Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FAREWELL JUNG TAE


By: LazerKim                  Kim Hyun Joong had finally ended his daily shoots on his come back drama Inspiring Generation, though a lot of tears were shown from Shin Jung Tae towards the last two episodes on-screen that touched our hearts, behind it were all smiles from the great hero! As Shin Jung Tae had successfully accomplished his mission, Kim Hyun Joong also had achieved his goal in performing this epic drama character and had brought all his best effort being an action star, a role which he have ever dreamed of performing.

If we find it hard to break away from Shin Jung Tae after watching him for three months, so much so with Hyun Joong as he said in an interview “It still hasnt hit me that ‘Inspiring Generation’ has ended. I was greatly immersed & isnt easy to send SJT off, I feel down. I really like SJT, I was obsessed.” (@AlienPrinceKHJ)


Hyun Joong never fail to thank his fans untiring support in any of his projects, but I think this time I would say the pleasure is all ours as his fans that Hyun Joong brought us a lot of joy for the last three months while we watched him in his come back drama Inspiring Generation. I’m so thankful to our hero for taking this drama project, for his sincere effort in bringing out the best in him that made all his fans truly proud of him and most of all thank you Hyun Joong for giving us the chance to watch you on screen on regular basis for the last three month.

I also would like to thank those fans for their endless effort to recap this drama that really was very helpful to those busy fans like myself to catch up in the drama even just by reading each episodes. Your effort is truly appreciated. To those fans who had gone out of their way to monitor Hyun Joong behind the scene during his location shoots and had shared with us videos and pictures, thank you so much. You just don’t know how much you have inspired Hyun Joong as an artist to be there with him to support. And for us here from afar who have been watching Hyun Joong who had created Shin Jung Tae, he will be very much missed by millions.

Well, we have now three different characters whom we met along the way as we travel with Kim Hyun Joong and these three characters Yoon Ji Hoo, Beak Sung Jo, and Shin Jung Tae, are meant to be remembered. They will remain always be alive in our heart and mind with or without Kim Hyun Joong, there’s always gonna be these characters to watch over and over again. Thanks to Hyun Joong for bringing them to our lives to keep. And I sincerely hope there will be more characters that Hyun Joong would bring us in the near future. We will always be looking forward for more dramas from Hyun Joong, and we just have to keep in mind that he never failed us his fans.



After IG’s final episode had been aired, I had the chance to browse around and to see how Hyun Joong fans reacted on the finale. Well fans still talk about how the drama ended with our individual opinion which I think the writer of IG was successful in his intention of having the viewers conclude its ending, instead of putting a clear conclusion on the plot. It’s been over four days now after the final airing while I’m writing this article but viewers still talk about how Shin Jung Tae ended his story!

And for me how I wish this drama hadn’t ended yet, because I still want to know how Shin Jung Tae live his life after those fighting, tragic event of losing a love one and meeting his lost sister! I’m curious of Jung Tae’s new life, to the extent of creating a story in my mind to conclude the plot!

I read a lot of comments in the past saying that Kdrama writers are good in starting a drama plot but poor in ending it up. Of course I’m not pertaining to all Kdramas, but for some yes I agree, there are particular dramas which ended in a lousy way! I’m sorry about that, I don’t mean to be a Kdrama critic here, but with IG’s writer, he did a good job in creating a difference and as I mentioned earlier he was successful in putting up some thoughts to the viewers after watching the finale in concluding Shin Jung Tae’s story.

And most of all, Kim Hyun Joong was quite successful in creating Shin Jung Tae’s character that cannot be easily forgotten. This character had been with Hyun Joong’s fans for three months as if he’s already a part of  Wednesdays and Thursdays weekly life routine of anticipating the drama and now that it ended, he will be missed. Some fans would like to have a part two for Inspiring Generation and I wouldn’t blame them because Hyun Joong did a tremendous job in this drama and so with the other casts. As for me, I’m wishing he would have another drama project for this year. It may be too much to wish for but I just can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, that’s just it!

They said the success of a show doesn’t only rate on how many people had watched it, but it matters most when people talks about it after the show had been shown. I was all smiling while browsing around reading comments about IG from other sites, sharing opinion about Shin Jung Tae’s life and how this drama ended! And yes, what a way to end this drama, it did make a lot of difference and I just can’t help re-watching Inspiring Generation over again!



Ever since Inspiring Generation was aired, I started waiting for Hyun Joong to sing OST for this drama as what I have been wishing for. And finally at the later part of the drama, this song When Today Passed By sung by Kim Hyun Joong was played! I couldn’t describe how I felt but I truly fell in love with this song and I was all itching to write an article as soon as I have heard it because this song was just so inspiring! I would say even this OST was first played towards the later episode, it was so effective to the viewers, the last song that they hear from this drama shall be the first to remember Kim Hyun Joong as ShinJung Tae!

Well Hyun Joong had left us another beautiful song after his come back drama, so what’s next? Is he coming back to us as a singer? That’s very likely to happen after his break, we can just wait and look forward till he comes back to us! *sigh* Why on earth can’t I get enough of Kim Hyun Joong?? I knew this will happen after his drama project, I just keep wanting for more from him, another drama, another OST, another concert or album!

We are just so lucky fans in reality because we have chosen someone who is a multi-talented artist to follow, who can do just anything we want whenever we miss him. It’s so handy, so easy to bring him along with us anywhere we go through his music and he knows how to spoil his fans, giving anything we want from him as an artist! Hyun Joong has so many bloggers too that’s also handy for those new fans who wanted to know him better. His pictures are even all over the internet that are so easy to find! What more can we ask for?



Oh well, this is it! I just happen to pass by and visit my blog to say hello to everyone! I have written articles prior to airing of Inspiring Generation inviting everyone to watch and it’s time for me to wrap up and thank everyone for watching. I may not be around during its airing but I was just taking a walk checking on Hyun Joong behind the scene from time to time!

Oh no this news came up, while writing this part that I would like to share with you, here it goes:

Idol actor Kim Hyun Joong recently sat down for an interview with “Star Today ”and talked about his plans leading up to the date of his army enlistment.

He said, “I have plans to enlist in the army next year. Before I officially enlist, I’d like to tackle one more movie or drama if possible. After wrapping up my most recent drama, I just want to be able to blaze through everything and do as much as I can. As though my days were numbered. I think to myself, ‘After today passes, tomorrow will come’ and set out to do everything with great passion. People around me tell me that I should take a break since I have been able to complete many good projects. They told me to look after my body while I still have a good image. But, even if I get criticized, I’d rather just push forward and instead of looking after my image, I’d prefer gaining a ton of experience so I can grow my talents. If I fail, then I fail, and if I succeed, then I succeed.”

He also added, “My personality is actually similar to how water ebbs and flows, but after I became a celebrity, I think all of that changed.”

 (source: soompi) BkXCGfSCYAA7oqW LAZERKIM REACT!!

Oh my, this is one thing I’m scared of, now it’s coming from him, Kim Hyun Joong had finally disclosed his plans of getting to the military gates next year 2015!! How many months to go do we have? And here’s what I want to tell Hyun Joong…

“I think you’re right kiddo, your days are numbered, eight months from now comes January 2015….you may take your break, fine,but please don’t take too long…please I beg you, I know this isn’t that easy, but drama is much better than doing movie! Movie is just two hours or less, but with drama we can watch you for three months, and sing more OST, that’s a real good bonus for us… PLEASE!!”

There’s a saying, destiny would take you wherever you are suppose to be, that no matter how much you go the other way, you’re bound to be where destiny would take you. I have always believe in Hyun Joong’s ability as an actor, singer and dancer, in any project he has, he’s always been 100% at his best effort, rain or shine any moment that work calls for it, he got it, and I truly believe gaining even more experience is priceless for an artist. There’s no other place where Hyun Joong belong to except up there towards success. Be it failure or success, nothing matters, because his fans will always be at his side.

It feels sad reading this news straight from Hyun Joong, nevertheless, be glad at least he has plans to take another drama project, at least we can still have another character to keep in our memory lane and there’s still time, shorter it may be but still we got chances to gather each and every piece that will always remind us about Kim Hyun Joong. He will use every hour to do something that he can leave for his fans to remember him.

And since he’ll be doing this for his fans, we shall be looking forward to his next project, support and be there at his side. I think this is the best we can do as Hyun Joong’s fan. Let us inspire him further as the clock is ticking real fast from now.

As we bid farewell to Shin Jung Tae and saying hello again to Kim Hyun Joong, as we look forward to the next character that he will create! See you soon…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits: Ms. D, thanks!




31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FAREWELL JUNG TAE

  1. Have been wathing IG Hyun Joongsi is mesmerising….sply in his emotional scenes….I m so elated hw he has grown as an actor…n it was mere pleasure to see him on screen….excpt fr him i didnt see anything wen he came on screen…i know its injustice to odrs but dis is how his magic works…..hv reached 6th ep n m happy dat i hv sme more ep to go…as u said lazer he is also my reason for happiness….wishing here he does 1 more drama n sings more osts befre he enlists…..keep loving him n thank u fr ur wonderful articles its a pleasure reading it as u express all wat v are feeling fr him…kumao!!

  2. Thank you LazerKim for this article, welcome back dear.
    I stand behind what I’ve wrote in the beginning of this drama (your article…Hero Fighter beg of Jan) IG the first impression : veni vidi vici!!
    I’ve enjoyed the drama, it was a pleasure to see Hj at his best as SJT and to prove all his antis to eat their hat.
    I am glad Hj stay true to himself, he promised that he will do some WT and new projects it seems he is working hard to do just that, this is a man of his word, what he promise he deliver. I just hope he will get his break to cool down and recharge after such a project as IG.
    Awesome pics as always, don’t stay far…remember us, we miss you. 🙂

    • Hello Noya! hahaha…I guess Nada, (down there) is right HJ is just so restless, he’s already out there at fan meet in Seoul yesterday! And I think he’s been quite busy with interviews from here and there!! LOL Now I’m using my few hours break to write an article Privately Speaking, there are many interesting views that HJ pointed out and I can’t help not to write about it!! It’s my chance to spill out my thoughts which had been lingering in my head for ages about Kpop idols. Thanks for sharing the links which I have just read today. I’m sorry about that!! I’m dueling with my time! LOL gotta get back to my article hopefully I can get it done and post it!
      Thanks as always, take care girl and see you again! God bless…

      • Hello, hello back gal… can’t wait for the article..(got me now restless…lol)
        Frankly you’ve got to love Hj for always putting things on the table with no qualms of what others may say, love it that he is so frank about issues that seems “tabu” within the Kpop (Idols/Dating…) even discussing his private relations/views…(that so candid from his side…).
        Take care and (hopefully you can get a day here and there to rest…like idol, like fan it seems …. workaholics..). Have a good week….:)

  3. I loved this drama especially HJ’s portrayal of the character of SJT. He was good , very good. He bought me over with this drama, even the hair cut which gave him a masculine look different from his former feminine hair style and look. Hope he keeps this image for some time. I hope he chooses another action film, he is good looking, looking serious- a do not mess with me kind of look. I wished that Okreon had not died, I would have felt happier if the triaune of SHJ, the sister and Okreon survived and lived happily after. But I think the writer wanted to show that SJT’ s mission should surpass his personal emotions and feelings. He lives for the greater cause of protecting the people of bamangato

    • Hello there! I finally got my DVD, now I got an excess baggage bringing my portable DVD player and started re-watching IG while on the road! Just like you I feel so sad that SJT lost even the love of his life who’s always been at his side. Until now I have the same question why she has to die that’s why I’m getting with the plot all over again LOL! This drama still linger to my mind specially the last two episodes, I couldn’t forget it HJ just caught me totally hooked by this drama.
      And talking about hair style, I think his current hairstyle had the longest period to stay, while with his previous dramas specially at BOF, he changed a lot of times. I feel that every time HJ change his hairstyle, it’s like meeting another guy from time to time in one person!
      Thank you for dropping by, take care, have a great day and see you again! God bless..

  4. I know KHJ is on vacation for 2 weeks. He needs at least a month. i feel so bad that he sleep only 2 hrs. a day while filming for IG. If KHJ wants to get rid of his eye bags, he needs to have at least 8 hrs. of sleep per day.
    KHJ gave his best acting in IG. I already miss Shin Jung Tae. I hope to see him on his next project may it be a drama or a movie. I don’t want to push him only if he wants to. He is so busy getting ready for IG promotion ,fan meetings and his 4th album. Can he come to USA for fan meeting ?

    • Hello dragon lady! It’s so unfortunate that his body clock had changed after three months doing IG, as he said in his interview he’s still fully awake at 3am even after IG, majority of artists do have sleeping problems even those working behind the scene who have reverse routine from normal 8-5 working people.
      I think HJ also got addicted to doing dramas as he said he’s obsessed over SJT!! But knowing the guy for sure he’ll show up again in a different image as this guy is just full of surprises!! *sigh* and this could be one reason why we’re all like this head to foot fallen for him!! The feeling is just so great!!
      Thank you for dropping by and take care, have a pleasant day, see you again! God bless..

      • LOL!! just like what he said, he thinks his days are numbered!! Nada it’s funny you’re in the wrong box, but it’s ok quite understandable it’s for Noya!!

        • Hello Nada, well, we all know HJ is an workaholic and restless always new ideas and new projects of course he will be on the move. I guess his MS will be his “resting time”….:)

  5. Hi dear lazerkim.!!
    Good to hear from you again.I really missed your articles a lot.I even wrote an email to you but it seems you were so busy that you were not able to reply.Well finally Kim hyun joong did his best as Shin Jung Tae and made all of his fans proud again.He is really something who always do a kind of magic and always spread his magical spell all over us.I was really touched and also was surprised by his splendid performance in IG.And as I heard his OST I was clean bold.Hahaha
    He has a unique Voice quality.
    I am so glad to be a fan of one of the most multitalanted personality.I feel now that it was the part of my destiny to be his diehard fan and this feeling just cant be expressed.
    At the same time my heart sinked when I heard the news of his army enlistment.But to achieve something you have to let go off some good things if we want him to achieve all of his dreams we should support him.My best wishes are with him.I truly believe he will surely give his 100% there also and will be back soon with a BANG(*fingers crossed*).We’ll alwaus stay by his side to support him.
    Once again thanx LK for writting this article.Take care n stay happy. 🙂

    • Hello Neetika! I’m sorry I must have missed your email, actually I couldn’t open LK account anymore I don’t know why. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have read a news article that KHJ fans had proven their stability that even HJ changed his image in opposite direction, his fans stayed with him. Most of us had first fallen in love with him on his first drama BOF, as Yoon Ji Hoo which is the opposite character of Shin Jung Tae. Many of his friends were teasing him for doing the character Yoon Jo Hoo because it was never his character for real, but he was first loved from this character before we discovered further about KHJ as a singer. After watching IG, a part of me was saying SJT is KHJ for real. Another character will soon surface from Hyun Joong and surely we’ll fall for him again and again! He is not a stereotype kind of artist, he is indeed a versatile one. After his military I think we’ll see more dramas from him, two years maybe too long for waiting but as you mentioned, to achieve something he has to let go some good things. I agree with that. Maybe we fans can just help each other to shorten that 2 years wait!! God knows how, but we’ll endure until he comes back!!
      Take care, have a good day and see you again! God bless…

  6. happy to read it dear Lazerkim, ones that I read about his thoughts was when he said that he was sorry with the staff because it hasnot had much more rating so it was easy to him to make that scene when they kneeled in front of him to stop his behave as he was upset and pain when she died, he kneeled too asking for sorry, it really touched me, very deeper, but I thought, that is the way he is, protector, getting the shots himself, he did with SS501, with Artmatic, charity and every time he can do it, so not only SJT is a protector character but also KHJL himself in his life. also his daredevil character is amazing too, like daring to do something to face what he felt is his weakness like solo singing, scubadiving, doing dramas, the mattial arts, even in his music, A good example UNBREAKABLE, I really was surprise but satisfied with its lyric, how direct it was to those who critic him, and he dared to use some Korean resouses and its mix was .. woow….. As a good leader staring someting amazing now there are other singers using korean stuff too. hahahaha .. that is him always doing different and making others to follow his example, he is really A BIG HYUNG as SJT. when he stars something others follow that is why he is respected. proud to be his fan, a really addited fan hahaha. Now he is going to enlist but even there he is not going in the Idol enlist he wil try a normal one, active one he is really the ONE , THE ONLY ONE.
    hope you are taking car well of you dear and PLEASE write more often for our sake
    Gosd bless you dear

      • Hello Jazu! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I share the same opinion as yours, I thought I was alone with my opinion on that certain scene from SJT. In gaining respect from others, one shouldn’t place himself above others, as a leader one should site a good example, and that a leader should be a good follower too. That’s how I see KHJ and I think this is how he had gained respect from other artists too. He is someone whom you can be proud of being a fan, a friend, a co-artist, a co-worker or simply being with!

        Take care, and see you again have a nice day God bless..

  7. So happy to see your article again.
    Hope you are fine.
    Wish Hyun Joong can rest well and looking forward his next album.

    • Hello Fanjoong! I’m so glad you’re here thank you for reading, I’m happy that you never missed to be here even it takes time to get myself to write. You are truly appreciated being a very loyal fan to HJ as we all are here. Take care and see you again, God bless…. Have a nice day!

  8. What a good day…you are back sis.Talk about him we really never get enough,we always want him more,what to do?we can’t even stop think about him whenever we have a break from our busy day.Now is SHIN JUNG TAE Who perfectly greet us and make us deep in love with him and make us proud as well.Sis…He is not just improoving but He is born as A GREAT ACTOR★still humble as before.thank you for come back sis…and for your though about our Wacky Prince.

    • Hello Nada, thank you so much I’m happy to see you again! You’re right I agree I’m one of the most guilty one to steal time from my work!! All the while I thought when I came back to work I can forget HJ, I said this to myself a year ago, but nothing changed, I’m still addicted to the Wacky Prince LOL!! And worst of all, I kept imagining him on stage where he previously performed last year as I kept coming back to those venues! That’s how strong HJ’s power over me! I guess I have to live with it as ever, but so be it I’m happy with the feeling at least it feels he’s always there even just by thoughts.
      Take care, have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless..

  9. Welcome back!
    Just about time to see you writing again after the military news come out! Hahaha..
    You right, what else we (fans) can hope for from him? I thank all his fans all over the world that willing to share his moments with us, wether it’s photos, fancam, fanart, and most importantly the news translation. Bless them!
    He won’t rest too long, some news say he’s having a break for 2 weeks. Even the schedule for the first concert come back already on his web, it’s on 28th June 2014! Be ready, hangguk fans!
    It’s an overwhelming days with his news flooding all over the web after the drama ends. And his pics, oh God! I missed shin jung tae, but after seeing his back as kim hyun joong, well yeah I’m not complaining. Haha..
    Okey LK, see you again with your writings. And let’s prepare our hearts for his come back and then his goodbye.
    Take care!

    • Hello Berlin! When I read this news, can’t help it my heart pumping up that i have to spill my thoughts out! I would say, I’m glad though it’s not a good news, but HJ is so kind enough to prepare ourselves about his departure to the gates. I truly appreciate the gesture and from now on, HJ would be working out in creating good memories with us. This may be sad for all of us but let’s treasure every single moment with him from now on. I’m actually saying this to myself, because my work kept pulling me away from him LOL but I have to work, keep my position intact so that I can have the chance to see him again! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Take care, and see you again. God bless..

  10. Hi lazerkim! Its good to hear from u.thanks for the timely article of urs. Yes i have the same wish as urs, more drama,song en concert b4 enter MT …… So that we can watch en hear him while he was out of our sight…..thank u once again.take care en more power……

    • Hi there! Yes I’m so glad I had the chance to write after IG even for stolen moments to gather my thoughts and share them with you and everyone here.
      Take care, have a wonderful day and see you again. God bless..

    • Hello sis! I’m sorry if it took so long to be back! I wrote this article for three days during my lunch or dinner breaks. I miss you sis! Musta ka na? Thanks as always for visiting my blog. See you soon take care, God bless..

  11. Thank you for the article, was missing you. Watched the drama from beginning to end and I was so pleased with his performance, as always. Looking forward to his next project and I will be there to support. God bless you and stay healthy.

    • Hello Helena! Watching HJ on small screen drama is just so addicting and can’t help wanting for more dramas from Hj. Thank you for reading and we’ll see each other again on his next project! Take care, have a pleasant and God bless..

    • Hello Kratoo wo! Thank you for dropping by to read my article, sorry for delay reply I just can’t get out from work! The feeling of missing SJT is just so contagious!! Take care, and see you again! Have a nice day! God bless..

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