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By: LazerKim             After I have written my recent article  Simply Defending that contains my personal written outburst, I thought I’ll be in peace after airing what I have felt that time. It helped me though because I was able to released whatever was heavy inside me. But when I came back home to this blog I felt as if my own house was burning done by the haters! I cried at first thinking this is the only place where I can pour out my own feelings and thoughts freely, I thought I won’t be able to come back home anymore.

But hang in there, this is my personal property no one can write or touch this space except me. While the comment boxes below are spaces given to my guests, for those who may be looking for a space to share their thoughts too. Why  should I allow these haters to pollute my own place of dwelling? So I placed a warning sign above that I don’t welcome those haters in my home and to those haters don’t waste your time commenting because I would surely DELETE your comment.



After that scandal news came out, I knew right at once the motive behind that news that I was already expecting more malicious news would come out, and I was right. After KE had release its statement, contradiction from media came out one after the other and sensationalized the whole case filed. This is how media works and this is their job, this is how they earn their dirty money, to attract people to read from their controversial issues. They need that dirty money in order to live, shame on them!

I have already face the fact that Hyun Joong now is a victim of a smear campaign and trial by publicity done by people who really wants to destroy him. I would think they have been eyeing on him for a long time because of his growing popularity and his chain of success. They will not stop unless they see Kim Hyun Joong fall down on the ground. Are we going to let this happen? Of course not. Who can help Hyun Joong in controlling his downfall? It’s us his fans, we are the ones to raised him up and it’s also us who would lift him up again from this nightmare.

From the start ever since Hyun Joong came out as a solo artist he had been badly criticized, but his critics failed to bring him down and the more they pushed him down,  the more his popularity boost up. Isn’t that obvious in their very sight? Until now as I have mentioned in my recent article the timing was remarkably done at first sight of that first controversial news came out few days before he flew to Thailand to perform his concert series.

But what happened? It came out that the concert was the best among his series. His fans from Thailand was not swayed from that controversial news. The venue was full packed and had seen how passionate his fans were as they joined Hyun Joong with his music. His fans even showed more support, more love to him. And that is the most moving part in this scenario of destroying the guy.

Thank you Thailand, your sincere effort is very much appreciated and we will never forget that love and support you have shown. And that moment in the concert that the whole world had seen how much Hyun Joong is being loved even at this dark moment of his career life. And yes I share the same thought, WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU KIM HYUN JOONG!!



What else can we do about this media thing? We may read those news if we want to nobody is stopping you to do so. BUT I think it would be better not to spread it or re-post it and let the news affect us, it will only makes us sad and frustrated. Not everything we read from those news are true anyway. Whoever knows about Kim Hyun Joong I think it’s his fans who have been following him for years and that is why no matter what others may think we couldn’t bring ourselves to be swayed simply because we know him better than those haters and media reporters.

And also may I just bring this up, I would like to appeal to everyone to please keep or delete from your file Hyun Joong’s recent family members photos. They are private individuals and they have got nothing to do with what is happening at present. Please refrain from sharing those pictures. Just remember at this crucial period, anything and anyone attached to Hyun Joong is being criticized by the haters. We fans maybe can go after those haters but not his family. They too are innocent with whatever is going on around. We wouldn’t want this to be done to his family too, right?

Someone even posted pictures of Hyun Joong friends out from the showbiz circle. It may be out of curiosity in search of that woman who is destroying him but what if she’s not the one who’s in the picture so she’s innocent and has got nothing to do in this controversy. So may I appeal to other fans to be careful of what we share and what we post. I sincerely hope for your understanding. Thank you.



Now since Hyun Joong’s critics couldn’t bring him down by criticizing his professional ability since he had proven at his best, now they found a chance to destroy his privacy in his personal relationship. Ever since the start as this blog existed I never touch Hyun Joong’s privacy. He may have shared a lot about his behind the scene as a person which I have written except his personal relationship and I have been very careful about this not until media had touched this area of his privacy.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words, until now he remained silent and I respect him for that. As I mentioned in my recent article he doesn’t need to face me and prove his innocence that there are more important matters that I would like him to tackle and this is his concert. I mean it, I’m more interested seeing him on that stage and enjoy his music. This is just my personal opinion seeing him as an artist in his professionalism.

Not that I don’t care about him as a person because no matter what happened to him in his private life I would still be buying and listening to his music and I would still be watching his concerts and drama over and over again. He has my support and love all the way. It’s not his personal life that I’m buying but his music and his concert, this is the other side of Hyun Joong being as artist whom I admire the most and nothing can even change my views about him as an artist.

Although the bond that Hyun Joong and his fans had created is so undeniable, that a strong attachment is there existing in reality, this is why it hurts me that others are trying to destroy him. If Hyun Joong is happy, we are happy, if he’s sad we can feel it too and we tend to be sad. Now he’s hurt, he’s in great pain and we feel those pains too that I know most of us can just cry it out.

The connection is just too strong to ignore, stones are thrown to him that he has to endure by remaining silent while we endure with those too even we’re here to protect him. I know he doesn’t want this, neither would I want him to be alone facing all of these by himself. And I’m sure many of you share the same thoughts with me. BUT we have to keep our strength not to collapse because it is from us fans that Hyun Joong pull his strength from.



I can only speak for myself, Hyun Joong has been my healer ever since I started writing about him and I would say I owe him so much for being where I am now. I just couldn’t ignore whatever is going on around him and how I wish to share with his pain and lighten up his burden he’s carrying at this moment until all of this nightmare is over. That for me this is the only way I can give back the love he has been sharing.

They said being a star it’s lonely up there, and being in the dark when everyone leaves you is the saddest moment in being a star. This is one thing that I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to feel even just a second. I want him to feel he’s NEVER alone that we his fans from all faces of the earth is with him specially at this crucial period of his career life. I want him to feel the LOVE we have for him and this love will prevail at the end of the day.

Hyun Joong planted good seeds on the ground that grew to good fruits and blossoms around him and those are his fans. Maybe this explains as to why we stick together with him all these years. I believe he built a strong foundation among us that cannot just be swayed by anything come high storm we hold on together with him. It is at this time that we fans should unite regardless of whatever fan clubs you belong or just being on your own following him, for as long as we are with Kim Hyun Joong we are tagged with him. I’m proud to be a Kim Hyun Joong fan and nothing or no one will ever change it.

Collective strength, support and love  I think is the best we can do for him at this time. We just have to stay together and be by his side. I know his fans are being criticized at this time but let us not be carried by those. We have every right to follow whom we want and no one can take that right from us. Again I was reminded by what I wrote in my past article “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you the most.”  I bear this in mind.

Moving on, Kim Hyun Joong shall be in Guangzhou China on his next stop. So China the ball is in your hands now, please keep Hyun Joong safe, show him you’re there at his side in louder voice that he can hear your love… happy and enjoy the concert, it means a lot more to him!

We may be in sad mode at this time but let’s take a break from that mode this weekend and join the Chinese fans as Hyun Joong performs his concert! All smiles now, if we’re sad the haters are the happiest, so let’s not allow them to be happy!! Let’s enjoy with Kim Hyun Joong and his music, at least for just 2 hours allows him to ease the pain in him.

I truly believe even his fans from afar can feel him and his music anywhere he performs. Distance, language, culture and time doesn’t matter at all, we unite with our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong….    WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU…

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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88 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HEALING HEARTS

  1. KHJ, you are in the middle of a humongous storm right now. It touches my heart deeply knowing that you are not alone – you are blessed with the most awesome fans/friends all around the world! Keep up the support, KHJ fans/friends! And know this always, KHJ and KHJ fans/friends: All storms pass – this one will, too.

    Praying for you to stay strong, KHJ – just breathe and keep your eyes on the truth. My hope is that you will be found a ga-zillion% innocent , , , right this very nanosecond would be really nice! 🙂

  2. Bella dear,
    thank you, you put in writing what most of us think, but we have to recognize that we live in a world that is losing some of the great values of humanity, compassion for others, understanding and love, sometimes the future looks grim really.
    There are people who are seeing only black or white and can never move from their own narow minded world, those people are to be pitied because they live in their really small world.
    That woman (sorry can’t call her Miss, that is reserved for kinder and more decent persons and I am stopping myself from naming her another more appropriate name) is out for revenge for not getting what she wanted, if Hj was not a celeb I strongly believe she would not have done so. What that little nobody doesn’t understand that she started a real media/cyber war that is actually destroying, like snowball that became a snowslide and lots of people are hurt by it.
    Maybe one day she will wake up and realise the enormity of her actions.
    I hope justice will be served here.

    Hj proved in all his years in showbiz that he is down to earth and a true person, we know him more, he never changed, even his so called 4D personality I think is because he speaks what is on his mind and that in SK media is understood as different, but usually you can feel he speaks what is on his mind and what he feels. So yes I believe in KHJ and support him 🙂

    • Hi Noya,

      Thank you So much for your respond.
      You are right about this world and I could not agree more about HJ. It’s a reason why he is loved by many.

      I hope A will get a real lesson at the end. It looks like she need help too.
      HJ probably realized that he was in unhealthy relationship and want to break up.
      He will be wiser next time.

      For haters they will remain as haters no matter what just leave them that way. can’t do anything much really . They will also get a hard lesson one day.

      For now happy to know that HJ is continuing with his world tour.

      I often find that we share similar opinion and I love to read your comment.

  3. Dear LK,

    thank you so much for the article . it did heal a lot of hearts here. As I said before I’m so happy for HJ that marjority of his fans are just as special as him. They are mature , wise , thoughtful , compassionated and constructive human being.

    HJ is surely not different from what we have expected. He is a brave and brutally honest man as we all know well. I ‘ m happy and proud to be his fan. I hope KEYEAST will take full effort to bring justice to HJ . I hope there will be people in SK that care enough to protest for what the media have done to a person ‘s life because one day it might happen to their closed one. They should identify and get rid of the irresponsible media. For those who use social media to manupulate people by repeatedly spreading the distorting fact I hope one day they will face the same situation and learn the lesson.

    I feel sad to realize that social media are full of hater . They are just ready to hate . They probably think that hatred is power. Their behavior and motive are really dangerousness to everyone. I found some people just interpreted the news or statement and used their own interpretation as a fact. They often took information as fact and never question the source or motive. They keep repeating their own same thought as if their heads are too full and unable to take any other information or even update information .

    There are many versions of each statement or news depens on who translated. I often found that they are using the wrong choice of words which change the meaning or misleading the story. Strangly almost of misleading information is not in HJ ‘s favor. Although I’m not expert in English it’s easy to see.

    The truth will reveal soon.

    After the big storm there always a bright sky and a shining sun.

    Love you LK

    • Bella, you are soo right. Don’t go there to other sites, don’t even try to read them, they are not worth your time and your pain, and the commentors …sick and scary people they are.
      You know Karma, what goes around, comes around so everyone will get what they deserve in the end.
      We will be here United as always for Hj, to give him power to pass these times and to move on. 🙂

    • Bella and Noya, you are so right. The distortion and slandering by media is sickening. I realised myself that some articles are distorting from the fact that they appear contradicting. And especially about titles, they use a misleading title in order to catch reader’s attention. They don’t care at all if due to their irresponsibility and distortion, the reputation and career of a worthy person is destructed. Incredibly shameless act. They only care about other things I guess. This also annoys me because this distortion gives even more food to those people who seem to find pleasure in hating and bashing.
      I thought this distortion mostly happened due to the English translations of Korean media, but I got informed and realised that Korean media do it a lot too.

      Anyway, as you said, Noya and Bella we are always united for HJ and now we are even more united and stronger to give him as much power as we can. And yes, I’m optimistic that truth will prevail finally and everyone will get what they deserve.

      • Dear Noya and Stav ,

        Thank you for your support.

        In my opinion If the investigation process is completed and is proved that HJ is innocent . Miss A must take responsibility for what she has done as I think she knew well what she is doing. Public must learn the lesson and aware of this kind of thing because there are too many cases like this already. The most recent one is Lee Byoung Hoon ‘s blackmail case.

        Nobody should be allowed to destroy a person’s life easily. It is a social problem and can develop to be habitual . If we take it lightly it will be a bad example for others to follow. Destroying a person’s life is not a joke it can develop to be a real big social problem.

    The Complete FACT:

    KeyEast company revealed in an official statement

    Regarding the case which Kim Hyun Joong was sued, the company releases its statement to make clear its stand. Firstly, regarding yesterday’s reports, the company was unable to release an official statement as soon as possible as we were trying to verify the facts. We sincerely would like to bow our heads in apology to the people who care about Kim Hyun joong. We have caused you anxiety and concern.

    After confirming the details with him,The truth is, the pair have known each other since 2012 but during the few months that they actually started dating (they have only been dating for the past couple of months), there were severe verbal arguments. There was also physical collision when it became too heated. However the reports that there was habitual and repeated instances of physical abuses over 2 months are extremely untrue.

    There was only one instance of physical argument and the broken rib cages were also not caused during that argument. It happened when the two were fooling around(playing around). The next day, the pair attended an activity together and nothing seemed to be wrong so she didn’t know of the injuries sustained.(She was able to go out with her friends the next day normally, and didn’t even realize that she had had an injury.)

    The earlier reports were all one sided accounts of the plaintiff and do not match with the truth. The company expresses our regrets regarding this.(KeyEast have also expressed regret that the stories released in articles have been exaggerated.) The company and Kim Hyun Joong will personally reveal the truth through the investigations and will cooperate with future investigations .As there are already agreements on his schedules, he will fulfill them. So that this case can be closed, he will put down his rights to work and cooperate fully. They also added that they believed that the truth would be revealed soon

    • Thanks for a better translation. I found what the other sites that quote the above statements tend to be misleading and incorrect.

    • . Out of 10 good things you did, one mistakes will judge you or crucify you by others, that is the nature of humanity since Papa Jesus time. Even if you are public or private person, you can make mistakes because you are just human but you can always learn from your mistakes. Learning lesson to remind us during difficult times of our life that we have to face, accept, be strong, smart, and thankful….I feel so much pain as if it burns inside while writing these but I have to be strong for him. I do not ignore negativity news about Rafael but yet I tried to learn with it. “Fight with maturity.”
      Reporters who are making more money out of negativity. Yes, they are just doing their job. They are enjoying for the sake of other people sufferings. “Karma” will come in different ways, good or bad depends of what kind of heart you have.

  5. Am someone who cares alot about hyun joong,he is so special to me.Tanks to lazer Kim,u are d world’s best Fan.i want joong to read this: ur simle heals hearts,ur music gives inspiration,ur peformance brings happiness,ur laughter is a blessing,ur existence is a good gift to the world.u are naturally created to be loved,so keep on smiling u are not u.

    • Hi harriet iloma 🙂 I’d suggest that you write your loving words for KHJ at his official Facebook page (preferably under the last post of his page).

      I have also commented there. By the way, this was my last comment and I’d like to share it here:

      KHJ’s eyes don’t lie, his transparent, pure eye look reflects his pure soul, “penetrating” ours. His voice when he sings, releases sincerity and it’s warm and full of emotions making us feel the song’s meaning to the depth of our hearts. His spontaneous smile and laughter is so heartily bright making our mood go up even when we are sad. Thank you, KHJ, for everything you have given us ! We love you and we are with you in this hard time in your life.

  6. well said! We have enough with all those people on allkpop and more…even in his videos. I don’t know why if they hate him, they are watching his videos even the fancams and all. LOL that makes no sense. People go crazy.

    Here is a House of Love to him…haters are not welcome!!! Let’s wait and see for his words. People are judging without know the truth and judges is a sin. He deserves all the nightmare ends and he can continue with his life. Stay strong!!!!

  7. Khj, be strong. If u r innocent, nothing will harm you. Stop criticising him before the investigation completes.let him tel his side. May be this is just to ruin his career. Keep going Kim hyun joong. My question to her is why she didn’t give the complaint when it happened . Why now. She can give complaint before. Why she waited. It makes no sense.and one more thing if she loved him truly , she didn’t give complaint like this to ruin his career.

    • I think she gives the complaint maybe because she was very jealous. According to her story, she discussed with him because of “women around”.

      I don’t know why the people was so surprised with the rib hurt due to playing around. He is the 4D king…you know??? Maybe was a silly thing. You can fall down of your bed and die. You can get a hurt by doing a stupid thing. Why are these things so difficult to believe it.

  8. Thanks LK , your words are healing in this time of pain, when my life was destroyed and I lost my way, KHJ voice and songs save me, He gave the strength to go on. I will always be grateful to him.
    He always be my star, no matter how many years pass on, he will always have a place in my heart , I hope everything is ordered in his private life. and if I could say something to him, these are my words ” When the dark storm locks you up, I’ll stay by your side, unsighted to your eyes, I’ll take your hand and take you to the light, and then I return quietly to my shadows”. Dear LK take care 🙂

  9. Saludos desde Ecuador. Cuanta verdad escritas, mismo sentir, mismo apoyo. “Cada Fans es un granito de arena y juntos formamos la playa personal de Kim Hyun Joong”. Somos seguidores con muchas diferencias, que compartimos un mismo cariño. Unidos World Fans Club of Kim Hyun Joong.

  10. @Ms. Lazerkim: Hi, again. I originally thought you were a Korean living abroad for I have just recently stumbled upon your blog site when searching for recent articles about KHJ. I am not someone who uses the internet that often, but I find your articles an interesting read so I have decided to follow you on Twitter right away… and I don’t even use Twitter. My friend made that account for me last 2010, but I must have had tweeted just 3 times since then. Now, I have learned to appreciate it, for it keeps me posted with your articles. I have always been grateful for your information and valuable insights about KHJ, but now I must say that you have really made me proud just by knowing that you are my Kababayan. It made me feel elated that we don’t just share the same language but also the same heart and compassion for KHJ. Let’s hope and pray that everything goes well para sa mahal nating si Kim Hyun Joong.

    @ Ms. BibiannaLambert: Thank you for appreciating my words and for holding on to KHJ as well. Let’s continue spreading the love for our Kim Hyun Joong.

  11. Hi LazerKim,

    I know that HJ change his Bangkok date from July to August, I have not seen any news on him between end June to end July, Do you personally know anything about him? Is he somehow injured? Or there is news about him that I am not aware of?

  12. Your article is very enlightening for me, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Before Jungmin became my bias It was Kim HyunJoong and even before I got into SS501 it was Kim Hyunjoong. I never thought I would be greatly affected by this malicious rumor. For me it is a rumor because nothing has really been proven. It’s all hear say. Your right we know him better than the haters and the media. I may not have known him that long but I’ve made such a connection to him nobody will understand. Yes I may have just seen him through TV but I’ve seen Hyunjoong beyond what he portrays on TV. Actually there’s no difference, what I see on cam is still what I see and feel from fan cams.
    I actually faltered when I first saw the article and defended him of course after a mili second haters began bashing me too. So right now I don’t read anything outside of blogs where know I can get crushed. No need defending him to haters they already condemned him from the very beginning.
    I remember this mornings preaching in the church. The priest said there’s so much hatred in the world right now, the only way we can survive is by being strong and believing in God. Believing that he will save us and lift us from the slump we’re in. I believe Hyunjoong will be lifted from this slump he’s in. I want to be beside him and carry the load he’s carrying to ease his burden.
    I’ve never admired any artist the way I admired SS501 even in my own country. So anyone from them who feels pain I’ll be there. I’ll keep believing and trusting them. My support will never change solo or as a group.
    I call Hyunjoong my first born, so imagine the pain I feel each time I read comments that criticize him.
    I thank you for writing this, please do write more you inspired me.

  13. Thank you so much for your beautiful article, dear LazerKim! Well, despite media’s dirty manipulative work and despite public trial by people who seem to find pleasure in hating and bashing, Kim Hyun Joong is even more loved and supported by his true fans! And I’m so happy to have witnessed this love and support, albeit online.

    About your appeals regarding our posts you are certainly right, we have to be extra careful now.

    And yes, our connection with KHJ is so strong even for those of us who live so far away. So, we have felt immense pain in our hearts these days. Personally it was so hard for me too. For KHJ himself it must have been even harder. But seeing all this support and love from fans, I believe both KHJ’s spirits and our spirits were lifted up. Both in Bangkok, Thailand and in Guangzhou, China, the fans were even more supportive than before and I’m sure KHJ really felt it too.
    Here I’d like to mention that KHJ is an amazing professional in spite of what happened. I watched online various parts of Bangkok’s concert and his singing, his voice was powerful and amazing, he even made some improvisations in some parts which I loved (given that I’ve studied music myself, I give much attention to these things, keke). Of course, his dancing was also superb.
    Now in Guangzhou I believe HJ pulled even more strength through his fans. Also, so many fans who cannot be physically at his concerts, show their love and support in whatever way they can. It’s a pleasure to witness all this. After all our sadness and anxiety, now we have gained strength from each other and I believe everything will be easier to face, for KHJ as well.

    I totally relate to you when you say KHJ has been your healer. KHJ has also been my healer and inspirator and I’m sure he’s been for many others in the world. So, yes, now, more than ever, it’s time to give him back the love he has been sharing! More than ever united with our KHJ and with each other despite distance and differences. WE WILL NEVER LEAVE HIM

  14. I am new fan from romania. Thank you for this free space. All this story make me ask myself who is this guy and i search. My god, he work so much since 2005 until now. So many Awards. He is a Winner. All this make me see clear a story about how they want to put him down. Never believe in scandal paper. Never mix his the personal life with his work. He is so good in what he does, so they can use nothing else to put him down just his human side which maybe is not perfect. But Who is? Now i only wish and pray, our only one must to show he is “unbeakable” and don’t let them to “break down”. I just discover him and i really want to see him on stage growing and winning more awards and real fans after his enlistment. I hope he will find some joy in all this messages and after this storm will be over his smile will make us happy. You are not allone. Fight

  15. He is not perfect but he is a Beauty. He is unbreakable. He is an inspiring man. He makes his fans happy. Thank you for your wiritings on our ONLY ONE!

  16. Hii lazer kim
    This just shows how much we care about him. Even though we keep getting criticised it doesn’t hold us back even a bit. I have been trying so hard not to read other posts and blogs cause it’s all hate. It really sucks cause this is the only place I can express my interest,gratitude, love for him and like you said it’s being continously polluted.He really changed my life and made me a better person and I keep saying it that I’m positive I’m not the only one sharing this same feeling. I just hope and pray that he can feel our love from around the world even though we are far away. We should keep strong and pray for him, I know he’ll get through this with us by his side. I’m soo glad he hasn’t said anything to the media as of now.
    I’ll keep saying it* HII EVERYONE I’m A KIM HYUN JOONG FAN FOR LIFE*…

    Keep staying strong. And thanks for making this an *only fan station*..♥♥♥♥★★

  17. Surely our love en full support be always with our only one KHJ. Yes our encouraging words from us can help him to uplift his spirit to be more stronger than ever en let him know that we care. This will give him more confidence en motivates him to work even more diligently in the future.alliens family fighting!!!!! Thanks a lot Ms.Lazerkim for all ur effort in writing en posting article abt.kHJ😊 take care everyone en most u Lazerkim….

  18. As i stated on another blog …Those people who are making accusations about him (i.e.his career being over, that he’s a monster) without hearing both sides and THEN weighing the facts, show a very immature thinking process. It’s a very scary world when you think these people who are so quick to pass judgement will one day be sitting on a jury.

  19. Is anybody here a lawyer?, l was seriously thinking that nothing will happen since those bruises and evidences were 1st shown out of time, not inmediately like in other cases happen to be used as a good evidence. 2nd evidentely she was saving photos and messages since time ago, aparentely doing it beforehand, maliciously who knows if she provoked him intentionally. l would like to know in order to feel relieved that he is not going to jail as haters hope.

    • Dear JAZU,

      I’m not a lawyer but from my experience the action you mentioned above if it’s proved in the trial process it will consider as an organize
      crime scene .

      I’m more concern about the ones who keep spreading evident that no one knows whether it ‘s a real one or how true a picture is and if it ‘s real who authorized them to do so. This kind of evident should be in the police file only and must not be appeared in public especially before the questioning process is started. These people are intentionally interfering legal process and ignoring justice system. Manipulating public to destroy a person’s life is a real crime. Creating hatred in a society is a dangerous act of a human being as it come from an ill will . An ill will person can’t help no one. They are the one who should be in jail as an example . If they want to provoke for violence against women, condemning a person in public without proper investigation is not the way to start.

      I often feel proud of HJ’s fans . Majority of fans are quite mature and thoughtful. They are wise , observed and compassionate. They know well women’s strength and almost have never lost their sensitivity. Condemning a person in public with an ill will isn’t a smart act for helping women.

      • Thanks for your explanation, l really would like something like that would be in any media in Korea, and the police is no doing its work there. surely money is runing there.

  20. Hey lazerkim u r doing a great job . He is our sweetie heart and we will never ever leave him . If he is guilty we will just forgive him and stand by him because humans make mistakes after all.

  21. Thank you for the article LazerKim
    I am not good with words,
    but I am praying hard
    No Fear
    GOD BLESS HIM, YOU AND ALL HIS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’ve never seen him in person or even met him, but from all of the fan support I’ve ever read, I know in my heart that he is a BEAUTIFUL, KIND AND GENEROUS SOUL. Stay real, KHJ! Stay strong, KHJ fans!

  23. Thanks for the uplifting message.. I’ve been thinking about KHJ for the past weeks.. actually worrying about him before I fall asleep, just like I would worry about my Son or Daughter if they were in this situation. I can’t go to the concerts.. I live in the Midwest of the US.. but I hope that the Chinese fans do their part and show up.. I felt like the last concert was hard on him.. you could see it in his face at times, but that the crowds and fans cheering uplifted him, if only for a short time before he had to head back home to the attacks. I do wonder why the attacks from people who obviously don’t know him.. anyone who like me who’s followed him since the early SS501 days knows he’s a good man, with a sensitive heart.

  24. KHJ will definitely need a strong fan base to help him get through this catastrophe. The fact that he can even function after this news is amazing but “the show must go on” mentality kicks in. I am a fan but have no illusions of the type of person KHJ is—none of us can really know the true person. None of us knows how we will react in a given situation. If KHJ is in some way troubled and needs help for either drinking, anger management or whatever, I as a fan, hope he takes care of himself. This may be a wake up call for him to start taking things easier and not try to burn the candle at both ends. My hope is that he gets through this ordeal without any permanent scars. I look forward to a satisfactory resolution to this situation and also look forward to many more productive years for KHJ.

  25. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Very glad to know you’re better & making this space antiKHJ-free…
    Couldn’t believe the viciousness that was displayed by those oh, so righteous people…
    I even wondered how they could have come across your blog…
    I guess they were kinda like those nutty vigilantes, trolling any blogs of our boy just so they could shoot down our ‘pitiful’ love & sympathy for him…
    This world, sure has a lot of weirdos…

    Anyway, Ms Lazer, hope you are in Guangzhou & looking after our boy.
    I don’t know how but could you, well, indicate to him how many of his fans are still with him?
    That his fans aren’t pushovers who will just take this horrendous insult to him lying down…

    We are here for him, no worries there…
    We know he’s not perfect b’cos he never pretended to be one.
    None of us are anyway…
    But he’s definitely not the worst criminal on the face of this earth either which the media & those antis are portraying him to be…

    Hope that he’s always surrounded by people who love & believe in him…
    Show him your faith & confidence in him, dear Ms Lazer…
    Let him know that he’ll never walk alone…

    Ingat, Ms Lazer, & make darn sure our boy shows those sanctimonius yahoos he’s not down & out…
    See you in your next article…

    • LOL LOL LOL Hello Arfina!! My God how can I work but I’m glad to hear from everyone here!! LOL And you guys made this night really great! Yes I’m here working for tomorrow. Yeah they said he’s losing fans but I very much doubt that since for this event it’s ticket sold out and additional seats were taken in to accommodate more fans at the audience gallery. This all I can say. Oh and I was told there was a crowd of fans waited for HJ at the AP to welcome him unfortunately HJ was escorted at the VIP access, I don’t know if some fans were able to take a glimpse of him.
      Honestly I was shock when i came back here from Thailand to see the number of comment was over 150!! But what do I need those comments for if they will only burn my breather. I learn my lesson so I’m on guard through my phone.
      Arfina you have such a good sense of humor!!! LOL that’s what we need at this time!!! Keep it up my kababayan!! LOL See you I’ll be back my break is over!!

  26. Dear Lazerkim as always you repead here what l have in my mind, you are right, l love him not because l know how is his personal life l have never tried to search it, l love his work, the way he treat his fans , love his music the lyric of them are sooooo touchable, his dancing his voice his acting his face gestures, his jokes, his simple but smart quotations.
    One fan wrote – HIs true fans knows how BRUTALLY HONEST he is, so whatever he said is the fact. It’s not we “choose” to believe him, it’s simply because he had proved himself for the past 10 years that he is what he said.- IT IS GREAT REALLY, incredible right. haha
    He always said what is in mind, even if it will be criticized as it happened, but who cares, that is him brutally honest as she said.
    When he said – that l dont have a girlfriend could be not true but l have never said who is that person – This may be the reason of this, couriosity about his realtionships, even a media dares to say that he is gay and that he has a relationship with his boss, now this, SHE DARES to put his private life public, just after he decided to stop that sick relatioship, the side of his life that he cares and we honesty respect too much enjoying only his professional side which is enough for us to love him.
    We are here with you because your thoughts are our voice, you really read our minds, proving that this blog is KIN HYUN JOONG and his fans home.
    thanks dear for that.

    • Hello Jazu! Thank you! I’m not suppose to reply to any comment here since I’m currently in China at work I can’t help say you got it right! “She dares to put his private life public” I was crucified for not taking her side but defending HJ instead and it’s my choice whom I want to defend win or lose it’s my right, first because I already knew her motive. I may speculate since nothing is proven as yet, but I still firmly believe HJ wouldn’t ALLEGEDLY hurt her if he was not being badly provoked. Second The fact that her so-called evidence was brought to the media lead me to think negative about her. And i can’t help laugh reading this word “BRUTALLY HONEST” which is very true to HJ. Take it from there!! LOL!!
      I rest my case!! I’m on guard ready to delete the haters! see you guys!!

  27. It’s a relief to read such a beautiful article!!!!! And knowing that most of the true fans all around the world keep on supporting him!!! KHJ deserves our love and respect…for him as a person,as man,as son,brother…and as an Artist !!!!! Please ….DON’T EVER LEAVE HIM!!!!! let’s stay united and don’t get sad!!! Our oppa will make it…remember… we can play a big role in helping him! With our support and positive thinking.
    True is…we all living far from each other (I live in Rome!!!!!) but we can pretend to be in a symbolic HUG that surrounds our Hyun Joong and tell him: OPPA WE LOVE YOU!!!! grazie di esistere!!!! GOMAWO!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗

  28. Your appeal about deleting pics of HJ’s families and friends are greatly appreciated.
    Guess you are of the few if not the first one to make this appeal.
    If we don’t wish HJ’s privacy being invaded, so does his families and friends.
    To support HJ, we have to show the world we are not having double standard.
    Spread this good words and keep your good works for HJ !
    Through this storm, HJ will be stronger, and so do we.
    We are more united than ever.

  29. LazerKim thankyou for this article.
    since i read the news im totaly down for KHJ. I wish he’s ok right matter what happend i will never leave him .
    i always be there for him forever..
    i know he make mistakes because KHJ is human..he is not perfect..
    haters they dont have a reason to judge him because they dont know the reason..
    keep fighting HENECIA..
    KHJ badly need us.

  30. Hi, Ms. LK. Thank you. Your article brightened me up a little today. I was relieved that his fans in Thailand didn’t leave him. I wouldn’t either. Since I’ve heard that sad news, I have been spending these past few days with a heavy heart. I can’t seem to contain my tears while at work the other day and I can’t seem to concentrate. I just wish that I can do something for our Hyun Joong.

    If only there is something that I can do to lessen the pain that he feels right now, I would gladly do it. It saddened me that I couldn’t even offer him anything but my prayers. I hope that those people who so quickly judge him would learn to give him a chance to explain himself. Everyone should learn to listen and understand both stories… maybe that’s the reason why even our coins have two sides. I admire and adore him, which is why I am willing to believe all the best of him, but I am not saying that he could not commit a sin… he could, just like the rest of us.

    I have read in recent articles that Hyun Joong only showed the public his nice personality, but then, aren’t they saying that he couldn’t act well in his past two dramas? How can he have faked all those warmth, sincerity, and beautiful smiles for almost ten years? If that is true, then he should have won all those Best Actor Awards in Asia. His quirkiness and good sense of humor simply cannot be faked.

    I have the utmost respect for his musicality, even if I don’t understand a word he’s saying. I just follow his soothing voice to anywhere he would take me, because I don’t need to understand his words to feel their meaning. I always believed that his music bares his soul… and it’s beautiful, just like the rest of him.

    My message for our beloved Hyun Joong: No matter how painful it is, be strong. Find the happiness that is lost so that you can learn to smile again. Try to remember the best of you. You have to fill that emptiness in your heart with the happy memories of those people who love and support you. Don’t lose your way. In your darkest night, let our love be your shining light. Do not forget that there is a God who is always willing to listen and understand you; you just have to find him in your heart. Know that even if everyone turns their back on you, you would never have to worry about living a day unloved, for there is someone who would always have you in her heart, some 1,636.033 miles away from you…

    Thanks again, Ms. LK… for the positivity that you spread around.

      • @ Ms. BibiannaLambert: Thank you for appreciating my words and for holding on to KHJ as well. Let’s continue spreading the love for our Kim Hyun Joong.

        @Ms. Lazerkim: Hi, again. I originally thought you were a Korean living abroad for I have just recently stumbled upon your blog site when searching for recent articles about KHJ. I am not someone who uses the internet that often, but I find your articles an interesting read so I have decided to follow you on Twitter right away… and I don’t even use Twitter. My friend made that account for me last 2010, but I must have had tweeted just 3 times since then. Now, I have learned to appreciate it, for it keeps me posted with your articles. I have always been grateful for your information and valuable insights about KHJ, but now I must say that you have really made me proud just by knowing that you are my Kababayan. It made me feel elated that we don’t just share the same language but also the same heart and compassion for KHJ. Let’s hope and pray that everything goes well para sa mahal nating si Kim Hyun Joong.

  31. Dear Lazer,

    This kind of news is normal in my country, but we have never believe them and always suppirt our actors/Actress. I started to kearn korran language, because I want to understand his words. I know that he is a good guy, gentelmen. Of course there are some people who are jealous, full of hatred, because they have nothing. It will be never changed. These people have to accept it. We love and support hyun joong all the time. I saw pictures – wounds- come on if all of them are done by him, she must call police. That’s time we can say ok. Ifyou have broke rib, you csn not go out with friends, you should have sharp pain that you screaming because of pain. I hope that the girl and her supporter go to jail by jugde.



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  33. Glad to see you here and write like this.
    I feel the same as you. Thanks you for always speak out your feeling which is ours too.
    HJ is the victim of the black media and those haters just take advantages of bashing or pushing him down to the Bottom. They think that with their bad comments, we will leave him.
    But they are seriously wrong. We even love and support him more than before. We promise we will be right here with him through the sweetest or bitterest stage in his life.
    As a fan,we dont have the right to ask him to share his private life but when his private life is violated, we can help him to protect it from the media /press trap, right.
    I used to ask my friend not to share the negative news or article, and especially dont make war or leave hatred comments on Social network when the truth is still covered.

    So let wait for HJ and the INVESTIGATORS’s result. Have fun with his concert at Guangzhou and show him our ultimate love and support.
    Cuz we and HJ are UNBREAKABLE.
    Thanks as always my dear Lazer Kim. 😘 😘 😘

  34. I totally agree and really very happy about the step you took to delete all the hate comments. For god’s sake this is your blog. And open for the views of KHJ’s loving supporters. Haters do not have anything to do with this blog. Thumbs up and High five for your smart decision 🙂 May be their just frustrated because so far their hate comments have not taken any effect at all on us or KHJ.
    My advise is, even once in a while if you read comments from haters, no matter how much you get tempted to leave a reply, do no that. They try to tempt us to reply them. When they do not see any respond from us, they get more and more frustrated at that. Because they know that means they do not have much affect on us. And their also really very frustrated because KHJ still keep his silence. Well… our ONLY ONE… you do not have to explain… because we do not need it… and your enemies not gonna believe it. He will go through the legal investigation process as he is requested. All we have to do is be patient and keep supporting him.

    The haters are downright disgusting…. I visited few web sites today… yes…. and I read their comments….. I just can’t imagine what they have written… And of course all I felt towards the haters is sympathy….Many of them have already made KHJ guilty… and want him in prison…. The things some have commented shows, how sick and twisted minds those haters have……other disgusting thing is they have taken pics from his fan sites and included those in their comments to insult the fans… It’s obvious that hey have come to get KHJ at any cost…. They have even commented… ‘ just waiting till a fan comes and say – oppa didn’t mean it, oppa fighting’… Some have commented that KHJ has already lost all of his fans…. Then it is really funny right…??? Comparing to his millions and millions fan base….. there are about 2000 – 3000 haters are out there spreading hatred over KHJ…. What do they really think they can do…??? Then again we can’t expect anything other than hatred from them…. Because I believe that is the only value they have learned in their lives… To hate to the extreme level… Their jealousy and envy towards KHJ which, crave in their hearts like a plague, is obviously shown in their comments…. Where a fan has defended KHJ, haters have just blasted her… They should know, that if they think they have the right to insult and humiliate and find him guilty, we have that right more than them to defend him… because we are the fans who know him…. we are the fans who got our spirits lifted up, whose lives became meaningful and directed in the right path by KHJ’s inspiring words, songs, actions and not to mention his heartiest smile and funny way of doing things…. for many of us he is our inspiration…. and…. we are the fans who offered him word of encouragement , word of support when he struggled… we are the fans cheered him on and extended our congratulations when he finally achieved his dream…. We are the fans who witnessed him climbing up through obstacles… We are the fans who witnesses his gentle nature, his kind and soft heart… Yes… therefore we have the every right to protect and support him… haters say we are blind by love and KHJ’s handsome face… Then we can tell them… they are blinded by hatred and jealousy over KHJ’s popularity and success…. If haters ask us…” do you know him that well to defend him like this..??.. Then we can ask them in return…. “do you know him that well to accuse him like this…??” … For every question they ask us, we also can ask the opposite in return…. 🙂

    • I am agree with you at 1000%. I support him since his beginning and today I support him more and more. He could be my son and my heart bleeds.

      • Thank you so much for agreeing with me…. Yes… Including yours and mine also, as well as millions and millions of his loving fans’ hearts bled when that piece of news broke… But we are going to be with him always and together we are going to pull through this crucial time…!!! 🙂

    • Totally agreed with you. Those are the comments that they spewed without conscience and consideration of the effect and the impact on the person life.
      The worst that I read is from a blogger “akoalaplayground’ who claimed she is lawyer by profession who think she is the only lawyer in this world.

      There are fans who defended HJ in there and they were blasted like nobody’s business. Come on does HJ killed their relatives or parents, make their life miserable or that girl is their daughter or sister. No, I believe he will never hurt or tried to make people life miserable intentionally.

      Anyway we fans had left that site and will never visit a site that spread unconfirmed allegation and influence the public opinion on the matter.
      The haters and the blogger already cast their verdict that Hj is guilty without trial period.

      I am glad HJ keep his calm and silence for the matter as the saying ‘the more you explain the guiltier you are it seem’.

      Too many one sided evidence are hazardous to my mind and thinking, with those pics and so called evidence, I have more faith in him.

      I stated something like ‘nobody is perfect to err is human’. I was like bombarded with hateful comments such as delusional, crazy, inhuman and go to rot in hell. To me Hj is not just a handsome face, to me he is like a family becoz he and my son shared the same birthday June 6 for one and when I am stress I listen to his song or watch his video. He is just like a son to me. I have seen him grow from an inexperience, wet behind the ear newbie to a very diligent, hardworking, successful and serious with his career in singing and acting solo artist. I see him grow, I follow him since his debut with SS501 though I am not a member of Henecia or Triple S.

      I still remember I voted for him everyday for his yahoo award where he won for asia, hongkong and korea for a few consecutive years. Do those haters think that any solo artist can win so many categories at one time, if his fans do not support him.

      No matter what is the outcome, I will stay with him and support him through thick or thin, good or bad time. A friend in need is a friend indeed. And I don’t think it is right to leave your family member when he is hit with bad time.

      • Thank you so much for your reply… I can understand your feelings really well…. Fans and him are doing well at the moment…. Last night concert in Guangzhou is the perfect example… Haters cannot stop the fans or him… We are in this together with him….And we are going walk with him hand by hand…. Fighting…! 🙂

  35. Hi Lazer Kim
    Will you be in Guangzhou? I hope the fans there will give their full support at times like this. After hell break loose I was so worried about him and when I saw the Bangkok concert, I have to salute him to be so professional and calm. He is repaying his fans for theirs support so he gave his all in his performance. Just pray he stay strong during this bad time and know that we will support him thru thick and thin bad or good time.

  36. Thank you Lazerkim,
    Thank you for this it is soo comforting to all to have this space to show our undivided support for our Artist. Hj will rise like the Phoenix from this and be much stronger and wiser for sure. We are all here to give our support and show him our admiration and love. He is soo many years in the showbiz and as you said he had his ups and downs but he never failed to show his sincerity to his fans. His true fans are there in this hard time and we will continue to be there, as you said “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you the most.” this is the time he needs us the most and we stand united behind from all over the world.

    You know, they say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, whenever Hj is without his shades you can see his eyes, kind and warm and vulnerable…eyes can’t lie and this man has very kind soul.

    I am a KHJ fan and I stand proud for being that.

    and honey thank you for stating the obvious this is Your blog and you write here what You want and what You feel, haters and bashers OUT. Welcome back on track!! 🙂

  37. well said is power weapon..but for the sake of money and popularity..just printing useless matters..and haters…let them hate buddy…they wont change..and we should not even consider them..yeah..hyun joong has to feel our selfless love..he will…yes..we never and ever leave him alone…we always be with him hyun joong fighting ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

  38. Dear Lazer, Thank you, Thank you. This is everything I want to say and every emotion I felt. It’s been hell for the past few days, not because the hater nor the media. It’s whenever I thought about this big boy who always insist that he choose love over everything else in this world. I can’t stand how they destroy his believes, his yearnings and his heart. HIs true fans knows how brutally honest he is, so whatever he said is the fact. It’s not we “choose” to believe him, it’s simply because he had proved himself for the past 10 years that he is what he said. Among the many many impressive KHJ quotes, he once said in an interview that he doesn’t tell lies! Because lies will always be exposed.

  39. I learn about Kim Hyun Joong from Ji Hoo on tv and from that day it wasn’t a single day of my life that i didn’t spend with his music , his dramas or variety shows and everything on virtual space that i found with and about him . He is the boy of my youth , my dearest child for now , i love him with all my heart . I love how he was growing , what he achieved in his career , i love the way how his heart is offered to us , how hard he is working , how sincere he is in his artistic act . He brought to me so much joy , happiness , every time i smile when i see him and i feel so well , He helped me so much , i am very ill , when i am am in hospital i listen his music and i feel better . This are not empty words and i write this for the first time for justify my burden from this unreal days , i feel like in a nightmare , i just want to wake up and to see the things fixed like before , it hurt so much . i want to be a part of his loving fans to give him strength , to him and his parents , i know how hard is for them too . I want him to know that he is not alone and never will be , we will be forever with him to good and to hard time , and i assure him that his career will not end , no matter what , because every time we will listen his music , we will watch his dramas and all video his or made by fans with love , we watch his performance on stage because is amazing . We love you Hyun Joong so much and count on us for all what you do , as your closest friends ,
    God bless you Claudia from Romania

  40. true because we are not just a fans but a family..hyun joong is the binder who holds us together. the least we can do now is to show to him that whatever happens we will never let the rust destroy our binder instead we more stick together for his strength . i like the silence of hyun joong’s camp dealing the issue he don’t have to explain to this bias media every detail. (what for they already judged him w/o due process.)there is a right place to tackle the issue.

  41. I never considered myself as being a full-time fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I mean, I admired him as an aritist but I didn’t follow his actions all the time, like a fan would do. I didn’t considered myself a “true” fan. I stayed in the shaddow and liked him and his work but that is all I did. But now, seeing part of the ones I considered true fans, accusing him, leaving his side like they would do from a sinking boat just made me sick. Where is the loialty he deserves for all the years he made millions of hearts flutter? If he did what they say he did, then he will be punished for that. We all have our demons inside that hunt us, we, ourselves, are not perfect, so why are we asking perfection from him? Although I will never support violence of any kind, I will stand by Kim Hyun Joong. I will support him. Why? Because I believe in second chances. I believe that a man/woman could change if they are given the opportunity to do so. You can’t just hit a man when he’s down because this would make your action worse than his. So, yes I have the courage to say I support Kim Hyun Joong.
    P.S.: I am so glad that he has true fans like you.

  42. You have a wonderful way of stating things! I felt so much of peace after reading this article. Thank you very much for it! ❤ Time & again people are slandering our KHJ & calling us stupid for protecting him. Time & again I'd like to tell them that they have to wait for his side of the story before they jump to conclusions!
    Chin Up girl! We are all with you! Ignore the haters & let us all continue showing our support to Kim Hyun Joong Oppa! He needs us the most now! I will love him forever! Fighting! #KHJForever #IBelieveInKHJ

  43. Thank you for your awesome article. Love him and love you too.
    And I totally agree with you about deleting those hatred comments. It’ll take you time but please do it. Don’t let them have chance to pollute the space where we share the same feelings for KHJ, the one we love.

  44. Dear Lazer!
    Thank you very much for the article.
    All my feelings, my thoughts are expressed in your writting.

    Be strong.

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