RE: Beijing Concert

We all know that Kim Hyun Joong never break a promise. Please check it out from where this cancellation info came from. Is it coming from the organizer? I’m just asking. If not then don’t you think the cancellation might just be rumors coming from the hater’s camp? Remember the media and these haters are meant to ruin Hyun Joong’s concert series. I think we might just be careful.

I have not read any notice from KE pertaining to any cancellation of Hyun Joong’s concert. Have you? Let’s all calm down, let’s not jump yet. We may never know this can be another hater’s scheme to stop ticket selling ect. If not then maybe we can wait for KE’s public notice.  Calm down everyone!   Have a nice evening!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing


13 thoughts on “ATTENTION: KHJ FANS

  1. Oh far out yet I believe anything is possible. It occurred to me after reading about what happened to Beijing concert and now also the rumors on a Japanese event that perhaps we fans can help ensure that these concerts proceed by helping organize these events especially fans in each of these countries. I know it involves a lot of people and costs. We can find a venue which is reasonable enough just also big enough just so these events will proceed and ensure tha it is a date on a weekend. Perhaps Kim Hyun Joong and his dancers will give a free concert or discount their fees and talents and perhaps also stay in a safe but reasonable hotel and KeyEast agrees on these terms just so his events will proceed. And we can donate small amount for the expenses of the venue, we spent a lot on his albums and on rice and flowers, this time we will donate for expenses to his events. Even a dollar from 4 million fans becomes 4 million dollars and even so much already. I wonder what is the official headcount registered under Henecia Korea(including all other international fans) and also Henecia Japan. Then all donations will be accepted by only one trusted fanclub of these countries and each has to be officiated with a receipt and shown to public regularly in twitter or the official blog/forum of the fanclub. Henecians shall still be prioritized for ticket sales for the safety of Kim Hyun Joong and for everyone. We shall still strictly follow KeyEast rules with respect to Kim Hyun Joong’s management. There shall be a lay-out of all responsibilities(surely LK you know some of these) and distributed to all fans given to fans who wish to volunteer then we can hire some security at the venue and also to verify tickets on the day of the event or fans can do it. Fans have to come early at least an hour so everyone can be inside before the event starts. Freebies can also be taken cared of by the fans. Massive and continuous marketing will be done by each fan club in twitter, blogs, facebook or whereever. Oh there are still so many things to be covered in an event but I believe this is possible. Henecians are best at these combined efforts, Henecians all over the world UNITED as one.

    • I wish to emphasize that it is best for a dollar per fan so it is really a combined effort of everyone although others could afford more but this will encourage more participation to everyone even those who are students, full time moms, in between jobs and the rest.

  2. KE is dumb company they think HJ fans will leave him and He is not moneymaker anymore. What KE does not know is the fans behind HJ that never leave him and that is shown in his concerts despite the issue. F–K … to KEY EAST ENTERTAINMENT.

  3. I am disappointed in Key East right now. I just haunted their official website and official facebook page. No updates since August. Also, Kim Hyun Joong’s web page and official facebook…. no updates since August! On Hyun Joong’s official page, his schedule still shows the Beijing concert as scheduled. I wish I could find a way to directly contact KE and ask them what the **** is going on! I don’t buy that the sponsor for the Beijing concert would pull out. that would be a poor business decision. I’m still WAITING KE???? Why aren’t you protecting Hyun Joong? Getting Frustrated. I guess Kim Soo Hyun and Park Soo Jin are hotter tickets right now… that’s the only current news on KE website. SOOOO DISAPPOINTING! Kim Hyun Joong made KE along with Bae Yong Joon. He has been there from almost the beginning. Show a little appreciation and DO SOME DAMAGE CONTROL PLEASE! OK…. sorry, LK. I will go vent on my own blog! 🙂 LOL!

  4. They post in wiebo but the original notice they deleted it and change it and no longer TT but still the same company who post the cancellation of khj concert.

  5. Lazer, don’t you it is about time we question KE motivations? The way they are handling HJs career and personal matters leaves much to be desired.
    It seems they do not exist. Something is very wrong somewhere. I hope HJ can handle these things philosophically because everything he has worked for is going down the drain so to speak. But of course his fans will fight with him and for him. His real fans are true to him all the time.

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