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By: LazerKim              In September 2nd Kim Hyun Joong finally showed up at the police station to participate in the investigation pertaining to assault allegation case filed by his ex-girl. As I expected Hyun Joong maintained his consistency with his first statement made through KE that the relationship was only a few months and not two years as his ex stated. Hyun Joong wanted to break up that led to emotional argument turned in to a fight from both parties by pushing and shoving in a slight altercation arouse.

But Hyun Joong strongly emphasized that this incident transpired only once and NOT habitual violence as what the media reported. Because the two sides have different statements, the police shall be calling on both parties for further questioning.

The investigating officer from the police station stated that there is NO EVIDENCE in this case except Hyun Joong’s ex-girl’s statement to prove the assault case filed by his ex. This part of the news was being concealed by the media.

Hyun Joong did the right thing in going to the right venue to submit his statement instead of doing so in the media, which is the most professional way for someone being accused, and let justice roll. I know many of you are still worried about him, but as for me I felt relieved after Hyun Joong had gone to the police station and stated the testimony as he first released. I TRUST him he’s doing the right thing and he’s on the right path in resolving this case as he cooperated with the right authority.

News source (  Thanks for sharing trans.Jackiek606!


A concern fan and one of my regular readers Stav thanks, wrote to me and shared these news translation from another fan from Tweeter and suggested to post these news in this blog. Times like this that we no longer can trust the media in translating or even manipulating the truth, we can just relay with each other and bring out the truth. Thank you so much for those fans who in their effort in translating the news, please do keep up the good work thank you so much!      Here it goes;

This source stated “Everything seems ambiguous to be able to prove Kim Hyun Joong’s assault allegation” and further stated “There is no proof other than a statement that Kim Hyun Joong is the one to assault Ms. A” rt: @dkwl0526 이 관계자는 “김현중의 상해 혐의를 입증하기엔 모든 게 애매하다”며 “A 씨에게 상해를 입힌 사람이 김현중이라는 것도 진술 외엔 증거가 없다”고 말했다.

Here is my 2cents….
There are many articles out there, but the above statement is the only fact we need to remember, which I’m sorry to say often gets twisted and lost. You’ve seen what the media have been doing. Please ignore the sensationalism and take everything with a grain of salt!!!!

source: ( @FortheloveofKHJ > thanks!

Acc to the source of police, “To substantiate KHJ’s assault allegation, everything is vague. There is NO EVIDENCE except A’s statement to prove who assaulted A and that was KHJ. KHJ said it was a light physical fight happened while they argued about breakup issue.”

Sounds like not so serious? But I am worried, the media keep distorting the truth to make KHJ guilty in front of ‘public’ no matter what fact is. I feel like I am being assaulted by the media. I hope KHJ will never agree on ‘out-of-court settlement’ which they must be badly want since they have killed one person’s career without evidence.

source: ( ) @howlovelylala > thanks!



After September 2 many news coming out from the media seemed misleading and I can understand it can sometimes be so irritating to read not to mention those haters enjoyed commenting and bashing. And there are times we cannot help it we get tempted to comment too. I have resigned from reading those media news and reading comments. How I wish there’s a media who is fair enough to report on this case not the misleading way.

Until now I still haven’t change on how I trust and believe Hyun Joong that I still strongly believe the truth will prevail and who knows it may be in no time from now we’ll be surprise this is over and done. As I have mentioned earlier the police shall be calling on both parties for further questioning and I hope from here the police can dig in to search for truth.

I wish to see how the plaintiff would melt seeing Hyun Joong in front of her or if she can still look at him straight in his eyes knowing within herself Hyun Joong may not be a saint but at this point he would not lie. Since the start I never believed her even she had presented those so-called evidence that contains a lot of loop holes which obviously for publicity purposes. Or she might end up eating all those she presented including her lies!  Again I’m just speaking my mind out, air out what I feel and this is the only space I got to burst it out, it’s my right to say anything in this blog.



At this point I’m trying to divert my mind on how this scandal was brought about by media. Like gathering all those media trash trying to destroy a man, to note down who are these reporters, who among the media scattered the so-called evidences presented by this woman which I think were suppose to be in the possession of the police and asking myself is libel case possible?

I’m not a lawyer but I’m just having this idea what can be done to these people destroying other’s lives. I think something is just not right. This woman may be in cloud nine at this time for hurting not only Kim Hyun Joong but millions of fans all over the world. Can she get away with this? It’s not justice that she’s seeking but money! Now her true color is slowly getting into the surface.

Before I leave this topic may I share this article link below for those who may have not read it, this will help enlighten us fans….“Innocent Until proven Guilty”  by Kai Destiny. Thank you so much Kai for sharing this article.




I learned a good lesson out of this case that I would like to share being a woman and I’m speaking in general. If a man wanted to break up a relationship with us, let go of that man peacefully no matter how painful it is. In a good relationship there has to be respect, trust and love that has to be mutual always. If one of these I mentioned no longer exist, no matter what we do we end up in pain. Revenge can lead us to nowhere, we may win today out of the revenge but we may never know tomorrow may back lash on us that may lead to regret.

I always have this in mind “when you love someone set them free if they come back to you, it’s meant to be….”  I had that experience and it’s true, love is sweeter the second time around. Everyone deserves a second chance. Well it all depends on the person coming back to you and the kind of relationship.



Kim Hyun Joong performed his recent concert at Guangzhou China as expected the venue again was full packed and I would say this is the most emotional concert ever held by Hyun Joong. The audience cheered with louder voices and most of all, his fans participated in the concert as they all sang a famous Chinese song “The Moon Representing My Heart” originally sang by Teresa Teng. Such touching moment on how his fans showed their love to Hyun Joong.

I have handled a lot of concerts during my career life with other stars but this was the first time for me to experienced the audience singing for the performer, and I was just speechless by his fans gesture that everyone in the audience gallery sang the song for Hyun Joong. He has been called the gentle healer by his fans, and this time in return it’s his fans that are healing him with so much love. It’s so amazing that I couldn’t imagine such kind of unconditional love do exist in reality. *sigh*  That show was so emotional both to Hyun Joong as he kept holding back till the show ended, but his fans gave in to their tears and still screamed and cheered for him on top of their voices.

Thank you Guangzhou for your hospitality, for taking care of Hyun Joong and thank you for the love and support you have shown him. Your effort is very much appreciated worldwide as you and Hyun Joong were being watched and enjoyed the concert even from afar.

Next concert stop shall be Peru, it’s your turn now, please do take care of Hyun Joong  and to cheer him up his Peruvian fans prepared another surprise for him! Thank you for your extended effort the whole world shall be watching this concert. Do enjoy the show with him and his music that’s all that matters to him, and in loud voice let your love be heard by Hyun Joong!!

There are times I was asking myself as to why does Hyun Joong has to go through such obstacle within our journey with him? I can only speak for myself but this time I feel a greater love for him, and I realize how important he is to me as my idol. This may be a wake up call for him and to us, self realization that indeed a love like this unselfish unconditional do exist in reality between an idol and his fans.

Haters and antis call Hyun Joong’s fans names such as delusional!! But I would rather be called delusional over love than being called delusional over hatred like them! God I can’t help saying, I stand firmly and would like to say….. “I’m proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.”

From here let’s leave these haters behind us and let the LOVE surround us this weekend, this shall be our counter attack….More Love and Support to Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged, thanks Ms.D



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  2. Dear lazerkim
    l was really concentrated in your article that l didnt read the article link, “Innocent Until proven Guilty” by Kai Destiny. My God it is a really good article to be spread in Korea, specially the video, very thoughtful indeed.
    l recomend all of you to read it and check the video, speechless. lt says a lot hope that haters watch it too.
    Thanks Lazerkim, you really got good articles to share us.

    • Hello Jazu!
      Thanks! But here’s more to find out as I just posted my current article for this week that I’m hoping everyone will read. It talks a lot about media in SK which I myself isn’t aware as well, since it’s only in this blog that I get my time to focus and had refrain from browsing and staying away from the negatives since last year. I’m so glad though that many of my readers are kind enough to share what’s out there that I’m not aware. Now I think it’s time to educate ourselves to those negatives and learn from it, another way of protecting HJ.
      In my profession I still keep my Pledge of Ethics by heart. So I maintain being an ordinary fan in this blog where I can breath. Jazu just this, I cannot defend somebody I don’t have personal knowledge who he is. Win or lose I stand by what I have written in this blog. I’m just so thankful to Kai that she had brought this up.

      Here’s my latest article I hope we can learn from it. Thanks again see you!!


  3. These are the times where we really have to stand up for him. For all the happiness he gave to us I think our undying support and faith in him is the least we could do for him. They call us delusional? So be it, I know what and whom I’m fighting for. No outside court settlement, if she really was “abused” she’ll not settle for that. She’ll be the biggest disgrace of women who were “really” abused. It also means she just wants money.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it made me feel better and stronger.
    Fighting Kim Hyun Joong! We’re UNBREAKABLE!

  4. Words are dangerous, venomous, and evil when use without precautions or the mind of the reader itself. Ahhh…!!! My mind wants to explode and my heart wants to burst with fire to those human with no humanity at all! KHJ currently being physically, mentally, emotionally & psychologically abuse by those haters! I want to sue all of them and hunt them down. Ahhh…I need fresh air. Rafael hang in there. FIGHTING!

  5. Can someone translate again? There is a translation to the HongKong article but it feels confusing. We can help stop all these antis and media sites from manipulating and taking advantage just to gather more visits or for commercial gains

    Trans by @501wanja

    新聞標題告訴你的「真相」— 金賢重涉嫌打女友?The [Truth] that news titles tell you – Kim Hyun Joong suspected of assaulting girlfriend?

    Basically the article is saying how news titles played a big part in leading the readers to what they think is the real ‘truth’. Media used word play and suggestive words to mislead readers that the ex-girlfriend is the victim and KHJ did assault her.

    The writer did a search on related news and there’s hardly any news titles that suggest that KHJ is innocent until proven guilty. (search based on google / yahoo from China/Taiwan/Hongkong/Korea) Different titles presented different ‘truth’. Most of the titles, were ‘truth’ that were deviated from the real truth, analysis shows that the medias’ used of titles convicted [3 crimes].

    [1st crime]: Ignoring “Innocent until proven guilty”, they reported the girl’s accusation which has yet been proved as the ‘truth’.
    In the reports, many article titles left out ‘suspected’ this word, for eg. [Kim Hyun Joong assaulted girlfriend for 2 months, causing rib fracture], the ‘truth’ that the title tell you is, Kim Hyun Joong assaulted the girlfriend, has been proven and guilty as charged, but the fact is, police has yet to investigate, and yet to decide if he’ll be charged.

    [2nd crime]: “Admitted there’s physical altercation” became “Admitted to assault/battery”, twisted Kim Hyun Joong’s statement.
    Kim Hyun Joong admitted there’s physical altercation once, and definitely not habitual violence, but many titles deviated greatly, for eg. [Kim Hyun Joong admit hitting girlfriend, explained that rib fracture was just horseplay showing no sign of remorse].

    [3rd crime]: Character/Personality murder
    Media cannot judged the character of the person involved, or even ‘murder’ the person’s character, even if previously the person already has bad record. But with pity, many media are questioning Kim Hyun Joong’s statement, for eg. [Play word games claiming physical altercation, Kim Hyun Joong assault girlfriend causing trouble, left country to take refuge]

    Another method of ‘Character murder’, is fabricating rumours. The 2nd day after the case was reported, Kim Hyun Joong left for Thailand for his concert, but media wrote it as he is fleeing the country. Next, he was photographed with a bruised finger in his Thailand concert, and the title is [Kim Hyun Joong assaulted girlfriend, bruised in middle finger revealed clue]. All these are irresponsible connections.

    Kim Hyun Joong debut 9 years, has been very hardworking and achieved results, with fans all over the world. From the start of the issue till now, police has yet proven that the girl’s words are real, and he is yet a suspect, but the few words from the news titles suggested to the public the ‘truth’ which is not true, causing his reputation and accomplishment he striven for the past 9 years almost destroyed overnight. Even if one day Kim Hyun Joong is proven as not a habitual abuser, but the damage will not be easily mended.

    News Courtesy: + (eng trans) kelemama
    (note: this is not a full translation of the article)

      • Its because in this statement “Media used word play.” Does it mean playing with words or referring to the cause of the rib fracture?

        Is the word “crime” referring to each offense or each manipulation in words?

        [1st crime]: Ignoring “Innocent until proven guilty”, they reported the girl’s accusation which has yet been proved as the ‘truth’.
        In the reports, many article titles left out ‘suspected’ this word, for eg. [Kim Hyun Joong assaulted girlfriend for 2 months, causing rib fracture], the ‘truth’ that the title tell you is, Kim Hyun Joong assaulted the girlfriend, has been proven and guilty as charged, but the fact is, police has yet to investigate, and yet to decide if he’ll be charged.

        Is my understanding correct that the first offense is “Ignoring “innocent until proven guilty.” They reported the girl’s accusation which has (not) yet been proven to be true. Many article titles dropped the word “suspected.” Something like the title will lead you to believe something different that Kim Hyun Joong has been proven guilty to have assaulted the girlfriend but in reality police has yet to investigate and to decide if he is guilty.

        [2nd crime] “Admitted there’s physical altercation” became “Admitted to assault/battery”, twisted Kim Hyun Joong’s statement.
        Kim Hyun Joong admitted there’s physical altercation once, and definitely not habitual violence, but many titles deviated greatly, for eg. [Kim Hyun Joong admit hitting girlfriend, explained that rib fracture was just horseplay showing no sign of remorse.

        This second offense is really a huge deviation to what KHJ said
        if he only said altercation. Because an altercation is an argument while an assault is an attack. A battering is a strike done repeatedly.

        [3rd crime]: Character/Personality murder
        Media cannot judged the character of the person involved, or even ‘murder’ the person’s character, even if previously the person already has bad record. But with pity, many media are questioning Kim Hyun Joong’s statement, for eg. [Play word games claiming physical altercation, Kim Hyun Joong assault girlfriend causing trouble, left country to take refuge]

        Yes, media in playing with words tantamounts to destroying his character and he never left the country to take refuge. The investigation is still ongoing and he has not yet been proven guilty.

        Was the deviation at the point when Dispatch made the news articles or upon the translation of Dispatch articles into English? I wish they will show soon the police records and I wish we will hear KHJ speak soon about it in proper proceedings.

        Oh my this is really very serious. How I wish we can show this to the whole KPOP world. He suffers now and we all fans suffer together with him.
        Pardon me, I want to understand because this article maybe good to share to help our KHJ.

      • I wish that too. I really hope Korean public will alert to this kind of dangerous practice of media. It can really destroy spirit of their people and the justice system. It’s not particularly for HJ but for everyone in their society .

        For Those ignorance haters who ready to condemn without enough evidence and with no responsibility I just hope one day they will experience being judged unfairly by public because of irresponsible media.

  6. Solving the puzzle one step at a time…or for us fans in trying to understand what is going on…

    Dispatch Admits To Working With Sasaengs.

    Another one of Dispatch controversial works to grill another star
    and how did they really get their information?
    Did the girl go to them or did they look for this girl?

    There are still so many stones left unturned.

    We know Kim Hyun Joong as one Hallyu star who just recently concluded a very good drama entitled “Inspiring Generation” and one of his best works so far and is now on his world tour. Known for his humility and bashfulness, generosity towards everyone, funny and weird comments often said as “4dness” and versatility. He was ridiculed for his singing and acting ability. Did he prove his detractors wrong?

    I say yes, he did and I like what I am listening especially his ballads and I liked him so much in Inspiring Generation.

    And absolutely we know nothing of this girl, Why is she hiding? Who is this girl? Where did she come from? If she is another celebrity I would be less doubtful. Who introduced her? Was she meant to be in a relationship with Kim Hyun Joong or is this planned from the beginning?

    In one of their previous works Dispatch claimed to be in contact with sasaengs. There are elements in this news which are so sasaeng like…There are words that feel too familiar, saying that “there is no justification for the assault” just like most people who have made their judgement. I gather some antis will be saying because he is friends with JYJ that birds of the same feather flock together…than this would be also another false judgement. And another familiar word here is…”habitual”…

    Dispatch manipulate words to give a different meaning
    and media translators do the same since most international fans hardly understand Korean. At the end of the article is a statement talking about their next victim.

    So I believe we are just talking about him.

    This feels very creepy, so why should I believe this news on Kim Hyun Joong now?

    A write-up and a source link follows.

    Siding with Paparazzi? Lawsuit, Lawsuits, Many Lawsuits.

    As anyone has expected, there are quite many lawsuits filed against Dispatch’s overzealous journalists. Two most notable cases involved : 1) Release of audio files of JYJ Jae-joong’s assault (both physical and verbal) on his Saesaeng fans. 2) Publishing photos of co-chairman of ShinSegae (nation’s major chaebol family and himself notorious for having divorced top actress Go Hyun-jung) with his fiancee planning a wedding.

    There has been quite a controversy going on around Jae-joong’s case as it got murkier as some idol stars revealed via talk shows that how creepy (actually much more than what people usually call creepy), anti-social and sociopathic the Sasaeng fans are: they hire a cab for the entire day to follow their stars (which often result in a car accident), hack into their cell phone to monitor their phone calls, and of course hack their email/social network accounts, even to the point their behaviors can clearly be understood as organized crime (link to local article [ko]): they install security cameras in front of the stars’ house and GPS in their cars, and share information together. (There is even a Wiki page on how crazy these girls (mostly teenage girls) are, though I am not sure whether they should let them use the word ‘fans’)

    Using Sasaeng Fans as Their Source

    Dispatch got hold of Jaejoong’s audio files by contacting one of these Sasaeng fans (there is Youtube link where you can listen to the content- Jaejoong ranting and cursing at the Sasaeng fangirls, using some expletives equivalent to F bombs and the C word and very clear slapping/hitting sound). Dispatch were one of few media outlets who had the nerve to say that ‘although Saseang fans’ behavior is problematic, of course, it doesnt justify Jaejoong’s assault”. I found it interesting how Dispatch journalist explains about this and translated a bit of their article:
    “We’ve contacted around 20 of the so-called ‘Sasaeng fans” and the reason we disclosed these ‘audio files’ is because we’ve noticed that his assault (violent behavior) to be ‘habitual’. According to the audio file, Kim Jae-joong himself admitted ‘I’ve beaten people quite often and went to police (station) for that”. Regardless how much JYJ tries to differentiate ‘fans’ and ‘Sasaeng fans’ there is no justification for the assault. (indirect translation + bit of trimming down)
    There are rumors online on who is be next victim of Dispatch; some claiming that there will soon be a mass-outing of gay idol stars. But Dispatch denied such claim via their official Twitter account.

    Links to dispatch sites, twitter are also found in this link.
    The one who wrote this article is a nonfan so absolutely very objective.

  7. We never leave you whatever the fact will be.We all knows how hard n difficult your position but we can accept it.No one perfect hyun joong like what you always said…please stay strong.Sis, always waiting for your daily dosage.Bless you all

  8. Be strong hyun joong…you know how we love you,so please be strong as you always! You know sis,I really want to said it loud so that I feel better. Again sis thanks for this.I am a woman that’s why I know sometime woman can be mmprwild

  9. Dear Ms. LK, Thank you again for your encouraging article.

    I hope that everything goes well with him. I know that many of us consider him as family. I’m sure some of us regard him as a son, a brother, a lover, an imaginary boyfriend, a very close friend or simply a special someone who made our hearts flutter with his beautiful smile. Do we leave our family in times of need? No. We would always be there for them and support them come what may. That’s one of the basic instincts we people have towards our loved ones, and because he is family to us, we’ll be there for him through thick and thin.

    We won’t judge or prosecute him because we know that he is not a bad person… he simply made a few bad choices this time. Every one of us has a dark side, and it is bound to come around once in a while. We’re just mere humans, we’re not God. We feel anger, pain, happiness and longing. We lose control, we commit mistakes, we apologize and we forgive.

    Some of us are fortunate enough to find a person who brings out the best of us, but then, our Hyun Joong unfortunately found someone who brought out the worst of him. Someone who must have triggered his untamed behavior… and so this kind of relationship is doomed from the very beginning. I think that someone-who-must-not-named is not looking for Justice but seeking Revenge… and who knows what else.

    Hyun Joong is our family, and we should never turn our back from him. Even if he had committed a mistake, we’ll help him find his way and support him till he is able to stand with his head held up high once again. We have known him to be intelligent, affectionate, humorous, blunt and honest, so I have all the faith that what he says is true and that soon, what really transpired will be revealed and that he would be able to clear out his name once and for all.

    Be strong, Hyun Joong. I hope and pray that everything will turn out well for you. Cheer up and do not forget how to smile. There are still many of us who loves you. I’ve read this quote from somewhere: “It may rain for 40 days and 40 nights, but still, it will not rain forever.” So, I believe that this too, shall pass. Aja! Aja!

    Salamat po ulit, Ms. Lazerkim. 🙂

  10. Sorry dear
    But l could not help myself responding some haters, really l couldnt.
    well this is my last angry coment. l wrote that l would like to say KHJ NOT TO PAY HER ANYTHING, says her name to the public and media because she deserves to feel what he is facing now, no matter what will happen no pay her, and the money that she asks , the same amont donates to any fundation which need that money.
    My wish is that he sets precedents to future problems to other idols as a good LEADER he is. l know well that it could involve jail, but giving money her is not fair.
    Also, l read his farewell message – find the 2 years you lost with me – it makes me laught sorry , just thinking that she was wasting time trying to be seen by him and when she finally did in less than few months lost him , his 4D personality there, how the girl could find 2 wasted year jajajajja. Thought that she was only building castles in the air with him.
    lt sounds bad from me but l dreamt him smiling ironically to her as going to jail exactly as he did in LUCKY GUY.
    lt is bacuse this case makes me upset all these 2 weeks, but in the video when he went to the police l saw his strengh, how he watched those who were crying there, his glance was poweful everybody was quiet after that.
    MY GOD CARES HIM AND GIVES HIM WISDOM TO SOLVE IT WELL. He is doing what is correct facing it . thanks for your article as always aweasome
    take care dear

    • Dear jazu,

      Ofcourse our prince does not pay money. She had wonderful time with him. This is her treasure. We are trying to see him. Only see and when it becomes, we feel our dream comes to true. In my country, if a girl takes money from man, it calls pros… I know that you get the picture. If the girl comes to be rich, this isgood way for korean girls, but I think it is only using man and system. Our prince is not a chicken, if he does it, I feel betray by him.

  11. Thank you for the amzing article with the basic’ the true one’ sis.with all the news…my respect and believing in him more strong.We know where we stand as a fan.Look at throught on him,we can feel how hard he handle this matte…his eyes teary.Wish him strong and he knows we are love him and always stand by him.

  12. My dear!! thanks for sharing your blog…miss her blog …but I will not remain quiet
    for more than a year ago….and thanks to Ms.D & friends…is actually the unit

    Hyun will be received on Peruvian soil
    by many friends in the world …

    thank you all for sharing the same affection !!
    always confident that the truth will come out in the light
    we support you!

  13. Just loving you sis! thank you so much for all the articles.
    Your words are comforting.I felt peace after reading your articles…
    tingnan mo nga sis napapa English tuloy aq napagod aq sa kahahampas ng mga insekto dito last week huh! stay safe sis have a nice weekend! thank you again.

    • LOL Thanks sis!! Di ba nga?? But I know you were just around observing don’t worry no more insects!! I hope they’re all dead! Just dare step on my ground and I’ll fleet them away! Take care sis! I hope your classmate is just around too! Have a good weekend see you again! God bless…

      • she’s definitely just around sis,she’s wth me all the way…sa pag iyak sa hinagpis sa galit dahil sa mga insekto and I want to thank her for that pero sa totoo lng sis parang mas marami pa xa iniyak kesa sa’kin lol! peace….stargazer hehehe!
        thank you sis! stay safe always.we love you!

  14. KHJ is an amazing man. I am proud of the way he is handling himself under such pressure. Hope and pray that this nightmare will be over soon. He will always be my ONLY ONE!

  15. Lazerkim Hi, I want to thank you for writing such wonderful articles. Every day I am more convinced of Innocence My Prince Hyun Joong, never put in doubt. I know that this is a false accusation that “A”. I was chatting with a friend from Peru and told me that they are waiting for our Prince with much love and joy, she will go to her concert and told me there are pleasant surprises for him. Kim Hyun Joong is not alone, his Henecias love it. Kim Lazer sending you a big hug from Venezuela.

  16. KHJ fighting… we all know he always playing around with Hwang Bo in WGM. I can imagine how he is went playing with her x. ” The fractures of the ribs the were diagnosed about six weeks was from horse playing around (wresting games/ playing joking) he did not know about honestly, Kim Hyun Joong said.” this his statement at police station. Sorry for my bad english 😦

  17. Hi Lk,
    Thank you for this and thank you for sharing with us those beautiful moments from the concert at GZ, what amazing fans, must been soo moving moments. I hope Hj felt he is not alone and his real fans are all with him to give him power to overcome those times.
    Hope the Peruvian fans will show their hot Latin love….:)

    On the present issue, yes we all think alike here and thanks to Angie and to Kai specially for spilling out the the truth as we all thought it was. I don’t know how things are done in SK but i really hope libel case can be used here for all the damage that vindictive person done to Hj. I hope it was possible to sue those cyber bullies which are the worst kind of people and the trash media which distort everything just for the sake of three minutes fame, dirty game they are playing here if you ask me. As Angie said the Truth shall set you free and i hope the truth will prevail here. I stand on what i said in previous article (Healing Hearts …i loved that article, thanks again darling gal) You know Karma, what goes around, comes around so everyone will get what they deserve in the end! Revenge is a dish best served cold !!!

    I hope Hj will gather the strenght from his close family and loved ones and his fans to pass all. Head up Hj this is only a good lesson in life you will be stronger and wiser after this and never change, you are who you are and we believe in you. 🙂

  18. Dear LK ,

    Thank you so much for a moving , loving and encouraging article. I can feel every words you said . Such a wonderful article. So happy to feel a happy mood from you . I also believe Love is power And hate is hopeless. I just post my comment in your previous topic a minute ago. Please go there and read I do not know how to move it here .

    So happy to hear that HJ decide to continue with his original plan. I love to see him on stage but Peru is so far from here. Hope he will get full support from there.

    I can feel his confident from the picture and so happy that he is in good form. However love and trust will add up his confident.

    Thanks a lot to let us know what is happening in Giuangzue ‘ concert I felt moved and so happy . The fans is just wonderful. I can tell from the clip that HJ feel moved by the love of his fans. The fans actually felt the love from HJ as well.

    Since the incident I listen to HJ song carefully and I realize that he is a real good singer . His voice is transpiring his feeling . I really like the latest album. I love the way he use his voice in beauty beauty . I hope he will made more music like this.

    “Nothing on you ” becomes the song I listen before go to bed.

    please keep writing I do enjoy reading your article and your view.

    God bless you.


    • This post coming from Bella:
      Hi everyone,

      I read the article one more time with a deep thought. LK thank you again to share your heart out with us. Your article is encouraging , loving and considerating. It stimulates the best quality of a human being. Human being is unlike animal we have ability to use our brain wisely that why we are able to considerate and compassionate. The article brings us back to our real soule and be mindful with thing that distrubing or distorting us.

      In real life we often need a brave heart to express our thought and our believe to protect people who do not have a fair chance to defend themselves. This world is complicate it’s not as simple as we think. There are people who like to take advangetage over the other by using their status so-called a weaker one or using the precious social image of the others.

      I said before that I have a high respect to HJ ‘s fans who defend for him and be by his side in the time like this. It is really a great thing to do. HJ was judged immediately by the way the media reported even before he had a chance to talk. I truly admire fans braveness they knew well what they will face but justice is more importance. However Justice is not easy thing. It might be hard to fight for it at time especially in the case that almost of the media do not care for the real fact . The selling number are more concern than damaging a person ‘s life . The media personnels have lost their souls. Justice does not mean that much to many of them.

      People who jumped to blame immediately we can feel hatred in their heart which is speak louder and stronger than the words they wrote. I wonder what are their motive why they are so eager to blame and can’t wait for investigation process. It’ s like justice is not what they are interested. . I wonder about their motive. It ‘s so dangerous and harmful to all process. They are the one nobody can rely on. For me they are trying too hard to convince people and ignore justice system. It almost like we are pushed back to the middle age period that a person can die with one wrong blame and nobody care.

      The real fact is , the investigation process is not done and after hearing both side the police still can not charge HJ for assault case because the evidences are ……I could not find word. The only real evidence so far is the words of miss “A” that accused him. How much we can trust miss A ‘s words ? The investigation process will get that answer. We will not assuming anything. I would say if we come across distorting information just ignore it and remind ourselves with the real fact .

      In my opinion what HJ’s fans did is not for HJ only but for everyone in this world who looking for justice. We are talking about how can we find justice in the society when we are in trouble. Miss A wants justice for herself and HJ or anybody in HJ ‘s foot needs justice as well. Sadly HJ is well know celebrity he did not have a fair chance to defend himself while Miss A are using the media and haters to manipulate public opinion . I have a problem with it as I see it ‘s such a dirty game and dishonest. How can we trust this kind of person ? however ” A”has right to find justice for herself but she must be honest and must not distort the truth. Dishonest is the most dangerous habit of a person. It can damage a well being of people in society. But don’t hate her she needs compassion as we’ll. Let’s leave to the police and hope they will do a good job.

      I just want to say the more I think about this the more I realize that it’s very important to support HJ till the end. It is not because he is HJ the one I knew as a decent artist from Korea who I become his fan but far more importance is for everyone including myself that might need justice in the future . I believe no matter what everyone should have a fair chance to prove themselves and be prevented from an injustice judgement

      As for HJ what ‘s fans can do is give him support in every possible way we can . I believe love and trust is what he needs the most at this time.. I hope he will feel love from people who care for him and have confident in him. I think I will regret later if I have never said to him that I trust him and believe in him and I know he is a decent man

      He is known as a man of few words we can not expect him to say much .Once he says something we know it’s not lie.

      Well , be positive and keep supporting HJ with a happy heart and made him feel love. Love and compassion is powerful than we can imagine. It can change the whole situation .Hatred is destructive and hopeless.

      • Reply from Noya:

        Bella dear,
        thank you, you put in writing what most of us think, but we have to recognize that we live in a world that is losing some of the great values of humanity, compassion for others, understanding and love, sometimes the future looks grim really.
        There are people who are seeing only black or white and can never move from their own narow minded world, those people are to be pitied because they live in their really small world.
        That woman (sorry can’t call her Miss, that is reserved for kinder and more decent persons and I am stopping myself from naming her another more appropriate name) is out for revenge for not getting what she wanted, if Hj was not a celeb I strongly believe she would not have done so. What that little nobody doesn’t understand that she started a real media/cyber war that is actually destroying, like snowball that became a snowslide and lots of people are hurt by it.
        Maybe one day she will wake up and realise the enormity of her actions.
        I hope justice will be served here.

        Hj proved in all his years in showbiz that he is down to earth and a true person, we know him more, he never changed, even his so called 4D personality I think is because he speaks what is on his mind and that in SK media is understood as different, but usually you can feel he speaks what is on his mind and what he feels. So yes I believe in KHJ and support him

  19. I am so glad that I bumped into this site of Lazer Kim and another of Angel Joong, both really express what we fans had in mind and can’t put in words like both experts.

    Since the day the scandal broke, I roam around the internet for Hyun Joong’s most updated news to know how he is and so forth because I was so worried how the allegation will affect him. My roaming around cause me to look at the world very differently on the haters and their harsh and irresponsible comments. I never like to judge without prove or deeper understanding on the matters. I am glad I am not like those haters to spread unnecessary comments for the sake of commenting.

    And I hope Hyun Joong will only read this type site and know that there were so many fans love him and support him unconditionally.

    Thanks for such a wonderful site where I can express my mind without receiving bashing from haters.

  20. Thanks LK now my heart is at peace knowing that Khj is still loved … I too have have grown tired of trying to put reason into some of his antis so I too will stop torturing myself and refrain from venturing into the usual sensation hungry websites…kudos for all that you for the love of hyun joong and for us fellow believers… 😉

    • Hello Thecha! I was hoping you could drop by thank you. I have read your comment at my other article Simply Defending that I would like to thank you for that. You have clearly stated a lot of points that had enlightened me about the whole scenario before HJ can give his testimony to the police. Thank you for defending this blog and other fans here who were being bashed by the haters.
      Now I’m hoping to maintain this blog exclusively for his fans.
      I agree with you haters will always be haters so might as well ignore them.
      Take care, have a good weekend ahead of you and see you again! God bless…

  21. They have never had this kind of unconditional love so of course they hate it when they see. I agree with you. They are last 3 concerts and all the fans should make them unforgettable. Unfortunately I do not share this gorgeous athmosphere so when I see him and his performance with photo, I am being happy. Thank you for them.

    • Hi Gamze! LOL yes maybe they really haven’t experience such love because all they do is to hate!! I agree we have to make every remaining concert series as memorable as we can. thank you for dropping by, take care, have a pleasant weekend ahead of you and see you again!! God bless…

    • Well said gamze, those antis and haters never experience unconditional love with their idols so they will never understand.

      Sometimes I wished whatever they said about Hyun Joong will happen to them tenfold. hahaha revengeful of me isn’t it.

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  23. LK… my sentiments exactly, and as always we think exactly alike! LOL! before i even read this i had started writing a new article about how all we are left with after the pieces fall is love. I am too tired now to finish it, but I will be posting soon. Take care of my Angel, please, as he continues his tour! I love you, too, sis! Good night!

    • Hello Angie!! LOL oh yes I think almost all fans of HJ feel alike when it come to this guy! I shall be looking forward for your article and it’s so nice to know you’re back to writing on your spare time! Now go girl get some sleep!! I’ll see you again. Take care of you, love too sis! Have a nice dream! See you again God bless..

      • oppa.. U R jst awesome, dnt get depressd…. We all R by ur side.. Really lookin forward to ur new dramas.. I’ve seen playfull kiss 5 tyms nw, m also a medical stdnt n u inspired me… Saranghaeyo oppa.. Fightng 🙂

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