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By: LazerKim               In my recent article Love Attack, I have mentioned that the media has been misleading its readers even to the extent of concealing the truth after Kim Hyun Joong had submitted his statement to the police in September 2nd. While Hyun Joong was performing his concert in Peru, there were other news release again which I expect another misleading news.

All I know is that while those news article was posted there was already a crowd of fans at the airport of Lima waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival and a crowd of international fans from different neighboring countries arrived at the airport to watch Hyun Joong’s concert! And that this concert had been in the Peruvian TV news station as Hyun Joong’s most anticipated arrival to their country and the concert was at the news.


After Hyun Joong’s concert in Peru, one very interesting article was posted, the writer is a Chinese. This article shows how the media twist its interpretation about the news reports about the scandal, and how this case was sensationalized. Thanks to Hyun Joong’s fans that many of them can translate Hangul in different languages specially in English. I guess we fans can just rely on each other since it’s so unfortunate we can no longer trust some media in delivering the truth before us.

And to Hyun Joong’s fans who have been translating news items about this scandal, thank you so much, you know who you are, please do keep up the good work, we truly appreciate your extended effort. And also to the fans at tweeter who are endlessly posting updates about Hyun Joong thank you for your effort. I think we just have to stay “red alert” until this roller coaster is over.  I would like to share the link with you just in case you have not read it, here as follows:

News headlines tell your “truth” – Kim Hyun Joong allegedly beat his girlfriend?

Translation by: 501wangja, thanks!    Shared by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog thanks!(

News source: ( @501wangja, thanks!



I think there’s nothing more painful for a celeb than having to face trial by publicity, character assassination, and unjustly persecuted by the public prior to the thoughts of presumption of innocence. And all of these cyber wars going on around us was created by one person orchestrated by media. Just my opinion and I think I’m entitled to it too.

I agree with the writer from that article I post above, by the time this case resolve, the public would no longer be interested with its result specially if it was proven that the person being accused is found not guilty. And this is becoming a common trend specially to celebs and even high-profile personalities that after some media played their dirty tricks, the celeb is being left hanging up in the limbo after bringing out their dirty job well done in destroying a man’s career life. This is how cruel some medias are.

As controversial news released, the public takes it as an entertainment, just like what is currently happening. Is this the world where we live in? Where is justice now, if the person accused had already been persecuted or even convicted by the public prior to full investigation or not even hearing from the side of the person being accused? The police have not even found out if the alleged accusation is valid enough with no single doubt to file a criminal case. While the public had already placed judgement on the accused.

I think some media particularly those who covers the showbiz has been irresponsible in reporting controversial news. And I think something has to be done to stop irresponsible journalism anywhere in this world not only in South Korean media covering showbiz news which some of them has been playing dirty tricks in destroying other’s image which is obviously just for money.

Can’t these some media reporters do their job in the right way to deliver a balance reporting stating facts from both sides of the party before posting the controversial news?  Instead of being one-sided making up or sensationalize stories and producing fake evidence specially on controversial issues? The media I think should be a medium that can be trusted by the public, and not just trying to attract people to read from them just to gain to the extent of destroying others life which I think is wrong.

From now on I think we have to be careful of what we are reading from the news. I’m saying this specially to the new fans who are still on the stage of searching for Kim Hyun Joong. Not all media news releases are accurate and has always been twisted giving different interpretation specially on the side of Hyun Joong. That I have noticed and it seems like anything he says has been interpreted or translated in a wrong way that can be misleading. I repeat, we fans following Hyun Joong for years know him better than these haters and media.

Yes haters, we know Kim Hyun Joong better than you do, so I don’t need your opinion!



Ever since this scandal done to Hyun Joong erupted and smear campaign from media just kept going for weeks now, I can’t help asking “Is there someone big behind all of these? Is this woman being used and so with the media in destroying Kim Hyun Joong?” Well this may be speculation I’m just speaking my thoughts out that somehow it lingers in my mind knowing Hyun Joong worked hard for 9 years and I don’t think he would just let this go in passing! I’m sorry but I still think it’s Kim Hyun Joong who is the victim in this scandal!

Why does it bothers me that I think Hyun Joong was deliberately provoked by this woman into a heated argument, as Hyun Joong wanted to break up with her and this woman tried to threaten him? Let us not forget that women are also capable of violence. I’m a woman I’m against violence but in this case, I think I’d rather take the unpopular side to defend and I guess this is my right of choice and I got my own reasons why. Win or lose I’m at his side, if he’s at fault I forgive, who doesn’t make mistake anyway.

He admitted on slight altercation but strongly denied on assault, there’s a big difference between the two. Hyun Joong is not a saint, but at this point I don’t think he will ever lie. Knowing the guy is a man of few words but when he speaks is always the truth. What more in this serious allegation?

And considering Dispatch has a bad reputation in destroying celebs, I just can’t eliminate the thoughts of conspiracy was done and still in the process just like what they did to other celebs. I read that many libel cases has been charged on Dispatch, I wonder what happened to those cases filed by other celebs? Or maybe libel case has lower offense cost in SK that can easily be settled through monetary settlement? I hope I’m wrong though! Just my wild thoughts. I’ll still be waiting for further development on this case and be aware of twist and turns from some media.

The truth has its own way of revealing by itself no matter how one conceal the unspoken facts or twisted statements by some media, the truth will prevail sooner or later, and I truly believe in this. But what happen to these media who are trying to destroy others? As time goes, the more I’m convinced the objective of this scandal is not for justice but simply to destroy Kim Hyun Joong’s career life.

May I share another article link that gave me a thought of a pattern created by Dispatch in destroying celebs. The article title is “Dispatch, the owner of Kpop Pandora’s Box” (     Shared by: Hola, thanks!



Hyun Joong’s name may have smeared in this allegation that damage may have been done, and he is determined to clear up his name, BUT what are we fans for? If we were able to lift Hyun Joong up to the heights of success all these years, there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.

In fact we have started with it, his concert’s success still on going and consistently continued to be a big hit anywhere he goes despite of this obstacle. We have witness from Thailand, Guangzhou China, and Peru, his fans may have been affected by the incident but contrary to what his detractors expected, his fans from these countries even showed more love and support to him as all venues were full packed.

Let’s move a little backward a week before this concert in Peru, Hyun Joong performed in Guangzhou China, the venue was full packed as usual tickets all sold out, and at the venue before the show proper there were about a hundred flower stand at the lobby for Hyun Joong coming from his fans from different parts of China and fans from different countries as their way of showing support to Kim Hyun Joong. I heard from the Chinese event organizer that this was so unusual for a Kpop star who is in such crisis, to be receiving such abundant support and ticket selling was even in such speed after the scandal erupted!!

Now I’m thinking, is this the impact of that scandal?? I know his detractors meant to ruin this concert series as well as his image, his career and even his life, but seeing from the turn of events, it seems the scandal even serves him the positive way!! That’s why I can’t help but laugh at his detractors!

Although we’re not through yet, we’re not off the hook but at least what we’re seeing from his concerts can ease our worries and of course with Hyun Joong as the concern artist in this set back. And I’ll say it again, one can NEVER put a good man down. I always have this in mind that gives me a lot of hope for him to overcome all of these trials in his career life.



I would like to thank Peru for your hospitality, and for taking care of Hyun Joong. The atmosphere within the venue was so festive that everyone wears big bright smiles, his fans were sooo great! You have shown your sincere love and support to Kim Hyun Joong, the warm way of Latina being always affectionate, cheerful and lovable!

And for the international fans from the neighboring countries, thank you for your effort in attending Hyun Joong’s concert in Lima, your gesture of love and support is truly appreciated and shall always be remembered by all of us. Together with Peru in joined forces are:


One touching part in this concert was that, during the show the fans from different countries tossed their flags to the stage signifying his fans support from these countries to Kim Hyun Joong. This was just to show that his fans from the Latin countries including the US support and love him. Hyun Joong picked up those flags while singing Kiss Kiss for keeps!

He was surprised and touched by the gesture and truly appreciate it very much, as he made promise he’s coming back to Peru at the same stage to perform. He’s determine to stay on stage because this is what his fans call for and wanted him to do. He clearly emphasized this during his previous concert in Japan.



They say, “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” Hyun Joong will never be alone in facing all of these roller coaster, it’s our turn to be with him on this crucial period of his career life. I still want him to do more music, I still want him to do more concerts as a singer/dancer and I still want to see him as an actor, PERIOD. And because I desperately want him to do these works, then I have to do my part as a fan and openly support him, and show those lousy media and haters that his fans cannot be swayed by those dirty tricks.

So let’s make the most of the last remaining concert, the most memorable one. Until now I’m still wishing for more to come despite of this set back, it only urge me to want more concerts and more projects from Kim Hyun Joong that I never get tired. I can only speak for myself but this is the power he has over me.

Am I delusional? LOL Honestly, I’m beginning to love this word, because the more my haters call me that, the greater my love for Hyun Joong develop as my idol and the more I get inspired to write and defend him!!

Kim Hyun Joong may be surrounded by negative vibes from those people who wants to bring him down, but on the contrary, he’s even gaining positive impact out of those negatives………*sigh*………God never sleeps and He sees everything…….Life can sometimes be so mysterious.



Before I go, I would just like to share what I have written in my article Unite in One way back in 2012 and let’s absorb the thoughts on unity, here it goes…

I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun Joong was there and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can not speak English same as Hyun Joong that may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room.

No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stood in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong on different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stopped singing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the power over different people to unite as ONE……                                     he needs us, let’s be there for him.

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing


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27 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] POSITIVE IMPACT

  1. Lazer Kim, i would like to inform you that i am a new fan just barely two months, but i never doubted khj’s side of the story and never believed the issue. he is the only Korean actor that i admired and believed. Everyday i keep on surfing his music…his show…his guesting and i search everything about him, that’s why i came across your blog and since then i become your follower. i feel the sincerity of your writings and i believed that we are in the same footings..i will never leave KHJ no matter what happens and i will wait for him after his military service. thanks for keep on believing in khj and thanks for your blog site…Fighting!!!

  2. thanxs for the great article…hopefully,khj strong enough to face all those thing…be strong…we might not stand by you…but we always for you…please update me the latest news about khj…i really wanted to know about him..because i hate watch him sad…i juz want he smile like make me calm because i know he have through a good life…

  3. Thank you for this awesome article, dear LazerKim! I really love it!
    It was so great to see the support and love from fans of various countries in KHJ’s concert in Peru! Watching videos, I’m sure HJ really felt this love and support and he was touched ! He was so happy during the concert! And what a warm smile towards fans during the Hi-touch event afterwards!
    Regarding the Hong Kong article about the “truth” served by the distorting media reg KHJ’s case, I am really thankful to the person who wrote it and of course to the one who translated it. It’s really important since it’s written by a non-fan who actually confirms some important facts that we fans have been trying to say. Hope more articles like this come out.
    And you are so right, Kim Hyun Joong has the power to unite us in ONE by LOVE ! I witnessed this more and more while time passed since I became his fan.

  4. Yo creo que kim hyun joong se siente muy afortunado de contar con el apoyo de sus fans que lo defienden y lo protegen así como una gran familia que siempre te apoya y está en los buenos y malos momentos

  5. Hi dear Lazer kim n others….thanks a lot LK for ur wonderful writes up n other chingus with ur pleasant comments…as a TRUE fan, i got same feeling as u hve stated in this article. Yeah..knowing HJ since i watched BOF ( 2009 ) it makes me deeply understand him all these years. For me, HJ has being my sorrow healer for quite some times. When my heart was in sorrow, look at him smiling, singing, dancing, acting, talking, everything; it just make my heart happy and calm. I don’t know how to describe it. He got this some kind of positive vibes glowing around him that can attract people to love him so much rather than themselves. Yes, i think he was born together with that specialty given by God. Only people like us ( HJ true fans ) know how it works on him.
    Talking abt TRUE fans, its so funny when u see some ‘TRUE fans’ reacted to HJ’s case recently. From the first day the news came out, u could see some of this so-called ‘TRUE fans’ saying how much they supported him before, knowing him from the very first day, how they love him and his work BUT when that news exploded, wow, they just simply ignoring all the years they adore him, just because of the lousy news from lousy media site exposing such ‘evidence’ from the woman that they were not even know before. Me at that time, OMG! what the shit this ‘TRUE fans’ was thinking. Are they really ‘TRUE fans” or they just pretend to be one just to show how bad HJ is??
    I hve enough with this kind of people that i no more reading any so-called media site exposing ‘truth’. So grateful we have some blogs that still had commence sense of this issue n im so happy being with Hyunniepexers for sometime and now here in ur blog LK that always saying the TRUTH abt Kim Hyun Joong.

    Thank you so much for the loves u give to us the readers. May God bless u n other chingus here.

  6. Hi Lazer Kim
    Thanks you for another great article. I trully get what you are trying to say so let me just add this to what you’ve said. The fact that the media cannot be trusted to provide us with clear and truthful news just hurts a lot. I trully believe that one of the main reasons they become this way is because many people no longer want the truth. For example, you try to tell to tell someone that ‘no I really didn’t do this or didn’t know this’, but in their minds, they want to believe you did it. I don’t know if it’s just more fun for them or more interesting to have something bad to say about someone. That’s just the way I see it, nowadays when you look at most of the people doing or trying to do great things,they just get shunned away by the public but when someone introduces something totally unreasonable, it gets so much unnecessary support.
    So I’m just saying, the media makes it and the public accepts it.
    I am just so grateful to all kim hyun joong fans who really know him and continue to support him. I only wish I could support him more than this, being so far away and hoping for the best, I’m giving it my all. So lets push him up higher than ever and keep spreading the love!!!!!
    God bless you KHJ and God bless you all..
    Have a wonderful day Lk…

  7. Hello dear Lazerkim,
    Welcome back, wow even though is winter in the South hemisphere, that was one hot place to be in Lima, thanks for sharing and told you those Latinas have lots of hot love to show, amazing fans.

    You are soo right, those haters are eating their words, because Hj fans are more United than ever and they show more love then ever.
    Yes we have that group Hug that we protect and hug HJ and we won’t let them to hurt Hj or us.
    All for One and One for All! 🙂

  8. great article, you express my feelings. Sometimes I’m emotionally pushed to the limit and I post a response to a nasty comment by someone, ( which I try not to give them any platform) and I find they can’t have been fans, they seem like women with personal issues with abuse. I’m older, I’m experienced with life’s ups and downs in relationships, and I know from personal experience you just want to push him, and smack him sometimes, but neither he, nor I are abusers of each other and we have a long and happy marriage. These nasty posters are not fan’s that even know KHJ accept as a celeb, and they see the headlines and think any accusation is fact. Living the US I’m amazed by the trash that is printed about celebs, but only a small minority believe the sensational articles that we find in the grocery stores, so I’m still a little shocked at the Koeran Press that stoops to this level. Your Idea that there is someone or something behind this, that this woman may in fact be used, or part of a setup is interesting and considering It’s KHJ, who’s been so successful in his career, I can see it being a posibility. Thanks to all the fans that give us midwestern US fans info on KHJ.

  9. You write in plain English what I think in French!! The more they attack our HJ, the more we support him and we unite against hatred and stupidity. All for One, One for All !!! And yes, we know better HJ than these haters. KHJ never lies and he is a good man: I believe in him with all my heart. And the more they are struggling against him, the more I like him. Congratulations to all the fans who attended the concerts and supported him: I love you !!
    When I see all these hateful videos and comments on YouTube, I am disgusted, I hope they will be sued for defamation, with this so-called press which manipulates people by lying to them or distorting everything. I wonder if this girl does not belong to the Mafia, because it looks like a fierce cabal against our HJ. And this concert to Beijing : but what do KeyEast do?

    • that is also one of my questions that lingers in my mind, what the hell KeyEast is doing???? til now they did not defended KHJ …their most bankable star. where are they now that KHJ needed them the most? not a single defending statements had been issued…so what now??? am i right that the owner of KeyEast is Bae Yoong Joon??? KeyEast is not defending their biggest asset which KHJ …your statement is true that the issue united KHJ’s fans all over the world…

  10. hyun joong,just be happy.look to to the creator and always pray.whenever u are feeling down,remember dat there are a lot of people dat cherish keep on smiling,cause we all learn how to smile beautifully from u,our angel.

    • i agree with harriet, he made us smile, his positive presence makes us happy. there was a point in my life that i was so down with problems, then surfing youtube just to watch what can ease my stress and of feeling down that i came across BOF just two months ago, til then i keep on searching KHj’s everything..from drama to music to concerts to interviews, etc…that i feel the comfort of his angelic face and his smile….his persona emanates a feeling of serenity in myself. that’s why whenever i feel down and lonely i just watch any youtube happenings of KHJ and that feeling will gone….since i am a new fan, everyday i will watch concerts and others and right now, i watched KHJ and HwangBo’s We Got Married …and the more i know him the more i love him more…thanks to all True KHJ fans …I am one of you..

  11. Thanks again Lazer for another brilliant article. I really have no idea how this is dealt with in SK. It hurts that this is happening to Hyun Joong …… but I’m sure his Henecians and Triple S will bring him back up to where he belongs as soon as this is over. We won’t let them destroy his career just like that, yes? He is a Global Star, they cannot deny us what we love most. And I am looking forward to seeing this happen very soon ….. Just like everyone is saying, He is UNBREAKABLE … .we are UNBREAKABLE!!! For now, I hold on to this hope ….. I don’t dare visit or read these Haters’ lair. Whether he is guilty or not, I choose to stay with him and help him rise up again ……………..


  12. Dear LK ,

    Thank you so much For another beautiful and meaningful article,

    It starts getting serious now when it was so clear that the media intentionally distorted the fact and aimed to mislead the public. The media indeed the real criminal in this case. The haters who are enjoy blaming others I would say they are conspiracy . We have seen some here when we tried to ask them not to base on one side story or believed everything media said.Sadly they seem not interested in justice what they care is to condemn and punish HJ. How can people dare to make judgement without seeking for the truth. I found the irresponsible media and those haters are the most cruel human being and the most dangerous for society. They committed the crime without shame in HJ ‘s case . I really hope Korean will be able to do something with it for the sake of their own society . To be honest I want to see them be punished as an example. How can we made a campaign to reject the bad media and haters .?

    Thank for all HJ’s fans for endless support . Your wisdom and compassion are so visible. What many of us had said since the news broke out become true now. I hope KE will do something with it. HJ’s fans show me how much love can do . The power of true love is always constructive and inspiring .

    I can’t help but admire HJ the way he handle the situation . He took it with dignity and grace.
    His act speaks louder than any words therefore I trust him and confident in him. His story is the same since in the beginning until now. As his fans we all know he is a man of few words and when he says something we know he does not lie.

    I really hope everything will source out well with Biijing concert. Love to see him on stage. And much love to all those fans who share us clips and pictures. Your clips and pictures are the best healing medicines.

    Love you Lk

    God bless you.

  13. Thank you for this wonderful article,LK! As always we, HJ devout fans, can depend on you to voice out all our thoughts and beliefs about our Only One when ever we need it! I am a “deluded” ahjumma fan of HJ and like Oh Cheonsa ,i feel like giving him a comforting hug (if he does not run a mile at my Hug Attack) and support him when he needs it..even protecting him from what ever attacks if possible!The haters say the fans who knew him for years don’t know him…but do THEY know him better than us? I doubt that! Besides,these haters are ready to believe anything an Unknown woman says! Do they know HER?No way- they know only what the Media tells them..the Media who are gleefully making money out of this and not doing this for the betterment of society or justice for the underprivileged! Because if the media is upholding Justice,they would be giving the public an unbiased report instead of coming out with misleading articles which twist the truth and present it in a such a way as to accuse and judge a possibly innocent person !
    As the concerts happen ,one after the other,and the loyal,loving fans continue to support their beloved star,i am left teary eyed and proud of being a member of such a great family as Henecia! I too had thoughts of HJ being a victim of a conspiracy,even before this incident..i feel as if THEY( who ever is conspiring against him) have tried in various ways to pull him down and degrade his works-be it music or acting- but so far he emerged from all of it professionally unscathed ….and then they get this golden opportunity to destroy him! I doubt his fans would allow it to happen, even though there is bound to be some after effects ..
    LK,i have a question- can the media reports that appear in e-space be controlled by us ,fans? What i mean is,in You tube you have an option to “report for abuse,spam”,by which you can remove a certain comment and even video…is there no such option to curtail these dirty attacks of the media?

    • Hello please allow me to reply. Because of this incident, I have researched on cyberbullying, we have the privelege to report those sites spreading this kind of slander to google or the ones who own the domain, just like in facebook we can report an account.

  14. Woooooow thx u so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us I don’t want to talk alot just one sentence no one could push him down cause he’s apure from inside and outside after the emotional support from his fans all over the world he returns to be on the top again I have the feeling that he will overcome all the difficulties soon he needs just to rest for awhile and clear his mind

  15. as you said, KHJ is only LOVE and we… all his fans could see him as a truly beauty person and better human being… thanks so much for every word you write… I am from Peru, and yes its so true!! instead to get our love for him down… all of us were standing up for him… showing our love, care and confident…
    our sister from other latinoamerica countries were amazing and we all together could show him a warm and sincere love…
    supporting you forever… our promise
    VOLVERE PRONTO his promise…
    one night of love… unforgettable… amazing… unbreakable… KHJ

  16. Good night, dear friend Lazerkim, I write from Venezuela, on behalf of Henecia Venezuela Official FanClub Kim Hyun Joong, thank you for writing such a wonderful article, we know who our Kim Hyun Joong and we are very proud of him, regardless of what say the media, I want you to know that our love for Kim Hyun Joong is immense, profound and infinite nothing and no one will make us change that feeling Loyalty, Respect and Love toward him. His Henecias of Venezuela are here to support him and to tell him that he is not alone God is also with him and he’s gonna be freed of all that he is accused. We believe in our boy. To you, we send you a warm hug and infinite blessings.

    • Hello! I got it! Thanks for sharing! Let’s do something about it. I understand I think this came out last night and I’m also waiting for notification from the concern parties. Thank you! See you later guys!! I gotta run….

  17. dear
    let me tell you that in my country the president is always atacking by media, but really hard, the thing is that he has every Saturday in the morning a space to inform the country about his work and at the end there is an space called ´´ THE LIE OF THE WEEK´ which is espected for evryone, there he passes the lie in video and confronts with evidence the lying news, l am not a fan of him but being objective l recognize his positive work and always laught of the way he confronts the media, many people started to wait this space to know the true by himself. that is what we need to do, find the best way to protect him, going to the true news. l like the links that you share very good articles, l notice that lately the haters are in silence, maybe the evident protection that he recieved from everywhere made them without tools to atack.He is just reaping what he sowed in our hearts, they really hoped that he cut his tour to attend the problem, they like that he hides and avoid people, but who owes nothing fears nothing………………. lt was sad to see him down, just not smiling showed it, but l notice too that it is changing, he is seeing smiling to fans, again going to fly not using the vip door. and going deep to his work, brighting on the stage. That is the KHJL that l admire.
    My only one be strong we are here for you. good luck in the next stop.
    Thanks dear for your articles, dont stop writing we need you now than ever.

  18. thank you for your write up again, i hope KHJ will stand straight up until the storm is over, he will just need to be tough until the end because nothing will change, he is still our idol who adored so much, loved so much, no one can put him down, not with us around him, we will protect him. He achieved so much to the highest level, and everyone wants to walk to the path he took, so envy of him.WE will not allow them to destroy him, we will carry him to the top again, to where he belongs…

  19. LK! Thank you so much for another beautiful article. I am at the point now that I am just sitting back and watching the Circus with amusement. I am still feeling pain for Hyun Joong over the craziness and the betrayal he must feel. But, it’s getting to the point of RIDICULOUS! He gave his truthful statement to the Police, and because it contradicted their SENSATIONALISM, they twisted his words so they wouldn’t have to be responsible for spreading FALSE information prior to his Statement to the Police. It’s DISGUSTING, and I wish he could sue for compensation somehow when this is all over. I don’t believe he will be convicted because the evidence is flimsy.

    The fact is… the pain and heartbreak have already happened and no amount of compensation can make up for that. I am just so grateful to the fans who have supported him without pause and who are proving that what the tabloid rags and the rabid haters who love them have to say is not regarded as anything to even spit at. I am a bit pissed about all of the lies that have continued to perpetuate even after his HONEST statement. He never admitted to assault or abuse. But, that’s not meaty enough for the trash Media. They had to distort it and say he admitted to assault/abuse/hitting his girlfriend. I have my own idea of what happened… but, like the article from Ms. Kim states… none of us were a fly on the wall witnessing the actual events. None of us have a right to judge or speculate.

    All we can do is continue to love him, and just like the public crucifixion he went through before the release of Playful Kiss that made the ratings tank, the International Fans will pick him up and run the full race. He was caught up in some bulls*** political scandal back then. At least KE is standing behind him and putting the truth out there. That is far more than his company back then did for him. The only reason this is bigger news is because he is a bigger celebrity now.

    Truthfully, I just want to wrap my arms around him and give him the tightest hug he’s ever had to let him know he will never be alone with this. His true, loyal fans know him and trust him. His haters can say we are deluded all they want. I know the truth, and nothing can break us apart ever! I’d rather follow a good, honest man and be deluded than go around with all that hate in my heart. Doesn’t it get exhausting? I am laughing too, because it doesn’t seem to matter how much crap they throw at him. He always comes out clean and bright! LOVE MY BABY HYUN JOONG! And to all the fans, GROUP HUG! WITH KHJ IN THE MIDDLE! LOL! 🙂


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