Kim Hyun Joong…[Article] MISSING FAN!


By LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Haneda Airport Japan last night as he was welcomed by some 650 Japanese fans on his arrival at the airport!  God I miss this guy! That sincere smile, fresh looking, very manly and handsome yet the angelic face still surface no matter what image Hyun Joong change into, the look in his eyes remained consistently sincere as he gave way in meeting his Japanese fans at the airport. Welcome back to Japan Hyun Joong!!

Watching from the video clip of Hyun Joong’s arrival at Haneda, obviously his Japanese fans missed him so much just as much as I do. I’ve been out of touch from the circulation of being a fan for months but I would admit in saying, how I wish to be back in action again the way I used to. Time fly so fast, but it felt as if it’s been ages since the last time I’ve been here.

Last night a fan friend of mine emailed  just to check on me if I’m still alive!! It was my rest day so I was able to respond to her right at once and thanks to her for reminding me that Hyun Joong had already arrived in Tokyo. Immediately my adrenaline just shoot up upon reading from her about Hyun Joong’s arrival and opened my twitter account to check on updates and had seen this handsome guy’s photo with that big bright smile. And I finally end up in this blog just to share a bit of my excitement!



Many of my fan friends might be wondering if I have already changed being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and reading from their emails, there are times I can’t help to have teary eyes that I couldn’t burst out how much I miss Kim Hyun Joong, my readers and this blog. I have been stuck with work that I would say I have not worked as much as I’m currently doing but at the back of my mind honestly I couldn’t help seeing Hyun Joong in my heart from the last time I have seen him on stage. And I couldn’t help saying to myself, “so this is how it is to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, that no matter how far my mind is away from him, the heart still beats with him.”

I can only speak for myself but I think I do share the same feelings as to those silent fans like myself who have been so busy struggling with their everyday living, that may find a hard time to take a breather and check on Hyun Joong once in a while. But when we do, I would say it’s an instant cure just to take a few minutes simply looking at Hyun Joong’s photo’s at the internet is already a joy stepping out from the real world of struggle even just for a second. Do I sound exaggerating? As I have said, I can only speak for myself!

I mentioned in one of my past articles something like, once Kim Hyun Joong cast his magic net to anyone, you’ll be caught in his spell that would be so hard to get away from it. I wrote this statement that time I had a generous time to spend  in updating and researching all about Kim Hyun Joong. Now at this time that I got so tiny space to do the usual updating  I used to last year, but I’ll say the same thing about Hyun Joong’s magic net, cause no matter how busy I am, my heart being a fan is still with my ONLY ONE.



I’m the most guilty fan that of all Hyun Joong’s album, Round 3 was the only album that I was not able to promote in this blog. I actually have written an article about it entitled Unbreakable Star but had failed to post this article. In that article I mentioned about Hyun Joong’s message as he said:

I am very thankful to my fans who always stand by me. 
I do not know when it would be, someday we would not be able to meet any longer but let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories. ^^
I keep piling up neatly all the pleasant memories in my heart in order to open and see whenever I miss you. 
Let’s live happily~~~ ‘Your Story’ is the song just for you ^^ fighting

Before the album was released someone out there was trying to mess out and so I wrote this….

Whatever Hyun Joong mean in this message, in every project he has he aims to create good memories with us fans, I have personally seen that sincere intention from him and the best thing we can acknowledge his aim is to support his every project the best we can, since Hyun Joong is giving it to us. And however others may spoil this intention, I really hope they have realized that Kim Hyun Joong and his fans are just so UNBREAKABLE for real!



The following day after I have written that article, I read from somewhere that Hyun Joong shall be at the gate of the military camp to be enlisted for training next year. I’m sure this is a fearful fact that any Hyun Joong fan would take. I wrote to one of my fan friend saying “I think it’s better to start moving back a bit so that when that time comes it wouldn’t be too painful!”

But I realize this is the most coward thing to do. I feel the pain of Hyun Joong going to the military training for two years simply because I love the guy and no matter how much I would like to run away from that pain, I know in the end I’m bound to regret for not sharing that precious memory with him while he’s still around bouncing with great joy on stage and sharing his music with us. Hyun Joong is right in saying “let’s keep missing each other and not forget the memories.”

He had build a very strong connection with his fans and it’s true the connection is just unbreakable. In every music Hyun Joong creates in his albums, it’s always been for his fans and so I sincerely hope that other fans would not give meaning to his music with his personal relationship because he’s singing these songs for us. If he intend to sing for someone related to his love life, I’m sure he would not share that song with us fans. He actually said that in fact in one of his interviews last year when he was questioned to whom he was singing Mary Me. If Hyun Joong said the song is for us, then let’s keep it, appreciate and treasure it.



To my dear readers who have left message of concern at my comment box, thank you so much, I’m just dropping by this blog to let you know I’m still alive and kicking!! Again my apology for my absence but being not physically present doesn’t mean I have changed being a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong. I may be less active in writing these past months because of work, but my heart and mind still belongs to the ONLY ONE. I remain consistent with being with you at his side and still walking with him in his journey to the top.

I’m the missing fan in this blog and missing Kim Hyun Joong so much! I wish one day I would wake up and all I have to do is to write all about Kim Hyun Joong the way I started a year ago! *sigh* Those were the most happiest moments I ever had in my entire life of meeting someone who is unbreakable at heart! And that’s Kim Hyun Joong. The feeling of missing someone makes the love stronger.

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

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