Kim Hyun Joong [article]… GREATER LOVE

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By: LazerKim               Any update about Kim Hyun Joong?? NONE! Fine, so this only mean he’s again cooking something inside the kitchen, then let’s leave him be on his own busy days behind the scene. Let’s just keep each other’s company for the mean time, entertain ourselves with thoughts about the guy. And in no time he’ll be out there before we know it he’ll be at the airport boarding his flight for his WT concert series on his next stop to shake his stage with his music.

But before I go any further with the article topic which is just bits and pieces to pick up, may I just remind that Thailand concert had been postpone to August 24 and that ticket selling are now opened for those who may have not purchase it yet. At the same thought Bangkok is cordially inviting KHJ international fans to come visit Thailand to watch his concert and to have a chance to see the beauty of the country. You still have a month to think about it and prepare in case you have decided. Although this isn’t the concert next stop, Japan should be the next, scheduled on the 29th and 30th of July at Yokohama arena. See you there!!



In my recent  article Dream Fate, many of my readers had share their thoughts and I really want to thank everyone for taking their time to read and comment. Among the comments there’s one that caught my attention as she said “it’s an eye opener.” she got what I mean out of the article I wrote! It’s really an eye opener for those fans who might have lost their way from the journey where Hyun Joong is taking. And I was one guilty fan who had lost that direction one time within the period of my journey with Hyun Joong. I told myself one day I’m gonna share what I have experienced being a fan and learn something out of that experience.

I would be very honest there was one time after IG, I was tempted by another Korean actor to write about him since I had the chance to work with this artist before Hyun Joong’s concert in Seoul. In short I was being swayed!! Someone from the inside said “this star is very popular but he was filled with controversial issues and rumors, but it seems no one from the circle of his fans to be openly defending him.”

What’s new, every time there’s a hot artist gaining so much popularity there’s always people who wants to bring him down. Hyun Joong had gone from the same road for years of being badly criticized. The only difference is, Hyun Joong’s fans are there to defend him openly and protect him at all times and at all cost. And now that he had proven himself as an actor, he finally gained the media recognition and praises from here and there. People had seen what they have failed to see from Hyun Joong as a true skilled actor.



This insider suggested to me to write about this actor and defend. I opened up another blog site under a different user name, so as not to confuse my readers since Kim Hyun Joong and this artist belong to one agent. They may not be competitor having different categories, still in the public eye in one point in time they were.

Although my intention is defending a deserving co-artist and I have clearly emphasized that I am not a fan of this actor!! I was able to write three articles about him in just one sitting and post them, however, I know all the while reading from those articles lack the passion as what LazerKim has for Kim Hyun Joong. I learned a lot out of the incident being a simple fan writer. And so I stopped, I think I did what I have to do for a co-artist and I’m off the hook.

That time I was like testing the water if it’s fine, but I got drowned and here’s the guy rescuing me from getting any deeper, and he’s just short of saying “Hey Lazerkim you don’t belong there, here’s your home, now stay put!!! You cannot joke other people that you can write without passion to your subject!!” And he’s right, one cannot just write putting words together without feelings, because readers do feel from the writer. This was one lesson learned for me in losing my way back home. I tend to stumble but for some reasons I can only say “there’s no better place like home”, and this blog site is my home ever since!



Another lesson for me during my hectic busy days and the airing of IG at the same period that goes, “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you as his fan.” We fans have the choices whoever we want to follow, it’s our right. But Hyun Joong as an artist doesn’t have that same right to choose. He embraces whoever is in front of him, be it good or bad it doesn’t matter for as long as he’s making you happy as his fan. That’s the essence of being an entertainer. BUT he is also a human who can feel hurt.

I posted the lyrics of the song “When the Day Passes by” sung by Hyun Joong for IG, other than the reason that I fell for this song, and encouraging him to do more ballads, the lyrics somehow hit me deep in my heart, and it hurts! Simply because I was guilty of being swayed by another artist, specifically this line from that song;

I hate you, are you listening?…..You’re not next to me…..

I get SCARED That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

Ouch!!!…….This was just co-incident, of course the song was not intending to make anyone guilty or what!! But somehow the song was being truthful, that when someone loves you so deeply to the extent of caring and protecting, sometimes there’s also fear of losing that person. This is very natural to any relationship, friendship, or even a stranger over the internet whom we don’t meet eye to eye, yet there’s a good rapport in interacting with this stranger that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Same with Hyun Joong, he doesn’t have any idea who his fans are, may not have met them in person, not meeting eye to eye yet there’s that rapport or connection between him and his fans and I felt this very strongly during his concerts, as I watch him and his fans from the audience gallery, that the connection is so powerful. He loves performing on stage because it’s his only chance to personally interact with his fans and he loves every moment of it. It would hurt him to lose that rapport from his fans and he would do everything in his power to get hold of you and not letting go ever. That’s how much he loves his fans.



With the same thought reading from here was such a pleasure for him, dedicating all 374 articles of LazerKim is solely all about Kim Hyun Joong, from a loyal fan with all smiles on him while reading! BUT upon knowing there’s another article for another artist, from the same writer, I think it’s an “ouch” for him!! Which is a natural reaction to anyone, be it an artist or not of course! I got the biggest mistake there being a loyal fan writer, my fault, but I learned from that mistake. That every single fan is important to Kim Hyun Joong, and it will hurt him to lose even just one of them.

On writing about the other artist, I was trying hard to put LazerKim on the writer, but the feeling is different, it somehow lacks the same connection I have whenever I write about Hyun Joong, as he said “passion cannot be faked”, and I think he’s right!

Other than the fact Kim Hyun Joong is ONLY ONE, that nothing and no one can alter that fact, I realize that quite clearly, he is not the type of artist whom you can easily forget or take for granted. He will haunt you until you come back to him, that’s how powerful his charisma is, and he can win you back, he’s always the winner, remember? Take it from LazerKim!!

Apology had been accepted weeks before going back on stage, and what killed me the most is that, the same kindness, the same thoughtfulness, the same friendly warmth heart, remained unchanged from Kim Hyun Joong, and he said,

“It doesn’t matter how much you look around, the important thing is you came back as a whole with greater love as my fan……”

                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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71 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong [article]… GREATER LOVE

  1. hi lazerkim, i feel relieved and pleased to meet you.
    i’m kindda new here and i am glad to be here.
    i only got to know the kpop star late last month(july) and i already felt like i have known him all my life.
    how i knew him; i only wached one of his movies, and on my first sight of him on his first scene in that movie, i just got attracted to him like…like…like…i don’t know how to explain it because i can’t find the best words to fix in. KHJ is my daily manna, he alone occupies my mind, he is in my everywhere and everything. i just can’t stop surfing the net in search of news about him.
    when i was a kid, my dream was to be an actor and a singer when i grow up. but my voice is not as good as i wanted it to be, but i do write songs.
    my dream now is to be like KHJ before i get to his age.
    Talking about trying to check other stars out, i have done that too to get KHJ off my head but all to no avail because the more i try, the more thoughts about him occupies my mind so just gave up.
    he’s special and unique.
    thanks to you lazerkim, for the updates and all.

    • Hello Kelly!!
      I first saw you the other day from the article Dream Fate, nice meeting you and Thank you so much for reading all about KHJ! Welcome to the Alien family of KHJ, it’s a pleasure to have you here in my humble space together with everyone here.
      I agree with you I think most of us here had the same experience and yes the more you look around the more you tend to go back to KHJ, the more we are likely to fall deeper in his spell. I’ve experienced this for so many times!!

      May I just share, this may be out of the topic that Kelly shared with us, I would just like to use this space since my time is really limited and tonight HJ is set for his next concert, i’m just taking this short break to share a little and get back to work.

      On the second day of Phantasm Yokohama, HJ mentioned that he doesn’t have any idea if he’ll be able to come back to the same stage of the arena to perform. I was caught by his statement, and in just a few seconds the past flashed back in my mind, that this arena is very memorable to me since this was the first venue I worked with him last year January in another concert. This really made me feel sad of course I still want to see him perform in that stage which is one of the biggest venues here in Japan.

      HJ may be thinking of changing career path after his MS most probably concentrating on his acting career, that’s why he mentioned this. Well that’s up to him to decide it’s his life because any path he may choose I would just be there behind him to follow. There may be a different showbiz culture in SK and i would admit as I wrote in my previous articles, being a dancer has it’s expiration and among the talents of HJ has this may be the first to expire.

      But as I was watching his rehearsals and the concert proper, I couldn’t help to think, what a waste giving up such talent. Because he improved amazingly by 100% in both skills dancing and singing, and I felt his power on stage boost up even higher, his stamina increased and that charisma was even greater than ever! Mind me I’m not overrating here it’s just that I’ve witnessed the big difference this year and last year’s concert. Both concerts may have different concept but still we got only one star on that stage.

      HJ is currently at 28 but let’s face it, he looks like 23 or 24 with his current image, and not to mention his energy is within that age as well. By the time he gets out of MS he’ll be 31, but I don’t think he’ll wear out within that period. My point is why retire if you can still dance? There’s that culture in SK showbiz, fine, but HJ is known to be a trend setter. I hope he can be the beginning of changing culture and if I were him, I’ll go back to that stage and rock it again after his MS. And I think it’s only his fans has the power to bring him back on that stage. This is just my personal opinion.

      I know I know no one wants to dwell about MS, but mine is just words of encouragement to HJ to go back to the arena after MS. The way I see it from his fans I don’t think anyone would stray or if it happened I’m sure they will be back to him. History speaks for itself.

      In the mean time we have so much to look forward to this week, first is HJ’s next stop Osaka that’s gonna be tonight, while prior to the concert he shall be at Osaka Jo Hall promoting IG, this is hitting two birds at the same time so watch out for updates, and the remaining week shall be promoting Hot Sun in various areas here in Japan onto Hiroshima Phantasm on the 9th! See you there!!

      Kelly thanks for allowing me to use this space, and hoping everyone can read from here and help me encourage the guy!!! LOL
      Thank you so much Kelly for sharing your thoughts, do take care, have a nice week ahead of you and again Welcome to the family, see you again God bless,,

      • Hi Ms Lazerkim!
        Just read yor reply to our new Henecian frd…

        Hi! Welcome to the world of our 4D Only One, hee…

        Anyway, just wanted to say this, perhaps our boy is thinking when he finishes his MS he may not have as many fans?
        That’s perhaps why he said what he did, abt not being able to perform at Yokohama Arena again…but that’s just me guessing…
        He has always been a very realistic guy eventhough he has lots of ‘nonsensical thoughts’ as his fmr dsp manager used to say…hee
        But, yeah, let’s hope he can be persuaded to change his mind in the post unmentionable-MS time by his hopefully still devoted Henecians & TripleS Khj-biased fans…
        Not ready yet to think of that dreaded years of no Khj news…

  2. Hiii Lazerkim and everyone. 안녕하세요!!;).
    I don’t think you remeber me but it’s been a while since I wrote back here. It’s just soo amazing to see people who are in different states, counties, in fact continenents who come together for the same just cause of loving and caring about this man. Just like Kyrr00 said, I have also tried straying away many times and I just end right back with HJ. It’s really a *chain reaction*like you said. Totally unbelievable, confusingly amazing…sometimes I really think I’m going crazy, but then I come here and start seeing people who are writing out the same exact things as I am then I know I’m not actually crazy. The bond and connection between KHJ and his fans is definitely one to be amazed about.
    You just can’t get enough of him, I am just soo thankful to you for giving most of us a place like this to express ourselves in a way others will not understand, and also giving us an inside scoop on how it is to work close to him….;):D..
    Most people will think it’s crazy to have this strong connection with someone you’ve never met, but after meeting some of you here it think you all get what I’m saying. I even start asking myself questions like *WHY*and HOW* is it just KHJ, there are so many awesome people out there but it’s just him, to me this is just a stunningly unexplainable feeling of peace with someone. I even try to mention what I like about this guy to get my head straight, everyone knows he is blessed with good looks, talent and compassion but I discovered that what draws me most to this man is the fact that ‘KHJ IS SOO TALENTED YET UNBELIEVABLY HUMBLE’.It is something I saw in him from the first time I became a fan and still see it to this day, it’s just a wonderful thing to know you are a fan of such a rare kind of person…and when I check out other fans I find out that they really have him in their hearts too unlike the fans of some other celebrities who start with*he’s soo fine*or *he’s just hot*,,,,I’m sure you get what I mean..
    I am soo thankful to be a fan of this guy and I’m sure you feel the same way too.
    (Just so you know: whenever I get an article email from you it really makes my day..)
    Thank you soo much and have a great weekend. …감사합니다!!! ♥♥♥♡♡♥

    • Hello Hadiyyah!!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, and welcome back to this blog! Oh I can relate with your thoughts by 100% LOL!!! I’t true no one will understand how we all feel here being a fan of HJ and probably wouldn’t that it’s happening not unless they are in our same shoes to be captured by Hj’s magic spell so to speak!! I started like crazy that I got no one to share what I feel being a fan of KHJ and yes just like you I’m glad I got this space to pour out and breath! I honestly had a difficult time in 2011 researching on this guy, and I got loaded ideas in mind but no one to share with who wouldn’t think I’m crazy!!!LOL! Until I found WordPress and burst out everything that took me one year to do so on daily basis!
      Same as you for almost three years since I started to be a huge fan, I have the same question in mind, what’s with this guy that kept me wanting for more or can’t get enough while he truly had shared so much with his fans. As I mentioned below all the possible answers in the most realistic way. Until just lately I found the right word from KHJ Taipei concert as this guy came in on stage wearing that shirt that says FATE! Well of course HJ is not intending to wear that shirt for any reason except that it also captured his fashion sense.

      Yet I couldn’t discard the fact that after so many years I finally found the answer to my question, and I’m just speaking about my own opinion. If it’s not fate then what else is there to describe our feelings that comes out in unison by his millions of fans. And I don’t doubt every time I write about him on personal grounds about loving him we end up having the same feelings for him. We may have different opinion yet the love for him is the same.

      Hj is so down to earth, that’s true and I think his fans loves him the way he is, he can easy level up with fans by merely being himself. HJ is not the natural “smiling face” (plastered) type of guy, he’s very transparent and the most difficult for him to do is to pretend, but when he gives in and smile you know right away it’s sincere. His fans had wholeheartedly accepted him for what he is. He never wears out that’s another thing mysterious in him. Very private yet shares a lot with his fans, in short he knows where to place himself in any given situation.

      Oh yes HJ is so blessed with everything a perfect artist can ever have and he deserves all those blessings, that he never fail to give back or shares it with others. Love begets love. As I have mentioned below KHJ is also blessed with sincere fans, and my hats off to those fans who always have gone out of their way to share updates about KHJ.

      This I think is another biggest factor in term of having strong connection between fans and KHJ in reality. Fans do find great joy in their simple way of sharing their love to KHJ is also contagious and us as recipient find joy in reading the updates!! A clear cut of chain reaction! Once HJ shares, it spread so quickly like a wildfire and can even strengthen the connection. Just my personal opinion.

      Thank you again, wow this is just so nice, I really feel so happy about interacting with all of you guys, nice breath easing stress from work, and coming home here is just so great with all of you around!!

      Thank you Hadiyya, take care, have a pleasant weekend and We’ll be seeing the big guy again on the 5th for his next stop Osaka!! See you again!! God bless…

    Just read your article , my internet connection has been giving me a lot of headaches these days.
    Anyways, I’m surprised to see so many of us share the same feelings and emotions when it comes down to HJ. I’ll admit it too….I’m a strayer too…:) and what’s more shocking is that I do it on purpose, not like losing my way or sth.
    I don’t know how to say this..but I’ll just blurt it out honestly..Nowadays, I don’t see HJ as a celebrity at all…. All these years of following him makes me feel like i know this man as a person. It’s like we are in a some kind of unseen unspoken relationship , and as in so many relationship, the initial bond starts to wear off after a period of time, and you start to wander off. Actually, the reason that I decided to stray was to know why HJ, why only him? C’mon, there’s got to be better people out there with the same charisma and attraction. So I tried to shift my feelings to other artists, I tried listening to their songs, their talks and everything. But i was so wrong, LK. No one lasted for more than a week. And i followed all the best kpop singers, actors out there with the best accolades in their name. The first few days were fun, but I soon got bored.. There just is no when seeing our HJ. U know what I’m saying, right?
    Now I seriously think HJ as some kind of a magician. It’s so wonderful to know that someone like him is in my life who is guiding me to where I am today. I still feel like magic what HJ has done to u said Fate. Don’t you all feel it’s strange that after following him for years, the charm hasn’t worn off at all.?
    We are still as hungry as ever to see him, even in a couple of seconds rough video. I guess this is HJ’s main strength!! Letting us be who we are and yet never letting us go…For me, it’s not what HJ does things, but rather how he does things that matter the most to me. He inspires me in giving the best of myself to what i want to accomplish. IF you are really reading these articles and comments, HJ , thankyou for coming into my life. I’ll never go away.

    Thankyou for the articles LK. this is the only place where i can blurt out my feelings as much as i can. When it comes to HJ, I don’t know how to stop. God bless you LK.

    • Hello Kyroo!!!
      It’s been a while I’m happy to hear from you again!! I miss you!! I was thinking maybe in one point of a time, we were all consumed by time spending time with HJ that was in 2012 when I met you guys at the same spot here. It’s like HJ cast his magic net and it was on that time we were captured all at the came time. And in another point it’s time to go back to reality that may be pulling us from this same spot, the only good thing there, is that the strength of HJ to keep us is so strong to resist that no matter what we do we kept coming back to him, to this same spot where he is! and i agree with you “the charm never wear out.”

      Some may say it’s his charisma to conquer, fine but he’s not the only artist who has that charisma, so this is given, his talent, good looks and good heart all of those in one package, fine it’s given. But I think what HJ has and his strength is SINCERITY. Sincerity to pay attention to his fans even you may say he rarely smile, sincerity to make his fans proud at all given time, sincerity to think what are the needs of his fans from him on artist level, sincerity to interact in the best of his ability to the extent that even he doesn’t have public exposure at one period in time he writes to his fans and express himself even a sweet nothing message still we felt his sincerity.

      Why do we keep on coming back to him? As you mentioned you strayed deliberately on purpose for so many times yet here you are in your honest intent to confess! Don’t you think it’s because you find HJ unique, different from others or they may differ in talent and looks but you see this is not the only factor that a fan can be captured by her idol! I have been controlling myself to openly compare but this is my only way to get my questions answered so this are all my own personal opinion and no offense to other fans of other idols.

      As I mentioned in this article, this other artist is a brilliant actor truly, but as I researched on him honestly i couldn’t find what I’m looking for. I just I find myself in dead end and I couldn’t find anymore about him. Pardon me for saying, but do you know that I have gone to a lot of research about HJ before ending up in this blog and until now you won’t believe this it’s endless, there’s always something out there about HJ. It’s like everything is being served to get closer to him. My only hindrance in writing at this point is time.

      HJ is bound to be where he is now, and we are bound to be there for him as I called it FATE. But let’s be realistic. This is a clear chain reaction. I think it’s his fans too, and let’s accept it not overrating but true to reality, His fans are so diligent with their updates on HJ that spread so quickly. So there’s always something about him. If not, they go back to his past and remind us how he was. This was a continues process all the way. HJ is also gifted with sincere fans.

      Maybe this would explain as to why stray and after some weeks you’re back to HJ. Don’t you think you found a dead end from others and tend to go back instead of pursuing since there’s nothing there to search anymore? I’m just asking. When you come back to HJ’s circulation you realize a file of updates waiting for you to catch up with. Is this true to you??

      One time in 2012 I don’t know if you remember, hj was silent cooking something and he just passed by Jaksal and gave a helping hand doing the dishes. A fan from the restaurant happened to be there and took pictures of him doing the dishes. As I started working with him I asked if he did it on purpose. He said, No he wasn’t aware that a fan took that picture he was just surprised to find it here as I wrote an article about it and the picture all over the internet!! Who did this? It’s his fan. And so we go back to saying “KHJ is bound to be up there and we’re bound to be at his side.” I hope this find an answer to your questions.

      My oh my this is already another article!!! LOL Kyroo I’m patching up to him so I’m giving up my lunch break to be here!!! HJ’s concert rolls up tonite, we’re all set though ready to deliver him with lots of LOVE to his fans!! thank you for sharing your thoughts. Take care, have a nice day and see you again God bless…

        • Thank you Fanjoong! And all I can do is to share the luck with everyone here!! To keep him closer to us ever so that no one will stray anymore among us!!! LOL

          • I agree with you 100% LK. I’ve been through too many dead end with others. It really gets so boring after some time. But, nomatter how many times i convince myself that I’m done with HJ, his each new album makes my heart flutter and makes me sooo curious that I ‘ve been caputred by him all over again. It’s really fascinating isn;t it? Some one who can capture my mind again and again and again. I remember that Dishwashing incident. That photo got circulated pretty fast and there were so many articles written on it.
            Whenever I read your interactions with HJ, I always wonder what does it feels like to meet him as a person, let alone talk to him. I think I won’t be able to stop looking at him.LOL!!:)

            • I had a lot of mind conditioning since it’s my first time to be a fan, I separate my feelings being a fan from production work by 100%. How do i interact with him is always on professional level and nothing beyond. There were a few bits and pieces spill during breaks from him but he always talks about general reality, which we can learn out of his spills.
              The aftermath is a bit crucial, coming here in this blog and burst out my being a fan, trying to rewind how he was in those concerts is all I can share. By the time I come back everyone already knows how successful his shows are. I’m still the late bloomer here!! LOL Last night’s show is I think the best among the previous series we had. actually it’s even getting better as each series unfolds.
              The upper bleachers had to be opened to accommodate a bigger crowd of fans from the other night’s concert, but still we were able to accomplished the same concert quality out of KHJ with his STRONG charisma and LOVE that can be felt even at the top of those bleachers. This guy is really amazing, and how I wish this concert series would be extended a bit further. He’s all over the Japanese news here and all praises from the media. I’m just so happy and proud being his huge fan. It’s pack up time moving to his next stop Osaka!!! See you there!!

  4. Hello again, LazerKim and everyone! I’m really glad I got to talk again with you! I have also missed you a lot! I have missed HJ so much and all my Henecia friends and sisters as well! I’m fine, it’s just that I had to do a lot during a short period, so I didn’t have any time and still I’ll be very busy until around the 20th of September. After that, I’m not sure, but let’s hope it’ll be better, lol
    It’s so great to know that KHJ reads your articles and our comments here! 🙂 I wish he feels our love and support, just like we feel his true love and care for us, his fans. It’s true, despite being so far, I feel so near to him as if he’s a person of my own. In difficult times, I have felt like he’s a nice friend who really cares for me. He’s indeed a healing artist as you guys mentioned in some comments. As for the latest period, while being busy, I couldn’t get much time for HJ online, but again he was with me. In what way? He was giving me inspiration to continue fighting for reaching some goals! Being a great fighter himself, he helped me overcome my tiredness or any negative thoughts. He’s such an inspiring artist and person as well!
    And now I may get even cheesier and mushier than my previous comment, lol. HJ touches my heart deeply, not only with his amazingly emotional voice and his acting (where he transforms himself into each character he portrays), but also as a person as a whole! Sometimes when I think about him, I even get teary-eyed or even cry, not due to being sad, but because he moves me so much! He’s such a unique and beautiful person! May I add that his sincerity is obvious in his soulful eyes! It’s like he stares right into our souls!

    Lol, how hard it must be for you not being able to express you are a fangirl of HJ!
    I’d also like to share something. You know, before creating Henecia Greece page at Facebook I had never wanted to create a page. It only struck me to create a page for Greek fans of HJ. My Henecia friends, one from Morocco and one from Argentina encouraged me to do so, although I hesitated. I wanted to create it, I wanted to spread love for HJ in Greece as much as possible, but I was afraid to take the responsibility while being busy. Finally, I decided to do it, although I knew it would be very hard. Fortunately, I’ve also got some help in the way from few other Greek Henecia friends. Well, it’s true that sometimes we get to have many shortcomings as admins due to our real life, but we try as much as we can and I never regretted for my decision.

    Of course, dear, I never forget KHJ, how could I? However busy I may be, I always come back! 🙂 Even when I can’t dedicate much time to him, he is always in my heart ! ❤ 🙂

    Have a nice week, LazerKim 🙂
    So, now that you work again in producting KHJ's concerts, once again you'll be trying to hide your being a fangirl of him, lol. Maybe this is harder than whatever amount of work you got to do, lol lol 😛
    Fighting, dear! You are in our thoughts 🙂 See you 🙂

    • Hello Stav and LK and others Aliens,
      you are soo right …here we All feel like coming Home! We all feel free to express our thoughts and feelings and all been inspired by Hj and the beautiful, pasionate and inspiring articles of LK, he does have that power to atract people to make them feel better. We are all United for our Only One!
      A nice week to All!:)

        • Hello Stav!
          I hope somehow this blog can help you cheer up and how I wish to be able to have more time so that I can write more articles to keep you company reading about HJ.
          I’m still at work at this time, HJ’s concert here in Yokohama was very successful, the venue was full packed, tickets all sold out and I can see his fans went home very happy and maybe by this time still couldn’t sleep after seeing him performed or still chatting with other co-fans about the show. Hj was in high spirit as always whenever he’s on stage, just like us, his Japanese fans loves him so much and again that connection was so clear between him and his fans, this is one I wouldn’t miss to see in his concerts.
          It’s just unfortunate as I have mentioned I couldn’t declare my being a fans since it’s work why I have to be there but how I wish one day I can be in one of those seats in the gallery and join the fans in chanting for HJ. But I don’t think it will ever happen until the end of this series just like last year. But it’s ok, to be a part of the production team is more than enough to be there and support HJ at work.
          This is all I can share at the moment, I have to go back to work dinner break is over!!
          Take care, have a nice day and see you again, don’t over work please!! God bless…

          • Hi LazerKim 🙂 Thank you so much for caring about me. I imagine how busy you must be, but although you didn’t write another article, I really enjoy reading all fellow fans’ comments here and your answers to them. You all keep me company this way ^^
            I’m so glad for the success of his concert in Yokohama and from the fancams I watched the atmosphere was great! And I just love how HJ teases his fans, lol (Except for songs clips, I watched some talking portion of the concert at youtube 🙂 )
            I wish that one day you are also able to cheer for him from a venue seat 🙂
            I’m sorry for replying so late, have a nice week, LK and everyone! 🙂

      • Hi Noya, couldn’t agree more with what you said. Indeed here we all feel like coming home and we feel united no matter where we come from and where we live 🙂 Thanks to HJ being an inspiring artist and person and thanks to LK’s inspiring articles! I’m sorry for replying so late, have a nice week, Noya and everyone 🙂

  5. LK! I know exactly how you feel! I made the exact same mistake a while back and I have never written a single word about that other artist again! I even made another blog like you, and it has just existed with only two articles all this time. I love Kim Hyun Joong so much, I also felt guilt and apologized publicly. I don’t know if he ever read my apology, but my heart belongs to him alone and I have never gone back!

    Thank you for sharing your heart. And knowing that he reads this blog and feels our love and encouragement is truly satisfying! All I have ever wanted for him is to feel my love. He changed my life. There is nothing more I can repay him with other than my lifelong loyalty and love. I am now shopping for a computer as I have finally saved the money! I will be back to writing my blog soon! 🙂 thank you for keeping us all together here! It is always exciting to receive my email notifications of new posts! Love you, sis!

    • Hello Angie!!
      One song said, “If you love someone set him free, if he comes back then it’s meant to be…” Straying in a relationship can be hurting of course specially to the other party being strayed. But I never thought it could also mean to my idol as being strayed! So I took this in general in all relationships because I realized it applied. In friendship or relationship isn’t it after having a fight or conflict they become sweeter, it’s the pain inflicted made both realize how important they are with each other.
      It’s bound to happen to me for obvious reason I’m so near to different celebs I worked with. But with what happened to me I regret of course for hurting someone unintentionally but by the end of the day love even grew greater and I took it as it’s a part of getting to know my idol better!

      Yes Angie I remember that incident with you. Well good luck to your new computer LOL and I hope you can continue writing! Oooppss lunch break is over. Gotta go, this is one busy day for me, HJ’s concert is on the roll. Thank you for dropping by as always, please take care have a great week ahead of you and see you again! God bless…..

  6. Hello Lazer unnie..

    My heart fills with happiness and comfort whenever I read your articles.. I faced a similar situation. Due to my new job i lost contact with HJ world. I couldn’t talk with unnies in twitter. I couldn’t get updated much. Since kpop is far away from my country I coouidn’t grab news if i don’t search for it. I was eagerly waiting to see his drama. but i didn’t get time to watch it continuously.Then i got to know about his song for IG. I downloaded and listened. As usual my heart got melted without knowing the lyrics. After reading translation I felt very sad. For a moment I thought where in the world I was, that i couldn’t keep in touch with HJ world. I was upset. Why didn’t I look for his videos when I was feeling down and tired. because he is the HEALING IDOL. So now I’m watching his all concert videos, which I’ll not be able to attend. I’ll be enjoying every moment with him again..

    Unnie your article talked deep into my heart that couldn’t stop me posting here.. Thank you so much.. Hynderful day everyone! May Triple Gem Bless you all..

    • Hello Dinu!!!
      Gosh it’s been a while over one year? Was it? God I miss you!! How are you? Oh I’m so happy to hear from you! It seems to me ever since I came back to work last year everyone just became so busy with their careers but I’m happy for all of us, being busy with careers mean a lot of success!! I mean even we’re that busy at least we still have not forgotten him.
      I’m here really patching up with the lost time but the ball will start again tomorrow for HJ’s concert preparation for Yokohama on the 29th and 30th. This means I’ll be out of circulations again just like you. Dinu I miss those days we had in 2012!! Many challenges there as fans didn’t we? I can never forget those moments!! LOL
      But I must tell to take it easy with work (look who’s talking!!) LOL But I’m really taking this time out for a while and patch up with HJ so here I am. And hoping for another chance like this to write articles and interact with everyone!! I wonder where are the others, although I know many had really came back to busy mode!!
      Dinu just keep moving on I know there will come a time we’ll all be relaxed and spend some time with HJ again, and that would be really very nice!! Take it easy ok?
      Take care, have a great weekend and I really hope to see you again. Thank you for dropping it doesn’t matter how much longer you would be busy the important thing is you find your way here with KHJ. May the Triple Gem I miss this God bless….

  7. As a fan of SS501 and particularly KHJ, I really enjoy reading the articles written. I guess I can honestly say that KHJ is “My only one”.. I’ve come to realize that over time, since I have day’s like today, where I had to drive several hours today and as I’m driving I’m listening/watching Old SS501 debut video’s from way back in 2005 and 2006 Mnet show.. then listened to one of the SS501 concerts in full.. then a KHJ favorites list. This becomes more Odd since I don’t speak/read, or understand Korean.. but I’ve watched the shows so many times I actually know most of the lyrics, and Via eng subs.. most of the talking on the shows. It’s been a little over 7 years I think? of being a fan.. Just a middle aged midwesterner from the US.. if not for writers like you, and others, I’d have missed out on a lot of pleasurable experiences. I’ll be around in 3? years when he gets out of the military, wonder what new persona he’ll create then. One thing I totally agree on is the relationship between a fan and a performer.. the performer can only commit to doing the best job possible, and connections can only be done on the stage. But Fans have to decide.. are they truly a fan… that supports? or a fan that flies around searching for something better. KHJ is like a family member to me.. support at all times, no matter what. I can do this with confidence because he’s proved to me over time that he’s trustworthy and even with his faults always does his best.. that’s all a fan needs or should expect. thanks.

    • Hello Cindi!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I respect your opinion. May I be allowed to express mine? With all due respect thank you.
      There are 2 kinds of performer or artist one artist performing for money and one artist performing for arts this is reality in showbiz. Which artist do you think HJ falls. I just want to be clarified. Artist for money or artist for arts? Have you heard that hj is planning to put up a concert for free for his fans before his ms? He has this in mind and i cross my fingers his plan would materialize.
      Connection can only be done on the stage as you mentioned i agree in a way. How can i explain this, that prior to meeting hj for 1 year i was able to write 300 articles without a connection to my subject? Majority of his fans only had seen him thru videos ,his dramas, reading articles about him and im sure anyone here would agree that there’s a connection prior to seeing him in person. Pls do correct me if im wrong.
      Fans: As i have mentioned in this article and im just being realistuc it is the right of every fan to choose whom she wants to support. I dont think hj will outcast a fan if she has multiple other artist that she support. It is hj’s power to conquer or re-capture his fans and not fans to capture fans!! Being a fan is free will and not a threat or forcefull or to outcast, no. This is a matter of multiplying and not subtracting. Well this is just my personal opinion. And i respect yours.
      “the performer can only commit to doing the best job possible” I hope you’re not pertaining to hj here.
      “What can i do for my fans to keep them company?” he ask this with no contract or whatever connected to business just a friendly question.
      You mentioned you trust him. Do you trust him that he’s not an artist for money or just committed to have a job done?

      • My apology i lost my connection. Anyway Cindi this just a discussion I don’t mean anything negative here just clarifying and expressing both our opinion which I respect. But I admire you for keeping your loyalty to HJ for years and please do keep it up.
        Thank you so much for reading the article and we have a healthy discussion, thanks for that, we may have different views but nothing is wrong, we simply expressing our thoughts with mutual respect.
        Take care have a nice weekend and see you again! Oh happy driving and keep safe. Thank you God bless…

  8. Thanks so much for all your articles and I’m so glad that you are back. I do think Hyun Joong needs us just as much as we need him and I’m thankful that these articles can give Hyun Joong comfort and inspiration. I’m so worried about him these days and please support and comfort him for us.
    I cannot personally attend his concerts but I still bought tickets. I hope I would be able to make it one of these days to meet him. His smiles always brighten me up and he deserves our love and loyalty!
    My dear Lazerkim, please keep it up and continue to write. Your articles are dear to us too. Btw, don’t you ever stray away again!!! LOL

    • Hello there! Thank you so much you’re so sweet, the pleasure is mine in writing all about KHJ mainly for his fans and as you mentoined for HJ too for inspiration.

      Oh yes Hj needs his fans I think all artists does and we need him too very badly I think since he’s been a part of lives, it has become our daily habit to check on him from time to time. Hj deserves that love from us and likewise he never forgets to return that love through artful ideas specially in music that can keep us company.
      As a fan this is just my humble effort in writing expressing my thoughts and share it with everyone here to keep him closer to his fans one way or another. It may not be as often I use to write but the message is coming from my heart in every article i write.
      I shall be keeping up with the articles and yes I PROMISE never to stray from his eyesight anymore!! lol Once is enough I’ll never hurt my idol again ever! Don’t worry now, this is my home and it shall be till the end, amen!! LOL
      Thank you so much please do take care have a great weekend and see you again God bless…

  9. Thank you, LazerKim for always making my day.
    I have been following your blog for a long time now, but I have to say this article is one of my favorite.
    This article is so dear to me as I’ve experienced the same thing before.
    I have been a Henecia for four and a half years now, before Hyun Joong, I have never stuck to an artist more than a month or so, and I didn’t even like K-pop or never thought I would be hooked on it. But somehow he wasn’t like any other artist I have ever seen.
    I was introduced to KHJ from Youtube -Thank you Youtube XD-, as I was surfing from video to video randomly “Please be nice to me” was in the recommended videos, I thought it was an english song and clicked on it, but i was SO blown away by his voice that i didn’t close the video even though i didn’t even understand it, his voice touched me so deep and I kept replaying the song over and over. That’s how i was introduced to KHJ/SS501/K-pop.
    I was a Triple S since then and I kept watching their videos but, for some reason, I would always keep an eye on KHJ don’t why. But after their contract ended, I followed their solo activities but I was always drawn towards HJL more. At that time, I thought it would be like always, I would hook on an artist, and then the addiction would wear off after some months, but it’s been four years now, I don’t think it’s ever going to wear off.
    I would, occasionally, get distracted by another artist, whether korean or not, but it wouldn’t even be a month until I’m back to my ONLY ONE, fangirling over his news like there’s no tomorrow XD.
    But i have wondered a lot of times what keeps him as my ONLY ONE, what makes him different from others when I don’t even understand korean? But I would always be reminded why when I watch his videos, when I see him enjoying every second onstage and feeling his songs, and see his interaction with his fans whether at concerts, fan-meetings or even at the airport, and when he doesn’t care about what people say about him as long as his fans doesn’t get hurt, or when he tears up when he talks about his fans at concerts and definitely when he’s smiling and laughing, his laugh brightens my day and it’s so contagious, thinking about it now makes me smile :).
    I promise that I will always be a loyal fan and defend him whenever there are doubts from lifeless antis. I really hate that there’s always the screen of my computer between us, I wish I would meet him in person and attend a concert , even though I know he, most probably, would never come to Egypt -I’m from Egypt BTW :D- but I still dream of meeting him.
    Thanks again LazerKim, I really do love you and wait for your articles to always make my day (actually it makes my whole week LOL).

    • Hello Miriam!!
      Thank you so much!! Wow you’re from Egypt, and that’s at the part of the world where HJ is and yet I think you’re so close to HJ, see a connection there is and that is why you kept coming back to HJ. Like HJ said “it doesn’t matter how much you look around the important thing is you’re back to me as a fan” It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble for as long as you know where to go home to and that’s HJ.
      You’re a true fan I would say, HJ I think has the strongest power to conquer and to re-capture you. At least now you know what’s out there and you can compare whom you think has a better connection to you. I felt the same when I was at lost!! You are not alone but let’s admit it only made our love to HJ even greater!

      Just like you I think this article and Dream Fate is also my favorite because in this two articles written a history that I shall never forget. When I was tempted to stray and had proven to myself indeed KHJ is my Only One. I felt pain shed tears in writing these two articles because I felt my deep love for HJ and I felt being loved by him as a fan. And then with this articles became an eye opener for all of us.

      Thank you for reading my articles and for staying, so we’ll promise never to stray again, can we?? LOL Take care, have a great weekend and see you again, cheer up! God bless…

  10. Hi Ms Lazerkim!
    Hmm…does our beloved namja really read the articles & our comments?
    Have always wondered cos he can be a bit on the, err, stubborn side when it comes to the English language, isn’t he?
    So, what m asking is, is he really taking up English like what he said recently?
    I know I sound rather ‘kaypoh’, hee…means being nosy, Ms Lazerkim…
    But…how does he communicate with you…in English, Japanese or through an interpreter?
    I’d be thrilled to know if he understood & could converse in some English…
    However, to be honest about it, I’d rather he brushes up on his Japanese & interact directly with the fans in his charmingly unique way without the use of an interpreter…like in 2008 & 2009…
    Yes, we the international fans would love to interact with him in English but…& this is my personal opinion, Ms Lazer…those Japanese fans of his, they were & still are, amazingly incredible with their staunch support these last few years…
    So, I don’t know, perhaps he could recall his Japanese language skills…cos everyone knows if hyunjoong-ssi is interested in something he’d give it his undivided focus…aside from the fact that he already has the rudiments of the language…
    Hee…that sounds really demanding, doesn’t it, dear hyunjoong-ssi…if you happen to read this…
    Just a gentle request from a loving & concerned noona…

    Oh, about the subject of straying…nah, never even took the time to find out anything about any other artistes…even his own members, m afraid…
    He’s the only one to mesmerise & capture my attention in BOF & SS501…to this day…
    So there’s every possibility that I’ll still be hanging around after his MS…
    Sigh…don’t wanna think about that yet…

    Anyway, thank you for posting another article so soon…
    Always looking forward to more from you…
    Ingat, Ms Lazer…& take care of our ‘duracell-charged’ baby too…

    • Hello Arfina!!!
      These articles are translated in Hangul, Katakana (Japanese), and Arabic, oh and Spanish I’m just not sure with other languages. HJ can speak Japanese although not that fluent still comprehensible, then I can speak Korean and Japanese since I’m currently base in Tokyo. English for him is a bit difficult to speak (honestly awkward LOL) but we may never know after his MS he might be able to speak English. I cross my fingers!! LOL!

      Yes I agree with you he’s a bit stubborn but a little push can be encouraging to him since he has a bigger number of international fans. But as we can see he’s been busy ever since he started doing solo so maybe let’s give him time for language learning. Maybe he can have those chances while he’s in his MS and after. I’m sure he would consider.

      And if he’s still that stubborn to learn, for me nothing would change, language is not a barrier, if I have accepted him as he is since I became his fan then I’ll stay nothing matters. Yeah if the whole world had accepted him as he is now i don’t see any reason why he can’t be accepted in the future. I’m sure he’ll be saying this!! LOL!!
      But I do understand your point it should have been nice to talk with him in English, that depends on him. Maybe a real big push will do!! LOL There’s even an American English teacher here who’s just willing to spare self learning to HJ while he’s in his MS. Oh well let’s just hope he would consider.

      Well for the mean time enjoy with him, there’s still time, even I know he’s preparing us that we completely have the knowledge about his MS and not being shock when that time comes!!!
      Well, thank you so much for dropping by, take care, have a good weekend and see you again! god bless…

  11. Lazer Kim thank you.I read all your articles and always you have very well expressed point of view about Our Only One.

    • Hello Cagome! Thank you so much for reading my articles, my pleasure is mine in writing! Have a nice weekend take care and see you again! God bless…

    • Hi Fan Joong!! Nice to see you again! I love you too, I love everyone here just as HJ loves his fans. Take care, have a nice weekend and see you again!! God bless….

  12. Hiii Lk..I must say that again,it feels so good to read your articles on daily basis..because the more I read the happier I truely makes my day..
    Well there is no issues to know about other K stars and watch them..everybody has there own perception..But for KHJ I would say it a person gettting ill for little time and then he need to get recovered by his suitable medicine/ don’t woory LK whenever his fans are illl or lost somewhere he is the only medicine/drug by which one can be recovered just in a moment..loll and I am saying this because of his only belifes in his fans..he know that he has really very loyal fans standing beside him.And frankly speaking he is not that kind of person who can be eaisly forgotten or leftover…I am not trying to hurt anybody but its just my opinion..because I know whatever effort I’ll make to drop out the strong addiction or hangover, its all worthless and waste..I really can’t let go off him..and that is my pure comittment to him..I really love him to the extent of my heart..
    So don’t worry LK its not easy to move over another star for anyone..because KHJ has that power to pull you back towards into his arms and warmly surround you…
    Thanks LK for writing your realistic thoughts and sharing with us..Hope you’ll be writing here frequently and will make your readers happier…
    Have a nice day..please stay healthy…:-)

    • Hello Neetika!! Thank you so much! Alleluia!! I agree with you 1000%, the Gentle healer he is, you are right, it’s so hard to break away from his spell, and you’re right, whenever I attempt to break away I end up loving him more! It’s like inflicting pain to myself instead of setting myself free!! LOL Oh this is crazy!! lol
      Now i know the feeling, I’ll never ever neglect him again.
      Thank you very much the pleasure is mine in writing all about KHJ, I’ll just pop in whenever time allows me to write. Take care, and have a great weekend! See you again! God bless….

  13. Dear Ms. LK,
    I would like to thank you for your untiring love to HJ. I am your new follower, (thanks to my friend Red ribbon) for bringing YOU and HJ into my life). I have been reading your articles about HJ since May and it gives me some sort of euphoria, (it’s like the feeling after eating a bar chocolate, LOL!). In your writing I can feel the real love and concern for him. I must admit I once belong to a group of fans on the other boat but my short stay there was not as happy as I am here . I hope you will accept me as part of Alien’s family (hehehe)..My turning point of being HJ fan was during the last typhoon Glenda here in the phils. Three days of power outage and almost a week of NO INTERNET CONNECTION made me realized that HJ has a biggest spot in my heart than the one who occupied it before…I just woke up that HJ IS IN THAT SPOT…It took me ages to finally confess to Red ribbon that I am with her in the same boat … Now I can look him in the eye and say YOU ARE my Only ONE …and Promise not to leave him. In your descriptions of HJ ‘s fans I can truly say that I AM A CERTIFIED ADDICT now .(hahahah)
    As long as you’re around , you make all HJ’s fans hearts knitted with each other, as long as you are writing about HJ we are sure that we will stick together. Looking forward for your next article. May God bless you MORE. You are in my Prayers.

    • Hello Stargazer!! Welcome to the Alien family!! Thank you so much, you came in the right place in knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong, thanks for the compliment, please do enjoy reading! We are all addicts here so you came in the place!
      I’m sorry I can’t help laugh, I had the same experience as yours in 2012 back home I lost my internet connection due to typhoon, God I felt like a dead meat for days and that time I was all consumed with writing all about KHJ which I did on daily basis! My readers were worried where I have gone, I was like crazy!! so I can relate with your experience, just like you I missed him so much.
      I end up writing with my pen and note pad and yes with candle as my light till dawn!! That’s how addicted I was in writing about him!

      Stargazer you cannot leave HJ, now that you’re in within his net you’re captured! But don’t worry we’re here for you and you’re not alone! What you’re getting through at this time is just the same with all of us here! I did attempt to get away but the guy will do everything to re-capture his lost fans!! Believe me I have proven it for so many times!!!LOL
      I think I remember red ribbon I definitely know a blue ribbon whom I’m sure is just passing by but haven’t surface in any of the box!!
      You are very much accepted and we welcome you with open arms, may you find happiness with KHJ world of the addicts! Again thank you so much!
      Take care, I hope everything is ok with you despite of the typhoons coming in to our country, please be safe. Have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless…

      • hellooooo sis! happy to see you again…
        stargazer is my schoolmate in highschool….redribbon talaga? blueribbon friend hahaha…welcome to alien family!
        pano ba yan sis usap na lng tau sa komisyon q jan ha? email mo na lang aq LOL! stay safe sis! miss you….

        • Ayun lumitaw ka rin!!! Hello sis! Sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yun eh!! Thanks sis nagkalat ka rin ng pagka addict mo LOL!!! Ayan welcome to the club, addict na rin classmate mo!! LOL ang saya saya!! Thanks for dropping by sis! take care have a wonderful weekend and see you again!!! God bless…

          • shhhhhh….wag ka maingay sis,fan yan nung isang kasama ni hj sa BOF hehe…na magic spell ni hj,tingnan q lang kung makawala pa xa hahaha…
            welcome again stargazer…
            kahit ginawa mo akong redribbon cake lol!

            • lol lol lol lol lol……sis yan ang na miss ko syo!!! kaloka ka!!!! hahahahaha red ribbon cake!!! die laughing here lol lol lol wag maingay lol lol lol binuking mo pa ka loka ka lol lol lol wwhhhhaaaa sakit ng tyan ko katatawa!!!

              • Naku, pacensya na binuking pa talaga ako…hahahah! ang saya saya namn..wala nito doon sa bangka nila….Wooh! matindi nga ang magic spell ni HJ, ito 2:24 AM na inuulit pa rin ang I.G.waaaaa!Maraming salamat ulit…

      • Thank u so much for your reply. I would like to apologize to my friend blue ribbon. Sorry I am fond of eating cake with that name. (Hope u understand)LOL!!!!

        • Hello again Stargazer! Pacencya na I think you know your classmate more than I do, she really has that sense of humor, ice breaker LOL biro lang yan! I’m sorry I couldn’t help but laugh at her, really crazy LOL!!! Hope you’ll understand. Thanks see you again!

  14. Hi LazerKim and all fellow fans and readers. 🙂 Thank you, dear LazerKim, for sharing all this experience and feelings of yours. For me, Kim Hyun Joong is indeed an artist that can’t be forgotten or left, wherever I may look at, I’ll be attracted back once again by him, like a love that can never be forgotten. Maybe this sounds totally cheesy, lol, but that’s how I feel. I myself am not sure if I can totally explain it. And probably those who haven’t experienced it, won’t understand it or imagine it. I think some of the most important elements that make us feel like this are his transparent sincerity and the fact that he makes us feel as if we are his friends even if some of us, like me, are very far and have never seen him by close. I’ll stop here before I end up writing an essay about him, lol. I’ll just say I agree with you, he’s truly unique, one of a kind.
    You know, lately, for long time, I have been extremely busy, not really having time for Kim Hyun Joong as before, but still I missed him, I needed even just a glimpse of him before going to bed after a super tiring day. And of course I never stopped reading your new articles about KHJ, it’s just that I couldn’t get the time to comment. By the way, I also want to thank you once again for all your writings about our beloved KHJ.

    • Hello Stav!!! Oh it’s nice to read from you again it’s been a while, i miss you!! How are you? Hey Stav it’s ok if you end up in an essay this is the objective of this blog, others will read from you and he is reading from you, we exchange inputs, our way of breathing expressing what’s in our mind about the guy is just great we love this. That’s why I was just saying to Noya down there, I got a beautiful day because I got lots of input from you guys, I’m happy and I’m sure someone here is just so glad to hear from you!
      It’s ok to be cheesy, HJ himself is even mushy! Well we can see that from his recent message from Dream Fate, but that’s how sincere he is in delivering what he truly feels for his fans. Well this is not overrating or what, but as you have mentioned many of you here may be at the other side of the world yet feels so near to HJ.
      May I just share, there was one time I was just about to end up my regular daily does and coming back to work, I said to myself, at last I’m off the hook on being addicted to KHJ. BUT I found out my first come back project was KHJ’s Japan Tour concert!! will I let go of the chance? Of course not!! LOL Only to find out I was even drown deeper into his spell!! The worst thing is, I cannot declare I’m a fan so I was under self control and forget about being the fan girl!! At the end of the concert series, when light went off I can’t help but cry that I didn’t even express my being a fan! I can never forget that moment. It’s just good I have this space where I can express..
      Stav “it doesn’t matter how busy you are the important thing is you came back, you didn’t forget him” and us here welcome back dear!!
      Take care, don’t over work, and have a great weekend! See you again and God bless..

  15. Hello LazerKim,
    Soooo nice from you to come back….even though you must be very busy.

    You do a nice mea culpa I must say!:)

    I am sure that our Star appreciate this. He is right, Passion can’t be faked and you write with passion when you write about Hj, that’s how we all got hooked and many more to come…(fans..)
    He is the only One and he proves that always, he may not be in the limelight always, he is most probably “cooking something” but I hope he does have a private life as well. So lets wait patiently for our Star as usual, he will not dissapoint us.
    No need to go back to what he is for his loyal fans, One of a Kind and we will always be here for him, the appreciation/love is mutual I think. His message to his fans from Dream Fate still linger in my mind, so yes, he is a special person with a beautiful and sensitive soul.
    He is quite special and you Lk are doing a marvellous job (374 articles….wow, you need a Guiness certification woman.. or maybe, when you will reach 1000…amazing) in sharing bits with us,your own experiences and thoughts, thank you again for your time and effort and for taking care of our beloved Star.
    Do come back more often if you can, we miss you and him of course! 🙂

    • Hi Noya!!!!
      Oh this is such a beautiful day, all my stress is gone hearing from you guys!! I got so much inputs from all of you here and I truly appreciate this. I’ve been in so much trials lately but being here I can freely breath, it’s nice to be home here.
      He’s reading all of these and I’m sure he’ll be happy and inspired again can’t wait to rock his stage and meeting his fans, that’s his happiness.

      Thanks so much for the compliment, this give me the idea on counting the articles if I will fill up 1000 articles, I still need to fill in 626, from this article this means writing daily dose for about less than 2 years, his MS is about that period maybe by the time he gets out I have completed that 1000 articles!! LOL Then maybe he will say “Ah you did your homework while I’m away!!!” LOL good idea ok!! This would mean brain squeezing, writing in the absence of my subject then I would say Good Luck LK!!! LOL But I’ll try my best on this area!

      HJ is such a passionate artist, I can see that on how he prepares his every project. What we see on stage is the finish product but how HJ came up with ideas is somewhat crucial specially in this concert series since this is a combination of his past and present yet everything had been innovated from music, costumes, and technical effects, but most of all KHJ himself, improving his skills, his stamina and of course his new handsome looks! A perfectionist can never satisfy himself unless he gets to the details on hand, that’s how he works!

      Amazing indeed, this is the guy to die for!!! Thank you so much Noya! Take care and have a pleasant week end!! See you again girl!!! God bless…

  16. thanku so much Lazerkim 4 d articles…with ur articles u r helping akk KHJ fans..luv 4 him can’t b compared with any other idol..hope 2 meet KHJ n u in this lyf..keep writing…

    • Hi Charu!! The pleasure is mine in writing articles all about KHJ thank you so much for dropping by and reading. I agree with you HJ is beyond comparable, he’s just so special… HJ said FATE takes the lead and I believe in this, one day we’ll get to meet you, you may never know. I will be writing more, I’ll just pop out when time allows me to do so, that i promise!
      Thank you again, take care, have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless..

  17. Thank you so much Lazer kim for this article..i can’t put it in words but i can say one thing
    “There may be so many stars in my night sky but only one moon” and that one moon is kim hyun joong. Not really matters if i like other stars because with out moon the night is meaning less.

    • Hello Snow dollar!! Thank you so much!
      Hey this is really nice and sweet of you, I never thought about this and you’re right even there are many stars in the night sky it’s still dark, but with the presence of the moon can make the sky brighter. It’s actually the moon that brings light at night yes, I agree with you. And to apply it in reality no matter how many stars even millions HJ is the moon and he’ll shine even brighter than the rest of the stars or artists, HJ is naturally gifted with uniqueness this I fully agree setting bias aside but speaking in reality, and that makes him different from the rest.
      Thank you so much snow for sharing your thoughts, take care have a great weekend and see you again…..God bless…

  18. “It doesn’t matter how much you look around, the important thing is you came back as a whole with greater love as my fan……”
    Sabias palabras,
    Very deep words from him , and it is true, it happens me many times, I started watching other dramas, like other actors but but at the end l saw myself comming back to him, the fact is that I don´t like KIM HYUN JOONG, nooo…….. I really love him, like is too little, he is my really only one. Like his ¨little bad habit¨ l enjoy with others but always, always come back to him, l dont know what he did me. I cant stand living a day without at least check if there is any new about him, well don´t feel guilty dear, all have faced those expereinces but reading what you honestly said here, made me think that he is a really charming man, who is able to mantain us completely sticked on him. You don´t have any idea how faster I rewatched his 3 only dramas and videos after to had watched other dramas, those, I watched only once, but his ones uppp…… many times, I love to see his face, the way he smiles , walks an even eats, sounds like I am so facinated with him but it is true.

    Well, thanks to write again, l missed you.

    • Hi Jazzu!!! You are so right, his boss Bae Yong Joon is still my favorite actor as he was the very first Korean actor I have known, I just can’t help wonder why I was not captured as intense as I am with HJ!! And then this actor I was talking about in this article, I also made research since I wouldn’t write and defend someone without factual basis, and in all fairness he is indeed a good actor, maybe just that level of admiration being good but no spark on digging further, that’s how I felt.
      With HJ seeing him on stage, his photos all over the internet, videos, you would know there’s much more about this guy that it’s so irresistible to dig in deeper and the more I search about him the more interesting it gets about himself and his his life as an artist which I think is not ordinary.
      I used to be a drama addict, but ever since I started researching and writing about HJ, I just stopped! So all these years ever since I followed HJ I remained focus on him. Until I worked with this actor I tried to see if I can write about another subject other than HJ.
      At least now I know where I stand and where my ability falls. Yeah it’s a good way of realizing where you truly belong. It’s just that I really cried buckets of tears over this matter, as I’ve said in my previous article “sometimes it takes a lot of pain just to realize how important a person is in our lives.” And HJ had been a part of my ups and down, i guess everyone of us here feels the same way ever since we have been following the guy!
      But I’m just glad i’m not alone with this experience of straying that many here can relate, and still come back to him, but God for me, I just hope this will be the first and the last time. I’m happy I came back home here in this blog with greater love to KHJ, this is very true to me!
      Thank you so much Jazu as always. Take care, have a great weekend and see you again! God bless…

      • Since I know Kim Hyun Joong there are many others that i got to know, Bae Yong Joon is one, as well as SS501 and others , they are my favorites too. I saw how deeply is BYJ loved by his loyal fans, who also suport KHJL in Japan, he is a soported person for his company actors, and he is an admirable human being, Acepting shots from media is the same as KHJL, they are like, SHOT AS YOU WANT, EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL. That is the reason I love Unbreakable song, what such a good message it has, saying SHUT UP KHJL said his best thought. That is him, l am really, really happy seeing him mature and stronger, Just thinking how hurt would have been the cut of CC drama, that watching IG makes me relieved, it turns him a great actor, shuting up many antis.
        Well many thing to say about it, love that you always touch some topics that makes us feel our real emotions for him, take care dear

  19. Thank you for writing up this article! I learn something from here too!
    Anyway, do you have any idea how to go about buying tickets for HJ’s concert in Bkk for international fans, Singapore?
    I gather he won’t be popping by this little red dot!

    • Hello Tricia! Thank you so much, it’s my pleasure writing this article and pleasure to have you with us here! RE: tickets for BKK, my apologies I’m not so well verse with info pertaining where to go through on line ticket purchasing. I hope someone from my readers can help you out, please hang in there I’m sure someone can help you out from here.
      Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and yes I agree with you, we do learn a lot from HJ, even simple words from him mean a lot. Take care, have a wonderful weekend and see you again! God bless…

      Anyone from here please, Tricia needs info on line ticket purchase, thanks for helping!

      • Hi there,I guess you just have to google “Kim Hyun Joong World Tour Bangkok Ticket”, you would be able to locate the links to the ticketing sites.Hope this helps.

  20. Hi Lazer…. it’s really good to see you back. I missed your articles. And true ….. HJ has this power to pull you back into his arms when you go astray. I should know …. and I am happy 😊😊😊 I realized that you cant just let go of such a wonderful man …… The Only One indeed. 💕💕💕 Thanks for this article.

    • Hello Ellen!! It’s been a while, how are you? Thanks so much for dropping and may I just say all these years you’ve truly been there for HJ and sharing with us with updates that i really appreciate it very much. You and the rest from tweeter had been a great help in leading new fans in getting to know him better thanks for that!
      Oh yes just don’t know what magic this guy really has that kept his fans pulling towards him. He’s a truly unique artist he’s just beyond anyone, I have proven that for so many times, he’s just one of a kind!
      Thank you for reading and do take care, I hope everything is ok with back home with the typhoon, I’ve been praying hard for the safety of our fellow country men. Have a good weekend ahead of you and see you again!! God bless…

  21. I am thankful that i am one of those who have not strayed to other actors or k pop stars. Even if the next news about him is he is engaged or getting married or whatever, i will not change. Afterall, you are my Only One.

    • Hello there!!! I salute you for your loyalty, please do keep it up. We have chosen the best and the best always prevail. And yes everyone has his right to settle down and same with you even he has reached that point of his maturity and settling down I would still be supporting him all the way.
      Thank you so much for dropping by, take care, have a nice weekend and see you again!! God bless…

  22. HI LZ, I’m clearly touched by your article, my dear!! Although it may seem to everyone that I’m one of Hyun Joong’s most loyal fan…I too, have strayed sometimes,especially with my fave K-Actors….LOL!! but time & time again, I go back to our ONLY ONE!!
    Welcome back to the fold…back into the loving arms of your fellow-Henecians, LZ!!
    Your realistic & relatable articles are sorely MISSED!! Do write more often now!
    Love & hugs,

    • Hello Ms D!! I miss you!! But most of all, thank you so much for allowing me to pick some handsome flowers in your garden!!! LOL as always, this blog can never turn out good without those photos of HJ.

      Ms D you know very well how I started to be a fan of HJ and never have I imagine myself writing about another artist! Now I know how it feels, and I think it’s not only the subject that matters but also the readers! Breathing fresh air from here is 100% better, I’m sorry to say that!! But it’s good trying to know what’s out there and coming back felt more love to your baby!!! Ms. D this will NEVER happen again.
      Oh it’s so nice to be back, I really wish I can write as I often, Ms D please don’t get tired of picking pictures, or my blog will die down!! LOL I really appreciate your endless effort thank you so much and thank you for the compliment!
      Take care, I read the news about typhoons back home, please be safe. Have a wonderful weekend ahead of you and see you again!! God bless…

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