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By: LazerKim        For the first time, I have seen Kim Hyun Joong’s photo for his upcoming drama series Inspiring Generation, the first thing that popped into my mind was this question, “My God what have they done to your handsome face??” I can’t help laugh at my thoughts while talking to Hyun Joong’s photo saying, “kiddo, no matter how much you change your image, your eyes still reveals that angel in your heart!”

I have been silent for months while I browse the internet from time to time about Hyun Joong’s latest development on filming his upcoming drama by just simply browsing his new image. I don’t want to get excited, I just stay put and wait patiently until this drama will be aired. What can I say? I think this drama is challenging for Hyun Joong and this is what he had been waiting for, to play a very different role from his previous dramas. This time I think he made his wish very clear. No more rich flower boy image, but simply a man in action.

As I briefly read the plot of Inspiring Generation, the setting is in 1930’s generation as Hyun Joong shall be playing the lead role Shin Jung Tae who assists Korean nationals in their independence fight against Japanese invaders. I read some news saying  “The drama is set in Shanghai, China and will have a unique feel due to overseas filming locations.” (news source:

I would personally say, this drama have a unique feel because Kim Hyun Joong is in this drama! And we all know very well that we, his fans have been so dead eager in looking forward to watch Hyun Joong again as an actor and at last our wishes will soon be granted. Well, January 15, 2014 is just around the corner, as Inspiring Generation is set to be aired next month under KBS2 TV station! What more can I say? We shall support this drama all the way!



Seeing from this photo of Hyun Joong above, I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s TV  talk show appearance Night After Night in 2011 as he was promoting his first solo album Breakdown, Hyun Joong was saying he was a bit conscious of his scar on his face. And seeing from one of the good actors who has the same scar who looks handsome and sexy with it, Hyun Joong said “ah it’s alright to have the scar on my face!!”

Well, he’s right! Seeing those scars on his face from Inspiring Generation, he even looks sexier than that particular actor he was pertaining to back in 2011! Lately as I was browsing the internet, I noticed that many of Hyun Joong’s fans still post his photos from Boys Over Flower. Other than the fact that people will never forget Kim Hyun Joong’s role from BOF as Yoon Ji Hoo in his first drama, there are new fans from the other parts of the world who have watched BOF as the drama is still being aired in their respective countries and still gaining new international fans.

Well, I was ones like them too, that after watching Hyun Joong at BOF, the next person I have seen was Kim Hyun Joong in black leather suit  dancing Breakdown that I hardly recognized but immediately fell for him! What more seeing Kim Hyun Joong in those scars after watching BOF!! This again is a total transformation, which is one of Hyun Joong’s unique ability that he can easily transform his image in his natural easy way.

This time you’re meeting a totally different person again in the image of Shin Jung Tae, whom in my impression is a gangster, so expect Hyun Joong to be in some kinda serious type of guy who’s just in for a fight! He carries the personality of the character he’s portraying on and off cam, so watch out if he seldom smile, you’re meeting Shin Jung Tae! But I must admit, for me, he truly looks sexy on those scars!



Upon seeing this photos above who are the co-actors of Kim Hyun Joong for this drama, I got this certain impression that Hyun Joong shall be surrounded by some veteran actors from the K-dramas. Pardon me for saying that I barely know their names except for Kim Jae Wook who will portray as Shin Jung Tae’s best friend and rival, and Jung Ho Bin whom Hyun Joong worked with BOF. I have watched the other supporting actors in other K-dramas and I think they are good actors too.

Many young actors do aspire to work with older or veteran actors because it is also from their co-actors that they do learn and enhance their acting ability and Hyun Joong is one of those young actors who have high regard to his senior artists. He is not the type of actor who could be arrogant and pretend to know everything. On the contrary he embraces his weak points and doesn’t mind being guided where he can learn. He may be stubborn about being workaholic yes, simply because he loves taking challenges.

I read from somewhere that some fans may be worried about script and execution for this drama, saying something like this drama may be a hit or miss! There are many factors that a drama may be successful or not, of course doing a drama production takes a strong team work in making the drama effective to its viewers. In my opinion, for me the plot of the drama and how the sequence of the story being edited is important. Dramas with lesser dragging scenes, and unexpected twists in the story are the ones that attracts my attention, specially in watching Korean dramas which I’m very fond of.

Well I’m speaking in general, I really don’t care whether any drama gain rating in S.Korea or not, for as long I’m entertained then nothing else matter! All I know is that many Hyun Joong fans in every part of the world has been eagerly anticipating to meet Hyun Joong as an actor, and I’m one of those millions of fans! I have waited for so long to be able to watch Hyun Joong again as an actor so I wouldn’t let this chance to go by without watching it!



Kim Hyun Joong working for 18 hours in filming Inspiring Generation! Oh no not again! But that’s how Korean drama production goes, I think this is nothing new. What can we do we all wanted this drama and Hyun Joong would do anything to give his fan’s wishes, aside from the fact that he’s also waiting for this chance to go back on small screen as an actor. I have also read that some fans waited for Hyun Joong for 16 hours out in the cold waiting for him while filming! Of course Hyun Joong is happy seeing his fan’s support but I don’t think he’s happy to know they have been out in the cold for 16 hours!

Hyun Joong took off for Shanghai China at 11:45 PM boarding flight KE897 tonight while I’m writing this article to shoot for this drama. Oh lucky Chinese fans again, they will be able to see Hyun Joong while filming I guess!! As we all know his Chinese fans has been very supportive to him and I’m sure he’ll be well taken care of.

The ball had started to roll, let’s remain positive for this drama, let’s pray for its success and safety for Hyun Joong while filming. This is an action drama which Hyun Joong loves the challenge. I sincerely hope our nightmares from City Conquest has long been gone and I pray this is the light from the end of the tunnel to start the year 2014 for Kim Hyun Joong as an actor.

All I wanted for Hyun Joong is for him to be happy while filming this drama and for us fans to support whatever project he has specially his come back drama after three long years of waiting. We fans never gave up despite of some set backs from the past drama project, but we still waited for his drama project to come out. I’m proud being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong.



After seeing Hyun Joong’s tough image on Inspiring Generation, I saw this picture above and I can’t help but laugh at Hyun Joong cute feet!! He’s really so candid that I’m sure he knows he’s being surrounded by his fans upon getting to his car!! But who cares, Hyun Joong was just being so naturally cute!! And oh thanks so much for posting this picture that really made my day!! I just miss Hyun Joong’s candidness even in so simple funny unexpected gestures such as this!!

This is another thing I like about Kim Hyun Joong, he is already a big star but good or bad he will never pretend to be someone he’s not, just to give you a good impression about himself. He’ll simply be himself for what he really is as a person. I wouldn’t say what you see is what you get, because as we see him in person within a crowd of celebrities, Hyun Joong’s can outshine others who seem to be untouchable, but on the contrary he’s so easy to reach out for and that’s a fact.

Do you remember when he did Gwiyomi’s video clip in one of his concerts? He said he can never do that video recording if he’s sober!! Meaning he had a few drink before he was able to play kid on that recording!! I really laughed at that, I just love his candid honesty. Just like what you see in this picture above!



To my dear readers, first of all I would like to thank those who have not forgotten my birthday in October, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It’s cold December again the same month two years ago when I first wrote my first article in 2011. I’m still here and is still consistently a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong, the man who had showered me with a lot of inspiration at work, on my daily living and in writing articles all about Kim Hyun Joong.

The year 2013 is about to end again yet Hyun Joong continued his chain of success every each year since he started to be a solo artist, while we consistently followed his journey to the top. In the previous years, it has been his music that we look forward to during this season as we have always wish to bring his music to the top and he was able to achieve.

This time we look forward to an actor with the same wish for Hyun Joong’s success on his come back drama project. We fans can make that wish come true again through our sincere support for this project as I truly believe that his fans from every corners of the world has been eagerly anticipating to see him as an actor.

Before I wrap up, allow me to greet everyone a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”! in advance! I miss everyone here and how I wish to spend Christmas Eve this year with you again, same as I did in the previous two Christmas Eves and share some thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong.

I miss this guy so much, this man who have been inspiring my daily life to bring out the best in me whatever I do is still the same man whom I will always follow, My Inspiring Man!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged. Ms.D thanks!



38 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[Article] INSPIRING MAN

  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm in posting updated articles of KHJ. I am a widow who is retiring very soon hence, will have more time to read your labor of love for this once a “Boys Over Flowers” sensational character. Hope you will have more perseverance in your writing interest about this Korean celebrity. When is he joining the military training? Take care of yourself well as you keep on delighting the millions of fans (count me as one) of Kim Hyun Joong all over the world.

    Senior Lady

  2. Dear lazerkim, Thanks for keeping me updated with KHJ’s activities.  I am an old widow, almost officially retiring from work, so I could then devout more time on your articles.  I am not very good in computer (It hasn’t been ordinarily used in my generation) but I’ll try hard to learn more from it when I’m retired by then. I appreciate how you have painstakingly worked on everything to keep HyunJoong’s fans (count me as one) happy and delighted on posting, writing beautiful or sad accounts of their idol’s activities.   May you stay healthy and energetic and always inspired to continue such a tedious task.    You take care of yourself well.


    Senior Lady from Mindanao

    • Hello Editha! Thank you so much for reading my articles. Oh I sure do wish I can retire from work and go back to writing all about about KHJ! I miss writing so much.
      Regarding Hyun Joong’s to be enlisted, well I can only speculate it’s gonna be any time next year, since HJ shall be turning 29 on June 6 2014. So that just around the corner. As he mentioned in his recent interview he’s hoping to have another drama after IG which i’m sure all of us would want it too. He had shared a lot of his music and I think it is just right to share his dramas with us that we can watch over and over again just like in BOF and PK that I for one kept doing so every time I miss him.
      Honestly I’m always inspired every time I write about this guy, it’s just that work took all my time away from him, but I don’t think anyone or anything can take my heart away from him!
      Thank you again, take care too, stay young and healthy, everyone is in this blog! And HJ does all those spell on us! See you again Happy New and God bless..

  3. Hello, dear LazerKim and fellow fans, readers of this blog ^^ I’m so happy to read a new article by you, LK and I feel identified in all your words about Kim Hyun Joong in this article! And first of all, when it comes to my thoughts when I first saw some photos of HJ from “Inspiring Generation” shooting with his bruises and tanned face. At first, I had similar feeling with you. Even though I knew it was just make-up, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him, lol! Taking the chance, I’d like to share in this blog too, my thoughts on it, which I had already shared on FB. Here is the link where you can read it (if you scroll down, you can read in English 😉 ):
    I really love your comments and I feel identified in your words too, my dearest Ayen sister, my dear Taeborum sister and dear Angie 🙂
    Merry Christmas, LazerKim and everyone who celebrates it! Best wishes to you and your families, health and love ❤ (I know I'm late, sorry)

    • Hello Stav! It’s been a while, how are you? Oh this is really nice thanks for sharing your thoughts. But please do allow me to post what you wrote, so here it is..
      Just sharing my thoughts seeing the first photos of KHJ from “Age of Feelings” shooting:

      Kim Hyun Joong appears so tired and haggard with his tanned face and bruises at “Age of Feelings” shooting photos… I felt sad seeing him like this, even if I know it’s not in reality. It’s probably due to the enormous love of a fan that I have for him. But then I thought that all this is for his role and I’m sure that along with KHJ’s change in appearance, there will be great portrayal of Shin Jung Tae through his acting as well !! I feel that they are trying to eliminate his handsomeness and brightness, given the fact that this role is that of a tough fighter and as KHJ himself said: “Shin Jung Tae is a man among men”. So manly he is!
      After having all these thoughts, I also think that this role will be a turning point in his career, as I feel that he’s going to portray this character without any idol glamour left on him, a totally mature and grown-up artist. So, I believe he will make us even more proud of him.

      written by: Stav (Ann Tsts)

      I agree with you I got the same thoughts when i have first seen his picture for IG, “Why do this perfectly handsome man allowed himself to be smash on his handsome face?” Of course those wound on his face are purely make up and I can’t help ask myself “why is he still so handsome even with those marks on his face?”
      Hyun Joong had been enjoying filming this drama plus the fact he loves the challenge in portraying Shin Jung Tae and surely he will make us proud again as always. Let’s look forward to this drama and I sincerely do hope fans from YouTube would be able to capture every episode with sub!!
      Thanks again, Happy New Year!! Take care and see you again! God bless..

  4. OMG! Nice to see you again ^^!!! really love all your articles about my man Hyunnie :p I am excited about his drama but I am a little worried too, because the korean girls’ tastes are a little strange… I mean I don’t know yet how Playful Kiss was considered a “failured” in Korea…I loved the drama, thanks to it I knew to Hyun Joong and it was a huge success in the rest of the world…but sometimes it seems that the Korean girls really loves the classic dramas about rich flower boys, schools and love-triangles and this drama is maybe very adult and very different of it (except for the love-triangle? Hehe), also I feel that some people is very familiarized yet with the flower boy image of Hyunnie…(at least in the western world) and because of this I am a little nervious about the ratings thing…but if you see the photos of the drama you can see that Hyun Joong had grown so much in acting, his expressions in his face and all, and the drama looks sooo good and interesting!! Just like an action hollywood movie!!! Not only anoooother romantic classic K-drama. Kim Hyun Joong is a hard-working and very risky boy and he doesn’t “get married” with ‘only one look’ like many others idols… I really admire to my sexy man for this too ^^. Personally, I wanna see this drama so badly! and I hope that the people in Korea to aprecciate it and the drama to be a great success!! I wish you a Merry Christmas for you ^^ (and sorry for my bad english :P)

    • Hi Naomi!! Now now, don’t worry, Hyun Joong will not sign up for this drama if he knows he can’t make it. We all know that Hyun Joong is a hard worker, don’t worry about ratings in Korea, as I always say Korea is just a small part of the whole world. Please ourselves, we wanted to watch him as an actor and he’s giving this drama for us. It is in us his fans to bring him up to the ladder of success in this drama. That is all that matter. If the Koreans could not appreciate then fine, we outnumbered them anyway!!

      Thank you for reading my articles, hope to see again soon! Take care and God bless..

  5. Welcome back dear Lazerkim, thank you for taking the time and writing, you were really missed!
    You are so right Hyung Joong wants to evolve and move forward as an actor, of course he will seek roles that are more sombres (not only)action that will put in evidence his acting and prove that he dropped that flower boy image long ago. I am sure it will prove that his former experience from CC will be put in good action here. Bruises or not you can see that he really is concentrating to enter into the character and the personality of the role (Shin Jung Tae if not mistaken, hope is correct), that grave and deep look…wow, can’t wait to see it. Well in ratings range for sure this drama will be first with us, keeping fingers crossed and if they will count the foreign ratings this will be a winner for sure.
    LK you are so right, you can’t really take the cuteness out of Hj, even if he tries very hard otherwise, I mean one smile and acting his normal it just show what a great person he is, Hj is adorable by nature, no matter what….(I know biased opinion here…).

    Wishing to all the Alien Family, to you Lazerkim and to our Star – KHJ as well, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014, to be fullfilled with all that your heart desire to became true. :*

    • Hi Noya! Glad to hear from you, miss you girl! I agree with you, and the one thing we love about him is that we meet a lot of different men in one person! Hyun Joong had matured and I think it is just right in taking this role for this drama. As I mentioned people will never forget his flower boy image simply because we first met him as a flower boy.
      But he cannot stay a flower boy forever! People grows. In CC he may have portrayed as a man but seeing the teaser somehow his boyish character was still there. But in this drama I would say the change is so obvious and just like you, I’m dying to watch this drama!!
      Thanks for everything Noya! I hope to be able to write sooner, actually this month is my second year as a fan writer which was one of my memorable experience in meeting KHJ for real, and writing all about KHJ. Take care girl, thanks for keeping me updated!! Yeah we’re on reverse situation LOL!!! See you again God bless..

  6. to all fans of khj i just wanna say thank u for always there,and i hpe all of you are not stop for being a fan of khj. i’m pround of my self cause i’m a fan of khj the man have a good heart,4d personalty and honest goodluck and more power to your up coming drama thank u lk 4 this article mery crismas to all of u ~€¥

    • Hello there! The pleasure is ours for sharing our thoughts about KHJ. Don’t worry now, we’ll always be here as KHJ huge fans and will always be loved by us. Merry Christmas! Take care and have a great day! See you again, God bless..

  7. happy to read your articles again, wellcome to this page jajaja
    I really miss you Dear, about the drama i will predict that it as the other 2 dramas will be very famous because of his international fans, hope that koreans will recibe it well, hope they have forgotten their bad feeling to him. it will be a great success and it is something that he let us in order to enjoy him when he enters to the militar service. i really love my baby, he is my medicine.
    Dear dont forget us, write as son as you can,OK.
    miss you a lot dont forget.

    • Hello Jazu!! Thanks to you, for always dropping by this blog and sharing your thoughts with us that i really appreciate. Well just my opinion, as an artist we cannot please everybody, but for me the most important thing is KHJ is in that drama, and millions are waiting for him on small screen. Hyun Joong accepted this project because he knows we wanted to meet him as an actor.

      It’s so hard to twist hater’s mind, or close minded people. That’s sad though but who cares for as long as we fans happy to watch him on this drama, then nothing else matter. And i agree with you, I got no doubt that this drama would be on the list of favorites among the international community!

      Thank you so much Jazu, and thank you for not forgetting this blog! I will write again as soon as time allows, don’t worry I’ll be back. Take care. Have a Merry Christmas and see you again! God bless..

  8. hello LK im number fan of khj here in phil i knw that kim hyun is busy man but im not worry about him cause every night before i go to sleep always pray to god for his safe i love khj very much no mtter what happen im always his fan thank 4 this article

    take care always

  9. I’m so agree with you … Kim Hyun joong is my inspiring man and that person who changed my mind … i hope he has a great succes with his new drama .. really i love him so much!!!

    • Same as you I’m wishing for the success of this drama, let’s support all the way! Have a joyful season while waiting for Inspiring Generation! Take care, and see you again! God bless..

  10. HELLO LK! I have been thinking of you a lot lately and was going to send you an email soon. I am so happy to see you posting a new article. I am SO EXCITED for the new drama and have been watching the progress as well. I agree with you on the stills…when I saw them and the fancams of the filming I was almost upset b/c the makeup looks so real. I was like, ‘What have they DONE to my BABY!” LOL! He is working so hard and I have seen nothing but good comments from co-actors and staff about how he is will be shocking the kdrama world with his image for this character. Of course, we are not shocked as we have seen him progressing to this point. City Conquest was just a preview and good experience for Hyun Joong to begin his training to become and action star! I CAN’T WAIT to see these fight sequences. Oh… he becomes more and more sexy as he becomes more and more manly! I even love his plain, short dark hair. I’m so proud of my Angel! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! So good to hear from you again!

    • Hello Angela! Just like you I’m so excited for this drama but I choose to control that excitement for some reason that’s why I have been silently monitoring the production development. Now I think we’ll have his drama since there’s already a time slot in January and I’m so happy about that!
      Thanks for dropping by as always and Merry Christmas! I miss everyone here! Take care and see you again! God bless..

  11. Happy to read again your article dear Lazer Kim, 😀 and to immerse myself once more in the euphoria of what you write on KHJ. 😉 ~ You are right to say that all fans of the world has been eagerly anticipating to meet him again as an actor and spotlight are ever fixed on him. This new KBS2 TV drama series “Inspiring Generation” is a determinant challenge for Hyun Joong. He invests himself with fervor, body and soul with passion and enthusiasm. He undertakes his future as an actor and his brand image of a Global Hallyu Star’s celebrity. It is as if the levees were broken home and a flowing tide huge and devastating waves came substitute the image of the cute ‘flower boy’s Idol, to bring out in force, a refined personality of the man who became mature and who aspires to fructified his skills and show up all his manly capacities as well as to be considered as a growing up person and artist in huge phase of evolution! The power of this latent energy has smoldering burst like incandescent lava from a volcano eruption… The example of the Korean comeback Album with “Unbreakable “and “Your Story” are a strong message of the new face of our Only One. From now on, all of his projects are for sure a big professionalism work of a rising star careers promise of KJ’s 4D and his authentic amazing talent! As a faithful fan, i pray hard with all my heart for all the hopes placed in ‘ Inspiring Generation ‘come true as a wonderful and awesome adventure… and that the success of the performance of the leading role of Chin Jung Tae comes to confirm the merits of acting talent of Kim Hyun Joong and thus be the culmination of all his efforts to achieve the purpose for which he accepts almost inhuman rigid and tedious discipline, for the satisfaction of a moral reward for the work he loves and for which he is entirely devoted. He is happy again and so we are…♥ ~ God bless him and grant him all his noble heart desires! He deserves it. i am proud to be a huge fan of Hyun Joong too and give him all my love and support for this new TV drama with my best wishes for a great and huge success of its airing projection in January 15th, 2014! Fighting!!! ~
    Receive my best wishes of Merry Christmas to you, dear Lazer Kim*. Take care and have a very happy holiday season! ^^ 🙂 ~

    • Hello Taeboron! As always thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us that I do appreciate for taking time to read from you too. I never doubted Hyun Joong’s ability since the time I watched his first drama BOF and knowing him better as time goes, I know he’s consistently giving his heart out in anything he does for a project. I think this drama will be a success. Take care, and see you again! Merry Christmas! God bless..

      • Many thanks my sweet and dear friend Noya^^ ♥~ You are always so kind and friendly and you make me blush with your loving and positive thoughts! God bless U * Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family! 🙂 ♪♫♪ ~

  12. Hello ….. I loved your words you will feel very identified, I’m a fan for two years now and what I love about the most is the way he is, I look forward to see him in this new drama …. and lack very little support it so much ….. q pamper yourself and also wish you a Merry Christmas happens 🙂

    • Thank you Andrea for reading Just like you I love everything about Hyun Joong he’s so amazing! Enjoy this season while we await for this drama to be aired in January! Take care and see you again! God bless..

  13. heyi.. LK!! Long time no see.. Hope you’re fine. And i was waiting for your article about Inspiring Generation. Finally i got to read it. Thanks a lot. Wish u MERRY CHRISTMAS..!! Take care..!!!

    • Oh I’m so glad I had this chance to write before Hyun Joong’s drama will be aired or I’ll never forgive myself for not doing so to at least promote Inspiring Generation! Thank you so much for reading and I’m sorry to kept you waiting for too long. Merry Christmas enjoy the season and see you again! God bless..

  14. thought my eyes are deceiving me when i saw the notification:) so happy to see you after a long long time.we miss you!!!! it’s definitely nice to hear from you again 🙂 our boy is so busy nowadays, see how he has grown up. am looking forward to this new drama coz we know he puts not only his time, but also his mind and more of his heart, we know that he doesnt do things halfway so we can be sure that this is not only good but will be great. let’s all continue to support him and pray for him and his drama.

    u take care LK and Merry Christmas to you as well. Enjoy the season!!!!

    • Hello Ayen! Yeah it’s nice to be back, as always been busy and I’m just grabbing this chance to write. Hyun Joong’s come back drama is so important and I wouldn’t want to miss promoting this drama. Merry Christmas! Take care and God bless..

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