Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BRAVE CHALLENGER


By: LazerKim            It’s been two weeks since Kim Hyun Joong’s Inspiring Generation had been airing in S.Korea, and for that whole weeks Hyun Joong has been the news in the entertainment pages of the media not only In S. Korea but in the international newspapers and magazines as well! This drama has been continuously receiving a lot of praises, good feedback on Kim Hyun Joong and the over all production package.

There were local reruns of this drama after its pilot airing of Episodes 1 and 2 last January 15 and 16, then followed for another rerun for Episodes 3 and 4 last week, giving chances to those who might have not watched it on the drama in S.Korea and had delivered good results too. I have read that Inspiring Generation also earned advertisements nine times greater than the previous KBS2 drama. This I guess is a good sign!



I find Episode 3 very interesting that I got hooked on the character’s emotions. I was so touched by the scene of Shin Jung Tae’s sister Chung Ah hugging her father who brought her a teddy bear! Her father pretended to be someone else, but obviously she knew who he was. Another scene that I like was when Ok Ryun confronted Gaya and fought with each other! Ok Ryun had a bleeding nose and Kaya handed a handkerchief to her then walk away. That was really cute! Then Shin Jung Tae’s first kiss with Gaya was quite unexpected! Is his first kiss gonna be his first love as well? Will Ok Ryun ends up with a broken heart as Jung Tae sees her as his own sister?

Quite surprisingly in Episode 4, Gaya was being trained martial arts by her mother’s bodyguard and she actually met her father’s killer in a training fight. Why would Gaya’s father killed by someone from Gaya’s side? Who is Gaya? It was said she was the stepdaughter of a Japanese Government official and gave me the impression that this official was the true killer of Gaya’s father, but why? Is Gaya’s father a lover of her mother?

In another scene, Jung Tae’s sister Chung Ah, disappeared, giving the viewer’s impression she committed suicide by jumping in a cliff to end Jung Tae’s burden that pushed him to be a gangster. The young Jung Tae was devastated over his sister’s death or disappearance since her body was not found so I assume she’s still alive, but where did she go?

That ended the childhood portion of Shin Jung Tae as the last-minute of this episode, Kim Hyun Joong appeared as adult Shin Jung Tae in a fight scene! Oh he’s so handsome that I’m glad to see him without the scars and bruises on his face! This part could be the start of Shin Jung Tae’s being a great fighter.

There are a bunch of characters in this drama but I think each character has a significant roles in the lives of ShinJung Tae, Ok Ryun and Gaya. Ending each episode makes me eagerly wait for the next, as Inspiring Generation always leaves its viewers with questions and anticipate for answers. This even makes the drama exciting, you wouldn’t guess what’s coming up next until it’s there being seen on the next episode.

Tomorrow is Wednesday again, we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong as Episode 5 unfold we anticipate the start of the life of Shin Jung Tae who grew up into a real matured fighter.




Last week Hyun Joong continued with his daily filming routines and this photo above caught my attention. He was doing push ups in front of a heater which I was assuming done while waiting for his shoot and there’s another photo of him doing sit ups while holding that heater! It’s freezing cold during the entire filming of this drama from start and probably until filming ends, I was smiling seeing this picture and couldn’t help saying, “what a way of keeping himself warm!” But actually he’s preparing or warm-up for a fight scene.

Then there’s another picture of Hyun Joong at a food stall truck around the filming location probably buying some food to eat during his break. He’s the star of this drama but it seemed like he’s not behind the cameras! Well superstar complex is very common in showbiz, but not with Hyun Joong. There are always personal assistants right behind him whenever he works to get anything he needs, but he’s not the type who would lean on them. If he can be on his own then he’ll be glad to be so, that’s Hyun Joong behind the scene in reality!



We have seen a lot of footage and photos of Hyun Joong while working behind the scenes not only on this drama but in every project he has. And for me I just couldn’t help the feeling of being proud as a fan and really inspired by his work attitude. Hyun Joong already has the global popularity in his hands and we can say he’s not just an ordinary person, yet he’s so down to earth. He cares about those whom he work with, he cares about people who loves him even he doesn’t know them personally and those are his fans as he had been keeping a special relationship with all of them, and I mean it all millions of fans in every part of the world!

For Hyun Joong he’s simply working just like anyone of us, as he has been doing his best at work, he doesn’t get that fame into his head and this is the very thing that I love about this guy. Once he succeeded in one project, he gets so inspired to work on the next, as he just kept going his popularity keeps multiplying! Hyun Joong has the ability to capture people without extra effort but simply being himself on and off cam. And the most amazing thing is, he has the ability to get hold of his fans for years. I’m sure the veteran fans can testify to this fact who’s been with him all these years.

I think most of my readers had first seen him in his previous dramas which I also think had boost his popularity even further. With his come back drama Inspiring Generation it is very likely he’ll gain more new fans again, which I never doubted. And I’m still hoping crossing my fingers that Hyun Joong would have another drama project after this, since he’s also intending to concentrate as an actor for this year.



I was just about to wrap up this article when I have read an interview with production CEO Yoon Se-hyun that I would just like to share a short portion which called my attention, here it goes as the CEO stated:

Q: Inspiring Generation have gathered many star-studded actors including Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang. What are your thoughts about this?

A: There was a big question before the broadcast, ‘Why it’s Kim Hyun Joong?’ ‘Why it’s Im Soo Hyang?’. We were also thinking given the large sum of production fees they have received, why did they invite singer-turned-actors instead of using top stars actors. Taking ‘Bridal Mask’ for example, there isn’t a lot of actors who are willingly to try out this kind of dramas, very minimal. It’s probably they are afraid to be rejected to enter Japan and also exclusion from the Japanese market (due to the drama’s genre). It’s a tough decision walking down the ‘Hallyu Star’ path if they were to give up on the Japanese market. It’s never easy to make such decision. 

There was also a hot discussion regarding the ‘acting skills’ because as a singer who’s trying out the acting career, they have to show a lot of up-to-par acting elements (as compared to original actors themselves). But Hyun Joong have put a lot of effort to overcome this. 

Before the broadcast, there were many anti topics about this, almost 99% of it. Right after the first episode was aired, many articles surfaced and praised ‘Hyun Joong have finally found the right drama for him’. And the same goes to Im Soo Hyang. It was a very good start to turn antis into fans.

cr: @5StarsAs1 thanks for sharing!



Talking about history, the more I admire Hyun Joong in taking this drama, or taking the risk of being rejected by the Japanese market if ever, which I very much doubt knowing how his Japanese fans adore him! The past is a part of history, setting aside politics whatever it may be, which has got nothing to do with entertainment. Time change and people change too, I think TV viewers are open minded with whatever they watch be it on TV or movies. This is just my personal opinion.

Pertaining to the choice of actor in taking the lead role Shin Jung Tae, it’s true I have read a lot of articles from the insects camp criticizing Hyun Joong for taking this drama. I believe an artist should be given the chance to grow and prove himself and I’m talking in general. How can an artist develop himself if he isn’t even given the chance and even painful that just before he can prove himself he was already crucified by people who are not even professional artists nor experts on this field. These people are just ordinary TV Korean drama viewers pretending to be someone they are not, or not even qualified to be so called Korean drama critics!!

I agree, Hyun Joong finally found the right drama for him, a drama which he had been wishing for to perform. I believe everything has its own time, when Hyun Joong did BOF he was the right choice to do Yoon Ji Hoo and so with PK to work on Baek Seung Jo, considering his image that time, his looks and his age, although it may not be him as a person for real, which I think was even challenging for an actor to act opposite to his real self. Now Hyun Joong got this role being a fighter, everyone obviously was shocked by his transformation!

I would say this drama is a good challenge for Hyun Joong and yes we fans know how he worked hard in preparing himself considering we have been following his daily shoots. It was so much for him to endure the freezing cold winter in bare top doing those fight scenes, it was so much to bare those insects biting him just before he can start, but Hyun Joong took all those challenges and still remain consistently modest. There’s still a long way ahead of Inspiring Generation, but it’s worth the challenge. And yes it’s a good start to turn the antis to fans!

Do you believe in Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell?? We’ll wait and see how he cast that magic net to those people! Then I would say, welcome to the world of Kim Hyun Joong, the Brave Challenger!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged: Ms.D thanks!



32 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BRAVE CHALLENGER

  1. Sis,wish you doing good and stay healthy as always.
    When you able to visit your page and give us your daily dosage? He did great…his action superb,he is our wacky prince.Bless ya sis.

  2. hellow, Hope your fine. I hope I can get help. Am from the country where am not able to watch or download inspiring generation but I real wish to watch it, how will you help me?

    • Hello Glady! please try to visit here’s the link click here>
      You may watch IG from this site all episodes with English subtitle. Please do enjoy watching.

      May I use this space as I’m just dropping to say Hello!! to everyone here and would like to let you know that I’m still consistently a huge die hard fan of KHJ. I’ve been dead busy with work after my break, and this is really so sad for a fan like myself to missed a lot of episodes from IG.

      The whole time I have been wishing HJ would have a drama, my wish came true but work just kept pulling me away from chances to consistently watch HJ’s drama. But I’ll catch up with this drama and I would like to thank some of my fan friends who have been so generous to share links of IG and some updates about Hyun Joong.

      I miss HJ soooo much and I miss my readers, that how I wish to get out from the real world and be just a simple fan writing articles the way I used to! TTT…. I may be pre occupied by my daily tasks but my heart stays with the big guy just the same with all of you here.

      I have just checked on my other articles and I’m so happy to know many new fans of HJ are starting to read my previous articles, taking a lot of interest on him and getting to know him better after watching IG. As I have mentioned in my articles HJ would surely gain more fans from this drama. And with that I’m truly happy that HJ is again showered with a lot of love from new fans!

      Take care everyone, enjoy watching IG, till then I’ll see you soon. God bless…

      With lots of love for Kim Hyun Joong, LazerKim here writing!

      • Nice to read your words, hope that you are taking care well of you, I am really enjoying IG,I hate how people try to handle it, some ask for romance other for fights. But I love this intrigate plot, I really got it, thought if someone didnt get it, are not they smart enough?, that is why it is interesting. I could say to GLADYS to just choose her language in Viki to enjoy it better it is amazing. I miss the dancer and singer but I can enjoy a lot of his face while acting. well take care dear wait for your next article.
        ahhh I really like the first photo.

      • thanks for the link Lazerkim but whenever I tried to look it tells me it’s not supported within the country, so I have not yet watch it. Maybe you can give me another link. I real admire the acting of Kim Hyun Joong and I hope and wish him more success in his carrier.
        Glady from Tanzania

          • dear of course and also I am rewatching Playful kiss for sure, I repeat the episodes at lest 3 or 5 times, this is my hobby, and everyday but everyday I read any new in Hynnies pexer …..ahh…… GLADYS if you go to this site you will find other options to watch the drama, the advantage in Viki is the posibility to let a comment and choose the laguages, you will find there at least 25 language translations. now i am watching again Kim Hyun Joong previews dramas while I am waiting the next episode, or watch it in other language it is awasome. It is really another world in which I enter just for him. Dear Lazer kim I miss you hope your news soon. take care .

  3. hi……………….lazer kim…….brother……..i am from india…………..i am very glad to say ,i am big fan of kim hyun joong brother……………..this is the first time……i was commended in this page………:):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Been refreshing your blog everytime I could. HJ is doing really well in the drama. You’ll need tissue to watch ep 9 n 10..haha..

    I was really amazed few days ago..he had to do shooting and a fan meeting in the same day..even didn’t have time to change his clothes and remove his make up because he had to come back to shooting in the evening..can you rest a bit oppaa??

    The fan meeting interviea is also interesting and funny..aahh LK please come back..haha

    Take care!

  5. Hiiii….Thanks to god LK you are finally back…I was really very worried about you,not writting here for past several weeks…I have also watched his further episodes and you know as usual I m getting just unresistible more I watch him…I am just praying to god that if he can make my one and only wish to meet kim hyun joong once in my life to become true….
    Hey LK can I ask a favour from you….can you please tell me any of your personal I.D. Where I can contact you eaisly…you can send me your mail I.D or anything at my mail…my mail I.D is please..I’ll be waiting…
    And ya please dont forget to watch next episode of I.G. Our KHJ is just tooo good …And please do write something about our beloved KHJ soon…will be waiting for your new article…take care and have a great day…:-)

    • Hello Neetika! I’m back to work and have been quite busy lately that i couldn’t write, my apology. Enjoy watching IG and I promise I’ll catch up with the drama as soon as I get my break from work again and try to write article.
      You may email me at
      TTTT I miss IG already and I miss Hj so much!! I wasn’t even able to drop an article for Valentine….whaaa….
      Anyway, belated Happy Valentine to everyone here!! May all our days filled with love to our Only One!
      Thank you Neetika, take care and have a pleasant day! see uou again, God bless..

  6. Sis…do you know how great on ep.7 n 8? Come back now sis…give us your daily dosage.He is doing very very well.Proud of him…our WACKY PRINCE!!! God bless sis.

    • Hello Nada! I have watched both episodes but have missed ep 9-10 since I’m back to work after i was given a long holiday but of course I’ll be dropping by from time to time! It’s nice to hear from you again Nada!
      I’m truly proud of HJ as always and I’m happy about the outcome of IG that he had proven himself again this time as an actor. I may not have the generous time to watch IG but I’ll surely catch up with the other episodes that i have not watch.
      Thank you Nada enjoy the drama, enjoy our Wacky Prince!!! Take care, have a nice day and see you again!! God bless..

  7. Hi sis…are you there?been so long nvr greet you.He is amazing isn’t? Our wacky prince turn into great fighter. His fierce look cover the sweet of him;but he is still warm heart man.did u watch the episode 5 6 7 8 already? I just cry of proud and happy.sis please write something.Wish you healthy and god bless.

  8. Hi, there again from The India, The drama is really really good. and we get the feeling as He’s A born actor….. I m very very impressed with the fight in ep 6-8… Specially the fight scene in where shinichi and Jung tae fight in front of GAYA… The expressions of him make you feel you are watching real fight and he really loves GAYA…

    • Hello Prachi! Yes i truly agree with you HJ is a born actor and nothing will ever change my opinion about him. He’s such a versatile actor but with IG he had proven how good he is as an action star.
      Thank you Prachi for dropping by, do take care and have a pleasant day! See you again and God bless..

  9. Hello Lazerkim,
    Thanks for your article/input/updates and sharing with us your thoughts and feelings. I so agree with you and Jazu on all, I thought from the begining that Hj done a good job in BOF and PK and really, why even bother about the antis as the people in the business that really count (CEO/producers/directors) gave credit to Hj acting why bother even to take into consideration the small insignificant people?! A waste of energy if you ask me. Furthermore if they really have something nasty to say about HJ, I will suggest to sue them for defamation…. well, just a thought here. Loved the IG from the beginning and is quite different from other Kdramas a real pleasure to follow. Very well done in all aspects.
    I agree with you LK I am also proud to be fan of HJ, with all his qualities we know and we’ve decided that we support and love him no matter what with warts and all….:)
    LK – loved the pics….such a chameleon this guy….but what a feast…:) hugz hugz !:*

    • Hello Noya! whaaaaa….I’m back to work and it’s so unfortunate to missed watching IG episodes 9-10, as expected once I get back on my toes I’ll be missing a lot again!

      Oh well, critics are part of showbiz, and you’re right what a waste of energy to even mind them! There will always be insects around HJ as climbs up higher. It’s just so funny that the more these insects talks the further HJ rise up!
      Thank you again Noya for always reading my articles, take care girl, I really hope to be back soon. Have a great day, and God bless..

      • Hello LK! Ok, you are back to work, well, that’s life…..but don’t forget about us and HJ, and do drop by when you have time. Now I am rubb it in.(I know, bad girl here.. teasing you…)..eps 9-10 were Great!! Can’t wait for next ones…lol, I am missing you girl already. Take care and have a great day as well:)

  10. Hi LK..This is me again from India…well good to see you again here writing about our beloved Kim hyun joong…Actually i haven’t seen his further episodes of IG…That’s why I was waiting so curiously for you to write something about that…Well this is making me feel so good that KHJ has finally captured his criticizers into his magic spell…After watching the first two episodes of IG and after searching a lot about him and after reading a lot I am noe too much confident that he will surely be able to win so many hearts again and so as there will be a huge multiplication of his new fans across the world…I m so touched with his real life nature..He is really very down to earth person…And from my opinion by seeing only this quality he can catch everyone’s heart at first site…!!! This thing makes him the real star…Without any doubt I m totally caught into his magic spell..I love you KHJ…Thanks a lot Lazerkim for writing this great article…TakeCare…Have a great day… 🙂

    • Hello Neetika! Oh yes I forgot to post the link of IG episodes 3 & 4, I’ll be including the next episodes with this article so you can be able to watch. Thank you for reading all about KHJ, knowing about this guy can really inspire our daily lives, it’s worth your time spent searching about him, that I promise.
      Today is Wednesday can’t wait to watch IG again and really looking forward to this episode 5 because HJ will be seen from this episode. Take care Neetika enjoy watching IG and enjoy reading all about KHJ! Have a pleasant day and see you again! God bless..

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  13. hi again from America, thanks to share your thought about thye CEO of IG about our only one. I read all the article and with difficulty understand its traanslation on my computer. but it was great, how he price him, he admires him for his courageuos to get the challenge to do it, there were other actor who were invited to do it but they rejected, this drama which have been waited for the main charater actors for 2 years at last saw the light. I think that maybe many of the actor who join the drama could acept to do it because KHJL is there, good actor or not he will turn it for sure a success. He is doing the scenes himself without dobles. The CEO also said that he is a person who gets challenges, the harder the better for him he said and something that I listened for IG director in the premier of IG is that in the previuos character that he did , he was forcing himself to do them, now this character fits him, all the media and other actors and himself laught too much of this coment.But I agreed with him, that is why I consider him a good actor, I was imaging many of the insects watching again his previuos dramas to more objective. I watched many dramas with no so good actor and plots, but they hadn’t recieved such cruel coments that he recieved, I supose that they dont undertand that if there are many actors in the industry why they chose a singer, even kim hyun joong asked himself at the begining, he was afraid to act in BOF, but he was the one who was choosing without hesitation, there was an actor who wants to get his role and rejected the other options, but the role was reserved for KHJL, his manager needed to talk to convince him to accept this challenge. He did and his history as an actor started for our sake. I really enjoy Baek Seung Jo acting because he was a bit bad guy when he bothers his girl, he enjoys it really, and in this parts his face was incredible, his acting improved so much, now he is a real man. I will love his character so much for sure. well, see you next Wednesday in VIKI on which I am watching the episodes at least 3 times.
    see you there.

    • Hello Jazu! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and good inputs. We have the same thoughts and I would defend HJ based on facts. What the CEO stated pertaining people’s thoughts that it would take effort for singers to become actors, that’s a fact for obvious reason. Back in time HJ was hesitant in accepting BOF, but he was chosen for the role Yoon Jihoo which HJ suits the character based on his looks that described the character, that’s a fact. The BOF producer knows HJ doesn’t have the acting experience as yet that time, it was HJ’s first drama project. HJ admitted he had a hard time because Yoon Jihoo is HJ’s opposite character in reality. But HJ gave his heart to the project with all his effort and he succeeded in portraying the character perfectly based on the Japanese manga in describing Yoon Jihoo.

      Back in time during BOF I never thought that it was his first acting experience because he was so good. BOF producer was right in his choice of HJ, because he knows HJ can make it. Unfortunately HJ’s critics failed to identify the true character of Yoon Jihoo based on the manga, but HJ was awarded for this role. Which one is credible his non-pro critics or judges from the award committee who are professionals in this field?

      Just the same the IG ceo stated facts HJ is a singer turned to an actor, he will not give this role to HJ if he doesn’t believe HJ can make it. He was so brave in taking the role and I admire him for that, this is the drama he wanted. While others rejected it because of fear of losing their career? How insecure, that means those actors doesn’t believe in their own ability!!

      For me HJ is a good actor, Yoon Jihoo, Baek Seung Jo and Shin Jung Tae are 3 different characters and he portrayed those characters with excellence. Shin Jung Tae has been inside HJ for so many years, it’s just that he still didn’t have the chance to bring it out from him back in time. Now is his time, and we have seen Shin Jung Tae from HJ.

      Which is tougher, creating a character or adopting a character? In creating a character an actor or director can invent. But in adopting, actors cannot lie about the character to his audience. This is just my opinion. I agree with you Jazu HJ becoming an actor in BOF is for our sake, he took this challenge in IG too for our sake. He is taking risk for ours his fan’s sake.
      Take care Jazu, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  14. Thanks LK for keeping up with this drama and writing posts for the fans! I am without a computer right now and dying to write an article!!! It us just too difficult to write and post from my phone. I an making a good salary now and plan to buy a laptop within the next month. So much is happening and I’m going crazy not being able to write! I am so proud of Hyun Joong and I am glad he has you to write for his fans. I love that the antis are finally giving him the credit he deserves! 😱😝 Yeah KHJ! Luv u baby! 😇

    • Hello Angie! Oh this is a great news I’m happy for you about your new job and I think you’re enjoying it coz you seem to be so busy the past days! But keep it up! And yes I miss your inputs too, be waiting till you get yourself to write again.

      Oh well, it’s been years that these antis have been biting HJ and I’m so glad they are slowly giving him a room to prove himself. Thank you Angie, be looking forward to hear from you again in your blog! Take care girl and have a nice day! See you again God bless..

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