Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HERO FIGHTER


By: Lazerkim                     Kim Hyun Joong opened up the drama Inspiring Generation successfully that gave his viewers a huge shock in seeing him in a fierce fight with a totally transformed image not only of a real man but a true fighter! We have seen a lot of stills and teasers of Inspiring Generation and I think this drama is more than what I expected. I was suppose to write an article yesterday right after I have watched episode one, but I was just so speechless!

At the tweeter after episode one was aired, there were already brief reviews from here and there, having the same opinion about Hyun Joong’s improvement on his acting skills, his expressions, his looks, changes in the tone of his voice, overall he had changed a lot being an actor. He may have that short scene but very effective as opening for this drama, that it seems Hyun Joong is trying to tell us, this is me from now on, and see more of me in this character in the next episodes of this drama!



I’m not writing this topic to give a review on Inspiring Generation, I’m just an ordinary drama viewer, the type who would just like to enjoy watching and would just like to share my thoughts and observation about the drama.

I was captured by the first scene as Hyun Joong was fighting in an arena giving all his strength to put that ugly man down that gave me goose bump and could hardly blink my eyes in watching Hyun Joong’s anger! After the fight scene he was seated in a bench in deep thoughts, but I felt the pain and remorse of Shin Jung Tae seeing from the gaze in his eyes, and I guess Hyun Joong caught me affected right on that scene!

It may have been a short portion of episode one but the impact on me was tremendous, considering this was only the start of the drama, it somehow said it all. A fan friend asked me if it’s really Hyun Joong on that fight scene, and yes it’s him in fact there’s a footage on that scene during its filming. If you’re a new fan and had just watched BOF recently, you probably wouldn’t recognize Hyun Joong because of his transformation. He was able to achieved those changes from head to foot most specially in acting which he had improved a lot. Of course Yoon JiHoo and Shin Jung Tae are totally different character.

The younger lead casts did really great that got me hooked and at the end of the episode I can’t help saying “that’s it?” The first episode ended but I still want to watch more!! Watching the first episode felt like it’s so short, but actually one hour had passed and it’s good though Episode 2 aired the following day! Still, I’m waiting for the adult Shin Jung Tae!



Yesterday at the tweeter I read a lot of news about ratings for Inspiring Generation that showed good results for a start. I have been watching Korean dramas since 2004 and I have never cared about how these dramas rated!! Then I guess this drama would be the first time for me, out of curiosity! If I can only keep Hyun Joong inside his closet with no TV, no internet not even radio, I’ll probably do so!! Korean actors even the veterans with no exceptions worry about ratings of their dramas which is very natural to them specially on its premier. But as the drama progresses, its ratings eventually rise up.

There are three dramas currently shown from three different Korean TV networks at the same time slot. Inspiring Generation came up at the second rank for the first episode. That’s good for a start which Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting. But he has to come out on screen real soon to maintain or push that ranking further upward. This is just my personal opinion being a fan. The younger casts are doing good but the key to this drama of course is the lead adult character Kim Hyun Joong!

I believe this drama is gonna be a long lived that cannot be easily forgotten seeing from its quality and the biggest factor is our hero fighter. Inspiring Generation has a long way to travel around the world to reach out for Hyun Joong’s fans and non- fans, that surely he’ll be able to capture new hearts again! And I’m hoping this drama shall be shown in my country, dubbed in my language because Yoon Jihoo and Baek Seung Jo have not  been forgotten by my country fellowmen and surely will welcome Kim Hyun Joong as Shin Jung Tae with warm open arms.



The previews of Inspiring Generation made a lot of noise the past weeks and that noise came out even louder after its premier, I guess I’m not alone in my thoughts that this drama is more than my expectations after watching Hyun Joong’s transformation as an actor and he’s been receiving good praises from the media entity on his initial performance on this drama.

Korean historical genre is my favorite drama to watch that most of the time childhood scenes are the first to be aired in its first few episodes, which is good for the viewers to have a better understanding of the character’s personality. While watching Episode 2, I kept seeing or imagining Kwak Dong Yun as Hyun Joong in his younger years! Oh it’s good their resemblance is just perfect!

In a news Hyun Joong was asked this question:

‘Inspiring Generation’ Kim Hyun Joong, ‘Are you nervous because of Kwak Dong-yeon’s good acting skills? NO’

KHJ: I’ve heard many people saying that I resemble Kwak Dong Yeon. I don’t know whether is it because we have the same haircut but thanks to the resemblance, I think it can give more essence to the drama. 

When asked whether is he influenced by the child actor’s remarkable acting skills…

KHJ: Absolutely not. Kwak Dong Yeon has his own thoughts and acting skills as an actor, and so do I. But as good as he’s doing in his role, I’m not feeling nervous or stressed because of this. 

Source: (

Credit: @5starAs1 Thanks for sharing



I was just with my wild thoughts, that what if Hyun Joong actually perform the young version of Shin Jung Tae? I’m sure I’ll be the most happiest!! I would consider this drama exceptional from the other dramas I have watched simply because Hyun Joong is in this drama! Maybe this is the effect of Hyun Joong being in hiatus from small screen for such a long time!!

I think the drama production staffs has a lot to work on editing to put more of Hyun Joong on the scenes for the next episodes! Gosh I just can’t wait, forgive me but I cannot lie, I’m sure I share the same thoughts with other fans of Hyun Joong. But I really would like to watch more of Hyun Joong scenes not because the other cast are not good, in fact they are good actors too, but as I have said, Hyun Joong’s charisma on this drama is exceptional! People are just dying to see him again and again!

After I have watched Episodes 1 and 2, I went back watching the previews and footage of the filming that honestly I just couldn’t get enough of Hyun Joong! And when I read that the adult Shin Jung Tae shall be seen again after Episode 4, I just screamed “NO WAY”!! But later on I have seen the preview for Episode 3 having Hyun Joong on this episode made me smile again!! Oh this must be crazy but who can help it? I would like to see Hyun Joong in every episode!



There’s a growing interest among non-fans of Hyun Joong after seeing him on the initial scenes in Episode 1 of this drama, and I hope the drama producer would grab that interest! What more can I say? I’ll be counting days again until Wednesday next week comes which feels like years of waiting!!

The feeling of can’t get enough of Hyun Joong is attacking again! The feeling of being addicted to him is there again! The magic spell of Hyun Joong is pouring again! Indeed, history repeats itself that I once felt this way in 2011 that now it occur again!

But cheer up Lazer, it’s nice to fall in love again! And it’s a good feel that one time we fell in love with a flower boy, then fall for a real man, and this time falling for a true fighter, as he grows, we develop a growing love for our Hero Fighter Kim Hyun Joong! What more can I ask for? See you next week kiddo!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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34 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HERO FIGHTER

  1. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole
    my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop,
    just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views.

    I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  2. You have got to be kidding me. Is this same Kim Hyun Joong of BOF? Can’t help but to marvel at his transformation, hair,body (now got packs and so built) and face. He’s a good actor and I can count on him anytime because I know I won’t be disappointed after seeing this movie. Though am in Nigeria, I will patiently wait till it somewhat finds it way here in Nigeria. Kudos Kim Hyun Joong between am a good fan so don’t u ever relent

  3. Hi LK and everybody !!!! Is anyone planning to send him a valentine gift??? If yes give me also some Idea what should I send…… 😉

  4. Hello LK and everyone. It’s such a pity I don’t have time to comment about my thoughts. For sure I really admired our HJ about his acting as well as his action, even if he had just a few-minutes appearance in the 1st episode. And I also liked a lot the drama overall.

  5. I have been watching the first 10 mins. of the 1st episode over and over again. That is the only scene with KHJ in it. I really enjoy the fighting scene. I always like action film and KHJ fits this role. I hope they will include some of his scene in episode 3 and 4. I know that the first 4 episodes will basically cover the story of the young jung tae before they move on to the adult jung tae. KHJ is doing a great job.

    • Hi Dragon Lady! Oh I’m so glad I’m not alone watching the first part of IG over and over again!!LOL non-fans may be thinking I’m crazy but that’s it, I just love HJ’s transformation most specially his expressions, acting skills ect. every details and I want to watch more from HJ in this drama.
      Thank you for dropping by and see you on Wed as we watch HJ again in the next episode, if not then I’ll get noisy again!!! joke! Take care have a great week ahead of you! God bless..

  6. Hello dear
    well what can I say? it was incredible, you cant imagine how many tines i repeat the ep 1 fisrt part, it is great to see him in that character, unfortunately i need to wait 12 hours to read the subs completely in English, but Do you think that it was a problem ? Nooooo , I saw it without subs first in the morning , another with 40 % of subs in the afternoon but at night I really enjoy the complete episode, and i see the KHJ perfomance a lot of times. well I am not full of him yet, i will be watching the first part of the drama till the next week.
    What I like to say about the drama is that the young SJT really seems like him, specially when he is serious or angry, his profile is more similar BUT his smile is not KHJ, it is unique for him, the boy is doing a great job, and all the characters are really good, I read that some people said that it is like seeing an action movie, I dont know what exactly they want to say maybe I think that it is such a well done drama , perfect . I could add the filming is really good. I send my only one a lot of blessings and fortress.
    see you next week. God bless you.

    • Hello Jazu! LOL! This is a drama that I can watch over and over and have not gotten tired of, yeah i’ve been watching at nights since Wed.last week! Now I really don’t know how I can cope up with getting addicted again when I get back to work! *sigh* Everyday I have been reading a lot of write ups about IG all praises on the over all drama highlighting KHJ. I’m truly proud that HJ is in this drama and played a huge role as the lead actor. This is really meant for HJ and no one else.
      I also read that HJ worked on that fight scene for 18 hours in freezing cold winter! Poor thing, but it’s worth it. HJ is physically fit but then this is not a one time deal, he’s still filming in cold the whole winter, I just hope and pray he’ll be safe and well taken care of all the time! Jazu we’re like mom here, the great worriers!!LOL! At times BOF filming would just popped out, I just hope it won’t happen again this time. This is an action drama, HJ does all the fight scene choreography and no double. This guy love challenges! I’m looking forward for the next episode, two more sleep!! LOL!
      Thank you Jazu, take care have a great week ahead of you and see you soon! God bless..

      • Yes, I agree with you, the young and adult Shin Jung Tae has a close resemblance, they also have the same heart shape face, hair style is the same but HJ smile is just so capturing!

        • Both of them really acted as same person… you jusss cannot feel the difference if you are totally into the drama… I felt the difference because Im totally into KHJ…. but salute to acting of both of them..

  7. Lazerkim!!!! Omo!!! After watching the 1sr episode where he opened the Drama. My jaw just dropped and i was screaming the whole time he got beaten. I swear i barely recognized him with all the rough fighter persona. He was so good that it left me practically speechless. I am just so proud at the improvement he had, it certainly is a 360 degree turn from all of his previous roles and this is where the word ‘actor’ is really gonna be put up to the test. But judging from the first episode, i can say that he had done good. Despite his short appearance, it was something that left an impact. He embodied the fighter Jung Tae within him and we must all agree that he nailed it! I am just so proud right now, the drama was like a movie when it comes to cinematography. I am just so happy!

    • Hi seoran! Oh yes you’re right, watching this drama is just like watching a movie. See we share the same reaction upon seeing Hyun Joong on the first part of ep.1. He made a huge explosion that shocked even the media!
      This is it, a new action star was born and yes even just for a short portion of the episode left a tremendous impact to his viewers and just like one of the fan below mentioned in my language that even his critics kept silent in a corner!
      Thanks Seoran take care and see you again! Have a good weekend! God bless..

  8. Hiii LK….:-)
    Finally i got success in watching IG thnks for providing the links….woww i just cant explain what a great moment it was when i saw his entry in 1st episode….he is looking unexpectedly awesome….really….during the past weeks i have downloaded lots of his videos….because i m getting very much crazy about him…now i have become a day dreamer…he has inspired me to do somthing in my life and become a known personality in the world so that i can quickly and eaisly meet him…lol
    thanku so much fpr providing all the information…take care and write more about him…:-)

    • Hello Neetika! Oh you reminded me I was once in your shoes after seeing HJ at Breakdown! I was totally mesmerized by his transformation, that I started researching about him as to what happened to him after I have seen him at BOF!! My files filled with his videos, photos, anything that i can find about HJ, then ended up writing all about KHJ!! And yes he inspires my everyday life!
      Thanks Netika, take care, and have a blessed Sunday! See you again, God bless..

  9. Hey LK
    After watching a lot of 4D things that hyunjoong did in barefoot friend, this drama is a total 180 degree the opposite of his funny personality, but entertaining as well.
    Either in barefoot friends or IG, hyunjoong shows his dignity as an entertainer. I really hope IG will bring up his confidence about ratings. Looking back the projects that he had before, I understand why he’s very nervous. And can help but to cheer : himne oppaaa!!!
    Have you watch a fancam from hollis hyun that shows the bts of fighting scene? I had a goosebumps!! Hyunjoong really is giving his all in this drama. I’m glad that he is well taken care of by his manager and noona. Hyunjoong oppa be strooong!!!

    After all this much doze of him, it’s really hard to realize that he’s gonna enlist to army. Wish people will still talk about him to fill out the empty space that he’s left. I count on you miss LK..hehehe..

    Take care!

    • Hi Berlin! LOL Yeah he’s such a versatile artist, a total entertainer and can go by extremes, even his innocent funny ways!

      I just read the other night that IG had earned more advertisements than the previous drama (Pretty Man) after episode 1. That’s a good sign aside from receiving good praises from media.

      When HJ gets to the military, we’ll think of something to talk about while waiting for him. I just hope he’ll have another drama after this so that we can have more topics to talk about!! LOL!

      Thanks Berlin, take care, have a nice weekend and see you again! God bless..

      • Yes..I think he’ll get more offers for drama after IG. I hope he’ll have a movie too, then we’ll be able to see him on big screen..

  10. I have only seen the first episode of IG, but what an episode! KHJ has certainly improved as an actor, and his new look is wonderful. If the rest of the drama continues on as well as the first episode, I foresee KHJ attracting many new fans. Perhaps this will be a new avenue for him to pursue…that of an action film star. I would love to see him on the big screen! Thank you for your nice post, and I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Hello Aimee! Doing a movie is also HJ’s dream I sure do hope he’ll concentrate being an actor for this year. I’m also wishing he’ll have another drama project after IG. I agree with you I think he excels as an action star.
      Thank you for dropping by, take care, have nice weekend see you again soon! God bless..

  11. Hello Lazerkim,
    I was waiting for your article thank you. After I’ve watched the first eps of IG I was just thinking “venii, vidi, vici” no more to be added, beautifully done in all aspects actors/editing/plot capturing and enthralling, an A-lister drama. Yes Hj is making a big impact here, awesome.
    Re ratings : Hj dear : Screw the ratings (pardon my language…lol), we love it! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • LOL the kid got that loud and clear!!! Hello Noya! Sorry to keep you waiting, *sigh* it’s not easy to write when I’m restless as yesterday i was looking for answer to my question “is it true that HJ would appear after ep 4” I only got the answer late last night. That’s the time I had a sound sleep!! LOL
      Thank you, take care girl, have a happy weekend and see you later! God bless..

  12. So happy that you write articles more often.
    Reading your article and comments from HJ’s fans is my daily addiction.
    Nice weak end to you and your family.

    • Hello fanjoong! Watching concerts is great, watching dramas is special and you’re right, our addiction to HJ heated up again! Just like you I’m so happy to write again while waiting for IG’s next episode!
      Happy weekend take care, and see you again soon! God bless..

  13. Hello Lazer Kim unnie ^^
    I just wonder why u havent written anything about Inspiring Generation this time ^^
    But here it is. Thank you very much.
    Truely I am your fan. I love reading your writing about HJ.
    When reading, i have thought like this “ohm, this is exactly what i am thinking” “oh the same thought as me”
    Yes, as HJ’s fan who followed every steps of HJ, we can easily see his acting skill improved alot and even feel shocked with what we are witnessing at 1st episode.
    For non-fan, i bet that they are suprised too.
    Hope you have great time enjoying his drama and writing more to share what you are thinking with us.

    • Hi Irendy! Forgive me for the delay, i was all staring at empty space after watching IG!
      You know what, you’re right, we’ve been there with HJ all along and yet he always surprise us with something beyond our expectations. I remember his first launching of Breakdown, I hardly recognized him! Then with IG, well we have seen his Round 2 with his hairstyle, image and all, but this time his acting and fights was really surprising!

      Thank you so much for the compliment, that’s very inspiring of you. The pleasure is mine in sharing with you. Take care, have a pleasant weekend and see you again soon! God bless..

      • yes, we got acquainted with his manly and tough day by day through Round 3.
        From a flower boy to this fierceless fighter -> great transformation.
        Thank you for every thing.
        Wish u and your family a healthy an inspring weekend to enjoy 6^
        see you next time.
        Right here waiting for your writing *:)

  14. yesssss! 1st aq, hanzzzzz asan ka para 2nd ka.? kanina q pa hinihintay to sis,saya saya lang sana webes na uli. lov u sis!

    • Hello sis! Thanks for dropping by and always a guardian angel of this blog! Yeah if I can only push the time I hope it’s Wed. and Thurs already! Take care always, love you sis! God bless..

      PS: Naku nakaka tense kaya kung ano ano nababasa ko magagandang puri ky hj kelangan na cya lumabas bumaba agad isang punto wwhhaa!!! saklolo!!!

        • Pacensya na late lola nyo! GrBeeeeee oh syet! Holi syet!!!! Kanina lng na watch with eng sub…!!!! At knina din lng tlaga nag sink in sa buong pgkatao ko hahahaha! Waaaaa! Sana ako na lng ang girl sa bar na sinaktan at pinag tanggol ni hj. Ayaw nya daw na may sinasaktang babae haiyyssss! Ms wagas!!!! Ms LK!!!!! Lalaking lalaki si hj ntin! Sori nppmura ako sa hubog ng katawan nya biglang transformation. Tulo laway lola nyo! Hahaha!!!! Meron ba sila niyan!!! Wala si huun joong lng…!

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