To all fans of Kim Hyun Joong:

Please stop spreading that news, let’s not talk about it instead let’s talk about how much we love and support HJ if we truly believe in him, otherwise this malicious news would just spread like wildfire. We wait and let’s not judge right away, I’m sure this will be cleared in no time so please let’s not rush.

No matter what happen we’ll be there for him to protect in the right way, nothing change we still believe and love him period.

It is from us fans that Hyun Joong gets his strength and this is the right time that we unite for him to keep up his strength.

May I repeat PLEASE STOP RE-POSTING THE NEWS.  Please spread this blog message. Thank you……

LazerKim here writing






  1. Thank you for your nice, sincere words, Lazerkim. I will appreciate and treasure him no matter what the end of this horrible situation will be. He has brought light to my life in the last years, and nobody can steal this memories from me.
    I can’t erase a song from my mind. It’s from Chess musical. This part of the lyrics remind me his circumstances…

    …Then they move in
    Oh so discreetly
    Slowly at first
    Smiling too sweetly
    I opened doors
    They walked right through them
    Called me their friend
    I hardly knew them

    Now I’m where I want to be and who I want to be and doing what I
    always said I would and yet I feel I haven’t won at all
    Running for my life and never looking back in case there’s
    right behind to shoot me down and say he always knew I’d fall.

    Don’t get me wrong
    I’m not complaining
    Times have been good
    Fast, entertaining
    But what’s the point
    If I’m concealing
    Not only love
    All other feeling.

    Now I’m where I want to be and who I want to be and doing what I
    always said I would and yet I feel I haven’t won at all
    Running for my life and never looking back in case there’s
    someone right behind to shoot me down and say he always knew I’d fall

    When the crazy wheel slows down
    Where will I be? Back where I started.

  2. This is my first time writing a comment here but first of all thank you so much…not just for defending HJ but for writing what we fans think and feel….its so good to know that there are also fans who feels the same way….i don’t know why it’s affecting me so much that people around me noticed that i’m not my usual self….thank you, thank you so much dear for giving us comfort through your writings….it definitely lessen the burden.

    I just hope and pray that HJ is surrounded with people who truly love and support him. I wish that one day we will look back on this matter with a smile on our face because we survived. I think HJ would be happy knowing he has 100 fans who truly love him than thousands of fans who would easily turn their back on him.

    And lastly, guilty or not, nothing’s change…he will remain the same in my heart simply because he was with me during the darkest days of my life…by just reading articles, updates, watching video clips made me moved on with a smile on my face…

    Thank you again and FIGHTING HENECIANS!!!

  3. dear LAZERKIM
    as you said, Love begets love as they say, his fans from outside Asia may not even have the chance to see him in person even by just a glimpse of him but seeing his pictures and watching video footage may just be enough to make our day rewarding. what a great true, that is me, my love for him does not change in any way, because since l decided to support him l see him as one of my sons, you dont have any idea how l embraced him like that, maybe because he is at the age of my older son, who has experienced bad situations with girls and almost made mistakes with them, he is a handsome and adorable boy too who l got a day after my birthday June 4th. l was very young when l got him but how a beautiful gift for me. and Kim Huyn Joong makes me happy and proud like my sons, just seeing his pictures and videos. My son is in danger now l feel the need to protect him so count with me for that even if l feel useless since l live far away. GOD BLESS MY ONLY ONE.

    • Hello Jazu!
      Thank you so much to you, I read your comment at my other article thank you for sharing it was really good. May I apologize to you though I know you were hurt just as much as I am. I wrote that other article the night before I flew to Thailand because as I mentioned at the beginning of that article that I wasn’t feeling well and hurt by what was going on so carelessly in my anger I wrote just to air what seem to be heavy in my heart.

      After I posted it, I became busy with work and stress tension coming all at the same time at the concert so I wasn’t able to visit my blog not until yesterday. The feeling was coming home seeing as if my house my home (this blog) was burning up after reading. This is the one and only place or space I can pour out my feelings that I was hoping I can be understood as this blog is my comfort zone. But as far as I know this is my own space.

      I learn my lesson now, I would never allow any anti-fan and haters of KHJ in this blog again. I would delete any comment that contains unpleasant remarks and I got every right to do that I think. I believe everyone of us has the right to choose whom we want to support.

      Thank you again Jazu you’ve always been so kind and understanding. I hope to see you again, take care, have a nice day and God bless…

      • dear, it hurt so much, Thanks other fans to stop answering them. it was just that to do. we are here to suport him no matter the results, l know he is enough smart to deal with this, if he gets any kind of punishment for it, l will see him honestly acepting and learning this lesson. Sincerily l hope we never know the name of his ex, she lost twice, she lost him and her tranquility, lt will be terrible in her life to face angry fans.
        dear Lazerkim THANKS

        • If I were HJ i would reveal her name!! I think he was badly provoked by this woman. I don’t think he would do something without a reason. He’s not that type of person who would just hurt anyone just like that. If he’s found guilty I would accept it but it will not change my views about him being an artist whom I admire and I would still be at his side.
          What I wrote in that article is what currently happening. I just hope his lawyers are aware and go after them. I think this is purely trial by publicity. If i were just a new fan i wouldn’t recognized those pix.posted by Dispatch. But ive seen one of those pix back in 2010.
          I just think someone big is behind this.
          Whatever the result of this roller coaster i still support hj nothing and no one can ever change that.
          I think this is the time we fans have to unite to gather our strength for hj. Bcoz its from us where he gets his own strength.
          Thank you Jazu…God bless KHJ God bless all of us….

          • Dear Lk,
            I do not think for one minute that you need to appologize for what you write in your blog! This is Your blog after all, you put here your thoughts and feelings and allow us to share and continue our support as well, thank you for that.

            I agree 100% to all you mentioned above.

            Jazu dear, thank you for being Reason there, it was like WWIII will start…now looking at it was hilarious at one point, but oh soo painfull.

            For KHJ, his real fans are all behind him united as usual!!

          • Thanks LK.. i can’t help myself from crying this hurt me so much..no matter what I still support and love hj nothing and no one can ever change that. Be strong hj we’ll never leave you.

  4. estoy de acuerdo, algo paso y creo que todo se aclarara a favor de KHJ con la verdad por supuesto, creo que muchos tenemos malos momentos y discutimos=

  5. Dudo que eso sea verdad, con que tiempo si no para de viajar trabajando, esa solo quiere sacar provecho de la fama de khj. Sigue para lante mi oppa :*

  6. yo le creo a mi oppa KHJ ❤ esa niña deve estar mintiendo como se le ocurre meterse asi con oppa .. bueno yo confio en el .. ❤

  7. Hi Lazer Kim.
    This is soo uterly, unbelievable and truly insulting to kHJ. As fans we should really support him and help him in this kind of situation. This is the period to show or loyalty and believe in him knowing him for years as a person. It is definitely expected for him to get into accusations like this being how successful he is, some people are just trying to bring him down by all means and we need to help him through…

  8. U cnt blame other people nt to gv any opinion or lots of comments it was their fav artist was involve of this issues..its up to them believe it or nt express wats on their side …for me i just leave it to kim yhun joong wats really goin ….just gv him some hugs

  9. If you are truly a fan, you will not believe this allegation. Knowing KHJ, he worked very hard to reach success in his career. He won’t do anything stupid like that. Unfortunately, it”s not uncommon that there will be women like this who can blackmail a guy if they did not get what they want. Another point is that he’d been saying that he’s been busy with his career that there’s no time for a relationship which is true. After Barefoot Friends last year, he began filming IG until early this year. Right after that, he worked on Hot Sun and Timing album, music videos, promotions. Then, there was fan meeting and promotion for IG. The allegation was that it happened in May and July. How can that be? He was preparing and held concerts. As a fan, the best way to do is support him and Lazer Kim is right, don’t like or stop sharing this article.

  10. All I could hope by now is… don’t let him deal with this alone… Family, friends, manager, anyone, please… accompany this guy. It must be hard on him 😦 I won’t blindly defend him but I do believe that Kim Hyun Joong I adore genuinely is a good guy.
    p.s, I looked for you on twitter but seems like you don’t active in that platform, I miss you!

  11. I am in total shock…
    I hope & pray that he’s surrounded & comforted by his loved ones…
    What I’m afraid though is that his reputation & image will suffer…a lot…eventhough he didn’t do it.
    Perhaps m gullible but even if we don’t know a person, we do get an idea of him/her by the ppl who r always with him.
    The only things those ppl have always said abt him r good things.
    Aside from the fact that he has been crazy busy these last few months & now this claim that he has the time to do all the alleged things?
    My heart is feeling so much pain, what more our boy…
    I really hope KE will come out soon with a strong statement that totally refutes those allegations.
    I don’t know what else to say except to desperately pray for his well-being…
    To pray too that those who r trying to ruin him will get their come-uppance…real soon.

  12. Hey LK
    It’s been a while since I dropped a comment here..but I never stop finding out what hyunjoong’s doing and your writings are comforting..
    It’s not long since I fall for this boy. And hear such a news is really heartbreaking for me. The first reaction is “it’s impossible..no way!”. Period. But then I keep on questioning all things. “Do I really know him? Would he be innocent at all? What if this is true?”. I cannot fully concentrate on works today and keep wondering myself as I went home. Until I stand on one thought :
    Abusing is a serious matter. For whatever reasons, it felt wrong to defend or support this action.
    For I dont know if this was true or not I wont be able to defend him. For I didnt know everything about him I wont be able to say I support him no matter what.
    But I will stand beside him to cheer him up. For whatever he is now, his first impression on me will remain.
    If he’s done wrong then he is.
    I’ll accept it and I’ll forgive for I knew that he’s done better before.
    I’ll still be here to cheer him up and that’s all that I can do and to accept what’s worst. even though I’m praying hard that it’s not true at all.
    So oppa, himneseyo! 🙂
    When today pass, tomorrow will come.
    This too shall pass!

    • I can’t say that this allegation is impossible. Looking back that recently he was very busy with his filming, promotion, and concert schedule non-stop, he must be very tired. Moreover he learned martial arts techniques and fighting techniques due to his IG drama’s sake. So, perhaps this gf made him angry by keep saying he was playing with another girl. So the tired and powerful Hyun Joong might can’t control his emotion and did something out of his control and regretted it at the end. I really understand his situation. I’m his big fan though. I’m just telling the truth.I cried everynight. I can’t imagine if this is true then i can’t get to see him anymore in the future. I can’t concentrate in doing anything everyday hoping that it’s not true. I checked for updates every half an hour. He is my first bias i korean industry. He is the reason i love k-pop,k-drama,k-culture and everything. Let’s keep praying for him guys. Let’s do that together for our beloved Hyun Joong. Stay strong during this hard time, Hyun Joong! True Henecias will never leave you. We love you and will keep supporting you here. Henecias are spread around the world! Don’t worry much, we love you<3

  13. Thankyou, this lessend pain in my heart.. i believed in him ans will always believe.. hope this will be cleared out soon…i was frusted with all those ppl immature comment…Kim Hyun Joong is a pure soul…this is hard phase for him.. hope it will not affect his concert…

  14. I totally believe in Kim Hyun Joong and I always support him and love him!
    You are right, LazerKim, we shouldn’t spread this news, let’s not do the same mistake with this/these reporter(s) who released it. For God’s sake, they even released it before the investigation started. Shame to them!!

  15. I do not believe it for a second. HJ is known to be very friendly with women. People who know him say all he has a pure soul. Even under the influence of alcohol, it is known that he falls asleep. Either this is another Kim Hyun Joong (there are a few that have this name in showbiz ) or that girl trying to make money. The worst part is that this story can break his career: it’s disgusting to do that to him. There are so many jealous and violent antis, I’m afraid for him. But I trust him and I am one of his fans. Courage my Hyun Joong!

  16. Thank you Ms. LK, your words somewhat lessen the pain in my heart from that irresponsible news… I believe in him. I will stay with HYUN JOONG no matter what. No One can put a good person down. God bless u Ms. LK!

  17. it’s either believe and trust him 100% or not trust and believe him at all!Fans ought to make up their minds and be wise enough not to spread the news and share the site links! It really hurts when one is being doubted for his good intentions and sincerity due to a piece of malicious rumors.As for me, I believe him under all circumstances and I will never be swayed by such controversy!.And I am disgusted by all this newspread!

  18. We don’t need to protect him..because we know that he can’t do such things..don’t worry guys..be patient.the truth will be revealed soon..the girl who complained against him will be proved guilty ..and i’m sure about it..

    • Agree 100% and I must say that LK said Trust him and as the one who worked with him closely and knows him the best BTS would not have continued to support him if she would have seens or sensed something is wrong! So lets wait and continue our support!

  19. No matter what ………I believe in him. I don’ t think we can rely on news that just enjoy destroying other people. I will attend HJ’s concert in Thailand. Hope the news will not affect his mood. I believe in him and will support him all the ways.

    • i guess dat girl is doing some publicity stunt…people r just jealous of him..like few days b4 his song “please” has been rated 4 19+ dat is wen u search dat song on utube ,it asks 4 ur emailid 4 age confirmation…as v all know dere is nothing adult in dat song.. i trust KHJ..v r alwayz wid u…

  20. I belive this is just media trash, don’t believe one word. People are just jealous of him and his success. We really need to protect him yes!

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