Kim Hyun Joong [article] HE’S BACK!

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By: LazerKim                    In a crowded room I was hoping to see the guy I’ve been waiting for, and what I had in mind was the looks from the last time I had seen him, that I have almost forgotten that this guy changes his image every time he’s in his hiding! And when he finally shows up, it definitely seem like meeting another man!! Who else would I be talking about? Well, Kim Hyun Joong the singer is back in town!! What can I say?? Nothing….it’s just that I can’t breath or say anything upon seeing him because he’s so HOT!! Isn’t he gorgeous in his new looks!! He aged again by one year and yet he’s much younger looking and really fresh in his hair style!

Honestly, I’m pretty much of a critic with other young artists who goes for weird color looking hair style!! Pardon me if I may sound offensive to other young Kpop stars, but I think I’m not too young anymore to go with flashy fashion trend!! But when I have seen Hyun Joong’s new look, I think it’s the first time for me to really appreciate what I used to dislike in the past! I must admit I even fell for this guy with his two tone colored hair that I just love it!!

In my previous articles way back in time, I have always mentioned that Hyun Joong is a type of person that anything he puts on in his body is just perfect for him, be it with clothes, accessories, and any hair style. He’s consistently handsome in so many different styles. If you’re a fan who’s fond of collecting his photos from the time he started in the lime light, and had seen him in different hair style, I wouldn’t ask which of those photos you have collected to pick the most handsome, but I would ask you to pick the less pleasing ones! I wonder if you would pick even just one!! Kim Hyun Joong is naturally handsome in any angle be it in photos, on screen and in person, and that is why he is being called PERFECT because he truly is perfectly handsome!!



An actor decided to change his image after doing a successful drama project, to the extent of changing himself from head to foot in getting rid of a very cold distant character which described the person he recently portrayed in that drama! I may have speculated Hyun Joong might have done the same thing, doing Shin Jung Tae for months and adopting this character on and off screen may be tough, specially he personally loved the character just as much as many of us did.

Just like many of us who was captured by Shin Jung Tae and IG withdrawal, it took time before he finally got back being Kim Hyun Joong the singer, and he may have gone over with the mysterious character! And in the near future we’ll be seeing Hyun Jung bouncing back on stage in a totally different person singing for us! Well, he recently started with a fan meet in Yokohama that gave his fans a real shock on his new looks, that made his Japanese fans stated “is this really him”? It’s funny I asked the same question upon seeing him from up far!

I thought I’m done thinking of Shin Jung Tae, but when he started singing IG’s OST “If today goes by” on that stage, oh boy I found myself falling in love with him again!! I guess my hang-over isn’t over as yet! I was wondering then if Hyun Joong had gone over with Shin Jung Tae’s character?? Well maybe, but I’m sure the desire of rushing back on filming as an actor is still with him! It’s a very natural feelings for an artist to do more after a successful project. Nevertheless, seeing his fans in front of him again in Yokohama, brought back happy memories of rocking the stage with his music being loved by millions made him just as excited as ever. It’s like doing the show for the first time again! Indeed the singer is back!!



Kim Hyun Joong is back to being a Kpop idol for the last time before he bid farewell as a dancer and shall be launching his upcoming album Hot Sun pretty soon, this could probably be our last chance to see him dance on stage. It’s like putting a memorable end to where he started to be able to cultivate a fresh new beginning in the near future.

Many of his veteran fans had been with him as he did his first steps in dancing in 2005, until such time those handful fans grew to millions worldwide over the years. How I envy those fans to have witnessed how he started being a dancer/singer idol, who had seen him doing his very first dance piece and up until now that Hyun Joong shall be doing his last piece as a dancer, they remained at his side over the years.

There’s a saying, a dancer will always be a dancer, whether it’s a gifted or acquired talent, what matters most is how he was developed and the amount of sincere effort to be a good dancer. Kim Hyun Joong shall always be remembered as a dancer and how he had innovated his shows from a simple fan meet turning it to concerts in his Asian concert tours in 2012.

As a solo dance singer, he started with Breakdown as his first album that for me it will always remained unforgettable, because it was here that I was totally captured by his magic spell in 2011! Oh you can’t just imagine how I turned to be like his slave!! Waking up in the morning taking my cup of coffee having him on my mind and tweeter became my daily morning papers reading news all about Kim Hyun Joong! And as the night falls, that’s when I turned to writing articles about the guy!! Such great memories that brought life to my life!! Simple it may be, but it’s Kim Hyun Joong that made those memories precious as ever!

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Each year that this season comes, June 6th became a big day to Hyun Joong’s fans that the world celebrates this day with him as the birth of a star. No matter where Hyun Joong may be on this day personally celebrating with his friends, but out of his sight, it is on this particular day that his fans from different groups or different countries gather together to celebrate.

As for me here, I would like to do it on my own sharing thoughts of him, on how he had changed a part of me being a fan of one particular artist for the first time in the long years of my life in showbiz industry. Hyun Joong is the only one who had really captured my whole being among all the artists I’ve watched performed, be it on stage, TV, movies or had the chance to worked with some. I am always thankful being a fan just like anyone that lead me to be inspired by him in anything I do. Others may accuse me of being obsessive in writing daily articles all about KHJ in 2012, but I’ll gladly accept it because it made me a better person I think.

To Kim Hyun Joong, you are a great artist, and from this day onward may your dreams come true, which I never doubt, because you do work it out to make your dreams exist in reality.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



This time Hyun Joong is giving us a big birthday treat as he will be releasing his next album HOT SUN on June 18th. And since it’s a treat for us fans, let us support and place him again on top of Oricon as we always have done in his previous projects. He’ll start rolling with fan meet events and concerts by the end of this month onto his World Tour by July!

Isn’t this just great? For some fans, it may have been such boring months waiting for him to get out there after IG, but it’s worth waiting for, we’ll have a bunch of fun as Hyun Joong enjoys his stage as a dance singer, it’s just so great seeing him and having his music be heard worldwide once again!

Oh we would surely miss him dance on stage after his world tour, so if there’s a chance for us to attend to his upcoming concert series, grab that chance, specially if he’s coming to your country. Be a part of that memory, be there, and let’s support his music! It’s a date with a star Kim Hyun Joong……….he’s back!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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