Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WINTER MEMORIES


By: LazerKim              I started writing all about Kim Hyun Joong  on the Eve of Christmas  in 2011 as I wrote the article My Christmas Dream few hours before the clock strikes at 12 and ended up writing and posting articles on daily basis in 2012. This blog became my home as Kim Hyun Joong has always been with us to share what he got for us his fans. I got so many memories in this blog in getting to know him better as an artist, as a person and the best of all is that you, my dear readers have been here in making those memories even happier for Kim Hyun Joong.

I may have failed to post an article on the Eve of Christmas, but have not forgotten how memorable this day is for me and my readers that I would like to greet everyone Happy Second Year Anniversary! As this blog was first created on the same winter season filled with love and inspiration from Kim Hyun Joong!



I think Hyun Joong is truly enjoying filming Inspiring Generation in Shanghai that I would like to grab this chance to thank those fans for being so active in posting updates pertaining his day to day activities in Shanghai China while filming Inspiring Generation. As I was browsing around I’ve seen this picture above that I think this was taken from a mall’s event Merry Kissmas, as couples kiss each other in public and Hyun Joong had that kiddie reaction after seeing the couples which gave me the impression he’s somewhat embarrass! In Hyun Joong’s recent interview “Do You Know Me”, Hyun Joong mentioned this statement:

KHJ: “My friends all had that manly look at age 24. I am rather a little late since I have a baby face (laugh).

I agree with Hyun Joong’s friends that even he shows his manly image, his baby face still somehow surface! And I must admit, it’s not only his baby face that shows, but the Kim Hyun Joong kid is still there inside him that a lot of times it just pop out from him, just like the photo above! He is turning 29 next year yet looks so young and vibrant. But how I wish to pull back the time when he was much younger by age doing solo so that I can see more of Kim Hyun Joong as a singer and as an actor.



Kim Hyun Joong spent his Christmas this year in China with Santa Claus!! From the time I started researching all about this guy, I think winter is the busiest season for Hyun Joong. And winter is his favorite season, other than Hyun Joong loves the cold wind of winter, there are lesser insects during this season! For the new fans, Hyun Joong hate insects which mostly comes around during summer! Well except for this season this year, he got a lot of insects criticizing him for doing another drama!!

I actually expect these haters to pop out again as they always do every time Hyun Joong is on headline doing drama or any of his project shooting up to its success. Just remember this, while Hyun Joong kept his chain of success going and his popularity continue to boost up, they will surely attack! But this time I chose to let go of these insects and let them talk like a bee! The more they talk, the more non-fans get curious about Hyun Joong’s up-coming drama!

Oh I know a lot of fans just started out of curiosity, then followed by searching about Hyun Joong and ended up being an addict to him! And surely he will generate another crowd of new fans and be captured by Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell! The very same thing he did to all of us, that made us all addicted to him! How did we start being a fan? I can guess we’re all at the same boat roaring towards the guy! Am I right?



I can’t help wonder as to why people talk about Korean drama TV ratings when this drama Inspiring Generation have not been aired in Korea yet! Let the Korean producers worry about ratings, this doesn’t even concern the international fans because all we have to do is to wait for this drama to be aired and watch it! For me whether I’ll be able to watch this drama while it is being aired in Korea or there are a lot of ways I can watch through the internet, it doesn’t matter how, the important thing is I’ll be meeting my Only One as an actor again, period.

Inspiring Generation shall be aired via KBS on January 15, 2014 every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm KST, for approximately 12 weeks in 24 episodes. If I were Hyun Joong’s Korean fans and really support him, I careless whatever time it will be aired on my local TV, anyway we don’t do this everyday of our lives! In fact if only I can watch Hyun Joong everyday I would surely do so just like watching BOF and PK on my local TV! And would be awaiting till such time DVD of Inspiring Generation can be released and watch Hyun Joong over and over again! That’s how addict I turned out after meeting Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, then being a singer, then being a person.

Let’s just look forward to Inspiring Generation, let’s not worry about ratings because this would only be a burden to Hyun Joong once he sees his fans worried about it. Why worry if our intention is simply meeting Hyun Joong as an actor which we have been waiting for. Let’s bear in mind he’s doing this drama for all of us because there’s a high demand for him to do so specially from his fans, despite of the cold winter season, he’s still doing the drama filming and we’re here to support as his fans. If Hyun Joong has been our daily inspiration, it’s the same with him, it’s his fans who inspire him the most in any project he does.

In fact we fans has a role to play once this drama will be aired, or even prior to airing, and that is to spread the word that Hyun Joong is playing the lead role in Inspiring Generation making sure that every single fan is aware of it. And once this is being aired, then let’s work on word of the mouth to non-fans which is the most powerful advertising tool.

Time is running fast and before we know it, we’ll probably seldom see him. Hyun Joong would love to do another drama after this project which I think all of us has the same wish before he gets to the gate of the military camp. We have his music stock in our bags and we listen to those music every time. If Hyun Joong would be doing two dramas in a row at least we have some more dramas to watch every time we miss him. Well this is just expressing my thoughts. For me, Inspiring Generation is very important since it’s Hyun Joong’s come back drama which is another memory I want to treasure.



I used to envy the veteran fans that they have stayed with Hyun Joong for years since he started in the lime light in 2005 and I was then asking myself, “will I be able to stay that long or will I be able to write that much for years?” In 2012 when Hyun Joong did his Asian Tour Concert, a veteran fan stated something like “Once a fan caught by Hyun Joong’s magic net, it would be difficult to break from his spell!” I’m sure many of us had proven this fact to ourselves, the guy is just so irresistible!

During my absence, there are lots of new fans from different countries leaving comments from my old articles, sharing their first encounter with Kim Hyun Joong. I was all smiling because I can see myself from them when I was first researching about this guy, calling myself an addict to Kim Hyun Joong! It felt like it’s been years but it was only barely two years that I wrote those articles! Lately this military training kept popping in my thoughts that I can’t help to imagine myself in front of the internet searching for the guy which use to be so easy and suddenly gone!

Hyun Joong has been with us for all season of each year, but for some reason, it’s winter that remained ever memorable for me maybe because I started openly talking about him on this season back in 2011! We have seen him grew up into a man when he started doing solo and he consistently present himself at the beginning and ending of each year with us his fans. Surely he’ll be meeting with us at the beginning of this year with his upcoming drama Inspiring Generation, but am I going to meet him by the end of 2014?

I want to leave that question aside, and all I want to do now is to gather all memories I got from Hyun Joong, spare every break time I got from work and enjoy every single moment of those memories I can gather. I guess this is gonna be my New Year’s Resolution!! Being showered by Kim Hyun Joong’s magic spell is the most memorable moment I got being his fan! I guess everyone of us here was being captured by his magic spell and each of us has a story to tell in meeting Kim Hyun Joong!

The clock is ticking and the count down had started as we welcome 2014 with our ONLY ONE! Thank you so much for being with each other with this guy all year round from the beginning till end of each year as we gather our own Winter Memories with Kim Hyun Joong…

                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[Article] INSPIRING MAN


By: LazerKim        For the first time, I have seen Kim Hyun Joong’s photo for his upcoming drama series Inspiring Generation, the first thing that popped into my mind was this question, “My God what have they done to your handsome face??” I can’t help laugh at my thoughts while talking to Hyun Joong’s photo saying, “kiddo, no matter how much you change your image, your eyes still reveals that angel in your heart!”

I have been silent for months while I browse the internet from time to time about Hyun Joong’s latest development on filming his upcoming drama by just simply browsing his new image. I don’t want to get excited, I just stay put and wait patiently until this drama will be aired. What can I say? I think this drama is challenging for Hyun Joong and this is what he had been waiting for, to play a very different role from his previous dramas. This time I think he made his wish very clear. No more rich flower boy image, but simply a man in action.

As I briefly read the plot of Inspiring Generation, the setting is in 1930’s generation as Hyun Joong shall be playing the lead role Shin Jung Tae who assists Korean nationals in their independence fight against Japanese invaders. I read some news saying  “The drama is set in Shanghai, China and will have a unique feel due to overseas filming locations.” (news source:

I would personally say, this drama have a unique feel because Kim Hyun Joong is in this drama! And we all know very well that we, his fans have been so dead eager in looking forward to watch Hyun Joong again as an actor and at last our wishes will soon be granted. Well, January 15, 2014 is just around the corner, as Inspiring Generation is set to be aired next month under KBS2 TV station! What more can I say? We shall support this drama all the way!



Seeing from this photo of Hyun Joong above, I remember in one of Hyun Joong’s TV  talk show appearance Night After Night in 2011 as he was promoting his first solo album Breakdown, Hyun Joong was saying he was a bit conscious of his scar on his face. And seeing from one of the good actors who has the same scar who looks handsome and sexy with it, Hyun Joong said “ah it’s alright to have the scar on my face!!”

Well, he’s right! Seeing those scars on his face from Inspiring Generation, he even looks sexier than that particular actor he was pertaining to back in 2011! Lately as I was browsing the internet, I noticed that many of Hyun Joong’s fans still post his photos from Boys Over Flower. Other than the fact that people will never forget Kim Hyun Joong’s role from BOF as Yoon Ji Hoo in his first drama, there are new fans from the other parts of the world who have watched BOF as the drama is still being aired in their respective countries and still gaining new international fans.

Well, I was ones like them too, that after watching Hyun Joong at BOF, the next person I have seen was Kim Hyun Joong in black leather suit  dancing Breakdown that I hardly recognized but immediately fell for him! What more seeing Kim Hyun Joong in those scars after watching BOF!! This again is a total transformation, which is one of Hyun Joong’s unique ability that he can easily transform his image in his natural easy way.

This time you’re meeting a totally different person again in the image of Shin Jung Tae, whom in my impression is a gangster, so expect Hyun Joong to be in some kinda serious type of guy who’s just in for a fight! He carries the personality of the character he’s portraying on and off cam, so watch out if he seldom smile, you’re meeting Shin Jung Tae! But I must admit, for me, he truly looks sexy on those scars!



Upon seeing this photos above who are the co-actors of Kim Hyun Joong for this drama, I got this certain impression that Hyun Joong shall be surrounded by some veteran actors from the K-dramas. Pardon me for saying that I barely know their names except for Kim Jae Wook who will portray as Shin Jung Tae’s best friend and rival, and Jung Ho Bin whom Hyun Joong worked with BOF. I have watched the other supporting actors in other K-dramas and I think they are good actors too.

Many young actors do aspire to work with older or veteran actors because it is also from their co-actors that they do learn and enhance their acting ability and Hyun Joong is one of those young actors who have high regard to his senior artists. He is not the type of actor who could be arrogant and pretend to know everything. On the contrary he embraces his weak points and doesn’t mind being guided where he can learn. He may be stubborn about being workaholic yes, simply because he loves taking challenges.

I read from somewhere that some fans may be worried about script and execution for this drama, saying something like this drama may be a hit or miss! There are many factors that a drama may be successful or not, of course doing a drama production takes a strong team work in making the drama effective to its viewers. In my opinion, for me the plot of the drama and how the sequence of the story being edited is important. Dramas with lesser dragging scenes, and unexpected twists in the story are the ones that attracts my attention, specially in watching Korean dramas which I’m very fond of.

Well I’m speaking in general, I really don’t care whether any drama gain rating in S.Korea or not, for as long I’m entertained then nothing else matter! All I know is that many Hyun Joong fans in every part of the world has been eagerly anticipating to meet Hyun Joong as an actor, and I’m one of those millions of fans! I have waited for so long to be able to watch Hyun Joong again as an actor so I wouldn’t let this chance to go by without watching it!



Kim Hyun Joong working for 18 hours in filming Inspiring Generation! Oh no not again! But that’s how Korean drama production goes, I think this is nothing new. What can we do we all wanted this drama and Hyun Joong would do anything to give his fan’s wishes, aside from the fact that he’s also waiting for this chance to go back on small screen as an actor. I have also read that some fans waited for Hyun Joong for 16 hours out in the cold waiting for him while filming! Of course Hyun Joong is happy seeing his fan’s support but I don’t think he’s happy to know they have been out in the cold for 16 hours!

Hyun Joong took off for Shanghai China at 11:45 PM boarding flight KE897 tonight while I’m writing this article to shoot for this drama. Oh lucky Chinese fans again, they will be able to see Hyun Joong while filming I guess!! As we all know his Chinese fans has been very supportive to him and I’m sure he’ll be well taken care of.

The ball had started to roll, let’s remain positive for this drama, let’s pray for its success and safety for Hyun Joong while filming. This is an action drama which Hyun Joong loves the challenge. I sincerely hope our nightmares from City Conquest has long been gone and I pray this is the light from the end of the tunnel to start the year 2014 for Kim Hyun Joong as an actor.

All I wanted for Hyun Joong is for him to be happy while filming this drama and for us fans to support whatever project he has specially his come back drama after three long years of waiting. We fans never gave up despite of some set backs from the past drama project, but we still waited for his drama project to come out. I’m proud being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong.



After seeing Hyun Joong’s tough image on Inspiring Generation, I saw this picture above and I can’t help but laugh at Hyun Joong cute feet!! He’s really so candid that I’m sure he knows he’s being surrounded by his fans upon getting to his car!! But who cares, Hyun Joong was just being so naturally cute!! And oh thanks so much for posting this picture that really made my day!! I just miss Hyun Joong’s candidness even in so simple funny unexpected gestures such as this!!

This is another thing I like about Kim Hyun Joong, he is already a big star but good or bad he will never pretend to be someone he’s not, just to give you a good impression about himself. He’ll simply be himself for what he really is as a person. I wouldn’t say what you see is what you get, because as we see him in person within a crowd of celebrities, Hyun Joong’s can outshine others who seem to be untouchable, but on the contrary he’s so easy to reach out for and that’s a fact.

Do you remember when he did Gwiyomi’s video clip in one of his concerts? He said he can never do that video recording if he’s sober!! Meaning he had a few drink before he was able to play kid on that recording!! I really laughed at that, I just love his candid honesty. Just like what you see in this picture above!



To my dear readers, first of all I would like to thank those who have not forgotten my birthday in October, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It’s cold December again the same month two years ago when I first wrote my first article in 2011. I’m still here and is still consistently a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong, the man who had showered me with a lot of inspiration at work, on my daily living and in writing articles all about Kim Hyun Joong.

The year 2013 is about to end again yet Hyun Joong continued his chain of success every each year since he started to be a solo artist, while we consistently followed his journey to the top. In the previous years, it has been his music that we look forward to during this season as we have always wish to bring his music to the top and he was able to achieve.

This time we look forward to an actor with the same wish for Hyun Joong’s success on his come back drama project. We fans can make that wish come true again through our sincere support for this project as I truly believe that his fans from every corners of the world has been eagerly anticipating to see him as an actor.

Before I wrap up, allow me to greet everyone a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”! in advance! I miss everyone here and how I wish to spend Christmas Eve this year with you again, same as I did in the previous two Christmas Eves and share some thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong.

I miss this guy so much, this man who have been inspiring my daily life to bring out the best in me whatever I do is still the same man whom I will always follow, My Inspiring Man!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

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