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By: LazerKim                  There were so much going on since day one of 2014 as soon as KBS released Kim Hyun Joong’s come back drama. I have not gone tired viewing the first teaser of Inspiring Generation, here comes another preview that it even heated up my eagerness to watch this drama! Hyun Joong fans has been going crazy over the teasers and I would say lately even non-fans are looking forward to the premier of Inspiring Generation!

It’s all over the news media that Inspiring Generation continue its growing awareness and anticipation among fans and non-fans of Kim Hyun Joong, as KBS continue to release stills and teasers that from this alone Hyun Joong has been capturing attention not only domestically but most of all the international community.

I’m happy to say that even in his critic’s camp for the first time had somehow mellowed down on their opinion of Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, at least being in an open mind in the positive side of his upcoming drama is fair enough, instead of drawing negative lines prior to airing this drama is a better article to read!

And with that, I truly appreciate the writer in giving a little room for the blog readers of that site to breath and not giving something that would cause heart attack to their readers specially the Kim Hyun Joong fans!! Joke! It’s a site where Hyun Joong has always been crucified for years both by the writer and its readers! I sincerely hope they will eventually change their negative views about Kim Hyun Joong for a change!

Inspiring Generation premier on January 15, 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM KST, that’s barely a week of waiting from this time I’m writing this article. As everyone of us would say “can’t wait to watch this drama!!”



Kim Hyun Joong and other cast of Inspiring Generation was featured at Weekly Entertainment (a Korean celebrity news) recorded in Shanghai China during the filming of Inspiring Generation. There were a lot of fans of Hyun Joong somewhere within the vicinity of the filming location as in the news said, “Kim Hyun Joong proves to be a true Hallyu Star great popularity power as there’s always been a crowd of fans following him anywhere he goes.”

In the interview from Weekly Entertainment Kim Hyun Joong stated, ‘Inspiring Generation is set to capture attentions of overseas fans too. Its broadcast copyrights is sold not only in S.Korea but also to USA and Thailand. It will be a project up to many’s expectations. I’m working my best to show you my best performance on screen. Please enjoy the drama’.

Indeed Kim Hyun Joong in Inspiring Generation had conquered the attention of media with what they have been seeing around him. If you’re a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong you know very well this is a fact and not just a press releases! If only the Korean media knew that Hyun Joong had captured millions of international fans, I’m sure they will be bewildered by his power to conquer the hearts of millions, that even fans from the farthest corners of the world are just crazy about him!

We fans have seen this fact when Hyun Joong performed his Asian Tour concert that a lot of fans from different nationalities followed him literally from one country to another. This was in 2012, the guy never stop his music so we can imagine more fans generated in time. What more once his upcoming drama will be aired in January to March this year? I’m sure people will be in search for Kim Hyun Joong! Will they turn out to be an addict to him too just like us? That I never doubt once they meet his gaze!



Back home in Seoul, last night Hyun Joong came to Icheon filming set and there was a crowd of fans waiting for him, followed him anywhere he goes, taking videos and pictures even at the bus where his make up was being done! He was looking towards the direction where his fans are, but obviously looking so awkward because he was already inside the bus getting ready to dress up or make up done for the shoot and that bus was suppose to be his dressing area!

I’m not sure if I’m pleased seeing this, but I really hope fans would give him a little room for privacy. Hyun Joong was at work, of course he has to concentrate, he’s a celeb, he’s used being with the crowd of fans, fine, I think it’s alright to meet him at the filming location, fine but fans should know where and when to stop. This is just a friendly reminder, thank you.



KBS released this poster above for Inspiring Generation, Kim Hyun Joong as Shin Jung Tae standing within the shadow of darkness as he grasp the light of the sun from up far and there were birds in the sky signifying freedom. This poster is so nice that it already describe essence of this drama. Here I share with you synopsis of Inspiring Generation for those who have not read it yet:

Based in the 1930′s of Shanghai, China. This drama is a story about love, friendship, aspiration, loyalty and patriotism.

The story goes with the man named Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) who will protect his fellowmen from the Japanese Invasion. He has a natural skills on fighting and later on earned his way to be one of the greatest fighter during Japan Rule.

Shin Jung Tae loses his father at the age of 15 when a Japanese soldier shoots him during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s. But instead of finding justice, Jung Tae is accused of his own father’s death. Jung Tae finds justice only by using his fists in the back alleys of Shanghai, growing up to become the best fighter on the continent.

After his father’s death, Jung Tae is taken in and raised by the father of Yoon Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yun). He falls in love with his feisty younger “sister,” who aspires to be a singer but becomes so much more, although he is too clumsy to express his true feelings. But the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Im Soo Hyang), the stepdaughter of a high official of Japan’s National Assembly Denkai, may stand in their way of happiness. Can the young Korean ex-patriots in China preserve their futures during such harsh times?

Source: All About Korean Drama (



When I have seen the first teaser of Inspiring Generation, I was amazed by the resemblance of Kim Hyun Joong and Kwak Dong Yun who played the role of young Shin Jung Tae! Or maybe both hair style did it perfectly that it seemed like their siblings! I think he’s a good choice to perform the role of young Shin Jung Tae to match Hyun Joong’s current image as a great fighter.

Kim Jae Wook finally surfaced among the other co-stars of Hyun Joong for this drama, although I have not seen him at the previews yet. Kim Jae Wook takes the role of Kim Soo Ok, Shin Jung Tae’s best friend and rival in a love triangle. It’s also Kim Jae Wook’s first come back drama after serving at the military. I have watched him in Kingdom of the Wind, Mary Me Mary and Coffee Prince who have always been playing secondary roles and I think Hyun Joong and Jae Wook have a good chemistry playing their respective roles as friends and rival.

KBS has slowly been showing other supporting casts for this drama, that if you are a Kdrama addict, these actors are familiar within the dramas we have been watching. With the power of Hyun Joong to conquer his audience as the lead actor playing Shin Jung Tae, as we have seen a different Kim Hyun Joong in his teaser, packed with veteran actors,  I can smell great success in this drama. For me, Inspiring Generation is already a winner to the heart of Hyun Joong fans as he kept his promise to meet us again as an actor.

This drama is nearly approaching, Hyun Joong shall be busy filming at the same time promoting, therefore we’ll be seeing lots from him within this period till March. So much to look forward to, and it’s a deal we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong, starting with a press conference to be held today January 9 at 2PM KST.



The press conference was successfully held at the Imperial Hotel, attended not only by the local media but also some international showbiz news reporters as well. Hyun Joong was in a dashing black coat, looks so fresh, handsome and stand out within the crowd that all eyes were focused on him. The main casts of Inspiring Generation also attended particularly Hyun Joong’s leading ladies and I’m happy to see Jin Se Yun looking well after being caught in a fire accident a few days ago. 

Each of the the cast gave good comments about Hyun Joong, being a hard worker, fun to work with, having tremendous passion in his heart, performs action powerfully, but one comment that caught my attention was coming from the PD revealed as he stated; “The sweet Kim Hyun Joong is a fake, Shin Jung Tae is the real Kim Hyun Joong!” I was all laughing when I read this! Hyun Joong’s toughness is concealed by his angelic face, yet his eyes reveals his kind heart. 

Im Soo Hyang stated: “we heard the competitor drama’s rating reaches 25%. I think it will be good if KHJ will give free hugs if IG can also surpasses 25%.” 

Hyun Joong responded:  “it seems difficult to reach 25%, but if IG surpasses 25% I will give free hugs nearby Cheongdam Elementary School,” causing laughter within the gallery.

I wonder, will Hyun Joong be able to hug all those kids? I can imagine their mom would surely rush for that chance instead!! LOL! Inspiring Generation gathered 18 tons of rice wreath from Kim Hyun Joong fans not only from Korea but also from different countries to show support to Hyun Joong and the drama. These shall be given to the charity. This is just a summary from the press con updates I gathered, and just added with this article.






What an exciting week ahead of airing this drama, at the same time I’m starting to get scared that once I have gone used to watching Hyun Joong every week till March, I’m sure I’ll be wanting for more dramas from him. The same way I felt after I got done watching BOF, I searched for more dramas with Hyun Joong, only to find out it’s his first drama ever! I waited for a year before PK came out and felt the same way!

Inspiring Generation have not been aired yet, but honestly, I’m already wishing for another drama for Hyun Joong to be followed soon! Am I becoming a spoiled fan or simply becoming super addict to him and very much in need of dose?? Good luck to all of us addicts, I know exactly how it feels to be a Kim Hyun Joong addict, I’ve been there, and I’m sure you’re one of those fans who would just stare at empty space after watching him and would probably ask yourselves “How much longer do I have to wait to see him again?” That’s how he had first captured my heart! How about you?

From the stills and teasers of Inspiring Generation, almost everyday we see different expression from Kim Hyun Joong showing his maturity as an actor. The gentle-looking, the brave look filled with anger and hatred, the innocent look yet tough inside, and after his drama shoot, we see the boyish smile of an angel as he greets his fans waiting for him after filming!

Indeed our man is just ready for action! Indeed Kim Hyun Joong is ready to conquer the world once again as he comes back in our TV screen after three long years. We’ll be given another chance to watch him closer on how he changed over the years, to look at his eyes as he stared back at us that will surely melt our hearts again! That’s the power Kim Hyun Joong got, the Star Power to capture hearts.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo Credits as tagged: Ms.D, thanks!



16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR POWER

    • Thank you Ellen it’s really nice to be back just in time for IG! May your year filled with a lot of blessings, good health and love. Happy New Year!! Take care, and see you again! God bless..

  1. Reading ur article makes me realize”how come she is writing wat i m thinking” but i guess dis is how all his fans feeling right now….m really exicted fr his new drama n really hope next he plays a chaebol…a vert rich guy coz I want to see him in nice dress n suits n my all time fav his killer smile…..thanks lazer fr ur writings its really awsme hope ‘HE’ is reading too…kekeeke….keep loving him”!!!!

    • Oh yes he does, I can assure you that bcoz he’s one of my subscriber. He reads from all of us whenever he has time so he knows exactly how we feel.

      Yes just like you, I’m wishing on his next drama he would take a role of a chaebol or a prince in a historical genre and challenge him on sword fights. He likes action drama the most. That’s how I would like to see him next.

      Thank you so much for reading my articles. Take care, and I’ll see you soon. Have nice day and God bless..

  2. Hi,
    Our Only One is so handsome and cute in the press conference.
    Love his smile so much.
    All the best for Hyun Joong and IG.
    Fingers crossed!

    • Hello fanjoong! Oh how I wish there’s a big screen in front of us that all of us so we can watch this drama together just like watching a movie eating popcorn, amd scream on top of our voice that HJ can hear us cheering for him!! sigh*
      Thank again fanjoong, take care girl, have a nice day and God bless..

  3. Hello dear Lk,
    Nice to have you on vacation, big like here. thanks 🙂

    WOW again, this looks like a very powerful drama and yes can’t wait to see it. The whole cast and the plot seems very interesting. It looks like good chemistry between the cast and crew so really should be something worth waiting.

    I totally agree with you LK, Hj done a beautiful job in BOF and PK and really PK was a real winner outside SK, so let’s worry about ratings if and when….but not before. ( I know is tough this showbiz…but , think positive)
    But I was wondering about those hugz do they apply only for those kids or adults can also participate….just to know if to arrange some business trip to SK….and what about Hj’s promise with the chicken free? is that still viable if passing the 30%? just to know if to push for that trip or not?? ( I am not fond of fried chicken but …..will make an exception and sacrifice…lol.)

    Hj proves again and again to have an impact internationally, those donations just show how loved and appreciated Hj is all over and in spite of his last interview where he stated that people know him as Jihoo pretty face, not the dancer, well let me tell you,that today he is much more appreciated and more known world wide only by his name Kim Hyun Joong the singer/actor/dancer/model…the man that he became and is and soon he will add another notch in his belt with this drama, proving that he is a real Star by merit. For sure he will show a more mature and refined actor and he will always have the support of his fans. Hj of today is much more appealing than before but still keep to be a real gentle and genuine person as his friends and co-workers are stating, how can you not support him?!?
    Next week is just around the corner and the count down started. Missed you girl, hugz and lots of love:)

    • LOL!! I think the hugz only goes for the kids!! I think this drama is a huge production and considering HJ being in this drama is already a big plus. This drama is meant for KHJ, it’s a challenge for him, the cast and crew just like what you said everyone seem to have a good chemistry and working harmony which we all can see from the BTS.
      Now talking about chemistry looking at handsome KHJ with two beautiful ladies right beside him I think this is gonna be fantastic! Maybe this is the first time you’ll hear me comment on his leading ladies! Five days to go from now and we’ll soon watch what we’ve been waiting for.
      Thanks again Noya, this is a real treat for me on my vacation, just in time for HJ’s come back drama. Take care girl and see you around! Have a pleasant day ahead of you! God bless..

  4. dear
    Lucky you can know everything about his conference as soon as it is aired, I live in southamerica so I need the translation soon, hope that they work fast in order to not let us wait too muchhhhhh… ahhhh
    Kim hyun joong as actor has never disapinted me, his roles and acts were always according to the character, thinking in his personality I could say that they were also a great chalenge for him, I remember an interview when he was filming BOF saying ,”I will continue saying those boring dialogues, If I say them in the real life i would prefered to be kill” or something like that , showing his honest feelings, many people laughted of it but for me It said a lot about his personal preferences and honesty. Also his personality surfaced telling the true, who he really is, and for me showing that even if he dislike those dialogues he showed his profesionalism and did the drama so well that nobody can forget it. I dislike that media always remind us the low rating in Korea of PK, forgeting that it was a great succsses internationaly that any other drama had had. so internationally for sure it will be great for sure, at home we hope will be too.
    We all will be very buzy on january 15th 2014, see you there (Internet) i for sure will comment about it
    give all my blessings to my only one KIM HYUN JOONG.
    see you later

    • Hello Jazu! I added updates from the press con in this article. This is just so little info I can gather at the moment.
      You are so right exactly what I mean as the PD from the press con stated “the sweet HJ is a fake” this is very true! I also remember from BOF interview HJ said his friend were asking him “why do you do that?”, the sweet gentle Jihoo is the opposite of HJ in reality!! LOL People criticize him as jihoo to be stiff but that was the personality of Jihoo from the Japanese manga, he’s simply playing the role and he did it perfectly.

      Yes I agree with you the Korean media had only seen ratings of PK in Korea but had forgotten how a big hit it was in the international community. Oh well i really hope IG can change other’s views about HJ. Nobody can please everyone but we his fans are here to support him all the time.

      Thanks again Jazu for sharing your thoughts with us. And yes I’ll see you again later. I’m on my work break so I’m trying to write as much as I can given the time. Take care and God bless

  5. Hi and good morning LK! I am getting ready to sleep but was happy to see a post. I started a new job Jan 2nd and I am so busy and tired learning all my new duties. I was overwhelmed as I was browsing Twitter with the amazing support of the fans for the press conference today. I think the rice wreath donations really testify to the goodness Hyun Joong inspires in his fans. I can’t wait to watch the interview with subs tomorrow to hear his sweet words. Good night and God bless!

    • Hello Angie! Oh that’s nice to know you’re getting to a new experience, I think that’s a good year opening for you, good luck on your new job!

      Yes I agree with you, HJ fans are very supportive, the venue gallery was already filled with rice wreath and there were still some coming in from other countries! That’s really amazing, his fans literally followed HJ’s good deeds specially to charity. And look at the blessings HJ has been receiving, love from people of different nationalities supporting him all the way.

      Oh we have so much to talk about in the coming days while waiting for IG!! Take care girl, and have a pleasant night, dream about HJ!! See you again and thanks always sharing with us here! God bless..

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