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By: LazerKim

FAREWELL JAPAN ( my simple fan account!)

Kim Hyun Joong boarded his plane going back home to Seoul taking the early morning Korean Air flight, while I took Air China bound to Shanghai for another field work concert with another group with almost the same schedule as he had. As expected the airport was crowded with fans as my team and I arrived ahead of him and his entourage. After I checked in with the airline counter, I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing that I just joined in with the fans waiting for him!!

I tried to squeeze in myself to the crowd till I reached near the security check where I assumed Hyun Joong would pass through. And I was right, after just about 5 minutes waiting the fans started screaming! And for some reasons I screamed with them too but I haven’t seen Hyun Joong! LOL Only to realize I was looking for a guy in black Tee shirt while he was just in front of me wearing checked long sleeved shirt! And so I followed whatever the fans were screamed calling him Rida (Leader)!! I think it’s also goodbye to plain black shirt, as he shows his image signifying his concert Phantasm!

As soon as he got in I followed since I was a passenger. I run to catch up with my team but I can still see his back walking towards the immigration onto his gate. I was in teary eyes and that’s it, it’s goodbye to my idol! It’s not tears of sadness but tears of joy that at last I felt how it is to be a fan who’s seeing him off back home Seoul.

At the concert,  I was really hoping to join his fans in cheering for him during the show which I never had the chance ever since I started working with him last year. At last my dream came true! The only chance I got was at the very last song of encore. I screamed on top of my voice saying Hyun Joong Ai shite iru (I love you!) over and over like crazy! After he sung I stopped, I walked back to my post and just heard him saying  Ai shite iru to his fans before he exits and I smiled at that!

Just in my opinion, for me the most touching moment in Nagoya I think was not really at the concert, but at the airport. I witnessed a crowd of fans at the airport tarmac viewer as they watched and wave at Korean Air where Hyun Joong boarded, that I hope he had seen it from where he was. *sigh* It’s the first time for me to witness such and I got teary eyes as I watched the fans as if not letting him go…. bye my idol till next time!



So simple yet meaningful for me to be a part of his last concert series, I got some regrets though knowing I can do it even just on the part of encore I should have done so to join the fans in showing he is loved. I’m happy now being a fan I fulfilled my simple dream! I just can’t believe it’s my last chance to be a fan in that concert series.

During the show, I suddenly felt pain leading me to tears asking myself a lot of questions “Is this really his fate? Is this really the last concert? Why is this life seem to be so cruel to him? Why it has to end this way? I may just be emotional while writing my simple experience but I just couldn’t help to ask so many questions and ending up as if I’m blaming somebody who’s totally stranger to me who had ruin him.

Hyun Joong has so many plans as far as I remember and I even enumerated those plans in one of my articles, just I remember writing “Hyun Joong is running out of time.” He was preparing everything for us before he gets to his MS, likewise I was also preparing myself and my readers when that time comes so it wouldn’t be too painful. And this….. happened!  Indeed life is full of surprises, as one of my friend would say!

I still remain positive, who knows there must be something even greater for Hyun Joong than what he had planned in the near future! Why not! Anything is possible.

Let’s trust Hyun Joong on this and while doing so, let’s not forget to pray for him, since after this concert he’ll be in hiatus to take a rest from flying here and there performing concerts. He’ll be alright, let’s hope for the best that he’ll be able to resolve this case. Let’s put our confidence in him, as he has gathered strength from us in his recent concerts and I believe he’s stronger than ever, the next time we meet with him.



I would like to thank KHJ fans from Seoul, Taipei, Yokohama, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Bangkok and Lima, for taking care of Hyun Joong, for showing your sincere love and support to him despite of the set backs that we were able to survived and accomplished his objectives in this concert series. I think within the journey we have with Kim Hyun Joong, this is the most unforgettable.

There may be pain towards the end of the series but let’s just look at the good side within that period. For me looking at the whole picture of all the concert series, it was filled with overwhelming LOVE. There were tears yes, I cannot deny but those tears were out of so much love to Kim Hyun Joong.

Sometimes we have to feel pain in order to feel the deepest love in a particular person, and that love even grew stronger than ever. This set back painful it may be, but this nightmare had us realize how important Kim Hyun Joong is in our life. That woman had LOST Hyun Joong forever, BUT not for us, because he will stay in our hearts and we will stay in his heart faithfully FOREVER.

Is this our last dance with him? NO of course not, he will just take a breather from his tired soul, he will gather strength and energy for his fans and he’ll be back to us for another round of his music and dance again.

Next time it will be a long long uninterrupted period of dance with us with his music. Believe in him as he said he’s going back to those stages where he performed and I know this time he will fight for it just to be with us again! And so we wait for our next dance with Hyun Joong!

To Kim Hyun Joong,

Thank you for the concert memories, thank you for the love. Have faith in God He’s always with you, He knows everything he doesn’t sleep, so may the force be with you always.

You know where to go to breath, we will just be here and wait for our next dance……. see you again……. my only one…

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s Girlfriend “A” Drops Assault Charges

It looks like Kim Hyun Joong’s assault case has been wrapped up.

Early afternoon on September 17, according to a report by Star News, a request was put in bygirlfriend “A’s” lawyer to drop the charges of assault and battery being pressed against Kim Hyun Joong.

source: ( Hyunnies Pexer Blog Thanks!!! Yahooooo

Previously, on September 15, following a statement from “A” that the singer apologize and admit his wrongs, Kim Hyun Joong posted an apology on his official website, as well as apologized to his girlfriend though a phone call.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong just recently finished his world tour, with his final tour performance in Nagoya, Japan on September 16. His final tour stop had been scheduled for September 19 in Beijing, but was canceled by local concert promoters.

source: ( Hyunnies Pexer Blog Thanks for sharing!!!

Indeed we’ll have our NEXT DANCE with Kim Hyun Joong soon!!! yesss!!


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  1. Thank you LazerKim once again for your article on KHJ. I envy you for being able to work with KHJ whom is such an incredible talented performer and singer. ( What do you do exactly?) .It’s people like you that makes me feel that I am not insane to show our undying love and support to KHJ. I admit I have been delusional for the last 3 weeks or so . So much loss sleep, worries and anxiety and seeing him so troubled through the fanphotos troubled me so much. What a sign of relief that the worst is over .Through this unfortunate incident,, I reflected on myself and realised I will not give up on KHJ. As a matter of fact, my love and support for KHJ has gone stronger . After seeing all the concert reviews in Guangzhou, Peru and Nagoya, I believe he has come to terms of what is happening in his life .From the support and love of his fans , I an confident KHJ will be a stronger person. I am confident that the next dance we see is one that is filled with high spirited energy and lotsa love. HIs next dance will be of such a high level that will propel his career to the next level. Music is his love and passion and I know he would not give up on his dream as long as we Henecians are there for him. So lets continue to support and love him. .

  2. No time to write a lot, but thank you so much again for your article, dear LazerKim and I am happy you could join the fangirls this time and live this experience with HJ and fellow fans. And thank you for sharing your fanaccount with us 🙂

  3. An inspirational message to kim Hyun Joong and Fans:

    It’s hard to believe that God asks no more than to bring Him our problems and then close the door.

    The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know thy name put their trust in thee, for thou, O Lord, hast not forsaken those who seek in thee.

    Today, as we wait for Kim Hyun Joong take this needed rest and to listen to God for his next plan, let us just trust and obey his wishes. Today and the other tomorrows.

    • My God ouch! Thank you so much for sharing this it’s so spiritually refreshing. We can take our rest as well but before that please do read my latest article, important points to learn from what we have gone through these past weeks Thank you!

  4. According to the news portal OSEN that followed this case (Oh Asia disagree on how leaked information) in the last three days has confirmed that the singer and actor 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong), which was denounced by his ex girlfriend alleged violence has been withdrawn.
    An officer of the police station in Seoul Songpa has commented: Today September 17 at 4 pm Miss A has withdrawn the complaint against Kim Hyun Joong, because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A. [Not proven shock seen in the photos are been made by the artists that is not signed by a legal physician] Because the complainant claimed to have been beaten more than once since 2012 for which conducted the complaint on August 20 on charges of physical violence. This news was announced on August 22 by the press. [Information was illegally leaked by the press] Hyun Joong .kim and Miss A had their own version of events. During this time the artist has twice visited the police station and Seoul Songpa where he was questioned by police.
    On September 15, Kim Hyun Joong on his official website, he sent a note of apology in which story that happened during the 2 year relationship he had with Miss A to once loved. He apologized for causing pain and mental anguish. [Not confirmed that the hit and fractured ribs]
    The lawyer Seo Eun Choi Miss commented: Kim Hyun Joong has presented a public apology on its official website with what has demonstrated his sincere repentance, so we decided not to pursue a complaint and to proceed with the lawsuit, concluding that their customer just wanted a sincere apology.
    Credits: Oh & Asia Magazine
    By Oh Asia Magazine

  5. I am thankful very much, to God, for the people /fans of Kim Hyun Joong that I have met through this blog and others. I am a fan on the other side of the ocean, therefore I would not have met like minded hearts and Spirit individuals if it was not for HJ. You all are the best and you all make the world so much brighter. Love your minds, hearts and Spirits. Live long and strong, and fret not ourselves over evil doers. Love, another like minded one.

    • Hello Bellsouth! My pleasure having you with us in this blog thank you. I agree with you there’s only one common ground in this blog and that is LOVE for KHJ! Eliminate the evil let it not prevail in our thoughts and feelings, God will always be with us and KHJ to protect all the time. Distance may be boundless but it’s HJ that kept us all near with one another that I’m so thankful.
      Thank you for your compliment, take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  6. Hi LK … With everything said and done I will be going back to obscurity but nevertheless watching and cheering hj in the sidelines…truly thankful for all that you are and all that you do for us fans who can only watch over him from afar…I am floored by the grace and wonderful camaraderie that I’ve witnessed from hj and his fans…hence aims have stepped up to the plate and made hj proud following his examples of true courage and dignity in the face of hardship. … What happened was painful to us and him both … But has and will definitely make us all stronger. I am saddened that although I have been following your post even way before this broke out as I silent reader, I delurked a tad too late and missed out having these sense of family sooner. Nevertheless I am just as grateful that although late , I have found my voice and I’ve found a warm place with all you wonderful people sharing the same affection I have for one very special and making person… Thanks again and more power … Till the next dance 🙂

    • Hello Thecha! Thank you so much. may I just share another unforgettable experience being a KHJ fan, it was in 2012 Mnet polls HJ was nominated that time and we were cheated by the polls and HJ fans really fought so hard! I can’t forget how we at the tweeter spent sleepless nights just to guard the polls. I thought that was such a challenge. But when this scandal erupted, my God it was mental torture honestly, and I couldn’t believe I cried that much and everyday was like dragging me to the quick sand that I have to rise up to survive and fight! And you are right I’m proud of HJ’s fans who really stayed and support. You are one of us all through out thanks. I shall never forget this. Yes it’s our strength I agree with you. Just like the song saying “It’s hard to be with you” and yet we’re with him unchanged and totally complete. Take care have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless…

  7. Lazer Kim, I envy you that you were able to be so close to him all this time and then join as a fan at the end! You are so Blessed! More than envy, I love and thank you for sharing what you can with us even though I know you have been restricted. I also love that you read every comment and respond. I wish I had the time to do that. I have no time while I am working, and often spend the rest of my time after I get home composing and article to post. I am very much a perfectionist and spend 3-4 hours on each post making sure my words perfectly convey what I am trying to say. sigh….. It is the curse of the perfectionist! LOL! I miss you a TON and I am glad you have been able to come out of hiding even if just for short little bursts. You inspire me, and I am always amazed how we write about and have the same thoughts at the same time. I will publish my article and then read here and go HEY! I thought the same! LOL! It may seem like we are mirroring or even copying each other, but it is just that we feel the same way about KHJ! Thank you for being so strong and bold. I have tried to be more objective, but like I stated above, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am so glad it’s over. Looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future. I fully trust him to do the best for himself and to bless us even further in his humble way without even knowing! He touches us to the core of our soul and he does it just by being himself! Thank you my Precious Hyun Joong! You make my day over and over again each and every day. You surprise me and delight me and help me make life a fun and happy experience. God Bless you tenfold for giving your all to the World! He will do that and we will be here to cheer you on!

    • Hello Angie! Thank you! I was already in the production before I became a fan, I first saw him I didn’t know his name in 2010 I wasn’t a fan yet, then I got the chance to work w him 2013-14. But Angie these are just co-incident. Now i can resign LOL he’s no longer around!! Just joking! I remember when I was just starting to write it took me 6 hrs to finish 1 article!! LOL It’s research and write at the same time! Can’t believe I did that on daily basis!! LOL Until I memorized all about KHJ! But I miss those generous time of my days after my accident! He really is my healer that I never thought I can still go back to my work after a year. Now I’m glad it’s more easier I can write during my breaks. I don’t know maybe HJ did some magic then turned to you lol, I really thought I can resign from writing bcoz I went back to a dead busy work but I was very wrong! lol Now I’m a bit relax after the series.
      Well I really hope it’s over or maybe others still wants to mess up, I hope not. So I still have to keep on guard. Thank you so much for the compliment Angie we’re family here for almost 3 years now! *sigh* time fly so fast! Take care girl, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless…

  8. Thank you LK for all your writings. I am proud of the way he handled himself under such tremendous pressure. He is a brave young man who is not afraid to take on all the blame to make peace. He is flaw but he is walking tall. He is indeed THE ONLY ONE!

    • Thank you so much! May I use this space for an important announcement!


      First: Please refrain from looking for that woman among friends of KHJ. This is not good because we do not know whom we’re pinpointing at.

      Second: May I clear it up that KHJ had broken up with her since May 30 and he is NOT going back to her. I don’t know where this idea came from but TRUST Hyun Joong. He is not that foolish to go back to the person who ruined his life. Come on!

      Whoever have that idea well I would say you really do not know HJ yet. We’re in the healing process and it does not help to fill in our curiosity over that woman. Let’s close this chapter and move on. Thank you
      LazerKim here!

      • Completely agreed, LK, as I stated in my most recent post: “I hope I never hear another word from or about her ever again!” Apology, Withdrawal of Charges, DONE AND OVER! Move on! 🙂

      • I also read that the resolution made was to go back to her and it felt so absurd. heh…It was far from innermost thoughts, goodness gracious…I feel that Kim Hyun Joong is too smart and there are so many more mature and prettier women.

        • Yea, that makes a lot of sense. You want to force someone to come back to you after that person ended the relationship and you accused him of abuse. Let me which one really needs thd help and prayers. This is again news being hyped. Cannot be trud.

        • Whoever said that or spread that news aims to destroy HJ one more time.
          Is he not ruined enough.? The problem is humanity. He need somebody who has a high standard of humanity , honest and mature.

      • I’m happy to know that KHJ will not go back to her. I love him so much, he is my healer from my deep depression and I will forever be grateful to him. Even though I only see KHJ on line. He has been in my heart for the pass 3 years and I can’t part myself from him and I will never part myself from him. I wish for one day I will get a chance to see him in person to thank him for coming into my life and saving me from my depression. I live in the USA so I don’t know when that will be but I will not give up hope to one day to see him. Thank you sharing KHJ will all of us. Thank you once again.

  9. LOVE YOU GIRL, you have never disapointed us, your words give us relieve and strenght, these 3 weeks l was reponding in almost any report of his case in different pages, ahhhhhh it really helps me to waste my fustration, because it was difficult to cncentrate at work, many noticed my weird sadness, but at least l could say everything that l have in my heart to defend him, now, time to rest , we will be here to defend him if haters appear, well we did it the last time .
    GOD BLESS OUR ONLY ONE AND YOU , come back soon dear lazerkim we will be waiting for you and him.

    • Hello Jazu! Thank you so much! Oh yes I know you have been here all those times and I can’t thank you enough. My God I thought I was all alone like crazy couldn’t work properly having pain in the heart, headache over what I can read from the news! It was such an ordeal nightmare whatever! It’s over now and I’m truly happy for HJ that he’ll be at peace at last. It was even difficult for him. One day I can share with you when he gets to MS. Actually we’re not done yet since there’s a repercussion after this nightmare since his image was really damage. Although I place my 100% confidence to HJ that he’ll be able to rise up again in no time. I’ll just be here don’t worry. Time to heal we just have to help each other in doing so. I still have a review of the case summary that I would just like to put on record as HJ’s part of his career life. Right now I’m in Shanghai so I’m hoping to have time to write before the week ends.
      Thank you Jazu as always, take care, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless…

    • i forgot! love you too jazu! lol sorry bout that. i remember your son thanks for sharing ive been thinking how i can describe hj in that rel w that girl. yeah same situation w your son. thanks for sharing!

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  11. Hi Ms. Kim,

    Thank you for the article. I was also emotional during his Nagoya concert knowing it is his last of the series. At the same time, real proud of Our Only One for pulling it through with dignity and grace amidst all the controversy. I am sad because I know I won’t be seing much of him through recent pics and videos. KHJ has a very awesome fandom that even a person like me who’s thousands of miles away can get updates because of the generosity of his fans. During his Nagoya concert while listening to live audio feed/stream, I can’t help but cry while he was singing “Goodbye”. It’s his way of saying, yes goodbye for now but continue supporting him and looking out for him. I know I won’t miss him that much with the help of people like you and all of Henecia who will continue to make write ups and posts pics and updates. I just wish he’ll get the rest and relaxation he deserve. With that said, also for him to continue moving forward now that the case is close and over. Thank you, LK for being the voice of many. Your love and support for our leader is really inspiring. Keep writing and continue to be our voice.

    With so much gratitude,

    • Hello Rocky! Thank you, the pleasure is mine having you here. *sigh* yes the last concert is always the saddest in the series. And surely we will miss him, but please don’t forget HJ still has 2 event in Seoul that we can look forward to. I agree with you and I’m proud being in the fandom, yes his fans are really generous and accommodating in sharing updates. Without them well I’ll be having a hard time to write and update my articles too.
      tsk oh…yes I can understand your feelings about him saying goodbye which is really bound to not only in this concert but his MS too. But don’t worry we have each other, and this blog remains open to his fans, I promise that.
      Thanks again, take care, have a great day and see you again! God bless…

  12. Dear Lazerkim,
    Hallelujah, can’t believe the nightmare it is over, if for us was such I can’t even imagine what Hj passed, but thank God. I know this come with a price tag for Hj and I am not talking about the money (which for sure were paid regardless what they say) but the toll it took on his health and mental stress but also on his image and career.
    Wish him to have a good rest mentally and physically after this to have peace and happiness and love surround him from his loved ones because that was one hard experience that nobody should pass.

    Hj is a very talented Artist with passion and drive and full of creativity so I believe he will return to the stage more impressive because he still has lots to achieve and Fate most surely has greater things in store for him. 🙂

    Happy for your LK to fulfil that dream just being a fan, must’ve been funny to join the crowds after working so close with Hj but at least you let yourself free, good for you!! Funny, to look for someone in black and then see him in lighter colour sleeved shirt, good for you Hj a new look and beginning brighter colours to uplift the Soul.

    As for that greedy stupid nobody I really wish her something that a good friend of mine said not long ago ”the fish being caught in its own mouth” = meaning the Truth will come out through her own mouth. Amen to that and the sooner the better.
    Hj called his WT Phantasm, but somehow the little nobody had a phantasm about her relation with Hj…….

    Lk you commented below wishing Hj to find the right woman, of course we All wish him that but you know what, we will all know when he will be in love because he will Glow with the happiness of the real Love he deserve to get.

    One thing we all learned from those past weeks and that include Hj, his loyal Fans are more united and more supporting than ever and the big Hug for Hj is to protect him, He is not Alone!
    All for ONE and One for ALL!!

    p.s. LK don’t be a stranger, come back from time to time, we miss you! 🙂

    • Thanks sis! Oh yes I never doubted he’ll come around again much bigger if you ask me. Oh I had so much fan with my brief experience there being a fan! So free spirit showing the fan girl feeling is amazing! And I’m really proud of HJ’s fans anywhere I go within the series you can really feel the love in them.
      Oh well it’s such a tiring weeks in the past but it’s worth it, we won. Yes I understand the aftermath is something to deal with but at this time PEACE is just what HJ ever wanted. A scuba dive will do him good I’m sure. And for us here too much noise still there, they will soon get tired, they can’t get anything out of bubbling over spilled milk. Let them be and SHOOT them end of noise!! LOL
      Thanks again sis, take care, have a good refreshing day you deserve it! See you again! God bless..

  13. Lazer, thanks for the wonderful write up. Your write up always light up my spirit and never fail to ease the pain in my heart.

    Praise the Lord for the final pain. Is it really really official? I don’t believe she will let go so easily for a so call “insincere” apology. Thanks for being with him even from afar.

    Must thanks the fans from Japan being so supportive and all.

    Yes Lazer Kim, hope the next dance will be soon. We will be with him always.

    • Hello Bibiana! Thank you so much! Yes it’s official she dropped the charges. I’m sure you have been updated with the case and thank you for being with us in this. From the start of this scandal HJ submitted his statement after the scandal broke. As he went to the police station HJ submitted the same statement right? Therefore I held this statement true to himself. We know why he did that letter of apology and the woman has no choice but to accept. They both know it.
      Thanks again, take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

      • yes, apology was to shut her up once and for all! I am so proud of him for doing that. I have been trying to push love and peace and all, but honestly, I was like YES! IN YOUR FACE! When he issued the apology. I understood exactly why he did it, and the BS about maybe not accepting his apology that came to follow just pissed me off. I am glad she accepted it because I was about to just blow my stack. It takes a lot to get me that angry, but she successfully PISSED ME OFF with that, ‘I will Think about the Sincerity” CRAP! Thanks, dear for creating this space for fans to say whatever they want without getting attacked! I love you for your boldness! 🙂

        • Hahaha keep your cool Angie, love it here, we are consoling and cooling each other down from going to hunt that selfish woman.

          Hyun Joong’s action is right, close this season of his life and move on. No more gurdges friends, we should move on like Hyun Joong our brave hero.

          I don’t want to know her identity but please Hyun Joong keep far away from her. Don’t get yourself hurt again.

  14. Hi LK,

    Thank you so much for your blog and all articles you wrote. I don’t know what will happen to us in the past 3 weeks without your blog. Your words and your articles really represent the thought and feeling of HJ’s fans. Your article always come at the right time. Whatever you said and predict come true every single one especially about ” A ” . I hope no more ” A ” to see in Korean entertainment industry.

    i like the way you called HJ ” my brave hero ” I love it . It’s really suit him. I do hope people will get more clear picture about the whole thing . Sometimes I .wish something happen and the truth just pop up.

    I still hope HJ will have a comeback drama before his MS. For now hope he will have a good rest and be able to find his normal life back very soon.

    I will be here support him and his work as long as his life in the entertainment iworld. i hope he will not scare to fall in love again and will meet someone out there who deserves the best of him.

    • Bella,
      He is a brave hero and he is a great and unique star, no other could have been so brave.
      I wish his family, his friends and Keyeast support him and protect him by avoiding any worry. He deserves the best.

      • Hello France I’m sorry please forgive me I have to delete your comment. It’s not bad it’s just that misinform written. Please understand thank you so much.

          • LOL LOL girls, girls….. relax, that’s not her, I’m telling you now! And it’s better for us not to know her. Take it from me. I’m just as angry and still want to vent out for once and for all. That woman will remain stranger to me.
            Bella I’ll put in my reply to you up there from that pink avatar. Thanks guys see you later!!

            • Thanks LK for enlighten me. I will take it from you . I ‘m not interested to know who is A and I agree with you better not to know this person. i have more than enough . i admit my heart is lighter now. Thanks to HJ to sacrifice this s whole situation for everybody that involved really everybody.. It’s almost like he knew how his fans feel. We are fine and feel relief do not worry about your fans we know well what we are up to. Hope you will rest well and we believe in you. Don’t feel burden when people believe in you just be yourself because that’s what we love about you.

              LK you too please rest well and enjoy your work i SH . Please take all the love we have for you as well. see you in your next article.

              • Bella thank you for your quick response, I would just like to ask your permission if I can edit some in you comment, I really hope you don’t mind. I’m not against your comment it’s just that i wouldn’t want other to have the wrong idea. Thank you for understanding I have edit now. Forgive me please. Thank you.

                • It’s o.k LK. Thank you for doing that. I wanted to do it myself but I don’t know how. I’m glad you did i was thinking to ask you to edit it but don’t want to bother you. Thanks a lot.

  15. All praises & thanks to God,we are all proud of hyun joong.I just want him to take a break & breath in fresh air.joong,u are truly amazing,stay happy,healthy and proud,love u.kisses of peace i send to you.

    • Hello Harriet! Oh yes the first thing we do is to thank God and praise him for all the goodness He gave us. He knows we’re all suffering for weeks specially HJ and because God loves us He really doesn’t want us to be like this forever, and so He lead HJ on the right thing to do, as a result the ordeal ended. Now we move on with smiles on our lips, and be happy! Thank you so much for staying during the nightmare till the end. Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  16. I’m so happy and feel free today… thanks for always updating the news… I’ve been following you for 4 years, and always amazed by your bright words in your articles. Today my daughter keep asking me why I smile a lot and the last few weeks I looked upset… well, I said that the black cloud has lifted and silver lines from the clouds will bring more lights… she smiled… and I smiled with her… what a happy moment! we’re waiting for your next articles miss Lazer…

    • Hello mom! Thank you so much it’s my pleasure to have you here for reading my articles, thank you for the compliment. I think everyone is rejoicing after hearing the news. Actually I already had posted this article before reading the news and first instinct is to share the good news so I posted it with this article. I was jumping with joy if you can read my reply below!! As if I want to hug everyone here who has been a part in defending HJ all through out. Now we move on to another episode of HJ’s life and I’ll be here to share all about KHJ.
      Thanks again take care, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless..

  17. yeay! it’s over!!
    I was reading somewhere that hj come personally to her to apologize. my dear boy, I know you once loved her but fyuh, what a gentlement. have a rest now. let us all have a rest and heal together.

    dont bother reading the news and comments. it is over. period.

    hehe..thanks LK for always defending him. wish we all can follow his lead to keep calm and being genuine to those who hate.

    • Hello Berlin!! Thank you! First may I just correct, he did not see her personally, his letter of apology was delivered to her and that letter was posted in his web site. I just want to correct that. I’m sorry to say even the last episode of this scandal news were still twisted!! Anyway, it’s water under the bridge now. What matters most now is that HJ is off the hook. Indeed God never sleeps.!
      Take care Berlin, have a nice day and see you again! God bless

  18. Hi Ms Lazer!

    Thank u for this article & yeah, my heart feels a lot lighter now reading the breaking news…
    Happy for u that u finally get to be a fan…
    M hoping & looking forward to a lllooonnnggg account of your recent experiences with our dear one’s WT concerts…
    Please, Ms Lazer?
    Would appreciate it very much…

    M not going to talk about…u know who…
    I prefer to concentrate on our only one, beloved hyunjoong-sii…
    After all, he’s the focal & most important point in this whole thank-God-It’s-over saga…

    To our Only One :
    Dear one, congrats for lastnite’s fantastic concert at nagoya…
    U were awesome as usual & the fans…well, I can’t say enough how marvellous they are, especially the Japanese fans…
    Hope it’s firmly entrenched in that mind, heart & soul of yours how much u are loved…
    So, m sorry, dear one, but we are here to stay…
    We are going to stick to u like glue…though not so messy, of course…
    Better be prepared, ya…haha…

    M hoping we’ll still be able see u performing at ‘Aomori Shock’ festival…
    & ‘Lotte World’ mini-concert…
    In fact m still hoping to see u lots of time before your MS dateline…
    Do play soccer or scuba-dive again, love…
    It would be lovely to watch you again, chasing a ball on a field with your friends or FC Men…
    It’s been nearly a year since we saw u playing…
    So, mind doing it again…regularly?
    We are most happy watching you being happy & carefree, dear one.

    Most importantly, rest & slow down for now…
    Immerse yourself in your family & friends…
    Recharge & bask in their love & normalcy…
    U more than deserve the time-off, dear one.

    So take care & stay healthy…
    Believe in the love of those closest to u…& your fans, all around the world wrapping u lovingly in our global embrace…
    Be happy, dear one…

    • Hello Arfina! Thank you so much!! Ya!!! I don’t want to lose my job I dearly love! Ok maybe one day when HJ gets to MS then maybe I can share my job experience, if I run out of topics to write!! LOL I think it would be better for HJ to stick to scuba and his newly discovered golf (bit boring though) Maybe just maybe he’ll leave the field for a while, well it’s his choice whatever, it’s his life!
      Take care girl, have a lovely day, and see you again! God bless..

  19. Thanks LK for this wonderful article and for loving KHJ so much.

    I just want to borrow some word from hyunnies pexers… “When the Smoke Clears, and the Pieces Fall, Only One Thing Remains: L♥VE” and that is our love for Hyun Joong oppa ツ from all over the world. (Omg! I’m crying right now!)

    • Hello Pating! Thank you! Yes I have read that quote from Hyunnies Pexer, nice one and vey timely. Now now, I hope those tears are for joy now. It’s over it’s time to heal and move on. Don’t worry HJ is a very strong man he’ll be alright, this time he had even proven his sincerity and who he is as a person with all honesty.
      Take care, have a great day, and see you again! God bless…

      • sorry, girls to let you know.. but that quote was from ME AngelJoong!!!! Hyunnies was kind enough to repost my article…. and gave me credit as well. I’m giggling that everyone thought it was Hyunnie’s. LOL! Love you guys! 🙂

  20. Our love more strong than before. This cloud is just dream…soon will bright again.Thank you sis…for all you have done to protect HIM.God bless.

    • Hello Nada! Oh yes this incident may be painful but it did made us stronger. Its time to move on as we look forward for better tomorrow. Take care thanks for dropping by have a nice day and see you again. God bless…

  21. Waaa tu articulo es grandioso :’D. Hola me llamo Sherilyn soy de Perú(Lima) tengo 17 años !!!
    Sabes ?’ Comparto la misma idea que tu ,,, en un futuro Dios se encargara de todo el es el único juez en este mundo .Tarde o temprano se revelara la verdad pese a quien le pese aquella persona pagara todo el daño que hoy en día esta causando . Solo como verdaderas “Henecias” debemos estar a su lado, porque nosotras somos su soporte TnT ante la adversidad , ante los ataques. etc… Yo algún día espero tener una experiencia como la tuya, encontrarlo tenerlo tan cerca por lo menos unos minutos … Solo me conformo verlo desde la pantalla… Asisiti al fanmeeting en el 2013 como también al concierto World Tour ‘Phantasm’ 2014 Lima/Perú y sabes este último concierto antes de su servicio militar fue tan hermoso para las fans de Perú T-T aqui en Perú amamos mucho a KHJ ❤ Nos esforzamos demasiado para que líder se sienta protegido y sobre todo para que su corazón se sienta Feliz ^-^. KHJ prometio regresar ..!!! y Nosotras creeremos y esperaremos su regreso Fighting..¡¡¡

  22. Hi, I just want to thank you for this wonderful write up. I pray that Hyun Joong will be able to read this.

    You made me cry. Since it’s over, it dawned on me the roller coaster feelings the fans, family of Hyun Joong and Hyun Joong himself felt. And I felt physical hurt from what we all experienced. If only I can be allowed to see Hyun Joong, I would fly to Seoul just to reassure him that everything will be alright. Am also sad that soon, I will not see news on him since he might go hiatus or enter military. But I am happy that this ordeal of Hyun Joong is over.

    I pray for his peace of mind and new opportunities and new happiness to last a lifetime.

    Thanks again for a wonderful write up.

    Jeng N. Dela Torre
    Manila, Philippines

    • Hello jeng! Thank you it’s my pleasure to have you in this blog and reading my article. He’ll be able to read this article. Let’s just be thankful the nightmare is over if we spent weeks in pain so much so w hj that it was such a mental torture for him. Let’s accept the fact that somehow it sneared his image to those who doesnt know him. But Im sure he’ll be alright.
      Yes I agree with you now that the concert series is over and he’s resting we’ll have minimal news about him. Although he still has two events in Oct. that we can look forward to.
      Thank you again take care have a nice day and God bless…

  23. amen to your article…i always pray for serenity in his life now and be back to us with his renewed spirit and stronger Kim Hyun Joong as always giving his fans happiness in unexplainable manner ..i myself wonder about that …he is and will be always in my hearts forever…

    frankly, i’m lot envious with you … you have the opportunity to be with him physically…as for me ?? i’m just contented to see his performances in you tube over and over again…well…that’s life..

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! Oh I was just like you watching him from YT and reading articles about him, this chance was just co-incident. But I believe we all can have the chance to see him or even meet him in person. So don’t lose hope you may never know.
      You know what I ask the same question, what is it that makes us happy about HJ. Well maybe it’s simply him as an artist, his music most of all and I would say his fans too once you get to interact with them and start to build friendship I think. Then sometimes by just seeing his picture makes me smile. Yes it’s a good feeling being his fan.
      Thank you again, take care, have a great day and see you again! God bless…

  24. Thx u so much LK every time iread your article ifeel relief iwant just to say god blessed him he needs to rest for a while now and relax his mind but still unfair for him to bear everything alone thx u again Lk pleass keep in contact with us in this blog ireally always feeling relief when iread in your blog hope icould meet you one day

    • Hello!! Don’t worry I’ll always be here whenever time allows me to. I still have many topics to touch that hoping we can all learn from here and there! Yes it’s a great relief for HJ and for us. Well yes I agree with you what happened was unfair to HJ. But time heals, and we’ll be here to help him rise up again. HJ and all of us have endured a lot of pain, and criticisms but I believe this will make HJ and us stronger. Now we know how to fight the right way and we now know how to be humble at the right time, and so we preserve this experience in the future.
      Our next trial will be test of time while HJ is in his MS. If we have survive in the most difficult time then it will be less burden next time because HJ will be much stronger by that time.
      Thank you for dropping by, I hope to see you again, take care and have a nice day, God bless…

  25. Thank you LazerKim for another heartfelt blog post. It will not be his last dance definitely. He’ll comeback after his MS just like Kyujong and very soon Youngsaeng. Don’t be sad, he’ll have two years of contemplating and preparation to meet us again. I envy you, you got to see him that close. The closest I got to see him was at a second floor of a mall, behind taller fans. I have to jump up and down just to see his angelic smile, and he didn’t disappoint me. He smiled all though out.
    Thank heavens it’s all over, you’re right that girl lost him forever but “WE” will have him forever.
    It’s time for us to move on and hope for the best.

    • Hello Fayvo!! Thanks to you for making me laugh at the other article I replied to you! You made my day!! LOL Oh I hope I won’t be sad, but being here when that time comes I think we can help one another in making that two years shorter!! I’ll still be writing even he’s at MS. So that we will not forget him which is unlikely to happen after all of these trial I don’t think so!
      LOL LOL see you’re making me laugh again I love you girl! Next time bring a bench or riser with you!!! LOL God I die laughing here!!! LOL I remember what you said in my other article “Karma in digital form” LOL LOL… iba ka talaga. You know what I got a regular reader whom I know is just around this blog, and she’s like you too with good sense of humor. Watch out for her she’s blue ribbon! Funny girl!
      I talk too much, I’m just so happy today that HJ is finally off the hook.
      Well that it, take care, have a wonderful day and see you again! God bless…

    • Hello there!! oh yes nothing will ever change not a single bit we’ll be together with him as ever!! Thank you so much for staying at his side! Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless…

  26. Thanks for your wonderful blog don’t stop I think his ms will be good for him although we will miss him so much maybe he will heal while he is away from everything I do hope so as a mother of two boys 29 and 27 I feel that he can recover from this terrible ordeal and he knows how much he has his family and fans support if this was my boy I would be devastated but would hold on to the boy I know and love unconditionally. Stay healthy and let’s all move on together awaiting his return to us xx

    • Hello Janet! You are most welcome the pleasure is mine having you here in this blog. I will not stop from writing and this blog will remain dedicated to only one KHJ. Yes i agree with you I really think MS will do good for him to forget all the pain he had been through.

      I just hope and pray this incident would not be a traumatic experience for him. I still want him to fall in love again but hopefully to the right woman who can understand him, can nurture him and not the jealous selfish type. It’s hard to be with a man like HJ because of his star status but I;m sure he can find Ms. Right for him. However it’s still his personal privacy and I really really hope I won’t touch it or write it again!!! I hope this will be the first and the last.

      I will remain defending and protecting him with the help of everyone here you may expect this blog will maintain that objective. Thank you so much, take care, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless…

  27. What a wonderful article LK, you always write from the heart and it also shows exactly what is in my heart. Oh how lucky you are to be there on the last leg of his Phantasm concert and also send him off at the airport. It feels so funny that you were looking for someone wearing a dark shirt and he was just right in front of you wearing a lighter color long sleeved shirt. He is even more handsome. Goodness, he is really God’s gift for all kinds especially womankind hehe Why would someone want to ruin such a man? One day she will regret her mistake immensely. This story makes me want to make my relationship successful even more. And surely KHJ and all of us will learn from this as well. More and more people will understand and love you KHJ and they will realize how wrong they are. A much Greater Force evolved for Kim Hyun Joong these past few weeks. A GREATER LOVE and it shall remain stronger and stay forever in our hearts. Though we will still see him in two more events in Seoul, this last leg is just full of heart wrenching moments, even the pictures make me cry. You shall always be in my prayers. We believe in you Kim Hyun Joong and we look forward to seeing you again in more dramas and more music in more series of concerts.

    P. S. Hello LK please do keep your blog alive…;)

    • Senga I’m sooooooo happy HJ off the hook… Don’t worry guys we’ll work together and put him up again!! Don’t worry I’ll be here always.. Thank you everyone I’m so so so happy!!! Have a great day!! Thanks Senga for always been with HJ!

      • I’m be back to you Senga, I’d like to thank you for being here in this blog during those times of nightmare. It really feels comforting knowing there are many of us supporting and defending HJ. It’s my pleasure to write about HJ and bring it to all of you, thanks for the compliment!
        Yeah because all throughout the series he’s always been in black!! Except in Shanghai he wore white shirt when he arrived the airport. But he looks so handsome in his shirt today, very different from the usual!

        About that woman, I really think she was seeking HJ’s attention, but I’m sorry to say I’m happy he’s off the hook but what she did was really damaging to a person who’s only happiness is arts and making others happy. I just hope she would realize what she had done. Too much lies and making a man even apologize what she has done I think it’s her that needs help. Oh well we just have to move on, it’s just good the two events would not affected I hope after all. We can just pray for its success.

        Thank you again, take care and have a nice day! See you again! God bless…

        • In the beginning it felt exhausting and incredible. I remember I dreamed of him as my dongsaeng cousin, visiting my country during his SS501 Japan days, wearing that long hair, jeans, a sleeveless shirt and a cap, looking so cute and adorable. I felt very protective of dongsaeng and showed him around. So many were staring at him wondering who he is, a celebrity or what? I felt worried everytime he would ask to see some friends. In that dream, he also gave me lots of presents. hehe That dream felt reassuring that everything will be alright in the end. As the days went on, I felt stronger and one of the reasons was your blog, his close friends, staff, nonfans and the millions of other fans who were there supporting him in his official sites, concerts, other blogs, forums, twitter, youtube, weibo and facebook. I may add those kpop sites although they are mainly there to capture visitors.
          The strong feelings of gratitude, the strong feeling of wanting to help in return and the strong belief and foundation based of following KHJ for several years helped as well. I was one of those who felt healed and inspired to follow his ways based on his words and deeds. His generosity, humility, hardwork, straightforwardness which sometimes reached to a certain point wherein we wished he stopped talking but still enjoyed it immensely hehe, a concern for others before himself showing qualities of a true leader which we also felt with the way he thinks of his family, other SS501 members, friends, management, staff and crew and us his fans. And his quirkiness, one of a kind in the industry hehe It felt so evident and consistent and we have discovered since he was a newbie with that young star who finds it difficult to smile in front of the camera hehe, still shy and wary especially when talking to people for the first time and who prefers only to donate anonymously although sometimes revealed inevitably because other recepients feel excited to share to the public. There are so many things to mention but certainly most fans who know him well certainly feel the same way summarized in their words of love and admiration. We believe in you Kim Hyun Joong and we remain by your side forever.

  28. At least the nightmare is ended.
    But the paint in my heart is not easy to be released.

    Hope that Hyun Joong is happy and smiles.

    Dear LK, please keep your articles.

    • Fanjoong I love you!!!! hugs hugs…I’m so happy really happy! It’s over! It’s ok with God’s help HJ will rise up again pretty soon!!! Oh I love this day!!! Thank you fanjoong for always been here for HJ!!! Have a great day!! God bless. and thank you God…

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