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By: LazerKim               Any update about Kim Hyun Joong?? NONE! Fine, so this only mean he’s again cooking something inside the kitchen, then let’s leave him be on his own busy days behind the scene. Let’s just keep each other’s company for the mean time, entertain ourselves with thoughts about the guy. And in no time he’ll be out there before we know it he’ll be at the airport boarding his flight for his WT concert series on his next stop to shake his stage with his music.

But before I go any further with the article topic which is just bits and pieces to pick up, may I just remind that Thailand concert had been postpone to August 24 and that ticket selling are now opened for those who may have not purchase it yet. At the same thought Bangkok is cordially inviting KHJ international fans to come visit Thailand to watch his concert and to have a chance to see the beauty of the country. You still have a month to think about it and prepare in case you have decided. Although this isn’t the concert next stop, Japan should be the next, scheduled on the 29th and 30th of July at Yokohama arena. See you there!!



In my recent  article Dream Fate, many of my readers had share their thoughts and I really want to thank everyone for taking their time to read and comment. Among the comments there’s one that caught my attention as she said “it’s an eye opener.” she got what I mean out of the article I wrote! It’s really an eye opener for those fans who might have lost their way from the journey where Hyun Joong is taking. And I was one guilty fan who had lost that direction one time within the period of my journey with Hyun Joong. I told myself one day I’m gonna share what I have experienced being a fan and learn something out of that experience.

I would be very honest there was one time after IG, I was tempted by another Korean actor to write about him since I had the chance to work with this artist before Hyun Joong’s concert in Seoul. In short I was being swayed!! Someone from the inside said “this star is very popular but he was filled with controversial issues and rumors, but it seems no one from the circle of his fans to be openly defending him.”

What’s new, every time there’s a hot artist gaining so much popularity there’s always people who wants to bring him down. Hyun Joong had gone from the same road for years of being badly criticized. The only difference is, Hyun Joong’s fans are there to defend him openly and protect him at all times and at all cost. And now that he had proven himself as an actor, he finally gained the media recognition and praises from here and there. People had seen what they have failed to see from Hyun Joong as a true skilled actor.



This insider suggested to me to write about this actor and defend. I opened up another blog site under a different user name, so as not to confuse my readers since Kim Hyun Joong and this artist belong to one agent. They may not be competitor having different categories, still in the public eye in one point in time they were.

Although my intention is defending a deserving co-artist and I have clearly emphasized that I am not a fan of this actor!! I was able to write three articles about him in just one sitting and post them, however, I know all the while reading from those articles lack the passion as what LazerKim has for Kim Hyun Joong. I learned a lot out of the incident being a simple fan writer. And so I stopped, I think I did what I have to do for a co-artist and I’m off the hook.

That time I was like testing the water if it’s fine, but I got drowned and here’s the guy rescuing me from getting any deeper, and he’s just short of saying “Hey Lazerkim you don’t belong there, here’s your home, now stay put!!! You cannot joke other people that you can write without passion to your subject!!” And he’s right, one cannot just write putting words together without feelings, because readers do feel from the writer. This was one lesson learned for me in losing my way back home. I tend to stumble but for some reasons I can only say “there’s no better place like home”, and this blog site is my home ever since!



Another lesson for me during my hectic busy days and the airing of IG at the same period that goes, “You don’t leave your idol in times when he needed you as his fan.” We fans have the choices whoever we want to follow, it’s our right. But Hyun Joong as an artist doesn’t have that same right to choose. He embraces whoever is in front of him, be it good or bad it doesn’t matter for as long as he’s making you happy as his fan. That’s the essence of being an entertainer. BUT he is also a human who can feel hurt.

I posted the lyrics of the song “When the Day Passes by” sung by Hyun Joong for IG, other than the reason that I fell for this song, and encouraging him to do more ballads, the lyrics somehow hit me deep in my heart, and it hurts! Simply because I was guilty of being swayed by another artist, specifically this line from that song;

I hate you, are you listening?…..You’re not next to me…..

I get SCARED That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

Ouch!!!…….This was just co-incident, of course the song was not intending to make anyone guilty or what!! But somehow the song was being truthful, that when someone loves you so deeply to the extent of caring and protecting, sometimes there’s also fear of losing that person. This is very natural to any relationship, friendship, or even a stranger over the internet whom we don’t meet eye to eye, yet there’s a good rapport in interacting with this stranger that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Same with Hyun Joong, he doesn’t have any idea who his fans are, may not have met them in person, not meeting eye to eye yet there’s that rapport or connection between him and his fans and I felt this very strongly during his concerts, as I watch him and his fans from the audience gallery, that the connection is so powerful. He loves performing on stage because it’s his only chance to personally interact with his fans and he loves every moment of it. It would hurt him to lose that rapport from his fans and he would do everything in his power to get hold of you and not letting go ever. That’s how much he loves his fans.



With the same thought reading from here was such a pleasure for him, dedicating all 374 articles of LazerKim is solely all about Kim Hyun Joong, from a loyal fan with all smiles on him while reading! BUT upon knowing there’s another article for another artist, from the same writer, I think it’s an “ouch” for him!! Which is a natural reaction to anyone, be it an artist or not of course! I got the biggest mistake there being a loyal fan writer, my fault, but I learned from that mistake. That every single fan is important to Kim Hyun Joong, and it will hurt him to lose even just one of them.

On writing about the other artist, I was trying hard to put LazerKim on the writer, but the feeling is different, it somehow lacks the same connection I have whenever I write about Hyun Joong, as he said “passion cannot be faked”, and I think he’s right!

Other than the fact Kim Hyun Joong is ONLY ONE, that nothing and no one can alter that fact, I realize that quite clearly, he is not the type of artist whom you can easily forget or take for granted. He will haunt you until you come back to him, that’s how powerful his charisma is, and he can win you back, he’s always the winner, remember? Take it from LazerKim!!

Apology had been accepted weeks before going back on stage, and what killed me the most is that, the same kindness, the same thoughtfulness, the same friendly warmth heart, remained unchanged from Kim Hyun Joong, and he said,

“It doesn’t matter how much you look around, the important thing is you came back as a whole with greater love as my fan……”

                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong [article] DREAM FATE


By: LazerKim            As Kim Hyun Joong started rolling up the curtain on his World Tour concert series for this year, we have seen a brand new Kim Hyun Joong right on top of the stage to share with us, a collection of his past and current music wrapped in one memorable show. He again innovated this concerts in a different approached and I must say a more impressive than ever. But the most important thing in this concert series is a higher level of development in Hyun Joong’s singing and dancing skills.

He has even much greater power on stage this time on how he captured his audience. Hyun Joong took a rest from dancing for over a year that I wasn’t expecting to see such stamina even stronger this time and had seen much further improvement both in his singing and dancing  skills. It’s one great show shined by a single STAR Kim Hyun Joong, pouring out every power he got in one most unforgettable moment! Don’t fail to see it!


Hyun Joong recently released his Korean single Beauty Beauty which is now on top of the chart, go grab your copy now!! Actually he had released his dance music both in Korean (Timing, Habit) and Japanese (Hot Sun) one after the other that has been keeping him busy the past months. Grab a copy of each singles, let’s pick up all memories that we can get while it’s hot!

Since I’ve been at work mode further preparing for World Tour next stop, I haven’t got the chance to browse around to share updates with you, I’m putting up this article just for the record as a part of Hyun Joong’s journey, two important items which I should have posted weeks ago but time just kept pulling me away from here. I’m so happy to be back, as promised I’ll just pop out, so here I am!



Last year 2013 Hyun Joong performed a different concert series as a rocker singing with a live band and I was given the chance to work on those shows, that after which I was all wishing I could have another chance to work with him again. His drama came out, I became so pre-occupied on the stage production that honestly I have almost forgotten that dream I had, to work with him again. Somewhere along the way, our roads crossed again unexpectedly, and knowing this is gonna be his last dance concert, I’m truly happy to be a part of it.

May I just share, as Hyun Joong said, during one of our rehearsals “Fate comes when you encounter a person whom you cannot forget and had gone from your eye sight, in some magical way that person comes back, if so, don’t let go because it’s fate that lead you to that person.”

What he said became true to me and I’m so thankful I grabbed that chance to hold on and never let go. I will never let go of my idol again!


Hyun Joong asked, “what can I do for my fans that I can keep them company during my absence?”  Since Hyun Joong has been known to us as the gentle healing idol, how I wish to be left with an album that contains all love songs which he have not created among his album collections, trying ballad songs isn’t bad at all. And it’s a great feel to have an easy listening music from Hyun Joong and his romantic side to surface, that makes me fall for him over and over again.

Among the love songs that Hyun Joong sang, for me this OST When Today Passes By  is the best. So simple but it highlights the sweetness of his voice and his emotions blend together that made this song perfect! This song is very meaningful to him during his period of struggles and rising to a someone with new image.

I had the chance to carefully listened to this song during our concert rehearsals “When Day Passes By” and I didn’t realize how meaningful this song was. How I wish Hyun Joong would sing more ballad love songs like this before he leaves.

I think among many songs of Hyun Joong this song had been translated in so many different language at YouTube. May I just write the lyrics of this song, I know I’m the late bloomer here, but I just want to put this in my blog, here it goes…

When Today Passes By

I just spent an entire day, thinking only about you, blankly swallowing tears

I ran for a while because I felt like going crazy, I call out to you on the top of my lungs

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, words I want to say to you all day

I say that I love you, I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, are you listening?

You’re not next to me, when today passes, will tomorrow comes? Night is coming.

Will you tell me, will you tell me when today passes? sometimes, I get SCARED

That you will get tired of this long trip and let go of me, please hold onto me

I want to be by your side and protect you everyday, Can you hear me?

Where are you right now?

I say that I love you, I love you I say that I hate you, I hate you

Are you listening, you’re not next to me, when today will tomorrow comes?

Night is coming, When today passes, when today passes, when the pain ends

A day is so long, that I’m afraid I’ll lose you, when today passes

I say that I love you I love you, I say that I hate you, I hate you, 

I’m always at your side, when today passes by tomorrow will come.

If only you would know, When today passes by, when today passes by……




At the concert in Seoul Hyun Joong shared his own video message to his S.Korean fans, this follows to the succeeding concert series, but it shall be shown in writing on stage screen in different languages.

I cried bucket of tears as I read this message. Sometimes it takes a lot of pain just to realize how important a person is in our life, when he or she’s no longer around, but as Hyun Joong said “Fate takes the lead……and they comes back to you with greater love…..”  For those who may not have read it, here it is.

A time that’s like a dream, And to say it’s ending is regretful If it’s a dream I wish I don’t wake up from it…

If it’s ending, I wish I can turn back the time… From the beginning… All over again?

Right now I wish that this moment could be forever

Right now I will make you all feel How much I am thankful to all of you

How much I love all of you     

‘To My Beauty’  Everyone!!! I love you. Thank you. And also…I always…Want to see everyone.   Really, truly…

 From the bottom of my heart…. Kim Hyun Joong


In my previous articles, I have always been writing that “knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing that ever happened to me.” I was once down and helplessly but he lead me to this space to share my thoughts all about Kim Hyun Joong as my cure. Likewise during the time he’s down, he comes to read from here, and there he is flying on cloud nine again!

Little did I know that I’ll be meeting him again, my dream came true and just like Hyun Joong, how I wish my dream would be endless.

One day I’ll wake up, and you’ll be somewhere. But I will not stop from dreaming because I know you’ll be back soon….. I would just be waiting and stay by your side………so keep the love on stage!

Fans do come and go, but it doesn’t mean you are forgotten. Just like in this blog, the real world may be pulling me from here, but I kept coming back, knowing someone from here is waiting to read all about Kim Hyun Joong.

Keep the dreams while you’re there and we’ll be dreaming with you, don’t regret because it doesn’t end from here. In our thoughts we can always go back, because you’re leaving us with so much memories we treasured. Don’t thank us because we owe you more than you know it. We will be waiting come rain or shine, until you come back to us…

Kim Hyun Joong you are always loved and I sincerely hope you felt it somehow in my own little humble way through this blog. Thank you for being you Kim Hyun Joong, still as my ONE AND ONLY….

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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