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By: LazerKim            As Kim Hyun Joong started rolling up the curtain on his World Tour concert series for this year, we have seen a brand new Kim Hyun Joong right on top of the stage to share with us, a collection of his past and current music wrapped in one memorable show. He again innovated this concerts in a different approached and I must say a more impressive than ever. But the most important thing in this concert series is a higher level of development in Hyun Joong’s singing and dancing skills.

He has even much greater power on stage this time on how he captured his audience. Hyun Joong took a rest from dancing for over a year that I wasn’t expecting to see such stamina even stronger this time and had seen much further improvement both in his singing and dancing  skills. It’s one great show shined by a single STAR Kim Hyun Joong, pouring out every power he got in one most unforgettable moment! Don’t fail to see it!


Hyun Joong recently released his Korean single Beauty Beauty which is now on top of the chart, go grab your copy now!! Actually he had released his dance music both in Korean (Timing, Habit) and Japanese (Hot Sun) one after the other that has been keeping him busy the past months. Grab a copy of each singles, let’s pick up all memories that we can get while it’s hot!

Since I’ve been at work mode further preparing for World Tour next stop, I haven’t got the chance to browse around to share updates with you, I’m putting up this article just for the record as a part of Hyun Joong’s journey, two important items which I should have posted weeks ago but time just kept pulling me away from here. I’m so happy to be back, as promised I’ll just pop out, so here I am!



Last year 2013 Hyun Joong performed a different concert series as a rocker singing with a live band and I was given the chance to work on those shows, that after which I was all wishing I could have another chance to work with him again. His drama came out, I became so pre-occupied on the stage production that honestly I have almost forgotten that dream I had, to work with him again. Somewhere along the way, our roads crossed again unexpectedly, and knowing this is gonna be his last dance concert, I’m truly happy to be a part of it.

May I just share, as Hyun Joong said, during one of our rehearsals “Fate comes when you encounter a person whom you cannot forget and had gone from your eye sight, in some magical way that person comes back, if so, don’t let go because it’s fate that lead you to that person.”

What he said became true to me and I’m so thankful I grabbed that chance to hold on and never let go. I will never let go of my idol again!


Hyun Joong asked, “what can I do for my fans that I can keep them company during my absence?”  Since Hyun Joong has been known to us as the gentle healing idol, how I wish to be left with an album that contains all love songs which he have not created among his album collections, trying ballad songs isn’t bad at all. And it’s a great feel to have an easy listening music from Hyun Joong and his romantic side to surface, that makes me fall for him over and over again.

Among the love songs that Hyun Joong sang, for me this OST When Today Passes By  is the best. So simple but it highlights the sweetness of his voice and his emotions blend together that made this song perfect! This song is very meaningful to him during his period of struggles and rising to a someone with new image.

I had the chance to carefully listened to this song during our concert rehearsals “When Day Passes By” and I didn’t realize how meaningful this song was. How I wish Hyun Joong would sing more ballad love songs like this before he leaves.

I think among many songs of Hyun Joong this song had been translated in so many different language at YouTube. May I just write the lyrics of this song, I know I’m the late bloomer here, but I just want to put this in my blog, here it goes…

When Today Passes By

I just spent an entire day, thinking only about you, blankly swallowing tears

I ran for a while because I felt like going crazy, I call out to you on the top of my lungs

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, words I want to say to you all day

I say that I love you, I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, are you listening?

You’re not next to me, when today passes, will tomorrow comes? Night is coming.

Will you tell me, will you tell me when today passes? sometimes, I get SCARED

That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, Can you hear me?

Where are you right now?

I say that I love you, I love you I say that I hate you, I hate you

Are you listening, you’re not next to me, when today will tomorrow comes?

Night is coming, When today passes, when today passes, when the pain ends

A day is so long, that I’m afraid I’ll lose you, when today passes

I say that I love you I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, 

I’m always at your side, when today passes by tomorrow will come.

If only you would know, When today passes by, when today passes by……




At the concert in Seoul Hyun Joong shared his own video message to his S.Korean fans, this follows to the succeeding concert series, but it shall be shown in writing on stage screen in different languages.

I cried bucket of tears as I read this message. Sometimes it takes a lot of pain just to realize how important a person is in our life, when he or she’s no longer around, but as Hyun Joong said “Fate takes the lead……and they comes back to you with greater love…..”  For those who may not have read it, here it is.

A time that’s like a dream, And to say it’s ending is regretful If it’s a dream I wish I don’t wake up from it…

If it’s ending, I wish I can turn back the time… From the beginning… All over again?

Right now I wish that this moment could be forever

Right now I will make you all feel How much I am thankful to all of you

How much I love all of you     

‘To My Beauty’  Everyone!!! I love you. Thank you. And also…I always…Want to see everyone.   Really, truly…

 From the bottom of my heart…. Kim Hyun Joong


In my previous articles, I have always been writing that “knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing that ever happened to me.” I was once down and helplessly but he lead me to this space to share my thoughts all about Kim Hyun Joong as my cure. Likewise during the time he’s down, he comes to read from here, and there he is flying on cloud nine again!

Little did I know that I’ll be meeting him again, my dream came true and just like Hyun Joong, how I wish my dream would be endless.

One day I’ll wake up, and you’ll be somewhere. But I will not stop from dreaming because I know you’ll be back soon….. I would just be waiting and stay by your side………so keep the love on stage!

Fans do come and go, but it doesn’t mean you are forgotten. Just like in this blog, the real world may be pulling me from here, but I kept coming back, knowing someone from here is waiting to read all about Kim Hyun Joong.

Keep the dreams while you’re there and we’ll be dreaming with you, don’t regret because it doesn’t end from here. In our thoughts we can always go back, because you’re leaving us with so much memories we treasured. Don’t thank us because we owe you more than you know it. We will be waiting come rain or shine, until you come back to us…

Kim Hyun Joong you are always loved and I sincerely hope you felt it somehow in my own little humble way through this blog. Thank you for being you Kim Hyun Joong, still as my ONE AND ONLY….

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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55 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong [article] DREAM FATE

  1. What you do to yourself will die with you but what you do to others will remains forever…thank you for sharing…😉

  2. kim hyun joong the soul singer. i really admire his over all tallent, he’s blessed,special and unique. And i so love him.
    Kim Hyun Joong forever

    • Hello Kelly!!!
      I agree with you, count me in having the same thoughts about him, HJ’s just one of a kind! Thanks for dropping by, and reading all about KHJ.
      Take care, have a great weekend and see you again!!! God bless…

  3. Hii lazerkim…!!
    You are really very good at winning hearts of your readers…And that’s why I really love to read your articles…*sighs*
    In my opinion our KHJ really knows how to capture his fans by his magic words.From deep inside my heart I truely believe in fate too..That’s why I am waiting for my fate to come soon and let me meet KHJ…Its now a relief to read about him after such a long tym,though its hardly two or three months but it seems to be years ago…well if he is waiting for his fate then I am too waiting for that..Till than we all fans are always by his side forever and ever after…
    Thanks for the beatiful song lines..I really enjoyed this song,the music is so good..Please write more about him and please stay healthy..
    Have a good day..

    • Hello Neetika!! It’s good to see you again! How are you? Thank you so much for the compliment, I would say HJ is a good influence to his fans, as you said he’s good in capturing his fa’s heart through his words, and I agree with that 100% he inspire all of us in doing whatever that makes us happy. A lot of times he talks as if everything is a joke coming out from his lips, but give it a second thought of what he’s saying you would say “he has a point” and when he gets serious into talking it struck deep in you and you would say “it happened to me!!”
      We fans are captured by his messages because he speaks through his heart.
      Oh yes how I wish to write more articles the way I used to, but maybe someday I can go back to daily dose and I cross my fingers with that wish!
      Thanks again, take care have a good weekend and see you again! God bless..

      • Well LK you are soo lucky to be there…and I m so happy rather than being envious to you, because there is someone who can tell or beloved KHJ about us…About each and every fan’s feeling for him..Its my humble request to you lazerkim please do tell him about me and about every one sitting out there n waiting for his one answer…
        I wish he would come to INDIA so that I could atleast see one of his live concerts and meet him personally…well we all know he is the person with tank full of we should just sit back hold onto him tighty and wait for his bumper surprise after his MS. Love you KHJ to the extend of my heart I am not going to let go off you whatever happens..Hope you will read this…I just want to make you smile…always be what you are KHJ this is the only thing we all want from you…SARANGHAE..:*

  4. hi. i am a new fan of kim hyun joong and i am learning about the past 10 years and trying to catch up. i really like your blog. you are really lucky that you actually know him and work with him. that is amazing. i cannot imagine, actually.
    i agree that it would be a best seller if he would make a compilation of all the love songs and ballads he sings. i know i’d buy it! i get so frustrated that i cannot listen to him in the car when i drive to work; here in the usa where i live he is not yet played on the radio and i only have a few of his cd’s. i really enjoy the song with the simple title of “LOVE” that i watch on youtube.
    i also watched ‘barefoot friends’ and when he sang a rap song on there (‘Picture’ by Park Myeong Ho), i am told it is a ‘love song’ type rap but i cannot find the translated lyrics anywhere. can you translate them into english for us? or point me to where there is an english translation?
    since i am asking questions, i have a couple of questions about the tv shows that kim hyun joong and the band SS501 did in the early days, especially that show SOS with the little boy who had been raised in a cult. was that completely made up? or was that real and they stumbled upon something crazy? i tried to google the cult but i cannot find anything in english. and i read conflicting reports that it was real and they had to shut down the show early because of it, or that it was planned from the beginning to be only 8 episodes long and it was completely made up. do you know? can you clarify for me? you seem like you are more on the inside of things and many fans write only from their own ideas without real knowledge. if it was completely fake, they are much better actors than i realized. parts of it looked real, especially the child crying and the members crying when they had to part with the little boy.
    thank you for your insight.
    and please keep writing your blog, i really enjoy it now that i found it.
    God bless.

    • Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. First and foremost, I got no idea about that cult you’re talking about. I came in as a fan in 2011 so I wasn’t around during HJ’s SS501 I’m sorry I don’t have the answer to your question. All I know is that in his early days the group visited an orphanage that the group enjoyed spending time with the kids. It’s the first for me to hear about that cult you were saying.
      I hope you won’t mind my saying this, but if I were you forget about it, if you can’t find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry if I can’t be a help to whatever you’re researching. As you may read the heading of this blog is all about Kim Hyun Joong, so I focus sole on that area, Forgive me. take care, good luck and see you again…..God bless you

      • Hi again.
        Thanks for your quick reply!
        I was talking about an old TV show called SOS, so it was probably all fake.I would hate for anyone to think I was saying Kim Hyun Joong was in a cult. I was not saying that. That TV series was weird anyway.
        Many thanks! Keep up the good blog.
        God Bless.

        • Hi! Actually even the fans weren’t too sure if it was true or otherwise. It it was then all I can say is the company’s nuts to endanger the boys in that manner. If it wasn’t then they were pretty brilliant actors cos it looked believable… My own belief is that perhaps it was real & got too dangerous that they had to protect them by publicly stating it was just a show…a scripted one, supposedly.
          Anyway, I’m glad they discontinued it cos messing around with cults is no joke… Just my 2-cents…

          • Thank you for your reply.
            So, even the fans weren’t sure at the time… or even now. That is too wild! There were times in the episodes that I saw with subtitles that they did not seem to be following a script. I mean, if that was acting then WOW! Some of the reactions seemed so genuine and all.
            I think I agree with your assessment.
            Again, thank you for responding!

  5. my God
    too much to commet here, after read all coments i could say that i really be happy that KHJL has such an amazing team of dancers, l bet they were working hard preparing everything until he finished the drama, I hope you will convince him to write the KHJ documentary by LK, great idea dandelionhyun69. til the next writing dear, i really had a good time reading coments of the family

    • LOL that’s a big joke!!! I’m not even half inch qualified to write documentaries, I’m just a fan!!! LOL I’m happy contented with my blog here!!! thank you again I’m so happy too, enjoyed interacting with everyone here!!! See you again Jazu!

  6. Dear friend ,
    as you said before, l always kept coming back, knowing i am here waiting to read all about Kim Hyun Joong. this is my everything, l admit to search eveything about him, it is exiting, it is my food, my dreams, my air.
    Dear Hyun Joong if you read it and as Lazerkim said you are OUR ONLY ONE.

    l spend much time repeating the episodes of his dramas and videos. l saw almost all of them, ahhh … how many good remembrances l will get when he will not be with us. i had all his songs and ss501 on my cell. i even try to study Korean can you imagine it. jajaja .. l think sometimes that l am really obseesed with him. You said and told beautiful things about him, you are so lucky getting the chance to work with him, this turns your blog in something trustful for all of us, bacause what you tell us about him and what you write is what you evidenced. not inventing , it is based on the real KHJL, on his context. He is really adorable, his way to talk and smile AHHHHH…, melt me.
    THE ONLY THING THAT I WILL EXPECT TO SEE IS KIM HYUN JOONG PLAYING HIMSELF HIS MUSIC . I hope this dream comes true any day, l will be waiting for it, l know he loves playing his guitar, it really will kill me.
    You know that this blog is my house, l felt lately angry because my laptop crashed.
    Now l am here again, reading your articles.
    Share more about him please since you are there. l will be waiting for it, take care.

    • There you are!!! Hello jazu!! Yes i know you always pass by this blog and thank you so much you never fail me same as with everyone here. I’ll be very honest with you, I envy you because I was right on your shoes 2 years ago that as I wake up my breakfast is HJ, as I sleep he’s my night cup, Jazu I miss those times.

      It’s different now because I see HJ as a subject of my stage, excuse me for the word, but that’s reality for us working in the production, no favoritism among the artists we worked with, couldn’t even declare my fan girl giggling or I’ll lose my job!!LOL

      I write whatever other fans already know, just giving my opinion on whatever is there being laid out. But I miss doing those research, defending, protecting HJ that I got all eyes on him solely and write! But I’m so glad I have this space and shared with everyone here as my breather, that I’m free expressing myself as a fan and it’s so nice feel to convey my thoughts and so glad you guys share it with me every moment I’m here which became not so often as before.

      I would be sharing experience most probably when HJ is already in his MS, which I think is the right time to go backward and reminisce. I’ll reserve those. In the mean time, we shall enjoy his presence, pick up all memories we can gather!

      Thank you Jazu for more encouragement for HJ from you, honestly, he’s so handsome and very talented to work behind the scene as a song writer in the future, no I couldn’t see him that way!!

      Take care, have a nice day and see you again!! God bless…

        I know it will be difficult for you not to screm your emotions at work, l hope you are doing a good dairy of information about him that you would share us when he joins the militar service. The time waitng for him will be busy reading your writings, so it is good to know that. give my regards to him if you can and tell him that l pray for him as l pray for my children, he is my especial one.
        god bless him and you

        • LOL oh yes Jazu, you just don’t know how much I crave to scream and join his fans chanting his name!! That’s why I am so thankful I got this space for me to freely scream my thoughts that can be heard louder and clearer!! Your message have been read, thank you so much!! See you again Jazu!!! Take care!!

  7. whenever i stop by your blog, i can read another great article about Hyun Joong.
    Bravo and many thanks for this
    Yes like you, knowing KHJ is priceless memory to me.
    We can learn a lot from this humble man.
    I see HJ as my family member big brother to me and whatever he choose, whatever he does if it makes him happy I will support him.
    HJ has gone a far journey since his solo debut. His voice is improved incredible.
    Although i like to see him dance on dance song but his ballad songs are better. His warm and emotional voice smoothen our feeling. So touching. Besides When today passes, I’m your man is good too.
    Hope to see many article from you Laser Kim. Your words are what is lingering and piling up on my heart.
    *bow* and *kiss kiss*

    • Hi Irendy!! It’s good to see you again!! Thanks so much. Oh yes so priceless even by just the mere thought of knowing this guy as his unique self to us he’s just so incredible, again I’m not overrating he may not be perfect but he’s one of a kind.
      HJ had contributed a lot to the music industry and still craving for more ideas that’s why he was asking his fans what more he can do on the succeeding period after his WT. Others may think his fans demand too much from him, well in terms of doing arts nothing is too much for an artist, demands for music, dramas ect. (well I’m putting a premise of course), but these demands are boosters to HJ or to any other artists. He works so hard, oh yes, but he loves doing these for us, it’s his life. Be where you could be happy as the saying said!!
      Thanks a lot Irendy, your thoughts are such encouraging for him, and I’m wishing for more and more encouragement for HJ, that’s his booster!!
      Take care, have a great day, thanks again and see you again!! God bless..

      • i read every single post of yours but i am too lazy to make comments. So sorry for this.
        Spiritual encouragement and supports are what we can do for him.
        He always shows up a happy side of him to us because he doesnt want us to worry for him. But deep inside his heart, he still has his own worries.
        HJ’s smile is my booster too.
        And HJ’s lucky to have fan like you, Lazy Kim ah ^^
        Take care and have an inspring day too.

  8. Hello Lazer kim..i’ve been one of your readers as far as KHJ is concerned.Yes your right even me i expected that his number in his concert will be lessen because of his absenced in concert scenes but unexpected from the songs,dancing,set on stage ,lighting..everything that you can asked for a good and entertaining concerts was there…….I’m very proud when i watched his concert in youtube i felt that i was there.and thanks and you’re back…and you know i was touched in KHj’s answered that he really enjoyed doing concert because through concert he felt that he is always with his fans and he thought sometime that he don’twant to end the concert at all…because the warmed that his fans given to him everytime he performed….We know KHj loves music and you know ,that his song in my cp i always listen to all of the songs,and when i’m alone i loved to listen to his ballad songs and you are right I also liked WHEN TIME PASSES..but for me i will always listen on that song because i hear his beautiful voice.Lazer thanks again for a wondrerful articlefor out ONE AND ONLY …….KIM HYUNJOONG! Good day>>>>>:)

    • Hi Nhor!! Oh thanks for dropping over! He has extended repertoire for Taipei and the succeeding concerts. His first show stop Seoul was like a warm up stage but the most important show within the series and that was a success, followed by Taipei. Yeah HJ is a stage addict and capturing huge audience by himself is his strongest point.

      The rapport between him and his fans down at the audience gallery is just priceless, you can feel the passion between to rock and enjoy every moment of the entire show. and I’m not overrating being bias here, it’s like going home after the show and wanting for more, that’s the feeling. So i really hope fans from the respective countries he will visit would not miss this chance of a life time to remember.

      Oh thank you for mentioning the song i never get tired listening to it over and over from the time I heard him sang this live during the rehearsals, more encouragement for HJ, he doesn’t know how good he is singing ballad that he has to see other areas in his music he is a versatile artist, anything goes with him.

      Thank you again, take care, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless

  9. sis I miss you! tagal huh! you know what I like the most dito sa blog mo maliban sa article ung mga comment, parang gusto kng kabugin sa pagsusulat haha…
    Stay safe sis,miss u talaga! God bless…

    • ssssiiiissss……. i miss you so much!! how are you? (June andito ako huh!!!)
      I’m sorry it took some time coming back, I’ve been so busy with concert preparation, well at least Beijing was postpone so I grabbed this time to write and have more time to prepare for the next stop. Actually this article is long over due, since I already got the message translation after SK! And he really wanted to share the message to all his fans from all parts of the world, so I’m doing my share as a fan of spreading love from KHJ.

      Anyway it’s so good to be back, I’ll try to write again after China most probably. Oh I’m so proud of my readers here they do share their thoughts sincerely, you guys just don’t have the least idea how it meant to HJ to hear from you. He reads the comment boxes too.
      Sis thank you so much for always dropping by, take care, have a wonderful day and see you again!! God bless…

  10. So touched and moved by your article Lazer…. and again I cried while reading our ONLY ONE’s message…. for how many times I have read it and still can’t get over it… Whatever happens Hyun Joong will always be in my heart… I have missed your writings Lazer and as always you never fail to amaze me and inspire me just like our Only One… Thank you…

    • Hi Melanie! Thank you so much! This guy is really tough, we can see his strength and power, but deep inside he is so gentle and sentimental we can feel that even in his messages. For me that even made him the manly gentleman! Hyun Joong is just preparing our heart, that’s why he made that message. Sometimes this way makes us realize how much more we love this guy, that’s just it I guess. In the mean time we still have lots of memories to pick up from here and enjoy his presence.
      Thanks Melanie, I truly miss being here, writing and interacting with you guys. Likewise all of you inspired me in writing as well and of course Hyun Joong did that to all of us! Take care, Have a great day, and cheer up Melanie HJ loves his fans so much. See you again, God bless…

  11. Welcome back, I really miss your writing. Tears come on again, it may be the same feeling to this man. You are so lucky . Like what you wrote on HJ said “FATE”. Please keep on writing memo in your diary , all the memo of HJ so when the time pass, please share that happy moment with your fans’ page here. Really miss you.
    By the way, even I must have be out of town for my work, I find my way back to Bangkok on July 26. I will not miss this concert.
    Please Take care.

    • Hello kratoo Woo!! How are you? I miss you too! I’m glad to read from you again. Yes i’ll be sharing some BTS from the concert in the right time, it’s a good experience and this is good I have something to write when he gets to ms.
      Thank you for dropping, oh please don’t miss see his concert if you’re already in Bangkok, i promise you it’s great show you’ll enjoy it. Take care, have a good week ahead of you and see you again! See you in Bangkok!! lol God bless…

  12. Great Lazer.
    So happy to see your article again.
    You express what I feel about the come back and WT of our prince.

    God bless Hyun Joong and his fans …

    • Hello Fanjong!! Miss you!! May i extend my apology to you and to other fans who left comments at my previous article “He’s Back” for not replying I couldn’t get in to the comment boxes I don’t know what went until now I couldn’t get in. I’m really sorry for that. I’ll make up from that one promise!!

      Thank you it’s really a great show HJ made a lot of innovations in that show and ended in an excellent result.
      Thanks for dropping by as always and I’m so happy to read from you again! Take care, have a nice week ahead of you and see you again! God bless..

  13. Hi, LK! So glad to see you here. You could not have said it better. We owe him so much. My story is similar to yours in that i was at a very low point in my life when I discovered Kim Hyun Joong as well. Because of his example and his sacrifice to bring his best to us, his fans, my days are joyful and full of hope. I will never let go of him, even when has had to go into hiding for a couple of years. When he comes back, I know he will have used that time to improve himself and to store up wonderful ideas to bring happiness to his fans who will be missing him. My dream would be to give him one on one English lessons during that time so he could set his sights on an American Action film when he returns. If Rain can do it, I know Hyun Joong can do out better! 😉 that would truly be my dream come true. To use my gift and talent to help him as you have! The devotion I fell for him is not undeserved. He has done so much for me by being who he is and doing what he does! ALL MY LOVE ALWAYS FOR MY ONLY ONE! 💖

    • Hello Angie!! Nice to see you again as always! Ah thanks for reminding, we have the same opinion! It’s Rain whom I gave example to him that he was able to learn the language, well English is the most difficult complicated language to learn it in one snap. HJ has a bigger population of international fans and his Korean fans, although language was never a barrier in communicating with him since there are ways and I’m so proud being his fan, that many of his fans can translate Korean in so many different language. I just noticed that when I got this song OST from YouTube and I was amazed by the all the fans who translated this song from Korean to the countless different languages.

      HJ would soon realize this once he gets to ms, the importance of learning English in his being a world star status (Im not overrating may I just clear that.) Being inside MS yes it’s sad for him of course, but as you said, this will give him more space to himself to further cultivate himself for the better. 24 months may be an ordeal for us fans if you think about it, then maybe we fans can just help each other to shorten the period. i promised to keep this blog alive when he gets in so that he can still read from us. I think this is a better present we can give him within that 24 months. And maybe doing this we wouldn’t notice time ticking and he’s out even much stronger and wiser than ever, to come back to us..

      Thank you Angie for sharing your thoughts, take care, have a wonderful week ahead of you! See you again and God bless…

      • I am always amazed at how you and i think alike! Lol! 😃 while watching Inspiring Generation, I just kept thinking of Hyun Joong making a movie in the US like Rain only better! I know he would work hard to learn anything he set his mind to learn, including English. I have started the process to become an online tutor at I will start out as a tutor helping students all over the world who want to learn English. If I want to study hard again after 16 years being out of school, I can get my certification to become an Instructor there as i have a BA in Education from University. It’s something I will consider. Anyway, even if Kim Hyun Joong wanted my help as a tutor, I would dedicate the time to helping him with proper pronunciation as i feel it is the most important aspect on gaining confidence when speaking a foreign language. I want his English to be so perfect that others will believe he’s been speaking it since he was little and is truly bilingual. That is my confidence in him, he can do it! ✌👍 😁 Fighting! Thanks for your response. You are so considerate about doing that. That’s why your readers love you too! Take care! And if KHJ is reading, please take care of yourself too! I believe in you! 😘😙 (kiss kiss!)

  14. im out of words, cant write the fellings i got for him, please let him know how much we love him and we will wait for him with all the love we shared for him, take care always….dont be sad, please leave with happiness coz we are with u wholeheartedly, thnks for the sweet memories

    • Hello Isabel!! HJ read from you loud and clear and I can assure you he loves his fans so much, his fans is his top priority over everything in his career life, believe me.

      May I just share this. Expressing sadness is rewarding that once you bring it, spill it out, cry it out, after which you’ll find out you’re much better and that’s the only time you truly feel happy.

      That’s what HJ did shared with us what he truly feels sad it may be but as a result, we see him bouncing back as if nothing happened and it’s so good to watch him that way as he shared his happiness on stage!

      Thank you for dropping by, have nice week ahead of you, take care and see you again!!! God bless…

  15. Hello Lk,
    Welcome back…!!!. you were trully missed, lots, thanks for your time and sharing with us, this is so beautifully written, soo touching, you are a real Gem.
    Thank you for being there and taking care of our beloved Star. Oh yes he is back and in full force, it seems one great WT this will be, from snippets of fancams this look just great. The Star, the songs and the costumes are at a different level, yes we’ve missed Hj in concerts and this one is at a different level as you put it. Hj is just improving and getting better, like good wine.

    What a beautiful Soul this man (Hj) has to write such beautiful words….soo touching, but also so sad, he is not losing us his fans, he is going to do his duty and it is only for like 24 months or so….his loyal fans will be waiting for him.
    He will be just a man in his prime by the time he will return from service and I bet you all, a better and improved Hj with a head full of ideas how to move on further in his career.
    He is a good actor/singer/dancer and model, he carved his place in the entertaiment and has so much passion for his craft and nobody can stop him for moving forward.

    For the sad people have some faith what is written to happen will happen and for this man…Fate still has a saying.
    You are so right When Today Passes By …wow, touching but so very sorrowfull.
    Please come back to us from time to time, we miss you dearly and Hj as well.
    (go Argentina go….!) Missed you lots.

    • Hello girl!!! Oh it’s like crawling to be able to get here!! LOL, but I’m so happy to be back! I should have posted his message after Seoul concert but too many things to do with the show to better improve its technicality, and I’m glad we did it in Taipei. Still busy though but I’m truly happy with the outcome of this concert.

      Honestly, HJ took a rest from dancing for over a year I think and coming to the rehearsals I was expecting a rusty dancer which is normal, that you have to oil them up with rigid warm up classes till everything gets loose, but I was wrong, not with HJ he was even more energetic, and I don’t know where he gets his stamina he missed dancing and he was quite excited from the first day of rehearsals until now. He improved a lot in his skills in dance and doing it together with singing live it’s 10 folds improvement there, oh specially his breathing, that I noticed I think swimming did a lot of help. The guy doesn’t stop he loves to be on the move all the time, I was quite surprised by his stamina in short I’ve seen a different KHJ this time, this guy is just so amazing on and off cam!

      Hyun Joong has the ability to touch other people’s heart, and you won’t believe it he doesn’t know that. He can put you to tears by just simple thoughts, yet it will struck to your deepest heart, that’s him. He had gone matured I think in every way, but still that little boy in him is still inside him and surface at times in just spur of the moment and just laugh at him!!! Ah I miss this guy!!LOL

      Thank you girl for sharing your thoughts always! And thanks for sharing the links, honestly I’m totally out of touch from the fandom, I lost my TT I really can’t get in I just can’t find time to fix it. However, still the same don’t have time to browse around, so thanks for your help as always!!

      Take care, have a great week ahead of you and see you again!! god bless..

  16. Thanks Lazer!
    Finally,nalaman ko rin what was the message written on the screen during his concert.I saw the clip shared and been searching for its translation but to no avail.Maybe due to my limited time browsing ,that I missed it?! ( >_<)'

    Hyunjoong, whenever he leaves a meaningful words either through his msgs or interviews he certainly makes us reflect ourselves by it.He does to me, more than many times! This guy really knows the right words to say.One of the many reasons why we grew so attached to him.Needless to say.

    Since you'll be spending a lot of time seeing him again as part of the production team do preserve some detailed memory as much as you can, so by the time he's enlisted and his presence being missed,maybe by that time then, you would be able to disclose some bits of pieces of your memories to us.No pressure~ just being hopeful..haha^^ tc

      • Hello Dan!! So good to see you again! What can I say seeing Hyun Joong gives me the impression of him being an untouchable star, hardly be affected, jolly but those are all within his surface. Deep inside he’s so sentimental and yes very sensitive, one minute he’s all laughing, next is just staring at empty space that all of a sudden his mind is occupied with ideas!!
        He can easily spill out thoughts of wisdom that at times you would say “is he for real?” LOL but think about what he’s saying is true and it applies to life!

        Oh yes, I promise to keep this blog even he’s away and try my best to write as much as I can. I kept my diary from all his concerts, and I’ll share it little by little once he gets inside. This would at least shorten the span of time being away, and bringing him closer to his fans.

        Thank you Dan for dropping and share your thoughts, that I really miss reading your inputs too. Take care, have a wonderful week ahead of you! see you again and God bless….

  17. Hi ms lazerkim!
    So glad that you have managed to post again this time…
    You are one lucky person & me feel so happy, though, hee, admittedly envious too, in a good way, that you have come into our beloved boy’s orbit again…
    Since we are nowhere near him & you are with him, perhaps you could inform him that we are always there for him, supporting & loving him always, ya?
    We’ll wait for him, no worries in that…
    Do try to get it to that gorgeous head of our boy that we love him not only b’cos he’s too beautiful for words but that we adore him for being him, if that’s not too much for you that is.
    Could you please record(remember, that is) every li’l bit of your interaction with him & later perhaps disclose it to us here? Pretty please?
    As you’ve said this is his last tango before going off for his mandatory service so if we could also be able to share this precious time & memories…if you don’t mind, that is…then it would be very much appreciated. dear ms lazerkim…
    Our boy’s always in a hurry, isn’t he?
    2 releases within a month & yeah, m loving both though m liking the Japanese songs a bit more at the moment. However, he’s always giving us different glimpses of his multi-faceted self, so m happy…
    Well, ms lazerkim, till we meet again in, hopefully another not-too-long-to-be-written post from you…
    Give our boy lots & lots of kisses & well-wishes from us, his ever-loving fans…
    Ingat, ya…

    • Hello Arfina! LOL oh don’t worry he reads the comment boxes too, this is how he gets good input and he gets inspired letting him know how much he is being loved, he gets his stress reliever from here too. It gives him better strength in doing more for us.

      Actually he’s such in a hurry, yes he wants to do as much for us before he gets in using every minute of his time, tiring though but it makes him happy doing things that loves most and that is music.There are lots more to look forward from him we just have to gather those so he can keep all of us company while in MS.
      LOL don’t worry I’m keeping my diary safe so that I have something to write while inside and I’ll share those little by little in this blog in the right time.

      Rest assure that he got your message. Yeah sometimes I feel guilty that it takes time before I can find my way to get back here, I’ll just be popping in, that I promise! LOL don’t worry I’ll give him those well-wishes from you! God if I can only bring all of you here with me to the back stage I should have done so!! LOL!! I really wish!!! LOL

      Take care, have a wonderful day, thanks for sharing your thought share assure your effort had been granted by him and read your message. See you again God bless…

  18. So true. When he comes back after military service, we will be here to continue the journey with him in whatever form he decides — actor, singer, director, record producer or whatever else he wants. But hey, we still have some time to enjoy this chapter.

    • Hello there! Oh yes we still have all the time in the world to watch and hear from him it’s just that HJ took advantage of this chance to be on stage and relay his message to his fans. And since the message was said in Korean and written in Chinese character, I’m putting it up here in this blog hoping to reach out for his fans from the farthest part of the world in English. This might be too early but at least this will prepare our hearts until he gets inside.
      Thank you for stopping by, take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

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