Kim Hyun Joong…[article] POWER OF PRINCE



I’m totally speechless, I run out of words to describe Kim Hyun Joong in his on going Phantasm 2014 Concert Series, and we’re even just half way to the series but it seems he just kept shaking the entire universe in his constant excellent performance in these concerts. This series premiered in Seoul on June 28th, onto Taipei, three cities in Japan, Shanghai China and next stop upcoming this weekend shall be Bangkok Thailand.

Followed consecutively in Guanzhou by the end of this month and starting September Peru then comes up back to Nagoya followed immediately is Beijing. Good luck Hyun Joong you have such a busy schedule, conserve energy!  To be followed…. I cross my fingers for next project!!

As we go deeper to the series, the more addicting it is to watch Hyun Joong on those stages! His presence is just overwhelming to anyone who watched him and that feeling of “can’t get enough of him” is just there that you still want to watch him in this concert over and over again! Likewise Hyun Joong enjoyed every minute of his performance tirelessly wishing it never ends, with the excellent rapport he gets from his audience in every series, in every venue he performs.

I was simply a spectator watching each event as it unfold and there’s one common ground in these series that I have seen and that is a STRONG PURE LOVE between him and his fans which can be felt in every venue. Even you’re not a fan watching this show you’ll get carried away by how Kim Hyun Joong conquer his audience through his very presence, his music and how he delivers execute the entire concert by himself. Soooo remarkable!!



I’m writing this article not to make a review out of Phantasm Concert Series, no, I’m simply writing my heart out, what I felt during the show. When we say highlight we may interpret this as the best part of the show. Now for me, I would emphasize on two parts of the show which was given a bit little attention, but as a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong writing all about the guy, I would consider these two parts as Hyun Joong wanted to personally convey to his fans. Right now I felt as if a gun is pointed on my head and write this song!!! LOL (of course this is a joke!) Because I’ll be writing a song lyrics again, but I think this is with utmost importance.

My point is Hyun Joong is a type of person who finds it hard to express himself on what he truly feels, we know that for a fact hearing from the guy from his past interviews. So his way of conveying is either singing the song that describes his feelings or written message to us fans that we have to read in between lines to understand his heart! During the rehearsals in Osaka before singing “Nothing On You” he said “this song has a special message to my fans.” 

I agree with him, he may have sung a lot of meaningful songs but this one is quite different on his own way of thanking his millions of fans loving him worldwide. And since Hyun Joong sang his songs either in Korean or Japanese I think it would be better to write the lyrics, read and absorb the meaning of the song which Hyun Joong is trying to convey his feelings to us fans so I’m putting it up in this blog. I’m not writing the entire lyrics but just the highlight or message of the song.

Again, may I mention my sincere appreciation to Hyun Joong’s fans who are so diligent in updating his current on going project at Tweeter, YouTube or anywhere within the world of internet that kept him closer to fans from afar. This truly is a great help to other fans who have been following him, thank you so much. My hats off to everyone, let’s keep spreading the love for Kim Hyun Joong!!

One of his fan made a very nice video out of this song that I would also want to share with you. Hanatulset606, thanks for sharing.

NOTHING ON YOU        (from album TIMING)

Nothing on You, nothing on me, oh whenever things were hard without even knowing

You were always with me. In order for my thankful heart to be delivered to you,

I will sing this song with my heart….in love with you….I’m standing right there right now……

in love with you…. you look good, you look pretty

Wait and be shining, with the same heart as now, to me it’s only you..

Only you have always protected me, my beauty,  the person who found me

I’ll remember you because you’re my everything…..

Always be by my side, smile by my side, Thank you for loving me for only looking at me.

I remember when I felt alone,  when I was being STUBBORN out of feeling empty

You always comforted me, You’re thumbs up always encouraged me

Though that, I became a precious person, Now I even feel that I’m special

“My everything “….the meaning of these two words I won’t take that lightly that’s all I do.

Till my last breath…….I’ll smile by your side…..

Thank you for loving me, for looking ONLY  at me……



Needless to say it’s his fans that gives strength to Hyun Joong ever since he started in the lime light till the present, he acknowledge that reality and embraced it truly from his heart giving the most importance to his fans. He never fails to thank his fans, to show his appreciation in the best he can, simple it may be through this song above yet the message is clear on what he wanted to convey true from his heart how his fans mean to him.

Inspiration here is a two way traffic, as he has been inspired by his fans likewise Hyun Joong has been our inspiration in our daily lives. He has so many fans from around the world who may not have the chance to attend his concerts and we find ways to reach out for him as he tries to do the same just to keep his fans closer to him even from afar. Letting him feel our LOVE and SUPPORT mean just everything to him. It’s his booster, it’s his inspiration and his strength to give his best and to do more.

Love begets love as they say, and we fans also benefit from what we share with Hyun Joong by seeing more of him. Specially his fans from outside Asia who may not even have the chance to see him in person even by just a glimpse of him but seeing his pictures and watching video footage may just be enough to make our day rewarding.



Another highlight I was pertaining to is the written message of Hyun Joong to his fans (message written in article Dream Fate) shown at the giant screen in each of the venue which appeared towards the Encore of the show. I have observed in every venue there’s a unison reaction to the message, as it started to roll, fans continued cheering for Hyun Joong while he was at the back stage changing costume for the final numbers of the show.

After about three lines of the message came a complete silence from the audience gallery, realizing the written message was from Hyun Joong himself. Well I experienced goose bump out of that particular silence, since I was just watching the audience if they’ll be able to absorb what Hyun Joong was trying to express out of the written message on the huge screen. And there, one touching moment in just matter of seconds but I felt deep love and concern for the only one.

The fans came up emotional teary eyes, moved by what they read from the screen and to pick up the mood the word ENCORE was added at the end of the message and fans screamed with tears in their eyes. To pick up from where he left the stage before the message appeared on screen, and there goes Hyun Joong in a casual black shirt appearing as himself as a person, started singing his encore line up as the show escalate ending to Lucky Guy…

*sigh*  I can just breath out, I was so moved by what I have seen and followed by the loud screams chants still with tears from his fans. So simply done but the impact of the message bringing the venue to complete silence was just touching. Indeed Hyun Joong knows how to touch people’s heart through his sincerity that even he has a hard time expressing his heart out being vocal, people just simply feels him even without a word be heard. This guy is really incredible……



My favorite LED costume right above nice one for Gentleman!! Kim Hyun Joong is all out in this concert, it has all his personal touches in this show from planning, preparation down to actual performance and he did his very best pouring out everything he got, stock knowledge on stage technicalities brought out innovative stage arts, to remixing his old songs into new ones and bringing out the best on his latest music released ect. Not to mention his 180 degrees change in his skill improvement both in singing and dancing.

This is not overrating again, I was there in his concert 2013 and this current concert so I can see the difference although it has a different show concept, still matured development was quite obvious. Specially in dancing and singing at the same time with powerful energy, stronger stamina to sustain and remarkable adrenaline consistently from opening to finale.

Everything is just so great in this concert package as he delivers perfection specially packed for his fans and non fans, most specially the highlight of the show, the concert star Kim Hyun Joong even shines so brightly above everything else. And most of all he was filled with so much LOVE to his fans doing this concert, I truly felt that even I was just hiding behind the curtains!! And I’m so happy hearing from the other fans saying “I haven’t seen Hyun Joong so happy for a long time” and now seeing him this happy makes everyone happy too.”  I share the same opinion. The guy is just so contagious!

Where have you seen an artist all sweating out catching his breath every time he exits to the stage wing yet manage to smile?  This guy is so impossible!! But the most lovable of all is seeing him at finale encore being himself Kim Hyun Joong as a person who just wants to feel free and just enjoy the fun of his music with his fans. So climatic to end the show and that made his fans wanted even more from him!!

There’s also a part in the show as Hyun Joong sang “I’m Yours”, acoustic version as he sat in a high stool and just guitar playing, very simple no flashy costume just the ordinary Hyun Joong. This reminded me what I wrote in my past article about dreaming Hyun Joong singing in an open space dessert in front of his fans from different nation seated on the sand listening to Hyun Joong as he sings with just his guitar!! I somehow had seen it in this concert, somehow my dream came true!! So simple nothing flashy just his sweet voice but memorable how he sings this song, as a person himself. Amazing!! Who wouldn’t fall for this guy? I wonder…



While I was watching his rehearsals and actual performance I couldn’t help say what a wasted talent if this guy really retires from dancing after 2 years. Every time he releases an album it’s always on top of the music chart. And come to think of it, his current concert series have been in the heights of success, always full packed, tickets all sold out in all venues, and his fans can be seen with great satisfaction after watching the show and would still crave for more! There are still millions of fans in every corner of the earth waiting for him to perform in their country, does this mean nothing?

I really wish this concert would be extended to other countries or cities so that Hyun Joong would be able to reach out for more fans from afar. And even if he goes back to Japan, China or anywhere carrying the same repertoire, I would still be there watch it and never have gone tired, this is just my honest opinion. What more for those who have not attended his concert and has been his fans for so many years? Of course they are all dying to see him on stage.

May I just share again words from Lee Sora to Kim Hyun Joong in 2011 that remained planted in my mind and I’m sure Hyun Joong remembers this, which I share the same thought as she stated;

“There is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible, when all strength are combined together. So I sincerely believe that everything KHJ works hard for will come true to the degree that your fans collectively give that force and strength to you.”



I still believe there are a lot more that Hyun Joong can contribute in the world of music and performing concerts in the future where he excels the most other than being a good actor. Dancing and performing concerts is not calling him to end yet. NO NOT YET PLEASE!! I have seen how people loves seeing him rock the stage with his dance and music, I’ve seen such strong rapport, the connection between him and his fans is just so remarkable, and I would say he even came up powerful and stronger this time.

How I wish this concert never end, how I wish there’s a lot more after this series.  That’s the magic Hyun Joong has, once he starts a project, his fans get addicted to him further and wanting for more. I know the feeling because that’s exactly how I feel even though we are still half way to go with the concert series!!

*sigh* As I have always say, this is the only space I have that I can burst out my thoughts and feelings as a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. This is the only space I got, to protect him, to defend him and to encourage him, as my readers shares with me through the articles that I have written and would still be writing in the future.

We still have many more to look forward to from Hyun Joong as the concert series rolls on to its next stop Bangkok Thailand, see you there!!

The strongest power of an artist is the power to conquer the hearts of millions all over the world, and that is the strongest power of my Prince Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing 

NOTE:   This blog is exclusively for Kim Hyun Joong fans ONLY. Antis and haters keep out…thanks!

Photo credits as tagged, thanks Ms.D.          hanatulset606 thanks for sharing  the video



34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] POWER OF PRINCE

  1. Hi Lk… Couldn’t post dinner but totally agree with you on your observation that khj did have a full 180 turn around with his stage performance … I am not one to watch concert footages only bcuz with most artists concerts are disappointing typically they don’t sound as good in their records or do better than in their pre-recorded or mixed recording appearance on tv shows. I think the most successful concert stage acts are either the awesome singers that can sing live just as good as in their recording s and the ones who are 100% entertainers not necessarily great singers but just awesome on stage… Was so saddened by everything g that has happened the past weak so I took to watching his phantasm concert cams and I was floored… He has grown so much … He just has this presence that resonates on the stage … So powerful that it carries over even to the screen to a non present spectator watching it on YouTube lol… Seriously …. Although loyal to a hilt… I am very realistic when it comes to people I admire .. Being that no one is perfect .. I admire people for their certain awesomeness not their total perfectness cuz there is no such thing .. Hj’s strength has not always been his vibrato’s and such but his over all charm as an engaging performer..:: he can sustain an jam filed arena for hours bcuz he knows his stage well and performs with such enthusiasm and charisma. His vocal abilities has greatly improved too and is fan is of course flawless and so natural….he can bring sexy, playful and gentle all at once in one stage … And I think hj realizes this … As he states that now he knows he has to stay longer and persevere more as this is his place… The stage … He has owned it .. And he has delivered.

  2. Hello, LK! I am so glad to read your article here… it was almost just like being there! Thank you for this glimpse of how my beloved Angel is carrying on during this trying time. I do hope is gathering strength from the fans who are staying right by his side no matter what kind of foulness gets thrown. We are standing proudly with him. I have always said that his ACTIONS and SINCERITY are what keep his fans loyal. We love him as the man, Kim Hyun Joong, not just s the Performer/Entertainer Kim Hyun Joong. He means more to us than just fun and fantasy. I do hope he is able to take some time to read the comments from the fans here. I know he is incredibly busy… I just want him to feel the magnitude of love that is pouring out for him.

    If he had any time to go over to my blog and read the comments from the fans there as well… I have been overwhelmed by the response to my latest article. I have never received this many comments before and they all bring tears of love and tenderness to my eyes.

    Here is the post:

    I know you are busy too… but if you have a chance just to read a few of the fan’s comments, I know you will draw strength as well. Keep on fighting for him and watching over him for us. I am so glad you are actually in his physical presence and I am greatly appreciative you share the concert experiences for those of us who are not able to attend.

    I am still begging KeyEast to send him to the US! I have so many readers from the US and met so many new ones yesterday and today as we are gathering around him to shield him from the rocks being thrown. His US fans love him just as sincerely as the Asian fans who are so blessed to be able to attend his live shows. Stay strong, KHJ. You are loved the world over! Literally! Fans on every continent! They are sending hugs and kisses, smiles and prayers to cheer you up. Keep the faith!

    • Helloo Angie!
      Thank you so much for coming back to writing I read the two articles you wrote recently but I couldn’t locate the article prior to this. You really write so beautifully very clear and your readers including myself can feel your heart. Please do keep it up. Thanks for sharing the link I’m sure many more readers will read from you. And don’t worry he’ll read from you too. If you happen to be passing by please do post the link of that article.
      I’m going back in your blog and leave my comment. I’m really happy you’re back to writing specially in times like this, he’s being crucified without due process and this really hurts and so damaging to him.
      Take care, have a pleasant day and see you again. God bless…

  3. Dear LK ,

    thanks a lot for what you have done lately .i understand how you feel. Hope you feel better now. Most of Fans feel heavy in our heart but HJ is a positive person he will have his way to nurture his heart. we all know he is a good person nothing can change that and we will support him no matter what.

    BKK’s concert was fantastic. It will remain in my memory for a long time. First I thought HJ looked skinnier than before but when he performed ” Please ” I realized that he is not skinny at all. The atmosphere was really wonderful . Both fans and HJ might feel heavy in our heart but we gave the best to each other . The mutual connection was so special .HJ gave his all I was amazed by his energy . His dance was strong and clear his singing was great since the beginning till the end. I think it was the first concert that I stood up from my seat since the first song start.

    Seeing him again in person observing the way he treated people It confirms why I trust him. Regarding the incident I will wait for his statement. It’ s almost too strange that some people just can’t wait to blame the other like they are waiting for this opportunity for such a long time.I ‘m not believe in any evident that goes around on net . it ‘s almost like trying too hard to convince people and put him in the corner without proper investigation process. I feel
    Iike it ‘s unlawful and tricky . i do not understand south system why they allow to do that.

    • Hello Bella!
      Thank you so much for your understanding, I read your comment at the other article thank you and i promise I’ll never allow anymore haters in my blog. I wrote that article before flying to Thailand and when i came back it’s like seeing my house burning so I have to bring it down. This is the only place I can breath and I won’t allow it to be polluted again.
      I strongly agree with you, all the series are good but Thailand I think is the best. Everything about the show and here the connection between HJ and his fans were just so remarkable.

      Thank you Thailand for your warm hospitality, people are so kind and very accommodating. And most of all I felt a real strong love from Hyun Joong and his fans in this concert. I felt how much he’s being loved and we have seen how happy Hyun Joong was during the show despite of all of these things happening around.

      What i wrote at that article is actually happening now, “trial by publicity” and yes I agree with you as if they are just waiting for HJ on his wrong step and crash him down. Just like you I can’t understand sk too. Whatever the outcome of this roller coaster I would accept it BUT how I view HJ as an artist will never change and I would still support him all the way.

      I’m happy for you that you were able to be a part of one very memorable concert of HJ. We will never forget this event when there were too much tears shed a lot of smiles came out as we joined HJ sharing his music even in his dark moment with his fans who remained intact still filled with much more LOVE that raised him up.
      Thank you again, take care have a great day!! Let’s keep our strength for him because it is from us where he gets his… See you again and God bless…

  4. HI LK, I saw that you’ve taken down your latest article. There were some words that i couldn’t agree with you, but i’m was glad to see you defend him so fiercely. i wanted to leave some comments in that article but i saw that most of the comments were filled up by nasty antis, who never visit this blog unless some kind of scandal erupts here. I didn’t want to start a fight with anyone so I resisted commenting. I guess this was the wise thing to do to stop giving the haters a chance to add more fuel and say nasty words about our HJ.
    Anyway I;m so proud to be a part of this fandom who are not only rational and thoughtful, but also are someone who knows the true meaning of love.
    Sincere love and faith can even bring down mountains. I hope our belief and undying love for HJ can help HJ go through this nightmare and come out shining even more brightly.
    Love U LK.
    Hope all the bashing that happened didn’t take a toll on your health.
    God bless you.!!

    • Hello Kyrroo!
      My apology for writing that article in such anger for the first time. At that particular moment I was writing it I neglected what my mom said when she’s still alive “rest and clear your mind before you write so that people will truly understand your feelings.” *sigh* She’s right. Thank you for your understanding I promise I won’t welcome any haters in my blog anymore. This is the only place I got to breath and I wouldn’t allow it to be polluted anymore, and follow “mom knows best”!!

      I think everyone of us one time in our lives are being tested in so many different ways and maybe this could be one for Hyun Joong. Just like you I’m proud being his fans that we share his happiness and sorrows. Whatever the outcome of what HJ is getting through at present I would accept but my views about him as an artist will never change, and would continue to support. It’s my choice and I think no one can ever take that choice from me.

      I have high hopes that HJ will overcome all of these in no time. This nightmare is just passing by in his life and one day as he wakes up the sun is just right there smiling at him as he rise up again.
      We have Guangzhou China next stop this weekend this is another strength for him meeting his Chinese fans!!

      Thank you so much Kyrroo, take care, have a pleasant days and see you again! God bless…. Love you too!!

  5. Actually, I am very touched to read this wonderful article, knowing that habemos people we love and unconditional support to this great artist. I have never attended any of his concert, I have only DVD of his videos and always imagine being on every show, it’s my dream that I want to really enjoy their songs live. In relation to this situation that’s going on our Hyun Joong on behalf of his FanClub in Venezuela want to inform you that he is not alone and always for us will be a person of Faultless behavior which has been proven through his career and personal life. We pray that this comes with good as bitter trance for which he is going through and his name is clean. We do not want him to be sad, trust our Hyun Joong. I’m from Venezuela and Venezuela I am part of Henecia Official Fanclub Kim Hyun Joong.

  6. Hi Lazer Kim
    Awesome you!! Thanks for another great article, like I said ‘ your articles always make my day’. And I’m all the way in Africa, really wish to see one of his concerts someday, but for now my computer and phone screens are really helping out
    감사합니다! !!!!♥♥♥

  7. Thanks for this beautiful article! I’m from California. I really want to watch his concert. How I wish he would come here. I considered going to Peru which is the closest to America but my husband won’t let me go alone and my daughter is in school. There are other articles that had mentioned about a concert in Mexico but I looked in his calendar and there’s none. Do you know about it? When and where? I’ve unceasingly watched youtube videos of his world tour concert, look at pictures from facebook and read articles like this…Still can’t get enough of him. I can imagine how great to hear him sing live, watch his dance moves and feel his passion and sincerity through a live concert.

  8. Ms Lazerkim,
    I wonder…if the mini-album that just came out & the songs talking about relationships…
    Perhaps that gave the idea for whoever these people are to come out with this accusation?
    Afterall, what better way to supposedly show the truth then to point out his recent songs, right?
    They could allegedly point out his supposedly real relationship…

    Sorry, Ms Lazer, couldn’t sleep & so my random meanderings…worried ones for our baby…
    Hoping most intensely for it to be found baseless & untrue….
    & for our boy to be cleared from even a smidgen of this foul rumour…

    • I too had an eerie feeling about the similarity to the allegations and his recent songs, especially ‘his habit.’ It does seem someone may have gotten some ideas and is trying to make it seem like he is singing about his own life. Every artist makes a song their own and relates it to something personal That is how we can sing it with more passion and conviction. HOWEVER, it proves NOTHING. Songs have personal meaning to each person who hears them and lyrics can touch us personally in MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. So, I’m not convinced that any of this is in any way an echo of his real life. It’s all way too convenient and easy for that. All we can do is to wait and see how it all comes out in the wash so to speak.

  9. Dear Lazerkim, thank you so much for this article! Being in India, all I can do is watch his videos & reading your article made me realize that every single thing I felt, you’ve written it! His interviews tell a lot about him. In each of them he comes across as a sincere, hardworking and talented person who is grateful and counts each & every blessing that comes his way…
    Yes, it is unfortunate – the news, but I believe in him & will support him in the end. Hope he comes out of it unscathed!

  10. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Lazerkim! Being from India, all I can do is watch his videos on YouTube and read news pertaining to KHJ. But, as I read your article, I realized that whatever I feel when I see him in the interviews is true.
    He is an honest, sincere & hardworking individual who is grateful about all he’s got everyday. Doesn’t matter what the haters say, we will always stay by his side. Fighting! 🙂

    • Hi Malavika! Thank you for dropping by! Yeah by simply watching his vid and reading is enough support for HJ, for as long as he can keep you company I think is such rewarding feeling too. That’s it haters will always be haters we can just ignore them. The important thing is yes we remain by his side.
      Take care, have a great weekend and see you again! God bless…

  11. guys have you heard about the recent scandal he’s been entangled with. Im crying right now! people are bashing him and already accused him of being guilty when its is still unfound as true. Guys please do support him, some trolls are adding fuel to the fire pretending to be his fans and blaming the girl saying she deserves the abuse. Now our fandoms getting a bad rep. Go to AKP and please give out a rational comment and dont blame or accuse the girl of anything. Just say nice words about KHJ and give our love, we can do this!

    • Hello seoran! We all cried about it but we’ll leaving those behind us and we’ll move on. I posted my latest article Simply Defending that at least somehow can ease down hurt feelings. I’m sorry seoran but I made a point to that girl in a most realistic approach I just can’t let anyone throw garbage on HJ without a word. No we’re not getting a bad reputation for as long we believe and trust HJ then nothing else matter. But I’m sorry I just can’t sit and watch these people ruin HJ. He just doesn’t deserve that pre-judgement without due process.
      OH ye we spread the love for HJ all the way! Thank you seoran, take care, have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless…

  12. Thank you for this wonderful article, dear LazerKim ^_^ ❤ Athough I have just watched videos and couldn't attend the faraway concerts, I also noticed how strong is the connection between KHJ and his fans, even stronger this time as you said.
    Love and support KHJ always!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hello stav! Thank you so much for reading! Oh yes I’m truly very proud of HJ for this concert is just great! See you felt the connection too even by just watching the video. Both HJ and fans are just so amazing!
      Take care stav, have a pleasant weekend and see you again! God bless..

  13. Thanks a lot Ms.Lazerkim for the timely articles of yours. I was so touched en impressed on how u brings out the best of KHJ concert,especially when u highlighted the song and the mssge.of him to all his loyal fans.ur effort in doing so is very much appreciated. Keep up and take care as always..aliens family fighting for our only one KHJ!!!!

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, pleasure is mine writing all about KHJ! I hope that will be the last song lyrics to put in my blog!! LOL but it’s for his fans it’s a nice song! Oh yes we’ll fight!!
      Take care, have a nice weekend and see you again God bless…

  14. Thank you so much for all articles of KHJ I love him . Your articles made me love him even more. I will attend his concert in Thailand this Sunday.Can’t wait . Now I will see him for real after watching all kinds of clips from his previous concerts. Your last article was so perfect for all KHJ ‘s fans. I was so happy reading all the comments there.

    I ‘m really appreciate your message . I ‘m here to support him and protect him. Love you lazierkim.

    • Bella
      We have the project to cheer him up. As I know, singing along “I am your man” by changing to me “we are your women (Na nuen nee yaw jaya)” . Fans prepare fun activity for everyone to join. Another group prepare support words for him to pass this hard time. We welcome all fanclub of KHJ .
      Thanks again Lazerkim for your article. It comes out in the right time. Hate that news. If we love him, just be on his side and support him.

      • Hello Bella I’m happy for you, great!! Enjoy the show, please do cheer him up! Yeah I made special mention to Thailand on my current article Simply Defending just posted this morning! I just have to say something out of that news and hopefully we can close book that news.
        Thank you pleasure is mine to write!! Hey you take care, have fun, you got nice idea there Im sure hj will be happy on this concert! Have a great weekend, I’m sure LOL… see you again! God bless..

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