By: LazerKim                                 

May I remind everyone before I can be misjudged again that this is my space I think I have every right to use it and say what I feel. Forgive me for being a bit emotional! My apologies to my dear readers if I seem to be harsh with my judgement on this woman who is trying to destroy a man’s life. I would just like to burst this out and I’ll be alright! Thank you for your understanding.


Here’s the latest fresh from the over of the haters camp as this woman fearlessly released a statement as follows:

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.” Statement coming from that woman so-called Ms A.

And here’s my stance……GET LOST GIRL!

First, why would Hyun Joong admit to your PURE LIES?

Second, Why would Hyun Joong submit to your THREAT?

Third,  What truth are you talking about? You mean to say there are more lies coming from you??? Will there be another set of fake evidence since you had  three weeks work on those trash that you couldn’t even submit to the police knowing they cannot accept such made up evidence.?

Come on!   Why do you let those media people use you? Don’t you have any other things to do but get paid with your lies?


Just because Hyun Joong do not agree to monetary settlement just to keep her silent as obviously her demand from her statement, simply because he wants to set the record straight and here she goes again with a brand new lies and this time with threat? Why don’t you show your face to us girl so that you might be able to convince me on your next set of lies? You kept hiding and for me this is nothing but another coward just like that somebody from Beijing (event organizer).

If I can only bring back that article I have written Simply Defending I would say I was right in my judgement about this woman with no self respect. This woman had hurt millions of other women worldwide, destroying a man and still has the nerve to create another harm? She’s so unbelievable. No wonder Hyun Joong left her, I don’t think he deserves her to begin with.

If Hyun Joong is being crucified at this very moment by the so-called righteous people, then I think I have the same right to vent my anger. I’m just a human being who can be hurt, who can feel anger, but this does not mean I’m a hateful person, I’m just being true to what is in my mind. Thank you for allowing me to air out my feelings and thoughts.

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing



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  1. relax lazer kim soon it will be finish let just hope and pray that KHJ was safe and protected..for us to be hjappy as always for him to stand up and fight for justice@.this girl might want some beating not physically but psychologically.. in short attention seeker!!!! get loss girl…..:))

  2. It is my opinion that KHJ is doing the right thing by keeping silent on the matter and only dealing with the authority. It is no use explaining his side of the story to the public because those haters had their verdict on him already. The haters will get bored one day because KHJ is unbreakable. I suspect this WOMAN will continue her war against KHJ even after KHJ has been cleared by the law because it is too painful for her to let KHJ go. SHE is clinging on to him in whatever way she can to get his attention. KHJ knows too well to not to provoke her to do anything more stupid. Some human just cannot see the light no matter how bright it is. I believe real fans will continue to love KHJ no matter what.

  3. Dear LK and all sisters (maybe even brothers out there, ^^). I decided to jump into the ‘storm’ with all confusion,anxious,sad,worried,anger and other mixed feelings. But Thank God for this family, i ‘m pretty sure I will go through the stormy weather. I just hope,somehow KHJ can also feel and know our endless support for him and walk out from the storm proudly. Thank you all for allowing me to join the ride #big hug

    • Hello Libes! Welcome to the Alien World! It’s my pleasure meeting you in this blog, please do feel at home with us! Thank you so much you’re in the right place! See you again and God bless…

  4. Every time I read bad news about leader such as this, my hands shakes. Its doing this again now. I am so tired and stressed about Miss A. I like the group Miss A so this is more distressing for me calling her that. I’ll call her Jane Doe, because everything she tells are all hypothetical nothing concrete. So she has more evidence regarding her hypothetical event? Isn’t that withholding evidence? So when she came to the police she was not telling everything? Why because she thought she could get Hyunjoong to fall on his knees and beg her to withdraw everything she said? So what’s broken now apart from her rib?
    If she’ll tell the police she forgot to tell those testimonies because she’s was still in shock that would be obviously a LIE! What?! she just remembered that because leader did not admit to her lies? If the police believes her they have a really big problem. And I thought the stupid police (not saying all) just lives in my country.

    • Sure it’s his fault…he’s perfect n can read girls mind n see a sign on t he forehead of any girl saying “I’m nuts, date me if you dare” oh Yes that make perfect since.

  5. I follow Kim Hyun Joong for four years and I’m able to say that he fights for what he wants despite the circumstances and critics so that’s why even with the current situation I think he will go ahead, yes this has hurt nine years of hard work and constant effort but he can reinvent himself and go beyond of who he is now.

    I can only say about this girl that she should not feel so satisfied by her misdeeds, at some point in her life either now or later the bad she has done will be returned, this is a rule of life none can walk in this world doing bad to others without receive a taste of its own poison.

  6. Hello LK and friends..can i join this home?..i love khj too..what ever decision he will take or made, i will always respect u my dear khj..i will always be your fan..and..about this exA.,i want to curse her badly but i hope she can reflect and recall happy memory with khj so that it can remove the black dirty mole in her heart..

  7. Thank you for your post . What you wrote is so special. the way you describe him it ‘s so visible for me. no wonder people who know him will love him. I have a lot of respect to HJ . Those who condemn a person with their righteousness and no responsibility I think they are no different from a criminal. I wonder what kind of friend A has . It’s interesting to see what kind of back ground would produce a person like this.

    No doubt that HJ is saying the truth . Sadly his words were twisted by bad media and used it to mislead public opinion. The more I read about this case the more I convince that he is a victim of revenge.)” A ” probably expect a lot from HJ. II’m not surprise if

    No point to fight with the self-centered people. They are not here to understand nor seeking for the truth. They simply want. To condemn

  8. Dear ALL!!
    I have to burst out and vent my anger because since this story started I have passed such a strange array of emotions and feelings that started with disappointment and then anger and then rage and then fear and frustration but mostly powerless, I have never been of fan of some artist in my life till Hj and I have never thought that it will ever affect me that much. The one and only and for sure the last.

    I believe Hj is not at fault here, I recognize, first I read the news I was disappointed but then I thought more and said no way he will do something like that, not this person that is so sincere and really his eyes never lie even though he is an actor and a good one.

    Anger at those attacking him even before he had his say. Rage at the trash media and all those so called self-righteous people crucifying even though no proper evidence provided.

    Frustrated and powerless as I feel not enough is being done to protect him by his agency, by his lawyers and even his friends. Only a few took a stance and I believe he helped others and been there for them.

    Fear for this Artist that I cannot even imagine how he feels, his pain which must be agonizing, his depression and I really hope he is surrounded by his loved ones who will give him power to overcome all. For his own good I really hope he will not go on a self-destructing binge of drinking and if he really read this blog: HJ please stand up and fight for your rights for the truth, for all your hard work for your name. You are a smart and intelligent man and a true artist at heart, you live for your craft and you can achieve more in the future just don’t give up, you can came out stronger and wiser from this and look at the love of all those people your fans and the love hug they show you. You only live once so make the most and the best as you wish!!

    For that little low life conniving bitch, she may rot in Hell for all the mayhem she created.
    And I bet you all that Hj most probably he would not have touched her by a barge pole if he was sober. So Hj next time dear, please try and think with the head you have above your shoulders.

    Lk dear sorry for the long tirade but felt is a must to be said. God bless and with the hope for a better week!!! 🙂

  9. LK thank you. I just unsubscribe from AllKpop, Soompi and aussi french websites like Kpopstarz on Facebook: it’s too hurtful. French comments are like English comments: they take items from these sites as cash and are ready to lynch our HJ. I wrote a comment and I was insulted. Fortunately you are there LK, Angeljoong86 and all true fans. I would so much like HJ stop being a good boy for once and attack against the “A”. This story literally exhausts me. Fortunately, I found the same feelings with you all here. Thank you again.

    • I haven’t unsubscribed (bunch of other stuff on there) but OMG you are so right about some of the loud-mouthed haters on there! They have no respect for ANYONE, do not read posts, jump to conclusions, scream and insult continuously but heavens forbid you get a bit upset w/THEM….
      I’ve a thick skin & have really been attempting to start a dialogue (to, you know, counteract the continuing assault) but I’ve had it. Just not worth it. I had some nice conversations w/some rational people and I will no longer get involved in the bashing contests. No point.
      But it’s important to at least let the public know that those irrational hateful screamers are not his fans nor have the last word on the subject. I’m old – all I can think is, his poor mother (who’s probably my age LOL). Those nasty little girls.

  10. Dear, thank u for posting then & welcome to Ms Lazerkim’s blog.
    Hope u’ll make a point of regularly visiting this blog & posting your thoughts & 6th sense perception of our only one…

  11. Dear LK…
    1st thing 1st,Thanks for creating this ‘room’ exclusively for Henecia only. Feels like it’s home for us and I’m chatting with my sisters now and I feel secure here.
    As always, your article represents all of our feeling, abt KHJ, and about this trash. Her motives abt blackmailing is so obvious from the very beginning this issue popped up. So disgusting, but she dare doing it. She put her self in a very low level and seeking for enemies rather than sympathy. She got it now. The whole henecia worldwide are her enemies now. I do agree with one comment above that it’s good HJ is no longer with her. I’m so relieve her cruel figure is shown already so it’s not late for HJ to survive.
    I can’t help feeling sad to imagine how’s HJ doing nowadays. He always be our ultimate mood booster, our reason to smile. In his hardtime like now, i do wish we could be his strength & his reason to smile.

  12. Someone posted, a troll about the cancellation of the Beijing concert in allkpop and I believe she lurks around in KHJ blogs and is an anti…let us be careful what we post…but who cares what she posts anyway. She must be filling so fulfilled now to spread that kind of news…

  13. I am so upset and so sad for this… this circus doesn’t end!!!! I can’t believe Hyunnie was her boyfriend, she seems like a unbalanced and a little desperate person. I guess she is a very beautiful girl and unfortunately Hyunnie put his eyes on her. I think Hyun Joong has to do something fast, because this girl doesn’t want to stop..

  14. Dear LK and reader here,

    I can feel everybody is in an upset mood. Don’t be upset be happy that in this difficult time we still have a capacity to love . Please clam down and be mindful with our thought do not allow harsh words and wrong doing behavior to dictate us. When people do bad thing or say harsh word to us mainly because they are unhappy. It’s our power to decide we will get angry or will extend compassion toward their hatred heart. The best is we respond every harsh word to do what is best and what is fair to HJ and made him feel love whatever possible way we can . Nurturing our heart with a kind of love we share with HJ and among us. Remind ourself HJ is a positive person . we just keep clarify the fact and correct the distorted information created by bad media and hope there are some reliable media in Korea who do care for justice.If they are none we keep doing what is right . Self respect need to be brave and practice and we will never regret . Money could not help someone gain self respect honesty and compassion do.

    I think people forget about justice or may be they don,t care . Or they think they will never get into trouble in the future. ? But we do care .It’s not solely about HJ but it is about how can people get fair justice from the society. This case people with good sense and right mind will have a lot of questions in their head considering the way A present herself to public by using tabloid or out let news and social network since the investigation process have not been started . For me it looks very much like an organized crime. The whole thing looks like a Kdrama’s plot .Not much sense just completely emotion.

    However the following is ” food of thought ” from Mother Theresa I got from ” Hyunnies Pexers Blogs . It’s really a good blog to get a reliable information.


    People are often unreasonable and self- centered , forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind , people may accuse you of ulterior motives ,. Be kind any way.

    If you are honest people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.

    If you find happiness people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.

    For you see, in the end , it is between you and God,
    It was never between you and them anyway.

    It is really a brilliant words to feed our thought right now.
    I’m sure this is what HJ has been doing all along.

  15. Hi LK… Devastated and heartbroken with everything hj has to go through right now… Although he was the reason I got into anything Korean and my one only bias I have not been as immersed into anything Khj the past year as I am now… I cannot even put into words the hodgepodge of emotions I am feeling right now… The past few weeks I’ve been consoling myself by watching hyun joong in his past concerts, interviews etc… My way cooing with all the sadness that I am feeling for him… It makes me happy seeing his fans envelope him their warm cocoon. All with one goal … To protect him and make him feel loved. I am thankful that we have blogs like yours to find respite in … And refresh our downtrodden spirits as we escape a bit from the harshness if people who don’t understand us or share our sentiments. I am angry that hj is being beaten to a pulp…. I feel helpless as I feel that no matter what we do We cannot shield him from all the hate being thrown at him… I feel wronged … That I have to watch with hj how all his hard work are slowly going the drain and there is nothing I or he can do about it…. I feel sad as I imagine how his world is crumbling rt now … Thinking of how he must be beating himself up for all that has happened and all that can still happen… What pains me most is the thought that he had been cruelly judged and now is forced to walk in shame … How from someone who is so great , loved by everyone… This awesome person is forced into this horrible circumstance and doubted for the very thing that we all fell in love him… His honesty, kindness and goodness… With the new developments in all this, I sincerely just have one concern and I hope someone will be able to answer it… I want to know how his Korean fans or the general Korean public is receiving all this… I can only access and read English articles and websites which abound with haters… (And which I noticed is populated by the same people and which I know hj would care less about..) is he not loved in korea anymore? How about japan? I know he Had always been very well received there? I ask because more than seeing the end to all this drama … What is most important to me is finding comfort in the thought that his fans who are most important to him remained at his side even though the non-important all knowing public May have forsaken him…. Knowing that hj can still walk head held high knowing that there are still people who love him is enough for me … And I think would be enough for him too for now… Until such time when he can once again regain his rightful place so unfairly taken from him as the one and only prince.

  16. Dear Ms Lazerkim, thank u for this article.
    M too frustrated at the moment to even mention that…creature…

    What I do want to say is, we have Nagoya, don’t we?
    U are going to be there, aren’t u, Ms Lazer?
    Then please, Ms Lazer, I don’t know how or where but could u let our hyunjoong know of our heartfelt support & love for him?
    Could u persuade him to read his fans messages at his official FB &
    If not him perhaps mention it to his managers, coordinoonas or even bodyguards so they’ll be able to pass the message to him?
    I know u have to be professional & not do something that’ll be looked askance by his management…
    However there are other ways to ensure his attention…I hope…
    But m sure u know best what to do, Ms Lazer…
    M just going nuts thinking that we, his fans, are unable to do much for him…
    I hope, really hope that the fans especially the Japanese, will go all out for him in Nagoya & Aomori…
    Please God, let those events be still on & let’s hope the fans will show those Korean press & public how very much beloved he is…
    That our hyunjoong deserves their love & pride too…

  17. Very well said, LazerKim!!! Ms. A shows her true colours more and more!! Seriously how can there be still people who can’t perceive that this woman doesn’t act at all like a victim!! I mean it’s so obvious!!!! Now even more!!!! Well, maybe they just don’t want to understand it and close their eyes, who knows…
    I’m glad HJ didn’t give her money. I hope she doesn’t get it.

  18. I’ve been following this scandal (cause, KHJ) and more & more I believe him. You touched on most of the reasons. I mean, I am possibly naive about how the South Korean police work, but I did think she’d submitted that stuff to them (the stuff the Dispatch published) & left it to them to sort out. When the police said they did not find compelling evidence, I figured that obviously we the public just hadn’t seen all of it (context of text messages, dates, etc etc). But she never even GAVE it to them? Wow. This is reeking of a blackmail scheme by somebody who didn’t want him to leave. I especially find it fascinating that 4 of his entourage (friends, one a female; manager; FORMER bodyguard) all felt compelled to post semi-anonymous supporting posts – I find that highly unusual in my experience w/the KDrama/Pop scene scandals.
    I am disgusted by the existence of these haters & anti-fans. WTF?

  19. I really like it here ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ This is the right blog for me, I am tired of reading harsh comments about our KHJ4D!!! And now I felt relief after reading ur blog and other lovely comments here ❤
    Puuuuuuffff anti-fans are sooo bad, if they do not like him they should get lost and not throwing stones and harsh words!! But I think their real motive is to make him look like a monster and make us his loyal fans hate him, That won't happen…
    PS: Yeah I saw some of his 'EX' fans throwing him away but we won't we are loyal and we love him and support him till the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery end ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    4D leader fightiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing<3

  20. I am sick with lumps in my throat all day at work over this. You better believe I will be writing my thoughts in an article when I get home! My heart is so sick! I just wanna wrap my Hyun Joong in a tight hug and to him every thing will be OK! KE! GET ON THE BALL! WHERE ARE YOUR LAWYERS!?! DAMAGE CONTROL PLEASE! we are so worried about Our Only One!

  21. dear
    l was really down these 2 weeks, my smile lost at all, l cant sleep and l have a lot of solutions to this case. OMG………………… How hard and hurt moment for us. l wonder if it is possible that a lawyer fan write something about this case since her or his point of view as a professional to be cleared of it, l know that those evidences are not strong enough to be considered real EVIDENCES at all. This girl , what a miserable woman, she continues with it, l really would say to KHJL no pay her,nothing. Face this consequence but not pay.
    She damaged his name enough to think that nothing more from her would damaged him again. The media did its BAD work that something more does not matter in my opinion. it really makes me feel sick. His name will be spotted with this forever.
    I would like that the article of that fan that Bella mention WILL BE PUBLISHED in any place where many people can read it.
    what a fustration, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Hello Jazu! Yes I share the same views with you. I hope this scandal would get through sooner. BUT KeyEast has to go after Dispatch and others and I hope they would sue them, KE suffer losses too in terms of business for destroying the image of their artist.

      AND most of all Hyun Joong, I know you’re not the type of guy who would take legal actions to others BUT please do think again, I hope you will not go for financial settlement with this woman, the truth is at your side, I strongly believe this please fight for it.

      And then file for counter charge, I’m not a lawyer so I’m not sure if im using the right legal terms but please set the record straight. Do this not only for your sake but also for your co-artist who might experience being a victim of such conspiracy.
      Not that I’m interfering since this is your privacy but I think it’s already out there I’m sorry for this really!

      I read from somewhere that the fans of JaeJoong sue another fan for defamation I think and he won the case. So it’s also possible for HJ’s Korean fans to do the same. I hope….

      A lot of similar cases were being done to other male celebs and honestly the dignity of Korean women are at stake here. This really surprise me. There’s even another actor who filed for blackmailing on two Korean models! Gosh this is how they destroy people!

      Who do you think can be blamed here? The media of course but I cannot eliminate the consumers as well. If there’s no one will read tabloids or from low class media from the internet then there won’t be these kind of media. But the thing is in Korean society they rather read sensationalized stories, believe them rather than reading about the truth. This is so frustrating in their society. I think their Gov’t has to do something about this. It seems people wants to earn from trash than decency, pardon me for this. Thank you Jazu! God bless.

      • There is a low class trash element here in America too that loves to read those tabloid rags. Those trash mags make so much money from the blind, desperate and stupid people who bring forward trash on our stars too! They even sell their newborn infants pictures and such! There are millions who buy and read that crap and so they can just pay settlements anytime a star sues them for defamation. they will print a tiny retraction as recompense. The intelligent people here know which publications are reliable and which ones are trashing stars and spotting aliens and Elvis in the supermarket. It’s disgusting, but it is part of the human race. Koreans are not especially evil and cruel.. they are human. It’s unfortunate that they show their ass in public so much that the rest of the world thinks they are particularly vile. Kim Hyun Joong has given a beautiful representation of all the GOOD things about Korean Culture to the rest of the world. It is PATHETIC that they trash him and treat him this way. They should be THANKFUL. Millions of tourist dollars are pouring in because of kpop artists like Hyun Joong and Jaejoong. Why they want to tear them down is beyond my comprehension. And organizers of Chinese event, ARE YOU STUPID??? You just lost a LOT of REVENUE! You will have to REFUND all those tickets! IDIOTS!

        OK, I’ll take a breath now! LOL! 🙂

        • LOL LOL oh angie you make my day, im busy but cant help not to reply! This event organizer is what im pertaining to as COWARD IN BEIJING. lol lol
          Where on earth do you find an event organizer to be saying ” if this concert does not make good ticket sales we will cancel the concert” lol lol In the long years of my profession this was the 1st time i hv read fr an organizer to be stating this while selling tickets! Big events like hj’s concerts are guaranteed. Being a concert ticket buyer its not my problem whether or not tickets are sold!! lol lol yeah you’re right such idiot!! lol
          Just my opinion one big mistake here is that when this concert ws postpone KE should have cancelled the contract.
          But my dear co-fans pls make sure you got your refunds in no time. And i really hope KE would take legal actions against that organizer.
          I know many of us felt frustrated about the cancellation BUT I think i would like HJ to be in the hands of some irresponsible organizer. Its not his lost or our lost but a big lost on their part. So may we just count it to experience BUT make sure you get your money back. Thanks angie! see you guys!

    • Sorry I mean if he doesn’t. …
      In addition if everyone who fight with someone close were taking to the police the prisons must be full. .
      Just look around and you will see everyone have allegations but at the end the reconciliation and forgiveness make the like better…this is the idea to help each other to life happy. …and learn from mistakes. …love not war!!!!!

      • ”’In addition if everyone who fight with someone close were taking to the police the prisons must be full.”” I like this totally agree with you dear friend ❤ <£
        Kim Hyun Joong OPPA fightiiing ❤ We love u till the end

        • just a joke a hater said she’s waiting for khj to be in jail. i said to mysel the jail cell has to huge to accomodate his fans!! If he hoes down wc is unlikely we go down uf he’s up there we go up w him!! i mean up to the heights of stardom!! Thats yhe real essence of being a fan. i realize that now. my first and only idol khj.

  22. Dearest LK,
    Of course right on darling, we are all with your opinion sister, thank you!!!

    That little nobody is just such a pathetic excuse of a woman, she really doesn’t understand the extent of the damage or the enormity of her action of revenge, she is on a roll to destroy what she can’t have.
    Yes Karma, what goes around comes around everyone will get it!!

  23. The Lord is My Strength
    …3Do not drag me away with the wicked And with those who work iniquity, Who speak peace with their neighbors, While evil is in their hearts. 4Requite them according to their work and according to the evil of their practices; Requite them according to the deeds of their hands; Repay them their recompense. 5Because they do not regard the works of the LORD Nor the deeds of His hands, He will tear them down and not build them up.…

    My favorite prayer – In other words – pray that GOD rewards her according to what she has done.

    I dedicate Pink’s song PERFECT to HJ to communicate how I feel about him. He has taken over my life heart and soul. I am so obsessed with this man. I will always stay by his side through good and bad. My heart is hurting for him. But we fans are millions strong our prayer will boost him and see him through this. You that believe in GOD lift your prayers up for him so that GOD can perform a miracle that the truth will prevail and the perpetrator will be punished, that OUR ONLY ONE will get his life back. FIGHTING!!!!

  24. Dear LK ,

    Thank you so much for bursting out. I truly understand and share your frustration. I hate to say this but I have to say now . How come you never wrong about Ms A.

    Yes, You was right since in the beginning. Ms A ‘s true color appears clearer and clearer . It get uglier and uglier . Now she is blackmailing HJ in front of the public . She is truly desperate. She simply does not look for justice. She did not act like a victim she acts like a blackmailer. I feel sorry for those who buy her story some of them believe her with their heart. I hope they also will see thing clearer by now.

    I remembered what I responded to the hateful comments in your article (” Simply Defending ” .) “……the real victim in this case might not be the girl…” It’s real now.

    I found interesting comment from Hyunniespexers’s blog I hope it’s O.K to bring it here. ……

    The comment was posted by CHENCHENZUES as follow…

    ” its been a month since i have this discussion with my parents regarding with this issue..BECAUSE I KNEW THEY KNEW LAW!!.

    Here is what I found and take note this is what MY UNDERSTANDING! I am not lawyering here, i just want to share what’s in my mind!

    1st. “PROOF OF BURDEN’ – a victim should show physical and hard evidence to prove of multiple physical injury (note i don’t use assault, coz they have different meaning.) Please take note that ‘MEDICAL CERTIFICATE’ SHOULD BE SIGNED BY A MEDICAL EXPERT DESIGNATED BY THE GOVERNMENT “MEDICO LEGAL’.. NOT FROM A PRIVATE HOSPITAL also it should be same date of the incident.( it will be too hard for the victim to prove the physical assault if there are discrepancy between the date of med.cert and the date of incident..) All evidence should be intact and a sworn statement signed by HER and her lawyer.(i haven’t seen any sworn statement !!). And the only EVIDENCE SHE HAD IS ONLY HER STORY!!! Which I am pretty sure it wont stand in a court!

    2ND. Physical Injury should be charge or report in the police office right away or right after the incident. (here in the Phil. we call it blotter). Take Note in between the date of incident and the date of report to the police took almost two weeks (not sure the exact timeline), there are a lot of things might happen in between that days. I think the police officer knew about this. that is why they call for further investigation and not filed a case right away.

    3rd. SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE AND PROBABLE CAUSE – As what I’ve said in my tweet, Police would file a case right away, if the evidence is substantial and there is a probable cause of victims’ claim. The subpoena/ arrest warrant for questioning/interrogation right away!!. HJ been in and out of SK due to his world tour during this hiatus, i haven’t seen any warrant, only invitation to hear his side.

    4th. SHE USE WORD ARBITRARY.. It is use to “set things out between them”,here the victim can “demand anything” he/she want to avoid all legal procedures. (specially when the case is not filed yet), For Mediation and LITIGATION it use use for “COURT SETTLEMENT” (again it only use when case is already filed and the judges will informed them if they want to settle things between them before the judge released its decision .)

    5th. IF I were a victim, I wont demand anything or ask anything.. If I want justice for what I have been through I let the LAW punish him for what he has done.. AND I WONT USE ARBITRARY to compensate for what I need.. THAT’ S HOW THE REAL VICTIMS THINKS!.

    6th As long as there is no case filed. HJ is innocent, He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Don’t ever slander his name of even all his work. The terrorist had given the day in court and presumed innocent. BUT HJ ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED IN MEDIA.. this is all unfair to him!.. “

    • Hello Bella! Thank you for understanding. How come i was never wrong about ms A. Common sense would dictate if we truly love our man we make him proud, we do not place him in an ugly situation, and in the case of hj he has millions of fans his woman should love his fans too instead of getting jealous. If we love our man no matter what happens we dont put out dirty laundry to the publuc.

      May i just say it’s so sad to see that his own country and his own country men almost condemn him instead of defending him it’s the people from other countries who are defending him. That’s too painful for him right? If we can only bring him here in Japan i should hv done so bcoz people just ignored that scandal and he has bigger fan base here who sincerely love him.

      I dont know i just feel so sad for him, something is just not right in his home country and hj is such a nice man i just dont feel he deserves all of these pain coming fr his own country men. *sigh*

      • Hi LK,

        Always Keep your good soul fresh. Hyun Joongg is a positive person and he believes in God . His heart and his head will surely be in the right place. love and support from people close to him and his fans will lift him up The way he handle the situation shows that he is a man of man . HJ is simple and straight forward he might be too naive for a tricky kind of girl but he is not stupid he knew well what he did not deserve. For me he is a real decent man .

        Speak about Korea. Korea or Korean has never been in my interest as I did not have a good impression about it. Knowing HJ my perspective toward Korea tremendously changed . Through HJ I see the best side of being a Korean and learn to appreciate Korean culture. What happen to HJ when he is in trouble I learn the very dark side of Korean society. It seems the society ignores malpractice and believe in rumors rather than fact. It like a culture of creating rumors which can be very harmful. People feel lonely when they re seeking for justice. HJ is the first and he will be the last Korean singer that I will continue to support.

        However the positive side of this incident is the broke up between the two. I’m sorry to say this , forgive me HJ . I can not imagine his life will be like with this kind of person. Thank God he realized it soon enough.

    • Hello! oh thanks for this enlightenment. I would just like to know is it possible that hj can go after ms. A like a counter charge and the media particularly Despatch?
      I reallt think something has to be done to this people for what they did to hj.
      Thank you’ve been very helpful.

    • Chen the incident happened in May 30 after midnight and was reported at the police on Aug 20 if im not mistaken. so thats almost after 3 months. There were conflucts w the dates that ms a said last days of july but hj was already on WT. So i never believed her statements.

      • Bella Chen and LK,
        If we and all other fans have seen the discrepancies in the dates the photoshop the dates fm doctors and so on can’t count the lies .. and the law is actually on Hj side….., so of course HJ and the lawyers have a pure case of libel here and most probably the police will have their say as well in the matter.

        Can we please stop call the little nobody (trash sound much better) Miss, that title is for decent people and this one for sure is not!

        • Bella I agree with you, worldwide HJ brought his country’s culture, music, arts, ect. He’s a gem in his country that i hope he would be taken care too. We’re the same I learn to love Korean music through HJ. I learned to appreciate almost everything about Korea and I owe that to HJ. thank you Bella! God bless…

  25. Yuh I can say yuhhhh. She is lying, threating and she knows that he is nice guy and never hurt him so she push and push. I want that korean fans go to court to judge her. She hurt us mentally so she have to pay. The system have to protect innocent ones like KHJ. Korean system only support liers like her. She has to pay it. He is famous therefore the system tries to show famous is not important but it is not right example or case. Please do your job and punish her. Otherwise women like her start to go police and court to take money from men so men start to untrust women this causes serious problem for korea. Before I like korea but know I show that korea systrm is not safety for innocent ones. Please he starts to protect himself and stop to respect and protect her. She does not deserve this, but we as fans deserve it.

  26. Miss A’s statement clearly states her motive- that is Kim Hyun Joong should give in to her demands OR ELSE, more threats. This is clearly a blackmail!

  27. You put all of our frustration and anger in words! Thank you!

    Does that girl not realize how much damage she is causing just because of her lies? Does she not realize that there are so many who are in pain and not just Hyun Joong? Does she even have a heart? A conscience? How pathetic and desperate can a person get? I don’t understand her motive at all. If I were to love a man and he breaks up with me, I’d be hurt. Hell, I’ll even hate him. But how can you go ask for money just because he’s rich? She’s taking advantage of Hyun Joong because he’s so naive!

    If a man hurt me, I’d first send his ass to jail the moment he lay a hand on me. I wouldn’t ask for a settlement! I am glad Hyun Joong denied her the money that the scornful woman eyed at from the very beginning!

    Karma will bite her in the ass, I am sure of it. We see through her lies and surely, everyone else will.

    Hyun Joong should continue to stay strong and remember that we have his back! We will never leave him so he should fight for justice and no matter how bad it hurts to hear people criticise him, he must know that we are there for him through thick and thin! Always!

  28. Right on! For the beginning I stated that I needed to know how much she got from dispatch for her “exclusives” . I am a Latina and American so sorry my fellow Koreans but if 1% of how you Korean women are portraid in dramas is truth, you are the most conniving, revengeful beings who walk the earth. I stand by him from the beginning till the end. Shame in the Korean news outlets and KE for destroying a hard working man’s life. For that bitch A I just want to say a word: KARMA!

    • Yes I agree with you, Wooow korean media is soooo horrible :(. He is the most powerful and hard-worker idol I ever known,!
      U know what! and sorry for korean fans here and others who are good people, But most korean people are so jealous toward their idols!! always seeking to ruin destroy their idols image !!!! ( I saw this in their dramas!! and other idols who are destroyed because of their stupid media …sorry about that )
      Anyways KHJ fighting u r the best and will be always ❤

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