Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATELY SPEAKING


By: LazerKim                  Don’t you miss this laughter from Kim Hyun Joong after his three months filming for Inspiring Generation? At last I have seen him on stage again joking with his fans, and I would say he had relaxed after taking a break spending his days at Jeju Island scuba diving and hitting the golf course. This photo above was taken yesterday April 12th at a fan meet in Seoul, and here he emphasized his future plans before his date with the military camp as he was asked by the show MC and responded as follows:

  • Release an album in Japan (He already finished recording)
  • Release another album in Korea
  • World Tour
  • Act in another drama (he would like to show his acting again)
  • If there is an occasion, Japan tour next year
  • Charity concert (no fee) for which I will raise the fund (laugh)

In another interview, Hyun Joong mentioned that this will be the last dance music album that he’ll be doing which shall be released next month in May this year. It seems Hyun Joong shall be resigning as a dancer, but not as a singer. It’s in his time-table that once he reaches the age 30, he’ll eventually stop from doing dance music. Fair enough since Hyun Joong had been doing dance music for almost 10 years of his career. I know everyone would miss his dance moves and dance music, but knowing the guy, he loves changes, re-inventing and developing himself into something new. And besides, of all his talents, it’s dancing that is first to expire, whether we like or not, that’s reality among dancers.

1233521_600026486760080_6115393381268394131_n (1)


I read this interview with Hyun Joong which I have been wanting to share my views about the Kpop idols, and I’m glad he opened up this matter. I would like to point out some particular lines from his statement and share my own opinion. Here it goes, as Hyun Joong stated:

“If I had to become an idol once again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s a strong belief that idols aren’t singer ‘N sync in America is considered an artist, but in Korea and Japan idols aren’t seen as artists, and their image is limited.”

“Idols can be in relationships too, but at one point there was a time when they said that idols shouldn’t date. When idols act, there’s an uncertainty just because they’re idols. Even when they buy cars, the public turns it around and says that ‘the idol brought a car’. There’s a pre-fixed notion about idols. It’s true that idols are young, but they’re also cultured people in this land. It’s unfortunate.”

The rest of the interview can be read at kpopstarz for those who have not read the article, here’s the link below.




I’m not a fan of any Kpop idol group, it was only Hyun Joong who introduced Kpop music to me since he was with SS501 which was categorized as Kpop idol group band. As his fan, I came in when he was already a solo singer, but have seen him first from BOF as an actor. It was only when I started researching and writing all about KHJ that I knew he started from SS501 as a singer.

I have read a lot of comments from other sites that there are people who seem to be “allergic” to Kpop idols who goes for acting in dramas. Comments such as “I would watch this or that drama so long as the lead is not an idol”! Well, we have different opinion, we have our individual choice what drama to watch or what music to listen to, but I feel the anti-Kpop are so unfair in their way of thinking! Or this may not only goes to drama fans but also to producers! I just don’t get it as to why can’t idols be called singers or actors? If they have actually performed professionally on stage as singers or dancers and have acted in dramas, then definitely they should be called artists. They may not be that excellent, but still it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have the right to be called artists.

And yes Hyun Joong is right, there may be a stereotype concerning idols that some people does not even consider them artists. And this is just so painful to these idols. As I myself is an artist too, I do believe talents can be developed, the fact that it can also be acquired so why can’t these aspiring artists be given a room to develop themselves? They cannot be developed if they are not given the chance to do so. I think this is just a matter of being open-minded instead of immediately closing doors to these artists specially the deserving ones.

Legitimate agents do sponsor training for aspiring artists and before doing so, they screen these artists, evaluate whatever they got, be it in singing, dancing or acting, of course with consideration of looks or there are even artists who are not so good-looking but they have great talents. BUT majority of these artists started from zero, not to mention there are artists with gifted talents, they too started from somewhere down below. Admittedly there are Kpop idol groups with larger members and some of these members may not be that good (at present) but we may never know what’s in store for them in the future. They might be even greater singers or actors than expected in the future.



It’s true that there are entertainment agents in Korea or Japan literally discourage their artists in dating, as a part of preserving or protecting their artist’s image whether the artists keep this dating in private or go public and this is so sad, because it’s natural for human to have relationships. For obvious reasons these agents of course earn through their artists and idol groups do have a large fan base consisting of teenagers. These young fans dwell on having “imaginary relationship” with their most admirable idols, that they do not allow their respective idols to have any relationship with other girls or they walk away from their idols! It’s like tying a knot with huge number of strangers on the part of the artists!!

I couldn’t forget a case filed in S.Korea which I have read few years ago, that a Korean female celeb was thrown soy sauce to her in a public restaurant by a jealous fan of her rumored celeb boyfriend!! This was just one incident showing how jealous some young Korean fans were. It’s like these idols are becoming slaves of their own fans, then I would say this entertainment world is somewhat scary!! In reality, we can never even own anybody in this real world in fact, not even our own life time partner, they too have their individual mind!!

It’s different with the westerns, that even artists go public with their personal affairs, their fans stay with them and remain unchanged. Why is it have to be different with Koreans?? I do hope with what Hyun Joong opened up about idol life can enlighten people out there living in primitive age would change their views about reality in showbiz. Artists are not your slaves, they too deserves what relationship you got with others.



At the same interview Hyun Joong stated this:

“There’s nothing that I’m lacking because I’ve never had a proper relationship. Although my personal life has been somewhat violated, I was fortunate enough to get chosen among 1 million people who auditioned. I’m in the so-called 10% that became a celebrity. That’s the reason why I should think about this matter and be happy regardless.

I’m not sure if I got the right understanding from what Hyun Joong was trying to say. But for me it seems Hyun Joong made a lot of personal sacrifice to be where is now. I couldn’t say he never dated anyone, I’m sure he did, as he admitted in the past, it’s just that he haven’t had a committed relationship. If Hyun Joong is not a big star and he’s just an ordinary man, it should have been easier for him to have a normal relationship, with his good qualities, who wouldn’t grab him? What’s the difference? Well, he haven’t found her!! That’s the big difference!!

I remain consistently truthful to what I write that no matter how other fans encouraged me to talk about his private affair, I prefer to respect his privacy and to defend him from others who maliciously create links between him and his co-celebs. Hyun Joong denied having dated with Uee, and so be it, put an end to the rumors. We have known him to be that honest, so why else others has to insist on something that is not true? And no matter how much we wanted him to go out dating around or keep his privacy to himself, that’s gonna be his choice and not ours, we’re just his fans staying behind him.



Korea should be proud that they do have great artists from the idol groups to look up to, how much these people brought the country to the top A global popularity in showbiz entertainment and I think the Kpop idols should be given enough room in developing their craft by giving them chances instead of discriminating them or being out-cast from the rest of the actors and singers. The idols deserve the same respect as other professional artists do.

I would say Hyun Joong is a very good example of history in the entertainment world. He started with an idol group band, and I would say he was also a victim of being badly criticized, but where is he now? He’s up there on cloud nine being loved by millions globally! Fine, being criticized is also a challenge in proving oneself, but come on, even Hyun Joong came from an idol group, he is an artist by all means. And just the same with other idols, they too should be treated with proper respect.

May I just mention this fact, that I think the showbiz producers should be the developers and the builders of entertainment, that I’m hoping it’s not only money that matters to them. Business may be a hit or miss kinda thing like a gamble, but values do matter a lot.

I’m so proud of Hyun Joong as he stood up behind the idols and speak up what he truly think and feel being one of them in his past. Indeed he’s a true leader, defending those who deserves equal respect. I got high hopes that the people concern would hear him out and be enlightened.

And with that, I end my article from here as I bid everyone a pleasant day! I do hope we learned something from the interview with Kim Hyun Joong as he shared with us his thoughts and feelings.

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks Ms.D



41 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATELY SPEAKING

  1. dear Lazerkim I really MISS YOU. I know thatnow you are working hard you told us that before but take a little time to write please.
    Well I am with a little emptiness sence now, after the drama finished. Fortunately in my country we can watch the drama just the next hours after it is aired subbed in English and next day full in Spanish on Viki, of course that I could watch it without adds which let you watch and enjoy it so much. I also really enjoy writing my comments on it, and waiting for the next episode, how beautiful time I share with my only one KHJL and his acting, I smile, laught, cry be angry and more. I also enjoy a lot the fighting scenes, his skills are awesome that I rewatch them many times. I really like to share with you my feeling since I know that it was exclusive in VIKI for American and European fans, thanks them to have the chance to watch it. I hope that Japanese fans also will enjoy it.
    Hope to read a new text from you, your point of view is great and we agree with you in many aspects. Think that you undestand our feelings, I am worry that I will become an obsessive fan, because I search his news any time I have a chance in the day, but it relax me and let me forget my problems, watching his smile always makes me smile and I am really happy with his sussessful activities, I am happy seeing how fans always wait for him at airports or any place he is, the last video I really like is one where he is playing a game and laughting so much, it was great. Well thanks to let me write about my felling here and waiting for you dear

    • Oh Jazu…miss her too, but it seems she is to busy as Hj is also busy with the new album and promotion of IG. But don’t you like his new look…cool, love it. Can’t wait for the Hot Sun….you are not alone dear, we all miss Him and LK. 🙂

      • Hello everyone, just dropping by to greet! Please forgive me work is just killing me and seeing HJ again made me float in the air!! I love his new looks that again I almost missed to recognize him!!! gees of all the people LOL!!
        But I’ll be back soon since HJ’s big day is just around the corner and I just cross my fingers to be here before that day comes. Thanks a million for visiting my blog even I’m not around, well HJ’s spirit is here, I know that for a fact and I know he’s enjoying reading from you too!
        Take care everyone and see you soon!!! Love lots, LazerKim here!

  2. I don’t know when I start become annoying person sis,really visit our land please.Whenever you have time…open your blog.Just read his sentence that now he more happy because he don’t ever stress because of the popularity ,rating and money…our wacky prince really matured now right? I wonder what he doing now? Anything you know about him?please share with us.Bless ya and stay healthy.

  3. HI LK.. im a new fan and i marathoned all your article last november and i enjoyed reading them then you suddenly dissappeared when IG started..keke.. i only checked again right now and thanks for the new article..

  4. Hi sis…are you still busy?miss you,at the same time miss him soooooo much.waiting your daily dose,and please stay healthy.

  5. nice to read you again, dear .
    Reading it reminded me that I stared following him as an actor, not as an idol, it was his role in BOF that atracted my attention, I am from a country where the actors that we see are latinamericans in soupoperas and Americans in movies. where also we are influenced a lot of American music and movies. But when I watch BOF by coinsidence, my life turned upside down, just one episode when Jandi discover that Jumpio was only defending her when he hit that bad boy, and she went to apologize, Ji hoo laught for his friend reaction and ate the apple with an amazing expresion, his smile cought me, incrediblely my taste changed, like these guys, specially him, I did not know that he was not a professional actor, as it was on TV and I did not watch it since the beginning, I started to search on internet the complete drama, looking info of the actor who called my attention, and that was all, now I really know a lot of him and respect him a lot, I love how he talk about his felling even if it will be critized, think that he is such an honest person that they listen what he said.
    Adorable person, he is honest with himself, great spell, he is really unique and leader in many fields, that is why I like him, thanks him to not stay in any stereotype, he loves to experience many things, sure his next character will be different from the previous, GOD bless you KHJL, since my far away place I will support you. Thanks Lazerkim to share with us your thoughts that fortunatelly many of us are agreed with you.

  6. Hiii Lk..!! Thanks a lot for writing such an interesting article.For sure KHJ is a real leader.He has spoken about a serious fact which all the korean idols who are really meant to be called an artist,face these kind of problems in their star life.When I watched this interview I was really shocked that this kind of silly things happen to them. I dont know why the people dont just appriciate and admire their idpls or stars for what they achieve, after all they are also humans and they also have every right to have everything with them. Well I am not blaming on anyone but from my opinion as you know we all have our imaginary world and imaginary relationship with our favourite stars. So if we fans can love them from so far then why re they not allowed to love someone they like. KHJ has spoken so frankly about this without any hesitation which shows that how much he also suffered from all this.
    People of South Korea must feel proud to have such an enthusiastic and realistic thoughtful artist. I think for all of us who are not koreans KHJ is a great artist and he already proved that in IG. Its not that I am not from SK, I am saying this because no matter what happens we are always with our favourite artists supporting them. Really the way KHJ put his own views on this make me to love him more and more.He will surely fall for a girl one day.Though this would be little difficult for fans like us(joking) but if KHJ will be happy then we’ll be happy for sure with a relief to see our KHJ smiling..
    We are the young generation so we should improve our point of view towards everything. Hope KHJ will get his point cleared and accepted by every fan and get success in securing future of new idols who have a real potential to be called an artist.Love you KHJ you are an artist in all manner acting /dancing/singing for sure.He has the real potential to improve day by day.He is the man of his words.I wish I could be a part of his future plannigs…
    Once again thanku so much lazer kim for this article. You are so good in sharing your thoughts, because whenever I read your articles it takes me much closer to KHJ and every one like this about you..That is why I miss your article so much so please dont stay away for so long…Take Care Lk and have a pleasent day..

  7. Wow, thanks LK, tough topic here, but I so much admire Hj for speaking honestly about those things. Yes it seems they do have scary fans in SK (actually wacko all the way…) imature I agree, but really scary and out of touch with reality to imagine all those things. You can be fan in so many ways without putting so much stres on the Star you like. Privacy is a privilege to celeb, but I consider that being so nosy about their private life is really too much.

    Bravo Hj for shedding light re Idols lives, they have it tough as it is, to prove that they are worth. All those young people they want to succeed and to prove that they are good at what they are doing, why the stigma?

    whay is actually baffling is that SK is trying to open to the world with the Hallyu wave but on the same time they are a very xenophobic society which criticize their celebs if they drink/smoke or date…for all they call “scandal”…!!
    What can be called “scandal” ( which is an action that can be morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage) if two young people (celebs..) are going out on a date?
    Dating today, having a relationship today is so trivial, why the hassle?!
    I believe that HJ is an artist in all the sense : actor/singer/ dancer and a model. He will just improve with the years (like good wine…), so we can look forward to see him even better after his MS. He seems like a person who knows his path.
    Just a thought here….(funny one…) if HJ will fall for a girl who is not Korean what do you think they will do….??!? (you know Love is Blind afterall….)…!! 🙂

    • Hello noya! Thanks for sharing! You got it right, strong point, yes why would SK gone out globally promoting their product if they themselves discriminate their own? It doesn’t make sense! The present generation is the future of any nation that I think has to be nurtured. Hj had surpassed that stage on his own effort proving himself as a singer and actor not to mention being an icon for a long period.
      The bus doesn’t stop from here, so may I just add, after his MS, he will experience another challenge. Two years ago I have been reading experience from other Korean actors, finding a bit difficulty to get on their toes to start from zero popularity again! I think this is a natural chain from getting out of the lime light for artists that some fans may forget! This is not impossible, anything can happen be it favorable or not.

      Just like you said, HJ knows his path. With the plans he has on his hands, that’s quite tough there, we’re not pushing too hard, but we can inspire him to achieve his plans. His last drama before he gets in is crucial, I think this is the most important before he leaves. I’m not disregarding his music, HJ has been a singer for 10 years so he had that stronger foundation, while as an actor, I think he has to fill in just one gap and he’ll be fine.

      After watching IG, he really has to make another one, because people had already seen what he really got as he improved a lot beyond expectation, and it’s natural to request even just one last before he leaves. And by the time he comes back, we can enjoy more from him endlessly!! Well this is just my opinion.

      It’s funny I can’t write daily articles any more the way I used to, so I can only share through my comment box, hoping everyone can read from here too!! Take care girl, have a great day and see you again!! God bless..

      • Well put LK, you are right, hope that Hj will be able to do another drama prior his MS, even though this is going to be one very busy time if the WT and albums releases and FMs will go as his plans. This is one busy as a bee guy, you got to love him for his diligence and drive, an example for all, if you want to achieve something in life = only with very hard work.
        Anyhow, HJ has established his place in the industry with being a good actor, singer and don’t forget a wonderful and elegant model and dancer, and the professionals are aware of his potential, so, think positive, after the MS he will find his niche. Think that during MS he will just gather more experience in real life and concoct plans for his come-back.
        Thanks for taking the time to reply, that is one way of communicating as well, or better expressing your(ours) thoughts/views via commenting box (miss your daily articles dearly, but thank God for small mercies….I know, greedy for fangirlie talk…lol..).
        For this coming holiday, wishing to all Aliens and to our star KHJ a Happy Easter and happy holidays! 🙂

    • Hello cracpracc!! Thank you for dropping to read my article! Now I cross my fingers he would be able to visit your country, many from your country had been wishing for it too. Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  8. Thanks for the brilliant article sis.Yes,I do miss his laughter…I do miss all about him.There is alot the different between him and others as an idol.He can bravely speak out what he thought… he really true leader.The reason why we never get enough with him is this fact…he inspired us in alot of your daily dose make me more understand why we love and respect him.sis,don’t leave us too long…for him,we are as a fans lets pray for him to deserve happy life and get the one that he love can really pour a lot of love to him..Kim Hyun Joong, we watching you with our love. Take care sis.

    • Hello Nada! Thank you for the compliment, don’t worry I’ll try my best to be here as much as I can, and I cross my fingers to be able to do that too specially next year.

      Anyway, may I use this space to share. I really do hope from here drama producers would give more chances to HJ to perform more dramas. This is also in his time-table as he mentioned in the past that after his military service he’s hoping to be able to do more dramas. Drama producers tend to hesitate in casting idols as HJ mentioned. HJ now had proven a well developed acting skills as we have seen him in IG, but the guy will not stop from there and he deserves to be given another acting project, in fact the more dramas the better. I hope drama producers would to their senses and give way to the deserving like Hyun Joong.

      There was one time last year I became curious about other actors previous projects and check them out at wikipedia. Majority of them did at least not less than 10 dramas from their debut, some did 2 dramas in a year. How I wish HJ would be able to achieve the same if not even better, HJ is even in advantage because he’s also a singer who can sing as many OST as he can if I compare with other actors. Even HJ reaches the age 40, I’m sure he still looks young considering he has a handsome baby face!!! As we can see as he mature, the further he develops. With the good working attitude of HJ, there’s no doubt he’ll even reach beyond expected success. HJ is not an overnight success type of artist. He has lots to contribute in showbiz because he is indeed a multi-talented artist.

      • That’s why we are family because what you thought not far from us.Compare with others, hyun joong did speed his level… think that bae yong joon hyung also shock.You right sis,he deserve to having more project in this path.Btw,I read in fanmeet that he read one or two script… nothing to deal yet since our boy schedule is really tight.Wish him happy in his life sis…you too pls stay healthy.For our boy 40 years is only number but his charm UNSTOPPABLE.♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Your article describes the reasons why I love Hyun Joong so much and can’t stop follow him days by days.
    Thank you all.

    • Hello Fanjoong! Thank you so much as always. So much countless reasons why we love HJ, we’re all at the same boat for loving one person!
      Take care, and see you again! God bless..

  10. I agree with your thoughts, lazerkim, and i really loved this article! There is a big disadvantage about coming out as an idol, even in the US that happened/ happens — I remember Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett and whomdoesn’t remember how Andy Gibb tried to break out of the “idol” image to be considered a REAL singer like his older brothers were, cos the BeeGees were upheld as true artists! But producres have stopped that in the US because of the numerous talents that ar available, one doesn’t need to pick an idol just for looks anymore. But as Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp broke out into the market at idols, then worked their way into proving themselves as actors and artists, Kim Hyun Joong has done the same in my eyes. Why I folow him and appreciate his work is the same as my admiration for Brad, proving to the world that he is not just some pretty face. I am in awe of the artist Hyun Joong is.

    • Agree with you…kim hyun joong is not just pretty face.Only some people try hard to deny his ability.I do like some actor like keanu reeve who they said not good in acting at the first…but now what?he is one of great actor.I am not because his fan I praise him…but this is fact that Inspiring Generation show him how great he is as an actor.He learn and practise hard to achieve his goal.That’s our Kim Hyun Joong.

      • Hello nada and angela! May I bat in and use my lunch break to share!! Both Brat Pitt and Keanu Reeves were my favorite actors. Come to think of it in all fairness they may be better actors than KHJ but I asked myself, how come I didn’t get addicted to these two stars? I never had such feeling of “can’t get enough” as much as I do with HJ. Whenever they have films that’s the only chance I watch them but after which, I was entertained and that’s it, but haven’t gone to the extent of watching the movie over again which would only take me 2 hours to watch it! Unlike with what I’m doing with HJ’s drama, I still go over with IG, and prior to this I still go over with BOF which takes ages to get done watching all episodes, whenever I have the time. And still looking forward for more dramas by hj, the feeling is just so amazing. This is just one part of HJ’s power over me!!

        Thank you angela for dropping by and share your thoughts, take care, and see you again! God bless…

        • Is the alien family feel the same? Can’t get enough about him…always want some more,how?keep on re watch IG on viki sis…and his video all the time whenever I have a break.I hope he is not so loong leave us like what he said,3 years that’s scary sis. I told you before…tom cruise and keanu reeve is my past he he coz I found it all in kim hyun joong.Sis I can’t get dvd yet in my country…any info that you have? Bless ya.

          • Hi again Nada! I’m not sure about DVD release in other countries but here in Japan it shall be released as soon as after it had already been locally aired. I only got mine from producer’s rough, meaning no jacket no nothing just the CD, which is very helpful since I’m always on the road or air, so I make use of those times watching while traveling.

    • Hello Cagome! Indeed Hyun Joong had contributed a lot in the showbiz world, and uniting different culture through him. Thank you for dropping by it’s nice to have met you here. Take care, have a great day and see you again! God bless..

  11. Great article from you always makes me smile. As what I post (as anonymous name) , you hit the point. We do love him as mature fans, love his work and just stay beside to suport him. We are waiting to enjoy his new work. Thanks again for the article.

    • Hello Kratuwoo! Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure having you here as we share the same thoughts and feelings for HJ. Oh yes we’ll be looking forward for his upcoming projects as he comes back to us as a singer! Take care, have a nice day and see you again!! God bless..

  12. MISS your daily dose of articles for so long, LZ… & thanks so much for always going to my “garden” to pick “fresh photos” of our ONLY ONE…looking forward to more frequent articles, dear ^^

    • Hello Ms.D!! Thank you so much, honestly, I owe you a lot, this blog wouldn’t be as good without the pictures of HJ that I pick in your garden!! You just don’t know how convenient it is for me and made my writing easier with just one visit to your garden, walla….I get updated photos and KHJ news!!LOL Thanks a million! Take care, have a wonderful day, and see you again! God bless..

  13. Hey Lazerkim, Nice to see you after such a long time. Welcome back.
    I’m always amazed at how hyun joong never fails to surprise me. Dating among idols is such a sensitive topic and hyunjoong speaking honestly about it made me realize whether he’s trying to break the glass ceiling for future idols. I’ve never heard other idols or singers speaking as freely and honestly about this topic as our HJ has. Maybe because he’s gone through an idol life and as a solo artisrt, he understood the disadvantage of being an idol and not recognized as an artist. Well, I hope HJ’s words lead to open discussion among koreans about idols as artists and their private life, and things change for the better for future idols.

    • Hello Kyroo!! I miss you, it’s been a while, how are you? Now let me share. There was one video clip during HJ’s SS501 that I remember I just don’t have much time now to search for it, but he actually spill it out in almost teary eyes and short of saying he gave up his only love to be a singer. He was so young back then, now that he had mature, he just spell it out bluntly without hesitation what life he had as an idol. And yes I agree with you, he did it for the young idols as an eye opener to everyone. With the same hope as you, change for the better.
      Take care, it’s really good to see you here again thank you. Have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

      • I missed you too…!!! You have no idea how much i was used to reading ur articles, and you decided to play hide and seek with us, coming around once or twice and then disappearing…my breakfast tea has never tasted the same since..LOL!! There are many blogs out there which share a lot of HJ news but this one is just on different level. For me this blog is a place where i can share my feelings with everyone and all the HJ fans can chat and fangirl at the same time..
        I remember last year …ur articles on voting for HJ…God I had such a fun time back then. This blog is meant to be forever…so please don’t leave us for a long time. I think u should hire someone to help you when you are busy(just my thought) If there is anything i can do for this blog, please feel free to email me.

        PS: I’ve seen that SS501 video too!! It’s so sad to know he let go of his first love to achieve his dreams. Maybe God has someone better planned for him..! Let’s hope for the best!!

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