Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BRAVE CHALLENGER


By: LazerKim            It’s been two weeks since Kim Hyun Joong’s Inspiring Generation had been airing in S.Korea, and for that whole weeks Hyun Joong has been the news in the entertainment pages of the media not only In S. Korea but in the international newspapers and magazines as well! This drama has been continuously receiving a lot of praises, good feedback on Kim Hyun Joong and the over all production package.

There were local reruns of this drama after its pilot airing of Episodes 1 and 2 last January 15 and 16, then followed for another rerun for Episodes 3 and 4 last week, giving chances to those who might have not watched it on the drama in S.Korea and had delivered good results too. I have read that Inspiring Generation also earned advertisements nine times greater than the previous KBS2 drama. This I guess is a good sign!



I find Episode 3 very interesting that I got hooked on the character’s emotions. I was so touched by the scene of Shin Jung Tae’s sister Chung Ah hugging her father who brought her a teddy bear! Her father pretended to be someone else, but obviously she knew who he was. Another scene that I like was when Ok Ryun confronted Gaya and fought with each other! Ok Ryun had a bleeding nose and Kaya handed a handkerchief to her then walk away. That was really cute! Then Shin Jung Tae’s first kiss with Gaya was quite unexpected! Is his first kiss gonna be his first love as well? Will Ok Ryun ends up with a broken heart as Jung Tae sees her as his own sister?

Quite surprisingly in Episode 4, Gaya was being trained martial arts by her mother’s bodyguard and she actually met her father’s killer in a training fight. Why would Gaya’s father killed by someone from Gaya’s side? Who is Gaya? It was said she was the stepdaughter of a Japanese Government official and gave me the impression that this official was the true killer of Gaya’s father, but why? Is Gaya’s father a lover of her mother?

In another scene, Jung Tae’s sister Chung Ah, disappeared, giving the viewer’s impression she committed suicide by jumping in a cliff to end Jung Tae’s burden that pushed him to be a gangster. The young Jung Tae was devastated over his sister’s death or disappearance since her body was not found so I assume she’s still alive, but where did she go?

That ended the childhood portion of Shin Jung Tae as the last-minute of this episode, Kim Hyun Joong appeared as adult Shin Jung Tae in a fight scene! Oh he’s so handsome that I’m glad to see him without the scars and bruises on his face! This part could be the start of Shin Jung Tae’s being a great fighter.

There are a bunch of characters in this drama but I think each character has a significant roles in the lives of ShinJung Tae, Ok Ryun and Gaya. Ending each episode makes me eagerly wait for the next, as Inspiring Generation always leaves its viewers with questions and anticipate for answers. This even makes the drama exciting, you wouldn’t guess what’s coming up next until it’s there being seen on the next episode.

Tomorrow is Wednesday again, we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong as Episode 5 unfold we anticipate the start of the life of Shin Jung Tae who grew up into a real matured fighter.




Last week Hyun Joong continued with his daily filming routines and this photo above caught my attention. He was doing push ups in front of a heater which I was assuming done while waiting for his shoot and there’s another photo of him doing sit ups while holding that heater! It’s freezing cold during the entire filming of this drama from start and probably until filming ends, I was smiling seeing this picture and couldn’t help saying, “what a way of keeping himself warm!” But actually he’s preparing or warm-up for a fight scene.

Then there’s another picture of Hyun Joong at a food stall truck around the filming location probably buying some food to eat during his break. He’s the star of this drama but it seemed like he’s not behind the cameras! Well superstar complex is very common in showbiz, but not with Hyun Joong. There are always personal assistants right behind him whenever he works to get anything he needs, but he’s not the type who would lean on them. If he can be on his own then he’ll be glad to be so, that’s Hyun Joong behind the scene in reality!



We have seen a lot of footage and photos of Hyun Joong while working behind the scenes not only on this drama but in every project he has. And for me I just couldn’t help the feeling of being proud as a fan and really inspired by his work attitude. Hyun Joong already has the global popularity in his hands and we can say he’s not just an ordinary person, yet he’s so down to earth. He cares about those whom he work with, he cares about people who loves him even he doesn’t know them personally and those are his fans as he had been keeping a special relationship with all of them, and I mean it all millions of fans in every part of the world!

For Hyun Joong he’s simply working just like anyone of us, as he has been doing his best at work, he doesn’t get that fame into his head and this is the very thing that I love about this guy. Once he succeeded in one project, he gets so inspired to work on the next, as he just kept going his popularity keeps multiplying! Hyun Joong has the ability to capture people without extra effort but simply being himself on and off cam. And the most amazing thing is, he has the ability to get hold of his fans for years. I’m sure the veteran fans can testify to this fact who’s been with him all these years.

I think most of my readers had first seen him in his previous dramas which I also think had boost his popularity even further. With his come back drama Inspiring Generation it is very likely he’ll gain more new fans again, which I never doubted. And I’m still hoping crossing my fingers that Hyun Joong would have another drama project after this, since he’s also intending to concentrate as an actor for this year.



I was just about to wrap up this article when I have read an interview with production CEO Yoon Se-hyun that I would just like to share a short portion which called my attention, here it goes as the CEO stated:

Q: Inspiring Generation have gathered many star-studded actors including Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang. What are your thoughts about this?

A: There was a big question before the broadcast, ‘Why it’s Kim Hyun Joong?’ ‘Why it’s Im Soo Hyang?’. We were also thinking given the large sum of production fees they have received, why did they invite singer-turned-actors instead of using top stars actors. Taking ‘Bridal Mask’ for example, there isn’t a lot of actors who are willingly to try out this kind of dramas, very minimal. It’s probably they are afraid to be rejected to enter Japan and also exclusion from the Japanese market (due to the drama’s genre). It’s a tough decision walking down the ‘Hallyu Star’ path if they were to give up on the Japanese market. It’s never easy to make such decision. 

There was also a hot discussion regarding the ‘acting skills’ because as a singer who’s trying out the acting career, they have to show a lot of up-to-par acting elements (as compared to original actors themselves). But Hyun Joong have put a lot of effort to overcome this. 

Before the broadcast, there were many anti topics about this, almost 99% of it. Right after the first episode was aired, many articles surfaced and praised ‘Hyun Joong have finally found the right drama for him’. And the same goes to Im Soo Hyang. It was a very good start to turn antis into fans.

cr: @5StarsAs1 thanks for sharing!



Talking about history, the more I admire Hyun Joong in taking this drama, or taking the risk of being rejected by the Japanese market if ever, which I very much doubt knowing how his Japanese fans adore him! The past is a part of history, setting aside politics whatever it may be, which has got nothing to do with entertainment. Time change and people change too, I think TV viewers are open minded with whatever they watch be it on TV or movies. This is just my personal opinion.

Pertaining to the choice of actor in taking the lead role Shin Jung Tae, it’s true I have read a lot of articles from the insects camp criticizing Hyun Joong for taking this drama. I believe an artist should be given the chance to grow and prove himself and I’m talking in general. How can an artist develop himself if he isn’t even given the chance and even painful that just before he can prove himself he was already crucified by people who are not even professional artists nor experts on this field. These people are just ordinary TV Korean drama viewers pretending to be someone they are not, or not even qualified to be so called Korean drama critics!!

I agree, Hyun Joong finally found the right drama for him, a drama which he had been wishing for to perform. I believe everything has its own time, when Hyun Joong did BOF he was the right choice to do Yoon Ji Hoo and so with PK to work on Baek Seung Jo, considering his image that time, his looks and his age, although it may not be him as a person for real, which I think was even challenging for an actor to act opposite to his real self. Now Hyun Joong got this role being a fighter, everyone obviously was shocked by his transformation!

I would say this drama is a good challenge for Hyun Joong and yes we fans know how he worked hard in preparing himself considering we have been following his daily shoots. It was so much for him to endure the freezing cold winter in bare top doing those fight scenes, it was so much to bare those insects biting him just before he can start, but Hyun Joong took all those challenges and still remain consistently modest. There’s still a long way ahead of Inspiring Generation, but it’s worth the challenge. And yes it’s a good start to turn the antis to fans!

Do you believe in Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell?? We’ll wait and see how he cast that magic net to those people! Then I would say, welcome to the world of Kim Hyun Joong, the Brave Challenger!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HERO FIGHTER


By: Lazerkim                     Kim Hyun Joong opened up the drama Inspiring Generation successfully that gave his viewers a huge shock in seeing him in a fierce fight with a totally transformed image not only of a real man but a true fighter! We have seen a lot of stills and teasers of Inspiring Generation and I think this drama is more than what I expected. I was suppose to write an article yesterday right after I have watched episode one, but I was just so speechless!

At the tweeter after episode one was aired, there were already brief reviews from here and there, having the same opinion about Hyun Joong’s improvement on his acting skills, his expressions, his looks, changes in the tone of his voice, overall he had changed a lot being an actor. He may have that short scene but very effective as opening for this drama, that it seems Hyun Joong is trying to tell us, this is me from now on, and see more of me in this character in the next episodes of this drama!



I’m not writing this topic to give a review on Inspiring Generation, I’m just an ordinary drama viewer, the type who would just like to enjoy watching and would just like to share my thoughts and observation about the drama.

I was captured by the first scene as Hyun Joong was fighting in an arena giving all his strength to put that ugly man down that gave me goose bump and could hardly blink my eyes in watching Hyun Joong’s anger! After the fight scene he was seated in a bench in deep thoughts, but I felt the pain and remorse of Shin Jung Tae seeing from the gaze in his eyes, and I guess Hyun Joong caught me affected right on that scene!

It may have been a short portion of episode one but the impact on me was tremendous, considering this was only the start of the drama, it somehow said it all. A fan friend asked me if it’s really Hyun Joong on that fight scene, and yes it’s him in fact there’s a footage on that scene during its filming. If you’re a new fan and had just watched BOF recently, you probably wouldn’t recognize Hyun Joong because of his transformation. He was able to achieved those changes from head to foot most specially in acting which he had improved a lot. Of course Yoon JiHoo and Shin Jung Tae are totally different character.

The younger lead casts did really great that got me hooked and at the end of the episode I can’t help saying “that’s it?” The first episode ended but I still want to watch more!! Watching the first episode felt like it’s so short, but actually one hour had passed and it’s good though Episode 2 aired the following day! Still, I’m waiting for the adult Shin Jung Tae!



Yesterday at the tweeter I read a lot of news about ratings for Inspiring Generation that showed good results for a start. I have been watching Korean dramas since 2004 and I have never cared about how these dramas rated!! Then I guess this drama would be the first time for me, out of curiosity! If I can only keep Hyun Joong inside his closet with no TV, no internet not even radio, I’ll probably do so!! Korean actors even the veterans with no exceptions worry about ratings of their dramas which is very natural to them specially on its premier. But as the drama progresses, its ratings eventually rise up.

There are three dramas currently shown from three different Korean TV networks at the same time slot. Inspiring Generation came up at the second rank for the first episode. That’s good for a start which Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting. But he has to come out on screen real soon to maintain or push that ranking further upward. This is just my personal opinion being a fan. The younger casts are doing good but the key to this drama of course is the lead adult character Kim Hyun Joong!

I believe this drama is gonna be a long lived that cannot be easily forgotten seeing from its quality and the biggest factor is our hero fighter. Inspiring Generation has a long way to travel around the world to reach out for Hyun Joong’s fans and non- fans, that surely he’ll be able to capture new hearts again! And I’m hoping this drama shall be shown in my country, dubbed in my language because Yoon Jihoo and Baek Seung Jo have not  been forgotten by my country fellowmen and surely will welcome Kim Hyun Joong as Shin Jung Tae with warm open arms.



The previews of Inspiring Generation made a lot of noise the past weeks and that noise came out even louder after its premier, I guess I’m not alone in my thoughts that this drama is more than my expectations after watching Hyun Joong’s transformation as an actor and he’s been receiving good praises from the media entity on his initial performance on this drama.

Korean historical genre is my favorite drama to watch that most of the time childhood scenes are the first to be aired in its first few episodes, which is good for the viewers to have a better understanding of the character’s personality. While watching Episode 2, I kept seeing or imagining Kwak Dong Yun as Hyun Joong in his younger years! Oh it’s good their resemblance is just perfect!

In a news Hyun Joong was asked this question:

‘Inspiring Generation’ Kim Hyun Joong, ‘Are you nervous because of Kwak Dong-yeon’s good acting skills? NO’

KHJ: I’ve heard many people saying that I resemble Kwak Dong Yeon. I don’t know whether is it because we have the same haircut but thanks to the resemblance, I think it can give more essence to the drama. 

When asked whether is he influenced by the child actor’s remarkable acting skills…

KHJ: Absolutely not. Kwak Dong Yeon has his own thoughts and acting skills as an actor, and so do I. But as good as he’s doing in his role, I’m not feeling nervous or stressed because of this. 

Source: (

Credit: @5starAs1 Thanks for sharing



I was just with my wild thoughts, that what if Hyun Joong actually perform the young version of Shin Jung Tae? I’m sure I’ll be the most happiest!! I would consider this drama exceptional from the other dramas I have watched simply because Hyun Joong is in this drama! Maybe this is the effect of Hyun Joong being in hiatus from small screen for such a long time!!

I think the drama production staffs has a lot to work on editing to put more of Hyun Joong on the scenes for the next episodes! Gosh I just can’t wait, forgive me but I cannot lie, I’m sure I share the same thoughts with other fans of Hyun Joong. But I really would like to watch more of Hyun Joong scenes not because the other cast are not good, in fact they are good actors too, but as I have said, Hyun Joong’s charisma on this drama is exceptional! People are just dying to see him again and again!

After I have watched Episodes 1 and 2, I went back watching the previews and footage of the filming that honestly I just couldn’t get enough of Hyun Joong! And when I read that the adult Shin Jung Tae shall be seen again after Episode 4, I just screamed “NO WAY”!! But later on I have seen the preview for Episode 3 having Hyun Joong on this episode made me smile again!! Oh this must be crazy but who can help it? I would like to see Hyun Joong in every episode!



There’s a growing interest among non-fans of Hyun Joong after seeing him on the initial scenes in Episode 1 of this drama, and I hope the drama producer would grab that interest! What more can I say? I’ll be counting days again until Wednesday next week comes which feels like years of waiting!!

The feeling of can’t get enough of Hyun Joong is attacking again! The feeling of being addicted to him is there again! The magic spell of Hyun Joong is pouring again! Indeed, history repeats itself that I once felt this way in 2011 that now it occur again!

But cheer up Lazer, it’s nice to fall in love again! And it’s a good feel that one time we fell in love with a flower boy, then fall for a real man, and this time falling for a true fighter, as he grows, we develop a growing love for our Hero Fighter Kim Hyun Joong! What more can I ask for? See you next week kiddo!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEHIND THE STAR


By: LazerKim               The long waiting will soon be over and we’ll be meeting Kim Hyun Joong as an actor as his come back drama Inspiring Generation shall be airing tomorrow premier night at 10:00 PM KST January 15 a day from now while I’m writing this article. Of course we international fans can only watch this drama through the internet, I shall be posting links where we can watch this drama below this article. May I remind everyone that only domestic viewers shall be counted on the drama TV rating scale. gave five reasons to watch Inspiring Generation, but I only got one valid reason to watch and that is simply because Kim Hyun Joong is in this drama! is also a site where we can watch it, I shall be posting the link as well. I shall be here monitoring tomorrow and I hope everyone of us would be able to watch the premier night.

Inspiring Generation is available worldwide so I really do hope fans from the farthest corners of the world may find their way to watch Inspiring Generation. Oh it can also be available at YouTube three hours after its actual airing in S.Korea. If not, this drama shall also be seen at your cable channels KBS World starting on January 29. With the help from other Kim Hyun Joong fans I’m sure we can find our way to watch this drama, just don’t miss it if possible!

May I share with you from viki’s blog, Five Reasons To Watch Inspiring Generation, thanks for sharing. (



Many of us if not all are pretty excited in watching Inspiring Generation and many fans may be keeping their fingers cross, of course all of us would like this drama to be successful. But actually all we have to do now is to sit back, relax, watch this drama and most of all enjoy it. Hyun Joong is so excited working on it as we see how he matured as an actor. After three long years we shall be able to see his development as an actor and from this drama I guess it’s worth waiting for.

There was a video footage posted last night during the outdoor filming, obviously it’s winter and everyone at the filming set were wearing thick winter jackets and coats. Except for Hyun Joong who was barely wearing a rugged sleeveless thin cotton shirt, and he was all shivering from the cold winter, but it seems he doesn’t mind at all and just work on the action scenes! Poor Hyun Joong though but this is the essence of being an actor particularly being an action star which is I think is the most difficult and dangerous, this of course includes the stunt men too.

So many challenges for Hyun Joong, but come on, what’s the essence of life being an artist without challenges, it’s a part of growing up, it’s a part of artist’s development that Hyun Joong or any artist for that matter has to under-go, but once he had surpass those challenges, he’ll be much stronger than ever. The important thing is that, he’s happy facing his challenges and doing his best as always.

As for us fans, we’ll stay right behind Hyun Joong supporting him on this project all the way till the last episode and enjoy watching our grown up man as an action star! We pray for the success of Inspiring Generation, we stay positive but most of all, we pray for Hyun Joong’s safety while working on this project.



One of Hyun Joong fans was able to translate his statement from the press conference that I would like to share with you, as Hyun Joong stated this:

“Before I read the scenario of this drama, I met the director, as I am not capable enough to judge (* whether it fits me or not ) from the scenario. Then, I thought that I would be able to create a new character and the drama would be a good one. As you already saw the preview, I feel that I could show a manly side of myself much better than I had imagined, which made me happy that it was a good decision to choose this drama.

With emphasis on action scene, the shooting of the first action scene was taken till the dawn. When it comes to “action ” you may imagine that it is too violent/extreme, but I do hope that you will understand that “reality” is an important factor.

The director of martial arts asked me to act as if I really hit someone in the face. Instead of exchanging beats (beating or being beaten), I prefer to be the person who directs someone to do so!”  (HJ 4D talk, lol)

There is no staff who struggle with nothing. Especially, they really suffer under the cold weather. ” I would say that the pearl exists in a invisible place.” Everybody really works hard.”

Translated by lafone0606   Source( Thanks for sharing!



While writing this article, what kept flushing on my mind was a normal scenario behind the curtain during Hyun Joong’s concert series in Japan last year. He’s all dressed up for the show opening, at the back stage I could hear the loud cheering from the audience gallery that boost up adrenaline and excitement not only to Hyun Joong but even the production staffs! The pressure may be high but the feeling of eagerness to let the ball roll is greater!

Last minute before the show starts, suddenly he felt thirsty, suddenly he wanted to go to the rest room, suddenly he’s perspiring even he was just walking around the back stage on winter!! In concealing this natural artist’s feeling minutes before the show starts, Hyun Joong would cheerfully chat with whoever production staff was around him even what he can only hear was the loud cheering from the audience gallery!!

This time it’s gonna be a different scenario since it’s not a live stage show that Hyun Joong shall be performing. This time the singer turns to an actor in a drama series as he will again be judged by his viewers. I wonder how he’s feeling minutes before airing his drama, I wonder if he has that same tension at the back stage when he first performed his concert series in Japan last year! If only we fans can cheer for him and let our voices be heard saying “we are all watching at you and you’re doing great!”

One thing is very sure, Hyun Joong is so excited about this drama for his fans to see how he has matured and turned from the flower boy image to a real man. Indeed our Only One had grown up and was able to successfully generate more people in loving him not only as a singer and actor but as a person for what he really is.

We have a date with Kim Hyun Joong starting January 15 tomorrow night and every Wednesdays and Thursdays of the week till March this year.

We fans have been happily staying with him for years and had never left him whatever challenges he had faced. This time he’s on this fight as Shin Jung Tae for this drama and we’ll be staying right Behind the Star, Kim Hyun Joong for Inspiring Generation! It’s a date! See you!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR POWER


By: LazerKim                  There were so much going on since day one of 2014 as soon as KBS released Kim Hyun Joong’s come back drama. I have not gone tired viewing the first teaser of Inspiring Generation, here comes another preview that it even heated up my eagerness to watch this drama! Hyun Joong fans has been going crazy over the teasers and I would say lately even non-fans are looking forward to the premier of Inspiring Generation!

It’s all over the news media that Inspiring Generation continue its growing awareness and anticipation among fans and non-fans of Kim Hyun Joong, as KBS continue to release stills and teasers that from this alone Hyun Joong has been capturing attention not only domestically but most of all the international community.

I’m happy to say that even in his critic’s camp for the first time had somehow mellowed down on their opinion of Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, at least being in an open mind in the positive side of his upcoming drama is fair enough, instead of drawing negative lines prior to airing this drama is a better article to read!

And with that, I truly appreciate the writer in giving a little room for the blog readers of that site to breath and not giving something that would cause heart attack to their readers specially the Kim Hyun Joong fans!! Joke! It’s a site where Hyun Joong has always been crucified for years both by the writer and its readers! I sincerely hope they will eventually change their negative views about Kim Hyun Joong for a change!

Inspiring Generation premier on January 15, 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM KST, that’s barely a week of waiting from this time I’m writing this article. As everyone of us would say “can’t wait to watch this drama!!”



Kim Hyun Joong and other cast of Inspiring Generation was featured at Weekly Entertainment (a Korean celebrity news) recorded in Shanghai China during the filming of Inspiring Generation. There were a lot of fans of Hyun Joong somewhere within the vicinity of the filming location as in the news said, “Kim Hyun Joong proves to be a true Hallyu Star great popularity power as there’s always been a crowd of fans following him anywhere he goes.”

In the interview from Weekly Entertainment Kim Hyun Joong stated, ‘Inspiring Generation is set to capture attentions of overseas fans too. Its broadcast copyrights is sold not only in S.Korea but also to USA and Thailand. It will be a project up to many’s expectations. I’m working my best to show you my best performance on screen. Please enjoy the drama’.

Indeed Kim Hyun Joong in Inspiring Generation had conquered the attention of media with what they have been seeing around him. If you’re a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong you know very well this is a fact and not just a press releases! If only the Korean media knew that Hyun Joong had captured millions of international fans, I’m sure they will be bewildered by his power to conquer the hearts of millions, that even fans from the farthest corners of the world are just crazy about him!

We fans have seen this fact when Hyun Joong performed his Asian Tour concert that a lot of fans from different nationalities followed him literally from one country to another. This was in 2012, the guy never stop his music so we can imagine more fans generated in time. What more once his upcoming drama will be aired in January to March this year? I’m sure people will be in search for Kim Hyun Joong! Will they turn out to be an addict to him too just like us? That I never doubt once they meet his gaze!



Back home in Seoul, last night Hyun Joong came to Icheon filming set and there was a crowd of fans waiting for him, followed him anywhere he goes, taking videos and pictures even at the bus where his make up was being done! He was looking towards the direction where his fans are, but obviously looking so awkward because he was already inside the bus getting ready to dress up or make up done for the shoot and that bus was suppose to be his dressing area!

I’m not sure if I’m pleased seeing this, but I really hope fans would give him a little room for privacy. Hyun Joong was at work, of course he has to concentrate, he’s a celeb, he’s used being with the crowd of fans, fine, I think it’s alright to meet him at the filming location, fine but fans should know where and when to stop. This is just a friendly reminder, thank you.



KBS released this poster above for Inspiring Generation, Kim Hyun Joong as Shin Jung Tae standing within the shadow of darkness as he grasp the light of the sun from up far and there were birds in the sky signifying freedom. This poster is so nice that it already describe essence of this drama. Here I share with you synopsis of Inspiring Generation for those who have not read it yet:

Based in the 1930′s of Shanghai, China. This drama is a story about love, friendship, aspiration, loyalty and patriotism.

The story goes with the man named Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong) who will protect his fellowmen from the Japanese Invasion. He has a natural skills on fighting and later on earned his way to be one of the greatest fighter during Japan Rule.

Shin Jung Tae loses his father at the age of 15 when a Japanese soldier shoots him during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 1930s. But instead of finding justice, Jung Tae is accused of his own father’s death. Jung Tae finds justice only by using his fists in the back alleys of Shanghai, growing up to become the best fighter on the continent.

After his father’s death, Jung Tae is taken in and raised by the father of Yoon Ok Ryun (Jin Se Yun). He falls in love with his feisty younger “sister,” who aspires to be a singer but becomes so much more, although he is too clumsy to express his true feelings. But the cold and calculating Deguchi Gaya (Im Soo Hyang), the stepdaughter of a high official of Japan’s National Assembly Denkai, may stand in their way of happiness. Can the young Korean ex-patriots in China preserve their futures during such harsh times?

Source: All About Korean Drama (



When I have seen the first teaser of Inspiring Generation, I was amazed by the resemblance of Kim Hyun Joong and Kwak Dong Yun who played the role of young Shin Jung Tae! Or maybe both hair style did it perfectly that it seemed like their siblings! I think he’s a good choice to perform the role of young Shin Jung Tae to match Hyun Joong’s current image as a great fighter.

Kim Jae Wook finally surfaced among the other co-stars of Hyun Joong for this drama, although I have not seen him at the previews yet. Kim Jae Wook takes the role of Kim Soo Ok, Shin Jung Tae’s best friend and rival in a love triangle. It’s also Kim Jae Wook’s first come back drama after serving at the military. I have watched him in Kingdom of the Wind, Mary Me Mary and Coffee Prince who have always been playing secondary roles and I think Hyun Joong and Jae Wook have a good chemistry playing their respective roles as friends and rival.

KBS has slowly been showing other supporting casts for this drama, that if you are a Kdrama addict, these actors are familiar within the dramas we have been watching. With the power of Hyun Joong to conquer his audience as the lead actor playing Shin Jung Tae, as we have seen a different Kim Hyun Joong in his teaser, packed with veteran actors,  I can smell great success in this drama. For me, Inspiring Generation is already a winner to the heart of Hyun Joong fans as he kept his promise to meet us again as an actor.

This drama is nearly approaching, Hyun Joong shall be busy filming at the same time promoting, therefore we’ll be seeing lots from him within this period till March. So much to look forward to, and it’s a deal we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong, starting with a press conference to be held today January 9 at 2PM KST.



The press conference was successfully held at the Imperial Hotel, attended not only by the local media but also some international showbiz news reporters as well. Hyun Joong was in a dashing black coat, looks so fresh, handsome and stand out within the crowd that all eyes were focused on him. The main casts of Inspiring Generation also attended particularly Hyun Joong’s leading ladies and I’m happy to see Jin Se Yun looking well after being caught in a fire accident a few days ago. 

Each of the the cast gave good comments about Hyun Joong, being a hard worker, fun to work with, having tremendous passion in his heart, performs action powerfully, but one comment that caught my attention was coming from the PD revealed as he stated; “The sweet Kim Hyun Joong is a fake, Shin Jung Tae is the real Kim Hyun Joong!” I was all laughing when I read this! Hyun Joong’s toughness is concealed by his angelic face, yet his eyes reveals his kind heart. 

Im Soo Hyang stated: “we heard the competitor drama’s rating reaches 25%. I think it will be good if KHJ will give free hugs if IG can also surpasses 25%.” 

Hyun Joong responded:  “it seems difficult to reach 25%, but if IG surpasses 25% I will give free hugs nearby Cheongdam Elementary School,” causing laughter within the gallery.

I wonder, will Hyun Joong be able to hug all those kids? I can imagine their mom would surely rush for that chance instead!! LOL! Inspiring Generation gathered 18 tons of rice wreath from Kim Hyun Joong fans not only from Korea but also from different countries to show support to Hyun Joong and the drama. These shall be given to the charity. This is just a summary from the press con updates I gathered, and just added with this article.






What an exciting week ahead of airing this drama, at the same time I’m starting to get scared that once I have gone used to watching Hyun Joong every week till March, I’m sure I’ll be wanting for more dramas from him. The same way I felt after I got done watching BOF, I searched for more dramas with Hyun Joong, only to find out it’s his first drama ever! I waited for a year before PK came out and felt the same way!

Inspiring Generation have not been aired yet, but honestly, I’m already wishing for another drama for Hyun Joong to be followed soon! Am I becoming a spoiled fan or simply becoming super addict to him and very much in need of dose?? Good luck to all of us addicts, I know exactly how it feels to be a Kim Hyun Joong addict, I’ve been there, and I’m sure you’re one of those fans who would just stare at empty space after watching him and would probably ask yourselves “How much longer do I have to wait to see him again?” That’s how he had first captured my heart! How about you?

From the stills and teasers of Inspiring Generation, almost everyday we see different expression from Kim Hyun Joong showing his maturity as an actor. The gentle-looking, the brave look filled with anger and hatred, the innocent look yet tough inside, and after his drama shoot, we see the boyish smile of an angel as he greets his fans waiting for him after filming!

Indeed our man is just ready for action! Indeed Kim Hyun Joong is ready to conquer the world once again as he comes back in our TV screen after three long years. We’ll be given another chance to watch him closer on how he changed over the years, to look at his eyes as he stared back at us that will surely melt our hearts again! That’s the power Kim Hyun Joong got, the Star Power to capture hearts.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST DAY



By: LazerKim                     “Take a good look, from now on it’s the real deal”. This is the line from Kim Hyun Joong preview of Inspiring Generation. And I’m saying this same line to my readers as the count down starts from now first day of 2014 while I’m writing this article, Inspiring Generation is soon to be aired!

I spent my New Year celebration watching the sneak preview of Inspiring Generation released by KBS on New Year’s Eve, over and over again! And yes what a way of celebrating New Year that I couldn’t even blink in watching Hyun Joong! The first preview with Kim Hyun Joong may be too short but, WOW! That’s all I can say, I couldn’t describe the feeling of eagerness to watch this drama, specially when I have seen the preview. Hyun Joong was just sitting as he was rolling a piece of cloth in his hand but the look in his eyes simply said it all, he’s getting ready to come back and fight!

Seeing from the photos above, this gave me the impression that Hyun Joong was battered from a fight with all those bleeding cuts on his face, yet he still look so handsome! Gosh what’s with this guy? No matter what angle, no matter what expression he has, he’s just so perfectly handsome. How would you not fall for this guy? I’m very sure Hyun Joong will again generate more new fans after or even during the airing of Inspiring Generation. We are seeing a different Kim Hyun Joong this time, from a street guy name Shin Jung Tae.

In case you have not see the latest trailers of Inspiring Generation, here are the link from YouTube:

Trailer 1 – click here>

Trailer 2 – click here>

Trailer 3 – click here>

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Hyun Joong ended up his first overseas location filming In Shanghai China for Inspiring Generation and flew back home to Seoul on New Year’s Day. For 13 days he’s been in and out of his hotel with those scars on his face in preparation for his daily location filming. And yesterday he was all groomed, so dashingly handsome in dark coat on his way home that his photos were all over the internet!

I would like to think he’s giving us a new year’s treat for an intended photo opportunity for his fans!! Intended or not his gesture is so cute! Like these photos below, it’s like posing for a commercial ad, but actually this was only taken by some of his fans at the airport! And I would like to thank the fans who took this shot, I think these set of photos are the best among Hyun Joong’s airport photos. Thank you so much to the fans who took his pictures and to the fans who posted these beautiful pictures, your effort is well appreciated by all of us.




On my first day in 2014 I’m overwhelm with great anticipation and filled my day with all smiles seeing all of these from Kim Hyun Joong. I think he’s rocking the entire world again, not on stage to sing in a concert this time, but on the stage of dramas. I was really amazed by the sneak preview of Inspiring Generation that I really think this is gonna be a good drama.

I’m pretty scared now, because once I have watch Hyun Joong on this drama, I know I would be wanting more dramas from him! Just the same whenever I watch his concerts I couldn’t get enough of him and keep looking forward for more chances to see him on stage. Now I can burst out this excitement in watching Inspiring Generation that I kept holding back these past weeks! I can’t wait anymore, I’m just burning with so much eagerness to watch my Only One as actor and I believe the long waiting period is worth it.

I’m actually just dropping by to share this New Year first day treat for us from Hyun Joong which I think took a lot of non fans in a state of shock after seeing the trailer of Inspiring Generation!! And as I have mentioned in my recent article, we fans have a role to play in support to Kim Hyun Joong’s come back drama, and that is to spread the word, the Prince of Alien is back in action!

                              “Take a good look from now on, it’s the real deal!”

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

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