Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEHIND THE STAR


By: LazerKim               The long waiting will soon be over and we’ll be meeting Kim Hyun Joong as an actor as his come back drama Inspiring Generation shall be airing tomorrow premier night at 10:00 PM KST January 15 a day from now while I’m writing this article. Of course we international fans can only watch this drama through the internet, I shall be posting links where we can watch this drama below this article. May I remind everyone that only domestic viewers shall be counted on the drama TV rating scale. gave five reasons to watch Inspiring Generation, but I only got one valid reason to watch and that is simply because Kim Hyun Joong is in this drama! is also a site where we can watch it, I shall be posting the link as well. I shall be here monitoring tomorrow and I hope everyone of us would be able to watch the premier night.

Inspiring Generation is available worldwide so I really do hope fans from the farthest corners of the world may find their way to watch Inspiring Generation. Oh it can also be available at YouTube three hours after its actual airing in S.Korea. If not, this drama shall also be seen at your cable channels KBS World starting on January 29. With the help from other Kim Hyun Joong fans I’m sure we can find our way to watch this drama, just don’t miss it if possible!

May I share with you from viki’s blog, Five Reasons To Watch Inspiring Generation, thanks for sharing. (



Many of us if not all are pretty excited in watching Inspiring Generation and many fans may be keeping their fingers cross, of course all of us would like this drama to be successful. But actually all we have to do now is to sit back, relax, watch this drama and most of all enjoy it. Hyun Joong is so excited working on it as we see how he matured as an actor. After three long years we shall be able to see his development as an actor and from this drama I guess it’s worth waiting for.

There was a video footage posted last night during the outdoor filming, obviously it’s winter and everyone at the filming set were wearing thick winter jackets and coats. Except for Hyun Joong who was barely wearing a rugged sleeveless thin cotton shirt, and he was all shivering from the cold winter, but it seems he doesn’t mind at all and just work on the action scenes! Poor Hyun Joong though but this is the essence of being an actor particularly being an action star which is I think is the most difficult and dangerous, this of course includes the stunt men too.

So many challenges for Hyun Joong, but come on, what’s the essence of life being an artist without challenges, it’s a part of growing up, it’s a part of artist’s development that Hyun Joong or any artist for that matter has to under-go, but once he had surpass those challenges, he’ll be much stronger than ever. The important thing is that, he’s happy facing his challenges and doing his best as always.

As for us fans, we’ll stay right behind Hyun Joong supporting him on this project all the way till the last episode and enjoy watching our grown up man as an action star! We pray for the success of Inspiring Generation, we stay positive but most of all, we pray for Hyun Joong’s safety while working on this project.



One of Hyun Joong fans was able to translate his statement from the press conference that I would like to share with you, as Hyun Joong stated this:

“Before I read the scenario of this drama, I met the director, as I am not capable enough to judge (* whether it fits me or not ) from the scenario. Then, I thought that I would be able to create a new character and the drama would be a good one. As you already saw the preview, I feel that I could show a manly side of myself much better than I had imagined, which made me happy that it was a good decision to choose this drama.

With emphasis on action scene, the shooting of the first action scene was taken till the dawn. When it comes to “action ” you may imagine that it is too violent/extreme, but I do hope that you will understand that “reality” is an important factor.

The director of martial arts asked me to act as if I really hit someone in the face. Instead of exchanging beats (beating or being beaten), I prefer to be the person who directs someone to do so!”  (HJ 4D talk, lol)

There is no staff who struggle with nothing. Especially, they really suffer under the cold weather. ” I would say that the pearl exists in a invisible place.” Everybody really works hard.”

Translated by lafone0606   Source( Thanks for sharing!



While writing this article, what kept flushing on my mind was a normal scenario behind the curtain during Hyun Joong’s concert series in Japan last year. He’s all dressed up for the show opening, at the back stage I could hear the loud cheering from the audience gallery that boost up adrenaline and excitement not only to Hyun Joong but even the production staffs! The pressure may be high but the feeling of eagerness to let the ball roll is greater!

Last minute before the show starts, suddenly he felt thirsty, suddenly he wanted to go to the rest room, suddenly he’s perspiring even he was just walking around the back stage on winter!! In concealing this natural artist’s feeling minutes before the show starts, Hyun Joong would cheerfully chat with whoever production staff was around him even what he can only hear was the loud cheering from the audience gallery!!

This time it’s gonna be a different scenario since it’s not a live stage show that Hyun Joong shall be performing. This time the singer turns to an actor in a drama series as he will again be judged by his viewers. I wonder how he’s feeling minutes before airing his drama, I wonder if he has that same tension at the back stage when he first performed his concert series in Japan last year! If only we fans can cheer for him and let our voices be heard saying “we are all watching at you and you’re doing great!”

One thing is very sure, Hyun Joong is so excited about this drama for his fans to see how he has matured and turned from the flower boy image to a real man. Indeed our Only One had grown up and was able to successfully generate more people in loving him not only as a singer and actor but as a person for what he really is.

We have a date with Kim Hyun Joong starting January 15 tomorrow night and every Wednesdays and Thursdays of the week till March this year.

We fans have been happily staying with him for years and had never left him whatever challenges he had faced. This time he’s on this fight as Shin Jung Tae for this drama and we’ll be staying right Behind the Star, Kim Hyun Joong for Inspiring Generation! It’s a date! See you!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Links for Inspiring Generation viewing:

From @5starAs1 Stephanie Click here>(

From Click here>(

From KBSworld Click here> (

Thanks for sharing!

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!

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45 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEHIND THE STAR

  1. Haayy LK..
    I’ve read in some article that the PD said : I don’t know whether it’s kim hyun joong who make shin jung tae alive or shin jung tae that make kim hyun joong alive..
    What do you think?I really curious about your thought..hehehe..
    Love the last should collect all this childish behavior and make a collage about come he can be sooo manly and cute at the same time..aaahh..sooo addicted!!!!

    Waiting for your next blog!! 😀

    • Hello berlin! That is short of saying Kim Hyun Joong is the perfect actor to characterize Shin Jung Tae which I agree 100%. Just as the Japanese author of BOF stated Hyun Joong is just perfect for the role Yoon Ji Hoo which i never doubted, just the same with Baek Seung Jo of PK. For me Hyun Joong is so talented in transforming a true character in a very natural way, in image transformation and acting.

      LOL I think i got 3 pictures of the same scenario with the microphone, one was from SS501 in long hair, another is in blond short hair from Kiss Kiss, and this one in dark short hair from IG!! See, with those pictures alone he already created three different characters having the same scenario with the simple microphones! LOL

      Thanks Berlin for dropping by, I’ll see you tom on my next article I would just like to get done with first two episodes of IG, because as of this moment, I’m still so speechless after I have seen HJ last night! He had catch me on magic spell again!! Take care and see you again! Happy viewing tonight, it’s a date!! god bless…

  2. Hello LazerKim and everyone here ^^ Once again I really enjoyed reading your article and the comments of fellow fans as well. Finally we saw the 1st episode of “Inspiring Generation”! Now eagerly waiting for complete subs. HJ appeared just for few minutes but he made huge impact on me as Shin Jung Tae! Even by seeing him for few minutes in the 1st ep I was captivated! I loved his expression, his gaze, his voice, his acting overall! And his action of course! In fact everything! The director was right when he praised HJ saying he is perfect for the role of Shin Jung Tae. And even he said he was not sure if it was Hyun Joong who brought Shin Jung Tae alive or Shin Jung Tae actually brought out the real Kim Hyun Joong! And yes, all appears so real. Watching him in IG is like I am watching a completely different person comparing to the past. For sure, I’ve already fallen in love with Shin Jung Tae!!!

    • Hello Stav! After watching the first episode of IG for 3 times, I can’t help saying to myself “Oh my God, that’s it?” I realized I have been watching for one hour but it felt like I have just seen the trailer that i wanted for more!! This is what I’m afraid of, the moment I start watching IG, I know I’ll get addicted to HJ right at once.
      What else can I say, as the drama opened up, WOW! I had my open mouth watching him that i hardly believe it’s him on that fight! I’m just speechless, HJ is just all different!! I’ll reserve my thoughts tomorrow on my next article.

      Thank you stav for sharing your inputs which i agree 100% we have the same thoughts about him. Take care, I’ll see you again tomorrow on my next article. Have a pleasant viewing enjoy the drama. God bless..

  3. Hi LK….I m Neetika From INDIA…though i got to know about kim hyun joong a bit late….BUt when i saw one of his tv series i.e. BOF i just got stuck on him…and now its too difficult for me to stay here so far….it might be little childish but now its my one and only wish too meet him just once in my life….though i know its not possible 😥 thnx LK for sharing so much about KHJ…i have gone through many of your articles and i loved them all…you know what i have learned some korean also by only watching his drama…and also learned a song of him…This is making me crazy…But i cant help it…waiting for his new drama IG…thanx for your articles about him….:-)

    • Hello Neetika! so nice to meet you here, and thank you for reading my articles. We’re the same I also first saw HJ at BOF that i didn’t even know his name all I know he’s Jihoo! I sure do hope you’ll have the chance to see him in person, well who knows? He might perform a concert in your country, let’s hope that IG would be aired in your country that could be a good chance to raise his popularity even further, just like in my country. BOF and PK made a big hit and so he was invited to my country twice.

      I’m not giving you false hope but it’s possible, you can never tell. Or the least of all if he performs to the nearest country to yours who knows you might have that chance to travel and watch his concert. You can never tell.

      Thank you again, take care, have a nice day and see you again! god bless..

  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving your nice and encouraging comment! I’ve enjoyed reading your articles about HJ very much…thanks for always sharing your thoughts and support as well.

    • Hello greengrass! Thanks for dropping by, it was Noya who shared the link of your blog and I’m truly happy to know that there’s another place where we can go and read about HJ. We’re all KHJ addicts here! LOL please do allow me to share your blog link to my readers so I can post it on my next article, so everyone here can read from you too.
      Thank you for reading, take care, more power to your new blog, have a great day ahead of you! see you again! God bless..

      • Yes absolutely, please share our blog link! We needed a place to show our love for HJ so the more the merrier! 🙂 Thanks for your support…..look forward to your next article.

        • Hi again! I already posted your link on my current article Hero Fighter, thanks for allowing me to do so. I’m sure my readers would visit your blog often. Good luck! God bless..

  5. Hi Jazu/LK! I have found with Viki the dramas are usually available sometime the same day but not simulcast. The fans work quickly hard for the English translations and post percent complete so you can watch before or after subs are completed . I am so thankful to the translation teams that work so hard and get it done so quickly! I am so excited! I can’t wait to get my notification from viki that it had been posted! 👏

    • Hello Angie! Oh I see, well I think we have to wait a bit longer….wwhhhaaa!!! But I can’t wait!!! cool down… It’s ok the important thing is we still can watch IG within the day or night, it doesn’t matter how I got to watch it!!
      Oh Angie pls do me a favor, I bookmarked your blog page but i couldn’t locate it the old page kept on popping out. Pls share the link, thanks! I haven’t read from your blog for quite sometime now. Sorry bout that. I got lots of time now to read and I really want to make use of my work break in the fandom as much as i can before i get back to work again.
      See you later, take care girl, and have a pleasant day ahead of you! God bless..

      • my blog is at http://www.angeljoong.weebly. com. I have not been able to post recently because my computer at home is not working and I am very frustrated! 😣now is when I have so much to say!!! TT TT ah well such is life! About 13 hours to air time!!! I will be sleeping turn. I will have to wait until about this time tomorrow until I get home from work to watch. Eng subs should be mostly complete by then… SO NO SPOILERS! LOL! just kidding! 😄 I will have to exercise great control in not checking Twitter of i don’t want to see, right? I’m not sure I will be able to help myself! 😍 YEAH!!! FINALLY! Victory for my Angel! I was looking at a full cast photo and my breath was taken from me! HJ LEADING a huge 30+ mega star cast and I am just beyond proud of him! It is a glorious victory! I smell lots PRESTIGIOUS awards in his future! 💐🌟 we’ll be congratulating him soon! Hyun Joong-ah… Sarangeyo! Hwaiting! ✌! Meeting Shin Jung Tae tomorrow… CAN. NOT. WAIT!!

  6. Hello darling LK,
    Thanks for this article it was needed to ease the anticipation which is building up with every teaser or article released or those latest pics. I am just getting so mad that as much as I would like to see this in real time, I can’t, the time zone differ and Murphy’s Law just popped up, I have such a tough day tomorrow that I will just have to try and follow the TT (if possible, doubt it) or to see that in the late evening, this is just pissing me off. Well that’s life… Can’t wait to see it even raw without any translation…! Have a blessed day miss you gal, hugz hugz:)

    • Hi Noya! Hey don’t worry we’ll keep you posted, i’ll be at tweeter tonight and here. I’ll see what I can get and share with you! I’m sure fans from tweeter are just so eager to post as well. I guess we all feel the same thing!! LOL well that’s how it is being a KHJ addict!!!
      Have a pleasant day but hurry back home!! LOL!! take care girl see you later! god bless..

  7. Thanks for your words.
    In my country i will be watching this at 7,30 am on Wednesday 15th by viki , on which I was watching BOF, and PK many times, an other doramas, hope that I will be watching this at the same time it was airing in Korea, could you tell me if I will need to wait? or it will be aired at the same time that in the Korea TV. Anyway I am really exiting with it, fortunately I work in the afternoon so I can see it in peace, I told my family, “tomorrow I will be buzy watching the drama I was expecting for so long” just in case they need me, and for sure i will be reviewing it at night, AHHHH HOW HAPPY I AM. so exited. Ok …… see you on Wednesday 15th in my case in the morning for you in the evening but all of us will be connected at that time from other parts of the world.
    happy to read you again dear.

    • I forgot to say you that I adore the last foto I could see him playing with the microphone in the video, as he used to do in the SS501 times, adorable he looks trying to fix it concentrated, he never lose his 4D personalitiy, I always enjoy with this kind of inocent behavior that the media cought from him inexpectely.
      KHJ fighting we are here for you

      • LOL!! Hello Jazu! Hyun Joong did the same thing with the microphone when he came to my country in 2011 during his press conference!! That same thing he was trying to fix the written logo or something that was attached to the mic and was broken!! LOL! He had matured physically but sometimes I think the kid in him haven’t left him! Actually he’s fond of toying with microphones, just curious as to what type, from where it was made or what brand of mic he’s holding!

        Through I think is the easiest way to watch this drama I’m just not sure if we can watch it at the same time in Korea. I will be monitoring tweeter tomorrow and see if I can find some other way. i’ll be here again tomorrow and keep you posted whatever i can gather. Just like you can’t wait for delay telecast! I would like to watch this drama as in asap!!

        Thanks again Jazu, take care and see you again tomorrow after watching! God bless..

  8. Hi Lazerkim!

    Glad to see that u are back again writing about our precious boy!
    Yes, totally anticipating for tomorrow & praying hard for a successful run…
    But u know, I think it’ll start at 10 pm KST.
    I’ve copied the schedule:

    ✰Kim Hyun Joong✰ ‪#‎김현중감격시대‬
    KBS 2TV
    1/15 (수) 22:00 감격시대 1회
    1/16 (목) 22:00 감격시대 2회

    At our countries, or my country, Singapore, then it’ll be 9 pm.

    Anyway, hope u’ll continue writing regularly like u used to, dear Lazer…
    Ingat, ya!

    • Hello arfina! Thanks for the info I stand corrected and had changed what i wrote about airing schedule of IG. i’ll be around as much as I can while IG is on air, this is one place that I can hardly abandon totally. Simply because HJ is here with us. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the info I appreciate this. Take care happy viewing and fighting! I join in your prayer for the success of IG. God bless.. Oh see you again soon!

  9. hello sis! ang saya saya lang andito ka uli. 1 tulog na lang sis excited na me…feeling q aq ang bibida sa kaba lol! let’s all pray for best 4 hyun joong…fighting!
    You know sis,what I really love the most d2 sa blog mo, maliban sa article mo syempre…ung mga comments, aba sis malapit na kabugin article mo sa haba ng mga comment lol! love you all alien family! miss you sis so much!

    • Ssssisss! Happy New Year! Ganda ng pasok ng taon di ba? Di na ako makatulog sa sobrang excited. Correk ka jan sis, miss ko mga inputs ng mga readers dito, I’m learning from everyone too and so thankful for that. maganda din pag may interaction diba? Ang saya saya sis andito ka rin kc! Asan na si Hanz kaya? Lagi kayo naghahanapan! LOL!
      Love you too sis, take care, and see you soon I’m always here! God bless..

      • Present!!!! Susme! I can not sit back and relax! Every single tick of the clock bilang na bilang. Nati tense ako na di ko mawari waaaaa!!!! Si mama lina naman ninerbyos hahaha! Ang hirap pag may time barrier lalo nasa work ako sa ganyang oras waaaa!!! Sana maabot ntin ang expected high rating sa premiere broadcast. Ang tindi kc ng kalaban natin. Let all aliens volt in tomorrow….pray. ..pray….ms wagas I miz uuuuuuuu!

        • Ayun sabi ko na anjan ka lang sa tabi tabi! Oh I knew it you can’t sit back and relax, that’s why I reminded everyone I know it’s a bit uneasy to relax at this time!! LOL! Oo nga tindi ng kalaban ayaw ko lang aminin at isulat! Dead ma lang kaya natin ito!! Basta andito ako bukas share share na lang kuru kuru palapalagay!
          Thanks hanz I’ll see you tom with Ms Wagas! Take care and God bless..

          • mizzz uuuuuuu too hanz! this is it guyz, sis sa true lang kinakabahan aq malakas ung kalaban ang hirap mag relax woooooo…kahit maginaw dito sa hongkong feeling q ang init sa kaba lol! fighting hyun joong!
            See you later sis and hanz!

            • hahahaha… buti na lang nakauwi ako pinas kung hindi yun kaba at lamig ng Japan ang hirap pigilan!! At least mainit init dito kahit may bagyo!! Pero ito ang tunay na bagyo mayang gabi!! Parang gusto ko muna itago si HJ sa aparador!! Hay nako basta sama sama tayo together maya bahala na si batman! Hay sis lakas mo makahawa!! LOL see you later sis! uy hanz wag ka aabsent ha? love you guys!

              • good morning sis! grabe para akong nanoonod ng movie kagabi,kahit d q naiintindihan pinagsasabi nila care q basta happy lang aq,yung younger jung tae magaling huh! yung fight scene parang gusto q kagatin ung kalaban lol! its worth the wait sis,kahit medyo mahirap habulin ung rating ng kalaban ok lang! fight fight fight hyunjoong!

                • Hahaha!! Kung san masikip dun sisiksik! LOL Sis sobra ako nabitin dun ah! Wla na ako masabi sis, tulala lola mo kagabi! Hay nako care k s rating basta nag enjoy ako period! Tama ka laban lang ng laban! Hayaan mo mga Koreanong yan basta tayo masaya!! See you later sis! Ingatz! luv u!

                  • Grabeeeee!!!!! Sa nerbyos ko hnd muna ako nag check ng twitter. Sa totoo lng now ko lng pinanood jng full epi with out sub khit hnd ko naintindihan. Syet!!!! Kakaibang hyun joong nkita ko waaaa!!!! Nganga ako! Laglag ang panga! Heavy sobrang intense ang mga action scenes niya si hyun joong ba tlga yun Ms wagas ano vah! Yaan nyo bawi tyo sa rating kpag full time ng lumabas tlga sa scene si hyun joong ntin tataas ang rating niyan……taga sa bato……..

                    • LOL! OO naman si HJ talaga yun may footage cya ng shooting nun fight na yun. Wlang double wlang daya, make up lang ang daya!!LOL!

  10. KHJ works really hard for this drama even enduring the cold weather while wearing nothing ( half naked ) for the fighting scene. I hope he does not get sick. Drink lots of hot tea and soup. Let us enjoy the show and hopefully most of the Korean viewers will support this drama. Praying hard for a good TV rating.

    • Hello Dragonlady! I totally agree with you, HJ deserves all the best for all is hard work and I pray with you with the same intention for HJ. Thanks for dropping by,
      Oh Happy new Year! Nice to hear from you and it’s been a while! take care and God bless..

  11. Hi!!! I am a bit late on knowing that you’re back on writing again. And as usual , your articles are amazing. I still love him so much and still grows bigger. He surely is someone you can never get tired of. Despite my work, i still try to get updated as much as possible, and yes! I am stoked to know that the drama release is fast approaching. To all Henecias and Triple S, lets all let out our fangirl screams together for Oppa! Lets support Kim hyun joong to the ends of the earth and the endless galaxy and to the moon and back. LOL! Please do keep us updated Lazerkim!!! Lots of love. And belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May this year be a blissful, healthy and happy one for you!!!

    • Hello Seoran! Gee it’s been a while and I’m so glad to hear from you again! How have you been doing? You’re right no matter how busy we are we can’t just help to take even just a few minutes to check on HJ! he’s just so contagious of all people! That’s his power over us!! LOL
      I surely will keep you updated, yes, scream on top of our voices for HJ to hear from us back in Korea!! And yes totally agree, be it in whatever planet HJ would be we’ll be there!! LOL!
      Take care Seoran, Happy New Year with HJ!! May you have many blessings and be showered with lots of love for 2014! Have a cheerful day ahead of you! See you again, God bless..

      • Have you seen the drama?!!! Just finished watching it on Viki! All i can say is that it was fvking jawdropping!!! He excelled so much that you can no longer see the prince in the white horse but a hot figther in all his gruff and glory. God! I was screaming whenever he receives punches but i was so proud at how good he had become in terms of acting. Im just such a proud fan right now. My oppa never fails to amaze me *cries

  12. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEHIND THE STAR | LazerKim

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