Kim Hyun Joong…[Article] MISSING FAN!


By LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Haneda Airport Japan last night as he was welcomed by some 650 Japanese fans on his arrival at the airport!  God I miss this guy! That sincere smile, fresh looking, very manly and handsome yet the angelic face still surface no matter what image Hyun Joong change into, the look in his eyes remained consistently sincere as he gave way in meeting his Japanese fans at the airport. Welcome back to Japan Hyun Joong!!

Watching from the video clip of Hyun Joong’s arrival at Haneda, obviously his Japanese fans missed him so much just as much as I do. I’ve been out of touch from the circulation of being a fan for months but I would admit in saying, how I wish to be back in action again the way I used to. Time fly so fast, but it felt as if it’s been ages since the last time I’ve been here.

Last night a fan friend of mine emailed  just to check on me if I’m still alive!! It was my rest day so I was able to respond to her right at once and thanks to her for reminding me that Hyun Joong had already arrived in Tokyo. Immediately my adrenaline just shoot up upon reading from her about Hyun Joong’s arrival and opened my twitter account to check on updates and had seen this handsome guy’s photo with that big bright smile. And I finally end up in this blog just to share a bit of my excitement!



Many of my fan friends might be wondering if I have already changed being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and reading from their emails, there are times I can’t help to have teary eyes that I couldn’t burst out how much I miss Kim Hyun Joong, my readers and this blog. I have been stuck with work that I would say I have not worked as much as I’m currently doing but at the back of my mind honestly I couldn’t help seeing Hyun Joong in my heart from the last time I have seen him on stage. And I couldn’t help saying to myself, “so this is how it is to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, that no matter how far my mind is away from him, the heart still beats with him.”

I can only speak for myself but I think I do share the same feelings as to those silent fans like myself who have been so busy struggling with their everyday living, that may find a hard time to take a breather and check on Hyun Joong once in a while. But when we do, I would say it’s an instant cure just to take a few minutes simply looking at Hyun Joong’s photo’s at the internet is already a joy stepping out from the real world of struggle even just for a second. Do I sound exaggerating? As I have said, I can only speak for myself!

I mentioned in one of my past articles something like, once Kim Hyun Joong cast his magic net to anyone, you’ll be caught in his spell that would be so hard to get away from it. I wrote this statement that time I had a generous time to spend  in updating and researching all about Kim Hyun Joong. Now at this time that I got so tiny space to do the usual updating  I used to last year, but I’ll say the same thing about Hyun Joong’s magic net, cause no matter how busy I am, my heart being a fan is still with my ONLY ONE.



I’m the most guilty fan that of all Hyun Joong’s album, Round 3 was the only album that I was not able to promote in this blog. I actually have written an article about it entitled Unbreakable Star but had failed to post this article. In that article I mentioned about Hyun Joong’s message as he said:

I am very thankful to my fans who always stand by me. 
I do not know when it would be, someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories. ^^
I keep piling up neatly all the pleasant memories in my heart in order to open and see whenever I miss you. 
Let’s live happily~~~ ‘Your Story’ is the song just for you ^^ fighting

Before the album was released someone out there was trying to mess out and so I wrote this….

Whatever Hyun Joong mean in this message, in every project he has he aims to create good memories with us fans, I have personally seen that sincere intention from him and the best thing we can acknowledge his aim is to support his every project the best we can, since Hyun Joong is giving it to us. And however others may spoil this intention, I really hope they have realized that Kim Hyun Joong and his fans are just so UNBREAKABLE for real!



The following day after I have written that article, I read from somewhere that Hyun Joong shall be at the gate of the military camp to be enlisted for training next year. I’m sure this is a fearful fact that any Hyun Joong fan would take. I wrote to one of my fan friend saying “I think it’s better to start moving back a bit so that when that time comes it wouldn’t be too painful!”

But I realize this is the most coward thing to do. I feel the pain of Hyun Joong going to the military training for two years simply because I love the guy and no matter how much I would like to run away from that pain, I know in the end I’m bound to regret for not sharing that precious memory with him while he’s still around bouncing with great joy on stage and sharing his music with us. Hyun Joong is right in saying “let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories.”

He had build a very strong connection with his fans and it’s true the connection is just unbreakable. In every music Hyun Joong creates in his albums, it’s always been for his fans and so I sincerely hope that other fans would not give meaning to his music with his personal relationship because he’s singing these songs for us. If he intend to sing for someone related to his love life, I’m sure he would not share that song with us fans. He actually said that in fact in one of his interviews last year when he was questioned to whom he was singing Mary Me. If Hyun Joong said the song is for us, then let’s keep it, appreciate and treasure it.



To my dear readers who have left message of concern at my comment box, thank you so much, I’m just dropping by this blog to let you know I’m still alive and kicking!! Again my apology for my absence but being not physically present doesn’t mean I have changed being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I may be less active in writing these past months because of work, but my heart and mind still belongs to the ONLY ONE. I remain consistent with being with you at his side and still walking with him in his journey to the top.

I’m the missing fan in this blog and missing Kim Hyun Joong so much! I wish one day I would wake up and all I have to do is to write all about Kim Hyun Joong the way I started a year ago! *sigh* Those were the most happiest moments I ever had in my entire life of meeting someone who is unbreakable at heart! And that’s Kim Hyun Joong. The feeling of missing someone makes the love stronger.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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  1. hiii LK..i’m also a newbie kinda.Though i’m crazy about Kim Hyun Joong.Thank you soo much for having such a wonderful blog.I wish i could blog about but I’m a full time student so it kinda sucks for me. I have this drawing I did of him and I really wish I could get to him,i’m soo far away in Africa,it really sucks.Pls try to reply me,i want to do as much as i can to support him as a fan and I really love your blog.He is such an amazing person,he inspired me to do my best in everything,I just wish him the best,happiness and success in anything he does.”Oppa stay strong,healthy,don’t lose to anyone,you’ll always be number one.Saranghe”

  2. Happy Birthday, dear Lazer Kim!! ^_^ I sincerely wish you all the best!!! I hope you had a great time on your birthday!!! And taking the chance I would like to thank you so much for everything you have given to all us fans of KHJ ❤
    Greetings from Greece ^^

  3. are not here, but …Maligayang Bati! all the other wishes sent to your mail….take a look.
    hugz and again hope yu had a smashing b’day filled with all may your hearth desire…:)

  4. Hi LazerKim

    So glad I came here today. Surprise to see u writing again. You have been silent for such a long time, I actually thought your passion towards him is no longer there. (Just like one avid fan). Thank you and welcome back! Hope to hear more from u soon. I also think he might enlist soon . It is good if all SS501 members enlist together and they can come back as one soon. Did u watch Barefoot Friends? I hope u do. I love to see him there.

    Take care LZ

  5. ”IKAW NA SIS”….united nation na talaga itong blog mo, from asia,america, Europe and middle east sama natin ang Luzon visaya at Mindanao lol!!! magtatayo na aq ng fans club mo kekekeke….
    we hope to see you so soon.wag naman 3mnts and 10 days,tagal nun huh! miss q na ung chikahan nating 2 wth coffee lol! Stay safe sis!

  6. hello lazer kim before two days I read an old article of yours called lovers or friends and I was really touched that I cried it was pretty good and explained evry thing but for a second I asked my self is this Kim Hyun Joong who’s writing ? no kidding I mean it was like him talking about him self , I think you really know him very well but I have one thing about the reason of kim hyun joong’s break up with his girlfriends is not just that he said the name of his ex-girlfriend and you early mention it , it’s that he is a thick headed and not a romantic person and girls doesn’t like that especially if they are from idol groups or a celebrity, but even though you really understnd him very well and I’ve never see someone like that all the articles is the same like : he want four children or he likes go fishing or …etc but you are diffrent and I really wish that you write about our angel and now I’ve became of two peapole Kim Hyun Joong and Lazer Kim , hope you be healthy and good life and we have more beautiful articles of yours please take care and have and good night cause it’s nine p.m in Iraq
    god bless you

  7. hi sis, you know how much I miss u? thank u so much for come back to alien family. I was so upsed regarding to the news about his upcoming drama. I realy miss his act.I rewatch again n again his ‘playfulliss’.We wirh that he strng enough to carry on this mater.God bless for him n for u sis.

  8. Oh my God! I’m sooo happy for discovered this lovely blog, I’m a newbie! 😀 I’m from Colombian and I have a lot of things to say about this awesome guy…but I can’t because my English is not very good…anyway, I want to say that I really love the articles; I want to read everything!!! your words are so touching…and reflects perfectly why we are so supporting fans and Why we love him so much. Kim Hyun Joong is an amazing guy…I don’t find the words to describe that I feel when I see his photos and read something about this charming guy ❤ so, I am so happy to stay in here, I want to visit this blog regularly, and I'm so happy to see so many people in here that have great words to him. Thanks a lot for all the amazing work with the articles 🙂 God bless you!!!

  9. hello im a new fan from Malaysia. I have visited most of hyunjoong blogs,and this is the most commented blog I guess,and the people here are so friendly and nice.thank you so much I got to know hyun joong more because of your blog! looking forward for more articles, I almost finished reading all your past article.Thank you again(..)

    • Hello ada! Welcome to the world of the Alien! Thank you very much for the compliment. And yes i agree with you 100% my regular readers are kind, friendly, matured and very accommodating we’re like family here. You can count on them too. Oh how i really really wish to be able to write all about KHJ again as much as i did last year.
      Please do continue reading about HJ, this can keep him closer to you. And it’s worth your time spend i promise.
      Take care, have a pleasant day and see you soon! God bless..

  10. unnie-ah! neomu neomu pogoshiposoyo!!!!… I just miss you so much! UUUggghhh. I so feel your pain, just like you my work swallowed me. I went on a med mission on rural areas and i missed his comeback when i was anticipating for it for the longest time! So sad.. but i know you will never change your heart on kim hyun joong cause this guy is just so hard to forget because he only brings nothing but good memories. And he is the only one for us! No matter how long you go on hiatus i know you are a loyal fan and he will be always in your heart.

    • Hello Seoran! I’m glad to hear from you, thank you so much for your trust. Yeah my work takes me on the road almost all the time!! And I always lose time track like this arrival of HJ here in Japan that I have been looking forward to and had almost forgotten it!! Same with you I failed to post my article about Round 3 due to my busy work schedule. And when I got the time to write I don’t even know how or where to start!!

      And at work even there are other artists in front of me, forgive me but a lot of times I kept comparing these artists to HJ! In all fairness they are good artists but there’s something in HJ that not everyone has. And a lot of times I can still see HJ on stage. He’s someone who can haunt the depth of my soul that i don’t think I can easily forget everything about this guy!! That’s the magic he has on me and I’m sure many of you here share the same feelings.

      Thank you again, take care and see you soon! Have a pleasant day and God bless..

  11. and forget to say that now I have 1,240 picture for him and took a lot from your articles and I really wish to see him even for one second but it’s won’t happen I guess I’m in Arabic country a girl can’t travel by her own and parents won’t come with me so helpless , thanks L K one more time I’ll keep reading

    • Hello zizi! Welcome to the world of the alien! Wow you have that numbers of HJ’s photos!! Isn’t it great to have those collections? HJ is so Handsome in any angle and in any image so I wouldn’t be surprise why most of us really keep his photos because HJ is just so irresistible!

      I’m so glad I was able to somehow help you in getting to know HJ, thank you so much for reading my articles. How I wish I can write more so that you can have more inputs all about KHJ. I’ll try to make it up with you next time, I just couldn’t say when but definitely I’ll be back.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, please do keep reading about HJ there are lot more interesting facts about the guy and you’ll love him more. Oh I really hope he can see your drawings. Why don’t you send him some of your work and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. He’s fond of keeping artworks from his fans.

      Take care, see you soon and have a nice day! God bless..

      • hello Lazer kim thank you for your replay I’ll always keep reading your articles and read about Kim Hyun Joong and I prey for you that you keep writing you have a very good heart and funny comments before few days I was reading you said that he had an interview with a foreign reporter and she doesn’t know his true color and thank god his 4d didn’t came out , I laughed until I was crying god bless you and bless Kim Hyun Joong fans and bless the angel he is , I don’t know how can I send him my drawing really don’t know , and thank you again
        have a nice day

        • Hello again zizi, here’s KHJ’s mailing address that fans can send their presents and mails.
          Kim Hyun Joong
          6F American Standard Bldg.
          110-1 Samsung-Dong Gangnam-gu
          Seoul 135-090 S. Korea

          Thank you very much for the compliment. Ah i remember that interviewer she’s an insect actually!! LOL!

          • hello Lazer Kim thank you so so so so so so much you are really with a kind heart thank you very much and
            god bless you and our angel
            have a nice day

  12. hello Lazer Kim I’m a very knew fan of Kim Hyun Joong maybe before four or five months cause in my country this year just aired boys over flowers and when I saw KIm Hyun Joong I was like WHAT I thought is this an angel who fell from heaven I loved him from the first look but I thought to my self do I love him because he’s handsome so I made my research and read a lot of your articles and knew about him a lot and yes I was right he’s beautiful from the outside and the inside and I was touched by him his smile his honesty and cuteness I knew about ss501 and loved them listened to their songs , and his song and if I was sad or something if I see his smile or hear his song specialy smileI would be happy so much even when I had my final examination for going to college I hear his songs specialy lucky guy and it really made me lucky I done well and passed I felt confident because of him and return to drawing and draw only Kim Hyun Joong and he inspired me to be an artist so maybe he’ll see my drawing he’s truly truly a blessed person and god love him I’m very proud of being his fan and you Lazer Kim I wish you be healthy so you can write more about him and I have one more thing to ask why can’t I log or join in in Kim hyun joong web site I enter evry thing right but it doesn’t work …. In the end I want to say god bless our blessed angel Kim Hyun Joong for ever and thanks for writing about him very thankful

    • Hi zizi I am not so new one fan but i followed the same way 2 years ago when I started to search about him and landed in this blog, after to see Boy over flowers and then playfull kiss , non stoped, and other , the same like you I enjoy ss501 music that i have an special file in my cell phone and computer to listen them and all the KHJL songs, or see my download videos of them, and special all the best performes of my leader . Do I turn crazy? he is my breakfast , my lunch and my dinner. how many times I have seen his dramas, I dont know i simple repeat them when i am bored or just to recreate my mind with his face and act, Also here I knew about him a lot brcause that lady (LK) writes beautifully, she got the touchable way to tell us everythin about him. hope that she soon keep in touch with us, I really miss her to.
      if you wat to know everything abot him thre are some pages that you can visit, like this kink there is another kathy bench it is contagiuos to search about him .
      well I am waiting eagerly for lazerkim writings, hope she writes soon, we really miss her.
      keep in touch

  13. hi every one,

    i just want to use your blog to express my feeling. i feel so hurtful about “‘ age of feeling” being postpone to next year. i do not trust KBS any longer they just said whatever to let them out of situation for now. I think they are not professional dealing with this or they have somekind of agenda I don’t know. They should inform their followers earlier as they knew many of Hyun Joong fans are waiting for this. I don’t understand how KBS can repeat this kind of action 2 times in a roll. I don’t know what is going on with this network but it is so harmful toward Hyun Joong. I hope he is OK but honestly I.m not OK I want to see him act badly. The good thing may be I can be away from K-Drama . After followed k-pop, k-drama for a while i do not only feel negative toward KBS ( regarding CC and AOF ) but K-entertainment industry as a whole. I feel they always have some kind of secret agenda or something I can’t explain.

    I ‘m very concern about HJ’s feeling even though i know he is very professional and have gone through many difficulties before. I think this time is a little bit too much since he himself and his fans are waiting for this drama for so long. I personally think it’s so unfair for him since it jeopardized a lot of his plans again and again. I do hope there will be a big great thing await for him .

    However I hate to think that there will be people who are happy about this especially the ones who keep poking about his acting all the time. In a very negative thought they probably get handsome benefit for doing that.

    Well, thank you for reading my post and sorry to bring you such a negative input.

    God bless you.

    • No problem Bella, as I always say, this blog is everybody’s space to breath on good or bad we’ll all share with you.

      I actually read that news awhile ago and I can understand your sentiments. This is another reason why i didn’t mention HJ’s upcoming drama in this article since i heard from somewhere that there will be changes. Let’s pray even harder that this drama won’t end up like CC, well that’s unforgivable if anything as such happens, but I sure do hope it won’t. Let’s give in to the benefit of the doubt and let’s wait for the mean time.

      And knowing HJ, I’m sure he’ll come up with something to soothe his fans, we all know him he doesn’t want to disappoint any single fan of his. He understand his fan’s excitement and surely he’ll be the one to make up for the shortcomings of others! It happened once and he’ll do it again, that’s how HJ loves his fans.

      So come what may, whatever happens we shall support him all the way. God bless..

      • oh gosh this issue with his drama makes me upset with kbs. They are like ruining his image for people, particularly korean ones. I mean what the hell is their problem with him??!!! Do they think that his fans are that freakin stupid to stop loving khj just because they stained his name?..They shouldn’t mess with us or they are gonna seek what they dont wanna find!!

        • Seoran dear…well said…warrior lady, we all go as United Aliens and beat the crap out of those a-holes at KBS…well, just a thought, but I really like it!! Utopia…but still nice! Hope that all will be ok in the end! 🙂

          • yes, we could only pray the best for him. I hope they stop playing on him, he is too much of a good person to just be treated like this by those money hungry stations. It just hurts me so much to see people treating him like that. He just had his successful comeback and now this. I cant with all the negativity they give him to ruin his image.But they cannot bring a good man down. And we are here , his fans who know and love him and be with him through happy or tough times. For now lets keep an eye , and when they get too rough on him we’ll show them who’s the boss.

  14. I am just happy that you let us know you are alright. Have been searching the internet for news on you as well as KHJ. Yes, very proud of him and his round 3, all the songs are excellent, and what a way to leave for the military. Yes, he has left us with a lot of memories so we will never forget him, and will be waiting for his return. God bless him and you and keep him safe. Glad you know you are busy.

    • Oh yes I read those updates about Round 3 and really proud of HJ. What can I say about the album? I love all the songs in that cd and the MV is just so fantastic unique and very artistically produced. I’m truly happy to see HJ dancing again with the artmatic.
      Thank you so much I really hope you won’t give up on this blog and I’m praying hard to be able to go back to writing again! Please do take care and have a nice day. See you soon, God bless…

  15. Hi Lk ,

    Feel so good to be able to read your article again. First of all i’m so so glad that you are fine and happy just busy with work. i must admit that i started to worry about you.

    Welcome back and thank you very much for your new article. your article is unique i get special feeling every times i read your article. Well , you can not imagine how big my smile was when i saw the new article from you.

    Hope you are able to keep seeing us again ……..

    Regarding the enlistment i can not imagine yet what will be like when Hyun Joong will serve for his duty next year. It already feel a little sad just to think about it now.

    God bless you and thank you again.

    • Hello Bella! Yeah it really feels great to be back even just dropping by, I miss writing so much and i miss everyone here! Please don’t worry now, this is just a matter of time that work is really pulling me off from the internet!! LOL

      I won’t make any promises but I’ll be popping up from time to time. Same with you I couldn’t see how I look when HJ gets to the military gate! But surely we can have each other all of us to share our boredom without HJ around! And that you can count on me.

      Thank you so much, I’ll see you again same blog site!! Take care, have a nice day and God bless..


  16. im glad ur back sis! akala q ayawan na e …its been 3 months and 10 days,tagal nun huh!
    anyway misssssssssss you so much sistah!

  17. Really glad that you’re back here. Please do not leave us such a long period again. We do miss you, you’ve became a part of my life, as same as our beloved Hyun Joong 🙂

    • I miss everyone here, if only I can leave the real world for real I would love to do so! *sigh* I miss the old days too. And all of you have been a part of my life too being a fan that i shall never forget. I won’t make empty promises I’ll just pop out whenever time allows me to, but no promises. I’m so grateful to all of you for dropping by even it takes months to do so. Thank you, take care, have a wonderful week ahead of you. Let’s love KHJ more! God bless..

  18. Welcome Back Missing Fan! You’ve put it right on, You Missy are missing in action here! Lots are happening this summer and you are not there to comment! But you have a good excuse, so Welcome Back LazerKim Dear.
    We really missed your input in all what transpired this summer, Hj was very much in the spot light and I hope he will continue to be so, even though must be very tiring for him…..but what a joy for his followers from all over…!!!
    Well, he will have a “rest time” from limelight when in the Army. A man has to do what a man has to do, just imagine that at that period he will be like in his “cocoon” (using your words) preparing/having brain storms about new projects he will prepare once he will be discharged from the Army, just thinking about his comeback! ( I do remember in one of your articles in the past when thinking about Hj enlisting you’ve wrote that you will have a tent near by…lol! ). Think positive dear!
    Don’t forget to drop us a line from time to time, we still miss you lots, lots of love, hugz…:)

    • Hello Noya! First of all I would like to thank you for your endless emails in updating me about HJ that I really appreciate so much. I compiled all those links since I was really stuck in the real world the entire season. It’s from those emails that i relied on updates since i really got no time to browse around not even to open up my blog!!

      Yeah talking about that TENT, I’m actually seriously thinking about it LOL!! That’s gonna be next year which is just around the corner! Let’s just say putting in the right perspective meaning I have to be more in touch in this blog probably reminiscing KHJ memories and talking about life of a fan for real just to maintain the connection between us and KHJ. Oh I really hope I can make it.

      I’m a very realistic person even in dreaming!! LOL Many things can happen beyond our expectations so it’s hard to say I’ll be here forever.

      Although many veteran fans had been there with him for years and I really want to be one of them, be it as an active fan or silent fan it doesn’t matter for as long as HJ is there with us.

      Oh well, come what may!! The most important thing is we fans here shared a lot with him and that he knows it. Thank you so much for sharing, I’ll see you around, oh and also, thank you so much for your understanding about my current situation and always been here visiting my blog and so with my other readers who have patiently visited my blog during my absence.

      Take care, take it easy I know you’re one busy bee too! Love you girl! See you again and God bless…

  19. So glad yo hear from you again, even for a short while..How I miss ur articles which describe most of the time our KHJ fans feelings. Hope to get to read more articles form you again. God bless and may God keep and protect you..

    • Oh I’m so glad you’re here even it took me for quite a while to go back. Yeah i miss writing so much if I can only change career!! Well that is if I’m gonna write for ONLY ONE KHJ!! I pray I would be blessed with such writing talent to be effective and efficient!! I would love to write more!

      Thank you so much! Take care, have a nice week ahead of you! Love for KHJ always! See you again and God bless..

  20. I am so glad to see your writing. Do you we all miss you so much? So happy to know that you are alright. Thanks and thanks for writing, short or long does not matter. Your article is wonderful word that expresses the same feeling of us for KHJ.

    • I knew it as if we all have the same one heart that beats with KHJ, I knew it I share the same feelings with you when it comes to him and we shall be keeping it ever treasured. That’s the most important thing being his fan I think.
      Thank you so much the pleasure is mine in shsring with you. I hope to see you again soon, please do take care, have a joyful week ahead of you having HJ at your side. God bless…

  21. Hello Lazer Kim! How nice to hear from you today! Hope everything is quite well for you always!
    No matter what will be long your absence here, you are forever in our hearts because we are a great family sharing a faithful love for our Only One Kim Hyun Joong.
    I think this is a gift from Heaven to have met this wonderful artist because his presence in our lives lit nowadays by something invaluable and fabulous. Kim Hyun Joong is an exceptional man who leaves indelible traces in all hearts. His spirit hovers and sparkles as a radiant star that illuminates the Earth and radiates the entire planet of that boundless love he has in his noble heart. He is blessed and will remain always and invariably our Only One.
    I do agree with you today, for what you are saying once more about our Global Alien Hallyu Star and precious Magnetic Leader Kim Hyun Joong and his charismatic personality with high moral values . He is a pure heart that can never work on a concept or have a project that could not be an awesome and sublime artistic masterpiece. He has an inner sense of high artistic and morale values.
    This is a man who gives himself body and soul to great Art and draws on his rich natural beauty and nobleness to spread love, peace, happiness and joy around him. He is totally investing himself to his career. His professionalism is carried to excess and his daily struggle is always the heights of perfection. He is so honest, very demanding in everything he undertakes. So workaholic and hardworker!
    All his albums are fantastic and his concerts and sponsoring films and events magical. He is handsome and elegant with that athletic superb manly shape. He will continue his acting career with the same awareness of great professionalism. He just grants the world a special gift with his 3rd Japanese Album ‘Tonight’ and his mini-album of Korean comeback ‘Round 3’ which are a marvel of sublime culture and sentimentality. His performance contains an essence of unmatched spirituality. He is a famous K-POP singer and dancer and best amazing Rocker! This is an artist who knows how to handle emotions with great delicacy. He went through the stages of evolution that pay tribute to his wisdom of a famous leader and his genius futuristic visionary’s balance. Kim Hyun Joong is no longer just a simple beautiful, cute and sweet romantic man. He becomes a man who wants to assert its radiant maturity in his entire rising glorious aura. For this, every new achievement and project he is producing in music and MVs is a subtle manifestation of this new phase of his accomplished growing up personality as a human being as much as a valuable artist and global celebrity.
    The approach of his military commitment makes him even more feverish to fulfill all what he wants to express and shows to the world and to build works and events where he deploys the full potential of its vitality and charm as much as his unequalled and brightest talent! He wants to give us a lot of wonders to keep in mind as treasures for the time he will be absent…
    How could we forget him when he became an important part of our lives and has a huge place in our hearts? We are so grateful to him for all those unforgettable great moments of happiness and deep emotions he gave us. To his fans, he is embodying the love, the friend, the brother, the family member… who will have to do his patriotic duty to his country and that makes him more precious and his image even nobler!
    We will wait. Barefoot Friends’ missions are a little test of his high capacity to endure difficult situations and ambiance without any complains. He shows his strong courage and determination to overcome hard work and bad climate!
    As he will be in good shape and will accept easily to live this rewarding military discipline experience, we will follow him in mind, praying for him, and hoping for his return among us to enjoy together again a continuation of the magical achievements of his artistic great skills. Neither time nor space can reduce the warmth of our love and respect for Kim Hyun Joong. He knows he can always count on his friends and fans’ sincere and faithful affection and even if the circumstances require from him to remain for a time away from them, he will be reinstated into the same and maybe reinforced warmth of their intact love and friendship.
    Wishing all the best to Kim Hyun Joong in all fields. Hope you could come from time to time, to light up your great blog, dear Lazer Kim.^^ 😉

  22. Oh I just realize how I missed ur articles ms. LK…everyone is struggling in his/her own way,but for sure we end up looking for Only One person…and that is KIM HYUN JOONG..

    You voice out all the things that I kept with me this past few weeks sis…I cannot say anything more…but we miss you…I agree with my co-Henecias here,once in awhile please let us hear from you…

    The UNBREAKABLE love of Hyun Joong and his Fans is the best!!!!we will wait for that 2years to end…we must support each other(each Henecia) for that 22 months of living without Hyun Joong…fighting!!!

    Once again,gamsahamnida eonnie LazerKim for ur articles…we are waiting for more..keke…stay safe and continue to spread KHJ love…

    • Actually two years is too long waiting for someone we cherish the most but in reality two years is just a short time these days in the real world. There’s a difference though so I think we can join in together in making the two years in the world of the alien shorter!! I’m sure HJ would be an active correspondent while he’s inside! Remember that time last year in one rainy day he was bored actually he was reading script from CC and he wrote to us? So i can guess when he gets bored inside he’ll always write to us. That i cross my fingers!

      Thank you so much, take care, see you again and God bless… have a nice week!

  23. oh my .. i missed ur articles WELCOME BACK !
    i know exactly how u feel .. going through my daily life i just can’t stop thinking about him when ever i’m sad honestly just when i look at his picture on the background of my phone i chear up ! he has that magic ^^ that what gives me peace about him going to the military next year that he’ll always be with us no matter what and he’ll have us in his heart during that time .. WELCOME back again ^^

    • Thank you so much but please forgive me for my long absence that i hope to make it up with you in the near future.
      Anyway we’ll be together when that time comes and we’ll wait till he’s done with his training. Have a pleasant day and take care. See you again! God bless..

    • Hello Fanjong! I’ve read your message in my other comment box and thank you for your endless concern. Don’t worry about me now, this is just work that kept pulling me away from this blog, I’ll just pop out once in a while. Thanks for waiting. Big hug to you too! Take care, take it easy, and have a wonderful day! God bless..

  24. thanks for sharing your feeling & love with us. anyway this is my first comment here, before this i only your silent reader. Kim hyun joong is really special for me. My part of love is only for him. Almost 7 years i stand beside him, however its never change my feeling to him. He’s my MAN. I can’t imagine how far i can go without him. i know next year he will leave me and he want us keep smiling and live happily but it’s too hurt. I hope i can be strong & live with his memories. Even i like some kpop artist , my feeling not to be forward to them. Kim hyun joong is my only one. Nobody can replace in my heart. And from now, i try to enjoy with him & support his music.

    • Wow seven years! Every time I read from veteran fans it gives me a lot of hope that I can stay longer as a fan, although I know in my heart HJ is one person I shall never forget aside from inspiring me this much I have discovered something else in me and I have found sincere friends out of strangers in this blog, but it really feels family whenever I’m here with all of you. This I treasure so much and it was HJ who lead me into the alien world. I’m so proud being one of you loyal fans of KHJ.
      Thank you so much for being there and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Take care, have a great day and see you again! God bless..

  25. Hi LK!!!!!! Thanks for emailing me back so quickly. I had to come and read what you had to say. I have missed you INCREDIBLY and HYUN JOONGIEEE! I am so busy with my work these days too and have no time to write. I am staying after work today to write an article b/c I have been bursting with words. I still check on KHJ at least 3 times a week and have kept up with him through Round3! I did two articles on it and promoted his album sales by posting the places to buy online that counted in the charts. The other blogger fans promoted as well and there were a lot of posts on twitter too. So, don’t worry… we are guarding him while you are away. But, there is no replacement for you… Your blog is still the one I come to when I want a dose! I just read old posts if you are out of touch for a while. Thanks for taking the time to write a little today.

    You probably already know he debuted at #1 on US BILLBOARD DANCE CHART!!! I was so proud as this is his first time to make that chart! He also charted in the top 5 in 8 Asian countries and topped Oricon once again with Round3 Unbreakable. I am so proud of my Angel baby!

    Anyway… I will miss you again and bring you out of hiding with an email again if you stay silent! Ha! Love you like crazy as a sister even though we have never actually met. That’s because of our Only One Alien Prince. He makes us like instant close friends because we share the same feelings for him. I am proud of his role in Inspiring Generation (Age of Feeling) as well. They started filming in late August but I have not seen any updates on whether Hyun Joong has filmed any scenes yet. I don’t have as much time to monitor twitter but I look every once in a while to see if there are any fan posts about filming the drama. I am praying like crazy it will do well. They have an amazing and beautiful cast… and Hyun Joong is the STAR! Yeah KHJ! Show ’em what you got!

    Well, I will end up writing my whole blog article here if I don’t go over to my and write there! I have so much to say! I am just so glad to see you pop up from the outer space for a minute. Glad you had some time to breathe. If you get a little more time, just email how and what you are doing every once in a while so I don’t miss you so much. Love you sis!


    • Hi Angie! Isn’t that great? Honestly at first I wasn’t convinced with the results of his local record sales of his album that i was virtually yelling “come on Koreans wake up”!! I hate to say this that i wouldn’t want to be misinterpreted as unfair. But it’s alright as i always say Korea is just a small part of the entire world. The billboard now had proven HJ’s global popularity.

      I won’t comment about his upcoming drama yet since I’ve been out of touch and still hoping for a spare time to search what’s going on. Anyway i’m looking forward to Inspiring Age and praying for no more hassle as CC.

      Thank you so much, take care and have a nice day! See you soon! God bless..

  26. fancy read you again, how much I miss you, you dont have any idea. THANKS TO WRITE again, even i dont read it , i need to greet you first dear lazerkim. so later i coment it THAK YO SO MUCH

    • Hello Jazu! Thank you so much for always dropping by this blog. Please forgive me for letting you wait for a long period. I hope someday soon i can make it up with you. Love you… hugs hugs… see you again, take care and God bless.. have pleasant day!

      • I forgive you for letting me wait for a long period, i wanted to tell you that I was going to Japan in August, i didnt know where to go to buy Kim HJ staff and albums which was my intention, it was really fustrated, in any place i went i was trying to find something but nothing , well i didnt know where to go, It is difficult for a person who doesnt talk japanese,But when I arrived to the airport I was exiting seeing places which i saw in videos, where he walked greeting his fans and where he had his fanmetings I was in Tokio, Nagazaki, Kioto, Fukuoka, Saitama, the most exiting moment was when I was buying something in a store in Sasebo ,it has soft music in it, when suddently i listened to a KHJL song, it was TONIGhT , I cant explain you how crazy I turned, my sister laughted of me, “she was singing ” she told to his boyfriend who is Japanese, but It was incredible, unfortunately he could not go with us to other cities for work, we were alone sighseeing the cities in the country. I really missed you , i was thinking Lazerkim is here if only she was active in her blog. Well the trip was incredible, for me from the other side of the world, it was terrific, I do not if I could return, but I like to share you my experience there, Nobody to share my wishes that is all.
        arigato gozaimas to be here for us you make me happy each time you write.
        miss you

  27. Hello…..LK!!!!! Thank u sooooo much for being there once again. We miss u a lot and ur everyday inspirational article about our
    Only one KHJ. Your hardwork in doing so is very much appreciated. Thank you once agian and more power….take care always.

    • Hello there! Thank you so much for the compliment! The pleasure is mine being here again with all of you again. I miss all of you and I’m truly glad to be back even just for a brief article.
      Take care, have a nice day and i’ll be popping up any time, so see you again! God bless..

  28. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[Article] MISSING FAN! | LazerKim

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