here before I say things I shouldn’t say.

    • Hello there! Thank you so much! Honestly I ‘m not closing my opinion on KE because this is a good company it’s just that the company’s concentration is not focus on just as an agent since it has many fields of interest in business in just one entity. As an agent maybe they have to give a bit of a push to the person responsible for their artist, that’s why I wrote there I hope you will not leave KHJ. I’ll be sad if they would because the friendship bond between HJ and owner is so brotherly and I wouldn’t want HJ to lose that.
      That’s why it took me some time before I finally write this article but I just don’t want to play it blind as a fan of KHJ. This is just a little shake and wake up KE I hope!! I just got a tiny blog here but at least we were able to express our opinion to the company not to destroy its name but to do better next time. I haven’t given up the company honestly. And I still would like HJ to go back to KE after MS. Well it still depends on him of course I don’t mean to interfere.
      Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  20. Thank you for voicing out the same thoughts I have and hopefully this will be a call out to KE. I felt that their statement about the assault didn’t really help protect KHJ. Then when Beijing concert was cancelled, I thought KE could have done better by getting another organizer for the concert since KHJ had promised fans of meeting again in Beijing for the concert.

    I guess fans feel the same frustration for our KHJ. As long as we fans are here for him, I know KHJ won’t give up neither.

    • Oh hello Grace! Thank you the pleasure is mine! Actually I’m waiting to hear from you again! This may be out of the topic, I would just like to clear up since I was misunderstood in one of my articles. I’m a woman I’m against violence, I chose to take side of HJ because I have better trust and confidence on him than that woman. I hope you have read my other article Scandal Diary, to show that woman’s motive. I truly believe her color will show, and I was right. I’m just glad I made the right decision to be at HJ’s side. I wouldn’t defend a person I do not know that’s for sure. Thank you for your understanding!
      Oh well, about Beijing I doubted this organizer since the start, so KE has to really deal with this otherwise there were so many fans financially affected by the cancellation. I still believe KE can take care of Beijing.
      Thanks again Grace, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  21. I sent email to key east but they never reply and he has been alone against not only media but also haters. I do not trust keyeast anymore. They do not deserve him. Really pitiful. Everybody earns money because of him. Nobody there is except us. Fans.

    • Hello Gamse! Well KE has to pay a bit more attention to the fans I think. I’m not really closing my doors with KE I’m sure they will do better next time. Just pointing out some matters as a KHJ fan. I think we fans has every right since they earn from us. Thank you, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

      • I also sent an email to KE and asked them to please update their website and in English. I even offered to help edit the translations for them! I would do it for FREE! they did not respond to me either… they really need to understand that most of his fan base is International, and the Internationl Language is ENGLISH!!!! and… I still haven’t given up my dream to be his English Tutor! LOL! I would love to teach him of course. I’m only half serious about that b/c I know it’s a dream but I can dream, right? Anyway, if KE keeps him with them, which I hope they do too because of that special bond he has with Yonsamama Bae Young Joon I just wish his Hyungnim had been by his side more strongly at this time and come out to protect him. Even Mr. Jeong released a statement supporting Hyun Joong! Oh, well, from what I understand BYJ is a quiet and private person too. Two 4Ds they are together! LOL! 🙂

  22. Very true!!! I kept asking WHERE IS KEYEAST??? Just being patient cause I know God is with KHJ always…
    Thank you, stay well and safe Lk..

    • Hello Hadiyyah! Thank you for keeping your patience LOL we’re at the same boat controlling myself to speak out since during the hottest period of the nightmare wasn’t the right time to pinpoint on who’s suppose to be responsible for HJ’s protection. Now that the sea is a bit smooth then I can air up whatever is in my mind. Take care, be happy and see you again, God bless..

  23. Dear Bella,

    You said exactly how I feel since a very first day of this scandal but I prefer to keep silent as I feel HJ would not want his fans to criticize his agent. You are very right they handle this case very poorly especially compare to Lee Byoung Hoon ‘s agent when the media started to
    dig out the old case his agent warned them immediately and no one dare to do so.. Not much I can say only very very disappointing in KE.

    I think a week after the scandal arose someone said KE abandoned HJ no one believed it but now It becomes clear that we did not see anything from KE’s action in order to protect their artist . I wish I ‘m wrong about this. Is it because HJ’s contract will finish soon so they did not see the need to do much ? I wonder how HJ feels or he thinks this is much he can expect from the agent.?

    Most of all I hope HJ is still strong in his spirit . I wish him know all his fans are still right behind him and hope to see him on 27.

      • Hello Bella!! LOL Yes I believe you’re so frustrated getting mix up with names!! LOL you make my day! We have the same feelings and thoughts. I just can’t forget how my mind was all floating during that period, I was all angry with KE but i let everything pass by before I can write about the company. Oh yes I followed that case of Lee Byung Ho as i have written up there. I envy him actually his agent was such a strong willed person as a company PR. KE did not abandon HJ it’s just that he took the case by himself that i hope he learned something there and KE too. HJ still has the same respect to KE I’m sure. Thank you so much as always you never left him. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  24. someone big is behind this conspiracy of destroying and someone with a big ENVY on his head trying to bring down Hyun Joong and his agent, since KE has been growing big as a company. thx u LK I had no doubt in this matter since the beginning of the scandal and now my sense has been confirmed there’s someone big behind this issues to be honest I’m really scared But I have great faith in the justice of God god blessed KHJ

    • Hello there! Thank you! Oh yes I truly believe the truth is at HJ’s side and God will take care of him all the time. I have not lose hope in this case. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  25. Lazerkim, very well said, that is what I am also waiting from them, they remained silent all through this time and their response were really late. Thank you for this wonderful article…

    • Hello Aquarius! Thank you the pleasure is mine! Silence is good but not all the time!! Fight for right is still and human right and everyone is entitled for it. *sigh*
      HJ a true gentleman really, now I have proven it by 100%. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  26. Hello LK,

    You wrote the sport ON. I have been a silent reader all this time. I am also very frustrated with the way how KE is handling this matters.You can look at KE website, they are not even posting KHJ last 3 successful concerts and no news about him since this scandal erupted.

    It is just like they are ashamed to admit that KHJ is under their label. They are not trying to abandon him don’t they??????.

    Just trying to let it go what i feel all this time. Thank you again for the good article and share it with us. I think all of us had the same feeling and thought about the coward KE.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Hello there! Oh please don’t mention it your English is just perfect. Please rest assure that KE is not abandoning HJ, there’s just a bit negligence there by KE. That website I think is useless, that’s just for display I never go there. I think we all share the same feelings here out of frustration. Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  27. LK… as I am suffering from insomnia because I am so worried about Hyun Joong and staying up to write and publish articles every day, u are RIGHT! KE should pay us agent fees because I feel we have done a much better job keeping vigil and protecting Hyun Joong. It’s heat sickening. Gonna try to sleep now! Good night dear friend. Good night Hyun Joong -ah! Good night lovely fans! Tomorrow will be brighter!


    • Hello Elena!! Thank you so much!! Keep your cool now but it’s ok bursting out anger and you came to the right place, and this will make you better after airing out anger and healthy. I’m sure KE had learned from this case of HJ. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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