Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MOVING ON



By: LazerKim                 I have posted my article CLOSED BOOK as I have mentioned we close that chapter of Kim Hyun Joong’s life story and we start moving on. I think I had enough pouring out my anger and start moving on to the next step on how we fans can lift Hyun Joong from where he is now.

For me, moving on is forgiving which I’m now in that process, but not forgetting, and doing something in setting the record straight for the future pertaining the case of Kim Hyun Joong from how it started and how it ended. Hyun Joong’s name was tainted and, I just can’t sit and let that dirt on his name stays while people had misjudged him in the wrong way.


During that scandal noise, all news were the same that I should say until the last news issued, the truth was concealed by media, except one item from ONSEN, which I have posted in my recent article and I would like to thank one fan @isanglahi, who shared this news, I owe you one, that I can start from this item to dissect the entire nightmare.

Some fans started to post Hyun Joong’s concert memories, that’s good, keep it up because it helps in healing hearts. I understand that I can only watch those media and “haters fan club” do their thing that I said to myself when the sea finally calm down, should be the right time to sail. And that could be the right time to speak when everyone had gone tired of talking.

I’ll still be writing a case review in my own little way God knows how since I’m not a lawyer and hoping I would be able gather all relevant information and be back to this blog with my next article in the coming days. I just think I have to do this before I can write about sweet memories! I can’t write something refreshing if I myself as a simple fan writer still has a bothered mind about the case. I still have to release the truth about reality before I can reminisce memories.



I’m trying to understand the showbiz society in South Korea and how it differs from other countries. I didn’t do any research or home work, I just simply observe and write my mind out. One observation on line, yesterday I was reading from the hater’s camp and I have noticed the same people seem to be commenting from those sites!! This is one reason why I said the hater’s do have fan clubs too!

About media, in some countries, somehow two sides of a story in any crime or controversial issues are published and there goes the public opinion. But at least hearing two sides of the coin were given opportunity to be out there, so the public have the chance to weigh both sides through the balanced reporting of any issues by media.

The current trend now is the on-line news which I think is one powerful tool in either making or breaking an image of a celeb or a high profile personality including politician. It depends now on the readers how they take the news being delivered by the media. The SK showbiz news are getting popular in the international arena, why? Because they are so good in “making” controversial news and sensationalize the issue.

And when those controversial news are out, everyone follows leaning only on one side of the story. Some Koreans are very fond of controversial news, gossips, from the tabloids. And no matter how much one can inject on the the other side of the story, Koreans just do NOT simply read the TRUTH, and that’s really sad and scary. Do I have a wrong impression? This is just my opinion.



Unfortunately this is the world where Kim Hyun Joong exist in reality. How I wish I can pull him out there, that now I felt as if he’s no longer welcome in his own home country! How I wish to snatch him away and bring him to a country where he can find peace. How I wish to bring him to the real desert and just perform a concert there with just a simple guitar and let his fans sit on the sand to listen to his music!

But NO, because I wouldn’t take him away from what he loves to do and that is his music. He has to stay in his home country to be able to accomplish his dreams. The next episode of his life may be like fighting with the giants in fulfilling his remaining dreams.

Back in 2010, as he decided to change artist category from Kpop idol to solo artist, he did fight for that battle too in proving himself and he succeeded tremendously. This time it may be in different situation and much challenging on his part but I still believe and never doubted he will again succeed.

Whatever obstacle he had gone through is just a way for him to be stronger than ever. It’s just like gold, in producing and refining its quality, it has to pass on a high heat temperature before it can reach its highest quality. Same as Hyun Joong’s destiny, he is bound to be where he is to face more challenges and trials in life to be able to reach the ultimate heights of success that has a stronger foundation and lasting star status.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person in spite of his dreams still exists within him, he humbly accepts whatever destiny is there to give him BUT he doesn’t easily give up on his dreams. At this moment, he may just be sitting around in silence but his mind is all along working and suddenly idea pops out, and gets him busy working on those ideas. This is how he works in his most practical way. And believe me he applies the same in fulfilling his dreams for the future.

Everyone is entitled for a second chance and that’s a human right.



May I just share, I’m not a religious person, but I am a strong spiritual believer. Every time I stumble down on the ground, the first thing I ask myself is this “Have I forgotten God? Have I neglected my prayers?” And for some reasons, I get idle, so I don’t wait for an answer I just go ahead and talk to Him in my prayers.

Sometimes we are overwhelm with our daily achievements, sometimes we’re overwhelm with success and fame that a lot of times we forget to thank God for the blessings. I do believe in this, He finds way to pinch me as if saying “Hey LK you have forgotten Me.” Or whenever we face our trial that sometimes it felt hopeless, there’s only one thing He wants us to do, and that is to go to Him and ask for help.

God is also an attention seeker, believe me!!   “So Hyun Joong, go to Him, He’ll help you in moving on peacefully……….He’s waiting for you Rafael!”

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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52 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MOVING ON

    just enjoy doing it . Time before we enjoyed doing it from this page. Now again .
    thanks Lazerkim to let us spread it. the link is,

  2. Thank you so much and yet another great article. you know I never visit those sites. Its no point to know what they think or they said as they ignored the truth and ignore any thing good about HJ or may be others as well . People who inject themselves with hate and jealousy everyday they can’t think or say anything good anyway.

    We don’t need to hate them it waist our energy we can change that energy to put more and more love to HJ. I believe people who are able to hate so much because they are lacking of love. I think HJ is a very good example he gathers all the love we gave him therefore he is able to give and to forgive and move on. I think HJ can forgive A but probably does not forget what A did and he is ready to move on with a stronger spirit as he knew he did not own anything to her.

    I just love and admire him the way he handles the whole situation . We knew he must be very upset and sad but he never let his fans down . In the concert he tried his best to make the fans happy and enjoy the concert to the max. He is professional and very very mature. He ‘ve never talked about his problem . He ‘ve never asked for help or understanding or anything at all. When I looked backed at the concert i have attended I just have to salute him and very very proud of him. I have a high respect toward this man. You looked at his eyes you know this is the man you can trust. He is simple and easy to read. The love we give him he appreciate and always give back.

    I’m just about ready to move on and will continue to support HJ with high spirit . Our love is his extra energy which will never end. We can show that to him. Don’t worry too much how the others look at him we can’t change people . We just accept that’s how they are THAT’S ALL. I’m very confident HJ can prove in no time he is a real artist and a real decent man. For now we can do the best we can to support HJ and help him to fulfill his dream. I must say I love love love the spirit of HJ’s fans i know many of them out there who never post but share the same heart.I want to say I love your intellectual your wisdom and most of all your compassion and your fighting spirit.

    LK , I will wait for your next article and thanks so much for all hard work you have done to make our fandom full of thought and full of love.

    love you .

    • Thank you Bella! May I use this space pls!


      My apology to everyone here that i couldn’t reply to your comment but I have read all of it thank you so much for dropping by I promise to make it up with. I got very limited time because of my work but I was writing my next article which is the most important article at this time that i do hope you guys would help to spread the TRUTH. I’ll be posting this article tomorrow Sept 23. “SCANDAL DIARY”. I’ll be posting the link here also. See you guys again thank you so much, all of you are my inspiration in this blog! Take care everyone, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  3. Yes, I agree with you. In any situation we should not forget GOD. As a believer I keep KHJ in my everyday prayer but still God likes personally meeting with ppl.

    • Why does the picture appear here? I hope it doesn’t. So sorry LK. I just submitted a report to facebook. I chose “I don’t think it should be on Facebook” then “Something else” then “This advocates harm to a person” then “Submit to Facebook for REVIEW” then submit…

    • people don’t visit those pages or look for them because simply you are increasing those pages’ ranking and then they get found more, don’t visit those pages at all they will shut up on their own when nobody visits them okay

  4. I read your article the first time. I agree with you now all fans need united and support more Kim Hyun Joong not only in good situations in bad too. Good article and good words.

  5. Thank you dear LK,
    Oh yes you are so right is about time to move on, to let go and start Healing from this.
    Yes I feel a big injustice been done to Hj and his name got tainted, the Media, on line news and gossip sites had a field day with this and they’ve continued with the commenters on their trash media sites, sick and disgusting sites. Those abusive and hate comments most probably put there by small people without a life, self-righteous and narrow minded.
    But I hope that in SK for sure there are some unbiased and correct newspapers or sites who are practicing normal journalism and not “sensational” news about who done what with whom…

    Oh yes in other parts of the world, this so called “case” would have been long ago folded and done with and most probably as you’ve said the two sides of the coin will be there.
    You know, you should write once about the showbiz in SK, the HallyuWave, it seems there are so many things that need to be said about this culture.

    Yes you are right Hj will have not an easy challenge in the future, but you know what, he was a trendsetter always and he had the wish, the dream and diligence, he will overcame all for his dreams to became true. He doesn’t sound like a quitter in what he believes, he may have a strong and big struggle to win, but he will win!! Because he is not alone!!

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible!”

    This quote is quite appropriate here, because Hj had that impact on all his fans – He made all of us feel something, different for each and every one but those feelings are never forgotten, they are imprinted in the memory:
    I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel! – Maya Angelou

    Yes Lk,God guides us, we may not see him may not feel him but he is always there and with us, every day is a miracle in itself and you know what, we can talk with God whenever and wherever because he is there when you really need him.
    In hope for a better week (I hate Mondays….) till next time:)

  6. Thank you for your every posts during this period. Your words are real painkillers. I hope our love and praying will help to heal His wounds too.

  7. I am so thankful that you share your compassion and writing talent in this wonderful blog! You write so well what so many are feeling but cannot put into words. I thank God for you and wish there could be more bloggers like you to make the Internet a better place that can promote peace, kindness and compassion!

  8. He is 3rd range right now. Please give vote. he gets that we are here yesterday, today, tomorrow and future. He is number one, top range. Do you agree with me?

  9. I have been hoping that somebody will do some investigation on the scandal to set the record straight. I always believe that KHJ is destined for something great. He is special. Looking forward to your article.

  10. The best part is going to God part and I like so much that you called Hyun joong with his baptismal name Raphael haha, I also told him in a message this thing about gold having to undergo so much heat to be beautiful jewelery did you take this idea from me?? haaha no worries I’m not angry, beautiful article

  11. ahhh. LazerKim I have misty eyes and a lump in my throat. I am so relieved that you plan to spend some time working on a blow by blow account of how this case played out. I have been so emotional this week it has been hard for me to be objective. I had to just let some things off my chest. I am moving on with memories now and have started my BOF marathon for time #8. I don’t want to lose my precious memories of Hyun Joong because of this crazy nightmare we have been forced to sit through. I think the thing I am worried about most is that Hyun Joong might be punishing himself and that some persons who are close to him in real life may have distanced themselves because they can’t afford to have the hate thrown their way. I just pray that someone in the industry will not be cowardly and will believe in him to help him continue doing what he loves and reaching his dreams. I just want to put all of it behind us and not keep turning around, re-living it and stumbling over it. I know he needs this time away. It’s just so hard when people won’t let it go. When people want to inject their speculations about his future and get us all worried and bothered. You are right, it is in the hands of God, and no matter what happens, Hyun Joong will be all right. And we will be by his side. Nothing else really matters in the least.

  12. Thank you again Ms. LK for a wonderful article coming deep from the heart. I feel the same way, I can forgive though it will be difficult and it will take time and I shall never forget. Oh I like also digging further and make an investigation and how I wish too we can work with Koreans because they can understand the language. I also feel that one day things will come around and what really happened will be revealed in some mysterious way because the heavens/theuniverse will be on Kim Hyun Joong’s side and he shall also rise stronger because it is his destiny. I always believe he is destined for something beyond our imagination. This is what I always felt that is why I got into this fangirling in 2009. I always believed in Kim Hyun Joong! In the past there were already so many challenges but he rose above it and he will even surpass this latest challenge.

    • Hello Senga, yes I hate to admit that the hardest thing to do is to forgive specially to a person I know who doesn’t deserve it. I’m being emotionally challenged by this. The fact the that person even owes me the apology but had failed to realize what she has done to millions of fans out there. It’s so unfortunate that it’s only us his loyal fans know the truth while others judged him in the wrong way. And yes I believe God has His own way that only I can trust.
      Thank you Senga for staying all these years. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  13. he always in prayers that he may find strength despite difficulties….he’s been in hardships before so with the help and prayers of his fans all over the world, he will come out victorious and successful…there will always rainbow after the rain…khj …fighting

  14. Sorry my other comments went anonymous. I want to thank you for ur great insight. I agreed completely with you. I have prayed for him and his happiness from the moment this nightmare was upon him. I also would love to take him away from such horrible people but we cannot. Thank you again for another great post.

  15. Another beautiful post from you LK. True the next thing to do is to forgive which is another hard part specially if the ones you want to forgive isn’t actually sorry for anything. I remember my sister telling me this, how apostles are not welcome in their own land.
    This is exactly what’s happening to Hyunjoong and I know for sure a lot of fans would want to adopt him to shield him from all the hurt but we can only do so much. For me I feel that right now is the best time for him to enter his military service. Well that’s just me I know a lot will think otherwise.
    I remember you telling we are the reason Hyunjoong went on top and we could do this again and I believe that. I don’t know about his SK fans but I think a lot of Hyunjoongs force is coming from outside the borders of SK and I hope and pray that we keep it till whenever.

  16. To KHJ, I would like to say that work hard, do your best, whatever comes in your life just be strong and move on with confidence. …true fans will always be with u. Stay as what u r! God bless u! Lov u! Fighting! !!!!! 🙂

  17. There always love and peace in all yoir article.Even sometime there’s anger stil love will always come together.thank you so much sis.we knew God will guide him.

  18. Thanks for all Ure articles My Sister LK♡ It’s healing me. I Believe everything happen for a reasons.Amd God Will always Bless Our KHJ♡ ^^

  19. Good morning my Sister, yes it is better to be more Spiritual then religious for I am the same. This is so ture sometimes we forget our First Love but one thing about Him, he is always waiting with open arms for our return. Yes, return to your First Love and allow Him toshow you the next plan He has for you and let Him heal and Love on you. He is our Righteous One.
    My father use to say,”man composes but God disposes.” HJ, He got you, and next time wear the armor. Love you and praying for you.

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