Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SHOCK ON! MEMORIES




By: LazerKim


For the last five weeks I think this was the best weekend I have ever spent! Last Friday Aug. 26 Kim Hyun Joong was spotted at Incheon Airport by his fans as he boarded his flight bound to Aomori Japan, looking ever handsome in his new dark brown hair color, in dark big shades and dashing black hood shirt! I like his new hair color so much!

I can’t see his eyes from those photos since he was in dark glasses but judging from his body language as he whistles while walking down the airport premise (photo below), I would say he’s well rested, well recharged and seemed happy! That really made my day seeing those photos!

I have been collecting airport photos of Kim Hyun Joong since I started writing and I would say the recent photos from Incheon Airport I think are the best since August this year! With these thoughts, it’s either I miss him so much or I just feel he’s happy and that made me feel even just GREAT to start my week and welcome autumn in October!



For a briefer, Aomori is the capital city of Aomori Prefecture located at the top northern Tohoku region of Japan, and the Shock On event was held at the Aomori Port new central pier in an outdoor stage. The concept of the event was food and sound field day in promoting tourism in this area of Japan. The event started as early as 10am JST as the show performed  by various pop artists and Kim Hyun Joong highlighted the entire Aomori Shock On event!

It’s the first time for Hyun Joong ever visited Aomori and he likes it there, both the place and the atmosphere as he mentioned during the show that he would like to go back and perform again! I think the clean air and blue sea created such inviting ambiance perfect for an outdoor concert. Since this event is a field day the mood was so festive, there were stall tents selling food, particularly Aomori delicacies, and some novelty items ect.

Such huge crowd consisting Aomori local community, tourists from different parts of Japan and from the international community, but it was Hyun Joong’s fans monopolized the crowd as the sea of green appeared from the huge crowd as soon as Kim Hyun Joong came out to the stage and performed!

I would say this event is short of saying it’s Kim Hyun Joong’s mini concert as he performed nine numbers that really rock the stage of Aomori! It’s funny that his fans screamed encore after Hyun Joong performed his final song Goodbye!! LOL!  I think his fans still had their hang-overs from his recent concert series that brought a tremendous success ever performed by Hyun Joong!

As I have reminded everyone here, once Hyun Joong performed his concerts the more his fans get addicted to him and wanted more. I have seen this in Aomori Shock On because prior to this event, hotels and airline bound to Aomori were fully booked! Many of his fans from the southern areas traveled up north just to see Kim Hyun Joong once again! This is one successful event again, and in no doubt Kim Hyun Joong indeed has the ability and power to gather such tremendously huge crowd has proven another fact.

I felt that expression of “Can’t get enough of you KHJ” again in this event from his Japanese and international fans. It’s so amazing that anywhere Hyun Joong goes, he has his fans tailing at him and this remained unchanged despite of the recent nightmare! This is just amazing! In this event, it was such a refreshing day for me and so rewarding to see Kim Hyun Joong again!




This event has a different concept, it’s a Japan South Korea exchange festival attended by four pop group/solo artists and Kim Hyun Joong is one of the invited guest star in this event. Right after Hyun Joong’s show in Aomori, he flew to Haneda to attend to his night rehearsals at Hibaya Park Tokyo, such hectic schedule but very rewarding as Hyun Joong enjoys being on stage any time any place, that’s him!!

Take note that this event was not publicly announced as much publicity Shock On did, although I have read short notice pertaining to this event on that same day Hyun Joong flew to Aomori, yet most of the crowd in that park was attended by Hyun Joong’s both Japanese and some foreign fans! I saw some familiar fans from Aomori flew to Tokyo to again watch Hyun Joong!! See how addicted his fans are? And who wouldn’t be, after seeing him in one event it’s just so irresistible not to follow through on his next event.

As soon as it’s Hyun Joong’s turn to be on stage to perform, there it goes, the sea of green appeared from the audience! Hyun Joong just had a brief 15minute show consisting four songs that clearly reminded me of his concert “Unlimited” back in 2013 as he performed with a live band singing excerpts from that concert. For once Hyun Joong came back as a rocker himself at that particular night, and that was really great.

One beautiful thing here both from Aomori and Hibiya was that his fans sung those songs with him too during the show specially as he sung HEAT, everyone just sings the entire songs with him! God that was such great fun and so touching, can’t help having teary eyes because I felt a very strong LOVE from his fans to Kim Hyun Joong and likewise returning that love with all the smiles he showed was just so rewarding after a nightmare, those simple smiles filled with love and sincerity are just so priceless.



In these two events, as we all know this is not a Kim Hyun Joong concert or a solo show since there were also other invited artists for both events. If you’re a fan following him for years, within that huge crowd in Aomori and even at Hibiya Park, you would know who his fans are. Most of them were identified either they wear shirts from Phantasm, wearing a uzoosin pins or any item describing the alien attached to them, holding green light sticks or any that described KHJ. If you don’t see none of those in those fans, simply look at their eyes, if you get what I mean!

I have witnessed his concerts since last year and his recent Phantasm and of course as expected those concerts were attended by his fans and reaction were consistent. This time it’s different since this was not his solo concert. Within the crowd, there were none fans too who were just there to witness the event and enjoy the festive mood in both venues Aomori, and Hibiya. I can assure you, Hyun Joong won some new fans from those two venues! I can feel they too were carried away by what they have witnessed, how Hyun Joong performed, how strong his charisma is, and most of all the great rapport between Hyun Joong and his fans.

I knew this was just so contagious even to people who doesn’t know who Kim Hyun Joong is! At least from the area where I was in Aomori which was away from the greater number of fans but to the area from non fans. I asked the Japanese ladies group of four beside me to where I was if they are fans of KHJ, and they said no they are not and they were tourist from Osaka, so that’s from down south! I can only observe how people move as they closely watched Hyun Joong’s show, which one cannot ignore a strong man up there on that stage capturing his new victims by his magic spell!

That I want to say to them “Hey Miss keep your lips close!!” obviously bewildered by Kim Hyun Joong while watching him closely from afar yet cannot deny the power he has to catch them on the act of unintended admiring my Prince!! LOL…Those ladies end up nodding and smiling at each other as they too enjoyed Hyun Joong’s music and his very presence on that stage.  And again these ladies were non-fans of Kim Hyun Joong!

*sigh*…..Is it ok NOT to send Hyun Joong back home to Seoul? LOL! I would say I think he can make better music opportunities here business wise, and surely his fans remain supportive and love him even more just as much as his other foreign fans!

20140927-AomoriShockOn-004 (1)


May I just share that honestly, I had such a busy work week running from one concert to another, flying from here and there and it was physically tiring, emotionally weary still having the nightmare thoughts…  BUT in just one glimpse all of these were just gone from my mind after seeing Hyun Joong having those smiles back!

After Hyun Joong performed his show in Hibiya Park, some fans rushed towards the back stage hoping to see Hyun Joong as he leaves the venue, while some fans stayed where they were and already missing him!! I had the chance to walk around the park to get some air away from the crowd, and I over heard from a group of fans saying this “Do they know what they are stealing from us?” They were talking about the nightmare! I can’t help ask myself, why do KHJ fans have the same thoughts and feelings?? I thought it only exist in this blog!! LOL But I was wrong, because at that very moment I was asking myself the same question.

I got mix emotions during these two events, but what the heck! I had such great fun having to be a part of these outdoor shows of Kim Hyun Joong in such a different atmosphere that I’m truly happy about!! What matters now is that I have seen that SMILE from Kim Hyun Joong again and that’s such a huge relief to all of us fans.

These two events may just be simple but it was tremendously the great shows of Kim Hyun Joong as he is exceptional, one of a kind sole denominator in creating such huge crowd anywhere he performs and this is another undeniable fact.  Shock On, so instant yet the impact was so tremendously amazing showing the world how unbreakable our Hero is!!    And that is Kim Hyun Joong, another reality what his power is capable of!



Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight going back home to Seoul as I salute to my idol, “Thank You for the great love”, and he made millions very happy this weekend and onward!

My hats off to all Kim Hyun Joong fans who attended these two events and my hats off to all his fans from afar, who have been with him in thoughts, in spirit, and in their heart.. I’m proud of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong!

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible, when all strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything KHJ work hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”         By: Lee Sora

“To Kim Hyun Joong, bring that huge LOVE from all of us back home. Have a safe trip and see you again…”

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ARTIST’S AGENT




By: LazerKim                  After I have written and posted my recent article Scandal Diary all the while I thought I have done what I ought to do in bringing out the complete story of the Scandal as Kim Hyun Joong was involved. But something else had been lingering in my mind that I have been controlling myself to bring it out.

I’m not blind with the fact that this case was not being properly handled and let’s face it since day one that this scandal erupted damage control was not done which I think is the responsibility of Hyun Joong’s agent in protecting him as their managing artist. This is not to put blame on whoever is responsible but to set the record straight that somewhere along the way there was negligence on the part of the agent.


Ever since Kim Hyun Joong moved in to this agent, let’s face it, he brought a lot of successful projects to this agent. I wrote about this way back in 2012. These past months prior to this scandal, after IG a lot of malicious news came out involving Kim Hyun Joong and his boss, which I considered hitting below the belt.

But Hyun Joong did not prolong those talks he faced the media and answered those malicious news. I have known Hyun Joong for being honest that every time there’s a not so good news about him immediately he faced it and bring out the truth.

During this current scandal I have been silent about KeyEast on how this case of Hyun Joong was going, which for me I would say it was poorly handled from day one till the present. Not to mention his fans are more effective when it comes to information dissemination about this case, and his activities (ex. Beijing concert), which I think is the responsibility of the agent to Kim Hyun Joong as their artist.

Specially during the nightmare that media kept twisting the news that KE just kept silent, instead of at least lend an effort to translate the news correctly or somehow have a say in this case! So it seemed KE just became a wallpaper completely useless to Hyun Joong!!  Just my opinion which I’m entitled to it too!



Between artist and agent, of course both parties has responsibility with one another, that I think I don’t need to enumerate them since I have written about this in my past articles. Let’s focus on one particular responsibility of each party. The agent is responsible for their artist’s PROTECTION. As for the artist since he is a public figure, he is responsible of taking care of his image at all cost.

As an artist all these years Kim Hyun Joong has maintained his good image untainted from the time he started in showbiz back in 2005, nine long years he never had major controversial issues and if there may be, he carry it out by himself with full confidence to resolve. Not to mention that Kim Hyun Joong was able to bring to the company excellent revenue ever since he moved in to KE. I think everyone knows about this.

On the part of the agent, it is their responsibility to take care of their artist and to PROTECT him at all cost.  Was Hyun Joong well protected by his agent the entire time during this scandal?? If I say protection it’s more than just providing two or more body guards at his side, no it’s more than this.


Now let me lay down the cards so that we can fully understand the whole thing. Here’s KE, with their precious gem was out there being accused left and right, while this media kept twisting just about everything in this case. What did KE do? They all kept silent, that I think damage control should have done first and foremost but failed to do so. And so the media took advantage of their silence and carelessly write and sensationalized the accusation being thrown to Kim Hyun Joong. This was so frustrating!

In all fairness, granting Hyun Joong made a mistake and in one time failed to keep his privacy from the public, I still think KE has the responsibility to protect Hyun Joong right at once as soon as the scandal erupted. I was hoping the company would take at least one step ahead from those monsters before their artist can be eaten up by media and can take advantage over the situation. But the way I see it the situation was totally neglected and that damage control was not done to the fullest.

This is so frustrating, as if KE even allowed his fans to defend Hyun Joong by themselves, instead of KE protecting him and defending.  This is just how I observed the entire scandal from day one, as we fans were closely on guard while KE just kept sleeping!.

To the company this is just my personal opinion and I’m entitled to it, because Kim Hyun Joong is my idol which happens to be your managing artist. I think we fans has done our part in protecting and defending him, may I ask, have you done your part? Or maybe you did but sooo poorly and unsatisfying, if you may ask.



Yesterday a news broke out pertaining Hyun Joong’s case that made Hyun Joong’s fans alarmed as the news stated that Hyun Joong’s case shall be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for further evaluation, whatever that means it may just be a regular legal procedure before case closure.

I’m not a lawyer but this is all I can share with you. The news came from the trash media so I couldn’t trust anymore and I wouldn’t want to post it here. Anyway, I’m still hoping his agent ??  would clarify this since as of now there’s no other way I can trust except the slow foot agent. What can I do, who else is out there to trust?

Last night, a friend of mine just shared a news link, which is another controversy, saying KE had committed FRAUD and dragging the name of the big boss! Timing again in bringing out this controversy when Hyun Joong’s case have not fully finalized its closure!

It somehow gave me the impression that what is currently happening doesn’t only pinpoint on Kim Hyun Joong but the main target here is the company KE. Now I can say someone big is behind this conspiracy of destroying and someone with a big ENVY on his head trying to bring down Hyun Joong and his agent, since KE has been growing big as a company.

Main objective may be bringing down the artists who’s bringing good revenues to the company namely Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Soo Hyun, right on target! They may just around the corner smiling and observing the feast days done by trash media! As I have said in my recent article and saying it again, this is just my wild thoughts!

And in that news, KE responded that they will not hesitate to take legal actions and press libel charges to the media, of course. Here’s the first thing that came to my lips……“Get lost! Now you’re too fast to warn media pressing libel case on them while you totally neglected Hyun Joong that libel should have filed long before this scandal even got bigger to drag for a month! And you’ve been silent all those time!”

At this point majority of Kim Hyun Joong fans are furious with this company so don’t expect us to support you KE. Love be gets love as I always say.



I can only speak for myself being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong I should have the confidence of KE since it’s Hyun Joong’s agent and with beliefs that it’s only the company whom I can turn to with information about my idol. I think have lost you KE as someone whom I can fully trust in taking care and protecting him. At this point where else can I go whom I can trust to hear the right news about him pertaining his case? I’m just asking.

Just one piece of thought, once your artist goes down the drain surely you go down with him! And it’s happening, it may not through him but in other ways, now there you go being in the hot seat with another controversy pertaining KE allege fraud. Watch out there may be more to this!

If ever the company has laid support on Hyun Joong in this case, I’m truly sorry but I have not seen that kind of needed support from your side since day one that the scandal erupted. I may be harsh with my judgement but I’m just saying I have not seen that transparent support!

I will never leave Hyun Joong as I have promised in this blog and I hope KE you will not leave him as well or your company will be buried with bad criticisms from millions of Kim Hyun Joong fans worldwide.


Kim Hyun Joong have been a perfect gentleman which is the very first thing I like in him. And I’m sure he’ll keep up that way, I know he wouldn’t want his fans to criticize anyone even it’s him who have been badly criticize. Hyun Joong have mentioned in his letter of apology “do not blame that person.”

“To Kim Hyun Joong, I hope you’ll not let others take advantage of your kindness, silence is good, but fight for your right, and we all stay behind you all the way…”

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  ―  Bernard M. Baruch

                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SCANDAL DIARY




By: LazerKim              This article contains a compilation  of relevant news and information about the scandal involving Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girl friend, from the time it started until the case was closed. I would like to put this case on record in this blog as a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s story and setting the record straight describing the incident based on facts as news and information were delivered to the public. Now that the case has ended, I think this is the right time to air out my questions findings answers pertaining this case and that I can talk about it in details which I have been controlling myself to do so.

During this period Hyun Joong’s loyal fans stayed closely following the case, helping each other in understanding as the case deepened that we have noticed the media seem to be twisting interpretation of the news. Many of his fans extended their effort in translating the news from the original reports written in Hangul that I truly appreciate in better understanding what’s going on with the case. And so I gathered those news and information placed them all in this article for the sake of the new fans and those who are still in doubt about the closure of this case.

I may state my personal opinion as I go further writing this article on how I observed the incident as this case unfold from the start which was Aug.22, 2014 and ended on Sept. 17, 2014. I shall never forget this nightmare that I learned a lot of lessons and a significant way of uniting KHJ fans in building a stronger love and support on him.

                      SPREAD THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD!


BEGINNING OF THE NIGHTMARE  Aug. 22, 2014      (summarized)

This news was released a day Aug. 22 before Kim Hyun Joong was scheduled to fly to Thailand Aug. 23, for his Concert Series Phantasm 2014 which was already at the middle of the series.

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Hyun Joong faces Allegations of Assaulting his girlfriend

Dispatch reported that the alleged girlfriend, only identified as “A,” claims that Kim Hyun Joong beat her in his apartment back in May of this year, kicking and punching her and resulting in her needing two weeks in order to recover. Then in July, he beat her so severely that she suffered a fractured rib. She has submitted evidence of her relationship with Kim Hyun Joong and documentation of her injuries to the police. Police are still investigating the issue.

source: ( Full news version


STATEMENT FROM KEYEAST     Aug. 23, 2014            (summarized)

“After confirming with Kim Hyun Joong, we found that it’s true the two parties have known each other since 2012, but they didn’t start dating until a few months ago… In the middle of their relationship, the two had intense exchange of words. Though it’s true that in their heightened emotional state things got physical, it’s not true that there was continual physical assaults or that she’s been battered and beaten over the past two months like what was reported.”

“Their physical fight was a one-time occurrence, and her fractured ribs didn’t occur due to their recent argument. Her ribs were injured while they were playing around previously, and the next day, they met with acquaintances. As there didn’t seem to be anything abnormal, her injury wasn’t recognized. We’re very disappointed about the one-sided reports from the accuser making headlines and the truth is being exaggerated.”

source: ( Full news version


POLICE REPORT    Sept. 2, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong came to the police station in Sept. 2nd and submitted his statement, consistent to the first official release from his agent KeyEast. And here’s what the police officer in charge of the case stated:

The police in charge of this case said in a statement that what Kim Hyun Joong stated through his Co 3 days ago were not so different from his statement now. This official said, “a total of four counts of assault charges, Kim Hyun Joong has only admitted to one. He had told his Ex he wanted to break up and a big emotional argument turn in to a fight from both sides of pushing and shoving in a slight altercation aroused.  


However the habitual assault charges against him were lies he strongly stated and denied. The fractures of the ribs the were diagnosed about six weeks was from horse playing around (wresting games/ playing/ joking) he did not know about it honestly, Kim Hyun Joong said.


Because the two side statement were totally different from each parties, the police will be calling in both sides for further questions. The Ex girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, miss A on Aug. 20 metrically told the public of her two month relationship from last May to July and said she suffer repeatedly battered six weeks and file a claim against Kim Hyun Joong.


However, Kim Hyun Joong’s saceug (His Side) has rebuttal A to the claims of battery. He told they had a quarrel between them and in the process got emotional augment and they was a tangle struggle between them, but has never beaten, assault repeatedly were not true” he explained.

김현중 조사 마치… :: 네이버 뉴스

This source stated “Everything seems ambiguous to be able to prove Kim Hyun Joong’s assault allegation” and further stated “There is no proof other than a statement that Kim Hyun Joong is the one to assault Ms. A”

rt: @dkwl0526 이 관계자는 “김현중의 상해 혐의를 입증하기엔 모든 게 애매하다”며 “A 씨에게 상해를 입힌 사람이 김현중이라는 것도 진술 외엔 증거가 없다”고 말했다. Source: ( @FortheloveofKHJ > thanks!

source: ( Jackie Kim – Trans. thanks!  Posted by Hyunnie Pexer Blog, thanks!


EVIDENCE MEDIA POST    Aug. 27, 2014   



1.)   “A”  ( KHJ ex-girlfriend that woman)  claims that in May 2014 she was being kicked and punch by Kim Hyun Joong that needed treatment for two weeks in order to recover. The so-called evidence above was released by Dispatch in Aug. 27, 2014, photos together with medical certificate.

**But the final findings from the police stated that  Not proven shock seen, in the photos have been made by the artists, and that the medical certificate was not signed by a legal physician –  because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A.

NOTE:   Since that picture so-called evidence was taken without the face, we do not even know if that is “A “.  These bruises can be made up from cosmetic or ordinary daily make up, similar to the ones being used in filming dramas or movies. Here’s a video on how to produce those bruises:

video source (  Photos source: (


2.)    “A” claimed that she had a rib fracture that required six weeks in order to be recovered.

** But the police findings stated that the hit and fractured ribs were not confirmed.

NOTE:  Quite expected, since there was no x-ray result shown from the so-called evidence or if there may be, it still cannot be used as evidence since the medical certificate presented by dispatch to the public was not signed by a legal physician.


3.)  This news was announced on August 22 by the press turned out that the information was illegally leaked by the press.

NOTE:     “A ” went to the police station to file a complaint. How come the media knew about the filed complaint and the so-called evidence that should be secured in the police station which shows  “A ” deliberately intended to bring her case to the public that Kim Hyun Joong was being judged without due process.

source: (  mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002879465&viewType=pc)    ( @isanglahi thanks!


STATEMENT FROM “A” LAWYER    Sept. 12, 2014 

“Our current stance is that he needs to firstly admit to multiple accounts of assault, reflect, and apologize for his actions. Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration. We will take action as needed. Our biggest goal is to reveal the truth, and for that to happen, he must admit, apologize, and reflect.”

NOTE:  Take note of this statement “Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.”  Is it legal to submit additional evidence by the accuser after the complaint had been filed?? Just asking.

source: (


Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney told Star News, “Both of their stances are indeed different, but we do not hope for their fight regarding right and wrong.  They knew each other for two years, and as they used to be a couple, conflict was created as they broke up.  Kim Hyun Joong is also trying hard to untangle that.  We are also in the midst of refining the apology in order to loosen up the feelings of a lover who had loved at one point.  We are focusing on the emotions as well as relieving the pain.”

source: (


KHJ LETTER OF APOLOGY     Sept. 15, 2014

Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong.

During the two years we have known each others, once trusted and loved; to that person I’ve hurt emotionally and mentally I do apologize.

As a guy, I handle things badly and I’m embarrassed for the way things unfolded.

Since this situation is entirely mine to burden, don’t blame that other person.

I want to say again to that person, I apologize and to that person family and friends as well.

Above all I hope that person accept my apology and forgive.

I’m going to reflect on what happen and do my best to be a better person.

NOTE:     Please do take note of this letter above that Kim Hyun Joong apologized to  “A ” but NEVER did he admit that he ever hit that woman, as what the media reported.

source: ( Jackie Kim trans: Thanks     Posted by: Hyunnies Pexer Blog, Thanks!


“A”  STATEMENT         SEPT. 15, 2014

It turns out that ‘A’ has not yet made a decision about dropping the charges, rather, she’s considering dropping the charges as she determines whether Kim Hyun Joong is sincere about his apology. Her lawyer told media outlets, “It’s not true we have decided to drop the case. We are still of the position that if [Kim Hyun Joong] apologizes sincerely, then we will drop it. As of right now, we are trying to assess if he is sincere [in his apology].”

NOTE:    That woman “A ”  wanted to assess Kim Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his letter of apology.  In this case how do you assess sincerity?? Isn’t it the price tag? She’s waiting for that cash to land on her lap, how else would one assess sincerity, of course if the promise have been successfully fulfilled.

source: (


DROPPING CHARGES     Sept. 17, 2014

Early afternoon on September 17, according to a report by Star News, a request was put in by girlfriend “A’s” lawyer to drop the charges of assault and battery being pressed against Kim Hyun Joong. “A’s” lawyer said, “From the beginning, if he [Kim Hyun Joong] apologized, ‘A’ was planning on dropping charges under no condition or receipt of settlement money.” The lawyer continued, saying that there will be no further problems, as “A” has received his apology.

source (


In Aug. 22, 2014, a news broke stating that a certain Ms “A” filed a complaint to the police station against Kim Hyun Joong stating he committed alleged assault habitually from May to July this year to “A” as she claimed to be his ex-girlfriend.

In the police investigation as both “A ” and Kim Hyun Joong submit each of their  statement having different version about the incident as the police stated there was NO EVIDENCE that leads to the allegation of assault and that what the police have is just a statement from “A” and had seen no probable cause to file charges against Kim Hyun Joong. Nor the photos that the media had shown was not sufficient to be considered as evidence.

Finally what “A ” demanded was an official public apology from Kim Hyun Joong. Take note that an official submission of apology does not signifies admission to the said allegation. “A ” finally accepted the letter of apology and dropped charges against Kim Hyun Joong. Therefore this case is closed.


1. MEDIA REPORT – The news broke in Aug. 22. On Aug. 23 Dispatch published the evidence which are pictures of bruises, text messages to prove her relationship with KHJ, and their pictures together. As the police stated that information pertaining to this case was illegally leaked by the media. Those so-called evidence should be in the possession of the police. Why is it that “A ” and those evidences were at the media after she had reported her complaint in the police station?

2. RIB FRACTURE  – “A ”  claimed that she allegedly suffered from rib fracture, which is a serious accusation and having been in this physical condition to suffer from severe pain. Hyun Joong said he has no knowledge about it except the following day as they went out with friends that’s the only time “A ” mentioned to Hyun Joong. How can she still move with a rib fracture which she suppose to be in severe pain? I’m just asking.

3. BRUISES – Bruises can be produced as the video attached in this article described. With those severe bruises granting it is true, why was there no police intervention on the incident if it’s that worst beating? “A ” claimed she was being punched and kicked. First instinct of punching I think should start on the face and not on other parts of the body. Why is there no picture of black eye or facial bruises?

“A ” claimed she was kicked. In the report the incident happened at Hyun Joong’s apartment which we are familiar with as the apartment was shown at BBF and you cannot get inside the apartment with your shoes on. how can he kick resulting to such bruises in barefoot or slippers? I’m just asking.

2014825133835fxf5net_T5_96907_99_20140825144803 (1)

4. TEXT MESSAGE – If picture of bruises can be fabricated, why can’t text messages be fabricated?  We do not even know if those messages came from Kim Hyun Joong.

5. PICTURES – There were pictures (above) that show allegedly as “A ” and Kim Hyun Joong together in 2012 and 2014.  As we all know photo shop is very popular that we can enhance it putting two pictures together to make it as one. The picture on the left side above seem to be Hyun Joong’s hair style in 2010 after BOF, while picture on the right side seem like a man on the right side and not a woman.

Take note, “A ” claimed she’s having relationship with Hyun Joong since 2012, while Hyun Joong stated they have known each other for 2 years but started dating two months before this scandal erupted. How will I know if the one beside Hyun Joong is a man or a woman or if that is really “A “on those photos? These are so easy to fabricate together with text messages.

6. DROPPED CHARGES – Why didn’t “A ” pursued her complaint? These are serious accusations. According to the police there was no probable cause to file lawsuit since there was NO sufficient EVIDENCE that proved Kim Hyun Joong committed assault on “A “.  Why would a man commit assault if he’s breaking up the relationship with “A “? Could it not be possible that Hyun Joong was breaking up the relationship and “A ” couldn’t let go of him and started the fight? Couldn’t be “A ” turned violent from her emotional outburst that Hyun Joong in self defense trying to control her in hurting him and hurt herself? I’m just asking.

These so-called evidences obviously cannot stand in the court of law, therefore “A ” doesn’t have a case. And finally “A ” stated she just wanted a public apology from Kim Hyun Joong!!

Take note in Sept. 12 before Hyun Joong submitted his letter of apology her lawyer even stated this “Should he not, we will inevitably have to submit additional documents and request for an arbitration.”   Doesn’t this seem like a threat? I’m just asking.



Kim Hyun Joong wrote his letter of apology to that woman, simply because he doesn’t want to prolong this case and make his family and fans to suffer further from this scandal. Other than this, that woman does NOT have a case at all, seeing from those trash so-called evidence. And if the police should have seen that there’s a probable cause to the said assault allegation, the police should have called him for another investigation and held him up.

Many of you I’m sure is still at lost as to the motive of that woman, then I’ll give you some choices to choose from as follows:

  1. Money Blackmail
  2. Personal revenge
  3. Celebrity opportunity
  4. Pride of telling the whole world she’s KHJ’s girlfriend
  5. Relationship reconciliation with KHJ, that he would prefer to rot in jail than go back to her.

In this scandal brought up by this “A ” she doesn’t have a case since the start and all she wanted was Hyun Joong’s attention which I consider soooo childish. And that I think she needs help, and this is not an insult, on the contrary it’s human concern, if you can imagine what this woman brought to the entire world just to destroy a celebrity!

Therefore, there’s only one motive here and that is to DESTROY Kim Hyun Joong. Who’s behind her? Of course it’s the MEDIA, isn’t that obvious? BUT I think there’s someone else bigger than “A “…. just my wild thoughts!!  But definitely “A ” must be rich by this time, cash left and right, from media and from Hyun Joong and whoever wants to destroy KHJ. “A ” allowed herself to be used, and that’s my impression.

I wrote a short article “Appeal to KHJ” saying please do not agree to monetary settlement. Or if she’s greedy give it to her, if she takes it that only goes to show that she’s not after justice but simply CASH. The poor lawyer released a statement saying there’s no monetary settlement. OK fine!

But everything is just right in our eyes coming from her lawyer’s prior statement that seems to be a threat!!  Refer to her lawyer’s statement on “arbitration” Sept.12, up there. Then followed Sept 15, assessing Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his apology, meaning the cash haven’t delivered yet!! Come on!! My appeal was just a bait!! But the fish grabbed it! Wallah! Drop Charges after cash delivery Sept. 17 am! You may ask why KHJ gave it. Then I throw back, why did she accept it? Just my wild thoughts!! LOL!



Here are some pointers that the concern people the media and “A ” should realize as follows:

1.   From the very start that this scandal erupted, the media kept twisting the news interpretation and sensationalize the issue until the very last news pertaining this case that deliberately made the public believe that Hyun Joong is a woman beater to the extent of destroying a man through unbalanced reporting. Both sides of the story should have heard before reporting and publish.

2.   That woman “A” has fooled the entire world with her lies. A very private matter that should have been settled by this woman and Kim Hyun Joong by themselves in close door instead of bringing it up to the public that caused a lot of pain to Kim Hyun Joong his family, his friends and most of all to his millions of fans worldwide.

3.  “A ” placed Kim Hyun Joong in the most ugliest situation to the point of losing his dignity, his image, his career and most of all his life, just to get over with her personal revenge. While publicly accusing him, she kept her identity hidden from the public eye.

4.  “A “does not deserve any single public apology from Kim Hyun Joong. On the contrary, that woman owes his family, friends, and his fans worldwide that apology that Kim Hyun Joong did for dragging his name to the public with her lies just to satisfy her selfish revenge.



“A ” was saying she only needs a sincere public apology from Kim Hyun Joong? After creating this mess? She had just killed him deliberately that I hope she realize that. As she claimed she had a relationship with him for two long years and doing this to him only means she doesn’t know him at all.

Because if she does, she will never attempt to do this, to humiliate the man she loved, to grab his first love (music) away from him, and she simply disrespect his parents and the rest of his family. She doesn’t know how a mother can grieve over her son? One day she will be a mother too then maybe that’s the only time she’ll realize how painful it is seeing your son being humiliated in front of the whole world and brutally misjudged by the so-called righteous people.

It was said in the news she was emotionally hurt about Kim Hyun Joong breaking up with her. BUT the public has got nothing to do with her emotional pain and their private relationship. Finally, to “A “, may I just say this, “When you pinpoint to a person and accuse him, show your face to the public to prove your sincerity about your lies.”

Hyun Joong broke her heart, I understand because I’m also a woman, but this is not a good way to a low life revenge.  If you want people to respect you, respect yourself first. Love be gets love.  I never believed you loved him nor he loved you at all. Because if there was love there should be respect with each other.

May God forgive you “A ” and the media for what you have done to ruin the career life of Kim Hyun Joong.         I rest my case….



Being a natural human, the hardest thing to do is to forgive specially if that person had wronged us and doesn’t seek for our forgiveness. I have stated my opinion on “A ” with hopes someday she can read this article or somehow realized what she had done. I may be angry with what she did, but it doesn’t follow I hate her since I don’t know her. It’s the wrong doings that I’m trying to put out, that would give opportunity to change and that the wrong doings may not be repeated in the future.

We all do make mistakes, we are not perfect but unless we know our mistake there’s no way to change to make ourselves better and acknowledge what we have done wrong. There are times out of anger we do things that may not be pleasing to everyone, but at the end of the day we ask for forgiveness that we might have hurt others. I hope one day that woman “A  ” would be enlightened by this same thought.

Kim Hyun Joong was badly misjudged by some people around the world, I hope this article would serve even a little enlightenment on his side, that the media deprived him of his right of due process before justice by the public eye.

                “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”  (Aldous Huxley)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MOVING ON



By: LazerKim                 I have posted my article CLOSED BOOK as I have mentioned we close that chapter of Kim Hyun Joong’s life story and we start moving on. I think I had enough pouring out my anger and start moving on to the next step on how we fans can lift Hyun Joong from where he is now.

For me, moving on is forgiving which I’m now in that process, but not forgetting, and doing something in setting the record straight for the future pertaining the case of Kim Hyun Joong from how it started and how it ended. Hyun Joong’s name was tainted and, I just can’t sit and let that dirt on his name stays while people had misjudged him in the wrong way.


During that scandal noise, all news were the same that I should say until the last news issued, the truth was concealed by media, except one item from ONSEN, which I have posted in my recent article and I would like to thank one fan @isanglahi, who shared this news, I owe you one, that I can start from this item to dissect the entire nightmare.

Some fans started to post Hyun Joong’s concert memories, that’s good, keep it up because it helps in healing hearts. I understand that I can only watch those media and “haters fan club” do their thing that I said to myself when the sea finally calm down, should be the right time to sail. And that could be the right time to speak when everyone had gone tired of talking.

I’ll still be writing a case review in my own little way God knows how since I’m not a lawyer and hoping I would be able gather all relevant information and be back to this blog with my next article in the coming days. I just think I have to do this before I can write about sweet memories! I can’t write something refreshing if I myself as a simple fan writer still has a bothered mind about the case. I still have to release the truth about reality before I can reminisce memories.



I’m trying to understand the showbiz society in South Korea and how it differs from other countries. I didn’t do any research or home work, I just simply observe and write my mind out. One observation on line, yesterday I was reading from the hater’s camp and I have noticed the same people seem to be commenting from those sites!! This is one reason why I said the hater’s do have fan clubs too!

About media, in some countries, somehow two sides of a story in any crime or controversial issues are published and there goes the public opinion. But at least hearing two sides of the coin were given opportunity to be out there, so the public have the chance to weigh both sides through the balanced reporting of any issues by media.

The current trend now is the on-line news which I think is one powerful tool in either making or breaking an image of a celeb or a high profile personality including politician. It depends now on the readers how they take the news being delivered by the media. The SK showbiz news are getting popular in the international arena, why? Because they are so good in “making” controversial news and sensationalize the issue.

And when those controversial news are out, everyone follows leaning only on one side of the story. Some Koreans are very fond of controversial news, gossips, from the tabloids. And no matter how much one can inject on the the other side of the story, Koreans just do NOT simply read the TRUTH, and that’s really sad and scary. Do I have a wrong impression? This is just my opinion.



Unfortunately this is the world where Kim Hyun Joong exist in reality. How I wish I can pull him out there, that now I felt as if he’s no longer welcome in his own home country! How I wish to snatch him away and bring him to a country where he can find peace. How I wish to bring him to the real desert and just perform a concert there with just a simple guitar and let his fans sit on the sand to listen to his music!

But NO, because I wouldn’t take him away from what he loves to do and that is his music. He has to stay in his home country to be able to accomplish his dreams. The next episode of his life may be like fighting with the giants in fulfilling his remaining dreams.

Back in 2010, as he decided to change artist category from Kpop idol to solo artist, he did fight for that battle too in proving himself and he succeeded tremendously. This time it may be in different situation and much challenging on his part but I still believe and never doubted he will again succeed.

Whatever obstacle he had gone through is just a way for him to be stronger than ever. It’s just like gold, in producing and refining its quality, it has to pass on a high heat temperature before it can reach its highest quality. Same as Hyun Joong’s destiny, he is bound to be where he is to face more challenges and trials in life to be able to reach the ultimate heights of success that has a stronger foundation and lasting star status.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person in spite of his dreams still exists within him, he humbly accepts whatever destiny is there to give him BUT he doesn’t easily give up on his dreams. At this moment, he may just be sitting around in silence but his mind is all along working and suddenly idea pops out, and gets him busy working on those ideas. This is how he works in his most practical way. And believe me he applies the same in fulfilling his dreams for the future.

Everyone is entitled for a second chance and that’s a human right.



May I just share, I’m not a religious person, but I am a strong spiritual believer. Every time I stumble down on the ground, the first thing I ask myself is this “Have I forgotten God? Have I neglected my prayers?” And for some reasons, I get idle, so I don’t wait for an answer I just go ahead and talk to Him in my prayers.

Sometimes we are overwhelm with our daily achievements, sometimes we’re overwhelm with success and fame that a lot of times we forget to thank God for the blessings. I do believe in this, He finds way to pinch me as if saying “Hey LK you have forgotten Me.” Or whenever we face our trial that sometimes it felt hopeless, there’s only one thing He wants us to do, and that is to go to Him and ask for help.

God is also an attention seeker, believe me!!   “So Hyun Joong, go to Him, He’ll help you in moving on peacefully……….He’s waiting for you Rafael!”

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CLOSED BOOK



By: LazerKim              I’m writing this article just to put on record about the case and its closure since I have been writing all about Kim Hyun Joong and this is a part of his story. At this point what I would like to emphasize is the damage done by that woman and media in destroying the career life of a man who is very important to all of us. At the same time I would like to do this for the sake of the new fans whom I would say may be confused or in doubt.

Last night someone posted a news report which at first I ignored since after the post a hater came in, so I was thinking the news came from the hater’s camp, my apology to whoever posted this news if I may appear a bit careless since I was really tired and sleepy! As you may read this news it specifically stated the pictures posted by media were particularly noted which allegedly resulted from the assault that woman accused of Kim Hyun Joong. Just in case you haven’t read here’s the news as follows:


Police “Kim Hyun Joong Girlfriend, sue will take the investigation concluded

According to the news portal OSEN that followed this case (Oh Asia disagree on how leaked information) in the last three days has confirmed that the singer and actor 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong), which was denounced by his ex girlfriend alleged violence has been withdrawn.

An officer of the police station in Seoul Songpa has commented: Today September 17 at 4 pm Miss A has withdrawn the complaint against Kim Hyun Joong, because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A. [Not proven shock seen in the photos have been made by the artists that is not signed by a legal physician] Because the complainant claimed to have been beaten more than once since 2012 for which conducted the complaint on August 20 on charges of physical violence.

This news was announced on August 22 by the press. [Information was illegally leaked by the press] Hyun Joong .kim and Miss A had their own version of events. During this time the artist has twice visited the police station and Seoul Songpa where he was questioned by police.

On September 15, Kim Hyun Joong on his official website, he sent a note of apology in which story that happened during the 2 year relationship he had with Miss A to once loved. He apologized for causing pain and mental anguish. [Not confirmed that the hit and fractured ribs]
The lawyer Seo Eun Choi Miss commented: Kim Hyun Joong has presented a public apology on its official website with what has demonstrated his sincere repentance, so we decided not to pursue a complaint and to proceed with the lawsuit, concluding that their customer just wanted a sincere apology.
Credits: Oh & Asia Magazine
By Oh Asia Magazine

source (



I would like to emphasize three points in this news as follows:

1. [Not proven shock seen in the photos have been made by the artists that is not signed by a legal physician]  – because the doctor did not find credible and conclusive evidence about the alleged physical violence reported by Miss A.

2. [Information was illegally leaked by the press] This news was announced on August 22 by the press

3. [Not confirmed that the hit and fractured ribs] He apologized for causing pain and mental anguish.

I hope this is clear enough coming from this news item that everything in this scandal was all made up! The only truth here is that Hyun Joong and that woman had a mutual fight as Hyun Joong was breaking up their relationship BUT there’s no assault as the media sensationalized for three long weeks that brought Hyun Joong, his fans, and family in such turmoil.

My point is this, the pictures and sensationalized news posted by the media made the public believed that Hyun Joong is a woman beater, and that’s too painful to him to be accused and misjudged as such. Therefore there’s no ground to file for a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong, everything is just for publicity purpose in destroying a celeb!

Recently Hyun Joong submitted a letter of apology just to put an end to this roller coaster, and for me that woman has no choice but to accept since her complaint is not valid enough to file for charges.

Note:     Hyun Joong’s first and second statement to the police remained consistently true to himself, first that he just dated with that woman for a few months nothing serious, second that the fight was mutual and that Hyun Joong never said he hit that woman, as what was reported by media twist. And that we all understand as to why he has to lie on that letter of apology, as demanded by the other party, that woman.



Again, please do allow me to air out my thoughts and feelings. Yesterday that woman released a statement that she would just like Kim Hyun Joong to publicly apologize for what he had done to her. What had Hyun Joong done to deserve this humiliation? Well, he’s guilty of breaking her heart period and NOT breaking her ribs as she accused Hyun Joong’s doing! And until now I still believe that fight was self defense on Hyun Joong and that woman to further hurt herself. Just my opinion.

Then this is all personal private matter, why bring it to the public? To seek Hyun Joong’s attention? Can’t she do it by phone call in private and simply say “Hey Hyun Joong can you apologize for breaking up with me!?!”  My God!

I think this woman really needs help and I really hope she’ll be brought somewhere for cure! My apology if I may be harsh, but why bring up those lies to the point of destroying a man’s career life if it’s simple apology that she needs? I’m sorry but who started all of these scandal to begin with? I really find this weird! Nevertheless, it’s over and done the damage has been made and we can’t take back the past.

How I wish I can sue this woman for giving me sleepless nights, stress, mental torture, and whatever emotional pain she has brought me. Well I’m just speaking my heart out. And I really hope she would realize what she has done not only to Kim Hyun Joong his family, the agency and most of all to his millions of fans all over the world. In fact she owe the whole world an apology for creating this mess! And not Hyun Joong!

And may I just say my thoughts, if Hyun Joong did not write that letter of apology and went through with the case (if there is) I knew it, he can win this case, and reverse it, file for counter charge libel, defamation, slander, even perjury (producing fake evidence) whatever legal lawsuit for what she and the media has done. Well I’m not a lawyer but…..How I wish!


This is not about revenge (I’m not a vengeful person) but just as to teach these people some lessons otherwise, this can happen again to other celebs. I don’t mean to pinpoint on majority but with this incident it somehow gave me the impression how scary some Korean women are! I really think something has to be done here. The media were the only ones who gained here, and Hyun Joong may be the losing end. But I won’t allow it!

And for those haters who just came in to my blog “Simply Defending” without respect and called me monster because I was defending Kim Hyun Joong, I knew it, you would eat your own words in the end! Now you’re even doubting that woman’s motive and personality whom you defended and call Hyun Joong a woman beater and his fans delusional? Is this fair treatment by human being to another human being?

And this really hurts us, but for weeks we endured with how those haters crucified Hyun Joong and his fans because we simply will not STOOP DOWN to the hater’s level. I really hope this brought all of us a good lesson. Don’t jump to conclusion and don’t judge right at once without due process specially about crimes. Not all defendants are guilty, let’s not forget this.



At this point may I appeal to KHJ fans to ignore those haters, they will die as haters and we can’t do anything about them but avoid them, if you may, I think it would be better not to comment on those sites. And please let’s stop searching for that woman, she has her own destiny and definitely it’s not coming from us fans. In fact her destiny has started as people started doubting her motive in this scandal. The truth will be revealed from her own mouth, believe me!

And for those fans who jump ship, go and jump no one is controlling you, but please jump in silence. I respect your decision to leave Hyun Joong BUT let’s be mutual here and respect my decision to stay with him. There’s no point of criticizing the loyal ones because no matter what you do we will stay with him.

For those loyal fans who may doubt Kim Hyun Joong as having speculation that he’s going back to that woman,  Hyun Joong is a very smart man let’s not underestimate him. He will NEVER go back to that woman who destroyed him, he’s not dumb and we know that for a fact. I hope we can have some reality check before having such thoughts as we have known him for years. TRUST HIM.


I can only speak for myself but I sincerely hope this is gonna be the last drop of tears that I will shed for being misjudged and take the cruelty of indecent human being, the haters. Hyun Joong doesn’t deserve to be called names such as woman beater because he’s not and there’s NO EVIDENCE except the fake ones to show he is, to begin with. He doesn’t deserve to be treated the way those haters treat him.

And I don’t deserve treatment by the haters to be called “monster”, I’m just a simple human who admires my idol, but I believe I’m decent enough to be here as a Kim Hyun Joong fan. My regular readers knows me to be always proper with my words but you haters taught me how to be rude to you, and you can’t blame me. I once welcomed you haters in this place I call home but you attempted to ruin it, Shame on you! I hope it’s clear to you now that I will definitely SHOOT you if you ever come near this blog again.  I rest my case.



We forgive wrong doings but we make sure they are being told of what they have done to give them the opportunity to realize and have a room to change that the wrong doing may not be repeated again. But we do not forget what was done to us that we can learn to be aware.

After venting out our remaining pain that has been in our heart, I sincerely hope we can start moving on. I know this is an aftermath repercussion which is very natural and I fully understand the feeling because I’m currently experiencing it, that’s why I’m here bursting out this pain for once and for all in this article  and put a definite stop on talks about this scandal. I hope! At the same time for those new fans who may be in confusion, I hope this article can somehow help for enlightenment.

As I have vent out my pains, I’m hoping this will be the last as I close book this episode of Hyun Joong’s career life and look forward to his renewed life as an artist. I think it’s not his life to be renewed since he did nothing wrong in that scandal, so I would say a brand new Kim Hyun Joong as an artist with his new music and dramas in the near future. I leave his personal privacy that I hope this will be the first and last time for me to write about it, in defense. I think now you can understand as to why I don’t entertain gossips and rumors about pairing him up with other female celeb in this blog, this is one reason.

I believe Hyun Joong fans are the most lovable fans in the fandom on earth ever existed that I’m proud to be one of you. Kim Hyun Joong is such a very lucky star to have all of you beside him through good times and bad times till the end.

We close this book with a smile on our lips and be proud that one time in Hyun Joong’s life in the dark, we were with him all the way till the end, and still we’re at his side as we see the light ahead of him even shining brightly…..

As we start a new episode in a new book still with our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing


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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] NEXT DANCE!




By: LazerKim

FAREWELL JAPAN ( my simple fan account!)

Kim Hyun Joong boarded his plane going back home to Seoul taking the early morning Korean Air flight, while I took Air China bound to Shanghai for another field work concert with another group with almost the same schedule as he had. As expected the airport was crowded with fans as my team and I arrived ahead of him and his entourage. After I checked in with the airline counter, I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing that I just joined in with the fans waiting for him!!

I tried to squeeze in myself to the crowd till I reached near the security check where I assumed Hyun Joong would pass through. And I was right, after just about 5 minutes waiting the fans started screaming! And for some reasons I screamed with them too but I haven’t seen Hyun Joong! LOL Only to realize I was looking for a guy in black Tee shirt while he was just in front of me wearing checked long sleeved shirt! And so I followed whatever the fans were screamed calling him Rida (Leader)!! I think it’s also goodbye to plain black shirt, as he shows his image signifying his concert Phantasm!

As soon as he got in I followed since I was a passenger. I run to catch up with my team but I can still see his back walking towards the immigration onto his gate. I was in teary eyes and that’s it, it’s goodbye to my idol! It’s not tears of sadness but tears of joy that at last I felt how it is to be a fan who’s seeing him off back home Seoul.

At the concert,  I was really hoping to join his fans in cheering for him during the show which I never had the chance ever since I started working with him last year. At last my dream came true! The only chance I got was at the very last song of encore. I screamed on top of my voice saying Hyun Joong Ai shite iru (I love you!) over and over like crazy! After he sung I stopped, I walked back to my post and just heard him saying  Ai shite iru to his fans before he exits and I smiled at that!

Just in my opinion, for me the most touching moment in Nagoya I think was not really at the concert, but at the airport. I witnessed a crowd of fans at the airport tarmac viewer as they watched and wave at Korean Air where Hyun Joong boarded, that I hope he had seen it from where he was. *sigh* It’s the first time for me to witness such and I got teary eyes as I watched the fans as if not letting him go…. bye my idol till next time!



So simple yet meaningful for me to be a part of his last concert series, I got some regrets though knowing I can do it even just on the part of encore I should have done so to join the fans in showing he is loved. I’m happy now being a fan I fulfilled my simple dream! I just can’t believe it’s my last chance to be a fan in that concert series.

During the show, I suddenly felt pain leading me to tears asking myself a lot of questions “Is this really his fate? Is this really the last concert? Why is this life seem to be so cruel to him? Why it has to end this way? I may just be emotional while writing my simple experience but I just couldn’t help to ask so many questions and ending up as if I’m blaming somebody who’s totally stranger to me who had ruin him.

Hyun Joong has so many plans as far as I remember and I even enumerated those plans in one of my articles, just I remember writing “Hyun Joong is running out of time.” He was preparing everything for us before he gets to his MS, likewise I was also preparing myself and my readers when that time comes so it wouldn’t be too painful. And this….. happened!  Indeed life is full of surprises, as one of my friend would say!

I still remain positive, who knows there must be something even greater for Hyun Joong than what he had planned in the near future! Why not! Anything is possible.

Let’s trust Hyun Joong on this and while doing so, let’s not forget to pray for him, since after this concert he’ll be in hiatus to take a rest from flying here and there performing concerts. He’ll be alright, let’s hope for the best that he’ll be able to resolve this case. Let’s put our confidence in him, as he has gathered strength from us in his recent concerts and I believe he’s stronger than ever, the next time we meet with him.



I would like to thank KHJ fans from Seoul, Taipei, Yokohama, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Bangkok and Lima, for taking care of Hyun Joong, for showing your sincere love and support to him despite of the set backs that we were able to survived and accomplished his objectives in this concert series. I think within the journey we have with Kim Hyun Joong, this is the most unforgettable.

There may be pain towards the end of the series but let’s just look at the good side within that period. For me looking at the whole picture of all the concert series, it was filled with overwhelming LOVE. There were tears yes, I cannot deny but those tears were out of so much love to Kim Hyun Joong.

Sometimes we have to feel pain in order to feel the deepest love in a particular person, and that love even grew stronger than ever. This set back painful it may be, but this nightmare had us realize how important Kim Hyun Joong is in our life. That woman had LOST Hyun Joong forever, BUT not for us, because he will stay in our hearts and we will stay in his heart faithfully FOREVER.

Is this our last dance with him? NO of course not, he will just take a breather from his tired soul, he will gather strength and energy for his fans and he’ll be back to us for another round of his music and dance again.

Next time it will be a long long uninterrupted period of dance with us with his music. Believe in him as he said he’s going back to those stages where he performed and I know this time he will fight for it just to be with us again! And so we wait for our next dance with Hyun Joong!

To Kim Hyun Joong,

Thank you for the concert memories, thank you for the love. Have faith in God He’s always with you, He knows everything he doesn’t sleep, so may the force be with you always.

You know where to go to breath, we will just be here and wait for our next dance……. see you again……. my only one…

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[News]Kim Hyun Joong’s Girlfriend “A” Drops Assault Charges

It looks like Kim Hyun Joong’s assault case has been wrapped up.

Early afternoon on September 17, according to a report by Star News, a request was put in bygirlfriend “A’s” lawyer to drop the charges of assault and battery being pressed against Kim Hyun Joong.

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Previously, on September 15, following a statement from “A” that the singer apologize and admit his wrongs, Kim Hyun Joong posted an apology on his official website, as well as apologized to his girlfriend though a phone call.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong just recently finished his world tour, with his final tour performance in Nagoya, Japan on September 16. His final tour stop had been scheduled for September 19 in Beijing, but was canceled by local concert promoters.

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Indeed we’ll have our NEXT DANCE with Kim Hyun Joong soon!!! yesss!!


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MY BRAVE HERO




By: LazerKim


We may all be devastated, shocked, and I’m sure a lot of us cried last night as Hyun Joong was on his way to Nagoya, he posted his letter of apology. This was beyond expectation at first sight and a lot were at lost and the common question was WHY? Before I tell you why, let us remind ourselves who Kim Hyun Joong is.

First, fans who have been following Hyun Joong for years I’m sure you know very well what he was trying to say in that letter of apology. We can already read between the lines and we understand what he was trying to say.

Second, We have known Hyun Joong as a leader, who will sacrifice himself just to be able to save others from getting hurt. Am I right? Rewind your memories back in 2010, he was alone, took everything upon himself just to save his brothers. And another incident he was with the owner of his former agent and face all criticisms thrown to him. Did he asked for help. No, he faced the matter head on all by himself as a true leader.

Third, we have known Hyun Joong as a true gentleman. Garbage was being thrown to him but he didn’t move not an each and absorb all the lies being delivered to the media. But never did he say anything bad to whoever was throwing that garbage to him.


As I wrote in my appeal to Kim Hyun Joong this statement;

“I believe the truth is at your side I know you are not guilty of this alleged accusation from that woman, because if not the police should have held you up or call for another questioning if they find there’s a probable cause to file a case. On the contrary, the police stated that there was NO EVIDENCE in this accusation from that woman.”

We fans have been in tears for more than three weeks, while others have misjudged our love and support to him. We have known Hyun Joong as a peace loving person, very private and he can’t stand seeing his fans in tears or in pain.

Therefore to put a stop to all of these, he decided to give in and stoop down to the demand of that woman. If he fight back I don’t think he can bear no longer than a day seeing his fans all worried about him. This is the unspoken answer to the question WHY?

He might have made a mistake that he acknowledged, but not as what he was being accused of assault and we all know that. But the only mistake I know that he had done was choosing that wrong woman to the extent of destroying his life.

Many were asking how can they assess his sincerity, since that woman would like to assess Hyun Joong’s sincerity in his letter of apology. My answer to this “MONEY TALK”. We already know her true color. To that woman, I’m sure you’re happy now and you won in your revenge in destroying a man’s life while you kept yourself in hiding. But don’t be too happy, you know what you did.

                                        God never sleeps…..He sees everything.


We leave this chapter of our journey as we continue head on with Kim Hyun Joong. He has so much to sacrifice about, let’s give our share to ease even a little by being at his side. As I always write, we pick up all the good memories we have with him and I think we have gathered enough to keep us happy. We can only pray that there will be more that we can see from him on stage.

In anything that happens in our daily life has a reason. When this scandal erupted, I felt a very strong unity within Hyun Joong’s fans that I think divided groups among them had merged into one in comforting each other during this nightmare. I felt it and I can only smile by the strength it has brought one another.

With his gesture of humility, the more I admire him, the more I love him, and the more I will support and protect him. I made my word with the articles I have been writing win or lose I stay by his side. And that’s why I’m here, to re-affirm my word of honor. Not a single inch have I change my views about Kim Hyun Joong. He is the best, he’s my hero and nothing and no one can ever change that.

At this point let us move on, let us not waste what Hyun Joong is giving in, let’s stay united with him. We will not forget this incident as counting to experience because it has given us collective strength to share with Kim Hyun Joong in keeping him strong and brave in facing all these obstacles.

A gesture of apology is not a confession of guilt, being humble is not a sign of weakness but greatness…… that’s Kim Hyun Joong………. My Brave Hero.

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