By: LazerKim


I speak for myself as I hope this appeal would reach the person concern. Here’s my sincere appeal to Kim Hyun Joong as follows:

Please do not agree on monetary settlement, I your fan would like to know the TRUTH for once and for all.

Or if Ms. A is just that greedy, please you may give it to her BUT with the condition she would withdraw those lies she submitted to the media, that both you Kim Hyun Joong and Ms.A knows very well she’s been lying. 

If it’s justice that she truly seek (which I doubt), then she should NOT accept anything from you. Therefore I challenge her.

I believe the truth is at your side. I know you are not guilty of this alleged accusation from this woman, because if not the police should have held you up or call for another questioning if they find there’s a probable cause to file a case. On the contrary, the police stated that there was NO EVIDENCE in this accusation from that woman. If there’s silence from both sides in the coming days, I understand.     Thank you…

                                  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. 

                                                                                                       LazerKim here wriitng

This is my personal space I can say what I want.



69 thoughts on “APPEAL TO KIM HYUN JOONG

    really l am not surprised of this letter from KIM HYUN JOONG, l told you sometimes that l have a son of his age and a daughter too, and l notice from young relationships nowadays that boys specially dont like to have anything serious at all, unfortunately most girls tend to fall in love and hope even to get married as soon as they have a relation. Unintentionally boys hurt hearts and end it if they feel unconfortable, it says that girls are heart and boys head. l got an example here, that is why l dare to say it.
    But what l think that he was awared what he did, at the begining of this l felt him like protecting her, they would have had good moments ,which were spoiled by her attitude that surely made him turned tired of it.
    Knowing him he could finish as he is very honest, but it will turn her upsetting hurt. l DONT BELIEVE HE HIT HER, I WONT EAT THAT, simply because when someone is hurt as she is, could turn a simple push to a beat and exagerate the things as a wounded wolf, till she get what she wants, but he can waste time in bickering just because she is not going to change her mind. Hope that it ends quickly to see him again working in what he does well. The lesson IS REALLY LEARNED IN A HARD WAY TO HIM, but it will help him to choose better and think and act carefully before to do wrongly what he kmows will hurt.
    I TAKE MY HAT OFF FOR YOU, my love you did it again, get the shots and acept you part of guilt, it tells to much of your honesty facing the anger from her and media and even care her too. we are with you.

    • Neither do i believe hj had ever hit her. Just like what your son felt fear from girls I think Hj knew what kind of a woman she was so he broke off fr the rel. And i can still remember what he said when this scandal 1st exploded that the rel was nothing serious. I still believe hj was caught in this trap in self defense over their fight. It’s just too painful hj has to apologize over something he didnt do that he has to agree w what that woman’s statement. I still believe in his 1st statement to the police. I hv strong impression that he was already blackmailed reading fr that other camp statement. Honestly i think this is really evil. Maybe someday the truth would come out. im just not convised w what hj apologized about. Anyway maybe he did the right thing to put a stop on all of these but i can see she wont stop.

      But this woman could not accept and couldnt get what she wants fr hj so she

  2. On September 15, his legal rep disclosed to Star News, “We agreed on a withdrawal of litigation with no conditions if Kim Hyun Joong officially apologizes. The withdrawal will occur tomorrow in the afternoon.

    “It was important to ease her feelings. She wanted an apology more than discussing right and wrong. We officially apologized, and she decided to withdraw the lawsuit after accepting his feelings.”

    SEE ALSO: Both sides of Kim Hyun Joong assault case give an update

    On the same day, Kim Hyun Joong indeed wrote out a letter of apology on his official home page, addressing his ex-girlfriend.

    He wrote, “I am really sorry for inflicting a lot of psychological and physical pain on the person whom I’ve trusted and loved and vice versa for two years through this act. I am ashamed that I behaved in a way I shouldn’t have as a man. As everything in this incident was my fault, that person has no reason for receiving criticism. I apologize once again to that person, and I want to relay words of apology like this to that person’s family and acquaintances.

    “I hope, more than anything, that she will accept my apology and forgive me. Using this as an opportunity, I will work hard to become a bit more considerate and to live more healthily.”

    [Update] – It turns out that ‘A’ has not yet made a decision about dropping the charges, rather, she’s considering dropping the charges as she determines whether Kim Hyun Joong is sincere about his apology. Her lawyer told media outlets, “It’s not true we have decided to drop the case. We are still of the position that if [Kim Hyun Joong] apologizes sincerely, then we will drop it. As of right now, we are trying to assess if he is sincere [in his apology].”

    • I think any statement from KE or HJ should come out both in Korean and English languages because I can not trust the media version as we experience misleading and twisted meaning. We know Jacky ‘s version is more accurate but we would not want to spend our time argue with those minded set that can’t see thing different.

      Now ” A ” questions whether HJ is sincere in his apology. She really ask what she can’t give. ” A ” must ask herself first whether she is sincere to HJ and honest to herself cooperating with tabloid to blame him in front of the public.

      • Bella lets face it what meant by hj’s sincerity is if he’s sincere in giving the cash. we already know her true color. she will not be contented by a piece of paper fr hj. she gambled a lot so she has to win do or die!! really a snake.

      • I agree. Although none of the translations explicitly admits that Ms A’s version is the truth. No where in any of them does he say he dated her for 2 years, or what that pain he gave her really was. This jives with his own version of events just fine although of course the haters who started in w/the toxic screaming did so when all that they had was an unknown girl’s accusations, so there is no shutting them up now.
        He does not want her bashed (how like him) and wants to take full responsibility (again, no surprise). So, I respect that.

    • And a Coward too until now she is hiding!
      She is questioning Kim Hyun Joong’s sincerity?!
      I feel like giving her something to make her come around
      maybe pour an ice bucket on her, for a different reason this time.
      She is really showing her true colors the real thing she is after eh…

      Does she realize what KHJ underwent when she started this drama?
      All the public’s humiliation, judgement and ridicule.
      Those who continuously and incessantly inflict anxiety to people
      and create more drama will get what they deserve, Karma!!!…

      I remember France501 mentioned it here.
      Do you remember watching a video when KHJ played,
      FC Avengers versus Jaksal? There is a girl there flirting publicly with KHJ
      I have a funny feeling it is her. Because those videos were put to private
      or deleted and a few videos remain
      which still show her being touchy touchy with KHJ
      although KHJ was not focusing on her that much.
      It was in 2013…

    • I am SOOOO furious right now.
      So, she wanted a ‘sincere apology’. Fine. Of course he gives her one & tells everybody it’s all his fault & leave her alone. His public apology reads sincere, but it’s written so that either statement (his or hers) could be true ~sigh~ ~holding head in hand~ I was wondering if she would accept it or demand something more explicit (which I’m so glad he didn’t give her).
      But NOOOOOO!!!!! OMG!!!!! What did the news just come out with? She got a personal apology, he sounds sincere (HER words, supposedly), she has no problems yadda yadda yaddda doesn’t want to ruin him ~more yadda yadda~ BUT DOESN’T WANT to drop the charges just yet?
      Didn’t her camp say that if he did this AND she found him sincere, she’d drop the charges? So who’s lying?
      I guess that amount they offered has just not quite matched her demands, huh! How blatant can she be? I am over it. I won’t bash her cause he’s saying ‘no’. But man, 😦

  3. Hi LK and everyone,

    I feel very sad and relive in the same time. I feel sad that he has to go through all this shit . I do not feel at all that he is committed to what he was accused . Yes, he apologized because that the kind of man he is. He is a decent man after all. I respect his decision. We all knew and felt that this is what he would do even though we don’t want him to do. It’s strange isn’t it ? the way we can read his mind. Apology is not always mean you are wrong. I think for HJ it doesn’t matter how others look at him but more importance how he looks at himself. I respect him because he is respect himself. We probably will never know the truth but we know well he is a giving person. I truly believe someone like him will only be a better person because he always challenge himself with the most difficult thing. The way I look at him He IS HONEST and classy since the beginning till the end..

    I feel relive that he will finish all these soon and move on. One day he will meet a special someone that deserves the best of him. It’s funny my trust and my confident toward him does not change a bit and I still proud of him even more so. This experience will only made him stronger and wiser. He will lost some fans and gain new fans that’s normal for people in the entertainment industry. Those who remain with him all these years are the ones who learn to love his soul.

    As a fan i still continue to support him and look forward to his new project. Fighting Kim Hyun Joong you are loved and respected.

    • Bella and ALL,
      Yes there is some kind of relief here, but why do I feel that for the first time HJ lied to us in this, I feel that he done that just to close this torment and nightmare and to move on.
      I do not believe in this statement even if comes fm HJ, sorry gals, he is a true gentleman yes and I admire him for that. It takes guts to admit something that is not true and it will hurt you but still going to do it just to close this and move on.
      I do hope that one day someone will disclose the truth and she will get her Karma.

      HJ :
      If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you’re strong enough to get back up.
      Your fans support you and love and you earned that respect from us even more! Don’t ever give up on your dreams, they will became true!

      • He has to lie to save the million who cried for weeks just to give to one noisy person who created the turmoil. Someday justice will be served in other forms by then she would realize what she did. I hope she’s happy now but it wont be long.

    • It’s not important who leaves but it’s important who stays. They have a stronger foundation that cannot just be ruined.

      Read this appeal carefully, we already know the truth and in our hearts we know why he did it. Silence is what i understand. As i have said he doesnt to prove his innocence. He took everything upon himself as he did in 2010, remember? same w you nothing change l still trust him and love him even more.

      • Yes I agree KHJ always sacrifices a lot for other people he has been doing that a lot since the time I started this fangirling thing and it is one of the reasons why I like him although in this particular instance it feels so very hard to accept.
        Also in a mediation, this process that they chose, both parties have to have an agreement like the girl requested for an apology letter and so KHJ made one for her. Some people chose mediation to settle matters straight away because in arbitration it takes a little bit longer similar to litigation wherein there is a need to appear in court too. Law is similar everywhere the cases or the intensity of the cases maybe different in each country.

        This is also a good read on arbitration and mediatoin from a foreign lawyer, mediator or arbitrator based in Seoul, South Korea.

        No. 5 obviously is monetary settlement now we know what she really wants. huh!

        4. Avoid interlocutory disputes
        Filing motions can sometimes be a good way to dispose of hopeless claims swiftly; however, they often result in significant delay to proceedings and costs mounting on both sides. A carefully worded letter asking the other side to reconsider their position in light of X may be the solution and result in a concession being made, rather than having a lengthy fight over a relatively small issue.

        5. Be flexible in your proposed settlement terms
        While it is often beneficial to make offers on an “exclusive of costs” basis for the purpose of costs protection, it also assists to make an alternative offer at the same time which is inclusive of costs. In order to do so, you need some basis for an assessment of the other side’s costs (for example, by requesting an itemisation or rough estimate prior to making the offer).

        The benefit is that the “inclusive” offer may be closer to the ultimate total figure sought, may encourage the other side’s legal representative to compromise their own costs and may also avoid the expense of further disputes over costs down the track.

        Consider whether there is some other solution to make the offer attractive – for example, by way of an apology or retraction in a defamation matter, by all defendants pooling their resources in difficult multi-party litigation, or by insurers discussing matters between themselves under the Cross Liability Claims Protocol.

        If you are seeking to obtain a settlement deed, consider whether an indemnity is necessary or whether the other side would be willing to forgo any future claims against other parties.

  4. Edit :
    The post below was done yesterday as an appeal to our beloved boy, hyunjoong-ssi…
    But well, i guess we shouldn’t be surprised by what he did today…
    He has always had a mind of his own, this boy of ours…

    Instead of loving him less, m loving him more & m prouder than ever…
    For his strength & consistency of character…

    Love u, dear one..
    We’ll be here for u, still, so no worries…pinky promise…
    Have a fantastic time tomorrow at Nagoya…
    Just enjoy & immerse yourself in your fans love…
    Forget your troubles for now, k…
    Take care, dear one…

    Sunday, 14/09/2014
    Dear hyunjoong-ssi,

    How are u, dear one?
    I hope u have had some rest…please do…
    Have u been reading your fans messages?
    Please do read them.

    I’m not sure what to say to u, actually…
    U are one stubborn, oops, strong-willed young man…
    But then again, that’s one reason why we adore u…

    However, for this occasion, could u please listen to wiser counsel?
    I know u would rather not hurt the, m sorry, female creature again but this fc has more than hurt u…
    So, we are pleading with u to protect yourself just this once…
    Do please let the police investigate as thoroughly as possible…
    Then let them give the verdict, the correct one…

    Whatever happens though, we’ll be here for u.
    Don’t ever think that we’ll leave u alone to face this difficult time…
    One word from u & probably a lot of your fans will eagerly be waiting for u…wherever…

    So, dear one, I know I sound like a broken record, but please think carefully..
    Do talk to those who are close to u…
    Listen to what they have to say…
    Then, & only then, make your decision…
    Even then, do it in a calm & logical manner, so as not to regret it later…

    Dear one, that’s the only thing I can think of now.
    Do keep yourself rested, healthy & eat well…
    Be active if it could make u forget a bit of your troubles…

    However, always know that your fans, Henecias, are always here for u…
    It’s because of our concern & love for u that we do not want to see u throw away all your hardwork through these years by being too soft-hearted…
    But…again, it’s up to u in the end…
    Just…be sensible, dear one…

    Take care & pray for guidance from God, dear one…
    U’ll never go wrong, God Willing…
    Love u so much…

  5. HIiii… Lazerkim …I am sooo sorry that i was so busy that i was not able to make out some time to write in…But I regularly went through all of your articles..And I was totally up to date by what’s going on there with My beloved Kim Hyun Joong…I was getting angrier day by day as i read all these rubbish and nonesense things by media and that “miss A”…I became totally irresistible finding myself so far away from him…so finally i decided to write in here anyhow at any cost of my job risk…I am damn sure that KHJ is a person who always spreads love and warm feelings to his fans…Even if he did something wrong that dosen’t matters to me because afterall we all are humans and humans do commit mistakes…Kim hyun joong please don’t feel burdened by these rubbish media craps and that Mss A’s false accused satements…Just prove them that with all true blieves of your fans you’ll be safe and pure forever…Nothing can happen to you and that I garuntee because even if this whole world will stand against you I’ll be always there to prove you right no matter what…Lazerkim I am there with you to support our KHJ..I know it is nothing but just a publicity stunt and miss A just wants to pull his image down I don’t know for what bluddy reasons…But let me tell you one thing miss A you are never ever gonna achieve what you have inside your mind…
    Only one thing I want to say to you Kim Hyun Joong is that just fight for the right things you have with yourself..And we all your fans are never going to let go off you…we going to stay right beside you holding your hands and fighting along with you…”FIGHTING”

    • Hello guys!

      Below is the message of apology from Kim Hyun Joong directly from his web site and translated by Jackie Kim one of his fans. As expected media have different interpretation and translation. Here it goes:

      From Kim Hyun Joong Web Page

      (Translated by Jackie Kim)

      Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.

      During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.

      As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded.

      Since this situation is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person.

      I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well.

      Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive.

      I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person.

      Thanks jackie Kim! Thanks Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog

  6. My poor and too kind HJ !! I was sure he would do that. He takes it all as always as a true leader. But I know he is the victim of the case. I am heartbroken for him. I will never abandon this man, I will support my entire life remaining. I’ll always love my little prince!

  7. Hello LK and everyone,
    He already posted a letter of apology in the hyun-joong site…here is a translation…sigh…sigh…cry…its like he is admitting the whole thing. I am really feeling so confused. What will happen next? Is this a correct translation?

    With his lawsuit still ongoing, Kim Hyun Joong posted up an apology.

    On September 15, Kim Hyun Joong posted on his official homepage, “Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.”

    “I′m really sorry for giving the person I believed and loved for two years a lot of mental and physical pain,” wrote Kim Hyun Joong. “I′m embarrased at myself for doing something that a man should never do.”

    “Since this incident occured entirely because of my mistakes, there is no reason for her to be blamed,” continued the apology. “I want to also say sorry to her family and friends.”

    Kim Hyun Joong Posts Up Official Apology to Ex-Girlfriendlarge view
    The following is the full apology.

    Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.

    I′m really sorry for giving the person I believed and loved for two years a lot of mental and physical pain with this incident. I′m embarrased at myself for doing something that a man should never do

    Since this incident occured entirely because of my mistakes, there is no reason for her to be blamed.

    I apologize to her once again, and I want to also say sorry to her family and friends.

    More than anything, I hope she will accept my apology and forgive me.

    With this incident, I′ll work harder to become a better and healthier person.

  8. I understand your feelings on this but from the legal side his attorney’s and management company will advise him to settle this case as soon as possible. It is the quieter way to have it go away. To fight cases such as this can mean more time being investigated and will keep the case in the public eye as well as risk potentional charges. His attorney has already stated he is “refining an apology” and management has also stated he will be leaving the public eye to reflect. These both are indicators they are hoping to reach a settlement. The police have also stated they are hoping the two parties will reach an agreement. For these reasons above coupled with the fact that the final concert was cancelled I would suspect a public apology/statement/agreement will be reached soon. From a legal standpoint this will be advised. I am not a hater, I actually like KHJ and I feel very badly for him and his situation but settling this case out of the courts is by far his best option legally. I know people think that settlements are like admitting guilt but that’s not necessarily the case. People settle disagreements everyday rather than drag their personal problems through the courts in a very public way.

  9. Question for whomever may understand the law in SK:
    Can WE as FANS from abroad take legal actions like: SUE the woman and the Trash Media for slandering the name of our Artist? Or that applies only for local fans in SK?

  10. What kind of cases go into arbitration?
    Two kinds of cases go into arbitration under state law:

    Some civil actions involving claims for damages or money, and
    Some family law matters.
    In a civil case, one person or business sues another person or business, usually for money damages. A civil case might be about costs and injuries from an accident, or a disagreement about a contract. All civil cases filed in court involving less than $50,000, except small claims cases, must go to arbitration. In some courts, parties can go to mediation instead of arbitration.

    State law also requires arbitration in domestic relations or family law cases where the parties only disagree about what to do with their property and their debts. In some counties, the parties can also agree to arbitrate disagreements about child or spousal support.

    Parties may choose arbitration in other kinds of cases, before or after filing a case in court. Criminal cases do not go to arbitration.

    Mediation: What Kinds of Cases Can Be Mediated?
    Most civil (noncriminal) disputes can be mediated, including those involving contracts, leases, small business ownership, employment, and divorce. For example, a divorcing couple might mediate to work out a mutually agreeable child custody agreement, or estranged business partners might choose mediation to work out an agreement to divide their business. Nonviolent criminal matters, such as claims of verbal or other personal harassment, can also be successfully mediated.

    What is a mediation hearing?

    Once parties in dispute agree on mediation, they select a mediator. The mediator will then conduct a mediation hearing. During a hearing, both parties may be brought together in order to work on an agreement or a mediator may use shuttle diplomacy. Shuttle diplomacy is a technique used by a mediator where she goes back and forth between parties with proposals in order to reach an agreement. If an agreement is made, the parties will sign a settlement agreement.

    They have different stands, what do you feel is best to settle this dispute? Whatever process they will undergo, what is important is for the truth to come out.

  11. As I understand it,,, they should go back to declare and HJ should go next week,, I think it’s to see if they change his stories and how strong is his statement…I have faith that it will be resolved in favor of HJ,, but he should not pay anything to her or would be like to recognize that he did it

  12. I agree with you, Lazer Kim. The police already stated that there was no evidence. Can SHE be charged for EXTORTION?! Does she know GREED is a capital sin?! KHJ, stay strong and stand your ground!

  13. I saw something very touching and beautiful and I have to share with you All and Hj this is for you from your Fans …don’t give up you are not alone!! 🙂

  14. WELL DEAR THIS THE SAME FELLING I WAS CLAIMING LATELY, KIDO REALLY DONT PAY HER, She did enough damage to your life that something more will be just a demostration of her really intentions, just another thing boy, whatever happen to you , you wont lost us, as we are mature fans we are full of ecperiences we really understand her anger and your honesty at the moment to decide to break her. Maybe you know that she was hurt with this, that is why you even protect her but it is your life and time to protect you. l am sur you have a lot to say about her but you dont

  15. Dear LK

    I agree with you.
    I don’t think she realizes how much she might hurt HJ’s family.
    I really wonder how he knew A..
    I hope this experiment will not left much scar on him.

  16. I agreed with most everything except that third paragraph. NO PAY UP at all. Not even to have say the truth, if she would be interested in the truth, then she would have not created this mess. He is handling this situation very well. The haters are going to hate and believe whatever they want. His fans, who know him will never believe that girl’s lies. If she “produce more truths” then it becomes a lot more clear that it is only her thirst for revenge. She cannot claim that she loved him. False accusations is not love, is revenge. He is standing tall and strong, I admire him for that. This has to be very hard on himself and his family and friends. We too need to be strong fro him.

  17. Well said LK, I agree 1000 %. HJ must forget that he loved this woman, and think to clear his name. He must do for himself but also for his family, his friends, Jaksal, KeyEast and all the fans over the world who support him.

  18. Thank you very much for so interesting article, I agree with you. In the first place he did not have to pay any agreement because our boy is not guilty of anything, if anything it is “A” is the one who has to pay him one imdemnización for damages, defamation and slander is who she should ask publicly apologize to him and clear his name. Greetings from Venezuela. Blessings to you.

  19. When I read about dis news I thought I was watching sme kdrama where da hero is acused by sme vamp…n eventuly truth prevails…Hyun Joongsi u dont need to explain urself coz v believe in u….just do ur work sme dramas tough…let negtivity be erased by ur hardwork…we just need to see ur smiling face….everithing else is a lie!!! Saranghae n bido!!

  20. Thank you for this LazerKim….we needed this to be spelled out loud. Thousand percent behind u and him. Hj hope he read this.
    Noya here

  21. I also agree for kim hyun joong nit to settle so the truth will come out. If KE will settle this the people will think that his guilty. If they think about his popularity Im sure his fans wil still continue to support him.

  22. Hello Lovely LK! I am so glad you are by his side at this critical time. I know the side of Miss A would love for him to pay a settlement because it would be like admitting blame. I do hope something can be done to clear his public name. I know you are very busy, but I hope you get a chance to at least read my INSPIRED poem for Hyun Joong on my blog. I fell asleep very sad yesterday and woke up inspired. I wish he could read it or have someone translate it for him. He is blessed beyond our imagination and God will make everything right for him. I know God is using the fans to bring him the love and healing he needs. I pray those who are close in his circle are able to provide that strong support too. My poor baby. I am trying not to cry or let the pain affect me too deeply because I know he would not want that. I just want him to be able to move on and continue his journey without this distraction. Have a good day. I am going to bed very late! 🙂 Goodnight!

  23. Lazerkim, I agree with you. We all believe that the truth will come out eventually. I do hope that KHJ will not settle with that A… He has to fight and I hope KE will back him up on this. This A has given him so much damage and I hope that the truth prevails. There are so may of us who keeps on praying for him. And I know GOD will listen to us because he knows the truth.

  24. This is the same things I really want him to do.. I am also hoping he could he consider our plea!!!.. Thank you.. I hope He read this..

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