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By: LazerKim                     “Take a good look, from now on it’s the real deal”. This is the line from Kim Hyun Joong preview of Inspiring Generation. And I’m saying this same line to my readers as the count down starts from now first day of 2014 while I’m writing this article, Inspiring Generation is soon to be aired!

I spent my New Year celebration watching the sneak preview of Inspiring Generation released by KBS on New Year’s Eve, over and over again! And yes what a way of celebrating New Year that I couldn’t even blink in watching Hyun Joong! The first preview with Kim Hyun Joong may be too short but, WOW! That’s all I can say, I couldn’t describe the feeling of eagerness to watch this drama, specially when I have seen the preview. Hyun Joong was just sitting as he was rolling a piece of cloth in his hand but the look in his eyes simply said it all, he’s getting ready to come back and fight!

Seeing from the photos above, this gave me the impression that Hyun Joong was battered from a fight with all those bleeding cuts on his face, yet he still look so handsome! Gosh what’s with this guy? No matter what angle, no matter what expression he has, he’s just so perfectly handsome. How would you not fall for this guy? I’m very sure Hyun Joong will again generate more new fans after or even during the airing of Inspiring Generation. We are seeing a different Kim Hyun Joong this time, from a street guy name Shin Jung Tae.

In case you have not see the latest trailers of Inspiring Generation, here are the link from YouTube:

Trailer 1 – click here>

Trailer 2 – click here>

Trailer 3 – click here>

Credits: TheAlienPrinceKHJ Thanks for sharing!



Hyun Joong ended up his first overseas location filming In Shanghai China for Inspiring Generation and flew back home to Seoul on New Year’s Day. For 13 days he’s been in and out of his hotel with those scars on his face in preparation for his daily location filming. And yesterday he was all groomed, so dashingly handsome in dark coat on his way home that his photos were all over the internet!

I would like to think he’s giving us a new year’s treat for an intended photo opportunity for his fans!! Intended or not his gesture is so cute! Like these photos below, it’s like posing for a commercial ad, but actually this was only taken by some of his fans at the airport! And I would like to thank the fans who took this shot, I think these set of photos are the best among Hyun Joong’s airport photos. Thank you so much to the fans who took his pictures and to the fans who posted these beautiful pictures, your effort is well appreciated by all of us.




On my first day in 2014 I’m overwhelm with great anticipation and filled my day with all smiles seeing all of these from Kim Hyun Joong. I think he’s rocking the entire world again, not on stage to sing in a concert this time, but on the stage of dramas. I was really amazed by the sneak preview of Inspiring Generation that I really think this is gonna be a good drama.

I’m pretty scared now, because once I have watch Hyun Joong on this drama, I know I would be wanting more dramas from him! Just the same whenever I watch his concerts I couldn’t get enough of him and keep looking forward for more chances to see him on stage. Now I can burst out this excitement in watching Inspiring Generation that I kept holding back these past weeks! I can’t wait anymore, I’m just burning with so much eagerness to watch my Only One as actor and I believe the long waiting period is worth it.

I’m actually just dropping by to share this New Year first day treat for us from Hyun Joong which I think took a lot of non fans in a state of shock after seeing the trailer of Inspiring Generation!! And as I have mentioned in my recent article, we fans have a role to play in support to Kim Hyun Joong’s come back drama, and that is to spread the word, the Prince of Alien is back in action!

                              “Take a good look from now on, it’s the real deal!”

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Thanks Ms. D



36 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST DAY

  1. Hey LK 🙂 I want to talk to KHJ anyhow…. I know I can not go to Seoul right now. Do you think it will work if I call at KeyEast office phone and ask for an official telephonic appointment. What do you think will they charge me any cost to get an telephonic appointment of KHJ ??? How many times have u met him? Would he be ready for such an appointment? Also I donno what does he thikns about Indian people coz… he’d never been to India. He roams all over the world again and again but he’d never been in India… So Im worried would he like such appointment if he gets time from his work???? What do you think???

  2. Hi Lk….:-)
    I m from INDIA….Though i got to knw about kim hyun joong too late….But after watchng one of his tv series i.e. Boys over flower i just got stuck on him….And nw its too difficult for me to stay here….I wish if i can meet him just once in my life..I have gone through many of your articles and i loved ol of them…thanx for that….I loved all the things you wrote about his new show INSPIRING GENERATION…Wating to see him soon on know what i have learned some korean also by watchong his show BOF n olso learned a soon of him….:-)

  3. Dear i was loking for an article were I gave you my impresions about why Playful kiss had low ratings, I still think that it was like a punishment to him, but during this last 2 years or less I feel him very strong and confident with himself since the first time that he sang part of Let me be the one, and CREEP, a little bit unsure how the fans took it, but even that he sang it, some of triple S fans disliked it, he was prohibted to sing SS501 songs, but after that day he started to include more ss501 songs in his concerts and felt they were welcome to his fans, even he was in his farewell friends concerts and the last concert of his friends I could fell more confident than ever, he was really happy, and showed that he is and will be their leader after all. Hope that some of the haters now are tranquil and happy to see that SS501 members are always closed friends and they could not do anything. I think that his come back in his land in 2013 was as always a succsessful project, he looked incredible manly, sexy and mainly strong and confident as his lyric song UNBREAKBLE message says. I was clapping too much when the meaning of the lyric appeared, so I think that this project will be another great success for him, another international award for sure, another side of him, and another memorable drama for us. Personally I thought that any other actor had only 2 dramas and these 2 are the most viewed around the world even till now. I saw it when he was awarded in Japan with his boss next to him, seeing the result BOF and PK were finalist, the 2 dramas, I was really proud of him, only his boss could be over him. I found one of my favorite article of you : I really like it because it describes how you, me and many fans became addicted to him hope that it will be really great.
    Hope for your next article, and hope to see the drama as soon as it will be aired, since the distance we need to wait for the translated version in English since I know a bit of it or Spanish. if you know send us links.

    • Oh Jazu thanks for reminding me. I actually have these links where we can watch IG. This comes from another blog, I hope they wouldn’t mind if I post it here. Here you go please save it. CLICK HERE>

      That article Special Relationship was one of my first few ones when I was just starting! I wrote that article I think at the beginning of the year 2012 and i left a hanging question there as “HJ will be facing more challenges, will you still be standing right beside him?” It’s 2014 and I’m so glad you and I, and the rest of us here are still standing beside him! We had some ups and down during our journey with HJ but I’m so proud we’re still with him and still looking forward on any road we travel for as long as he’s with us all the time.

      I remember when HJ was doing PK he was pretty worried about TV ratings for this drama, but his boss Bae Yong Joon told him not to worry and just concentrate on the filming. I remembered this that is why I wrote about ratings on my recent article Winter Memories. Neither would I want him to worry about ratings and i’ll probably say the same thing to him as his boss stated back in 2010.

      I thought about it too, maybe he was being punished that time, but as I always say S.Korea is just a small part of the world. The international fans out numbered his Korean fans.

      Now he’s right there, the teaser of IG was being released which I’m so happy about. I never doubted HJ’s acting ability since the start. This time he had matured, he’s confident, i really think this drama is meant for HJ and I think this drama has a great potential to be on the best list of Kdrama.

      Thank you Jazu for sharing your thoughts, it’s nice to read from you again. I’ll be back soon, see you again and take care. God bless…

  4. Dear LK..
    I’m one of million fans who got caught in hyunjoong’s spell net.
    I’m way tooo late to fall for his spell as I just got addicted to him from barefootfriends era..yes..way too late..
    I didn’t recognize him at all as jihoo sunbae as I was more into lee min ho that time.
    I fall for his sincerity of doing gendong and be the one who brave enough to jump up on the cable car. If he didn’t, I’m sure they wouldn’t continue filming that part.
    As I dig deeply about him the more I fall for him. Get to know him as the leader, soloist, actor, and gentleman. I quite understand his thoughts and personality and feel close to him (hmm..maybe because I was born in june and a gemini –“) but well yeah, I can feel him. Are any of you guys feel the same? Hohoho..

    Keep writing, miss LK. I’m always craving of your thoughts about him.
    Thank you!!

    • Hello berlin welcome to the world of the Alien with KHJ! Now your story is quite different or should I say the other way around with my story!! LOL! I first met him at BOF as Jihoo and hardly recognized him when he did his first album Breakdown! This was when I started researching all about this guy, and eventually started writing.
      It’s never too late, in fact you’re just in time for his upcoming drama. All i can say is that KHJ is a very interesting guy, you’ll know more about him, the more you do the more you’ll get addicted to him. Everyone of us here experienced the same way as you do!
      I’ll just be here I’ll keep writing whenever time allows me to do so. Take care, enjoy your search all about KHJ, it’s worth your time. Happy New Year and see you again! God bless..

      • Can’t wait..miss him on tv since he left barefootfriends..keep watching it over and over again..
        Not long now though :))

  5. Ooooooh! Many thanks dear Lazer Kim ^^ Love much this awesome article, photos and Trailers’ links which are my best Xmas and New Year’s gifts at all!!! You are so credible and talented to make your updates’ posts so magical! Happy to read you again and again my friend! All the best! Fighting!!!! ♥ **

    • Thank you taeborum! I think we started our year with full packed excitement over the teaser of IG, this will be a good year for HJ and all of us. Our wishes came true to meet him as an actor and for HJ he got what he wanted, a challenging role in action!! Yes yes all the best for HJ and all of us!!

  6. I was totally spazzing when I saw the teaser! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and looking for cold water LOL I swear this drama reminds me of Gaksital, one of my favorite k-dramas. I’m so looking forward to watching IG because besides having our baby as Jung Tae, the story itself is good and the cast seems to be carefully chosen.
    I just can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day, Lazer!! =D

    • hahaha…. here’s your cold water!! LOL I’ll check on Bridal Mask, I got the DVD but haven’t got the chance to watch Kdrama. I agree with you I really think this drama is good. Thanks for dropping by razor! See you again!

  7. Happy new year ms. LK! U are finally back omg!!! Super miz u to the max lola. Namimis ko ung chikahan natin about khj waaaa! Hnd na ko makatulog hnd na mapakali natitense na hnd ko mawari since I started viewing the teaser. Daebak si bunsoy!!!!!! Luv u mwahhhh!!!!

    • Hello Hanz Happy New year!! Now where is your partner sis! LOL Di ba mas malakas pa sa paputok ng Pinas yun teaser!! LOL Now this I think is the best new year greetings of HJ to all of us!! Miss you too Hanz luv u too!! Hugz!

        • Happpppppyyyy neeeeewwww yeaaaaaaar! andito na aq! hala na miss q to huh! hello hanz!!!!
          Sis,ang saya lng ng new year kc andto ka! excited na aq sa drama ng lolo,ilang tulog na lng.miss you so much sista!

          • Happy New Year sis!! Miss kita! Muntik na ako magtampo, nawawala ka kc eh!! Kala ko naman tumalon ka na sa ilog jan sa sobrang excitement sa IG teaser!! LOL! Oo sis ilang tulog na lang! Wag ka magpapa bangungut ha!! LOL Miss you sis!

  8. I can’t wait until this drama is released! It looks like it’s really going to be a winner. Happy New Year to all, and I hope nothing but good things for KHJ with this drama.

  9. Nice to see your article.
    I love the pics of Hyun Joong at Incheon, so modish, cool, and very cute…
    I’m crazy with the teaser of IG.
    Hope Hyun Joong has short hollidays with his family.

  10. So nice to see a new article again ^_^ I also anticipate so much for “Inspiring Generation”! God, what can I say about the teaser? I was mindblown when I saw it, both from the amazing new look and transformation of KHJ and from the whole visualization of the story we could see. Like a fellow Greek fan with whom I talked today said “Such an amazing teaser that leaves you in awe in less than 1-minute length!” She’s so right!! Let me also share a viewpoint I found on twitter which I totally agree with as well!

    Viewpoint about KHJ in “Inspiring Generation” teaser:
    Oh boy, Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) has such presence on screen! His gaze says it all. He looks so tough, driven, wretched, rugged and determined. I’m so proud of him. Kudos to everyone involved in this project. It looks awesome so far!!!

    by @FortheLoveofKHJ

    • Oh my God we all have the same reaction after seeing the teaser! No more words left to express, except WOW! It felt as if a bomb just exploded on New Year after watching the teaser! LOL!
      Thanks Stav for sharing and I definitely agree with @FortheloveofKHJ!

  11. WOW …really that was the reaction to the teasers of IG….looking forward for this!!
    But wow also, 1st Jan and you wrote another one…like it !! Do drop by more often in the future (maybe that holiday will materialize…hope is here..).
    Oh yes , those pics…… Hj do scrub up very well…..!! Dashing man dressed or undressed, his look on the first picture spoke volumes, he is into the role very deep. In the end maybe this is the best drama for him. We will be here always supporting him of course. A Blessed year 2014 and the Horse Year to all:)

    • Oh my I’m just so happy about this teaser of IG, it’s so effective and I’m dying to see more until this drama starts airing. I never doubted I know this drama has something. This is meant for Hyun Joong and no one else!
      Yes truly we will support all the way!
      LOL yeah I agree he’s always dashing!!

      • Oh yes, this teaser put all in a turmoil, all spazzing, like Razor put it so well.
        But I have to say that I’ve tempered my comments on the pics…actually erased them they were too cheeky, specially for the last pic….lol :*

  12. Thanks LK for posting these photos… the real deal. That’s what I love about my Angel. He has always been the real deal. That’s why I am so forever in love with him. This drama is looking so intense. I can’t wait to get all mushed up with emotions watching for 24 glorious episodes. I sense all nighter marathons in the future while I am missing him from being locked away from me for two whole agonizing years. This must be the feeling of a girlfriend whose live goes for his service. Sigh.. I’m trying really hard just to enjoy him and not think about it for now. But it’s hard not to. HAPPY 2014! I am glad you have surfaced and let us read the warm greetings we have been missing most of the last year.

    • Oh I’m so glad to be here again at least even just this one. This is a real good start of the year, we’ve been waiting for HJ as an actor and thank God he finally got it.

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