Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINTER MEMORIES


By: LazerKim              I started writing all about Kim Hyun Joong  on the Eve of Christmas  in 2011 as I wrote the article My Christmas Dream few hours before the clock strikes at 12 and ended up writing and posting articles on daily basis in 2012. This blog became my home as Kim Hyun Joong has always been with us to share what he got for us his fans. I got so many memories in this blog in getting to know him better as an artist, as a person and the best of all is that you, my dear readers have been here in making those memories even happier for Kim Hyun Joong.

I may have failed to post an article on the Eve of Christmas, but have not forgotten how memorable this day is for me and my readers that I would like to greet everyone Happy Second Year Anniversary! As this blog was first created on the same winter season filled with love and inspiration from Kim Hyun Joong!



I think Hyun Joong is truly enjoying filming Inspiring Generation in Shanghai that I would like to grab this chance to thank those fans for being so active in posting updates pertaining his day to day activities in Shanghai China while filming Inspiring Generation. As I was browsing around I’ve seen this picture above that I think this was taken from a mall’s event Merry Kissmas, as couples kiss each other in public and Hyun Joong had that kiddie reaction after seeing the couples which gave me the impression he’s somewhat embarrass! In Hyun Joong’s recent interview “Do You Know Me”, Hyun Joong mentioned this statement:

KHJ: “My friends all had that manly look at age 24. I am rather a little late since I have a baby face (laugh).

I agree with Hyun Joong’s friends that even he shows his manly image, his baby face still somehow surface! And I must admit, it’s not only his baby face that shows, but the Kim Hyun Joong kid is still there inside him that a lot of times it just pop out from him, just like the photo above! He is turning 29 next year yet looks so young and vibrant. But how I wish to pull back the time when he was much younger by age doing solo so that I can see more of Kim Hyun Joong as a singer and as an actor.



Kim Hyun Joong spent his Christmas this year in China with Santa Claus!! From the time I started researching all about this guy, I think winter is the busiest season for Hyun Joong. And winter is his favorite season, other than Hyun Joong loves the cold wind of winter, there are lesser insects during this season! For the new fans, Hyun Joong hate insects which mostly comes around during summer! Well except for this season this year, he got a lot of insects criticizing him for doing another drama!!

I actually expect these haters to pop out again as they always do every time Hyun Joong is on headline doing drama or any of his project shooting up to its success. Just remember this, while Hyun Joong kept his chain of success going and his popularity continue to boost up, they will surely attack! But this time I chose to let go of these insects and let them talk like a bee! The more they talk, the more non-fans get curious about Hyun Joong’s up-coming drama!

Oh I know a lot of fans just started out of curiosity, then followed by searching about Hyun Joong and ended up being an addict to him! And surely he will generate another crowd of new fans and be captured by Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell! The very same thing he did to all of us, that made us all addicted to him! How did we start being a fan? I can guess we’re all at the same boat roaring towards the guy! Am I right?



I can’t help wonder as to why people talk about Korean drama TV ratings when this drama Inspiring Generation have not been aired in Korea yet! Let the Korean producers worry about ratings, this doesn’t even concern the international fans because all we have to do is to wait for this drama to be aired and watch it! For me whether I’ll be able to watch this drama while it is being aired in Korea or there are a lot of ways I can watch through the internet, it doesn’t matter how, the important thing is I’ll be meeting my Only One as an actor again, period.

Inspiring Generation shall be aired via KBS on January 15, 2014 every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm KST, for approximately 12 weeks in 24 episodes. If I were Hyun Joong’s Korean fans and really support him, I careless whatever time it will be aired on my local TV, anyway we don’t do this everyday of our lives! In fact if only I can watch Hyun Joong everyday I would surely do so just like watching BOF and PK on my local TV! And would be awaiting till such time DVD of Inspiring Generation can be released and watch Hyun Joong over and over again! That’s how addict I turned out after meeting Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, then being a singer, then being a person.

Let’s just look forward to Inspiring Generation, let’s not worry about ratings because this would only be a burden to Hyun Joong once he sees his fans worried about it. Why worry if our intention is simply meeting Hyun Joong as an actor which we have been waiting for. Let’s bear in mind he’s doing this drama for all of us because there’s a high demand for him to do so specially from his fans, despite of the cold winter season, he’s still doing the drama filming and we’re here to support as his fans. If Hyun Joong has been our daily inspiration, it’s the same with him, it’s his fans who inspire him the most in any project he does.

In fact we fans has a role to play once this drama will be aired, or even prior to airing, and that is to spread the word that Hyun Joong is playing the lead role in Inspiring Generation making sure that every single fan is aware of it. And once this is being aired, then let’s work on word of the mouth to non-fans which is the most powerful advertising tool.

Time is running fast and before we know it, we’ll probably seldom see him. Hyun Joong would love to do another drama after this project which I think all of us has the same wish before he gets to the gate of the military camp. We have his music stock in our bags and we listen to those music every time. If Hyun Joong would be doing two dramas in a row at least we have some more dramas to watch every time we miss him. Well this is just expressing my thoughts. For me, Inspiring Generation is very important since it’s Hyun Joong’s come back drama which is another memory I want to treasure.



I used to envy the veteran fans that they have stayed with Hyun Joong for years since he started in the lime light in 2005 and I was then asking myself, “will I be able to stay that long or will I be able to write that much for years?” In 2012 when Hyun Joong did his Asian Tour Concert, a veteran fan stated something like “Once a fan caught by Hyun Joong’s magic net, it would be difficult to break from his spell!” I’m sure many of us had proven this fact to ourselves, the guy is just so irresistible!

During my absence, there are lots of new fans from different countries leaving comments from my old articles, sharing their first encounter with Kim Hyun Joong. I was all smiling because I can see myself from them when I was first researching about this guy, calling myself an addict to Kim Hyun Joong! It felt like it’s been years but it was only barely two years that I wrote those articles! Lately this military training kept popping in my thoughts that I can’t help to imagine myself in front of the internet searching for the guy which use to be so easy and suddenly gone!

Hyun Joong has been with us for all season of each year, but for some reason, it’s winter that remained ever memorable for me maybe because I started openly talking about him on this season back in 2011! We have seen him grew up into a man when he started doing solo and he consistently present himself at the beginning and ending of each year with us his fans. Surely he’ll be meeting with us at the beginning of this year with his upcoming drama Inspiring Generation, but am I going to meet him by the end of 2014?

I want to leave that question aside, and all I want to do now is to gather all memories I got from Hyun Joong, spare every break time I got from work and enjoy every single moment of those memories I can gather. I guess this is gonna be my New Year’s Resolution!! Being showered by Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell is the most memorable moment I got being his fan! I guess everyone of us here was being captured by his magic spell and each of us has a story to tell in meeting Kim Hyun Joong!

The clock is ticking and the count down had started as we welcome 2014 with our ONLY ONE! Thank you so much for being with each other with this guy all year round from the beginning till end of each year as we gather our own Winter Memories with Kim Hyun Joong…

                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Thanks Ms. D



52 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINTER MEMORIES

  1. Gee~…I just wanted to post a greeting of Happy New Year and yet it takes sometime to scroll down to your comment box !!.Seems you`ve been terribly missed! ^-^) Anyways, Happy 2014,Lazer. It`s been long and I must admit I`ve missed you, every now and then.^^..Take care.^^…

    • Uy sis how are you?? Gosh it’s been a while, I miss you honestly! Happy New Year! Thanks so much for dropping by, how’s MC and Chin? I miss you guys it’s been a long time yes. I’m so happy to hear from you again, please do drop by again! Take care and really see you again!! Best regards too, to MC and Ching! God bless..

      • I guess I got over with all the silliness that occurred completely.^^ So just to clear the air and be able to breathe the fresh ones ~..Sorry ,if feelings got hurt in some way..I realize I could not stand to ignore the ones I care or used to care just to save some silly pride..No matter how I stood my ground.Sometimes we took a step away regardless of how it may affect our feelings because things are becoming uncomfortable to us but that does not necessarily mean we care less……..

        MC and Chin are doing fine,I guess…I`m kind of busy lately so we seldom meet at twitterland for chats and when we do our rendezvous pertains on something you actually dislike, better keep away to keep your temper on guard,lol!! I sure to extend your greetings to them though^^..

        I wonder what keeps you busy too…your readers are going nuts missing your articles!!…

        Take care,Lazer…gotta go~~~..

        • Hello again Dan! I just got back home to Manila for a short vacation from work but I’ll be back to Tokyo after a few weeks. Last year I was being recalled to my work base at the concert production so i got no choice but to take a break from writing, this was during HJ’s Japan Concert series since January last year. I couldn’t let go of that chance to work with him again so I took the job.
          I was pretty busy at the show production the entire year but I still wrote some articles from time to time. So this has been keeping me up, but I miss writing so much.
          Anyway, personally I have long forgotten those in the past but I have never forgotten you, MC and Ching, who were my first friends in the fandom. Time heals as they said, and I’m so glad to hear from you again.
          How I wish one day the 3 of you would drop by my blog, I miss your inputs in my comment box, I miss our twitter chats and email chats too.
          Take care always and see you again! God bless..

    As you know i love your writing but now la and latelly i was really busy but one that i have never forgot is to visit your page , but I could not write any comment, sorry , but we have a date on january 15th for sure, love to read you again dear,

    • Happy New year Jazu! LOL oh there’s no way for me to abandon this blog this is my home together with everyone here. HJ’s magic net is just so powerful and I got no way to escape from it no matter how I tried!! This is my happiness!
      Oh yes we all have a date with him I won’t miss this for a once in a life time that we’ve been waiting for.
      I wish you all the best this year Jazu, go on keep yourself busy that goes for me too the most guilty one!! LOL But I’ll be back soon and I know you will too. Take care I miss you! See you again God bless..

    • Oh I’m sorry dear, I couldn’t remember if I have read time of his birth. All I know is that he’s a Gemini in English and Tiger sign in the Chinese astrology.

        • Oh there you go, thanks for the info taeborum. So Hj was born at 1am, I can imagine HJ sneaking out to the world when everyone was asleep!! Who can ever guess a star was born during that time!!

        • Hey Noya So sorry If you think this is too much personal………. And Sorry to LK too….. But I am also a big fan of KHJ and juss started learning Astrology in Indian method. And He’s face juss keeps buzzzing around my mind so i wished to read his astrology too…… Sorry Again…………………….

          • dear prachi
            could you share that information to us, I mean, the result of your study for him. That vould be interesting to know.

            • hey Jazu, I m not yet sure for exact time of birth of him. According to my research I got many different results some people say its 1:15pm some say its 10:22 pm some say Its 6 am some say its 1 am. Unless im getting the exact time of birth of him I can not share my results of study…… because according to Indian astrology, to get the exact results you need to provide exact time of birth, place of birth and date of birth……. as soon as I get these correct details i’ll post my readings…. But if the admins here think this is tooo much personal to post here I think i do not want to get into personal matters of a celebrity person….. because I love him i do not want to disturb his image and life since internet is media……….
              Thank you 🙂

                • Prachi..sorry, I was really kidding as Lk put it… ofence hope, now once you got your results put it in writting here in LK’s blog, that way maybe Hj will have a look as well. Good luck girl and Happy New Year, we are all family here United for KHJ, his fans from afar who always will respects and support him. 🙂

                  • Its ok guyz…. I m juss afraid that Im not getting into too much personal…… ok as soon as i get correct data i’ll post my readings….

                    • Hi prachi.. I was really thinking about this a lot. I am very interested in what you find out about his astrology reading. It would be fun and very interesting. I wish you all the best luck in finding out the exact time of his birth. It’s just that I’m not sure how you can do that and be 100% sure of the accuracy unless you were able to ask him or his mother personally. The only other way would be to get the hospital records which WOULD DEFINITELY be too personal. I don’t think he would mind if you are able to find out in a non invasive way. Especially if LK says it’s not too intrusive. She has an instinct to protect him at all times and I trust her judgment 100% as well. I hope you can find what you are looking for from a reliable source. I was intrigued to find one interpretation of his name which I have integrated into my header at so I would love to see your results if you are succesful. Best of luck to you!

  3. Happy New Year 2014 to all, wow what a nice start, (belated but nonetheless …) and Happy Anniversay to your blog, you are so appreciated by your readers, you know that by now…talking about addiction here. Thanks for all, really missed your input.
    Can’t wait to see the IG, seen the trailers and the reaction was …WOW…!
    (it may sound that I am dwelling on the past, but remind me why they didn’t aired CC (?)… was it because too much violence and so on ?!?…. from what I’ve seen in the teasers they are not short of blood shed and violence in IG at all) but as you’ve said maybe this drama was on the desk and the timming is better as Hj maybe is more than ready for this and I believe he will do a great job.
    Let’s not worry about ratings now, let’s just enjoy the drama, will pass that bridge, if will come, I doubt that somehow, when will come.
    By the by, I liked the Star Interview – I liked Hj outlook on life it didn’t change but he is more mature and more experienced (even though some questions were just laughable …my opinion here..).
    (it just come in mind that song of Salt ‘N’ Pepa feat. En Vogue…….What a man, what a man, what a man /What a mighty good man……):)
    Re that KissMerry …I think Hj reaction was to the two ladies sharing a kiss…funny though.
    I see everybody is here, what a joy. Missed you lots, hugz…:)

    • Happy New Year Noya! Really thanks for everything! CC has been a part of HJ’s history so I don’t think I can forget and you’re right those were just plain alibi!

      Anyway, may I use this space to share my thoughts. I was a Kdrama addict before i became addict to writing about HJ. And honestly, among all the Kdramas I have watched I wasn’t even aware which one rated high or low, for as long as I’m enjoying what I’m watching. It was only when i started writing that i became aware of TV Kdrama ratings in Korea.

      But I agree business wise TV ratings of course is important. Now I”m thinking what could be the common denominator that made me addicted to Kdrama? Just my personal opinion, I think it’s the actor first, (regardless whether I know them or not) second is the plot. If I like the actor in any drama I have watched, I search for his other dramas.

      I may not be a good judge of Kdramas but I truly enjoy watching them. This is how simple entertainment is for me as an audience, I simply want to relax. Although working within the entertainment circle is never an easy job. I know how it is so that made me a poor judge vocally!! LOL

      Seeing from the trailer of IG well it’s really WOW! This drama is a MUST SEE! This trailer is really capturing and very effective because HJ is already there. (No offense to the other casts) His eyes and deep voice simply said it all!

      I was laughing at myself after i read your comment re: Merry Kiss, yeah I didn’t realize they were ladies until you said so!! LOL thanks for that! My mistake!!

      Thanks again noya, take care and see you again! God bless..

  4. HI there LK….I’m happy your back….it’s so nice to hear your voice in here again. Well I have one year now too since I started following your blog. So Happy Anniversary to us. Hahah. I fall in love with your blog and also I started like him more because of you. When I started reading your blog one year ago I was in Switzerland. Now Guess where I am??? I’m in Seoul….living here. I am close to him now. I only wish I could get a glimpse of him somehow. So maybe this year I will be lucky to see him. Could you tell me when he has to go to the army?? Is it this year? Is that how you counted? Or your not sure either? cause I have to see him before he goes….
    Thanks sis…and please post some more infos in here if you know anything of him.
    Lots of love and health for you this year. Bye And God bless you.

    • Hello rarebirdonna! Thank you so much, you are loved by this blog as well! Happy Anniversary too! It feels great to have you here in this blog. Oh you’re so lucky to be so near him now, I’ll pray you’ll have the chance to meet him someday.
      HJ has been giving hints which I suppose it’s his enlistment so i’m not sure as to exactly when. Since you’re now based in Seoul, I would say you have a very good chance in seeing him. I think the airport is the easiest way to take a glimpse of him!! That is if he doesn’t have any concert there this year since he’s busy filming.
      I have just posted another article awhile ago entitled First Day, you may check it out.
      Thanks for reading, good luck i sure do hope you’ll be able to see him in person. Take care and Happy New Year! See you again, God bless..

  5. Hi LK! So happy to see a posr! (*. ) missing you a bunch! I agree about the ratings. I am not particularly worried anymore because it seems KBS has been planning for this drama a long time and already has the budget and time slot set. Other shows can be affected by ratings and even cancelled uf they don’t do well. That was my concern at first. But now… especially after seeing the latest teaser… I am just waiting breathlessly! Oh my heart almost burst and my eyes burned with happy tears watching him in the clips. My breath was taken away. He looks so Mature and Professional and Handsome and Manly and the clip where he was severely beaten up and crying just KILLED me. It’s going to be So Amazing! I can’t can’t can’t WAIT! !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yes I was just watching those short teasers a while ago as my New Year celebration goes I was all watching over and over!! LOL and I agree with you HJ here I think is quite different and the more I’m looking forward to watch this drama. I heard from here that KBS prepared for this drama for 3 years so I’m very sure it was carefully planned and I’m not a bit worried at all.
      Happy New year Angie, take care and see you again! God bless..

  6. Hi sis,happy new year and happy you are back.our wacky prince always doing well.I am in sapporo now sis.snow rain the whole day. Bless you and all allien family.

    • Happy New Year sis! How have you been doing? My Sapporo is freezing cold there! Please do take care always. It’s nice to hear from you again too, it’s been a while I miss you sis! See you again and have a joyful new year! God bless..

  7. Happy New Year Lazor Kim and all friends of this wonderful Blog!^^ ~ Kim Hyun Joong is a splendid gift from Heaven to all of us! ♥ ~

    • Happy New Year Taeborum! Yes I agree HJ is our lifetime gift from heaven whom we can never forget. May you have many blessing this coming year! Take care and see you again! God bless..

      • Thank you very much for your kind wishes! i’m sending you too my warmest wishes for this new year that brings you everything your heart desires in the joy and peace! You carry the torch of faithful addiction to our Only One that makes you honor!^^ 🙂 Take care and don’t be long to be in touch! God bless …

  8. I want to meet him… I wish to gift him something but i heard he does not like homemade gifts.
    I wann see him at least once……

    • I never said he DOESN’T like them. LOL! I’m not sure how we came to that misunderstanding. KHJ LOVES homemade gifts. Getting them into his hands requires that you go to a fanmeeting or other live appearance. I think. I mailed him some. However I have no way of knowing he got them. LK may be able to say more on that since she has been to many of his fanmeetings. I am sorry for our miscommunication. Truly. Oppa loves homemade gifts. I promise.

      • Ah ok may I clarify this matter. I can only speak based on my experience here in Japan when HJ had his concert series. He accepts any gifts coming from his fans and he truly appreciates it, by making use of those gifts.

        Although he encourage his fans to give him personalized gifts, meaning our own made because as much as possible he doesn’t want his fans to spend too much for his personal items. Like a hand made scarf made by his fans which he openly requested during one of his concerts.

        His agent is very careful though when it comes to food given by fans. there are times HJ doesn’t really mind eating food given by his fans specially if he feels hungry. Although security wise that can be very risky.

        Presents from his fans can be mailed which I have given the address where we can have it sent.

  9. WOW! Love your new article, dear LazerKIm! You know, it’s one of the reasons I’m so attracted to KHJ, the fact that he’s become a very manly man and at the same he still has the childlike cuteness at other moments. I think it’s one of the most charming factors of him ❤ He's a grown-up man who has faced lots of difficulties, but at the same time, his innocence is still there. I just love it!
    I'm so excited for "Inspiring Generation" and I'm sure KHJ did his best as always or even more than before!
    I got so moved reading again about when you first met HJ and when you started writing about him as well as about reading stories of other fans of how they met him. You are so right that each one of us has his own story to share! It applies to me as well, hehe, when I first got to know him, I couldn't imagine I would become such a fervent fan, an addict as you say, lol
    As you say, this guy always makes beautiful memories with us his fans and I shall say that in turn we, his fans, also make beautiful memories not only with him but also among each other, connecting across the whole world through net even if we have never met each other by close. I remember KHJ's message during his "Round 3" album release, saying he couldn't be with us some day anymore, but telling us not to forget the memories and that he has neatly gathered his memories with us. Indeed, even when he'll be away, he can't ever be forgotten after creating such wonderful memories with us. So, as you say, let's cherish every new moment he gives us for as long as he's with us.
    Happy New Year to our Hyun Joong with all happiness and success of the world for him! Happy New Year to you, LazerKim, wish that you are able to enjoy HJ's memories as much as possible in the coming year! Happy New Year to all readers here, fellow fans of our beloved HJ ❤ Best wishes for everyone! Health and love ❤

    • Hello Stav! This is what I miss from you, I get to read as you share your thoughts that everyone can interact as well! I guess this is how it is in this blog that made it a real home for me as we alien family gets to share with.
      You are so right, people from around the world get so connected with just one man and this is the power Hyun Joong has that captured millions.

      I don’t know but for some reason I really think HJ is using all his time in doing project after another, keeping himself so busy and I know why he’s doing this. He’s so aware about time and really would like to create good memories for us not to forget him. Well I don’t think anyone can ever forget him even it takes years of waiting for him to come back.

      *sigh* Two hours from now comes 2014, just like anyone here I’m so excited for IG I’m pretty scared after watching him on this drama that I might end up wanting for more!! Don’t you notice this is like a pattern that whenever he has a project like the concerts he had, his fans can’t get enough of him and wanting more from him! He will do his best to deliver as in asap! That’s him!

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts that made me think again!! But hey it’s new year, let’s have fun!! Happy New Year Stav may you have a prosperous 2014, and wish you all the best. See you again next and take care. God bless..

      • Indeed, this guy makes us want more every time!! We become greedy, keke. You are also right saying that he gives his best in everything he does!!
        Happy New Year once again, to you dear LazerKim and to all fellow readers of this blog! Health and love to all ❤

    • Happy New Year to you my dear Stav ^^ 🙂 i’m sharing all your magical thoughts about our Only One Kim Hyun Joong! God bless…

  10. Extremely true,completely irresistible,totally captured by his magic..Thank you soo much for another wonderful article and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!!!!

    • Hello there! Thank you so much the pleasure is mine thanks for reading! May you have many blessings all year round for 2014! Take care, and see you again next year! Happy New Year! God bless..

  11. wah Lazer ❤ I can't believe you're still alive (j/k XD). I also love winter and it always feels special for me ❤ even though it's summer now in my country LOL.
    I missed you!!!! It felt so refreshing reading this article!!! It's 6am here kkk
    I guess it's impossible to escape from Hyun Joong's net =P I'm so looking forward to have him perform here in 2014 since the promoters, all of them, have told me so ❤ kkk
    Our baby is truly a kiddo xD I laughed a lot at his "Do you know me" interview… 4D at its finest! XDDDDDDD
    I hope to see you more often dear… it's not only me who misses you =)
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Razor! i so so miss you girl!!! How have you been doing? I knew it, you’re one of the veteran fans and that magic net is still wrapped in your heart! I’m so glad to hear from you again, and yes I’m keeping my fingers cross to be able to take a few months break since my contract ends in January, and I’m hoping to go for a vacation to be able to watch IG before going back to work again!!
      I actually heard his proposed visit to the Latin countries in mid year when he was here which I really hope he can make it.
      Happy New Year girl!!! Enjoy your celebration and see you again next year!! Take care girl, God bless..

  12. Ahh I was so touch in your article.Why we should have the same admiration to KIM HYUNJOONG.Me also at this point in time i always ask myself why i’m so late to know how he is so admirable,wish that at very young age he start as solo.And i find him so conservative it comes to the woman he wants.The reaction he had on two people kissing publicly is really only found in a kids reaction.His face that really looks younger than his age is true.The very best gift i think that i can recieve from him is to do another drama after the IA.At least we have to busy to watch again and again his drama everytime we missed him.Being so baby for admiring him,I feeel by myself that i know him already the real KIM HYUNJOONG as a ,and nk regrets because until he comeback from MS and someday getting married i will be still love to read articles about him…:) Thank you for sharing this i’m about to cry because i’m happy for KIM HYUNJOONG.

    • Yeah if i have something to regret about in my life, that is I came in late in meeting KHJ, if only I was good in touching the internet, know how to search for a person through it back in 2009 after watching him at BOF I should have done so. Now I couldn’t help thinking I got very little time to spend and enjoy HJ before he gets in to military training.
      Now I’m starting to pray for the success of this drama filming without any untoward incident since IG is an action drama and I really really pray that HJ would have another drama after this. I never doubted HJ’s acting ability since BOF as he played the role character of Ji Hoo perfectly in fact I never had thought it was his first drama! For 2014 this is my sole wish to see him in more dramas.
      Thank you so much Nhor for dropping by. Have a prosperous year in 2014, enjoy your celebration as we all welcome new year! Take care and see you next year!! God bless…

  13. Happy new year, dear Lazer.
    All the best to our Only One, Kim Hyun Joong.
    Many thanks for your new article, it’s a big gift of New Year for me.

    • Happy New Year FanJoong! May all your wishes for 2014 would fulfilled. Thank you for always reading my articles all year round you have always been here. Have a happy celebration in welcoming the year! Take care see you again next year! God bless..

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