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By: LazerKim              I’m writing this article just to put on record about the case and its closure since I have been writing all about Kim Hyun Joong and this is a part of his story. At this point what I would like to emphasize is the damage done by that woman and media in destroying the career life of a man who is very important to all of us. At the same time I would like to do this for the sake of the new fans whom I would say may be confused or in doubt.

Last night someone posted a news report which at first I ignored since after the post a hater came in, so I was thinking the news came from the hater’s camp, my apology to whoever posted this news if I may appear a bit careless since I was really tired and sleepy! As you may read this news it specifically stated the pictures posted by media were particularly noted which allegedly resulted from the assault that woman accused of Kim Hyun Joong. Just in case you haven’t read here’s the news as follows:


Police “Kim Hyun Joong Girlfriend, sue will take the investigation concluded

According to the news portal OSEN that followed this case (Oh Asia disagree on how leaked information) in the last three days has confirmed that the singer and actor 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong), which was denounced by his ex girlfriend alleged violence has been withdrawn.

An officer of the police station in Seoul Songpa has commented: Today September 17 at 4 pm Miss A has withdrawn the complaint against Kim Hyun Joong, because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A. [Not proven shock seen in the photos have been made by the artists that is not signed by a legal physician] Because the complainant claimed to have been beaten more than once since 2012 for which conducted the complaint on August 20 on charges of physical violence.

This news was announced on August 22 by the press. [Information was illegally leaked by the press] Hyun Joong .kim and Miss A had their own version of events. During this time the artist has twice visited the police station and Seoul Songpa where he was questioned by police.

On September 15, Kim Hyun Joong on his official website, he sent a note of apology in which story that happened during the 2 year relationship he had with Miss A to once loved. He apologized for causing pain and mental anguish. [Not confirmed that the hit and fractured ribs]
The lawyer Seo Eun Choi Miss commented: Kim Hyun Joong has presented a public apology on its official website with what has demonstrated his sincere repentance, so we decided not to pursue a complaint and to proceed with the lawsuit, concluding that their customer just wanted a sincere apology.
Credits: Oh & Asia Magazine
By Oh Asia Magazine

source (



I would like to emphasize three points in this news as follows:

1. [Not proven shock seen in the photos have been made by the artists that is not signed by a legal physician]  – because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A.

2. [Information was illegally leaked by the press] This news was announced on August 22 by the press

3. [Not confirmed that the hit and fractured ribs] He apologized for causing pain and mental anguish.

I hope this is clear enough coming from this news item that everything in this scandal was all made up! The only truth here is that Hyun Joong and that woman had a mutual fight as Hyun Joong was breaking up their relationship BUT there’s no assault as the media sensationalized for three long weeks that brought Hyun Joong, his fans, and family in such turmoil.

My point is this, the pictures and sensationalized news posted by the media made the public believed that Hyun Joong is a woman beater, and that’s too painful to him to be accused and misjudged as such. Therefore there’s no ground to file for a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong, everything is just for publicity purpose in destroying a celeb!

Recently Hyun Joong submitted a letter of apology just to put an end to this roller coaster, and for me that woman has no choice but to accept since her complaint is not valid enough to file for charges.

Note:     Hyun Joong’s first and second statement to the police remained consistently true to himself, first that he just dated with that woman for a few months nothing serious, second that the fight was mutual and that Hyun Joong never said he hit that woman, as what was reported by media twist. And that we all understand as to why he has to lie on that letter of apology, as demanded by the other party, that woman.



Again, please do allow me to air out my thoughts and feelings. Yesterday that woman released a statement that she would just like Kim Hyun Joong to publicly apologize for what he had done to her. What had Hyun Joong done to deserve this humiliation? Well, he’s guilty of breaking her heart period and NOT breaking her ribs as she accused Hyun Joong’s doing! And until now I still believe that fight was self defense on Hyun Joong and that woman to further hurt herself. Just my opinion.

Then this is all personal private matter, why bring it to the public? To seek Hyun Joong’s attention? Can’t she do it by phone call in private and simply say “Hey Hyun Joong can you apologize for breaking up with me!?!”  My God!

I think this woman really needs help and I really hope she’ll be brought somewhere for cure! My apology if I may be harsh, but why bring up those lies to the point of destroying a man’s career life if it’s simple apology that she needs? I’m sorry but who started all of these scandal to begin with? I really find this weird! Nevertheless, it’s over and done the damage has been made and we can’t take back the past.

How I wish I can sue this woman for giving me sleepless nights, stress, mental torture, and whatever emotional pain she has brought me. Well I’m just speaking my heart out. And I really hope she would realize what she has done not only to Kim Hyun Joong his family, the agency and most of all to his millions of fans all over the world. In fact she owe the whole world an apology for creating this mess! And not Hyun Joong!

And may I just say my thoughts, if Hyun Joong did not write that letter of apology and went through with the case (if there is) I knew it, he can win this case, and reverse it, file for counter charge libel, defamation, slander, even perjury (producing fake evidence) whatever legal lawsuit for what she and the media has done. Well I’m not a lawyer but…..How I wish!


This is not about revenge (I’m not a vengeful person) but just as to teach these people some lessons otherwise, this can happen again to other celebs. I don’t mean to pinpoint on majority but with this incident it somehow gave me the impression how scary some Korean women are! I really think something has to be done here. The media were the only ones who gained here, and Hyun Joong may be the losing end. But I won’t allow it!

And for those haters who just came in to my blog “Simply Defending” without respect and called me monster because I was defending Kim Hyun Joong, I knew it, you would eat your own words in the end! Now you’re even doubting that woman’s motive and personality whom you defended and call Hyun Joong a woman beater and his fans delusional? Is this fair treatment by human being to another human being?

And this really hurts us, but for weeks we endured with how those haters crucified Hyun Joong and his fans because we simply will not STOOP DOWN to the hater’s level. I really hope this brought all of us a good lesson. Don’t jump to conclusion and don’t judge right at once without due process specially about crimes. Not all defendants are guilty, let’s not forget this.



At this point may I appeal to KHJ fans to ignore those haters, they will die as haters and we can’t do anything about them but avoid them, if you may, I think it would be better not to comment on those sites. And please let’s stop searching for that woman, she has her own destiny and definitely it’s not coming from us fans. In fact her destiny has started as people started doubting her motive in this scandal. The truth will be revealed from her own mouth, believe me!

And for those fans who jump ship, go and jump no one is controlling you, but please jump in silence. I respect your decision to leave Hyun Joong BUT let’s be mutual here and respect my decision to stay with him. There’s no point of criticizing the loyal ones because no matter what you do we will stay with him.

For those loyal fans who may doubt Kim Hyun Joong as having speculation that he’s going back to that woman,  Hyun Joong is a very smart man let’s not underestimate him. He will NEVER go back to that woman who destroyed him, he’s not dumb and we know that for a fact. I hope we can have some reality check before having such thoughts as we have known him for years. TRUST HIM.


I can only speak for myself but I sincerely hope this is gonna be the last drop of tears that I will shed for being misjudged and take the cruelty of indecent human being, the haters. Hyun Joong doesn’t deserve to be called names such as woman beater because he’s not and there’s NO EVIDENCE except the fake ones to show he is, to begin with. He doesn’t deserve to be treated the way those haters treat him.

And I don’t deserve treatment by the haters to be called “monster”, I’m just a simple human who admires my idol, but I believe I’m decent enough to be here as a Kim Hyun Joong fan. My regular readers knows me to be always proper with my words but you haters taught me how to be rude to you, and you can’t blame me. I once welcomed you haters in this place I call home but you attempted to ruin it, Shame on you! I hope it’s clear to you now that I will definitely SHOOT you if you ever come near this blog again.  I rest my case.



We forgive wrong doings but we make sure they are being told of what they have done to give them the opportunity to realize and have a room to change that the wrong doing may not be repeated again. But we do not forget what was done to us that we can learn to be aware.

After venting out our remaining pain that has been in our heart, I sincerely hope we can start moving on. I know this is an aftermath repercussion which is very natural and I fully understand the feeling because I’m currently experiencing it, that’s why I’m here bursting out this pain for once and for all in this article  and put a definite stop on talks about this scandal. I hope! At the same time for those new fans who may be in confusion, I hope this article can somehow help for enlightenment.

As I have vent out my pains, I’m hoping this will be the last as I close book this episode of Hyun Joong’s career life and look forward to his renewed life as an artist. I think it’s not his life to be renewed since he did nothing wrong in that scandal, so I would say a brand new Kim Hyun Joong as an artist with his new music and dramas in the near future. I leave his personal privacy that I hope this will be the first and last time for me to write about it, in defense. I think now you can understand as to why I don’t entertain gossips and rumors about pairing him up with other female celeb in this blog, this is one reason.

I believe Hyun Joong fans are the most lovable fans in the fandom on earth ever existed that I’m proud to be one of you. Kim Hyun Joong is such a very lucky star to have all of you beside him through good times and bad times till the end.

We close this book with a smile on our lips and be proud that one time in Hyun Joong’s life in the dark, we were with him all the way till the end, and still we’re at his side as we see the light ahead of him even shining brightly…..

As we start a new episode in a new book still with our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing


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  1. Omg after reading this my heart breaking my tears fall down, I don’t know why such person would do that i think she is sick she needs to go to a psychiatrist for real, I don’t know what oppa did wrong to deserve all that, she not only hurt him she hurt us all

  2. Ms. A is such a Great Loser. She wanted the whole world to know that she once had a relationship with KHJ. She is clueless as to what she had missed and lost forever. She made a fool of herself.
    KHJ is such an inspiring MAN; so fine, so wise & so brave. More Love and more Respect for him. Looking forward to more success in all his future endeavors.
    Walking tall our ONLY ONE!

    • Hello May! Oh yes, a great loser, a one night celebrity and made a fool out of herself. One day we’ll discover who she is! She’s still lucky this time HJ is just a gentleman not to expose her. But I believe someone will someday. See you again! Thanks!

      • ATTENTION:

        Hello everyone! I have just posted my latest article MOVING ON please do check it out! Have nice Sunday everyone!

        LazerKim here!

  3. As stated from time to time I would come and leave an inspirational message, well herd goes:
    So don’t throw away your confidence–it brings a great reward. You need to endure so that you can receive the promise after you do God’s will. Hebrew 10:35-36

    Help me when I falter. Hear mw when I pray, receive me in Thy Kingdom to dwell with Thee someday.

    Today, if you stumble, know that God is willing and ready to assist you to your feet. Do not fear.

    To the parents of HJ, you knew the son you raised, and you knew that God was on your side. But, I kmow it was painful for you to witness the pain that your son was going through. Thank God you held on to your Faith, and now see the salvation. May be dark right now, but joy cometh in the morning light. Just be still. Love

  4. Hi LK,

    Thank you so much for a great article. It’s help many of us to see thing clearer. It’s a shame that ” A ” acts like a snake. I don’t think this kind of person can make anyone happy. I’m so glad that HJ knew what is not good for him. I was laughing at one of your respond when you talked about haters ‘s fan club. Let them. They have to hate to feel better. Just afraid that one day they will hate themselves too.

    Deeply in my heart i feel sad about the letter too but I respect his decision . He is not the same kind of person as “A ” . Destroys the other is never his expert. I believe it’s only make him get stronger.

    Hope HJ rest well and be fresh for his next project. I believe in him and the love for him after this incident even grow stronger. His heart is bigger than I ever imagine . He is proved he is a true gentleman. .

    love you LK

    • Hello Bella! Thank you so much! The past few days as the closure was released I started visiting those sites which I don’t normally scroll down fr news items. Now I can laugh at those haters and I noticed the same people comment on those sites so I was thinking they too have this Hater’s Fan Club!! Their objective is to destroy other people’s life. lol

      I was watching HJ’s recent interview in Beijing I think. He was asked What type of girl is his ideal girl. HJ is consistent with his response as he said, “I want a girl who can drink and have all her attention to me”. Who would ever think his ideal girl is someone who destroy him?

      I remember what my mom and dad used to tell me when they were still alive. “In search for you man, don’t get man from leisure areas but get them from the business arenas. Decent woman cannot be found from drinking pubs, and decent men cannot be found in gambling places.” LOL Makes sense! I always remember this!! Love you too Bella!! Until my next article to be posted tom, nothing special though just something to read!! LOL Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

    • Yes, in order to hate, you can’t love yourself. Therefore, everything is wrong in the world. We just need to pray for them because they don’t know how sad they really are. We love them and so doing we put burning cold upon their heads and God works from there. They cannot pass that test.

  5. I remember this Star Secret Video which made me start loving Kim Hyun Joong. This really made me smile, laugh so hard. It helps me also forget all those bashers and negativity we all faced recently. other videos also that those taken Taiwan where he had a special interview. Let us watch all of these videos and read again his magazine interviews hehe

  6. I was upset to read in some popular Chinese newspaper and magazine that KHJ admitted to have hit his Ex and that he could still be sued based on the evidence submitted. Some people could still be deceived into believing all the lies put forward by the Media. Hopefully someday somebody from the Media will have a write up on the scandal to set the record straight.

    • I read the article in Soompi by Noona editor, she is KHJ hater. I think that she wrote the article just for making attention from the haters to join comments. Anyone with better english, please go to fight and make it clear with those haters.

      • I’ve been posting on Soompi since day one of this mess. I’ve noticed that several other pretty level-headed people have now joined me over there which is what is needed. Emotional arguments get one nowhere w/these haters.

  7. If she really wanted an apology didnt she already get it ,if the messages shown as so called evidence that khj assaulted her are true the fact is that she didnt have any proof to prove khj guilty .folks stay calm and love kim hyun joong

  8. Move on…… Right word sis.Thank you soo much for this.You help all the new fan to know him better.Since I read your Close book,my hear shaky.I miss him so badly sis.The hatter is an Original moster who jugded other with their blind heart.He will proud to knowing that he surrounded by his kind and brainy fans.I’ve been worried along the week…thanks to you sis finaly the dark cloud is over sweapt by strong love between him and us,all his fans arround the world.God bless

    • Hello Nada! thank you, my pleasure here. HJ is one lucky star, he’s surrounded by his lovable and brainy fans! Like idol like fans as they say! Well, we can just help one another in healing process. But actually I’m not done yet, still have to do my home work on this case. But I’m much relieved now knowing we’re all together at his side. Take care Nada, be happy, and see you again! God bless..

  9. Really thank you so much for this article, LazerKim, we needed a closure like this. And more importantly, it’s very good to have this article posted for the new fans to read, who may be confused and in a loss.

    By the way, guys, at the last article posted by the trashy allkpop site, I just came across an objective comment who seems to come from a non-fan and I would like to share it with you. The person who wrote the comment, sets some very reasonable questions on the case. Some netizens there really need to pay attention to this comment.

    So here is the comment:

    · Posted September 19, 2014 @ 1:59 pm :

    “There i something hauntingly strange with this case. First of all I am not a fan girl nor do I know either of thee people, I have only read media accounts so that in and of itself leaves me lacking. That said and based purely on media accounts I have to say that having worked around the DV issue for over a decade it is very unusual that a “sincerely loving” relationship would turn violent after two years unless there was a drastic personality change in a person due to substances or something mental.True abusers don’t go from “loving” to abuse like this. There are normally many many signs and red flags long before two years and also by the age of this man there normally would be more than one victim coming forward. Because the accused has continued to have a blossoming and high profiled career and be active there are no public signs he was suffering any mental or substance changes so therefore this is a very non-typical case and something about it is very odd all the around.”

  10. Just want to make a comment… I do not think HJ lied on that letter of apology. For those who read it carefully, it is consistent with his original statements. The apology is carefully worded, but in current context hasty conclusions may be made with at just a glance.

    • Hello Illiblue! Thank you for dropping by, you are right. I want to understand better. I’m just airing up, and moving on! take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  11. Hi Lazer Kim
    This past weeks have been so tough on many of us, I can’t even imagine what Kim hyun joong has been going through. We have been called a lot of things, to hear you were called a ‘Monster’ is completely awful. The true monstrous act is that of judging someone unfairly and throwing insults on others. I feel trully sorry towards those who get relief from hurting others, it’s just painfully sad.
    I tried so hard not to get myself into those hater-filled sites but a few days ago I found myself in one and my whole day was completed ruined.
    I trully want us all wonderful fans to start a new page with our only one, but I just need to get this thoughts out once and for all.
    Although kim hyun joong told us not to criticise Miss A, her motive for this is clear and extremely doubtful.
    Just as you said if it was only an apology she needed she could have just called him to apologise, but NO, I believe she sat down and thought of the WORST of all ways to bring him down. The apology is for what exactly, hmmm,,hurting her physically(which is still not confirmed to be true)or breaking up with her or both??? I hope she is now very satisfied with ruining someone’s life, his reason to happy by pulling him away from what he loves doing. You can even see how much it tolls on him just looking at his pictures, seeing sadness in his eyes when he’s tying to smile just beaks my heart soo bad.
    Im trying not to lash out as much as I can and it’s killing me. Still we are representing Kim hyun joong not just as fans but as his family and supporters of his decisions and beliefs as a whole, thus like you said we cannot stoop to the level of haters.
    For those of us who sincerely love and trust him, this has only made us want more of him and I cannot be more thankful for being a part of this Alien family. I have been praying for him and even though it may take some time, we’ll definitely come together with him again and continue to be his sword, shield and army. I can’t wait!!!!
    Now I can close this chapter of my book and begin a new one. …*sighs relief*

    Stay safe and healthy dear, can’t wait for your next post.♥♥

    • Hello Hadiyya! Thank you so much! Forgive me, we cannot dictate what HJ should or should not feel, just the same with us HJ cannot dictate what we shld or should not feel. He’s saying we should not criticize her simply because he doesn’t want anymore war and that’s why he put an end to this nightmare. But it’s not gonna be healthy for us if we cannot pour out our pain, that’s why I put up this article to give this space for all LOYAL KHJ FANS to burst out your pain so that at the end of the day we’re fresh and relieved from the nightmare. And with that I’m thankful to you for bringing up that woman, and so may I put this statement up here so that everyone can read as follows:

      Just let me say this, for me the most painful in this nightmare is this: KHJ submitted his testimony to the police twice in his most honest way as he strongly denied having committed assault and that he did not not hit her. AND that they met 2 years ago, BUT he had relationship with her for barely 2 months and that was nothing serious. This was his two same testimonies submitted and signed at the police station.

      But this woman made HJ lie just for her to stop. I’m sorry but this woman is a DEVIL in her. Tell me, if you’re in a rel for 2yrs do you think you can do this to the man you love? I’m sure not, even the most indecent woman I don’t think would have the guts IF she truly loves this man right? So how will I be convince in her crap 2yrs of disrespect??? I think the haters made the wrong accusations, it’s not KHJ fans who are delusional but this woman is completely delusional, the same woman they defended and a certified GOLD DIGGER.

      This is what she wants from KHJ, CASH behind the scene and PUBLIC LIE APOLOGY CRAP in front of his fans. I shall never forget what she did and I really hope she’s already confined at the mental hospital by this time. I’m just being true that i cannot put up there! This is my last tears…Thank you so much, take care, be happy, and see you again! God bless…

  12. Thank you… great post! Too bad there had to be so much misunderstanding and confusion for the duration giving “haters” a chance to run their mouths. I have a feeling they would have nothing nice to say about him no matter what, even if he reinvents the wheel! As for me, I’m going to keep on being a crazy fan for Hyun Joong just like I was and hope that SOME DAY I will get to see him person live!

    • Hi Carole! Thanks you so much! One misunderstanding, leads to another confusion ect. Well nothing and no one can change me being KHJ fan same as you are!! Haters will always be haters that’s sad. But I won’t let myself stuck up with them I got to work!!LOL Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Hello Allie! Thank you so much I read from you at Hyunnie Pexer, and I learned a lot about Kpop, thank you for sharing. Take care girl, I seldom see you around but I understand. I know you’ll always be a loyal fan ever. Thanks for staying. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

      • I read your articles. I just rarely comment anymore. I just want to say thank you for standing strong, being honest, and defending Hyun Joong against this terrible misjustice. You are one of those really great fans I mentioned. Keep your head up and never let those haters make you feel wrong or bad for believing and having faith in the truth.

  13. well said. I too would like the haters to have to eat their words and pay in some way, but that will probably never happen. I’ve been treated (nasty resonses to the few supporting comments I’ve made) but in the end I feel proud of my support. Those haters will never change their minds because they don’t really care about facts. So, like you I’m moving on, and sending good wishes to KHJ for the next stage in his life.

    • Hello cindy! Thank you so much! Well that’s too sad isn’t it, but we can never please everyone. You know what? Sometime I get this wild thoughts thinking I wonder if these haters has also a Hater’s fan club! Bcoz those people are the same seeing them in one site then in another!! LOL Maybe that’s their job, to hate!! Well, I’m slowly moving on, still trying to air out pain but maybe in the next following days I’ll be alright and write again a totally different topic and no more of this past…i hope!! LOL Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  14. very sincere your words because I think a lot of us fans we were at all times with anger and helplessness felt unable to do anything … but to give all our love and support from afar. now that many do not know in depth but also know that you can not judge people who do not know … he’s a human being and so I think that should be respected
    I like henecia since the first time I saw him I knew he has a big heart and loving sencible his clearly this …
    finally tell I could ever read all the love and support that we give the really feel that is unique is not just a pretty face and a beautiful voice but a being who came into our lives to make us see that we are not alone …. he is unique and is my savior not many will understand but made ​​every day smile again. Always with you it’s a promise. Patty

    • Hi Patty! Thank you so much for your understanding yes it’s too hard to work to focus at work if something heavy is still inside me, that’s how I am at this time. So I’m still airing out. Yes that’s most difficult I may be angry but I cannot hate the person but dislike the doings because it hurts. It’s not the person but what the person did that matters. Hoping for some realization in the future. Still a room for forgiveness I will certainly have when everything has cool down in the coming days. I’m still hopeful. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  15. Thank you LK for being there with hj always.we will stick thru thick and thin with him so much.hope he will move on from this nightmare soon.😊

    • Hi Net! Thank you so much! Honestly it’s not easy to move on at this point so maybe we can take it slowly but eventually we’ll come around. Same with HJ of course this was just too much for him but he’s quite strong we’ll recover. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

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  17. Haters know his prsonality so they push and push. If I am a korean, I will take the court against media and her. Why you do not do it. Your system and media are monster, not you. If I am there, I try to do something that she has nightmares. Everything is perfect for her. She hurts him not only emotionally but also professionally. She won. There should be some punishment. She is very very lucky, because there is not Turkey. If this happaned here, she would be hurted very badly.

    • Well I believe she’ll meet her own punishment in her own unexpected time. Oh she’s lucky her identity haven’t revealed yet, if not then she has to go underground hiding!! LOL Thank you so much, take care, be happy and see you again!

  18. The fact that there are people that choose to ignore the facts given by the police about no evidences that back up Miss A’s claims and still bash Hyun Joong up and call him a woman beater sickens me. They’re just doing this because if a celebrity (guilty or not guilty) is put behind bars for a crime like this, it will be a huge leap to favour feminism. While I support feminism, this isn’t the right way to do it. Being a good human should come before feminism.

    South Korea is the worst and best place for an idol. They either glorify you to no extent or do the exact opposite. Remember that Tablo incident? He was tortured for months! SK is not new to humiliating innocent people, especially if they’re artists. However, I thought foreign fans would be more understanding and do better research at this topic but nope. They just eat whatever trash media feeds them.

    Anyway, this chapter is done. The girl wants to continue barking? Let her bark. Soon, everyone will come to know of her true motive. A woman like her will definitely get bad karma. I wonder how she will live with herself for the rest of her life knowing that she destroyed a good man’s life. For her sake, I hope she has at least some guilty conscience.

    For Hyun Joong, he should know that we’d never leave his side. This incident has gained him more fans, not to mention, strong, loving and loyal fans that are not easily wavered by lies and hatred! We are not going to fall or lose hope in HJ ever because we know the type of guy he is. As much as people would claim that we don’t know him in real, I think that is completely false. If anything, HJ is probably one of the few artists that actually show their true self to his fans. It is because of this we know him well enough to even predict his actions lol! Hyun Joong-ah, stay strong! We love you! Always!

    • Hi Nikrosis! This is the most frustrating of all some people would rather believe in rumors or twisted news than facts, and most of the time the innocent were the ones to suffer. Oh I won’t be surprise if one day that woman would be a one night celeb with her barking!! LOL I just have to let this all out this woman, haters, media I hope one day I can browse around peacefully again the way I used to. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  19. Thanks LK, yes lets hope this book/chaper in Hj life will be closed for good and thank you for pinpointing all and make it more clear. Hj said the truth and he stayed behind what he said. Pity that he had the misfortune to meet in his life a woman with such evil and ugly soul, I wonder how low can she get from here or when she will stop. She is staining the name of good SK women because I can’t believe they are all like that, I know different mentality but not all are evil.

    Yes he done the right thing close this and move on, pity he was so misunderstood. I would have liked that someone will have the power and really sue the cyber bullies who done soo much damage, those people make a life to hate and diminish the humanity in them, ugly people.
    What is a real pain is that in SK instead of thanking the gods and be proud of his achivements and that they have such a talented artist well known they just go and trash but they revel in the distorted true, not a nice image of SK if you ask me.
    Hj never lost his loyal fans and he even gathered new ones.
    I remember in one of your articles you said not enough time till MS for Hj to do at least one more drama, well dear, Hj just completed one hell of a drama. Next time Hj please go for comedy or love story, much better. Somehow the MS sound like a blessing in disguise after all the ordeal.
    Hope he will start healing his battered soul as we all and recharge because he still have lots to achieve.
    As always All for One and One for All! You are not alone HJ, we are there for you always!:)

    • Hello Noya! Geez I got so many to write here! It’s past 2am here Shanghai venue still too busy at work but I do hope I can fill in to reply to everyone here on my breaks, left my phone @hotel, got a gun on my head beside me!! LOL! Hang in there I’ll be back to you! see you!

  20. Hello! Another article well written 😍 thank you so much for the words about Hyun Joong you’ve shared and utter in your article 😍 I would love to meet you in the future!

    Praying for Hyun Joong renewed spirit! Looking forward to his new songs, dances & music!

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Jeng! Thank you so much! Yes we can just forward in a bright tomorrow! Who knows maybe in one of HJ’s future concert! LOL you may never know! Take care Jeng be happy and see you again! God bless…

  21. Thank you for sharing your article with all of us. On that same day before I saw the first article came out. I have this over whelming feeling that there is something going to happen and I remember talking to myself the my guardian angel ( Kim Hyun Joong) is stronger than anything and he will over come whatever come his way. After that I saw the article on allkpop. I was very shock. Seeing all those negative comment about him hurt my heart so much. I can’t imagine how people are so judgement without knowing the whole story.

    Anyway I am so glad that all this have come to a closure. My love and prays go to Kim Hyun Joong. He came into my life 3 years ago when I was going thought a deep depression and I feel like dying every day. Kim Hyun Joong love for music and his songs have save me and for that I will forever be grateful to him. For the past 3 years there is not a day that I goes without listening to his songs and hearing his voice make my heart feel at peace.

    I live the USA so I can only see Kim Hyun Joong on the internet, but I hope that one day I will have the chance to see him in person and thank him personally for coming into my life and saving me from wanted to dying every day to wanting to live now.

    I also hope that Kim Hyun Joong will see my message for him and know that even some one like me. He mean the world to me and I will have him in my heart until the end of my dates on earth. What Kim Hyun Joong have given to me, I will bless him a thousand time more. I love you and please don’t let this thing get to you. Stay strong and be healthy. Your talent that god given to you to share with the world will never be taken away by those that can’t feel the love you give thought your songs.

    Be strong and healthy my guardian angel make god bless you and forever more.

    • Thank you, the pleasure is mine. Same with you yes the first time I read that news I was really shocked! I guess a very natural reaction to all of us. Just so unbelievable in 1 second as if a big rock just fell just like that. Oh well, I really hope this is over. Thanks again take care, be happy and see you again! God bless,,

  22. Thank you LK. Honestly I was at a lost since this whole scandal started. I couldn’t express how I felt but thanks to your article this is exactly how I felt. I feel at ease now. One thing I was sure of though was that Hyun Joong is innocent. I never once doubted my love and devotion to him as his fan. Everyday I prayed for him like he was my own son. Prayers were answered. Now it’s finally over. A lot of lessons learned from this. I am sure he will come back a better and more mature and stronger person. Whatever he decides from now on, I will respect it and remain as his loyal fan forever. I will surely miss him when he serves his MS. But we fans will be there for each other till he returns.

    • Hi Marilou! Thank you so much! My pleasure here, what HJ showed us all these years are but his pure sincerity and that’s where our faith in him grew in us that no matter what happens we cannot be swayed by anyone or anything. Yes so many lesson to learn and to bear in hearts and his too. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  23. the news & your broad enlightenment, clarification is mean a lot to me. though the stain is already there & we or hyun joong can do nothing to erase that stain but it will give us a lessons & sweet memories how we survive those tumoils. yeah lets closed this pages of difficulties & start a new again with the most powerful attack. HOORAY!!! MANSEE & LONG LIVE TO US & TO OUR ONKY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG!!!

    • Hi winxluv! Thank you so much! There may be that stain or scar in his heart as his career is his life and it’s such a pain to him as it is to us that this scar will be there forever BUT that scar will be his strength and so with us. Yes long live to KHJ! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  24. Dear LK, I totally agree we need a closure for this chapter of our Boy’s life. He moved on and so should we as his faithful fans. I am glad you wrote again to console and lead us to the right path as fans of HJ. I hope those who have doubt towards HJ will realise who he is.

    I believe him fully all the way from day one of the scandal and believe that my judgement on character will never be wrong. I cannot and unable to influence or decide for him how to handle the situation but I think he done great. He had done a great job and he might be in the loosing end but the quote from the haters camp “there is karma what goes around comes around” I put back the quote to their cruel comments. I believe in karma and HJ done a good karma here. Those haters may said I am delusional and blind, my reply to them will be “same to you” but at least I know who HJ is but they do not know who Ms A is, right?!

    Aftermath, we come to another rumours of KE, I have faith in Yonsama to support HJ all the way.
    KE are popular to have “scandalous” artists, so I don’t think they will abandon him for this case. I find that KE is like a church or shelter that accept, shelter and support those in needs.

    The very first thing that made me respect him more is he never disclose the identity of Ms A. The second is his firm statement on the scandal. And lastly his apology though is to his disadvantage. There is a site that I scan thru, the blogger who claimed that she is a lawyer wrote HJ meet her in person to apologise, I don’t think that is true. Those people only translate and write whatever that are disadvantage to HJ. I read at another site, the article stated that the police are doubtful of Ms A evidence and so forth. There are mixture of all kinds of information but I will assess and believe what I think is the most reasonable.

    I will read but will not believe whatever are circulated on the web until it was confirmed by the relevant parties. All those out there are hiding behind a gadget whether is computer, phone or whatever, they can say anything and will not be responsible for the statements.

    Hope our HJ can rest for now, he is very tired and exhausted from the tour and the allegation.

    Please rest well Hyun Joong.

    Thanks again LK for the wonderful write up. Now I can rest assure that the case is closed.

    • Hi Bibianna! Thank you so much! Well, I’m slowly moving on yes, still airing out though left over debris over the nightmare! Well with KE I haven’t read anything about it. But I don’t think the co can just abandon an artist, no way! Yes maybe we have learn a good lesson not to believe all media right away. Maybe a little reservation, think first before conclusion. Thanks again, take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  25. Thanks for your blog.. well said. Couldn’t have said it better..
    I am upset though with KE for not handling it well ..
    Am so thankful and glad that is whole chapter has ended and our poor HJ can move on with his life and really hope he finds a true love coz he deserves to be happy.
    It hurts to read how people misjudged him and knowing HJ is always such a gentleman.
    I’m hoping that his family, friends and all his fans will continue to support and believe in him.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! One day in the future I’ll explain why it has to be this way with KE. But rest assure the co. will not abandon HJ until he gets to his MS. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there. We’ll get through with all of these in due time i promise! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  26. thank you again LK for your wonderful expression of our fellings, we knew that that woman has nothing in her hand to accuse KHJ, all she has is just a bluff to make KHJ shake and claim her back, shame of that woman, she just want to expose herself to the world that she and KHJ had a relationship, she does not know how to love a man, i envy her because our KHJ loved her in some point and she don’t deserve it ….i hope KHJ heal his heart as fast as he can and same with us, it’s not easy to heal a broken heart but we can do it with the help of each other……hope to hear again from you..more power

    • Hello Isabel! Thank you, good shot right on target, I agree with you. Just let me say this, for me the most painful in this nightmare is that this woman pushed HJ to tell a lie. HJ submitted his testimony to the police twice in his most honest way saying this rel was barely 2 months nothing serious and he did not hit her. But this woman made HJ lie just for her to stop. I’m sorry but this woman is a DEVIL in her. Tell me, if you’re in a rel for 2yrs do you think you can do this to the man you love? I’m sure not even the most indecent woman I don’t think would have the guts IF she truly loves this man right? So how will I be convince in her crap 2yrs of disrespect??? This is what she wants CASH behind the scene and PUBLIC APOLOGY CRAP in front of his fans. I shall never forget what she did and I really hope she’s already confined at the mental hospital by this time. I’m just being true that i cannot put up there! Thank you so much, take care, be happy, and see you again! God bless…

  27. Oh hell, these media men are the monsters here seriously. And these haters are the real monsters. I mean do they even think what they write? I don’t think so. They just want to have the last word about this. I was enjoying my moving on time and here they go again. What, nobody artist allegedly beating someone? or allegedly killing someone that they can’t let go of HyunJoong? Vultures that’s what they are, why do you want something that stinks when you can go for something clean and fresh, that I will never understand. I don’t think you’ll get a Peabody Award for writing scandals.

    I understand when you say about Korean women being scary, well not all of them but they are. This is from personal encounter but not from me, from a friend of mine. She works in Korea as a nanny but the “woman” the wife of her boss has issues to her husband. So what does she do? she spies on him and even gets jealous of my friend. What do they do to my friend? they gang up on her saying why does she even like their Korean artist like duh? Childish much! She said its their artist blah blah blah!
    In short she she doesn’t want my friend liking Korean men because its theirs. But then in the end they got divorced and my friend still works with her “man ” while she got dumped. In the end she begs my friend to come into the house to talk to her boss. She was banned to enter their house but the girl goes there for her ex husband and not for her child, crazy isn’t she? She’s one crazy example I could give you.

    Kim Hyun Joong Fighting! And haters get a life!

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! NO haters don’t think because they are brainless. If they have brain they can think wisely. They even made this blog as anti domestic violence, LOL so how would I consider them speaking with intelligence without reading and understanding. They are a bunch of hypocrites pretending to be decent and I really hope they can read this article. I can still remember who they are, but they too have their own Karma. Take care, be happy, and see you again! God bless..

  28. Thank you so much dear LK♡
    Always with wonderful articles ♡
    Hyun Joong 💖 and us, we’re now stronger than ever!
    Karma will show that girl well!

  29. I am so sorry to hear that some of these little hater creatures are coming here, calling you names & causing you pain. Your blog has been a haven for those who care about KHJ and were waiting to see how this all worked itself out. Thank you.

    • Hi Teleri! Thank you so much! This is just a tiny blog and it was never been penetrated by the haters for years since I started. I think it’s from the jump ship fans who shared my link. I’m going after them and just laugh at them! LOL Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  30. Thanks Lazer for this touchable article, it confirms my thought, they are not beaten bruises, and only confirmed his words related to that case, l have never ate it. Well move now.
    She is getting what she deserves, people start doubting about her intentions and if what she showed were real. He acepted only what he said, and what he confessed, the apologize was just a requirement to stop it, so ok he did. We know him well , haters know it now, we really know him. l hope that fans stop and move too for everybody´s sake.
    Thanks for the article and the new that make us calm at all and vindicates OUR ONLY ONE.
    I HOPE THAT A DECENT MEDIA SPREAD IT to let everybody knows what was it, it is just to shut up some haters.

    Now may l recommend you haters, as l know you are reading it, to listen UNBREAKABLE VERYYYYY CAREFUL , this song is dedicated to you, very well done it KHJL , to all of those who turned it up a nighmare.

    • JAZU…here u go…as u wish i paste for u the lyrics….

      To Haters…please read it….hope u all understand why we ‘delusional fans’ still stick to him, support him, loving him until now n forever….i pray for u haters that u all can repented n be a better person…please change for ur own sake…


      I’m unbreakable Here we go

      Everyone, stop it, it’s my turn now
      I did all I could,
      quiet down and listen up
      Lift up your head, tune your ears
      From one to ten,
      I will make it

      (Shut off) take everything out
      (Shout out) so your heart bursts
      G-g-g-give me some more,
      your one chance is now
      G-g-g-give me some more,
      this chance won’t ever come again

      It’s going in well
      It’s going around well
      I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
      unbreakable [x2]

      Yeah I’m feeling good,
      I’m feeling alright (tonight)
      Today won’t ever come again
      (make it feeling good)
      Everybody come party tonight
      (Oh yeah) No one can stop it

      (Blow up) make your speakers explode
      (Turn up) make the volume explode
      I’ll show you myself from now on, nobody can
      If you hear this music, everyone, right now,
      yeah (now put your hands up)

      It’s going in well
      It’s going around well
      I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
      unbreakable [x2]

      I can’t stop now

      I guess everyone’s stupid,
      they still don’t know
      I’m different from the standard,
      I can’t go anywhere else but the top
      Why is there so much talk?
      I hear it, all the whispering
      Just go away,
      I put my soul into my music
      I’m not scared, even if my worries don’t
      go away, I just keep going forward
      No one can ever stop me
      But if you wanna give it a try, try
      Even if you were born
      before me, there’s no use

      It’s going in well
      It’s going around well
      I haven’t died and I’m back for ya
      unbreakable [x2]

      Turn The Music Up
      Turn The Music Up
      Turn The Music Up
      Turn The Music Up

      p/s: credit to

  31. Hello Ms.Lazerkim!thanks a lot for all the article that u provide in times like this(stormy weather as we follow KHJ) it help us to think deeply why we are here for him despite all the challenges he has been through. I think we know him well than those haters does right? Why we bothered to them,don’t give them the reason to boast en continues their own self longing.may I plea to all aliens family to focus or setting our mind en heart straight to our main objective that is, to give our love en full support to our only one KHJ. Ignore them is the best way we can do now.lets face the bright future that comes on our way, while waiting for our only one to explore himself in his new drama or music before MS.thanks to all of us who are loyal en very supportive to him. Take care LK en have a wonderful en lovely day to everyone😄

    • Oh my god Hello Kimsmile I’m sorry I have skipped this box! Thank you so much!
      Well, I gave the floor to those haters, as I don’t expect everyone to share my views of course everyone has her own opinion. But those haters have gone overboard with their opinion that had lost self respect, so let’s ignore them. I wonder where are those people claiming righteous against domestic violence?? I can still remember their names! Oh well why should I waste time with them. Take care kimsmile be happy and see you again! God bless…

    • Hello Aquarius! Yes it about time to move on mind torturing is such tiring feel but rewarding if we’re doing this for the one we love! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless…

  32. Thanks. Our duty is to clear with others who are not fans and blame him base on the hater news. Your article is a good point. You have done like a research by gathering information then analyse and discuss on each point with conclusion. Great job. Thanks and many thanks for you.<3 ❤ ❤

    • Hello kratuwoo! Thank you so much! You’re right I agree we fans actually have our duty to inform the misinformed about the truth. Thanks for staying all this time with HJ. It’s my pleasure having you here as always. Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

    • Hello virgo! Thanks so much for staying at his side all this time during the nightmare! We can only lean on the truth that other failed to know or just doesn’t want to know the truth and lean on twisted lies. Too bad! Take care, be happy, and see you again! God bless..

  33. thank you so much for this article…it really says everything we henecians believed all along…Salute to HJ for doing what he did..being a true gentleman…how can we abandon such great man 🙂 I just hope that this news will be all over the media too (which i doubt).

    Now, i just hope that HJ will find the happiness that he truly deserves!

    • Hello there! Thank you pleasure is mine writing this for all of you! Yes it’s so amazing I think we fans do think and feel the same and at the same time specially during crucial period of HJ. Like idol like fans!! Those media knows what they did so I don’t think they ever cared what we feel which is so sad! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  34. One more thing… My Poor Baby Hyun Joong! It hurts to the core of your soul to be misjudged. I am so sorry your kind and beautiful heart was taken advantage of by this girl. You are so thoughtful, kink and giving. She has played on your guilt and manipulated you into a corner. I am SO PROUD of you demonstrating what it looks like to be a REAL MAN and placate someone who is in pain by taking the blame you don’t deserve. You are so BRAVE and HEROIC and I will always love you for taking this on your steady shoulders so we can move on!

    Take a long deserved rest. Come back to us with fresh ideas and creativity! We will always be there for you to have your stage. Until the last concert comes and it is just you and the fans in outer space! 🙂 It can happen! You never know what the world will be like! We advance in science exponentially every ten years. In the next 20 we may be living in space Condos! 🙂 I love you my little Alien sweetie! Have some good laughs while you’re resting! Laughter heals the soul. I wanna see you just CRACK UP the way you did in the past! LOVE TO SEE THAT SO MUCH! 🙂

  35. You are expressing how I feel again and I thank you for it. I am very proud to be a Henecia and I do no regret my decision to stay by his side. I was fighting for him in some sides but at the end I stopped because under their anonymity the hatters are just jelous of our genuine love for Our boy, our leader. They will never understand us because they do not know what love is. This is the end. We are one big family and we are stronger than before. One of the good things from this nightmare is that I met you and other incredible fans. Thank you again and God bless.

    • Thank you so much! Whenever I read news from allkpop I never scroll down I just read the. But yesterday I did and I was all laughing!!! For the first time I read those comments I felt so pleased!! LOL It’s not that they don’t understand but they DO NOT WANT to understand, so there’s a big difference. That’s why they will all die with a hateful heart in them! Too bad! Take care, be happy and see you again! God bless..

  36. LazerKim! Your article hit my inbox at just the right moment! There is some crazy stuff going on in my twitter about KE and how they are abandoning KHJ and that they fired him or some such nonsense. Also, the video with the innocent girl at the soccer match is back up on youtube and fans are spreading it around again. I just had to let one of my dear followers know they can not believe rumors being spread by other fans and they need to let it go trying to find out who Miss A is! I am so sorry for the girl in the video because I know she is innocent. Why would Hyun Joong repeatedly say he would protect the identity of his girlfriend and then take her to a public FC men’s soccer match and have her sit right beside him the whole time? Think!!! That is nonsense! That poor girl in the video is being demonized and she has nothing to do with this!!!! *sigh* I was trying to take a rest because I am so stressed and now more nonsense.

    Also, I was very angry that this woman came out with yet another statement trying to say she never asked for money and it was never her intent to ask for any. Really? does she think we are idots??? what was that threat about arbitration if he did not apologize? To sue means to demand money for damages! She is really showing her true colors now, “I’m needy! Pay attention to me! This can’t be Over! whine whine whine! LOOK AT ME!” OMG!!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!

    OK! I am over it! LOL! I love you LK! Please appeal to the fans to only believe official announcements from Hyun Joong himself or KE!! I am not exactly thrilled with how KE handled this, but I think they did not realize just how crazy and needy this woman was. I will patiently wait for Hyun Joong to announce to us his next moves. He will do it. He just needs some time to breathe and think. Let’s wait patiently for him.

      • right now, it is only unfounded rumors being spread by some of the Henecia Japan fans saying Yonsama abandoned Hyun Joong and fired him or broke their contract and that KE has tried to excommunicate themselves from Henecia Japan! does this make sense? It sounds OUTRAGEOUS and CRAZY to me! I told my twitter follower not to believe anything that does not come directly from Hyun Joong himself or KE. I also begged her to ask the fans to stop spreading unfounded rumors because it only hurts Hyun Joong! We need to KEEP CALM and MOVE ON.

        • Please keep us posted if you find more. Really I won’t be surprised if they do something like that after all it is well known that the industry of Korean idols is like puppy mills. My crazy theory was that KHJ wrote that letter under KE pressure for the monetary damage this crap is creating. Again please let us know. Thanks

          • There is NO WAY Bae Yong Joong would abandon Hyun Joong or KE would do any such thing! They are very close! I am sure he has been giving Hyun Joong his gentle advice and support through all of this! That does not mean he doesn’t have to run a business, though. I don’t know what kind of contract they had or for how long, or if that contract would only be up until Hyun Joong has to enter MS. I don’t know how all of that works, but Yonsama would never abandon Hyun Joong! It’s just NUTS!!!!

            We just need to wait for the official announcements from KE and Hyun Joong. He needs this time to really reflect and make some tough decisions about the future. He would have needed to make these decisions anyway. The scandal really has nothing to do with it, but everyone’s emotions are so raw right now, it is making mountains out of anthills! LOL! I have to say, I am really angry with this girl for doing this at such an inopportune time! She has done more damage than she deserves to own! It is really unfair and sickening, but we have to move on and trust Hyun Joong! He has always made really wise professional decisions. I am just quietly supporting him from afar and praying for him to be able to just disconnect from all of this and center. OK I am stopping here… cuz I’ll end up posting my blog article here instead of on my own page where it belongs! 🙂

            Love the fans and Love my Hyun Joong! We will always be together! Keep positive and keep happy. Hyun Joong has brought us so much happiness. Let’s just focus there and wait patiently.

  37. This new revelation is crazy. I’m almost as shocked as when I first heard that horrible news. Karma will take care of this situation so we can now rest assured. I’m hoping family, friends, and associates can stay strong in their belief in, and love for, KHJ.

    • Thank you Kay, I shall never forget the feeling when I first read that nightmare. It will mark in my heart forever…. Take care, be happy, and see you again! God bless..

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