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By: LazerKim


We may all be devastated, shocked, and I’m sure a lot of us cried last night as Hyun Joong was on his way to Nagoya, he posted his letter of apology. This was beyond expectation at first sight and a lot were at lost and the common question was WHY? Before I tell you why, let us remind ourselves who Kim Hyun Joong is.

First, fans who have been following Hyun Joong for years I’m sure you know very well what he was trying to say in that letter of apology. We can already read between the lines and we understand what he was trying to say.

Second, We have known Hyun Joong as a leader, who will sacrifice himself just to be able to save others from getting hurt. Am I right? Rewind your memories back in 2010, he was alone, took everything upon himself just to save his brothers. And another incident he was with the owner of his former agent and face all criticisms thrown to him. Did he asked for help. No, he faced the matter head on all by himself as a true leader.

Third, we have known Hyun Joong as a true gentleman. Garbage was being thrown to him but he didn’t move not an each and absorb all the lies being delivered to the media. But never did he say anything bad to whoever was throwing that garbage to him.


As I wrote in my appeal to Kim Hyun Joong this statement;

“I believe the truth is at your side I know you are not guilty of this alleged accusation from that woman, because if not the police should have held you up or call for another questioning if they find there’s a probable cause to file a case. On the contrary, the police stated that there was NO EVIDENCE in this accusation from that woman.”

We fans have been in tears for more than three weeks, while others have misjudged our love and support to him. We have known Hyun Joong as a peace loving person, very private and he can’t stand seeing his fans in tears or in pain.

Therefore to put a stop to all of these, he decided to give in and stoop down to the demand of that woman. If he fight back I don’t think he can bear no longer than a day seeing his fans all worried about him. This is the unspoken answer to the question WHY?

He might have made a mistake that he acknowledged, but not as what he was being accused of assault and we all know that. But the only mistake I know that he had done was choosing that wrong woman to the extent of destroying his life.

Many were asking how can they assess his sincerity, since that woman would like to assess Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his letter of apology. My answer to this “MONEY TALK”. We already know her true color. To that woman, I’m sure you’re happy now and you won in your revenge in destroying a man’s life while you kept yourself in hiding. But don’t be too happy, you know what you did.

                                        God never sleeps…..He sees everything.


We leave this chapter of our journey as we continue head on with Kim Hyun Joong. He has so much to sacrifice about, let’s give our share to ease even a little by being at his side. As I always write, we pick up all the good memories we have with him and I think we have gathered enough to keep us happy. We can only pray that there will be more that we can see from him on stage.

In anything that happens in our daily life has a reason. When this scandal erupted, I felt a very strong unity within Hyun Joong’s fans that I think divided groups among them had merged into one in comforting each other during this nightmare. I felt it and I can only smile by the strength it has brought one another.

With his gesture of humility, the more I admire him, the more I love him, and the more I will support and protect him. I made my word with the articles I have been writing win or lose I stay by his side. And that’s why I’m here, to re-affirm my word of honor. Not a single inch have I change my views about Kim Hyun Joong. He is the best, he’s my hero and nothing and no one can ever change that.

At this point let us move on, let us not waste what Hyun Joong is giving in, let’s stay united with him. We will not forget this incident as counting to experience because it has given us collective strength to share with Kim Hyun Joong in keeping him strong and brave in facing all these obstacles.

A gesture of apology is not a confession of guilt, being humble is not a sign of weakness but greatness…… that’s Kim Hyun Joong………. My Brave Hero.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

This is my personal space I can say what I want.    

                              TO ALL HATERS BACK OFF FROM MY COMMENT BOX

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46 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MY BRAVE HERO

  1. Dear KHJ

    to err is human …forgive is divine and her roads are narrow
    when you can’t go back you have to worry only the best way of moving forward
    you will never be Abel to escape from your heart so it’s batter to listen to what it has to say
    that way you’ll never has to fear an unanticipated may it always be clear that only true love can compete with any other love in this world when we give everything we have nothing more to lose try to find this trust
    but please a little smile we worry for you so take care of yourself and your health
    your fans eagerly awaiting your smile

  2. Lazer Kim your article really hit to my core..i was crying while reading this note…it’s been awhile that i cried but because of Kim Hyun Joong, i cried every article i read since i am just a new fan i don’t know why he moved me a lot..and yes it been 3 weeks that i suffered with him…thanks LK for having you as KHJ’s fan ..we always stand up for Him. i slowly understand Kim Hyun Joong’s personality through your articles..keep up the good works LK.

    • Hello there! Welcome to the Alien Family you came in the right place! Thank you so much for reading my articles and most of all thank you for staying. Yes this nightmare is such an ordeal but now it’s over we can move forward now, on you may I just say Hyun Joong is worth your time in getting to know more about him. He’s such a wonderful person. I hope by this time you have recover from the pain, you’re not alone all of us here have the same feelings during those weeks. Now we can smile, just remember we’re all here for you being a newbie in the fandom. Again Welcome to the world of Kim Hyun Joong.
      Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless…

  3. Hi dear LK ,

    I’m sorry . My recent post is to respond somebody with no name . I just found that you already edited .that post . So, You can edit my respond if you like .

    Thank you

  4. NOTE: This is a response to a supposedly a HATER who’s trying to sneak around my comment box.
    To HATERS may I repeat I will shoot you if you ever come near my blog…Got that??? LazerKim here warning you!

    Hi…….Do you have a name ? ( I don’t know how to call you )

    It’s alright if you don’t understand . I understood you . You are angry , you are upset and you want to cry because you feel frustrated and injustice etc. I feel exactly the same as you I repeat exactly the same.. and I know you are a good person . So, try to hear me.

    The different is you believed without doubt in what A said and what A showed to the public. You believe in every words media reported. You did not aware of what the police said and did not aware of the whole story and how the whole thing proceed but I do. I have a lot of doubt the way A tried to convince the public. Her accusation is far exaggerated and can not convince me neither the police. In my opinion A is too tricky she is not honest with the story she told and did not respect the investigation process and abuse justice system which is you don’t care but I do care. The way people blame and condemn HJ since the first day before he ever say anything is absolutely injustice and unacceptable for me. I don’t want to live in the world like this . The world that people see thing only black and white and easily accuse and abuse a person and said that is justice.

    ” A ” demanded an apology and HJ did respond to her demand. In my opinion a person who can give in himself to the accusation that has no reliable evidences is say a lot of things. For me It said he wants to put peace in A ‘s heart and wants to put peace in everybody heart with all his flame regardless the exaggerated accusation. He see that is more important than protect his own image . To be able to do this you need a brave heart , a heart of giving. He knew well how he is and who he is regardless what others think about him. He put all he has just to make peace for others.That’s why he is a hero of his fans .

    I think those who don’t understand should be able to understand now. No more argument no need to throw bad words to each other. we just have different perspective. I don’t know ” A ” at all I don’t know her face , personality, behavior and background I can only say from the way she handle the accusation . Following someone for years you know enough of his personality and how he is. You might see “A” as a hero. I don’t mind. I see ” A ” as someone who hurts, angry and wants to burst out her anger who needs support as well.. ” A” needs help and support but not to the extend that help her to destroy a person’s life. I ‘m against DV but I value justice and fair judgement.

    • Thanks for explaining so patiently to the haters. Well said. Those are my thinking too for so many years following since his debut.

      • Thank you fanjoong and BibiannaLambert,

        After reading today’s news I just hate continuing lie wants to say some more.

        Here, some additional points of my respond to those haters who seems to forget that it was HJ who broke up with ” A “. Ms. “.A ” was his ex to begin with. If HJ was still in the relationship ” A ” probably would not make it up this scandal. if ” A ” was abused as mentioned in the accusation why got angry when HJ wanted to brake up . She should be happy to get out from it???? You probably did not see this point either. In my opinion A ‘s motive is to revenge .

        While ” A ” was very harmful to him HJ has never talked badly about ” A ” until now. He is a real gentleman not to expose ” A ” ‘s identity to the public. of course you did not see this either.

        I believe if this case go to court ” A ” will not have any reliable evidence to support as the police had stated before. That’s why “A ” wanted settlement. A real victim of DV will ask for justice not settlement. Of course you did not see this either.

        ” A ” kept talking to the press to make her looked right for public while HJ said nothing. HJ is kind enough to write an apology the way ” A ” wanted just to make peace in A ‘s heart and took full responsibility of the whole thing regardless his own damage . Of course you did not see this either.

        I strongly believe HJ can always walks with his head high for knowing in his heart how much he has given away to make peace in the others hearts and how much he is able to forgive a person who tried to destroy his life. I really don’t know about “A ” whether she will ever satisfy with her life for what she has done. Money can help for a while but not for long.

        • Bella,
          Agreed with all u said, but she really showed she was after revenge and money!!
          She lied all the way and the evidence was most surely against her, she just went out on the media to destroy him with public opinion that way forcing him to give in to her demands….and that apology why it smell like was dictated by her party?
          Now is water under the bridge, but one day when the money gone……Karma…

  5. Hyun joong was my first and only bias .. . The guy who opened the doors for me to appreciate kpop and Korean drama… I’ve always been loyal to a fault and really and at letting go, for that reAson I am fiercely protective of those I love. The past weeks have been hard and heartbreaking… I am glad that my friends and staff know me weell enough to give me a listening ear when things got to me too much to bear and I just had to vent or share my pain. I am thankful too for people like you LK and many others whose blogs have become oasis for us fans amidst these crisis… A place where we can find respite and consolation as we all try to refresh and strengthen ourselves by holding on to each other and our mutual love for am amazing person. People who do not belong in the tight circle of hyun joongs fandom will never understand how we can continue to love and support him despite everything that has been said and done. They feel that we are delusional , wasting time and tears on somebody we do not even personally know… To them I say this … I see no shame on believing somebody that I have followed for years, somebody who has given his heart through his music and work to somebody like me who is unknown to him… Somebody who has allowed me to take a peek and even share the life that should have been his. They say we are delusional for protecting and taking his sides and yet they do not see the hypocrisy and irony of supporting somebody totally unknown to them. I do not condemn them for taking A’s side…and neither do I try or will try to excuse hj of his faults on the matter… I ask though that they respect the choices we make as his fans the same way we give them the due courtesy. All thus has not made me or most of his fans see him any less than the man he is ..: for the simple reason that … Believe it or not… We know him better than they do. We will never agree on how we see his actions and decisions cuz we will never see it in the same perspective… We will never see it from the same angle. I speak for myself … The grace that hyun joong has shown despite tremendous pressure is exceptional.. He has chosen to be a better person with his silence… He chose to be misunderstood to start healing …nothing is more admirable than to see a man say nothing even to save his life, his image… To say nothing when he has so much to say. Nothing is more humbling than to see a man ,who had been loved the world over for his honesty and sincerity and now doubted bravely own up and apologize. I saw pics of hyun joong after that apology was issued and I felt his pain… I also understood for some reason why he did it. It’s like seeing someone really dear to me hurt and broken … The emotions of empathy and affection that I felt was so much that Im sure if it could transcend space and time he would have felt emanating through the screen if my iPad…and that feeling is something that his antis will never understand… My apologies for faking too much Soave in your blog… Again I am thankful for the stars for making me find you LK and so many others who had eased the pain in my heart… Just as sure as everybody else here … I am sure that everything will be fine.. What happens next is up to hj and up to us … Together when the time comes… We will be smiling when our prince reclaims his place … The one so unfairly taken away from him … The one so rightfully his.

    • Chingu you have written so well. I am glad I found this site when I was depressed and upset from the scandals weeks ago.

      I went to those site for the latest updates and those haters comments hurt so much and wanted to rebutt but I saw those who defended Hyun Joong was bashed so thoroughly by those haters. It was no use talking sense into those delusional fans of Ms A. And I avoided those site totally after that.

      Thanks to Lazer, Angel Joong, Hyunniepexers and many true fans of Hyun Joong I survived the scandal.

      I was so happy that i found I am not alone supporting him for whatever he did but admit to it and repent though I believe there were underlying stories to all those allegation. I believe in him and glad so many of you are here with me and him.

      Bow 90 degree to all of you here and all his true fans.

  6. Love him more now than ever, his honesty condemned him but we know who is he right, it is not a surprise just a confirmation of his strong way to make decisions in his life. She really lost him with her attitude before and after she decided to spread from the media her discontent with him. He faced it and even apologized admiting to fight, to pushed BUT NOT beat her, not frequenly, I believe in his words about it, he apologizes for the hurt heart that she got, he understood her, that is all.
    But now KIM HYUN JOONG, is time to relax and feel better in the way and place that you know, ON STAGE, Time to feel relieved, renovated, loved and couraged, doing what you do best . SHE REALLY LOST HIM FOR EVER BUT WE DONT, WE WILL BE WITH HIM FOREVER. Miss A helps us to be more united than ever with him.
    Your words Lazer kim as always make us to reflect and feel relieved in our hearts and with our decision to be here with you suporting him.
    God bless you

  7. Thank you all who supports HJ inspite of this phase of his life. I am reminded of the story of the Phoenix who rose from the ashes better than before. Also, of the scripture ,”God does not sleep nor slumber, he sees all and he knows all. Also, the same measure of judgment you but on others will be meet out to you”. We must all be careful on our words because once spoken you cannot take back. I support you all but especially Kim Hyun Joong. This is noy our battle but the Lords. He can deal with people better than we. Let go and let Him handle everything.
    Thaky you LK, and God bless

  8. Nagoya concert was sold out. I wish I was there. There were so many heart wrenching moments in that concert. At the concert, there is so much humility and honesty in Kim Hyun Joong’s words. He talks a lot again. Arigato gozaimasu for all dongsaengs, noonas, ahjumma and a lot of omma fans in Japan who took care of him making sure their dongsaeng and son is alright. I had to stare and gasp, he has become even more incredibly handsome with renewed strength and confidence as well. Kim Hyun Joong we will always be by your side. 🙂

    • As most of us who were following him for several years felt healed, felt inspired and gathered strength from his words and deeds, this time we help him gather renewed strength, inspiration and the will to survive. Thank you Thailand, Peru, China, Japan and the rest of the world.

  9. Lazer kim is so right,just now I finished reading his statement of apology,I knew the purpose it served.hyun joong was being the bigger person.This proves to show that joong is such an amazing being,he did not just think of himself but also his fans most. She must be feeling proud,she thinks that she have successed in breaking Joong, but he has only showed that he is ready to move on.Kim hyun joong apology is sincere cause he must at one point loved her.I won’t wasting my time hating her cause she has already caused harm to herself,even though the public does not know her.Am just happy that God gave joong na the strenght and courage to make that statement.It goes to show that God is with him. I pray that u will overcome this ordeal and spread ur smile to all parts of the world,eat and be healthy,cause hyun joong is our sunshine,love u.

  10. Yesterday,after reading his letter of apology…I was like in a dream asking to myself “WHAT does it mean???” why he is apologizing? Saying it’s all my fault?” THEN… I realized how reasonable and intelligent and sensitive and peaceful THIS MAN is ( yes, MAN, in capitol letters!!)…I thought ” how much courage does it take to stop all this messing around?” with the risk of making some people believe he did all that he was accused of…ONLY for the sake of peace!!!! I was so eager dear LazerKim ,to read your new article about his apology letter,hoping you would express the same feelings of mine…and …so it was!!!! You said rightly,we know..WE KNOW what is there beyond those lines…we do know him so…we do know the truth! His choice,not the easiest,but the wisest …will avoid draggin media,paparazzi,rapacious haters into their favourite hobby: speculating on people’s life..going further and further with their stupid gossip show as if they have some kind of “license to kill” !!!!! Kill someone’s mental peace…WELL DONE HYUN JOONG! Never give them this chance anymore!!! No !!! And as the gentleman that you are, you apologized because of all the pain caused (mainly by her!) and so you shouted their mouths up once for all…thank you…we love even more than before…✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
    And to you Lazer Kim, thank you once again for your words…always right,honest and humble at the right time..
    Our HUG is still strong around you,KHJ..we will never let our Oppa down!!!! Millions of hearts beating for you💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


  11. I can say that kim is truly a gentleman and brave hearted person I like him so so much this scand make me really upset but after you article its give me strength too lije kim more and more
    Fighting oppa ♡★★★
    You are my star and only one

  12. in this past 3 weeks, feels like I’m watching a drama. and every episode always makes cry, how I wish this is only drama, but everytime I woke up the anxiety is real. that this is a real occasion that my dear boy has to face everyday. it’s hard for me to concentrate at work for the first week, and I’m asking how could he manage his feeling to keep focus and smiling on stage.
    the concert has become his phantasm, a sweet escape from reality. a paused moment to regain his strength and absorbe all the love from his lovely fans to gather his courage. and after it ended, after every concert ended he made decision that only brave man could do.
    after bangkok concert, he made his statement, he could have denied everything but he choose to be honest.
    after guangzhu, he came to the police to do the investigation. he’s facing the media for the first time since the accusation. did he tell them his side of story? no! he choose the official place to tell his story and not selling them to the public. the police declare that actually there’s no evidence accept Miss A statement.
    and after Peru, he choose to have mediation and giving his letter of apology like Miss A ask. he used all his opportunities to meet his fans to gain his strength once again before making such a huge decision.
    I hope he heals now with his last concert in nagoya, though A still throwing shits to him for questioning his sincerity, I hope he, once again can absorbe all the love from his fans. he will show no sadness nor weakness. he stands up tall and smiling because he wants us to know he is fine even though we know he doesnt.
    I’m so proud of him and loving him even more. this kind of personality only exist in drama, but hyunjoong shows everyone that being sincere is not impossible and not a weakness. he wins this battle, at least he wins against his ego. you will be happy once again my dear boy. you will. and I’ll be waiting right here to see you shining even brighter next time. chin up my humble man and dont be afraid to fall in love again. you are loved. and someone out there is preparing herself to match up with your standard of humanity.
    I love you 김현중!!

    • Thank you so much for such a beautiful message. I hope HJ will be able to read this. It feel so good and so warm at heart. I so agree with you the way you describe him I thought exactly the same. HJ is beyond expectation he ‘s never stopped to amaze me.

      He is a real artist at heart and a man of man at his soul.
      ln this 3 weeks I learned a lot about people. There are people who so eager to hate and can only see thing that feed their hatred.
      i remember in one interview the leader of Artmatric ( HJ’s dancer group ) said …..even though HJ is younger than him but he has learned a lot from HJ and he respect him. Now I feel the same .
      He is such a special young man.

  13. Dearest LazerKim
    Thanks for posting this so quick even though we know you are very busy, but yes so true and you put into words always our thoughts, yes we are family because we all think alike here.
    I have full respect for Hj for doing this, even though is taking its toll on his health (for sure, as we can all see the sad eyes…and it is painful) and his career, but what a Man this one to take the blame on him even though he could have easily proven her wrong. I would really have liked to see him fight and stand up to her, but it is his decision and I fully respect that, he knows for sure what is best for him and most probably had his reasons.

    Hj you not just have our respect, you managed to have us respect you and admire you even more for doing this.

    For that conniving bitch, sorry gals can’t stop myself, but she deserve it, how can she live with herself after this mayhem she created? No conscience for sure, can she sleep at night? What can we expect from such a little nobody? Greed, pettiness and stupidity is most probably what is moving her, because she is greedy and all her actions show it clearly.
    Yes what goes around comes around always. KARMA.

    God is there and watching and everyone is paying for their sins, maybe not when we want but eventually she will get her Karma. She should thank he lucky stars that Hj is not a revengeful person because for sure he could have crushed her and her so called “case” in a moment even though for sure it cost him a lot.

    Yes Hj fans are more United than ever and we will continue our support and I hope and pray (and I am not a religious person…but for HJ I’ve prayed… ) that he will rise like the Phoenix from all this mess and be stronger and better because this Artist has talent and drive and all his works are unique done with passion and love.
    You Are Not Alone! We are with you all the Way!:)

  14. day by day im fallen love with him more n more………….hw a person can b so humble, responsible n brave….with a big heart…he inspires me each n every moment … his thought,his potential,his kindness drive me crazy……my idol—>

  15. Let’s pray for Hyun Joong. He has been hurt terribly but still find in his heart to stoop down and asked for an apology. I admire him for that. I just hope that the person concern will be now satisfied for what Hyun Joong did.

  16. Thanks Lazer Kim for such a comforting article. I am very glad that there are still many us “so call delusional fans” given by the haters out there, we will stand by him and to support through the rough time. I have to respect him for his decision though I think it is unfair to him and create more misunderstanding.

    What I worried most are the statement by that Ms A lawyer that they will judge his sincerity before deciding on the dropping of he charge. They stated they never said that they promise to drop the charge with the apology. Anyway with these action I detested Ms A more. If you fall out of love you will never revenge on someone that you had loved once. I totally agreed money is the main reason. With the cantonese saying “biting him by the neck and will not let go” until her selfish and cruel desire are satisfy. I doubt she will be satisfied though.

    Truth be told, I have my longest night last night fighting against haters in allkpop but I think those people will never learn unless they face the same scandal themselves.

    • Honestly I’ll be the happiest if that woman continue filing the case. If she’s not really a brainless, she should think she’s still lucky HJ still protect her identity. Once she file the case to court if there’s probable cause to do so, whether she likes it or not she’ll be exposed. I hope she won’t forget KHJ fans are now after her. The more she talks the more she reveals what kind of a person she is.
      Love??? I doubt if she ever felt it, she just took advantage of HJ’s star status.

      Two years??? Here’s what I can, what I believe is what HJ stated at the beginning of this scandal and the statement he made at the police station which has the same statement. He was forced to lie in that apology as that woman demanded. Now she’s restless and couldn’t content herself saying she’ll assess on HJ’s sincerity to his apology, so what kind of a woman is she? She couldn’t wait till the cash is her hand. Shame on her really, and I’m afraid what she is showing can reflect on other innocent Korean women all over the world. And this kind of doings from women is getting rampant in SK which is just scary for any men specially celebs.

      Now I can fully understand as to why is it that in SK showbiz, agents restricts their artists about dating that they include this in the nature of their contract since dating is human right that I was thinking artists are being deprive on their privacy. And with what happened to HJ gave me the impression this is exactly why, because there are some Korean woman who can really destroy their career lives.

      I really feel sad for HJ and it’s not really his fault to get trapped by this kind of woman. He’s a man, handsome, rich and with star status, and I couldn’t blame him if women comes to him. While this woman started building a sand castle out of her dreams. I don’t believe with the 2 years rel as she claims, I’m also a woman and if I have that long time rel somehow I would treasure that rel and wouldn’t just jump to destroying the person I once love.

      Other than the fact if HJ is that kind of man who can allegedly physically abuse women, by this time his other girlfriends in his past should have come forward. How I wish I can write about women and their relationship because I got a lot to say about this topic. Oh well maybe someday I can write about it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take care and see you again! Have a nice day! God bless…

  17. Thank you very much LK to take your time for this article. You are brilliant , sharp and very thoughtful .

    Yes, I feel heavy in my heart seeing injustice being done to a person. I almost lost trust to ability of human to ….I lost words I could not find the right words for it but I hope you understand. If this same situation happens to others I would feel the same as I witness this kind of incident before. I was wondering how HJ would feel even though he is a positive person . One thing I know he is a kind of person who is happy to sacrifice himself rather than take advantage over the other..

    I saw some clips this morning I saw a man who carry himself with dignity and grace. He walked through people at the airport , did not hide his eyes and looks at people in their eyes. He is proud and respect himself. He did look like a person who just let go of something importance regardless what others think about him. To be honest i feel good to see him like this.

    HJ’s decision is shown that after all he cares for the others feeling than his own flame. He likes to challenge his own life. He might be guilty in people’s eyes but he knows well how good he is therefore he can always keep his head high.

    I respect him more and love him more

  18. Like always, you face every problem with courage and dignity. Maybe the bashers are doing their happy dance, they thought they won but no. Who’s the one hiding comfortably, while the media and netizens are having a field day? Ms. Jane Doe used them all for her evil ways just like a puppet. Ms. Jane Doe won today but that doesn’t mean she’ll always win. One day she’ll meet someone who will make true of what she accused Hyunjoong.
    Like what we say in my country “Digital na ang karma ngayon!”
    Hyunjoong’s humility is beyond words, and that says so much about him. Yes, netizens will call me delusional but at least I’m not a puppet.

    • @fayvohjuan You speak my mind chingu. His fault is he choose the wrong woman. She think she can run away from the problem she created? She is so wrong. I believe in fate and destiny, whatever happened for a reason. Just am happy he face the problem like man and like the way we believe him. Fighting Kim Hyun joong.

        • Hyun Joong is BRAVEHEART. He sacrificed himself with great courage. He is and will be always a true leader.
          I can say we (true fans) are stronger and more united because of him. I hope japanese fans will support him more than always tonight.
          And for this “A”, I’m sure that friends of HJ who know her will not forget what she did, and they certainly will not be as gentleman as HJ.
          Courage my little prince, don’t forget we are here and never leave you. I hope Keyeast will be a support for him too.

          • Hello Fayvohjuan!! LOL I read your comment just before the concert started just couldn’t reply with what you said “Digital na ang Karma ngayon” (Now Karma comes in digital form!!) LOL LOL Gosh I die laughing here!! In my country no matter how we struggle in our daily life people manage to joke, play and laugh!
            That’s what we are despite of problems we manage to joke LOL This is what I miss back home! That’s we need on times like this, I’m proud of you! LOL Thanks! See you again and God bless…

  19. Thanks again for your post. I guess all of us are feeling the same. Have been so down and worried for KHJ since Aug 22 . Was so concern how he is going through day by day but seeing all the support from his fans , I am sure he will pull through. Let us continue to have him in our hearts and looking at the bright side I think this incident brought us fans as one with one goal ie We all love KHJ more and more and will never give up on him. Let’s hope all our love will translate into positive energy for KHJ

  20. Hello Ms.Lazerkim thanks once again to ur article of the day.i like the way u say that “his humility is not a sign of weakness but that makes him great.” Yes I admire his humility en courage in dealing this matter,coz not all people have this kind of qualities.this proved that KHJ does not change since back then.hope everything will run smoothly after this stormy weather in his path. Wish to see him more happy en has a good smile all the time.😀thanks for the space,take care en more power.KHJ fighting!!!!

      • @Bella
        I think KHJ has consider a lot before making his decision to this matter, not only time en effort but most of all his family, friends,his boss BYJ,his fans en all the people around for them is the motivating factor to reach that as a loyal fan of him,we must understand en give our full support in everything he do. Thanks to all of us who continue to support our only one not only in the good time but also in the bad times like this😀

  21. I hate this situation. why he did not fight for us. Life is fight against this kind of people and he gave up. That means haters and prosti… won. If this is korea, I do not want to know anything about it She becomes rich and popular. Nobody knows who is and future you will face with her again. The same woman,different man. Pitiful.싫어. 저는 슬프해. 실망해.

  22. I’m am so thankful to God for making me get to know a great man like KHJ. He decided to end this himself, this just shows how much heart he has. I think that this will be the start of an even greater phase both for KHJ and us his fans. It really sucks for him that he met such a woman. I also said it before that I will continue to be his fan all through the way, still it’s cool to know that I’m not alone and we his fans have trully showed how awesome we are through out this period, supporting each other and our only one.
    Lazerkim thank you so much for this space you have given us to express ourselves.
    God bless you all and God bless KHJ too, lets continue to spread the love.!!!!

  23. as always, you hit our minds again, we think as one, we move as one , that’s what family doubt we are one family. i agree to what you said that he did that for us, he is a true gentleman with deep intelligence. he handle the whole situation wisely, calmly and with dignity, nothing to worry about coz we know that he can make it to the end with flying colors, staying beside him worth every minute. love you before…love you more now…thanks for the write ups…

  24. He has made his peace.. so should we (i think) … he is a more a Man now than ever before. I feel he is ready for a new chapter in his life. I just hope that he knows we are still with him & we love him.

  25. Thank goodness for your blog. I find it a little haven in a sea of screaming and anger. It should not surprise me that KHJ has such cool fans LOL

  26. Agree with you. He chose a false girl, that’s his fault.
    Hope he’ll never contact with her more, but not lose the belief to girls and loves.
    I cried, my heart is painful, but I understand his decision.

    It’s now a new phase for HJ and for me.
    Love him more and more …

  27. Thank you, LK for posting even though you are so busy. I have felt the need to be vigilant also. I am hurting for Hyun Joong but happy that he decided to end it rather than let it drag on. He did it in his own way and i am proud of him, truly. I understand him and I love him even more. We are all ready to move on. Sigh of Relief! 😧 good night!

    • leader stands on the truth and the truth have set him free, he not only stand up tall but he definitely has peace within him.

      As he is a very thoughtful person, he still want to save the other person’s face and do not want to wash dirty linen on public, but take the blame.

      it is best that they let the matters settle down , otherwise it is to her disadvantage.

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