Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATELY SPEAKING


By: LazerKim                  Don’t you miss this laughter from Kim Hyun Joong after his three months filming for Inspiring Generation? At last I have seen him on stage again joking with his fans, and I would say he had relaxed after taking a break spending his days at Jeju Island scuba diving and hitting the golf course. This photo above was taken yesterday April 12th at a fan meet in Seoul, and here he emphasized his future plans before his date with the military camp as he was asked by the show MC and responded as follows:

  • Release an album in Japan (He already finished recording)
  • Release another album in Korea
  • World Tour
  • Act in another drama (he would like to show his acting again)
  • If there is an occasion, Japan tour next year
  • Charity concert (no fee) for which I will raise the fund (laugh)

In another interview, Hyun Joong mentioned that this will be the last dance music album that he’ll be doing which shall be released next month in May this year. It seems Hyun Joong shall be resigning as a dancer, but not as a singer. It’s in his time-table that once he reaches the age 30, he’ll eventually stop from doing dance music. Fair enough since Hyun Joong had been doing dance music for almost 10 years of his career. I know everyone would miss his dance moves and dance music, but knowing the guy, he loves changes, re-inventing and developing himself into something new. And besides, of all his talents, it’s dancing that is first to expire, whether we like or not, that’s reality among dancers.

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I read this interview with Hyun Joong which I have been wanting to share my views about the Kpop idols, and I’m glad he opened up this matter. I would like to point out some particular lines from his statement and share my own opinion. Here it goes, as Hyun Joong stated:

“If I had to become an idol once again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s a strong belief that idols aren’t singer ‘N sync in America is considered an artist, but in Korea and Japan idols aren’t seen as artists, and their image is limited.”

“Idols can be in relationships too, but at one point there was a time when they said that idols shouldn’t date. When idols act, there’s an uncertainty just because they’re idols. Even when they buy cars, the public turns it around and says that ‘the idol brought a car’. There’s a pre-fixed notion about idols. It’s true that idols are young, but they’re also cultured people in this land. It’s unfortunate.”

The rest of the interview can be read at kpopstarz for those who have not read the article, here’s the link below.




I’m not a fan of any Kpop idol group, it was only Hyun Joong who introduced Kpop music to me since he was with SS501 which was categorized as Kpop idol group band. As his fan, I came in when he was already a solo singer, but have seen him first from BOF as an actor. It was only when I started researching and writing all about KHJ that I knew he started from SS501 as a singer.

I have read a lot of comments from other sites that there are people who seem to be “allergic” to Kpop idols who goes for acting in dramas. Comments such as “I would watch this or that drama so long as the lead is not an idol”! Well, we have different opinion, we have our individual choice what drama to watch or what music to listen to, but I feel the anti-Kpop are so unfair in their way of thinking! Or this may not only goes to drama fans but also to producers! I just don’t get it as to why can’t idols be called singers or actors? If they have actually performed professionally on stage as singers or dancers and have acted in dramas, then definitely they should be called artists. They may not be that excellent, but still it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have the right to be called artists.

And yes Hyun Joong is right, there may be a stereotype concerning idols that some people does not even consider them artists. And this is just so painful to these idols. As I myself is an artist too, I do believe talents can be developed, the fact that it can also be acquired so why can’t these aspiring artists be given a room to develop themselves? They cannot be developed if they are not given the chance to do so. I think this is just a matter of being open-minded instead of immediately closing doors to these artists specially the deserving ones.

Legitimate agents do sponsor training for aspiring artists and before doing so, they screen these artists, evaluate whatever they got, be it in singing, dancing or acting, of course with consideration of looks or there are even artists who are not so good-looking but they have great talents. BUT majority of these artists started from zero, not to mention there are artists with gifted talents, they too started from somewhere down below. Admittedly there are Kpop idol groups with larger members and some of these members may not be that good (at present) but we may never know what’s in store for them in the future. They might be even greater singers or actors than expected in the future.



It’s true that there are entertainment agents in Korea or Japan literally discourage their artists in dating, as a part of preserving or protecting their artist’s image whether the artists keep this dating in private or go public and this is so sad, because it’s natural for human to have relationships. For obvious reasons these agents of course earn through their artists and idol groups do have a large fan base consisting of teenagers. These young fans dwell on having “imaginary relationship” with their most admirable idols, that they do not allow their respective idols to have any relationship with other girls or they walk away from their idols! It’s like tying a knot with huge number of strangers on the part of the artists!!

I couldn’t forget a case filed in S.Korea which I have read few years ago, that a Korean female celeb was thrown soy sauce to her in a public restaurant by a jealous fan of her rumored celeb boyfriend!! This was just one incident showing how jealous some young Korean fans were. It’s like these idols are becoming slaves of their own fans, then I would say this entertainment world is somewhat scary!! In reality, we can never even own anybody in this real world in fact, not even our own life time partner, they too have their individual mind!!

It’s different with the westerns, that even artists go public with their personal affairs, their fans stay with them and remain unchanged. Why is it have to be different with Koreans?? I do hope with what Hyun Joong opened up about idol life can enlighten people out there living in primitive age would change their views about reality in showbiz. Artists are not your slaves, they too deserves what relationship you got with others.



At the same interview Hyun Joong stated this:

“There’s nothing that I’m lacking because I’ve never had a proper relationship. Although my personal life has been somewhat violated, I was fortunate enough to get chosen among 1 million people who auditioned. I’m in the so-called 10% that became a celebrity. That’s the reason why I should think about this matter and be happy regardless.

I’m not sure if I got the right understanding from what Hyun Joong was trying to say. But for me it seems Hyun Joong made a lot of personal sacrifice to be where is now. I couldn’t say he never dated anyone, I’m sure he did, as he admitted in the past, it’s just that he haven’t had a committed relationship. If Hyun Joong is not a big star and he’s just an ordinary man, it should have been easier for him to have a normal relationship, with his good qualities, who wouldn’t grab him? What’s the difference? Well, he haven’t found her!! That’s the big difference!!

I remain consistently truthful to what I write that no matter how other fans encouraged me to talk about his private affair, I prefer to respect his privacy and to defend him from others who maliciously create links between him and his co-celebs. Hyun Joong denied having dated with Uee, and so be it, put an end to the rumors. We have known him to be that honest, so why else others has to insist on something that is not true? And no matter how much we wanted him to go out dating around or keep his privacy to himself, that’s gonna be his choice and not ours, we’re just his fans staying behind him.



Korea should be proud that they do have great artists from the idol groups to look up to, how much these people brought the country to the top A global popularity in showbiz entertainment and I think the Kpop idols should be given enough room in developing their craft by giving them chances instead of discriminating them or being out-cast from the rest of the actors and singers. The idols deserve the same respect as other professional artists do.

I would say Hyun Joong is a very good example of history in the entertainment world. He started with an idol group band, and I would say he was also a victim of being badly criticized, but where is he now? He’s up there on cloud nine being loved by millions globally! Fine, being criticized is also a challenge in proving oneself, but come on, even Hyun Joong came from an idol group, he is an artist by all means. And just the same with other idols, they too should be treated with proper respect.

May I just mention this fact, that I think the showbiz producers should be the developers and the builders of entertainment, that I’m hoping it’s not only money that matters to them. Business may be a hit or miss kinda thing like a gamble, but values do matter a lot.

I’m so proud of Hyun Joong as he stood up behind the idols and speak up what he truly think and feel being one of them in his past. Indeed he’s a true leader, defending those who deserves equal respect. I got high hopes that the people concern would hear him out and be enlightened.

And with that, I end my article from here as I bid everyone a pleasant day! I do hope we learned something from the interview with Kim Hyun Joong as he shared with us his thoughts and feelings.

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FAREWELL JUNG TAE


By: LazerKim                  Kim Hyun Joong had finally ended his daily shoots on his come back drama Inspiring Generation, though a lot of tears were shown from Shin Jung Tae towards the last two episodes on-screen that touched our hearts, behind it were all smiles from the great hero! As Shin Jung Tae had successfully accomplished his mission, Kim Hyun Joong also had achieved his goal in performing this epic drama character and had brought all his best effort being an action star, a role which he have ever dreamed of performing.

If we find it hard to break away from Shin Jung Tae after watching him for three months, so much so with Hyun Joong as he said in an interview “It still hasnt hit me that ‘Inspiring Generation’ has ended. I was greatly immersed & isnt easy to send SJT off, I feel down. I really like SJT, I was obsessed.” (@AlienPrinceKHJ)


Hyun Joong never fail to thank his fans untiring support in any of his projects, but I think this time I would say the pleasure is all ours as his fans that Hyun Joong brought us a lot of joy for the last three months while we watched him in his come back drama Inspiring Generation. I’m so thankful to our hero for taking this drama project, for his sincere effort in bringing out the best in him that made all his fans truly proud of him and most of all thank you Hyun Joong for giving us the chance to watch you on screen on regular basis for the last three month.

I also would like to thank those fans for their endless effort to recap this drama that really was very helpful to those busy fans like myself to catch up in the drama even just by reading each episodes. Your effort is truly appreciated. To those fans who had gone out of their way to monitor Hyun Joong behind the scene during his location shoots and had shared with us videos and pictures, thank you so much. You just don’t know how much you have inspired Hyun Joong as an artist to be there with him to support. And for us here from afar who have been watching Hyun Joong who had created Shin Jung Tae, he will be very much missed by millions.

Well, we have now three different characters whom we met along the way as we travel with Kim Hyun Joong and these three characters Yoon Ji Hoo, Beak Sung Jo, and Shin Jung Tae, are meant to be remembered. They will remain always be alive in our heart and mind with or without Kim Hyun Joong, there’s always gonna be these characters to watch over and over again. Thanks to Hyun Joong for bringing them to our lives to keep. And I sincerely hope there will be more characters that Hyun Joong would bring us in the near future. We will always be looking forward for more dramas from Hyun Joong, and we just have to keep in mind that he never failed us his fans.



After IG’s final episode had been aired, I had the chance to browse around and to see how Hyun Joong fans reacted on the finale. Well fans still talk about how the drama ended with our individual opinion which I think the writer of IG was successful in his intention of having the viewers conclude its ending, instead of putting a clear conclusion on the plot. It’s been over four days now after the final airing while I’m writing this article but viewers still talk about how Shin Jung Tae ended his story!

And for me how I wish this drama hadn’t ended yet, because I still want to know how Shin Jung Tae live his life after those fighting, tragic event of losing a love one and meeting his lost sister! I’m curious of Jung Tae’s new life, to the extent of creating a story in my mind to conclude the plot!

I read a lot of comments in the past saying that Kdrama writers are good in starting a drama plot but poor in ending it up. Of course I’m not pertaining to all Kdramas, but for some yes I agree, there are particular dramas which ended in a lousy way! I’m sorry about that, I don’t mean to be a Kdrama critic here, but with IG’s writer, he did a good job in creating a difference and as I mentioned earlier he was successful in putting up some thoughts to the viewers after watching the finale in concluding Shin Jung Tae’s story.

And most of all, Kim Hyun Joong was quite successful in creating Shin Jung Tae’s character that cannot be easily forgotten. This character had been with Hyun Joong’s fans for three months as if he’s already a part of  Wednesdays and Thursdays weekly life routine of anticipating the drama and now that it ended, he will be missed. Some fans would like to have a part two for Inspiring Generation and I wouldn’t blame them because Hyun Joong did a tremendous job in this drama and so with the other casts. As for me, I’m wishing he would have another drama project for this year. It may be too much to wish for but I just can’t get enough of Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, that’s just it!

They said the success of a show doesn’t only rate on how many people had watched it, but it matters most when people talks about it after the show had been shown. I was all smiling while browsing around reading comments about IG from other sites, sharing opinion about Shin Jung Tae’s life and how this drama ended! And yes, what a way to end this drama, it did make a lot of difference and I just can’t help re-watching Inspiring Generation over again!



Ever since Inspiring Generation was aired, I started waiting for Hyun Joong to sing OST for this drama as what I have been wishing for. And finally at the later part of the drama, this song When Today Passed By sung by Kim Hyun Joong was played! I couldn’t describe how I felt but I truly fell in love with this song and I was all itching to write an article as soon as I have heard it because this song was just so inspiring! I would say even this OST was first played towards the later episode, it was so effective to the viewers, the last song that they hear from this drama shall be the first to remember Kim Hyun Joong as ShinJung Tae!

Well Hyun Joong had left us another beautiful song after his come back drama, so what’s next? Is he coming back to us as a singer? That’s very likely to happen after his break, we can just wait and look forward till he comes back to us! *sigh* Why on earth can’t I get enough of Kim Hyun Joong?? I knew this will happen after his drama project, I just keep wanting for more from him, another drama, another OST, another concert or album!

We are just so lucky fans in reality because we have chosen someone who is a multi-talented artist to follow, who can do just anything we want whenever we miss him. It’s so handy, so easy to bring him along with us anywhere we go through his music and he knows how to spoil his fans, giving anything we want from him as an artist! Hyun Joong has so many bloggers too that’s also handy for those new fans who wanted to know him better. His pictures are even all over the internet that are so easy to find! What more can we ask for?



Oh well, this is it! I just happen to pass by and visit my blog to say hello to everyone! I have written articles prior to airing of Inspiring Generation inviting everyone to watch and it’s time for me to wrap up and thank everyone for watching. I may not be around during its airing but I was just taking a walk checking on Hyun Joong behind the scene from time to time!

Oh no this news came up, while writing this part that I would like to share with you, here it goes:

Idol actor Kim Hyun Joong recently sat down for an interview with “Star Today ”and talked about his plans leading up to the date of his army enlistment.

He said, “I have plans to enlist in the army next year. Before I officially enlist, I’d like to tackle one more movie or drama if possible. After wrapping up my most recent drama, I just want to be able to blaze through everything and do as much as I can. As though my days were numbered. I think to myself, ‘After today passes, tomorrow will come’ and set out to do everything with great passion. People around me tell me that I should take a break since I have been able to complete many good projects. They told me to look after my body while I still have a good image. But, even if I get criticized, I’d rather just push forward and instead of looking after my image, I’d prefer gaining a ton of experience so I can grow my talents. If I fail, then I fail, and if I succeed, then I succeed.”

He also added, “My personality is actually similar to how water ebbs and flows, but after I became a celebrity, I think all of that changed.”

 (source: soompi) BkXCGfSCYAA7oqW LAZERKIM REACT!!

Oh my, this is one thing I’m scared of, now it’s coming from him, Kim Hyun Joong had finally disclosed his plans of getting to the military gates next year 2015!! How many months to go do we have? And here’s what I want to tell Hyun Joong…

“I think you’re right kiddo, your days are numbered, eight months from now comes January 2015….you may take your break, fine,but please don’t take too long…please I beg you, I know this isn’t that easy, but drama is much better than doing movie! Movie is just two hours or less, but with drama we can watch you for three months, and sing more OST, that’s a real good bonus for us… PLEASE!!”

There’s a saying, destiny would take you wherever you are suppose to be, that no matter how much you go the other way, you’re bound to be where destiny would take you. I have always believe in Hyun Joong’s ability as an actor, singer and dancer, in any project he has, he’s always been 100% at his best effort, rain or shine any moment that work calls for it, he got it, and I truly believe gaining even more experience is priceless for an artist. There’s no other place where Hyun Joong belong to except up there towards success. Be it failure or success, nothing matters, because his fans will always be at his side.

It feels sad reading this news straight from Hyun Joong, nevertheless, be glad at least he has plans to take another drama project, at least we can still have another character to keep in our memory lane and there’s still time, shorter it may be but still we got chances to gather each and every piece that will always remind us about Kim Hyun Joong. He will use every hour to do something that he can leave for his fans to remember him.

And since he’ll be doing this for his fans, we shall be looking forward to his next project, support and be there at his side. I think this is the best we can do as Hyun Joong’s fan. Let us inspire him further as the clock is ticking real fast from now.

As we bid farewell to Shin Jung Tae and saying hello again to Kim Hyun Joong, as we look forward to the next character that he will create! See you soon…

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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